[edit] World War 2 Fan-fictionEdit

I'll be writing a fan-fiction of WW2. Other have had good ideas, so I hope I can use some of them. It is in the European theater, 101st Airborne, unless you guys suggest otherwise

Scott King

Weapons Springfield m1903 with scope, with m1911 pistol

Suggestion of Rank :captain

Age 25

[edit]My characterEdit


Weapons:M1A1 Thompson

Suggestion of Rank: Staff Sergeant Age:22

Name: James "Misha" Scully

Weapons: M1A1 carbine, M1911

DOB:18 March 1924

Hometown: Miskolcs, Hungary

Trivia: His Grandson, Jamie "Arrow" Scully, Carries his M1911

Name: Friedrich Schönauer

Nickname: Dinky-Dinky

Weapons: Gewehr 43 Scoped Grenadier, MP40 Dual Mags, Walther P38 Suppressed

DOB: November 19th, 1919

Hometown: Starnberg, Bavaria, Germany

Name: Sullivan Cole

Nickname: Charcoal, (Chosen by Sullivan) Husky, (By other soldiers)

Rank: Sergeant, (Before Operation Market Garden) Staff Sergeant, (After Operation Market Garden)

Weapons: Thompson, Enfield, M1911, anything at possession

DOB: November 17th 1919 (Joined 101st Airborne in 1937, in case of Nazi's, becomes SSgt. in 1944)

Age: 19, (Beginning of WW2) 22, (Bombing of Pearl Harbour, A.K.A. Chapter One of this fanfic) 24, (First day of Operation Market Garden) 25, (End of World War 2 in Europe, Bombing of Hiroshima, Japanese Surrender)

Hometown: Montreal, Canada, North America

Trivia: Father fought in WW1 and his great, great, great-grandson (Something like that) is Admiral Cole (From my fan-fic and mentor of Lieutenant Commander John Davis) and was involved in dropping the bomb on Hiroshima.

Chapter 1: Drums of WarEdit

Bobbie Wheeler looked back on the parade field. He saw it empty and deserted. "This was where Sobel trained us" he said "This is where I became a paratrooper". A flood of memories came to him. He saw it all.

"Hey Bobbie, watch this," Mason, a youth of 18, shouted. He hit the ball right out of the field. "How's that for a hit" he shouted. "Yeah, I think you hit the neighbor's window," Bobbie replied "Mr. Cunningham ain't gonna like that, let's gets back to the house". "All right, but you owe me a quart of milk for my mom".

The two walked to the house. Growing up in Alabama had its benifits. Lots of land, no tough winter, and best of all, not many neighbors. That all changed when the Cunninghams built on the land about one hundred yards away. They walked in to the kitchen and saw Bobbie mom siting, transfixed on the radio. "Hey Mama," Bobbie asked "What's on the radio?" His mother looked at him and said "The Japanese just attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii