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  • Be Realistic (i.e.- look up something if you don't know about it)
  • Have F.U.N!!!!!
  • Don't be stupid, or i'll delete your section

Participants[3] Edit

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  • xDEATHMAN4aP90x

Characters[4] Edit

MerchantofDeath[5] Edit

  • Name:Joseph Miller
  • Faction: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Corporal
  • Weapon: SCAR-H with M203, M9 pistol, M14 EBR
  • Requirements to use:

Delta 4-7[6] Edit

  • Name: Nikolai Hewa
  • Faction: Russian Spetsnaz
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Weapons: AK-107 w/ GM-94 Grenade Launcher & 45 Round Magazine, GSh-18 Pistol w/ Flashlight, RPG-16 w/ Optical Sight & Bipod, Ballistic Knife
  • Requirements to use: Sorry, only controllable by me.

Cpl. Wilding[7] Edit

  • Name: Dmitri Posnic
  • Faction: Russian Red Army
  • Rank: Sergeant
  • Weapons: AN-94 with grenade launcher and ACOG scope, Dragunov SVD, Makarov PM, combat knife
  • Requirements for use: Only I can control him.

Rollersox[8] Edit

  • Name: "Spartan"
  • Faction: Mercenary (according to FBI and CIA databases), on Top 10 Wanted FBI List for murdering D.C. officials
  • Rank: Unknown or classified
  • Weapon(s): Unidentified (UIDF)bullpup assault rifle, UIDF submachine gun, UIDF pistol, UIDF combat knife with unreflective titanium carbide 22-cm, various frag grenades
  • Usable by: Anyone, but please do not kill wor do anything crazy w/out permission. Thanx.

Foxtrot12[9] Edit

  • Name: William "Gambler Three-Nine" Winchester
  • Faction: CIA SAD
  • Rank: Lieutenent
  • Weapons: SCAR-H with smoke grenade launcher, Colt Peacemaker (heirloom)
  • Usable by: Me
  • Name: Elizabeth "Diva" Parker
  • Faction: Land Warriors
  • Rank: Lieutenant.
  • Weapons: DSR-1 sniper rifle with Silencer Colt .45
  • Other Equipment: Smoke grenades, Claymore mines, and M67 Fragmentation Grenades.
  • Usable by: Anyone using a Land Warrior don't kill or maim or act outside personality.
  • Name: Viktor Alvang
  • Faction: Spetsnaz
  • Rank: Sergeant
  • Weapons: PKM Light Machine Gun with red dot sight, Makarov PM, ballistic knife, Saiga Shotgun (Shortened with no stock mainly used for breaching), smoke and flashbang grenades.
  • Useable by: Anyone using a Spetsnaz character

Squelliot[10] Edit

  • Name: Sam Powell III
  • Faction: Strategic Attack Warfare Squadron (SAWS)
  • Rank: Major
  • Weapons: M468 Red Dot Sight, Supressor, Grandfathers M1911 .45
  • Usable by: Anyone, just don't kill him

  • Donald Caroll
  • Faction: Strategic Attack Warfare Squadron (SAWS)
  • Rank: Captain
  • Weapons: ACR Red Dot Scope + Holographic Sight, Supressor. Five seveN
  • Usable by: Anyone, just don't kill him

CodExpert[11] Edit

  • Name: John (Radiolord) MacNeal
  • Faction: U.S. Army Troops Command (USTC) (Made up)
  • Rank: N/A
  • Weapons: N/A
  • Usable by: Anybody

Clueless Morgan [12] Edit

  • Name: Timothy "Clueless" Morgan
  • Faction: 3rd U.S.M.C. Special Ops Battalion
  • Rank: Chief Warrant Officer-5
  • Weapons: M240 Bayonet Thermal Scope w/ Heartbeat Sensor + Extended Mags, Akimbo M1911 Pistol, Unique Facon (Heirloom)
  • Requirements for Use: Only upon request via my talk page, and no dying or disabling (as in, making him have wounds which last forever or a long time).

Outlaw 2-5 [13] Edit

  • Name: Ryan "Jackpot" Cosgrove
  • Faction: Australian Security Intelligence Organisation <(real) |Special Operations Field Agents <(fictional)
  • Rank: Staff Sargeant
  • Weapons: MP7 PDW w/ EOTECH 552 + Suppressor, FN Herstal Five-seveN ODG w/Suppressor + 20 round mag,
  • Requirements for Use: Only by me, can be killed off but must be cleared by me (shouldn't be a stupid death).

Seijana[14] Edit

  • Name: Dasha "Woodsprite" Antonovna
  • Faction: Russian Federation Army
  • Rank: Corporal (no longer MIA)
  • Weapons and equipment: Silenced SVD, scavenged USP.45, handmade knife, some parachute canvas made into a whiteish cloak of sorts (not currently worn), a vandalised parachute pack containing a slightly tattered woodland ghilliesuit (not currently worn), an anti-thermal blanket (the sort which conceal a thermal signature) and several lengths of parachute rope. Usually wears a hooded uniform (similar to the default Russian sniper uniform in MW2, but with a hood instead of a keffiyeh) if not the ghilliesuit.
  • Requirements for use: Just ask permission, and don't kill her.

SaBo x Insane[15] Edit

Name: Harrison Adams

Faction: United States Army (POW of Battle of Washington D.C.)

Rank: Private

Weapon: None (until found and given weapon)

Requirements for use: Just don't kill or wound, if I didn't put I was rescued, you can put it

This is where new members add their characters, following the format of course.


Name: Scott York

Faction: United States Marines

Rank: Corporal

Weapon: FN P90 w/Silencer (MINE)

Requirements for use: Kill all SOB's he is ordered too.


Name: Derek Lanchester

Faction: USMC

Rank: Sergeant

Weapon: MP5A3 w/ Folding stock & Built-in flashlight, Mk. 23 Pistol w/ Infrared laser & Extended mags

Requirements to use: No major actions, no killing off, just normal actions, such as firing the gun and throwing grenades, maybe the ocassional pistol whip :)

Story[16] Edit

Prologue[17] Edit

After 2 months on waiting for the U.S. counterattack on Russia, it finally happened. Cpl. Miller was sitting next to Sargeant Major Lewis in the Cargo hold of the plane. The Second Lieutenant stood up " Alright Gentlemen, stand up" Miller stood up and made sure is SCAR was around his arm, and made sure his parachute was tucked in. The Army was directly on top of the Russian-Ukraine border. From there, they would go up to hit Moscow. Suddenly, the cargo door opened and Miller saw the AA-gun fire. " On my mark" said the Second Lieutenat. The Red Light turned green. "GO,GO GO" said the Lieutenant. The soldiers in front of him jumped out, including Lewis. Soon, he was in the air. "Why, WHY did I join the Army" thought Miller as gun fire flew around him.


1[18] Edit

Dolten watched the Rangers trudge across the plain and reloaded his F2000. He had been handpicked to join the SAD's force in Russia. Dolten jumped down the hill and quietly but swiftly entered the Army HMMWV.


2[19] Edit

Russia's invasion of the U.S. was a massive failure; Sasha and thousands more were dead, and Dmitri was still MIA. Nikolai took all of this personally. An American counterattack was inevitable, so Nikolai and hundreds of thousands of troops were sent to defend Russia's borders across eastern Europe. A base near the Russia-Ukraine border was reporting American planes overhead, and it was not until Nikolai arrived there with a small number of other Spetsnaz soldiers that he realized the true scope of America's plans.

Delta 4-7

3[20] Edit

" Get up Miller" said Lewis "We got work to do". Miller got up, not believing that he was knocked out again. "What's are objective ?" asked Miller. " We have to knock out some AA's so that the other half Operation Homefront can commence." said Lewis. " Well, let's get going." said Miller, as he entered the HMMWV that was parachuted from the the jet.


4[21] Edit

Dolten reloaded his FN Five-seveN IOM-model tactical pistol and felt the HMMWV rumble over large rocks, toward the hangar where the military-fitted Gulfstream-VIIs were. Suddenly, the HMMWV stopped and three mortars--very precise--hit the ground in front of them, sending the Humvee tumbling back, end over front. Dolten saw a glimpse of someone, and began firing with the IOM, the 5.7 x 28mm rounds--full metal jacket, armor-piercing--hit the trees. Then Dolten jumped out, and hid behind a large boulder, the size of a half of a bunkbed. Then he took out his F2000 and let loose a barrage of 5.56mm bullets.


5[22] Edit

Nikolai radioed back to the now besieged military base that their mortars had hit their mark, but the passengers had survived. The vehicle being fired at had American markings, but at least one of the people inside didn't look like the average army grunt. Just then he was interrupted by gunfire and a lieutenant simultaneously. "Nikolai! Take out that jeep! The turret is still intact!" following the officer's orders, he aimed down the sight of his RPG-16 and fired.

Delta 4-7

6[23] Edit

Dolten spotted one of the Russians. He had a fucking RPG--he wouldn't get out alive with that. With a tight 3-round burst, controlled, precise, accurate, he fired at the Russian's RPG-16.

Dolten, slinging the F2000 over his shoulder, charged at the Russian, muscles bulging as he ran. Already having large, explosive muscles, he was formidable to any opponent in wrestling--or fistfighting for that matter. He barreled into the Russian--but he knew something would go wrong, even as he pushed the Russkie to the ground.


7[24] Edit

Nikolai was thrown to the ground by the American's fire, he tried to see if he was bleeding, but had to fight the man charging at him first. Nikolai was a strong person, but was unsure wether he could fight if he was wounded. He was able to land a few punches on his attacker before he finally grabbed a rock and swung it, knocking him cold. Just as he drew his knife, ready to kill, an M2 machine gun opened fire all around him, and he was ordered to fall back via radio.

Delta 4-7

8[25] Edit

Forward Operating Base Camp Freedom, Gemany

18:00 hours

"How's the battle going down there" asked General Smithson as he looked at the map of the battle. "Well," his adviser said " Intellegence says that they haven't meet heavy resistance, but four russian armored and infantry battalions are heading to reinforce the Russian defenses" "Can we do anything about that" said the General before sipping his coffee. " We're probably going to need to get airsupport overthere, or else are forces are going to get overrun" said the adviser "Dammit," said Smithson purring down his coffee " Call NATO, they have some airbases in turkey" "Sir,yes sir" said the adviser before heading to the communications tent.


9[26] Edit

"Fuck," groaned Dolten, rubbing his head. He looked around, seeing a perfect-sized rock, and a bruise matching the rock's size. Cursing the Russkie, he grabbed his F2000 Tactical and saw American soldiers rushing all around him, carrying the usual M4A1s, SCARs, HKs, and other usual infantrymen weapons.

He ran forward with them, sprinting as fast as he could, remembering when he had won the gold trophy for the 1980 for the marathon and the pistol/rifle shooting.


10[27] Edit

Nikolai's latest orders had come in; Rig a bridge with explosives and ambush the American convoy crossing it. Having been bandaged up from his previous fight, he felt the time was right for the revenge Russia deserved. Once the last of the 2S19 Msta's crossed on their way back to Moscow, the charges were set and his Spetsnaz team hid in a nearby wheat field, weapons at the ready. After a few minutes, he spotted the convoy. "Get ready with the charges and the machine guns, blow the bridge once the heavy armor begins to cross, and ambush the rest. Ready? On my mark, 3, 2, 1, Now!"

Delta 4-7

11[28] Edit

Dolten nearly laughed when he swung the Javelin into view. It locked onto a certain Russian fireteam--the lead group, probably, and depressed the trigger of the anti-tank shoulder rocket.


12[29] Edit

"Whiskey Six" sat at his desk in the cargo hold of the modified C-5 Galaxy nicknamed "The Dragon" which served as the command center for the counterattack on Russia. It had been modified to hold thermal imaging equipment, three MQ-9 Reaper UAVs, radio equipment, a large amount of flares, and three miniguns which were mounted in the back in the case that the ramp needed to be dropped in a combat situation. It boasted an escort of two F-15 fighter jets and about 100 feet above it one of three still accounted for AC130 Gunships this one bearing the callsign "Hermes" after the greek god, gave "The Dragon" a formidable escort. Whiskey looked around the two other operators were doing their jobs, the communication boys were sitting at their posts relaying orders and were probably listening to the guys on the ground bitch about something thought Whiskey, and in the back Brigadier General Howe watched a map of the battle while barking orders to his colonels and some CIA spook called "Shadow Walker" who kept talking about operatives of a rogue task force hiding in Russia whiskey wasn't good on details. Whiskey saw that the general wasn't looking and took a sip of contraband whiskey from a small bottle. That bottle was how he got his callsign and also why the Airforce took him out of his bomber. He was good to good to be discharged but being caught drunk on the runway of an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf ensured that you will never fly a stealth bomber again.

He looked at the thermal image on his control rig. "Oh shit" he said as he saw an American convoy cross a bridge and get ambushed by people who Whiskey guessed to be Spetsnaz "Uh...sir your'e gonna want to see this" Whiskey yelled attracting Howe and Shadow Walker over. He then realized that he called them over so quickly he had forgot to put away his whiskey Shadow Walker saw it picked up the bottle and took a sip but before he could protest Shadow Walker started to talk. "That's our convoy." he said "too right that things carrying alot of ammo and the truck in the back has a load of javelins. We need them to assist our ground troops in taking out bunkered positions" said Howe. "So then blowing the living bejesus out of them is out of the picture?" asked Shadow Walker looking at the screen, the Russians were putting up a good fight and the Americans were struggling to defend themselves. "Not unless you want an explosion so big it takes the surrounding three miles with it" replied Howe. "Alright then the CIA has a few assets on the ground i'll contact them". Said Shadow Walker and with that he walked away. "Same as well" said Howe and he waited until Shadow Walker was out of earshot to continue "And Whiskey I don't trust that spook if anything starts to look odd down there then fuck those javelins I want danger close". "Yes sir" Whiskey said as Howe walked away. Whiskey reached for his bottle and moaned as he realized that Shadow Walker had drank it all. "Fuckin CIA spook" muttered Whiskey and with that he got back to work finger on the button ready to fire the missile at anytime.


13[30] Edit

An American Javelin hit the farmhouse across the road from Nikolai, the farmhouse where the squad's only sniper was. "Shit! Command, we're losing more and more men, where the hell is that evac?" Nikolai screamed into his radio. "You're in luck Nikolai. We've slowed down the American advance enough for us to get a chopper through, we're recalling all Spetsnaz units back to Moscow. E.T.A. 2 minutes. Command Out." Nikolai ordered his men to fall back into the field while the Americans gathered at the opposite end of the bridge, but knew the jets above weren't about to let them escape.

Delta 4-7

14[31] Edit

Dolten, now named Ivan Vladimir, reloaded his assault rifle, pretending to be a Russian.

He walked toward the commander, brandishing his AK-47. Then began firing, the bullets flying everywhere. The Russians broke rank, and Dolten saw the chopper roar overhead, a Russian-made chopper. Dolten fired his AK-47 at the gas tank, hoping at least 1 bullet would pierce the tank.


15[32] Edit

"God dammit, stupid shit, get some fire on that field."yelled Sgt. Lewis to a recruit. The bridge that their company was supposed to cross had been blow to bits. Now 75th Ranger Divison had to wait for a M104 Wolverene form 1st armored to get here. By now, the Russians had took a firm position across the bridge. Miller took a few blind shots over the wall. "Does anyone no where the airsupport is ?" said Sgt. Lewis as he looked over the bridge at the excellent defenses. " Here it COMES" yelled a soldier. Just at the moment, several AH-64 Apaches fired their Hellfire missles. " This was cortesy of NATO air command." yelled the Apache pilot in a turkish accent.


16[33] Edit

Robert "Poseidon" Jackson gripped his TAR-21 tightly as he saw a NATO helicopter venture right over the flatbed truck he was hiding in. He was leaning up agains't the wall, sweating a fucking river he thought. He looked out of the truck the Americans had gotten NATO helicopter support that wasn't good for him soon their convoy would be moving if the Americans continued to advance then the CIA would show up and then they would get the DSM that he had tied to his waist. He had been a member of Task Force 141 working in Afghanistan when Sheperd betrayed him. He had infiltrated Sheperd's base and stolen the DSM just as Soap and Price had arrived. And now the CIA and Shadow Company were hunting him. That NATO chopper had to go, he got his thumper which he kept slung over his shoulder took aim and fired the grenade hit it's mark, the rotor of the Apache. The thing started to spiral and crash just over the bridge into the Russian defenses. That ought to slow them down he thought just then he nearly jumped as he heard a man scream. "Drop the FUCKING gun! He turned around to see an American probably just a private holding a Scar-H. Poseidon looked at him then hit him in the chest with his thumper as the man staggered back he hit him over the head with the thumper cracking his skull. He jumped out of the truck the remaining infantry on the ground saw him and opened fire. Unkown to him eighteen miles away the entire scene was being viewed by Whiskey Six. Whiskey didn't know what he was seeing but didn't like it he pressed the button and guided the missile, the Hellfire hit it's target, the truck full of javelins blew up sending fire in all directions Poseidon jumped into the creek below the destroyed bridge the Americans and Russians took cover some made most weren't so lucky.


17[34] Edit

"Holy Fuck, that guy can run" said Miller as he looked at the strange man disappear into the fields. "Yea, he can also pack a punch" said the soldier that the man who just had his skull cracked. Meanwhile, across the bridge, the M104 had just arrived. " Took you guys long enough" said Sgt. Lewis. "Well, at least you didn't have to go through a mine field" yelled the driver. Sgt. Lewis walked over to the man who was in charge, who was wearing a Black Uniform. " What unit are you from ?" asked Lewis to the Colonel. " I was under the command of General Shepard before he died" said the Colonel. "Oh, that's a shame" said Lewis. " What's your name?" The Colonel looked up " Walter Kings" said the colonel, and returned to looking at a picture of a man, who exactly looked like the one who ran into the field.


18[35] Edit

Dolten fired his AK-47 at the Russians, then quickly ran backward back toward the American lines, ducking under various covers. "Holy motherfucking goddamn fucking damned shit!" yelled an American soldier, one with a filthy mouth. But he, actually, was quite right to curse and swear and whatever he wanted to do in times of bad positions, because a Russian nuclear missile was heading at them. Were the Russians crazy? Why would they launch a nuclear weapon at where thousands of their own troops were stationed? Sacrifice? Maliciousness? Pitilessness? Madness? Angry at the incompetent Russkie soldiers?

He didn't stay long enough to find out. He began running.


19[36] Edit

Whiskey sat looking at the surviving Americans half of them were panicking a Russian nuke was inbound and there was no way they could escape the blast. Howe was yelling at Shadow Walker about Whiskey's missile. "Listen general the CIA is here for a reason if that missile killed the target then" said Shadow Walker before he was interupted by Howe "Listen you lip-dick spook! I am fucking sick of you! you show up here and try to tell me what to do. I don't give a damn about your target! What I care about is getting my soldiers out of there alive before a nuke blows them to hell! So sit down shut up and go to hell!" Howe yelled and with that Shadow Walker stopped talking. "Now is there any possible evac for ground forces?" Howe asked his colonel. "No sir all other choppers are engaged we are the closest to them of any possible evac." said the colonel. Howe started thinking and before the colonel could say anything Howe started to talk "Hermes couldn't take down that nuke but we are close enough we might be able to reach them in time." Howe said "But sir we need to look at the big picture if we go down then the entire invasion is gone we need to sacrifice these men for the greater good," The colonel said "Listen colonel I am tired of sacrificing my men for the greater good I've learned that I need to save every man possible not sacrifce them for a better cause and by God if they are gonna have to die we'll die with em. Connor" Howe yelled to the pilot "yessir" the pilot said in a new york accent. "Bring the Dragon in to evac ground forces. Hermes" Howe said on the radio "Yes" responded texan accented voice of Major Alexander, commander of the gunship "Cover us we're going in to evac our troops i'm not leaving these men to die." Howe said "not again" he quietly whispered to himself "Whiskey relay to ground forces that we're bringing evac then get on one of the miniguns with Travis and Jenkins." Howe yelled "Alright" Whiskey yelled and then he got on his radio "All callsigns this is Whiskey The Dragon is inbound with evac hold your position." Whiskey said then he grabbed his ipod put it on play and got on the center minigun. "Ain't no sunshine when she goes" Whiskey sang along to the song as The Dragon started to advance towards the American position. "God help us" Howe whispered to himself at the back of the plane they would need it.


20[37] Edit

Dolten saw the last American UH-60 Blackhawk lifting off, and he jumped onto it, barely making it, his F2000 slung over his shoulder rocking. He dropped the AK-47 and yelled in Russian to the pigs down there, "Good riddance, good ol' comrades!" He said "good ol'" in English, but "comrades" and "good riddance" were both in very fluent Russian--after all, he was CIA, right? The Russian nuke hit.

The result was a blinding shockwave, 30-mile radius, destroying all the choppers in the area, everything. It was a nuclear wasteland, literally. Dolten, blood trickling all over his body, stood up unsteadily. "What the fuck!" He watched four more smaller but almost equally as large shockwaves roar out, blue and yellow, red and orange, purple and pink all at the same time.


21[38] Edit

"Holy shit, get down" yelled Sgt. Lewis as he hit the deck from the incoming blast. Miller also hit the deck. When the explosion reached them; it was a devastating hit. Trees fell over from the amount of energy that was in the blast. Even the M104 flipped over. The last thing Miller saw was a brick flying toward his face.


22[39] Edit

The song finished just as the nuke hit. "Son of a bitch" Whiskey said as he saw the blast coming towards him and The Dragon. The cargo plane had failed to make it to the evac site on time and now they were all gonna die for it. The plane started to get closer to the ground and decrease in speed. Then the blast hit The Dragon started to turn uncontrollably Whiskey lost grasp of the minigun and went flying out of the open cargo bay doors.

Whiskey woke up a few hours later he stood up his head throbing. "Yep my ex wife was right, I went to hell" he said looking out over the wasteland the land was scorched black and barren trees had fallen over everywhere and the ruins of battle were all around him. Then it all came back to him the blast, falling, the pickup, Shadow Walker, and Howe. He started to walk he needed answers what had happened to The Dragon? what was the current state of the invasion? and where could he find some alcohol? He didn't have an answer to any one of those questions but he knew it would be a long walk if he wantesd to find the answer to one of those he started to walk on towards the nearest American encampment. "This job sucks." Whiskey said to himself and walked on


23[40] Edit

Dolten cursed again and peeked behind an especially large tree that the shockwave hadn't overrooted. Nothing. A few Americans, no Russians, a few SAS or helping French or Germans. Just those 6 men on the desolated, wasted battlefield of nuclear weaponry. Quietly, he advanced on an American with his F2000 ready, aimed directly at the man's head, just in case he wasn't an American or was a spy for the little Russkie assholes.

Dolten whispered, "Texas!" and hoped the man would yell "Oklahoma!"


24[41] Edit

Nikolai went blind for a minute as the nuke hit "Fuck! I thought we'd make it to Moscow by now!" he screamed as his helicopter crashed. After regaining conciousness he looked around for a way to get his comrades out of the nuclear wasteland and turned to a hopefully lead-lined APC, unsure of who was inside.

Delta 4-7

25[42] Edit

After unsuccessfully attempting to rouse the dead British SAS man back to life, he sat in a lead-lined APC, whistling quietly, so lowly that nobody could hear it. Then he heard creeping, wary footsteps. He slung the F2000 over his shoulder and pulled out his 5-7, then pointed it at the entrance of the APC, ready to depress the trigger and blow out whoever's brains were stepping into the goddamned APC.

When the figure made his way into the APC, Dolten fired.Rollersox 00:55, May 13, 2010 (UTC)

26[43] Edit

"Nice shot I think I saw his arm blow off." Said Airman Martinez the TV operator of the AC130 gunship "Hermes" to Staff Sergeant Freeman one of the four ariel gunners. He was commenting on some Spetsnaz that Freeman had just taken out. "That makes 21" said Freeman to the man in the chair beside him, another ariel gunner Staff Sergeant Richardson. With that Freeman made another tallymark on a sheet of paper right now he was ahead of Richardson by five kills if he won then Richardson was buying when they got back stateside "I could really use a good few shots of liquor." Freeman thought but he was interupted by the Major. "Freeman Richardson cut the chatter. We have work to do we just got a fix on where The Dragon went down it's about fourteen clicks north of our current position. We're getting some distress calls Howe and his boys are still alive and we've sent a message to all surviving ground forces to get to it. And even better Ivan's got a column of armor heading that way as well. So snap to it we need to take out that column it's about ten clicks ahead to the northeast McKenzie get us there double time." The Major finally finished Mckenzie, the gunship's pilot responded with an "Hooah" and the gunship set course.

It was about an hour till Hermes set sight on the convoy "Uh..I count seven T-80 tanks and about a dozen BTRs." said Second Lieutenat Abraham the copilot of the gunship. "Yeah and a whole lot of footmobiles." said Martinez. Richardson and Freeman looked at each other "First one to fifty?" asked Richardson. "Your'e on." replied Freeman with a competitive look on his face. "Alright weapons free I repeat weapons free." said Master Sergeant Jamison, the loadmaster of the gunship. The two gunners grinned and got to work.


27[44] Edit

Dolten quietly passed the knocked-out Russian, which he had bashed against the wall of the APC. He saw 4 T-80 tanks and backed up back into the APC, checked his F2000's 40mm projectile grenade launcher. Time for a fight, which he wouldn't win.Rollersox 23:37, May 13, 2010 (UTC)

28[45] Edit

It was looking good as Poseidon now Sasha Orlav sat on the back of one of the Russian T-80 tank. He had taken his uniform from some Spetsnaz and was getting a lot of respect now he was lucky that the guy he killed had a gas mask. He was a man of Israeli heritage born in Miami. And thus looked nothing like a Russian but the mask hid his face and he spoke Russian a perfect disguise. And now he was taking a piggyback ride on a Russian armor column soon he would be at where the American command center was downed and he could hopefully upload the information in the DSM to the U.S. army database and expose the truth. That was if any of the American computers were still operational he was thinking about if they were when the tank in front of his blew up in a missile explosion that sent him and everybody else on the tank flying. "AC130" he whispered to himself it's miniguns were ripping Russian infantry on the ground apart he followed his the one instinct that had gotten him through life, run like hell.

The ground around him was being blown up as the minigun fired around him he imagined how pissed off the AC130 gunners must be. That made him run even faster he saw an APC and ran for it. As he got closer the gunners started to give up on him and concentrate more on the armor column. As he got closer to the APC he heard something inside it move. He threw a flashbang with the realization. A moment later he charged in he looked at the dazed man and saw the CIA patch on his shoulder. He instantly jabbed him in the neck with the barrrel of his Tar-21 and watched him fall down he would be out for about two hours. He carefully removed the man's CIA upper uniform and equipped it. He then removed the Russian gas mask and put it beside the man. With this disguise he could get into The Dragon and upload the data. He closed the door on the APC as he walked out, while the CIA was his enemy he felt compassion for the foot soldiers that were just following orders, with the gas mask and the doors closed ensuring no radiation would get in the man would survive.


29[46] Edit

Dolten woke up. His CIA badge was gone. He didn't fret. Whatever bastard had gone running around with it was a weak, poor old bastard--CIA always had backup, even the stupidest of the stupid should know that. He pulled out a CIA patch and stuck it firmly on. "Good riddance," he muttered, grinning. Rollersox 03:28, May 14, 2010 (UTC)

30[47] Edit

The CIA always had bakup Poseidon knew that much. But what he also knew was that he had the man's CIA radio and a good 3 hour head start on him to get to the Dragon. The DSM had previously held 1250 files Poseidon had deleted most of the files off it now around 175 files all connecting Makarov and Sheperd were left. He thought it would take around 6 minutes for the files to download. And at best as long as he didn't attract attention this disguise would last around 4 minutes. Not great he thought but it would have to do as long as the thing was downloading for at least three minutes then he shouldn't have to make a last stand in that plane he could run and they couldn't stop the download in time for the truth to be revealed.

That was his thought until he turned on the CIA radio channel and listened in he tuned it till he got to the CIA secure channel and heard a voice. "Uh...Blackjack this is Bonfire-3 a few Spetsnaz but no survivors we're gettin headin back to The Dragon. Shadow Walker still alive?" Poseidon shut the radio off the second he heard the name "Shadow Walker" he said angrily fuck getting out alive he thought as he strapped a C4 to his leg he started to jog toward's the crash site. Martydom was his new objective.


31[48] Edit

The man had taken his radio, but Dolten shrugged off the loss. He probably already knew about a lot of CIA stuff. He quickly walked over to a dead soldier, picked his small radio off his body. "Fuck." It was disabled, but with 4 hours of prying about and smacking the radio, it finally worked. Static, then he got to the CIA's secret secure channel. A pleasant female voice said, "Sorry, you do not have access to this channel. If you do, please state your passcode."

Dolten said, equally pleasant, "My passcode is ********7654."

"Access granted. Mr. Paul Carter Dolten?"


"Why are you contacting the CIA on a--"

"This is urgent. A Russian knocked me out, took my shirt, my badge, and my radio. I suggest you do a thermal scan over the area. I think the damned Russkie's going for the Dragon. You gotta stop him."

The Director of Central Intelligence thought for a moment, then said, "Good point. Alright. 32 satellites--CIA, of course--sent to scan. Thermal, Infrared, NV, and EM. Meanwhile, on my computer, I can track the micro-data-chip inside the shirt or badge he took from you. Right now I'm directing a few Blackhawks to get to you. See you later in the Quebec Mosque." The Quebec Mosque was code for the CIA's secret underground, bombproof, bulletproof, cement and diamond-armored facility, which had been built just a few months after the attack on Washington D.C. with some help from inside the Russian government.

The inside of the "Mosque" was shaped like an Islamic mosque, and "Quebec" just meant the Canadian pictures, symbolic, hanging inside the QM. It was just a few kilometers to the northwest of the radioactive battlefield, protected by its cement walls. A few minutes later, three modified CIA Blackhawks roared overhead, picked him up, and dropped him off in a large tree, which was hollow and led down to the QM.


32[49] Edit

Whiskey was finally out of all of it funny the way life works he thought, one second all hell breaks loose and it looks like God is out to get you and the next you're safe and happy. Whiskey was riding in some CIA blackhawk on it's way to pick up some special agent or whatever the shit they call them now. Whiskey took another sip of his canteen which he had filled with whiskey taken from the Russian officer's tent. Shorrtly after the nuke Whiskey had stumbled upon a few Spetsnaz they had held him prisoner and interogated him until some passing blackhawks had noticed the small group of Russian tents and opened fire when they sent in a strike team they found Whiskey he had managed to get into the officer's tent secured some whiskey and escaped with the CIA.

One of the agents motioned to Whiskey "Last stop everyone off." he said motioning him to get out. Whiskey followed a small team of men into some Mosque looking thing they led him into a room with a that looked like some office sitting at behind the desk was a small old woman at least in her 50s. "Whiskey Six you have an impressive record and we're low on men I'm just gonna skip the formalites we need a good UAV operator you in? She asked Whiskey looked at her "Lady as long as I have a UAV and some alcohol I'm all yours." he said "Welcome to the CIA your'e gonna be operating from here providing intel and fire support to our ground units." She said "Sounds good said Whiskey "Now show me my UAV please mam." "Certainly" she said Whiskey took a sip from the canteen and followed the woman out.


33[50] Edit

After scanning the area about 72 times, which was a few microseconds for the CIA satellites, they confirmed the Dragon's position and a few Google Earth--well, "CIA Google Earth," actually--pictures showed a man running across the field toward the Dragon. "Updating cam...updating...loading...yes!" The lead technician pumped his arms up and down with victory. "Good. The thermal-infrared camera's tracking the Russkie. Here...night-vision...normal vision...and electromagnetic sensors. The EM sensor inside the CIA shirt and badge are exactly where the Russian is. I hope he doesn't drop both of them."

"Will dropping one disable the other?"

"No," the technician replied to Dolten's curious question. "Y'see, since he has two sensors, if you drop one, it'll probably weaken the power of the EM pulse-waves, but it won't totally obliterate 'em. Got it?"

"Yeah," said Dolten absentmindedly. He was thinking, and hard. "But, there's something wrong," the CIA undercover field agent said. "Why is he going to the west instead of southeast, where the Dragon is? I know he's probably trying to shake us off or something of that sort, but it's not a very good tactic."

The DCI--Director of Central Intelligence--observed the NV, EM, and T-I cameras very closely and smoothly. "Look. Something Russian just popped on screen. Shit..." Then the last thing the cams saw were multiple EM pulse--EMP--missiles hitting four other CIA satellites.


34[51] Edit

All of the sudden the CIA recieved a radio transmission:

"To all, this is Radiolord, you will all listen to me. I am here to guide you all to your new objective. There is a bunker over to the East of your location." I am affraid that it is full of Russian spies that have been stealing information and eavsedropping on your discussions. I am sending you the coordinates to the bunker. send this transmission to any military units that you come in contact with, over."

(Please expand this chapter. --CodExpert)

35[52] Edit

Nikolai awoke after several hours, he realized he was in the same APC he went for shortly after the nuke hit. He looked at his watch, it was cracked, barely readable, but Nikolai knew he had been there for a while. After checking the rest of his equipment he heard a helicopter outside, it was a Mi24 with Spetsnaz markings. "It's about fucking time I din't have to run from chopper." Nikolai thought to himself. Several men in radiation suits jumped out as Nikolai walked toward the helicopter. "Comrade Nikolai, glad to see you're alive. We followed your transponder to here and came to get you." said one of them. He continued: "Get in, we've got it on an underground train headed out from Kapustin Yar. Not another nuke, that was just to stall them, but you know the weapon I'm talking about. It will show them the true resolve of mother Russia."

Delta 4-7

36[53] Edit

It was very early on a Sunday morning, around 5 am, and CWO-5 Tim Morgan, known to his friends in the Marine Corps as "Clueless Morgan" for his mistake reloading artillery equipment during training, was sleeping tight. Well, at least he had been. The phone was ringing. He had a hard time deciding whether to ignore the phone call and sleep on, or get up and take it. His final decision was just to stand up, since he thought the phone call might be important.

Standing up, he noticed that his roommate, who sleeps below him, had already left the barracks. "Strange," he thought. "Usually, he sleeps longer than even I do on weekends."

As he finally got to the phone he realised that it was, indeed, an important phone call. The Caller ID said "Col Robert Higgins", who was in charge of MARSOC (MARine Special Operations Command). He took the call.

"Mr. Morgan? This is MARSOC. The 3rd Battalion has been activated, you and your platoon are to travel to Langley Falls immediately to recieve further orders and commence your assignment. Questions?"

Morgan had so many, but for the brevity of it, he picked the most important five.

"Langley Falls? The CIA?"

"Yes, a Joint Op."

"What platoon?"

"You are in charge of a temporary platoon, Comprised of 30 soldiers of the USMC, and 6 specialists from the army too. They are waiting for you in Mess Hall 3."

"Where will the mission be?"

"You truly are Clueless. We are at war with Russia, remember? That's where you're going!"

"Who's my XO?"

"Master Sergeant Jones. Very capable man. I think you know him, he assisted you on the UAV reconfig program?"

"Yes, Sir, he did. Anything else I need to know?"

"Oh yes: You have command capabilities over lower ranked officers in all divisions of the Armed Forces, including TF-141 and other specialist divisions for the remainder of this mission. Same goes for them though: You are subordinate to all higher ranked officers. Understood?"

"Sir, yes, sir. Goodbye, sir!"

"Bon voyage."

Clueless Morgan

37[54] Edit

"Status?" asked Howe as he awoke to find the Dragon in ruins the plane was crashed and nearly everything busted Jenkins was lying dead and Whiskey was gone. He looked some more and saw Connor, Travis, and Shadow Walker were still alive. "Sir it's good you're alive not everyone was as lucky we have a radio but the damn thing won't listen to us nobody's helping it was a nuke that hit us." Connor said "Alright then give me the thing i'm still field commander of this army." Howe said and reached for the radio. "Hello this is Brigadier general Howe is anybody there?" he asked. A few minutes later a voice responded "This is Bonfire-2 CIA Special Activities Division, Dragon I have a bird about half a click to the west if you can get there then I can get you out of here." The voice said "So you can't just come get us?" Howe said "Negative Russians are watching the area to dangerous." the man replied "Roger that meet you there Howe out." Howe then hung up the radio. Shadow Walker thought he knew the voice but didn't think on it for long and moved out.

Half a click away however on a small ridge Poseidon sat with his Tar-21 and binoculars just waiting Howe would come and if Shadow Walker survived then he would come also it might work and with both Howe and Shadow Walker dead he could upload the data it would be perfect he thought to himself. Just perfect he was so amused he let his guard down, oblivious to the UAV hovering above him and to the fact the CIA had him. But then about an hour later he jumped as he saw the group of four soldiers approaching he looked through his binoculars it was Howe and Shadow Walker with two grunts. Which one to kill first he thought he flipped a quarter, heads. He then readied his aim on the general. It was to late to stop him Poseidon thought.

Two clicks away a CIA black hawk pilot with a strike team of CIA soldiers moving towards Poseidon was praying that it wasn't.


38[55] Edit

"Cosgrove. Into my office. Now." Ryan usually dreaded these words from his CO, but in this case, he knew what was to become of him. "Right away sir". As he moved casually towards the CO's office, he saw 5 other agents following suite. This made Ryan ponder, not because he was called upon by the CO, but because 5 others were following him. "Ryan Cosgrove, you have been commissioned to assist with the Special Activities Division on the ground in Moscow. The men behind you are your squad for this operation." Ryan usually never questioned orders, but this was important. "Why are we being sent to Moscow? Haven't the CIA got everything under control?" The CO replied "Ryan, you've never been one to question my orders but here's your answer: Four hours ago AEST a Russian ICBM was detonated in the main area of a C-5 aircraft codenamed "The Dragon". As far as we know at our present time, all members of that crew are either KIA or POW's." This sent a shiver down Ryan's spine, he'd been a POW seven years ago working with the Special Air Service Regiment. They broke him down. Shot 7.62 rounds into his head. That would've killed anyone, but not Ryan. "I presume that's all you wanted to know, Jackpot?" asked the CO. "Yes sir, send a requisition order down to the QM and get our necessary kit ready. We'll leave in 25 minutes." Jackpot exclaimed.

After 4 hours, a C-130 was en route to Moscow airspace containing Delta Squad. This was Ryan's squad, his brothers. Not necessarily, but he felt the need to look after them, after all, one of them was his girlfriend's father. "Ryan.. Ryan!" shouted his 2IC. Jackpot awoke immediately, "We'll be at the drop zone in 15 mikes Staff." exclaimed Whiskey Tango, their pilot. All squad members were prepared to drop when Whiskey Tango exclaimed "INCOMING!". Two Anti-Aircraft guns had shot WT's C-130. "GET OUT OF HERE! GO!" yelled WT. Jackpot immediately instructed the squad to jump out of the aircraft. "ON MY MARK! THREE... TWO... ONE.. GO GO GO!".

Within 2 minutes, the whole plan had gone to shit, and Ryan knew who was going to pay the price.

Ryan woke up from whatever had happened, but this wasn't second nature. He never slept like this. His 2IC lurched over him and stated "You've been KIA for 20 minutes. The rest of the squad is dead, we've been dropped near The Dragon but we're still in danger." Jackpot immediately had a feeling of shock come over him, his entire squad was dead apart from him and his 2IC. His girlfriend's father is dead, or maybe, alive? Ryan thought about this for a while and stood up. He saw a flash of light from a hill; this had to be a friendly contact.. Or maybe it wasn't, possibly it was codename Terror? This was a name for a international fugitive in the AO of the operation. His old callsign was Poseidon, like the god. He had evidence supporting claims that he and his task force were betrayed by General Shepherd during the first few days of World War Three.

After thinking, they reloaded their gats, checked their armor was holding up, and moved towards the flashing light of the hill. Suddenly, they heard a transmission over UHF channel 14. It exclaimed "Stay where you are, or I will take out one of your squad, don't move any closer to the hill."

Ryan had a good feeling that it was Poseidon, but, he could have his father-in-law. So he had a bad feeling about this.

Either way, they were cocked and locked. There was no way that he would let him escape alive.

Outlaw 2-5

39[56] Edit

Poseidon finally had him Shadow Walker was still as well as the general, he would make a fine prize. Then just as he was about to pull the trigger on Howe's legs he stopped as he heard a roar overhead just as a CIA blackhawk came right above his head. It turned and started to fire Poseidon grabbed his thumper and fired at the cockpit taking the bird down. As it crashed he looked for his target before he heard a voice from behind him yell "Hey bitch remember me?" Poseidon turned around to see the same CIA soldier he had knocked out in the APC but now Poseidon was on the ground. Fuck sympathy he thought next time i'm killing him if there is a next time. Already about six men were gathering around him two from some unit he couldn't guess they looked Australian. The CIA soldier and two men he knew to be Shadow Company. And finally Shadow Walker. "Enjoy Hell you son of a bitch" Poseidon said to Shadow Walker as he picked up the detonator to the C4. "Bomb!" the CIA yelled as he and the two Australian soldiers jumped rolling down the hill mostly unharmed. Shadow Walker, Poseidon, and the two Shadow Company perished along with the DSM.

"Whoa! I see a lot aof little pieces down there I think someone set off a bomb down there." Whiskey said as he saw the scene unfold on his UAV rig he took a sip from his canteen. "Divert a chopper." a CIA major looking at the screen said to his warrant officer right next to him. "And try to establish contact." he added the warrant officer nodded and walked away. "Ground units this is Prowler. Give me a SITREP over." said the radio operator in the QM sitting right next to Whiskey. "Prowler this is Brigadier General Howe your operative gave me the radio some guy just blew himself up straight to hell with Shadow Walker we could use a bird out of here." Howe answered "Okay Blackhawk helicopter Bronco 4-7 is on it's way stand by." said Prowler Howe responded with an "alright". And Whiskey took another sip and resumed looking at the rig "Maybe I should lay off the alcohol." He said aloud looking at the five empty bottles of whiskey that he had used to fill his canteen over the last 12 hours. "Then again fuck that." he said taking another sip.


40[57] Edit

The last thing Ryan remembered hearing was the word "Bomb!". Agent Dolten, his 2IC and the rest of those forces linked up with him. He saw what Poseidon had in his hand, a C4 detonator. Dolten, the 2IC and Ryan jumped from the hill and watched the combined explosion of semtex explosive and plastic explosive, seeing body parts fly in the air. "No!" exclaimed Dolten, although, he felt quite good. Not because Shadow Walker was dead, but because ASIO were on his side. "Ground units this is Prowler, SITREP over." crackled the UHF radio that was hanging onto Poseidon's torso. Ryan stumbled up the hill and finally reached Poseidon's torso. "Prowler, this is Alpha-One-One, we have 4 men down from our squad, and the rest of The Dragon's crew is dead over." Jackpot stated. "Alpha-One-One this is Prowler, solid copy. What about Poseidon, over?" said Prowler. Ryan responds by stating "Prowler this is Alpha-One-One, he's KIA, lots of little pieces here, over?"

Ryan felt that it was his duty to recieve the DSM, whatever was on it must've been extremely important to the Yanks. Jackpot immediately says "Dolten". "Yes Jackpot?" "What's on that DSM that's so important?" Before Ryan's 2IC grabbed the DSM, Dolten pulls a pistol on him and shoots him in the chest, killing him instantly. "Don't move" yells Dolten. "You fuckin spook!" exclaim's Ryan, tackling him to the ground and engaging in a brawl. "FUCK YOU!" yells Ryan, while choking Dolten. He immediately falls unconcious, and Jackpot picks up the remains of the DSM, examining it closely, before he pulls out his rugged laptop and transfers what's left from the DSM to his hard drive. "I'm out of here, fuck this war". He says to the unconcious body of Dolten, he picks up his 2IC and moves away from there. "Alpha-One-One this is Prowler, do you copy, over?". Ryan exclaim's: "Prowler this is Alpha-One-One, requesting CASEVAC at Gulf Romeo 385774, over?" Prowler responds immediately by stating "Alpha-One-One this is Prowler, solid copy. We'll have a evac bird on station in 3 mikes. Prowler out."

Ryan felt like utter shit, he'd lost his entire squad to the ruskies, and a CIA Spook. What next? I get picked off by a British trooper? He buries the body of the 2IC with his spade and puts two sticks together protruding from the ground. He felt a lot better, justice has, and will be served. When the Chinook arrived, a dozen Rangers moved out to secure the position, Ryan moved onto the helicopter and relaxed. He opened up the laptop and looked at the files. He saw who was responsible, Gen. Shepherd, Vladimir Makarov, and.. the Director of ASIO. This is about revenge now, he thought. But for now, he closed the laptop and slept on the way to a FOB.

Ryan Cosgrove

41[58] Edit

(Ryan...I said only I could use my own character, but I'll let it off this time)

Dolten woke up and rubbed his neck tiredly. He grabbed his F2000 and contacted anybody within a certain range.

He waited. Seven hours later, he heard a chopper roar overhead. He waved, shot flares, but the pilot seemed not to notice him -- until it turned around and began firing. Dolten cursed and fired at it, to no avail. The 5.56mm bullets sparked harmlessly off the underbelly of the helicopter.Rollersox 23:16, June 4, 2010 (UTC)

42[59] Edit

Nikolai noticed that the helicopter had stopped and began to fire its chain gun "Damn, there's still survivors? Gunner, cease fire!" Nikolai grabbed an SVU from the man sitting beside him, and, having a pretty good idea of who the man on the ground was, shot him in the leg. "Land; looks like we've got us a POW." Nikolai ordered the pilot. As two men retrieved the wounded soldier and threw him into the chopper Nikolai said to him, "You again, I should've figured. You've been through alot, our little knife fight earlier, you survived whatever the hell happened down there, and on top of that, a goddamn 500kt nuke! That being said, I'm assuming it takes a fair level of intelligence to keep yourself from getting killed in shit like that, so you tell me, smart guy: what's the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, huh?

Delta 4-7

43[60] Edit

Dolten kept his mouth sealed shut. Thoughts whirred through his mind: should he use humor, sarcasm, or should he just be straightforward or be polite? He decided to be straightforward. He spat in the Russian's face brutally. "Go f*** yourself, Russian. Or kill me. Choose one -- I'm not a POW-type of guy." Dolten felt ropes tie up his hands but he stayed silent, waiting for some sort of hard slap or some retort.Rollersox 01:04, June 6, 2010 (UTC)

44[61] Edit

"Why don't you make a choice: expierience it first hand, or rot in a gulag. Now, I don't feel like killing you, so at the very least take a wild geuss, or we could play another very fun geussing game: Russian roulettte." Nikolai told the man, removing his spit soaked facemask.

Delta 4-7

45[62] Edit

Dolten stayed silent, then smiled. "Yeah? Well, I'll tell you something, you bastard. Just like I said, answer me. It's not that hard: kill me or dump me somewhere in Russia. Got a problem with that?" Dolten felt a sharp rap on the back of his head. He twisted his head around and looked piercingly at the Russian private who had did that. He spat in the Russian's face, then turned back to the Russian commander or whatever his rank was. "And about the 'fun guessing game,' Russian roulette, I'm sorry, but I'm not an alcoholic and I'm not Russian."Rollersox 01:38, June 6, 2010 (UTC)

46[63] Edit

"Jester turn that shit off." said Patriarch refering to the rap cd that jester has put into the humvee's radio. "That an order?" Jester saked Patriarch just looked at him and he shut it off. They kept driving for a few minutes looking for any survivors from the nuke and Spooky who had been in a chopper destroyed by the blast until some one came in over the radio. "Patriarch 4-1 actual do you copy?" asked a familar hungover voice. "What in the hell. Whiskey that you?" asked Cowboy from the back seat. "Mother fucker it's you guys I didn't know you made it out Alaska." Whisky said "Same here." Patriarch responded "What have you got?" "Uh listen i'm working for the CIA now and they got someone named Dolten I just located him over UAV he's about three clicks due southeast of your position get there double time and save his ass. He's being held prisoner or being interogated so yeah. Rapido compadre." Whiskey said. "Copy that Whiskey Six, Patriarch out." Patriarch said "So now what?" asked Jester. "You heard him for fucks sake Jester now step on it." Patriarch replied as Jester turned the vehicle around.

Foxtrot12 03:18, June 6, 2010 (UTC)

47[64] Edit

(Forgot about the rules, sorry Rollersox)

"Incoming missile, hold on!" exclaimed the gunner. "Prowler this is Osprey 5-1, we are going down, I say again, we are going down at Gulf Romeo 716249, I say aga-" *CRASH*

Ryan awoke, with a headache the size of a 105mm round. Most, if not all the Rangers were KIA, and three were good to go. "Sergeant, you alright?" exclaimed Jackpot, all the while, he felt something was missing from his belongings. "Yes sir Lieutenant Cosgrove, point us in the right direction." said the sergeant, loading his M4.

"Ok, lets move!" orders Ryan, moving quickly from the crash site. Almost in an instant, Russian Spetsnaz troops converge on their position, Ryan and the Rangers pull cover from the crashed Chinook and begin to open fire on them. (just a quick author's note, listen to this while the scene ensues. [1])

"CONTACT! 5 O'CLOCK!, COVER FIRE!" yells Ryan, while running towards a crate of unexploded mortar's. "ROGER THAT!" yell's Sergeant Duffy, as he and his men lay down fire to support Jackpot. As one of the PFC's in the newly formed brotherhood fires his M249 PARA, he is hit in the shoulder by a 7.62mm round. "Argh, I'm hit!" exclaims the 19 year old. "Suck it up Ranger!" yells Ryan. After some heavy fire from the squad, and from the mortar's Ryan was throwing, the Spetsnaz retreat from the area. "Take that you fucking ruskies!" yells the PFC, who, only moments before, was bawling his eyes out.

"Looks like ivan's had enough." says Duffy, reloading his M4. "Don't be so sure Sergeant, they'll come back" whispers Ryan, his vocal cords almost gone from all the yelling.

"Prowler this is Alpha-One-One, over." "Alpha-One-One this is Prowler, you boys alright down there? Looks like a hell of a firefight you just had, over." "Prowler this is Alpha-One-One, roger that. Care to send us another evac bird over?" "Roger that Alpha-One-One, evac bird on station in 4 mikes, Prowler out." As soon as Ryan got off of the UHF, he heard a buzzing noise. "Ryan, is that the evac bird?" says Duffy. "Boys, looks like we're heading into the meat grinder for this one." exclaims Ryan.

4 Mi-24 Hinds fly over a hill to their north, and they begin to open fire.

(sorry about the delay, been a bit busy. see you guy's next time) Ryan Cosgrove

48[65] Edit

(it's okay)

Dolten rubbed the ropes tying his hands up against the metal wall of the helicopter. He felt a string of rope loosen up, and he snuggled his right hand out of the badly-tied ropes. Then he untied the ropes on his left hand, then grabbed a nearby AK-47 and hid it behind his back, still pretending to be tied up.Rollersox 16:02, June 6, 2010 (UTC)

49[66] Edit

"Okay I think he got himself out. He's within reach of an AK. Let's pray he doesn't do anything stupid when we attack." said Bishop as he looked through the scope of his M21. "Alright Bushmaster and Jester get down there Hitman get ready to cover them. Cowboy me and you will cover the CIA. And Bishop take em out." said Patriarch Bushmaster acknowledged with a nod and went prone crawling through the bush down to the chopper. Bushmaster took a position near the chopper Jester near the Russians. The first Russian dropped with a crack screaming as the others turned in shock Jester came up and fired his UMP into the crowd. Bushmaster popped around the chopper and yelled to the CIA "Run to the ridge!" pointing to where Bishop was hiding. Bushmaster fired into the Russians and ran as they pushed toward his position at the chopper he was about halfway there when he saw the CIA get to Bishop and start firing the AK covering him. Bushmaster continued running and reached the group as the Russian helo took off. "Shouldn't they be firing at us?" asked Cowboy "Well when there weapons are disabled they can't" said Bushmaster. "Alright now CIA who the F are you?" asked Hitman. As a the roar of a CIA black hawk helicopter was heard.

Foxtrot12 21:23, June 7, 2010 (UTC)

50[67] Edit

Dolten merely said "Carter" to the soldier, discarded his AK, and grabbed a nearby UMP45 submachine gun with an ACOG sight mounted atop of the barrel. He picked eight magazines out and taped it to his uniform, then looked up at the Blackhawk roaring overhead loudly.Rollersox 23:36, June 7, 2010 (UTC)

51[68] Edit

As the aligned hind's closed in, Ryan scrambled inside the remains of the Chinook to find something to take it out with. "Where's the Mark 19!" he yells. "In the bottom of the cockpit, and you better hurry! They're closing in fast!" states the Sarge. "GOT IT! Duffy, keep them suppressed from the 19, I'll provide cover fire with the mortars, you good for this?" asked Ryan. "Roger that.." says Duffy, shaking to his core. "Alpha-One-One this is Thunder Two, prepped and ready for action, over?" | "Thunder Two, this is Alpha-One-One, roger that. We have 4 hind's closing in fast to our position at Gulf Romeo 716249. Easy target practice for your guns, over?" | "Alpha-One-One this is Thunder Two, solid copy on all. On station in 3 mikes, Thunder Two out."

"Hallefuckinlujah" yells the PFC. Ryan spots an dangerous hazard right in front of where the A-10's are making their attack run, the mortars are directly in the flight path, and if the hinds hit them, immediate explosion.

"Thunder Two, this is Alpha-One-One! Negative on your attack run, too much of a risk. We'll hold them off. Over?" | "Alpha-One-One, this is Thunder Two. Are you insane, you'll need more firepower to take on those hinds. We're almost on station, we'll take out targets from a distance with the '50. Cal. Over?"

"Thunder Two, this is Alpha-One-One, roger that, stick to your promise. Alpha-One-One out."

"ARE YOU FUCKING NUTS?" yelled Duffy, who, just moments earlier, was shaking to the core, waiting to take out the hinds. "If this is another one of those fuckin ANZAC legend's you're trying to pull off, you'll die." states the PFC. "Listen up!" yells Ryan. "Ramirez, you're a good kid. But this is my decision, and who gives a fuck about your's."

(I've got to head off. This might be a good fight coming up. But idunolol.) Ryan Cosgrove

52[69] Edit

"Get us out of here! I don't care if that CIA bastard got away, they'll all be dead soon with what we've got in store!" Nikolai screamed at the pilot as he saw American A-10's overhead. The chopper then dusted off from where the CIA agent was first brought on. His squad was decimated, with only a few left alive, but he knew that the time for revenge was approaching, and by the way the few Spetsnaz left in the Hinds seats looked, they knew that too. [70]Sgt.Maj.Delta 4-7[71] 21:57, June 8, 2010 (UTC)

53[72] Edit

Dolten fired a few lame rounds with his UMP45 at the helicopter, making .45-caliber-sized holes in the underbelly of the chopper, but not doing any real damage. He cursed and yelled to nobody in particular: "Hand me a Stinger!"Rollersox 23:24, June 8, 2010 (UTC)

54[73] Edit

Whiskey was observing the chopper pursuit from the thermal vision of his UAV "They are fucked." he said to himself taking a sip from his canteen and noticed he was running low again when he heard a bang from the room next door and some screaming he stood up and reached for his MP5K when a CIA operative ran through the door. "Whiskey get down!" he yelled as a Russian popped through the door and killed him. Whiskey fired three rounds into him and ran back "fucker!" he yelled as he ran into a room where the SAD operatives were taking positions. Whiskey got on his radio "This is Whiskey Six to all available units. Somebody fucking help! We are fucked in a very bad way the Russians have discovered the QM and are attacking. I don't know maybe we have a traitor or we hid this bunker badly or i don't fucking know just help." Whiskey said and ducked as Russian gunfire sprayed the room.

Foxtrot12 02:48, June 9, 2010 (UTC)

55[74] Edit

Dolten heard Whiskey yelling and cursed. Too much things on his hands -- the life of his family which was devastated; they had been living in D.C. at the time of the Russian invasion -- and other business problems. Like this. He replied to Whiskey Six, "This is Wolf Nine-Two. Where are you?"Rollersox 02:56, June 9, 2010 (UTC)

56[75] Edit

"Wolf thank god we are pinned down in the QM. This battle is going downhill SAD is gonna fucking die. But look there is currently a Harrier in the QM's hangar I know how to fly one of these things but if I wanna get into that hangar I need the security codes to get inside the thing's pilot is dead and I know that you know those codes you get me those I can fly outa here and can be on intercept course to help you out in about 45 minutes. Yeah that carrier incident wasn't to good for me but I think I'm sober so Wolf what are those codes?" Whiskey responded while behind a desk that was kevlar lined he peeked out and looked at a dead Russian. "That's no Russian." Whiskey said looking at the dead British soldier with a strange patch on his shoulder and the number 141 written on his helmet.

Foxtrot12 03:09, June 9, 2010 (UTC)

57[76] Edit

Ryan heard Whiskey Six's transmission. He needed help immediately. After some consideration, he decided to respond.

"Whiskey Six, this is Alpha-One-One. We're on our way to your LKP. Hang tight. Alpha-One-One out."

Ryan heard another callsign before him. Wolf Nine-Two. It sounded like a ASIO callsign but, to tell you the truth, he didn't know jack shit at that time. "Duffy, Ramirez; get your gear. We're helping that UAV operator." said Ryan. "I'll grab the Mark 19!" yelled Ramirez. "Duffy, grab the rest of everything that's intact. We're leaving in 5 minutes.

"Overlord this is Thunder Two, over?" the radio screamed. "Thunder Two this is Overlord, send, over?" "Overlord this is Thunder Two, guns are dry, request permission to return to base, rearm, over?" "Thunder Two this is Overlord, solid copy on all. Return to base, over?" "Overlord this is Thunder Two, roger that. Out"

"Let's move!" yelled Ryan. This was definitely worse than Afghanistan. Much worse. But still, torture was the worst of all in his lifetime. "Ryan! Vehicle at 9 0'clock!" yells Ramirez. "Take out the passengers and the driver, we're commandering that vehicle!" exclaims Ryan. After killing the people in the SUV, they climb in. However they were not Russians, nor friendlies. "What's that patch on his webbing Duffy?" asked Ramirez. "That's the insignia of the 141. Best handpicked group of warriors on the planet, and we just killed them. Friendlies." says Ryan. Guilt overcame him, and he replaced one of his ASIO patches with the 141 patch. "Put these on your velcro. Show respect to your fellow men." whispers Ryan.

"Next stop, Forward Operating Base Charlie." exclaims Duffy, pointing on a map the 141 had.

Ryan Cosgrove

58[77] Edit

Wolf reloaded his UMP45 and hurried out of the area he was in -- when some sort of Russian rocket knifed past, leaving a clear trail of vapor where it had exploded across. It hit the helicopter that he had been on and he cursed. "Shit." Then he turned around and said through his mike to Whiskey Six, "The code is -- " His voice went down to a very low whisper, then he said, "Got that?" But he had no time to hear Whiskey say anything else, because suddenly the barrel of an AK-47 was pressed against his head, roughly. "Get down."

59[78] Edit

As Whiskey retrieved the codes from Wolf the radio signal died. He didn't have enough time to think about it because of the Russian soldiers and their mysterious mercenaries. Whiskey picked up his MP5K and ran like hell out the door abondoning the SAD soldiers to their fate. He kept running till he hit a security door that led to the hangar. He typed in the digdets as he heard the mercs and Russians yelling and advancing in seconds they would be here. The door opened, and Whiskey ran in and saw the harrier he looked at a computer terminal near the door. From what he saw he was not the only one trying to escape some poor bastard had prepped the jet for launch but didn't leave. When Whiskey turned around he saw a dead man with a gun held to his head. He didn't have time to think as he took a sip of the canteen an ran jumping in the harrier as the mercs broke through the security door with a breaching charge they fired on the jet as Whiskey started up all the systems and the jet took off with minimal dents in the wings. Whiskey had never felt better in Alaska he had flown a bird but now here he was in a jet again. "Uh...Wolf thanks for the codes I am inbound to your position eta sixteen minutes hang tight copy." he said over the radio getting no response he increased speed hoping nothing had happened.

Foxtrot12 06:14, June 10, 2010 (UTC)

60[79] Edit

"Turn around," the Russian said.

"Not now," muttered Wolf angrily.

"I said, 'Turn around'!" Wolf turned around obediently, then suddenly swung his UMP45 at the Russian. A clear purple-reddish bruise was left whipped across the Russian's face, who snarled outrageously, and raised his AK. The UMP's muzzle exploded with flashes of brilliant yellow light, which hammered bullets from the barrel. The Russian staggered backward, and Wolf turned on his radio signal again.

"Whiskey Six, do you copy?"Rollersox 23:14, June 10, 2010 (UTC)

61[80] Edit

"Uh...yeah I copy I am still inbound to your position ETA 11 minutes what's your status? I am fully locked and loaded so to say. Wolf I gotta give it to you and the Spook team you boys really know how to pimp out a jet. I mean really weapon systems are fucking great, leather seats, and this radio, it play mp3s? Ah never mind I am almost there so just hang on." Whiskey said over the radio to Wolf as he took another sip from his canteen. What was the harm in getting drunk now he thought and upon realizing that he had just thought that he said one thing aloud to himself. "Man when this war is fuckin over I am going to rehab." he said to himself and over the radio. "Hang tight." he said again over the radio to Wolf.

Foxtrot12 03:38, June 12, 2010 (UTC)

62[81] Edit

Wolf saw the Harrier roar overhead, and he shot a flare into the sky. The flare exploded into the air, and Wolf saw the Harrier lose speed and altitude, and slowly, in control, drop to the ground.Rollersox 23:22, June 12, 2010 (UTC)

63[82] Edit

Nikolai felt better that he was finally out of danger, US forces were nowhere to be seen, and he had cleared the radioactive zone. His Mi24 landed near a small Russian convoy parked alongside a river, he saw 2 BTR's, a radar truck, an AA-Tank, and a pair of jeeps. The commander, Captain Letsev, greeted him: "Sgt. Hewa, glad to see you're alive. I was sent here to make sure all special forces made it out from the front lines. The warheads with our latest WMD are still on their way to Moscow, the ETA is around 30 minutes. Once they get there we'll have America's back against the wall." Nikolai interrupted him: "Yes Letsev, I was at the briefing, I know the plan. Have you been able to track the Americans on that radar?" Just then the radar operator yelled "Captain, we have something! It looks like a single jet, around 40km's out!" Nikolai sighed and checked his PDA loaded with tactical info being fed from Russian command. He wasn't kidding.

[83]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[84] 00:37, June 13, 2010 (UTC)

64[85] Edit

Wolf saw a heat-seeking Russian SAM missile explode from the ground, and the Harrier dropped. It hit the ground, not hard, but not very gently either. Wolf gave the thumbs-up to Whiskey, and watched the SAM drop low to the Harrier's altitude, then hit a large tree. The tree suffered minor damage, but the missile was gone.

Wolf breathed a sigh of relief and lay back contentedly.Rollersox 02:33, June 13, 2010 (UTC)

65[86] Edit

They heard the roar of a Harrier go overhead. They tailed it. "INCOMING! NORTH SIDE!" yelled Ramirez. The RPG round hit the back wheel of the SUV. The car went flying 30, maybe 50 feet into the air. "BAIL OUT!" yelled Ryan, and they jumped. They then saw a flare fly into the sky, after landing back on the ground, they cleared out enemy foxholes and moved towards the flare site.

Ryan Cosgrove

66[87] Edit

Whiskey had let loose a flare after he saw a freindly squad around their position. As the squad approached Wolf stepped out with Whiskey to see the friendly troops. Wolf seemed to tense up the second he saw one of them an Australian looking guy Whiskey thought. The aussie also went cold upon noticing Wolf. "Reunions I love reunions." Whiskey said as he took a sip from his canteen and remembered the reunion of his divorced parents 13 years ago his father had killed his ex spouse. "Good times. Good times" he said in a whisper to himself.

Foxtrot12 05:28, June 15, 2010 (UTC)

67[88] Edit

Wolf stiffened and tensed. "You..." His bulky muscles flexed as he rolled his shoulders. His eyes bore into Ryan's.

"It's you." He walked forward a few steps, then looked down. Grains of sand were sliding across the ground. "Holy, not now. Not after what the Russkies just did. Not this." A squadron of bombers roared overhead. Dark dots dropped from the jets' underbellies. "Ho-oly shit," muttered Wolf, eyeing the nuclear-tipped (not nuclear) smart bombs dropping.

"Guys. We're, uh, outta here." He began running.Rollersox 02:19, June 16, 2010 (UTC)

68[89] Edit

After the CIA had left Bushmaster and the SEALs had returned to the search for Spooky and had won. Spooky was currently in their Black hawk on the minigun. Patriarch was flying with Hitman as the copilot. They were closing in on Whiskey's harrier site they had managed to listen in on radio and were seconds away. They heard bombs dropping and saw fire around the site and then Bushmaster saw it. "Squad friendly on our six!" he yelled to Patriarch who put the bird down as the bombs exploded everywhere. Everyone got in quick enough and Patriarch took off. As a bomb exploded where they just were the Black hawk made its getaway. "Dolten pleasure seeing you again." Bushmaster said to the CIA "Whiskey same as always your'e still just a drunk bastard." he said looking at Whiskey. "And who are you?" he asked to an Australian. "Australian heh." said Spooky as he pulled out a pistol pointing it in his face. "Where's the DSM?" he asked. Everyone froze and looked at Spooky as he flicked the safety off the gun. "DSM?" asked Bushmaster. "What the hell is that?"

Foxtrot12 06:28, June 17, 2010 (UTC)

69[90] Edit

Wolf tensed, and before a whisper of wind passed by, he sprang at Spooky, his Mk.23 pistol out and put it to Spooky's temple. "Traitor," he growled, rolling the safety off on his gun.

He reached into his backpack, his pistol still on Spooky's head. He hit Spooky with the butt of his UMP45, knocking him out effectively. Then he tied Spooky up to a pole. "That should keep him."Rollersox 02:55, June 20, 2010 (UTC)

70[91] Edit

"That is motherfucking enough!" yelled Patriarch as he emerged from the BlackHawk holding an M1014 shotgun in each hand. "You Wolf I saved your ass once so untie my soldier if you're gonna have to do that try Jester." he said getting a "Wai what?" from him. "And aussie where's the DSM Spooky was talking about now don't bullshit me Spooky knows what he's talking about." he said the shotgun locked on the man's neck. "The dat from it's here." the man said showing Patriarch a labtop he looked at for about five minutes before he walked away "Holy free fuckin holy." he said. "Wolf you're gonna want to see this and everybody else to." he said as everyone looked at the info on it and saw those responsible for the war Sheperd, Makarov, the director of the ASIO, the CIA spook Shadow walker, and about three dozen other names in the CIA, FBI, and NSA. "And someone untie him." Patriarch added as the soldiers looked in awe at the data. Bushmaster shook his head. "Holy son of a bitch." he said not able to understand what he was seeing.

Foxtrot12 03:21, June 20, 2010 (UTC)

71[92] Edit

Wolf's eyes turned to wolf-like slits, and one-handedly he pressed the UMP on Spooky's head. "How does he know about the DSM?" growled Wolf. He noted his name was on the laptop screen.

"That's strictly CIA info," grunted Wolf. But he didn't have time to say anything else: a Russian MiG fighter jet roared past, its machine guns belching up rounds. Rollersox 15:46, June 20, 2010 (UTC)

72[93] Edit

The MiG was firing hot lead at them now. "Get to the bunker over there!" Bushmaster yelled pointing to an old decrepit looking cold war Soviet bunker. It was bombed out and built into a hillside about fifty yards away the team ran as the ground exploded around them they all managed to get inside as the MiG lost interest. The secomd they were all in Patriarch grabbed Spooky and pinned him against a wall. "How the fuck did you know about the DSM?" he screamed. "CIA using us to hunt down the 141." he said as Patriarch started to choke him "They have been using us." he repeated. "But then how did you know about the DSM?" Patriarch asked irritatedly. "Arctic Garden, CIA recruited me to help hunt down the 141 remember the operative that took you down?" he said to Wolf. "Heh I remember hunting that guy on UAV Pussy I think wasn't that his callsign?" Whiskey asked clearly drunk. "Poseidon." Wolf corrected "He was one of the 141's last survivors." Spooky said "One of the last surviors?" Bishop asked "What about the others" he said. "There are some still in Russia and this hellscape." he said. "Where?" asked Bishop. "Forward Operating base Charlie." Spooky said.

Foxtrot12 18:24, June 20, 2010 (UTC)

73[94] Edit

Wolf released Spooky and clicked the safety on on his UMP45. He breathed a sigh of relief. "Good. Now let's -- "

A rapid beeping emanated from the cockpit. Wolf made his way into the cockpit, and the pilot said, "Heat-seeking missile on our tail, sir. I'm not sure, I can't identify it. It's...well, strange. Usually the radar should be able to identify the missile but..."

"Get to 'Forward operating base Charlie'," ordered Wolf quietly. "You should be able to shake the missile off. Good luck."

When the CIA agent left, the pilot snorted, "Yeah. Right. Real easy."Rollersox 23:05, June 20, 2010 (UTC)

74[95] Edit

"Let's all be on the same page here, ok?" yelled Ryan, as they all huddled together in the bunker. "I was ordered here to assist in taking down Russian pocket's of resistance. My sub-objective was to track down Australian members of the Task Force and grab the DSM for information." he growled. "Dolten, sorry about before. It was sniper fire that killed my 2IC, not you." he grunted. "So, anything else you want to know?" he asked. Ryan Cosgrove

75[96] Edit

"Forward operating base Charlie. According to this paper this was supposed to be a regrouping point for the Task Force." Said Patriarch looking at a paper that looked like a breifing tool. "Then where are they?" asked Hitman. "There aren't any left to regroup they were all appearently helping the Russians take down the CIA." said Patriarch. "But wait the 141 won the QM." said Whiskey. "Negative in the case the QM is captured it had a small warhead large enough to demolish it and anyone inside to protect information from being stolen." said Wolf. "If that's true then the 141 is all gone." said Bishop. Patriarch nodded. Bushmaster walked down a hallway towards a locked room that read 'armory' in Russian. "Bushmaster what are you doing?" yelled Patriarch as Bushmaster shot open the door and walked inside a few minutes later he emerged wearing a 141 helmet and patch on his shoulder. "The 141 isn't dead entirely not as long as we live." Jester nodded. "The 141 was operating off one last hope that the files from the DSM could be uploaded to the U.S. secure database and the truth come out. Poseidon was the commander of the survivng 141 and saw the Dragon's wreck as a means to do that. I say we finish what he started." said Bishop. "If we do that then we'll be fugitives the CIA will have guards it won't work." said Spooky. "Spooky sometimes the right thing is not always legal but we have to do it if we do we expose the truth maybe even end this damn war. And besides I think we are more than a match for a few CIA and Shadow Company grunts." said Bishop. "Yes let's do it." said Patriarch as the SEALs started to switch out their gear "Hell I got nothing better to do." said Whiskey. "So what about you Wolf and Cosgrove are you in?" asked Patriarch.

Foxtrot12 19:16, June 22, 2010 (UTC)

76[97] Edit

"Sure," said Wolf confidently. "After all, I'm quite skilled," he said, his voice dripping with mock enthusiasm.

Then he turned serious. "Let's do this. Guys, take all the weapons you can -- obviously -- and get armor. You'll need it. Maybe some camouflage as well."

The missile suddenly split into six missiles, where each of the smaller six missiles split into even smaller twelve missiles. They all curved toward the Black Hawk. The pilot swore and said, "The missile's are jamming our systems -- we can't even move and -- " The missiles impacted, and the Black Hawk went down.

Rollersox 23:24, June 22, 2010 (UTC)

77[98] Edit

"Well, that was our last chance. Unless anyone wants to fix up our SUV...." grunted Ryan.

Ryan Cosgrove

78[99] Edit

"Don't worry I got it." said Jester as he ran to the car.

Eight Hours Later.

Jester had fixed up the car as promised and now the team was there at the Dragon's crash site looking at it from the same hill Poseidon had killed himself on a week ago. "Alright CIA and Shadow company at least fifty of them. I also see two M1A1 Abrams and three little birds." said Bishop looking through his scope. The entire team the SEALs, Wolf, Whiskey, and Cosgrove were looking out at the crash site. "This is where it began." said Whiskey. "And this is where it ends." said Patriarch as he lit a cigar and started walking down the hill to the crash site.

Foxtrot12 11:05, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

79[100] Edit

Wolf reloaded his UMP45, and aimed directly at Whiskey. He fired. Without looking, he said, "Boss's orders."

(You can choose to die or not. I didn't say that you died.)

Rollersox 22:09, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

80[101] Edit

Bushmaster shot Wolf in the knee and watched him fall to the ground Patriarch then kicked the UMP away and about fifteen yards out of Wolf's grasp. They all ran to Whiskey who was now on the ground 'Thank god for kevlar." said Whiskey revealing a Kevlar vest under his jacket. Patriarch grunted. "It didn't save you alot of time though it's all gonna be over soon." said Bishop as he looked out at the crash site. "Wolf you will get to live now it's more than you deserve but i'll grant it to you." said Patriarch as he looked at Wolf and walked away towards the site. This was it the end of his life he looked around at his team his brothers he would die with them soon. "Cowboy you can stay." said Patriarch to the young soldier who was only 23 "No Patriarch I die with you life is about sacrifice i'm willing to do this." said Cowboy Patriarch nodded. Everyone was ready, Whiskey looked at the site where he had manned a UAV previously and he drank all of his canteen, it would be his last drink ever and he knew that. Everyone was now ready Bishop made his final prayer aimed and fired. The first Shadow Company dropped and the team charged. Jester started firing killing three CIA and charging them before being shot in the gut. "Jester!" Bushmaster screamed as he stayed on the ground firing his UMP they pushed on Spooky was killed then Hitman. "Whiskey move up." yelled Bushmaster as he covered him Whiskey still had the data. They all moved up into the Dragon Patriarch was shooting down the surviving CIA before he was killed with a round to the face. "Patriarch No!" screamed Cowboy who prepped his L86 and started firing into the crowd killing twelve in a mad rage before a CIA black hawk swooped in and did a run firing up the minigun killing Cowboy and wounding Bushmaster who was knocked to the ground he looked to see three wounds in his chest he kept looking the download was almost complete when he started hearing voices that sounded like his family and then a white light engulfed his view. Bushmaster law there on the ground a happy look on his face.

Whiskey saw Bushmaster die and looked at the data transfer complete. There was only one part left of the operation now. He stepped out from behind the cover of his old desk and was shot. The bullet brought him to his knees. He looked around there were twelve Shadow Company all lined up in a horizontal line in front of him. "You can kill me but others will come." said Whiskey before the twelve soldiers let loose killing him. It was over.

Foxtrot12 02:22, June 24, 2010 (UTC)

81 [102] Edit

After hours of traveling with Letsev's convoy, Nikolai finally reached Moscow. But it wasn't the same city it used to be. Balconies were turned into machine gun nests, SAM batteries dotted the rooftops, and nearly every road was blocked, in short, it was a ghost town. Russia's top Marshals and Generals were preparing to evacuate the city to escape the Americans, who would be at the city limits inside of a week. At a briefing Nikolai was informed of battle plans, comm stations, weapon caches, everything the Spetsnaz needed to wage a guerilla war against the Americans. As he was leaving an officer approached him and spoke to him "Sgt. Hewa, you've honored The Motherland with your service, but this war isn't over yet. That's why I'm promoting you to Lieutenant. You'll also be given extra resources and command of a squad. Stopping the Americans is your first priority." Nikolai replied "Thank you, sir, but there is one thing I would like to request..." [103]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[104] 21:03, June 24, 2010 (UTC)

82[105] Edit

Wolf managed to stand, and he cursed. He wished they understood...wished they knew...wished he could've told them before they had died. He let loose a shaky breath, then contacted Moscow. "They're gone," he said regretfully, unwilling to be a double agent for the Russians.

"Killed in action." And to himself, he added, "Bravely."

Rollersox 22:40, June 24, 2010 (UTC)

83[106] Edit

"Dammit, Miller, get up!" said Sgt. Lewis as he shook him. Miller coughed, trying to get the dirt from the blast out of his throat, "Jesus, why would the Russians nuke their own soil?" Sgt. Lewis looked into the horizon, were he could see the insuing battle going on. "Pure desperation" he said "They know their facing a die-hard nation, who's pissed for their nation getting attacked. So, the Russians, like an cornered animal; is going to fight like it's their last day on earth. If you thought this day was hard, you don't know anything yet." Miller thought about those words, and got up. "Well then, let's go give 'em hell." Lewis gave a grim smile, obviously knowing about the coming bloodshed. "Alright, but first we need to regroup" Lewis and Miller moved out, checking their surroundings as the moved along a stone road.

-MerchantofDeath 00:45, June 25, 2010 (UTC)

84[107] Edit

As a kid, Ryan always wanted to be in the military. When he became a teenager, he decided to be a designated marksman: a sniper. At the thoughts of his capture and torture in Afghanistan he cringes, feel's the back of his head where they shot the 7.62mm rounds into it. Hot lead, he always thought. When he was awarded the Victoria Cross, and the Congressional Medal of Honor, he didn't want them. Somewhere out in the world, a digger, a ranger, or a UAV operator, they deserved those medals. Not him.

But as he looked down at The Dragon, watching those SEAL's getting torn up, Whiskey executed at close range, and Dolten was stranded. "Leave No Man Behind!" he yelled at him. The mission, for them, and for him, was over. Only thing left to do now is to monitor the news outlets, watch what they're doing, and hope for the best.

Ryan Cosgrove

85[108] Edit

Russia-Ukraine Border Crash site of the Dragon 36 hours after the upload of the DSM data to CIA database and death of Whiskey Six and SEAL team 4

William "Gambler Three-Nine" Winchester watched from the Black Hawk as the apache helicopter Python 2-7 fired its weapons on the Shadow Company soldiers still on the ground. "Alright team three go." he said over his radio and watched the third black hawk in the strike force land and the SAD soldiers engage Shadow Company. In the last 36 hours the CIA had undergone a civil war but the loyalists had won. now they were wrapping up loose ends. Gambler had been sent to find the missing SEALs, UAV operator, SAD operative, and ASIO agent that turned out be loyal. "Light em up." he said to the man on the mingun next to him. And watched the vulcan rain explosive death on the traitors. Now Shadow Company was retreating being pushed towards the hill. "Cut them off." he said to his pilot who steered the bird infront of the retreating soldiers. Gambler fired his smoke grenade launcher into the crowd and jumped off the bird which was now only three feet from the ground he then motioned for his gunner to cease fire as he didn't want him firing into a smoke filled area he was in and charged into the smoke firing at will. He was charging through only about eighteen were left he killed about four before running into to 'Hawk' his second in command. "The're all dead." Hawk said as the smoke started to clear revealing piles of corpses. Gambler nodded and walked towards the crash site. Noting the SEAL corpses he kept walking till he got about eighteen yards from the opened cargo bay he heard a moan. He looked at the ground to see a man a SEAL holding a book "Take this give it to my-." he said before dying. Gambler looked at the book it was a journal of some sort he flipped through and found a page that seemed important. He started reading. "But what we did we did for a reason we shed our blood and no doubt died for what was right that was what mattered in the end. No matter how much it pained us no matter what we pressed on we had to this was something we gladly would have left someone else to do but there was no one else to do it we were the only ones. That was our role I believe to expose the truth to do what was right and in the end we paid the price for it." Gambler stopped reading and looked at the dead SEAl's dog tag's Micheal Credok. He walked into the cargo bay and saw the last unaccounted soldier Whiskey who was in a pool of blood that was still flowing out. He looked at the holes there were at least a hundred.

Three hours later Gambler's entire platoon was standing on the hill where Poseidon died. Rifles were stuck into the ground each with a helmet on top each one had a name these men deserved it. Gambler stopped looking at the grave and turned to Hawk. "Anything?" he asked Hawk "Yessir we found indications that two people left the area one was headed for Russia the other who knows where." Hawk said. "Good we'll take the man going for Russia send Reno and his team to find the mystery guy." he said and walked toward his Black Hawk whoever was heading for Russia he was going to find. And get some answers from.

Foxtrot12 10:53, June 25, 2010 (UTC)

86[109] Edit

Wolf shook his head. Cleared his mind. "Hello?" he radioed through his earpiece. Silence. "He -- llo?"

Static. Then, "Dolten."


"Did you do your job?"

"Sure," coughed Dolten/Wolf, his M110 sniper rifle trained on the boss's heart. "What about your job, sir?"

He could feel his trainer stiffen. "None of your business."

"Yes? Well let's just see about that." The CIA agent, now once a Shadow Company soldier, pulled the trigger of the M110 sniper rifle. The figure through his thermal scope jolted four times, then fell. On the comm, there was only a short, dying groaning.

Then he picked up a nearby FGM-148 Javelin shoulder-launched missile/rocket launcher and said to nobody in particular, "Well...I don't know who's who, and why they're what they are, but all I know is I'm pissed, confused, angry. Revenge is mine." Then, slinging the M110 over his shoulder, he tromped off into the fog. Nobody ever saw him again.

(switching to another character)


Kurt "EM" Noble tromped through the forest, a suit of prototype Ironman-like powered exoskeleton hung on his body. The electric heads-up display inside the helmet helped him see. He turned his head, his LSAT carbine suddenly up.

His augmented hearing, with the help of his helmet, heard a slight crackling.

A reticule on his electric display centered on a piece of brush.

Another crack. He held his LSAT in one hand, and took out his M9L standard-issue pistol in the other. The next crack, and then he began firing.

Rollersox 22:32, June 25, 2010 (UTC)

87[110] Edit

Gambler heard a few cracks coming from the northeast. "Sounds like an LSAT." he said to no one in particular. He raised his SCAR and started jogging his spread out group of twenty following behind him. "Angel Eye you see anything over?" he asked over the radio to his UAV operator. "Positive Gambler I see a few individuals about two hundred yards notheast one of them is registering as American over." Said the operator. "Roger that team we are going in. Now lets move!" he yelled and started running.

Foxtrot12 04:41, June 26, 2010 (UTC)

88[111] Edit

Somewhere northwest of Mongolia[112] Edit

Dasha Antonovna trudged though the thick Siberian snow, the still, quiet forest around her giving her a vague thought of warmth and comfort.

Indeed, she hadn’t experienced that for a very long time.

She had been hunted all the way through Alaska and across Siberia by an American reinforcement force which had turned a certain victory in Colorado for her team into a complete wipeout with chilling efficiency, leaving her as the only survivor, something which they even now sought to change.

Why this was so she didn’t know. Perhaps they thought she knew something she didn’t, perhaps they hated Russians enough to go so far to kill her.

Either way, it had meant over a month of freezing in the snow, sleeping under a thick but cold blanket so as not to show up on thermal, cowering in the shadows from a very vigilant team of helicopters and sniping her way to safety when she could risk it. All of which had not been pleasant.

Now that they had followed her into her Motherland had confirmed her worst fears, the invasion of America had failed and now they intended to launch their counter attack.

Suddenly she heard voices drifting though the clear air of the pine forest. Acting on instinct, she threw herself down in the snow amongst some bushes. Sure enough as the voices drew closer she could make out American accented English,

“Oxide this is Disciple Five-Four. No sign of the hostile yet, we may have overtaken her, over.”

Dasha lay completely still, knowing that the fact that her off-white cloak wouldn’t be noticed among the bushes by those who did not expect to see it. Cautiously she craned her head up enough to see the Americans came into view. As the patrol stopped about fifteen feet from her, one of them spoke into a throat mic in a confident voice,

“Copy that Oxide, on our way.”, he then turned to the rest of the Americans with the words, “Team, we’re gonna regroup with the others at LZ Bravo. Lets get moving”.

Seijana: 27 June, 2010, 02:55 PM (UTC)

89[113] Edit

"If I'm going to be leding a squad, than I want some old friends, Dmitri Posnic, Alexi Sarayev, and Dasha Antonovna. These people can and will get any job you give them done." The officer Nikolai was adressing told him "We can get Sarayev, he's stationed on the Estonian front, but Posnic is presumed to be an American POW, and the last transmission from Antonovna came from Sibieria" "Well then, sir," Nikolai replied, "I geuss I'm on a search and rescue mission now." [114]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[115] 15:57, June 26, 2010 (UTC)

90[116] Edit

Kurt saw a camouflaged figure, and holstered his M9L pistol and slung the LSAT rifle over his shoulder and held his hands up. He took his Orion's helmet off. The "Orion" suit of armor was literally a powered exoskeleton with extremely hi-tech modules, and the armor boosted the strength of a normal punch or kick by nearly threefold.

His radar sensed three choppers above him, not very far away, and on ground, more than a whole fireteam of men surrouding him. Their IFF (Friend or Foe Identification) tags identified them as green dots: friends. Byrne breathed a sigh of relief.

Rollersox 22:31, June 26, 2010 (UTC)

91[117] Edit

Nikolai looked out the window of his IL-112 transport plane high above the Siberian tundra, when suddenly a voice crackled over his radio, it was the pilot of a SU-50 escorting his plane, "I have a total of 8 heat signatures on the thermal camera, all infantry. There is a bigger group to the east, it looks like an extra 16-20 men supported by three helicopters. The forward team I'm assuming is a search party." "Da, special forces, regular infantry wouldn't go halfway into Russia in such small numbers. They must be looking for survivors of our attack on Cheyenne Mountain, Dasha." Nikolai answered him, he then turned to his new squad, Vladimir, Aleksander, Alexi, and Mikhail and said, "Alright, you heard him, we're going in to rescue Dasha, and Command was reluctant to even let us do this, so don't fuck up, or you'll probably be tossed in a gulag." He then lowered the black visor on his helmet, switched on his oxygen, and jumped out the back, hoping to find some sign of Dasha. [118]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[119] 23:51, June 26, 2010 (UTC)

92[120] Edit

Once she was certain the Americans had left, Dasha stood slowly up and slipped into the forest underbrush, disturbing the foliage as little as possible. She then sifted through the contents of her makeshift pack before pulling out her counter thermal blanket and wrapping it around her shoulders under the cloak. She was certain it had saved her life numerous times as she had no doubts that the Americans had thermal sights. Then just as she began unslinging her SVD, a faint whine met her ears. Accustomed as she was to listening for the smallest sounds she might well not have heard it if her hearing was any poorer.

Dasha peered into the cloudy sky, but could see nothing. She suspected it might be a plane, but the Americans hadn't brought any planes with them as far as she could tell. Hope flared in her as it ocurred to her that it may be a Russian air patrol, perhaps they could get her out of all this. "Oh well.", Dasha muttered, "they could be friendly, and if the Yankees brought in more help, Im probably fucked anyway.".

She began heading towards the last clearing she'd spotted, hoping her gamble would pay off.

Seijana: 27 June, 2010 11:14 (UTC)

93[121] Edit

Kurt made sure his photo-reactive camouflage panels were working on his ORION armor and turned them off, then made sure the RBA armor was on. RBA stood for Reactive Ballistic Armor, which was usually flexible and easy to move in, but when hit, it would turn into a surface almost as hard as steel. It was powered by electricity, so if the electricity was shut down, the RBA would go down, but it still produced an amount of protection, a little stronger than Kevlar.

Then he saw a red dot in the sky, the altitude tagged near it, and a Russian--well, assumed, because of the IFF red dot.

He turned on his P-R camouflage again and activated his RBA to three-quarters power. Then he started toward the Russians' positions.

Rollersox 22:50, June 27, 2010 (UTC)

94[122] Edit

Nikolai undid his parachute strings and oxygen mask along with the rest of his new squad. He then ordered them to fan out and ambush the American patrol through a simple pair of hand gestures. He hid behind a tree then made a slitting motion across his neck. Seconds later he was tackling an American soldier to the ground and cutting his throat, he noticed that the soldier had a PDA similar to his, "Good, maybe this will give us some leads on Dmitri" he thought to himself. As he pushed deeper into the woods Nikolai heard a faint click and the sound of cloth rustling in the wind followed by "Don't move." in immaculate Russian. [123]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[124] 23:35, June 27, 2010 (UTC)

95[125] Edit

Dasha held the USP to the back of the man's head. With a silencer, the shot wouldn't be heard across any real distance, and without a thermal signature, no one ever need know she was there.

Then again, the man she stood behind didn't wear the same uniform as the Americans, but you could never tell.

"Drop your gun,", she said quietly but confidently, "And tell me who you are and what you're doing."

96[126] Edit

Nikoali sighed as he dropped his AK and GSh into the snow. He then handed the person behind him his black Spetsnaz beret with a scorpion patch embroidered on it, saying "This should speak for itself." [127]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[128] 21:19, June 28, 2010 (UTC)

97[129] Edit

For once, Kurt was close to being killed. He thought himself as very careful--hard to be ambushed or killed. His photoreactive camouflage saved him, hiding him from view, the panels "bending" the light.

"Don't move." At first he thought the Russian was directed at him, but then he relaxed. That was a tense one.

Kurt made sure his LSAT carbine was ready, and switched it with a rifle that looked like a cross between a cannon (chain gun) and a sniper rifle with a carbine's barrel and a Picatinny rail. He aimed it at the female Russian.

His finger landed on the trigger.

And then he saw a whole squad of Russians, and cursed quietly. He couldn't make it alive, even with his RBA armor, if he tried to take on these Russians. Some of them even had rocket launchers, which could penetrate RBA armor easily.

His foot, covered by RBA boots, like his hands with RBA gauntlets/gloves, stepped on a leaf. The Russians turned toward his position.

Rollersox 22:16, June 28, 2010 (UTC)

98[130] Edit

Time seemed to slow down as Nikolai picked up his weapons and began screaming "Shit! Mikhai, Aleksander, kill that American! Everyone else, make sure the LZ is secure, the plane will circle back around to pick us up in 6 minutes, no longer!" Mikhail and Aleksander crouched and began shooting 30mm grenades at the strangely resillient target. Meanwhile Nikolai explained the situation to Dasha, whom he now recognized "Dasha, it's me, Nikolai, I'm still with the Spetsnaz so there's nothing to shoot me over. Litsen, the Americans are a few days away from Moscow, and I need your help, we haven't lost this war yet." Just then he was interrupted by Mikhail who handed him a strange piece of circutry with "This was dropped by the American, but he escaped into the woods" [131]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[132] 23:23, June 28, 2010 (UTC)

99[133] Edit

Kurt fired the rifle like crazy at three-round bursts. The rifle, actually technically a "rail gun," fired 29mm depleted uranium rounds, which were fired electrically, which left a bolt of electricity singing behind the uranium bullets.

The 29mm rounds weren't exactly high-explosive, but on impact, they would explode, releasing a toxin. Only people wearing the special ORION armor could fire the railgun, so the makers of the electromagnetic rail gun weren't too worried about the toxin reaching the wearer. Then he ran.

Kurt felt his armor. Damn...where'd the piece of photoreactive camouflage on his foot go? It was a mere piece, the smallest piece, but it was hardened American technology anyhow. He had to save it. Had to...

He ran back, then made sure the sticky pads on his armor were activated, and he jumped on top of the Russian Spetsnaz CO--that's what he looked like anyway. Gunfire rattled behind him, but his RBA armor either deflected it or he hid behind the CO. He wrenched the panel out of the man's hand and replaced it, but the damage was done. The Russians had a blueprint of hi-tech American technology.

Rollersox 23:37, June 28, 2010 (UTC)

100[134] Edit

From his arctic ghillie suit Gambler saw everything and Byrne was in trouble plus the Russians now had a piece of technology, American technology. Now it was time just like they rehearsed it. "Now." he said. He and his entire now regrouped platoon jumped out of the snow. 40 men were now surrounding the Spetsnaz. "You will now see how free men fight." Gambler said in poor Russian before firing on the Russian squad

Foxtrot12 00:52, June 29, 2010 (UTC)

101[135] Edit

Dasha, now glad she hadn't shot Nikolai, slipped into the underbrush to take out any Americans she could. There, she saw a couple moving just at the edge of the trees. Dasha peered down her SVD scope and aimed at the man's neck, then pulled the trigger.

A staccato ping came from her rifle as she felt it kick in her hands. Almost instantly, a short spurt of blood came out the other side of the American's neck and he dropped out of sight below the bushes. His companion saw this and looked around in alarm, but Dasha quickly shot him as well.

Ducking back into the snow covered undergrowth, she began to quickly slide between the foliage to get a better view of the LZ. She glanced over toward Nikolai, when her eyes widened with disbelief as she saw Nikolai flung to the ground and something torn from his fist by what looked like thin air.

Then Dasha saw something else, a strange dark spot moved through the air away from him, which she realised seemed to distort ever so slightly around it.

Hell, she had little to lose, just one of her bullets.

She aimed at the seemingly empty space and fired.

Seijana: 29 June, 2010, 06:01 (UTC)

102[136] Edit

Nikolai got up and began shooting at the "phantom" which had tackled him to the ground, but bullets would not be enough to kill it, so he decided to order a retreat "Go, go! Get over that hill! the LZ is on the other side" just then he saw the AN-26 swoop down and land on a frozen plain several miles wide, a natural runway. But then he heard jet engines as well, he looked over his shoulders to see the SU-50 diving at the Americans and laughed as he ran. [137]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[138] 12:05, June 29, 2010 (UTC)

103[139] Edit

A rocket flew at Byrne, and he dodged it. A ball of flame exploded behind him, knocking down a pair of large trees. Then a 7.62mm sniper bullet pinged off his RBA armor, lowering the electric charges that the armor was gaining from the earth to low. Just four more of those damned bullets and he'd be out.

He zoomed in, 4X, and put his magnified visor to his EM rail gun's ITL MARS-like 7.3X red dot optical sight and looked around. He caught a flicker of--

"Incoming!" The Su-50 swerved down, and began firing its cannons or whatever its armaments were. Byrne cursed and said through his comm as he ran, "Send out the 'Spider,' repeat, send out the Spider."

Moments later, a spider-like robot jumped from the sky, and then barrels began poking out of it. "Fire," muttered Byrne, directing the "Spider" robot sentinel with voice-commands, remote-control commands, and eye-controlled commands. Half his visor was covered with what the Spider was seeing.

Mortar artillery, energized kinetic weapons (rail guns firing full bolts of electricity, not just rounds), miniguns, sniper cannons, and rockets opened fire. A true feat of awesomeness, thought Byrne as it moved swiftly. A rocket headed toward it. Immediately the Spider opened fire with its flak cannons, which protruded, then went back in after the rocket was destroyed.

Then Byrne thrusted the Spider nearly sixty feet into the air, and landed it near him.

He made eye contact with a small "END" button in the corner of his electronic counter display and the Spider shut down, folding together into a small piece of normal equipment, the size of an adult paperback novel. It could now only be opened by a special password, retina scan, tongue scanning, fingerprint scan, and another passcode.

The folded Spider slowly recharged energy as it lay, restored, inside Byrne's ORION armor.

"Beautiful," muttered Kurt, as the Su-50 fired two missiles. Byrne did nothing to stop it. But he began running, and the ORION gave him extra running boost. He was far enough away to make sure that the missile wouldn't devastatingly hurt him, but it would definitely hurt him nonetheless.

He felt the shockwave.

Rollersox 22:35, June 29, 2010 (UTC)

104[140] Edit

Nikolai hopped in the IL-112 as it was gently gliding along the tundra, he then helped the last of his squad in and closed the side door, the SU-50 broke off and sped ahead of his plane with its afterburners roaring. Once he was in the air Nikolai took a pair of binoculars and observed the carnage below, nearly every soldier was maimed, dead, or to Nikolai's disbelief "short circuting"? He zoomed in closer to see one in a suit of black metallic armor with sparks flying out of the back, then dropping motionless to the ground, unable to move. "There are other detachments in the are, they can recover the bodies." he said, when Vladimir said "It seems like only a partial victory, they retrieved that computer chip from the one armored soldier. We have almost no intel on what they might retaliate with." "No, they won't have any soldiers left to fight with when we hit them with our latest weapon, and besides, I still have a souvenier." as he pulled out a PDA from a pouch next to the one safely containing his. [141]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[142] 05:36, June 30, 2010 (UTC)

105[143] Edit

Gambler stood up after being knocked to the ground by the missile. He looked around half of his platoon was dead and the other half scattered throughout the area in about a million little pieces. He walked around no one no trees just fire and snow. He kept walking till he reached a clearing with Byrne on the ground he recognized him through his armor. Byrne was out but still alive he kept shaking him hoping Byrne would wake up.

Foxtrot12 07:02, June 30, 2010 (UTC)

106[144] Edit

Dasha felt a strange kind of releif mixed with a confidence she hadn't felt in a while. After about a month without ever seeing a friendly face, the men around her were willing allies and comrades and had, heavily outnumbered, rescued her from fairly dire straits. Still, she had less than 15 bullets left on both her weapons, and since a fire had been too risky while she'd been hunted, she unfortunately wasn't going to forget the taste of raw rabbit meat for a while.

"Nikolai?" She turned to the grizzled sergeant before asking "I'll need to get some more ammo sometime, but in the meantime, where are we going?".

Seijana, 30 June, 2010, 02:05 PM (UTC)

107[145] Edit

Byrne stood up shakily, and he muttered in the internal speakers--not external, so people outside couldn't hear the talking--"Release Spider." The drone jumped out, and looked around. It spotted...a human. The Spider, officially codenamed "Nick" reported to its "master."

Byrne saw Gambler, and gave Gambler a weak thumbs-up. The Spider tensed as a vague shape of a Su-50 flew overhead.

"Nick" fired a burst of controlled energized kinetic power from its rail repeater/cannon warningly, which narrowly missed the Su-50.

Byrne limped toward Gambler, followed closely by Nick.

Rollersox 22:08, June 30, 2010 (UTC)

108[146] Edit

"There are some light assault weapons in a case underneath the seat, Dasha. As for where we're going..." Nikolai took out the American PDA and connected it to his, everything was uploaded, scanned, and auto-translated immediately. Nikolai began to read "Forward Operating Base Zulu. According to this it's a small airbase on the coast of Finland. Prisoners from the invasion of America were taken there so they'ed be the EU's problem and not technically American POW's. We need to rescue Dmitri Posnic, and any other high value personnell from the prison there before the Americans reach Moscow, we may have only a week to do so." Nikolai made sure the data was transferred to his PDA and cleared of spyware then proceeded to samsh the American PDA so it could not be tracked. [147]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[148] 00:20, July 1, 2010 (UTC)

109[149] Edit

Pvt. Harrison Adams of the U.S. Army, and a POW of the earlier stages of the Russo-American War, was sitting in the small room with a cot he was "prisoned" in. Harrison or "Harry" as he was nicknamed by his commanding officer and bestfriend, Cpl. Tim Young, who was KIA in the retaking of the White House, Harry didn't think his room was a prison, he always had time to think about the war. At some points Harry thought the guards of his room, who gave Harry food and water, were some of the kinder Russian. Though Harry thought that at times, he knew there were know kind Russians. They had taken his friends and squadmates of the 127th Infantry Regiment. Harry also thought about how he would escape, and today was the day he would.

SaBo x Insane 05:16, July 1, 2010 (UTC)

110[150] Edit

"Alright Byrne good to see your alright. Got any more jedi stuff you could call in?" asked Gambler reffering to the spider. "No." answered Byrne "You got any more air support?" he asked. Gambler looked around and got on his radio. "Hello hello this is Gambler Three-Nine some body any body come in over." He said waiting for a few minutes getting no response. "Nothing." he said to Byrne then he heard something. "This is Camel 4-8 Afghani military helicopter we see you Gambler and I am coming in now." said a middle eastern voice. "Afghani?" said Gambler. "Must be some of that NATO support." said Byrne as a helicopter landed nearby and Afghan soldiers emerged from the bird. An Afghan walked up he was bald and wearing sunglasses he started talking. "Hello I am Sergeant Bin-Tora come with us now please my friends we are on the way to meet up with American forces to assault on a POW camp and we will need your help." he said. "Understood Sergeant thanks for getting us out of this mess." Gambler said as he and Byrne aproached the bird.

Foxtrot12 16:18, July 1, 2010 (UTC)

111[151] Edit

Nick followed Kurt/Byrne, its eight eyes swiveling. The four pairs of eyes were on each side of the head: left, right, forward, backward. Simple enough. They were hi-resolution HD cameras, that had electronic heads-up displays.

The Spider/Nick's weapons bristled angrily as it sensed a few unidentified contacts: the pilot and co-pilot of the "Camel 4-8" Afghani helicopter.

"Calm," muttered Byrne, and registered the Afghans as friendly. The Spider soothed down. It "sat" in Kurt's lap, observing the area from the average altitude of a chopper. Then, on Byrne's HUD, a scroll of words appeared. CENTCOM/STRATCOM: Head to "Forward Operating Base Zulu". Urgent. Finland. A set of coordinates. Top priority, priority level RED.

Byrne cursed. He showed Gambler the words by transferring it to a PDA-like tablet embedded inside the chopper's seat.

Rollersox 22:20, July 1, 2010 (UTC)

112[152] Edit

Nikolai sat in the bridge of a Russian submarine listening to an intelligence officer: "Forward Operating Base Zulu, A small airbase operated by the EU, being used by NATO. It's where most of the American bombers are being launched from. It's also where the highest value Russian prisoners were transferred to. We don't know how fast reinforcements may arrive if the camp is alerted but with the storm going on above it hopefully won't be very quickly. We've devised an effective plan for your squad Lieutenant Hewa, we'll send you out on an inflatable boat with your squad, once you reach the shore you'll have to sneak through a marsh in order to reach the prison located behind the control tower. It's a small two story building with cells on each side housing around 20 officers and other personnell such as your comrade Dmitri. The camp is powered by a series of generators housed in this building." He said as a square building was highlighted on a sattelite map being projected onto a table. He continued: "The roof is the best bet you have of getting in undetected. Once the prisoners are freed sneak back the way you came and lead them to the boats, you'll have to tow several more to accomadate all of the escaped prisoners. If the camp is alerted a UAV will be on stanby with missiles for support." "Thank you comrade, I'll tell my squad to get ready." replied Nikolai. [153]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[154] 22:53, July 1, 2010 (UTC)

113[155] Edit

Byrne was in another helicopter, an Apache war helicopter. With its rotors slicing the air, Byrne made sure his armor's RBA armor was fully-powered, his photoreactive camouflage panels were at full use, and the Spider was fully charged.

Then they landed quietly at Forward operating base Zulu. Very silently.

Byrne nodded at the pilot, flipped on his PR camouflage, and began doing his work.

Rollersox 22:58, July 1, 2010 (UTC)

114[156] Edit

Dasha stepped out of the submarine's bathroom having changed into her ghilliesuit, before going back to her seat, pulling out a case from under it, flicking the catches and opening it. Inside were a couple of UMP45s as well as two MP7s. Dasha grinned. Well, it looked like the Spetsnaz hadn't been stingy with their equipment for these missions. Taking out one of the UMP clips, she emptied seven bullets into her extra USP clip (having only contained five bullets). She paused briefly, then pocketed the UMP clip in one of her ghilliesuit pouches. You never knew, it might come in handy.

Rummaging deeper into the case, Dasha found some of the 7.62mm bullets she'd been looking for amongst an AKM and a strange assortment of gadgets. After refilling her SVD clips, one of the caught her eye. Upon closer inspection she realised what it was, a heartbeat sensor.

She grinned again, "Whoever invented this, they really knew their stuff when it came to this kind of shit." she muttered happily to herself as she clamped it to her SVD.

115[157] Edit

Elizabeth looked at the POW camp one more time. "Where's Camel 4-8?" she asked angrily to Sergeant Frack. "Unknown mam they should have been here by now." he said. "Possibility they were shot down?" "Negative mam no distress calls were sent out on battlenet its like they just disapeared." "What was there last location?" "Unkown around the Dragon's crash site within twenty clicks of it." "The Dragon's crash site the CIA had units there correct?" "Yes mam CIA Lieutenent Gambler Three-Nine." Elizabeth tensed "Gambler?" "Yes mam Gambler." Elizabeth remembered seven years back serving with him he was reckless and stupid she thought but he was also good in bed. She still couldn't believe she had slept with him. She stopped thinking about it and looked down the scope of her rifle. "Alright tell them to launch the attack we are getting our POWs back." she said and pulled the trigger hitting a patrol in the heart the base's alarms went off. She pulled out her lipstick and made another mark this was where the fun begins she thought.

Foxtrot12 02:30, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

116[158] Edit

Byrne sent the Spider forward, making sure its less-powerful photoreactive camo was on.

Four Russians came in, toting OC-14 Groza assault rifles and AK-47 assault rifles. Kurt launched one of the Spider's mortars, looking on his heads-up display. "Mortar hit precise," grinned Byrne, as the the remaining one and a half Russian slumped to the ground, dead. The other two and a half were, well, gone.

Then Byrne heard the Russian helicopters, and saw dozens of troops land on the roofs of POW buildings.

Byrne fired all the Spider's weapons: missiles, machine guns, mortars, flak.

Rollersox 22:12, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

117[159] Edit

"What the hell is going on? I thought this was a covert operation!" Nikolai exclaimed as he looked up from the submarine's periscope. "Sorry Lieutenant, but there's no time to bust you out of there if you get captured, we're sending an assault team instead. We've offered the Americans an ultimatum, stop their advance towards Moscow, or get hit with our latest weapon, and we're not leaving any prisoners behind." He heard command reply. "Very well, but you need to get Dmitri out of there, so I hope these grunts know what they're doing." Nikolai then told Dasha, Alexi, and the rest of his squad with him in the sub to stand by. [160]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[161] 22:33, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

118[162] Edit

Byrne grinned. Nobody'll ever know what--

--the hell! Through the Spider's high-definition, hi-resolution camera "eyes," he saw the Russian nuclear--well at least the Spider's CIA, Dept. of Homeland Security, FBI, USSOCOM, DIA, NSA, and DoD database of items, objects, and people showed it--submarine's periscope.

He launched the Spider's most powerful weapon: a fully-energized beam of ionized electromagnetic shockwaves. Although lowering the Spider's energy by 1.75 out of 8.33, it was worth it. The EM beam that looked vaguely like a wavy laser beam tracked itself toward the sub.

And then more Russians came. Then...the bombers.

Rollersox 22:39, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

119[163] Edit

Russians and bombers were pouring out a perfect time for an their attack. Thought Gambler as he and Bin-Tora watched Zulu come under attack. "Well my Afghani friend it looks like it is time to launch the attack." said Gambler as Bin-Tora threw his cigarette on the ground. "Agreed comrade. Sallah let's go." Bin-Tora said to Camel 4-8's pilot who nodded and took the bird towards the advancing Russians. They landed at Zulu's main gate and jumped out Gambler looked out at the Russians, at least a platoon. "Byrne there are a fuckload more Russkies than anticipated." he said over the radio getting no response. "Byrne come in I repeat come in we need reinforcements." he yelled over the machine gun fire. "Get down!" yelled an Afghani as a Russian RPG blew a hole in the base's outer wall. "Holy shit!" Gambler yelled. "Hold the line. Hold the line." Bin-Tora yelled as they kept flooding through. Gambler kept firing until his rifle made a clicking noise he checked his vest he had nothing left he looked around and found a spare magazine laying around he bent over to pick it up and put it into his Scar-L. He heard a crack and looked at his rifle, the magazine had been shot right out of his rifle. "Holy shit." he said slowly realizing it had been an SVD round and that who ever had fired it probably still had him in the scope. He started running and jumped down into the main area. He ran and took cover behind an M1 Abrams tank and got back on the radio. "Byrne come in now." he got no response. "Would it help if I say please?" he said again looking out at the advancing Russians.

Foxtrot12 06:29, July 6, 2010 (UTC)

119[164] Edit

Byrne sprayed heavy fire on the incoming Russians, the Spider now temporarily disabled by the number of rocket-propelled grenades, AK-47 bullets, and OC-14 Groza bullets. He reloaded and checked--on his electronic heads-up display--the remaining minutes of charge on his rifle and his armor. His armor's batteries were quite long, and they "seized" electricity from the earth, so it shouldn't be a problem. And while the rail rifle was in his hands, the armor would continuously feed electricity into the rifle.

But, just to be on the safe side, he switched to his LSAT rifle (which looks like a G11).

Three-round bursts spat from the muzzle of the carbine and Russians fell.

Then suddenly a bullet caught his RBA armor, and the alarms inside the ORION armor began whining. A fucking goddamn sniper. Byrne struggled to stay calm. He grabbed his EM rail rifle and looked through the futuristic square scope, like a scope from the sniper rifle in Halo 3.

The reticule centered on a red-outlined figure with a red pulsing oval--the person's heart. Its barrel was pointing at Byrne's weak spot in his armor: the shoulderplates.

A single 29mm depleted uranium slug sizzled from the barrel of the rail gun (RM-3) and caught the sniper in the shoulder. The sniper flinched, but didn't back down. Another SVD 7.62x39mm round caught Byrne in the arm. The RBA alarms were literally exploding now. Byrne retreated behind a tank. He turned around, the muzzle of his RM-3 rifle aimed squarely between a pair of eyes. He relaxed the RM-3. "Gambler."Rollersox 22:15, July 6, 2010 (UTC)

120[165] Edit

"Byrne thank God." said Gambler as he lowered his M9 it only had a single round left in the clip. He kept it that way and he was almost ready to use it before Byrne showed up. Gunfire was all around them and the Russians were now winning Gambler popped up and kept firing with his new AK-47. "Byrne cover me I am getting in." yelled Gambler as he opened the hatch and prepared to get in bullets all around him. "You never said you were armor certified." yellled Byrne. "And don't say." "But you never asked." yelled Gambler giving Bryne the last answer he wanted. Byrne got in the tank and waited until Gambler gave a thumbs up. "Hot fuckin wired." he said. "Byrne get on the turret it's gonna be one helluva ride." Gambler yelled as the tank took off.

Foxtrot12 08:46, July 7, 2010 (UTC)

121[166] Edit

Byrne fired the turret on the M1 Abrams and put some heavy fire on the buildings. The Abrams' cannon popped four times, and three buildings collapsed, with heavy Russian reinforcements building on top.

Byrne, one handing his RM-3 and the turret, firing both, set his sights on the main building, where the most Russians were, and where the Russkies were setting up what looked like a Faraday cage (cage that traps electromagnetic signals, F.Y.I.). He sent a pointer from his ORION helmet to the tank's display dashboard to fire the cannon at that Russian "base."Rollersox 22:10, July 7, 2010 (UTC)

122[167] Edit

"Fuck!" Dasha muttered to herself when she lost sight of the armoured American. She was certain this was the same man she had 'seen' tackling Nikolai back in Siberia, and now she'd missed another chance at killing him.

Nikolai, how was he going anyway? Hopefully he was close to Dmitri by now. Backing down from her low vantage point at the edge of the trees she pulled out her radio and called into the speaker, "Nikolai? Nikolai? Do you copy?".

There was no response. All she could hear was static. A pang of fear shot through Dasha as it suddenly occurred to her that he could well be dead. She tried other channels, yet the same static was all she could hear. Then she groaned as she saw a UAV flying overhead through a gap in the clouds. The thing was probably jamming their radio network. Dasha was then relived as she realised that Nikolai was probably still alive out there, somewhere.

Something whistled through the air just above her and smacked into a tree. She was craning her head to see what it was when suddenly the trunk exploded everywhere as a huge fireball ripped through the air. Dasha had just enough time to feel alarm when a large chunk of wood flew through the air and clouted her on the forehead, before the shocking force of the explosion threw her flat onto the scorched earth.

Seijana 09:04, July 10, 2010 (UTC)

123[168] Edit

"Dasha, you decided to assault the base? We were supposed to stay on board and let the army handle that. I didn't know you left the sub."" Nikolai was answered witha crackled echo of his sentence. "If you can hear me, then listen, you need to get to the shore with the infantrymen, they've got the prisoners, Dmitri included. Go with them to our sub offshore, we'll be waiting. Dasha? Dasha? Damnit! The radios are being jammed, that's why she left, she didn't hear the plans." Nikolai could only hope that she would make it back safely with Dmitri. [169]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[170] 17:59, July 10, 2010 (UTC)

124[171] Edit

Byrne slung his RM-3 rifle over his shoulder and began manning the turret. 7.62mm machine gun rounds punched into surrounding buildings. In the corner of his eye, he saw a Russian soldier--probably Spetsnaz CO--grab another Russian in POW clothes.

Byrne cursed, then radioed to Gambler, "I'm going to check out something." He jumped out of the turret manning spot and grabbed his rifle.

The Russian POW was nearing a Russian-style Humvee.

Byrne fired a few rounds, but the jeep was already gone. The Russians had achieved their goal.Rollersox 22:07, July 10, 2010 (UTC)

125[172] Edit

"Gambler target vehicle is getting away." said Byrne over the radio Gambler knew that an Abrams wouldn't catch it but he had a plan. "Angel Eyes you read me?" asked Gambler getting a gruff 'Yes." from the operator. "Use the prototype that's an order." said Gambler refering to the prototype EMP weapon built into the UAV all seceret CIA stuff didn't even have a name yet. Gambler and Byrne heard a crack about half a mile away then Angel Eyes. "Gambler this is Angel Eyes target vehicle is disabled they are moving out but it looks like the prisoner is wounded possibly broken leg get their asses over." Gambler smiled "You heard the man." said Gambler as he got on the radio and ran to the humvee following Byrne. They would be their soon and when they were the Russians were in for a scare. Gambler had a good sense and was deploying an entire platoon to get the Russian and their prisoner if they wanted him that bad then they couldn't have him no matter what. And a UAV, platoon of infantry, CIA commando, Land Warrior, and two apache helicopters were going to make sure they didn't have him.

Foxtrot12 00:07, July 11, 2010 (UTC)

126[173] Edit

Nikolai saw helicopters taking off from the base, each were probably packed full of prisoners. He stepped away from the periscope to observe several dots on the radar, he then hopped back the periscope. 2 of the helicopters went down in the water after being hit by machine gun fire, and one was hit by a stinger. He turned to the sub's captain and said "Commander, surface the sub, we need to rescue those men." He then thought "God, Dasha and Dmitri better be alive." [174]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[175] 04:14, July 11, 2010 (UTC)

127[176] Edit

The Apaches were down but Gambler still had an entire platoon to capture the two Russians who were not gointg down easy. "Gambler you have enemy sub inbound to your location over." said Angel Eyes. "Copy try to hit that bastard with the EMP." said Gambler. "Roger though this thing runs on electricity so it will take a few minutes to recharge over." "How many is a few?" "About seventeen over." "You got a hellfire right?" "Roger but the sub will have flares." "I'm not talking about using it on the sub. Take out enemy AA positions." "Roger that I have a feeling I know what you're thinking." "Good then get to it." said Gambler he watched as Hellfire missiles bombarded Russian Stinger nests. "All clear." said Angel Eyes. "Good." said Gambler as he got on his radio. "Bing in the hurt." he said. Getting a texan-accented response. "Roger Gambler this is Major Alexander commander of AC-130 gunship, Hermes rolling in now." Gambler smiled as Russian reinforcements were ripped to shreds and they had no AA left to defend themselves. "Move up!" he screamed as he charghed the soon to be retreating Spetsnaz and fell over with a round slightly under his left shoulder.

Foxtrot12 04:45, July 11, 2010 (UTC)

128[177] Edit

A blurry outline of a man was the first thing Dasha saw when she woke. She tried to focus on him but her vision simply blurred again.

"Hey, Ivanette's waking up". An American accented voice came from the man in front of her. Another figure entered her field of vision and seemed to examine her.

"Yeah, well,", said the second Amercian, "we should join up with the rest of the team soon, we'll tell the boys coming up we got ourselves a hostage".

Dasha could now see them clearly. Probably marines by the look of them. Suddenly she realised her head was pounding and her face stung like it had been sandpapered. She touched her cheek. She flinched from the pain, but otherwise it seemed ok.

She realised then that neither of the marines was looking at her. She shook her head to pull herself together, then slowly eased herself to her feet and picked up a large chunk of charred pine wood. She then quietly tapped one of the marines of the shoulder.

The American turned to her, before his face contorted with alarm as Dasha swung the pine log straight into his face. The blow connected with a sickening crack and the man was thrown hard into the ground. His friend lunged at her, but he had been surprised, and hadn't thought before reacting. Dasha grabbed him by the head and swung him face first into a tree.

Wham! Dasha almost felt the wind being knocked out of him. She grasped his helmet and smacked his head into the tree again before she eased him to the ground beside his friend. She looked them up and down, but was satisfied they would be out for a while. Then an object on the first marine's back caught her eye, and a grin spread across her face.

It was a stinger missile launcher.

After coaxing it off the unconcious man's back, she flicked it on and scanned the smoky skies for the UAV drone. She laughed quietly to herself as the lock on bleep was emitted from the launcher when she couldn't see the UAV herself due to the thick cloud, before squeezing the trigger.

The launcher kicked back at Dasha's shoulder just as a white burning streak exploded from the end of the launcher and whipped into the sky. lowering the device, she waited for the rocket to hit. She never heard the boom over the din of the battle not far away, but the static coming from her radio immediatly ceased to be replaced by a voice shouting various orders. She grinned as she recognized the voice as Nikolai's.

129[178] Edit

Byrne set the Spider free, just as a Stinger anti-tank missile fired. The Spider jumped into the air and fired its various flak cannons, and the missile exploded above a platoon of hard-fighting Russians. Debris, microshrapnel, and shrapnel landed on the Russians.

The Spider jumped deftly into the sky once again, satisfied. It scanned the ground...and then saw a regiment of Russians setting up some sort of bomb. Tactical nuke, thought Byrne absentmindedly, then thought again more clearly, TACTICAL NUKE!!! He rushed and contacted CENTCOM, HIGHCOM, and STRATCOM, and contacted BASECOM to retreat all fighting troops.

They were getting out of here.Rollersox 22:20, July 12, 2010 (UTC)

130[179] Edit

"Comrade Hewa, the radios are back up, we've got the bomb in place." Nikolai heard over the radio. He then asked the intellegence officer what the solldier meant by that, and he replied "We were going to destroy the base with a conventional bomb once everyone was out..." Nikolai interrupred "But everyone is not out Goddamint! Tell that squad to stop their bomb, then immediately find Dasha and retreat. If we lose Dasha due to your failure to communicate with the troops, I swear I'll have you executed! Got it? The man nodded with a scared look and told the squad their latest orders. [180]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[181] 03:21, July 13, 2010 (UTC)

131[182] Edit

"Gambler this is Angel Eyes. I have another UAV in the air. EMP is fully charged. And Byrne is detecting Tac-Nuke I can disable it. Over." said the operator to Gambler. "Negative Angel Eyes. Bin-Tora is picking up Russian comm. They are not planning on using it. Keep the EMP centered on sector 3 Romeo. We have captured a Russian by the name of Captain Vladimir. We have is comm and we are using him to try to get their sub to surface. When it does you hit it with the EMP and we board it." Gambler said. "Copy Gambler. Wait I see the sub it is coming up now." Angel Eyes said Gambler was relieved the sub could not detect the UAV and had no countermeasures to the EMP. "Angel Eyes. Fire EMP." said Gambler. A minute later he heard a loud crack about six hundred yards away. "Gambler sub s disabled literally dead in the water. Shouldn't be working for at least eighteen hours. Good hunting Angel Eyes out." Gambler signaled his platoon. This was what he had been waiting for. With a Russian sub all theirs who knew how much data could be salvaged by staeling a few hard drives and sending them to have all the intel retrieved by the CIA techs. The EMP had been designed not to permanently damage computers so memory could be stolen. That was a reason he was sent here, to steal data. And now he had means to do it. "Fireteam Zulu board the sub i'll be there with Fireteam Omega soon Gambler out." he said and moved for the zodiac rafts he stored in his Pave Low, Casino seven-two. This was gonna be fun.

Foxtrot12 03:43, July 13, 2010 (UTC)

132[183] Edit

Byrne wholeheartedly ignored the nuke for a second, concentrating on finding someone that he had overheard when he had intercepted Russian communications. Dasha...obviously a girl. Maybe romantic relationship between the man yelling at the intel officer.

The RM-4 in Byrne's hand reloaded.

He was going to find that woman.Rollersox 20:23, July 13, 2010 (UTC)

124[184] Edit

Nikolai made it to the deck of the now surfaced sub just as a strange EMP hit. He didn't know who or where it came from, but he was sure it was meant for him. He searched frantically for some escape route and, luckily, turned to see a Russian 4 engined seaplane, the latest in Russia's aresenal, land beside the sub. He and all the other crew members climed in as MG turrets fired from the plane's windows. He told the pilot to get closer to the shore so that the crew of shot-down helicopters and capsized boats culd be rescued from the bay around the base. The last 60 or so survivors of the assault climed in from the water and Nikolai looked out the window. It was the dead of night, but on the shore Nikolai thought he saw something, or someone. Nikolai ordered the pilot to get even closer to the shore, and he finally saw that the person on the shore was Dasha. He helped her in through a door on the plane as the pilot took off. The plane, which probably rivaled the size of the Amerocan Spruce Goose was filled with Russian soldiers and POWs, Dmitrti included. [185]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[186] 22:15, July 14, 2010 (UTC)

125[187] Edit

Byrne activated his photoreactive camo as he jumped onto the Russian seaplane, behind all the Russian POWs and Russian soldiers. He readied a M67 fragmentation grenade.Rollersox 22:55, July 14, 2010 (UTC)

135[188] Edit

Dasha breathed a sigh of relief as the EMP-hardened plane soared into the smoky skies of Finland. Hopefully the Americans hadn't reached Moscow yet. Apparently a nuke had gone off in the Ukraine and had seriously hampered the Yankee advance. She then realised that many of her fellow Russians wold have died along with their bitter enemies and felt saddened, soon replaced by a burning desire to see that their sacrifice would not be in vain.

The plane suddenly pitched and rose slightly as they hit what Dasha could tell was just turbulence. Despite it's seemingly trivial nature, she was pitched forward onto the floor of the cabin, not having actually seated herself. The fact that she still wore a slightly singed ghilliesuit didn't help either. "Fuckin-" Dasha began muttering as she picked herself up but stopped midsentence. She could have sworn she heard a strange bump down the backof the cabin, near the tail door. She was about to dismiss it as just a loose object lying around, maybe a maintenence crewman's forgotten spanner or something, when she heard a strange bleep come from her pack.

Nikolai glanced curiously at her, "You ok?" He asked.

"Not anymore." Dasha replied as she realised the bleeping was coming from her SVD which had dislodged itself from her pack. Picking it up, she saw what on her scratched and battered but reliable weapon was making the noise.

"Oh SHIT!" She whispered, "Nikolai we got a problem!"

It was the heartbeat sensor clamped to the side of the rifle.

And with every bleep it showed a white dot near the tail end of the cabin.

Seijana 13:08, July 15, 2010 (UTC)

136[189] Edit

Gambler was in the sub now and his men were salvaging as much as possible. He was in a room alone with a computer uplink. Then he heard a voice. "Madness..This is Sparta!" it screamed and repeated. He jumped before remembering it was his ringtone. He picked up the phone. "This is Gambler." he said. "Copy Gambler this is 7-3 begin the upload." the voice said. He recognized it 7-3 was his contact in Moscow. Gambler picked up a DSM, it was American with plans about the offensive if Mother Russia got it alot of Americans would die. Gambler began the upload and waited until 7-3 started talking. "Copy Gambler we are getting the data in now. You have saved many lives." Then Moscow hung up.

Foxtrot12 16:24, July 15, 2010 (UTC)

137[190] Edit

Nikolai nodded in acknowledgement, then took out his ballistic knife. He inched his way to a switch which unlocked the rear cargo door, and aimed at the cieling with his knife. He shot the blade at some ammo boxes stored in a net on the cieling. The boxes were cut loose and tumbled towards the back of the plane, ramming the large rear cargo door open and sending whoever was in the plane right out the back. Nikolai closed the door once he heard the heartbeat sensor stop and said "Somebody find Dmirtri, I need to speak with the generals." He then ran to a corner of the plane and spoke to a general via radio "General, now is the time to offer them the ultimatum, cease their advance towards Moscow or face our new weapon." [191]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[192] 22:39, July 15, 2010 (UTC)

138[193] Edit

Viktor was tossed onto the stone floor of the gulag by the two guards. He looked up only to be kicked in the face by a guard. The two left him in his cell. This was what it had come to. Viktor Alvang proud Spetsnaz sergeant was now a prisoner. He had been arrested and sentenced to die for siding with the loyalists a few years back and the firing squad had finally come to him. Today was his day of execution. Then a man in a Spetsnaz uniform walked up with three guards. "Viktor Alvang it is time." he said. "To die?" Viktor asked. "That is your choice Viktor. The Americans are pushing closer to Moscow. The generals have decided to give you an offer. Side with us in defense of your homeland and become a Spetsnaz once more. Or die by the firing squad as a traitor." He said as a guard opened Viktor's cell. Viktor thought about it. "What will it be Alvang?" The man asked, now impatient. "Where can I find my gear?" Asked Viktor. The man chuckled. "Right this way." he said. Leading Viktor out.

Foxtrot12 22:57, July 15, 2010 (UTC)

139[194] Edit

Byrne hit the ground with a sickening thud. Bones cracked. His armor sparked--and died. Everything went black. High above, in space, the CIA satellite tracking Byrne reported Byrne as "KIA." Killed In Action.


"Spartan" reloaded his bullpup assault rifle lovingly. He wore a black jumpsuit-like uniform. He heard movement in the bushes--he raised his rifle immediately. A bird fluttered up. Spartan's fully-noise suppressed rifle fired, but not at the bird. Two Russians fell.

He pushed in what looked like a "solid" blob of gel inside his ear canal. It was wirelessly connected to a contact lens in his left eye, which showed an electronic heads-up display. "Two down," he reported to his payer. "You want me to kill Russians only?"

"Yes," replied the voice.

Spartan shrugged. "I don't care. As long as I get the money."

"You will get the money."

"Good."Rollersox 03:23, July 16, 2010 (UTC)

140[195] Edit

Alvang sat in the back of the MI-8 and listened to his field commander. "Alright Alvang. Lieutenant Hewa has recently lead an attack on an American POW camp from what we understand he has taken heavy causulaties. We are sending you and your new squad as backup. He will be landing at forward operating base C. From information we have gathered from a traitor in the American's ranks the capitalists are planning an armored shock and awe attack on it. You must tell him that no matter what the base cannot be lost. Do you understand?" He yelled over the chopper's roar. Viktor nodded. "Good then go!" yelled the commander as the back of the chopper opened and a soldier let down a rope and Viktor's new squad rappeled down. They would not trust him if they knew why he was here even though they were on the same side. Viktor would have to watch his back.

They all rappeled down and Viktor looked around Forward Operating Base C. A runway with a hangar and air traffic control center was to his left. About twenty feet right of the runway was a road that Viktor stood on. On the other side were five buildings two were barracks, one was an armory, the one next to it was a communications building, and the one next to that was a command building. Around the base stood a square brick wall with machine gun turrets mounted every thirty feet. The base might hold but it would need a miracle. Viktor heard an engine and looked up to see a seaplane. As it landed the engine blew wind in his face,extinguishing his cigarette. He jogged down to see soldiers leaving the plane. "Comrade Hewa?" Viktor asked to a woman who motioned her head back to a large man walking out of the plane. "Lieutenant Hewa?" Viktor asked.

Foxtrot12 03:55, July 16, 2010 (UTC)

141[196] Edit

"Yes comrade ehh... Alvang? Nikolai said as he looked at the man's name emblazened on his uniform. "You are part of the Spetsnaz team sent to reinforce us? Well, then listen, this base is of little importance strategically, so we have but one task: hold it until the seaplane is loaded with what little remains of the base's arms and armor, and then evacuate. The plane just landed in the lake." Nikolai said as he pointed to the small lake on the base's northern edge. "It'll be a hell of a job if our intel is correct, but don't worry, this war will end soon enough..." [197]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[198] 04:12, July 16, 2010 (UTC)

142[199] Edit

"Very well then. I was placed under your command comrade. I have a squad of sixteen men waiting for orders." Viktor said. Nikolai nodded. "Good." he said. "And what do you mean the war will be over soon? I apologize if it is common knowledge but I have been..away for some time now and-" Viktor was interupted by one of his men. "Sirs we have spotted american armor." the man yelled in a panting and worried voice. "How much?" asked Viktor. "Twelve Abrams and five bradleys." he said. "Shock and awe." Whispered Viktor.

"Shock and Awe."

Foxtrot12 05:35, July 16, 2010 (UTC)

143[200] Edit

Dasha immediatly glanced over at the men when she heard them mention American armour. "Sir?," She began "Do we have much by the way of explosives here? Correct me if I'm wrong, but couldn't we just turn the area around this base into a big bomb, get everyone out and when the Yankees arrive blow them sky high?".

Seijana 06:30 July 16, 2010 (UTC) (Sorry for forgetting to sign this one with the four tildes-thing, the time is approximate)

144[201] Edit

(the bullpup assault rifle looks like MA5B from Halo w/Picatinny rail, and shorter)

Spartan aligned his bullpup rifle with the guard's head. There was a silent puff and blood squirted from the man's head. The mercenary crept forward, drawing his knife. His jumpsuit carefully camouflaged him, the texture of the suit turning green to hide inside the bushes.

A seaplane sat in the corner of a small lake.

Spartan spotted a second guard, rounding the corner. The guard saw the dead body of the first guard, opened his mouth to report, and never felt the knife sliding cleanly through his neck, making no blood come out. Spartan crept over, grabbed the knife, cleaned it on the guard's suit, and activated the pads on his suit's exterior. The "Sticky-Pads" came out, and permanent glue came out. Spartan climbed up the wall, into the base.

He reported to his payer, "I'm in the building."

"Kill everyone," replied the man mercilessly in his Russian accent.Rollersox 20:14, July 16, 2010 (UTC)

145[202] Edit

"Da. If you'd like to command a demolition team you may. There are some explosives by that forklift at the..." Nikolai's response to Dasha's question was interrupted when a bullet struck him in the chest and knocked him over, he was lucky the kevlar stopped it. "Shit! Come on, get to cover!" [203]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[204] 21:47, July 16, 2010 (UTC)

146[205] Edit

Spartan cursed. The 7.62mm round had gone slightly off. The full-noise suppressor integrated into the rifle's hi-tech cooled barrel--that didn't need to be switched--was lucky to be there. The polygonal grooving carved into the barrel of the assault rifle made the bullet go nearly as far as a DSR-1 sniper rifle--but nowhere as fast.

The micro-translator in his "gel" earpiece heard the Russian Spetsnaz CO say, "Shit! Get to cover!"

Spartan cursed again.

This wasn't easy. The hired mercenary took a modified remote-detonated M67 fragmentation grenade from the magnetic skin of his jumpsuit. He applied some sticky paste to it and tossed it. It stuck to the branch of a nearby bush. On Spartan's lens, text scrolled across the screen in the form of squiggly letters. The HUD translated it as: M67 FRAGMENTATION GRENADE READY TO DETONATE. NUCLEAR MODULE ACTIVATED.

Spartan grinned.

The "nuclear module" was a small disk the size of a normal CD-ROM and it reinforced the power of the usual M67 frag grenade by one point five times. It wasn't powerful, but it shot out an EMP that instantly fried anything electric in a three-mile radius. He detonated the modified grenade.Rollersox 00:44, July 17, 2010 (UTC)

147[206] Edit

Dasha's jaw dropped as almost immediatly the elecric lighting in the buildings cut out and all the vehicles simply stopped in their tracks. Alarmed shouts in Russian met her ears from further in the base. She glanced at her heartbeat sensor, swearing as she saw the screen was filled with static. Had that tiny grenade done all this?

Where the fuck did the Americans get all this insane stuff? Dasha wondered how, if they had all this extremely lethal technology, had she managed to survive using such makeshift strategies?

Glancing over at the place the grenade had been, peered down her scope, and scanned the area. At first all she saw was the old, dirty grey hangar and the bushes around it before she spotted a movement in amongst them. peering at it, she suddenly realised she was looking at the outline of a man in a black jumpsuit. She couldnt see his face.

Dasha knew by now that one well placed shot would not be enough for this American technology, assuming the man was American. So she lined up her sights, then pulled the trigger again and again as fast as she could, the rifle kicked repeatedly at her shoulder, but she ignored it.

Seijana 01:09, July 17, 2010 (UTC)

148[207] Edit

Spartan recoiled as a sniper's 7.62mm round bullet hit his shoulder. The jumpsuit deflected the round. Another, then another, then another. The last bullet broke through the jumpsuit.

The man cursed in his native tongue--German--and muttered quiet voice commands to his electronic contact lens. A thermal, IR, night-vision, and normal vision scan lined over the identified a sniper reloading a sniper rifle. Spartan ducked down. The smug voice of his Russian employer spoke through his gel earpiece. "Well, my boy? How is the sniper doing killing you?"

"Fucking old man," cursed Spartan.

The employer ignored the swearing and turned serious. "It's time. Tell the pilot of my AC-130 to launch its missiles. Get out of there ASAP, boy."

"Yes, sir." Hiding from the sniper's range of fire, he pressed a button on a reactively camouflaged magnetic beacon and tossed it on a wall. The AC-130U Spooky roared overhead and released its weapons.Rollersox 21:26, July 17, 2010 (UTC)

149[208] Edit

Dasha froze as the unmistakeable roar of a C130 engine grew louder and louder. Looking up slowly, she saw the great ungainly yet ferocious plane as it thundered into view. Peering down her scope at it, however, she realised it was far, far more deadly than any C130.

"Our luck cannot get this bad..." She whispered as she spotted a red tipped gun on the plane's great flank swivel toward the base. She grabbed her old pack and tore her counter thermal blanket free and threw it over her prone body. "QUICKLY! GET OUT OF SIGHT!", She shrieked at Nikolai and the rest of the team before lying still under the blanket, breathing rapidly. After a few seconds, the unmistakeable whistle of 40 millimetre shells filled the air as they screamed down like a true rain of death followed by the bone shaking booms as they slammed into the buildings frighteningly close by.

"Please,", she whispered to nothing in particular,"Don't let it all end here...".

Seijana 11:49, July 18, 2010 (UTC)

150[209] Edit

Gambler looked at the air scan from his seat in the CIC of the USS Falluja. "Sir have we deployed an AC-130?" asked a rather young looking officer to the Captain. "I don't believe so Lieutenent get the air force on the horn just to make sure." he said calmly "Sir the only AC-130 that has been deployed to Homefront is Hermes and it is currently helping raid a string of POW camps." an Air Force lieutenent said. "Copy that get the navy on horn I want that thing taken down it is likely some rogue or renedade possibly PMC plane. I donb't like it." the Captain said. Gambler looked and waited until a Canadian accented voice came over the radio. "Oi lads this is Maple 6-5 Canadian Air Force I have two F-15s ready to engage target gunship. Stand by." the voice said. "Good luck maple." the captain yelled so the pilot could hear. "Don't you worry laddy we'll toasting drinks over this son-of-a-bitch in no bloody time." "I hope so Maple. Go with God." "Count on it mate. Wait I see the target 30 seconds."

Foxtrot12 19:10, July 18, 2010 (UTC)

151[210] Edit

Nikolai was flung almost directly in front of Dasha by a 40mm shell, his eyes were completely bloodshot, but he looked up to see a pair of missiles impact the gunship. "Why the hell are the Americans shooting at their own planes?" he wondered. His thoughts were interrupted by a transmission via radio, which to his surprise was still working "Sir, those weren't American, the Canucks shot down an unknown plane. Any orders?" Nikolai sighed and almost burst out laughing when he looked at his PDA laying next to him. The map data being projected on the screen showed the one thing Nikolai had ben waiting for, an American retreat. They had finally agreed to the bargain. [211]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[212] 19:40, July 18, 2010 (UTC)

152[213] Edit

Spartan sprinted along, weaving through trees. He heard childish laughing, and then he was laying on the ground with his sister in Berlin. "Hey," said his sister. "What do you think about life off this planet?"

Spartan, eight years old, shrugged. "I don't know, Maria."

"Do you think we'll see them?"

Then she disappeared. In place were her screams as the black-suited men closed in. Spartan clenched his fists--Americans. Gunshots, and her sister, only fourteen, slid down a wall, smearing blood. Spartan sprinted forward, holding an old Remington hunting rifle. "Get away from my sister!" he yelled in fluent English. He fired the rifle. The two men dropped.

Spartan opened his eyes. Why did the Americans do that? He didn't care. He was getting his revenge.Rollersox 21:56, July 18, 2010 (UTC)

153[214] Edit

Viktor awoke with a massive headache. He looked at the ground to see a rock covered in what smelled and looked like geneticly altered blood. That explained it. He was reassured of that upon feeling his head with his hand and looking at it to see it red as hellfire. He saw his PKM a few yards away and picked it up. "Fuck out of ammo." he said as he checked the rifle. While not as tough as an AK this things were tough sons-of-bitches. He looked around and saw Nikolai about twenty yards out. Oddly he looked happy and the American armor and AC-130 were gone something wasn't right here or he had been knocked out through the entire campaign. He approached Nikolai. "Comrade what has happened?"

Foxtrot12 00:29, July 19, 2010 (UTC)

153[215] Edit

Spartan aimed his rifle carefully at one of the Russians walking around a base. The AC-130's mission had failed--it'd been shot down by American gunships. Spartan thought about his weapon of choice, then switched it with his FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank guided missile launcher.

He pulled the trigger.Rollersox 01:50, July 19, 2010 (UTC)

154[216] Edit

Dasha glanced up, the explodions had ended. Pulling back the blanket back, she looked into the sky, except that she couldn't see it. she blinked several times as the thick smoke stung her eyes. The smoke, it was everywhere. The air was choked with it, the faint sun shining through, illuminating the ravaged buildings and mangled bodies with a murky red light.

It looked like a fucking apocalypse.

Looking back over her shoulder, Dasha saw Nikolai and Viktor, both looking like they'd been through hell, but to her relief, very much alive. she began to pull herself to her feet, before a sharp pain seared through her left knee and she dropped to her elbow. She winced as she saw her left leg bent at an odd angle at her knee joint, and swore as she realised it as dislocated.

Could she bring herself to snap it back in? She decided she couldn't be bothered, not unless she was going to need to run anytime soon anyway. Looking around, she saw the smoke was already starting to clear and Russian medical and maintenence teams were already entering the destroyed area. Dasha was just going to ask what in fuck's name had just happened before she heard Viktor ask, "Comrade, what is going on?".

Oh well, she thought, I'll hear all about it anyway.

Seijana 04:13, July 19, 2010 (UTC)

155[217] Edit

Nikolai was relieved to see all of his squad members regrouping towards him, no casualties. He then saw Dasha struggling to stand with an injured knee, he flagged down a medical truck and began to exlain the situation:"That gunship was not American, we're working to discover it's origins, mercenary, insurgent, we don't know. But as for that lone sniper, he's still around here. And no American armored division would send a lone gunman in as a scout. Especially not after their...surrender." Nikolai said with a smirk. [218]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[219] 14:52, July 19, 2010 (UTC)

156[220] Edit

Spartan discarded the empty Javelin and hurried back to a stealth aircraft that was vaguely like a stealth fighter jet, but was smaller and had muffled rotors. He got in, and piloted out of Russia.

Three hours later

Spartan aimed his assault rifle at the President of the United States. Something stopped him. President...he cursed. He was already nearly #1 on the FBI Wanted list--he wasn't going to do the Russian dude's dirty work. He turned off his comm and walked away, his stealth unmatched. Now he would wreak havoc on the world; by himself.Rollersox 20:09, July 19, 2010 (UTC)

157[221] Edit

Elizabeth looked out at the latest base. POW camp Charlie Echo One. Over the last two days she had led three ops that involved raiding POW camps and now this was the last one. The boys upstairs had gotten her everything. Nato joint troops, UAV support, F-15 and other plane support, two platoons of men, three black hawks, one apache helicopter, and an AC-130 Gunship. That went by the callsign, Hermes. "Major I have men in position begin the assault." she whispered over the radio to Major Alexander. "Roger that ma'am we are coming in now." The Texan replied before Elizabeth watched a 105 millimeter missile impact and destroy a Russian barrack building. Her men began the attack and she looked through the scope. The Russians were concentrating on defending the gate and subsequently exposing themselves. She sniped three men who were gunning on machine gun turrets. Then she picked up her XM8 and ran down with the backup team and into the compound.

With all the support the battle was won before it started twenty Russkies had surrendered and were being dealt with. She walked into a small building to see two Americans. "And you are?" she asked them putting her gun down. "Ma'am Corporal Tim Young and Private Harrison Adams Ma'am" A corporal said saluting. "Can you fight?" She asked. "Ma'amm yes Ma'am." "Good" she said tossing the corporal a Scar-H and the Private an XM8 Compact. "Welcome back to the war." She said grinning and lighting a cigar.

Foxtrot12 23:25, July 19, 2010 (UTC)

158[222] Edit

Dasha glanced over at the medic who ran over to her, "Just my knee" she quickly said to him. He nodded before kneeling beside her feet and examined the dislocated joint. He murmured something quietly to himself.

"Now this is going to hurt." He said carefully to Dasha. She nodded. This wasn't the first time this sort of thing had happened to her.

She winced sharply when pain shot through her leg as the medic snapped her knee back in place. A dull ache followed when the initial pain had gone, but it felt much better now. She then started to get up.

"You're good to walk?" The medic asked her cautiously.

"Yeah I'm good, thanks comrade." She replied lightly.

"Ok then." He waved to her before he began moving over to some of the other injured soldiers.

Dasha then turned to Nikolai and Viktor,"Nikolai, you just said the Yankees surrendered? Did you mean the tanks have surrendered or the entire invasion force?" she asked them eagerly.

Seijana 09:50, July 20, 2010 (UTC)

159[223] Edit

"During the invasion of D.C., the Spetsnaz were to take the Pentagon. I didn't make it there, but the troops who did managed to access the American's central command network via the main servers in the sub-basement. They planted a virus which allowed us to gain control of their ICBM network, and now that they're completely defenseless, we began to work out a deal. So yes, all of them." [224]Sgt.Maj.'''Delta''' 4-7[225] 11:37, July 20, 2010 (UTC)

160[226] Edit

Spartan rapidly typed in the hacking code: 85Aj392TTL-90334005. It was a random designated code designed to hack into even the most secure computers. The American ICBM network was a mess--Cyrillic letters sprawling around, and the figures of the ICBMs across the US.

The mercenary grinned, and sat in his seat.

He found the nearest missile to Russia, and watched as the hacking virus code cut through the Russian cyber-security webs. After sixteen minutes of constant "slashing," the "85-90" virus code hit the spot--the access code of the nuclear missile. He typed in a command to the virus and it rapidly tried pentillions of possibilities for the access code. Alphanumerical symbols scrolled across the screen, accompanied by the occasional ERROR or ACCESS DENIED.

Then the green letters sprawled across the screen: ACCESS GRANTED. PLEASE POSITION TARGET TO FIRE INTERCONTINENTAL BALLISTIC MISSILE. Spartan smiled.

He targeted Moscow.Rollersox 20:15, July 20, 2010 (UTC)

161[227] Edit

The plane's darkened cabin was an odd place to spend the night, but most of the barracks and any other accomodation had been damaged or destroyed by the mercenary AC-130. In order to make life easier for the base's rather beleaguered garrison, Nikolai and the rest of the oddly assorted team had decided to stay in the seaplane for the time being.

Dasha was lounged against the wall down the far end of the cabin, Dmitri was asleep a few paces away and Nikolai was gazing at the screen of a compact laptop. tapping a few keys occasionally. The faint murmuring of some of the survivors of the battle in Finland further up the plane still drifted back down to them.

Well, she thought sleepily to herself, it was a lot better than some nights she'd had to live out.

Some nights she's had to live out. before she could stop herself, the memories of that fateful night resurfaced. Shivering beneath an great rotten log , snow down her neck, painful with cold, the dark trunks of the trees and the shrubs thrown into bright silhouette by the sweeping torchbeams, the low harsh voices of the loyalist men looking for her, no allies...

No, she wouldn't go down that train of thought, not now anyway.

She had just begun to settle down when she saw Nikolai's face, illuminated by the ghostly light of the laptop, suddenly adopt a suspicious expression. Then his eyes widened in horror. he stood up and started for the nearest door. Dasha, her sleepy reverie forgotten, called after him,

"Nikolai, Whats happened? Where are you going?"

"Getting Viktor!" He replied in an urgent tone, "You go wake Dmitri and the rest of them, we've got a nuke headed straight for Moscow!"

"Holy shit..." Dasha slowly whispered as she heard those words. She immediatly moved over to Dmitri and shook him awake before she began running up the cabin, tripping once much to the irritation of some of the men and women near her, until she reached the crew members and, after waking them in the same manner, told them of what was happening.

While all this was happening, she wondered who would have launched that nuke. Perhaps the Americans were that eager for revenge, but this could have all died down with a stalemate, which was probably the better option for both countries. Well, she was no expert on the politics of the whole thing.

Seijana 23:50, July 26, 2010 (UTC)

162[228] Edit

Spartan watched the nuke's progress--just fifty miles or so and the ICBM would hit. He hoped the American government would be in chaos. Thirty miles. Closing in. He activated the boosters, and the nuke lost its back thrusters, sending it exploding forward at near-supersonic speed. Fifteen miles. It was advancing at Mach 0.8 now.


"What the fuck just happened?" shouted the American president, throwing a bunch of stapled papers to the ground. "Who launched the damn nuke?"

"Sir, either a Russian or one of our people who hacked into the Russian security around our network," explained the technician. "The Russians have gotten that thing locked down pretty tight--we can't control our own nukes."

"Damn right we can't!" shouted the president, fuming. He picked up the phone and contacted the Russian president.Rollersox 20:11, July 27, 2010 (UTC)

163[229] Edit

"Shit,shit,shit,shit,shit! Viktor, wake up, this is bad, end of the world bad, we could work out any deal we wanted with the American's unable to retaliate, but what the fuck is this!" Nikolai shouted as he was waking Viktor. "To fucking think that one act of American terrorism at Zakhaev international caused all of this bullshit!" Just as Viktor was about to ask "what?" Nikolai tossed him his PDA so he could see for his self.[230]Sgt.Maj. Delta 4-7[231] 22:08, July 27, 2010 (UTC)

164[232] Edit

Spartan grinned and launched two more ICBMs. He was going to make this get interesting. Then he hacked into the American Space System and got a good look at the anti-satellite laser prototype mounted on the Armstrong Space Station.

He charged it up and put the target crosshairs on Moscow.Rollersox 20:10, July 28, 2010 (UTC)

165[233] Edit

The base was in complete pandemonium. Already the seaplane's crew were wide awake and prepared for takeoff at any time. As far as Dasha knew, all of Russia was now on high alert. The command room was full of shouting and the bleeping of various computers and other devices. A big projection on the far wall showed the missile's progress toward the capital. Nikolai and Viktor were hurriedly discussing the issue with several other Spetsnaz and KGB officials. As far as she could tell, President Vorshevsky and the American president were reaching some kind of agreement over the issue. Dasha sat back against the wall with Dmitri and the rest of the team, hopefully a decision would be reached soon.

Suddenly a chorus of alarm erupted throughout the room. Looking up, Dasha saw two more ICBM icons appeared on the projection wall. One from Alaska, the other a few miles off the coast of Hawaii.

"Oh you gotta be shitting me..." She whispered as she saw this.

"And to think I thought this was already bad..." She heard Dmitri groan.

"Well it just got fucking worse." One of the Spetsnaz laughed grimly.

Several of the radio operators leaped from their seats before one of them called out, "Sir! Some kind of laser just hit Moscow! It's started a fire!"

Seijana 09:20, August 1, 2010 (UTC)

166[234] Edit

Spartan leaned forward in his seat, and jammed all United Nations communication support. For once, he thanked his CIA trainers for all the info they had given him. He "transformed" the heavy UN firewalls into holographic translucent brick walls. Fifteen powerful firewalls lay in wait--this wasn't good. If he tried to use a worm, the firewalls would track the worm. If he tried to use a counterattack, the firewalls would track the source and origin of the counterattack.

Last option--he typed in a simple line of code on his Command Prompt and tricked the firewalls into believing he was part of a firewall.

He checked for any trackings--nothing. He was in the UN communications network--and then stopped. He didn't think that the UN was that stupid. He rerouted dozens of hack codes, worms, and viruses to hold off the firewalls' attention and originated the source from the Pentagon in D.C.

Then he jammed the networks securely with the UN's own copied firewalls with a few more supporting securities and launched all the ICBMs from the U.S. Screw the peace treaty.

Then he switched his attention to the Armstrong Station laser, and charged it up again.

Shouting American voices filled the comm frequency--Spartan shut the Station's comm off and he shot the AS laser at a Russian communications satellite. He charged up the laser again, aiming for a Russian space station.Rollersox 21:25, August 1, 2010 (UTC)

167[235] Edit

The noise in the command room was briefly drowned out by a chorus of gasps and shouts as the image of the USA on the projection was briefly drowned out by an eruption of ICBM icons. Dasha buried her face in her hands. How the hell were they supposed to handle this?

"FUCK! What the hell is going on here!?" Nikolai's indignant shout echoed across the room, "Are they Yanks trying to end the goddamn World?"

"Apparently so." A Spetsnaz officer approached Nikolai and Viktor, "It seems the UN's firewalls have been disabled or evaded, but the source appears to be the Pentagon. There could be a rogue division at work there but it's all a bit suspicious."

Dasha didn't even bother considering helping, she was about as computer literate as a brick. Her strength was in the Wilderness, not in this disturbing cyber-warfare. Glancing up, she saw to her astonishment the the congregation in the room were reaching some kind of agreement. Picking herself up, she moved over to Nikolai to inquire what was happening.

"We won't be doing anything yet. The airforce are scrambling several teams to take down as many of those nukes as they can. We also have a backup plan if that goes south." He paused, before continuing, "We'll also be part of a strike team going to track down whoever is responsibe for all this shit. We'll join forces with an American team to pay a call at the Pentagon first. If theyre not there, we wait until intel's got a fix on them."

"Well, as long as we can do something about it." Dasha replied grimly.

Seijana 00:10, August 3, 2010 (UTC)

168[236] Edit

"...Wait, the American's are on our side now?" Nikolai heard Dasha ask. "Yes, evidently the attack on Zakhaev international was planned by a rogue American general working with Makarov, we've negotiated a cease fire until the whole truth is reveled. In the mean time, we still control (some of) their nukes just in case. We should get to the seaplane with our squad, come on." He replied. [237]Sgt.Maj. Delta 4-7[238] 01:13, August 3, 2010 (UTC)

169[239] Edit

Spartan knew that the CIA satellites hovering above his "safe"house knew where he was. He typed in the finishing touches, fired up the nukes to full speed, and armed the self-destruct for the quarter ton of C-4 explosives packed under his house. He clambered down a trapdoor just as a SWAT officer burst in.Rollersox 01:22, August 3, 2010 (UTC)

170[240] Edit

(sorry for the lateness, I'm going to try to fit my character in the story)

Joseph Miller woke up with a terrible headache. "Ohhhhhhhhh...." groaned Miller. The last thing he remembered was being hit with one big ass brick. He managed to get adjust his eyes, and he could see that he was in a Russian Truck with Lewis, with two russian soldiers watching them. He looked outside, and saw two other trucks behind them. The fight was still going on out there, and the sky was blazing with fire. "Lewis, are you a wake? LEWIS!!!" yelled Miller. One of the soldiers yelled something in Russian, pointing his AK at his face.

Lewis managed to regain conciousness also. "Miller? Is....that you?" Lewis asked. Miller smiled, glad to see his old friend. "Yep," said Miller, "the one and only". "Where the fuck are we?" Lewis asked, checking out the Russian Soldiers. Miller laughed "I don't a POW truck?"

Lewis frowned, "Shit, nothing as ever happened to me like this since Bosnia." Miller chuckled, "Quiet down, old man; you might upset Ivan and Victor overthere." Miller's comment obviously pissed off Lewis, since Lewis hated being called an old man. "Old man?," said Lewis, "Old Fucking Man?, I've been in a lot more conflicts than you kiddo, so I really don't need you sorry ass to tell me whether or not I'm a......." Lewis cut his rant short, since he could here the sound of helicopter closing in. The Russians in front of the truck were all screaming, and Lewis and Miller both heard the sound of a missile fire. Lewis and Miller both hit the deck, as a Hellfire missile hit the ground next to their truck, flipping the truck over. - MerchantofDeath 14:30, October 8, 2010 (UTC)

171[241] Edit

Gunshots were heard everywhere, as Miller tried to scramble to find his weapon. He found his SCAR-H, his M14 EBR, and his M9 all underneath one of the dead russian soldiers. He quickly flipped the corpse over, and grabbed them. Lewis had already grabbed an AK-47 from the other russian soldier, and both of them were combat ready. "Ok," said Lewis, "it looks like some guys must of caught up with us, so we need to haul our asses to wherever they are."

"Ready when you are" said Miller. "Ok, on my mark" said Lewis raising his hand. Seconds passed, but to Miller it seemed like minutes. "GO GO GO!!!!" yelled Lewis.

They both ran out of the flipped truck, yelling like banshees. They started to slow down, when they realized that U.S. forces surrounded them. "Well, it looks like you guys are dedicated soldiers," said a man in the group. Everyone was laughing at Lewis and Miller, which pissed them both off. "Alright ladies," yelled the Commanding Officer, "enough, we've got russians to fight, remember?" -MerchantofDeath 00:40, October 9, 2010 (UTC)

This is where the new chapters begin, but I'm still following the same order of chapters (in case some people want to help me finish


The convoy was moving too slowly for Cpl. Joseph Miller. They had only been on the road for a couple minutes, but it still felt like forever. Sgt. Lewis leaned over to Miller, and said to him ", I heard that the E.U. is outraged over the nuclear attack on Ukraine, and that they're sending in there forces as we speak."

Miller nodded, "Finally, we have some people on our side." The Styker driver came over the radio, and said to them "I've gotten some reports that this area has some heavy firefights still going on here. The M1's will probably handle it, but I'm not promising anything though."

Sgt. Lewis stood up in the cabin, and addressed his new troops. "Well, it looks like we are going into some heavy shit. So, if anyone doesn't want to do this, you can always step on a landmine." His pun got some giggles, but most were fearful. If the Russians can drop a nuke, they can surely drop more. -MerchantofDeath 21:17, December 6, 2010 (UTC)