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"A unique weapon, the XM25 dishes out grenades that can track and explode in a lethal zone. Keep your enemy centered at a distance and let the grenades do their job of finding their targets."
―In-game description

The Heckler & Koch XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System or shortened to XM25, is a bullpup grenade launcher featured in Warzone and Warzone: Iron Wolf.


The XM25 appears in multiplayer only.


The XM25 is the last grenade launcher unlocked in multiplayer. It is nearly identical to its Modern Warfare 3 counterpart.

Warzone: Iron Wolf

The XM25 returns in Warzone: Iron Wolf and will be useable in campaign, multiplayer and zombies.


Calvin "Saint" Silex starts the mission Grieving Wolfpack with an XM25 along with a CZ 805 BREN with Dual Sight and Extended Clip. This is the only time the XM25 is useable. Earning three kills with a single round fired earns the Clusterluck achievement.


The XM25 is unlocked at level 46 in multiplayer. It comes with a slight change with an auto-guided round. Players can laze individual targets using sprint while aiming and fire the grenades, which will track the target as it moves. Unlazed targets within the sight will cause the grenade to behave like a standard grenade launcher.

In multiplayer, the XM25 is only a one-hit kill if directly impacting the target. Most of the time, an explosion will catch more enemies, but it can be survivable. It is best used at longer ranges, where the tracking ability can be put to great use. The guided rounds will travel directly to their target and will explode on cover if the target is behind. Thus, they should only be used in more open areas.


The XM25 can be purchased from the Mystery Box for 950 points. It uses the unguided rounds. Like many launchers, it is considered somewhat ineffective, due to even some early rounds being nonlethal. It is often a weapon passed due to its small magazine, low ammo supply and lack of lethality. Still, it can be very good when firing on distant approaching hordes and select special enemies as firing on an individual zombie is often considered a waste of ammo. Magazine size is 4 rounds with 16 in reserve.

The XM25 performs poorly in short range, as the player may be damaged if shot too close. Thus Juggernog is highly recommended when using this weapon.

The Pack-A-Punch Machine upgrades it to the XM115 Punisher where it will have increased damage, ammo and the grenades can track enemies. It is once again a useful weapon against hordes of zombies. Grenades fired in close range will no longer harm the player. Magazine size of 6 rounds per clip and 30 in reserve.