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Attention Users:[2] Edit

I'm not rushing you right now, but, lets try to finish this story. I want to make a Part 2 . And If you ask what it's about, just wait and see.

Please don't make a horrible ending because yo're rushing

ex.--( They took back D.C., killed all the russians, and they all lived happily ever after; and Ramirez made Sgt. Foley a BLT sandwich.)

Ruleset[3] Edit

  • Try to be imaginative, don't just do soldiers,write about civilians who would have joined the army,police officers, or the Russians.
  • Please be Realistic, or I will have to delete your Story
  • Add a backstory for the story.
  • Have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Participants ( more are needed)[4] Edit



Cpl. Dunn





Characters[5] Edit

MerchantofDeath[6] Edit

  • Name:Joseph Miller
  • Faction: United States Army ( stationed in Virginia during attack)
  • Rank: Private First Class
  • Weapon: Scar-H with red dot sight

Squelliot[7] Edit

  • Name:Sam Powell III
  • Faction: United States Army Rangers
  • Rank: Captain
  • Weapon: M4A1 Red Dot Sight, Grenade Launcher, M1911 (Grandpa's)

Cpl. Dunn[8] Edit

  • Name: Jacob Smith
  • Faction: United States Army Rangers
  • Rank: Corporal
  • Weapon: Mk 14 EBR, M1911
  • Can be controlled by: Sorry, only me.

Rollersox[9] Edit

  • Name: Scott Gaffan
  • Faction: United States Army 1st SFOD-D (Delta Force) (in D.C. guarding the White House at the time)
  • Rank: Sergeant
  • Weapon(s): SCAR-H w/Red Dot Sight, Heckler and Koch MP7, throwing/combat knife

CodExpert[10] Edit

  • Name: Ashton Kenzington
  • Faction: SAS
  • Rank: Captain
  • Weapons(s): G3, M14 EBR, M4A1 SOPMOD, M1911 .45 and MP7 PDW

  • Name: Pavel Makrovolsky
  • Faction: Russian 3rd Army
  • Rank: Commissar
  • Weapon(s): AK-47

Cpl. Wilding[11] Edit

  • Name: Dmitri Posnic
  • Faction: Russian Army
  • Rank: Sergeant
  • Weapons: AN-94 with grenade launcher and ACOG scope; Dragunov SVD
  • Can be controlled by: Only me. You may respond to his attacks, but otherwise only I can control him.

Delta 4-7[12] Edit

  • Name: Nikolai Hewa
  • Faction: Russian Spetsnaz
  • Rank: Master Sargeant
  • Weapons: RPK w/75 round drum mag & bipod, Makarov PM, ballistic knife
  • Can be controlled by: only me, if you would like to, please contact me.

Gen.Cain[13] Edit

  • Name: Sargent Cain
  • Faction: Delta Force
  • Rank: Sargent
  • Weapon: G36C, M1911, M14 EBR, K-BAR Combat knife
  • Can be controlled by: Me or Dunn, if you want to take him over contact me

Mattman2008x[14] Edit

  • Name: Jack Detone
  • Faction: United States Army Rangers
  • Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
  • Weapon: M240 with Red dot and grip, 2 44. Magnum revolvers (fathers)

USMC Lance

  • Name: Lance "Bobby" Perrier
  • Faction: United States Marine Corps, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines or Betio Bastards
  • Rank: Corporal or Cpl
  • Weapons and role: USMC Machine Gunner, M240 Bravo w/Trijicon ACOG sight, Bipod, and Flashlight
  • Can be controlled by: Me only, sorry

Story[15] Edit

Prologue[16] Edit

Joseph Miller was lounging in sun on a warm april day. He had no care in the world. " What are YOU doing private" said Sgt.Lewis. Miller lifted his helmet and said "Just checking to make sure the inside of my helmet is Top Shape" with a smartass smile on his face. "Very funny Private," said Sgt.Lewis with his own smile on his face ", now run till you throwup, Asshole" He started running, making sure he didn't piss off Sarge again. He felt the cool spring wind on his face. Then, he started to here a strange sound, which sounded like a jet. Out of no where, a missle hit the CO's office, and the explosion threw Miller on his face. He got up and started to try to figure what the fuck was going on. Sgt. Lewis came running up to him " Lock and Load" said Sgt. Lewis with the same expression on his face. " What the fuck is going on ?" asked Miller, still in a state of shock. " The Russians are invading." said Sgt. Lewis " Get to the Armory and grab a weapon, your going to need it" Without thinking , Miller started running toward the Fort. Gerald Armory. The war with Russia had begun.

Act 1[17] Edit

1[18] Edit

Sergeant Scott Gaffan leaned against the White House fence, a cigarette posed out of the corner of his mouth. Then, "Get outta there!" He turned. Saw the incoming Russian choppers. He leapt over the black fencing and raced into the House, flashing his Special Forces Guard card in front of the LED card detector display and jumped in as the door swung open. He sprinted past harried-looking DoD men and women and ran into the President's office. "Sir--"

"Yes, I know." The President of the United States waved a wrinkled hand and said, "My agents are coming to pick me up. You can leave now."


"It's your duty, right? I don't care."

2[19] Edit

Private Frist Class Joseph Miller didn't no what the hell was going. He had joined a convoy heading up to Washington D.C. He held his Scar-H closely to his hands. " How much time till we reach Delta Charlie." asked Miller. "About an hour in a half Private." said Sgt.Lewis in the shotgun seat. "Can't this piece of shit go any faster" asked Sgt. Lewis with anger in his face. " Sir, I'm going as fast as this Humvee can go," said the driver " All this debris on the road might pop the tires and we all know we don't want tha...." " Get out, get out, BTR on the road!!!" screamed Sgt. Lewis, already jumping out of the Humvee. The BTR had busted through a wall and immediately started firing on the convoy. The leading Humvee exploded as it was hit with the BTR's rounds. Sgt. Lewis and Joseph Miller took cover behind a burnt out car. Sgt. Lewis took another man's radiopack. " We need Airsupport" said Sgt. Lewis. "Roger that, were sending in Apache right now." As soon as Sgt. Lewis finished the call, a hellfire missile hit the BTR and immediatly destroyed it. Miller's spine chilled, he could hear the screams of the BTR crew. " Alright people, saddle up." said Sgt. Lewis with his unchanged expression. The convoy started moving a minute and a half after the attack. They had to leave the wounded and dead at the site, they needed to get to D.C. stat.


3[20] Edit

Cpt. Kenzington and his squad were on a plane heading towards Washington D.C. "Are we there yet?" asked Como, a young private who had to learn about patience, "Why do we have to go to D.C. anyways?" "We've been allies with the Americans for years, we have to help them, Como." Kenzington answered. "All units, uh, we have an unidentified object heading towards us, we might have to abort this mission."said the pilot. Kenzington got on the radio, "Rodger that." "Team!-get your gear, we're getting out of here." The unidentified object hit the plane, it crashed into a farm in Virginia. Como was laying by a tree. "C'mon, get up, mate!" Kenzington said to Como. "Fragger!-what's the closest route to D.C.?" "Um, there's a road to the east, we can follow it, it should take us to D.C. in five minutes." Fragger was a Leftenant, who had much experience with computers, he was the teams radio operator. The team made it to D.C., only to be welcomed by an ambush. Only Kenzington, Fragger, and Como survived until being rescued by Sgt. Lewis and PFC Miller. "Ah, good to see friendly faces." Sgt. Lewis said. "Indeed, so what's the situation here?" asked Kenzington, as he raised his M4A1 SOPMOD on his shoulder.


4[21] Edit

Corporal Smith was being shipped off to Washington. He, along with all of his buddies, had no idea why. As they were filing onto the convoy, Smith made sure to get a seat next to his sergeant. "What the hell is going on sarge?,"asked Smith. "How the hell should I know," replied the sergeant. Smith then leaned over to his left where Private Jack Allens was sitting. "Hey man, do you know why the hell we're going to Washington?,"asked Smith. "Not really,"replied the private,"but there's some rumors going around about an invasion." Smith sat up to let this sink through his head. The United States of America has been invaded. He leaned back over to the private and asked," Do you know who invaded us?" "Just some rumors,"replied Allens,"they sayin' it could be Germany, or Canada, or even 'em Russians." Smith sat back up. He was now afraid. They might have to fight against Russia. He knew that the place wouldn't be scared to let off some nukes, and he knew that the States knew it too.

Cpl. Dunn

5[22] Edit

Sgt. Gaffan fired the last few 7.62 x 51mm NATO slugs from the muzzle of his SCAR-H battle rifle and ducked behind the door of the Oval Office as a dozen Russians--probably searching for the President, who was already in his "White Hawk" Marine One presidential helicopter and away, toward somewhere where Air Force One, the presidential Boeing 747 jet was.Rollersox 20:43, April 11, 2010 (UTC)

6[23] Edit

During the battle at Washington D.C....

"GET DOWN, GET DOWN!" yelled Cpt. Kenzington as the Fast-movers were heading towards them, they ducked down behind a wall with Kenzington having a Cuban Cigar sticking out of his mouth. "Team, we gotta move, to the White House!" said Sgt. Lewis after the airstrike. "But there are too many of them, we are screwd, totally scr--, what the hell is that?"said PFC Miller, before seeing a launching nuke. "HEAD TOWARDS THE BUNKER!" yelled Sgt. Lewis. The team was on the way, but PFC Miller tripped. "Get up, mate!" yelled Kenzington. "We gotta go!". Kenzington picked up Miller and carried him to the bunker. "You know, you gotta watch your arse, because I'm not going to save it any more." "Miller...Miller!" Miller was laying there, motionless.


Act 2[24] Edit

7[25] Edit

Dmitri fully believed that the US was too arrogant; too pompous. This invasion is exactly what they needed to find out what the world already knew. His squad, compromised of Alexi, Viktor, Nikolai and Sasha, took five in a small apartment building. Victor was going through the fridge, Nikolai was attempting to contact the commissar as he was assigned to the squad by him personally, Alexi cleaning his gun and Sasha bandaging up a minor wound, a cut he had gotten reloading his PKM. Dmitri kept watch with his Dragunov, watching for any signs of movement on the street in front of him. "(Viktor! Are you done in there? Break time is nearly over, comrade!)" Viktor grunted and guzzled down an American soft drink. "Da." He said, slinging his AN-94 and crushing the can, tossing it into a nearby trash can. "(These American soft drinks, they're good! I can't understand what they say, but they are good!)" Alexi reassembled his gun and said "(If you keep rummaging through these American fridges ,you'll be as fat as them by the time we hit the capital.)" The four laugh and Sasha picks his PKM up, his finger bandaged up. "(We should get moving. The American swine will pass by soon, and they won't be too happy to know that we took an American home.)" Cpl. Wilding 01:09, April 12, 2010 (UTC)

8[26] Edit

"Miller, get up buddy, c'mon, thats it, OK" said Sgt. Lewis to a dazed PFC Miller, "Got any plans Captain" "I have one" said Cpt. Kenzington, "We're gonna kill every one of those Russian pigs for what they have done." "And they have a leader for us to kill, Commissar Pavel Makrovolsky, he's the one responsible for this war, we're gonna kill him, then every Russian after him too."

The American assault to take back Washington D.C. has begun.

"To all enemy infantry!-we have you outnumbered, we will kill you all with no mercy, we have tanks, we have weapons, and we have honor!"

Kenzington to the Russians before the counter-attack.

The battle was on, and there will be no Russians left.


9[27] Edit

"(Sasha, let's put your PKM here so we can use it for suppresive fire. Viktor, go help bandage up Nikolai, he got hit earlier. Alexi, mount this red dot on your gun, we'll probably be fighting at long range here.)" Sasha began placing his LMG and said, "(Isn't one of our objectives to keep our Commissar safe? He is after all in the building we're defending.)" Dmitri adjusted his ACOG and said "(Let the Spetsnaz handle protecting him, we're just army grunts, not special ops douchebags.)" ("I heard that, mudak. And the only reason I'm here is that the commissar knew you'd get slaughtered without me.") Nikolai replied, cocking his gun. The squad of four, along with the rest of the company, prepared for the assault on Washington. It would be a long, bloody battle for both sides. Cpl. Wilding 01:39, April 12, 2010 (UTC)

10[28] Edit

"GET DOWN!" Sargent Cain said as he droped to the ground avoiding fire from a group of Russains with RPG's, "Dammit Cain, how the hell did the Russian pig learn to ire so well?", "I have no idea Zulu-" Cain was cut off by a message the cut in over their radio, *ALL MEMBERS OF TASK FORCE THOR HAMMER, REPORT TO THE AIR FEILD IMIDEATLY*. "Aw what the fuck could they want now." Zulu said, as he hoped into the HUMVEE that was parked nearby, "Comeon Cain".

(Sorry that it is poorly writen, I will fix that) [29]T C E B 02:11, April 12, 2010 (UTC)

11[30] Edit

"We have to fight, comrades!-get your weapons ready for their assault!" The Commisar Makravolsky said to his men. "They think they can win, they think they are better, they think that they can fight!-well they can't!" All the men charged at the Rangers with a triumphant force. "Like when an eagle hunts its prey, swiftly and deadly, that is how we shall win!"

Meanwhile, with Cpt, Kenzington and Sgt. Lewis...

"WE GOTTA FIGHT, MATE!-GET OUT THERE AND FOLLOW ME!" Kenzington said during the battle, they found a tunnel that lead to a radio-tower, but when they got there, they were ambushed, and Como was killed. "COMO!" yelled Kenzington as heran to his friends side, but Como was already dead. "You fuckin bastards." Kenzington said. The Russians witheled Kenzington's M4A1 SOPMOD, and there him, Sgt. Lewis, and PFC Miller met, Commisar Pavel Makravolsky. "You know." Sgt. Lewis said to Makravolsky. "Your either the smartest man I've ever met, or a pile of shit for how many Rangers you have killed." "Kill these svolaches." said the Commissar. Then he walked away.


12[31] Edit

Nikolai didn't see the point of staying with the 3rd army squad the commissar had told him to support "You wouldn't think that a man who usually surrounds himself with special forces guards would decide to send them to the front line, da?", he asked the squad. He then heard gunshots coming from a tunnel with the commissar walking away and realized once more what he was sent there to do, kill the American swine for mother Russia.

13[32] Edit

" I swear to fucking god Kenzington if we don't stop this nuke, there isn't be anything to capture back" said Sgt. Lewis " I know, I know, we're all most to the missle launcher anyway." said Kenzington " I could maybe route the nuke so it sinks to the bottom of the Atlantic, but we have to get there first." PFC. Miller wondered, why the hell would the Government would put a Nuke in the D.C. area. A couple of Markravolsky's men ran down the corridor. Kenzington quickly picked them off. Another turn down the hall. A nearby airstrike shook the ground around them. It took them about a minute to reach the Empty control room. " I need time to put the destruction codes" said Kenzington. " Just then a group of Russian soldiers shot up the entire room. " Shit, get down" said Sgt.Lewis.


14[33] Edit

Prologue to 14

"Are you OK, mate?" Kenzington said to Sgt. Lewis as he pick the rubbish off of him. "ENEMIES MOVING IN!" yelled a ranger. "Alright everybody fall back, I know a place we can go to." "Where, Kenzington?" asked PFC Miller. "I'll show you later, right now we gotta get everybody out of D.C." "I know a guy who can pick us up." said Kenzington.

Epilogue to 14

"No, Kenzington, we have to stop that nuke" said Sgt. Lewis. " What the hell our you talking about there's no time." said Kenzington "There's a control room down the hall." If we can reach it in time we can save D.C." said Sgt. Lewis. " And what if we don't" said Kezington " Well, we all have to die some how" said Miller loading his gun. By this time they were sprinting down the hall. They had five minutes left.

MerchantofDeath (author)

15[34] Edit

Sgt. Gaffan crashed into a private, his tag reading "Miller."

"Ah, shit. Where're you going, Ranger?" He dropped his SCAR-H, but picked it back up again. He waited impatiently for an answer, looking back the way he had come. "There're fucking Russos out there!"Rollersox 02:23, April 13, 2010 (UTC)

16[35] Edit

" Come on Miller, we got to go NOW!" said Sgt. Lewis. Kenzington was already at the door to the control room. " Come with me, Sargeant, we need all the help we can get" said Miller." "Alright, but where are we going" said Gaffan " Control room" said Sgt. Lewis " To stop a nuke heading to our position." Sgt. Gaffan understood, and they were already heading for the Control room. " Come on, come on, work dammit" said Kenzington "What's wrong?" said Sgt. Lewis " Fucking security codes, I can't hack them" said Kenzington " That's bad, that's really bad" said Sgt. Lewis " And you know what's worse" said Gaffan " We've have russians coming down the hall" "Shit" said Sgt. Lewis "Defend this position at all costs." Sgt. Lewis looked toward Kenzington " Kenzington, can you hack these codes before we get are asses fried" " I can but I need more time" said Kenzington " "JUST DO IT" said Sgt. Lewis. 3 Minutes were left. Shots rang down the hall has Sgt.Lewis, Miller, and Gaffan lade suppressing fire on the group of Russians. Bullets ricocheted off the walls from the Russian AK-47's. The Defenders took cover behind overturned file cabients and office tables. The once marble white hallways were now covered with sprays of blood. The gunfight seemed to last forever, untill this broke the fight. " I got the codes, I got the FUCKING codes !" The missle safely broke up over the Atlantic Ocean. Kenzington had the look of relief on his face, as did the rest of the makeshift squad. " Good work, Kenzington" said Sgt. Gaffan "But we have one more thing to do" " And may I ask what that thing his, Mr. Gaffan" said Kenzington. With a grim smile on his face he said " Helping the U.S. Army Rangers take back the White House"


Act 3[36] Edit

17[37] Edit

Gaffan looked calmly at the men and said, "We're going to be helping the U.S. Army Rangers to take back the Whiskey Hotel."

He smiled grimly, reloaded his SCAR-H battle rifle, and looked up. "Lock 'n' load."Rollersox 02:36, April 14, 2010 (UTC)

18[38] Edit

"Oh it's so good to see you guy's." A voice said

"Who are you?" Gaffan Asked

"Captain Powell 1st Batallion 75th, We were going to Whiskey hotel then an RPG hit our humvee." he explained

"We were going to Whiskey Hotel to." Gaffan told them

"We'll More The Merrier, lets go!" Sam Said as he loaded ammo into his M4

Squelliot 18:10, April 14, 2010 (UTC)Squelliot

19[39] Edit

"Target Insight" said Predator Operator 1

"Pretty stupid place to put the Russian HQ." said Predator Operator 2

They screen was a little hazey, but they could still se the small skyscraper in downtown D.C. .

"Skyhawk, be advised, there is a small platoon on the opposite side of the street." said Overlord " Be percise, I repeat, be percise".

"Alright, James, fire on my command" said Operator 1

" Roger that" said Operator 2

" Now"

The missile flew towards it's target, and the skyscraper crumbled to the ground.

" Direct Hit" said Operator 1.


(note: If their are not supposed to be two operators, please fix this section. If they are supposed to be there, delete this message)

20[40] Edit

Gaffan suddenly heard gunfire. "Shit. It seems like we're gonna be stuck in this goddamned fucking place for ever."

He returned fire randomly. "Switch on NV, guys. I'm pretty sure we're gonna survive, but--" There was an explosion that tore the just-assembled group apart. Rollersox 02:25, April 15, 2010 (UTC)

21[41] Edit

"(Predator missiles! Get inside! Viktor! ...Where's Viktor?!)" Viktor, had by this time been well dead, a well-placed sniper shot meeting his face right between the eyes. "Mudaks!" Sasha picked his PKM up from the floor and yelled "(Let's go kill those ebaka! Their crimes are enough!)" About a platoon's worth of soldiers joined the squad as they rushed out to meet the Americans. "(Take that, you American swine!)" Cpl. Wilding 02:38, April 15, 2010 (UTC)

22[42] Edit

Nikolai was still coughing up blood from being hit by the American bombardment, but years of Spetsnaz training had taught him to ignore the pain. When he saw Sasha and the remainder of the squad he once looked down upon rushing off to fight the Americans, he dusted off his RPK and kneeled in front of Viktor's body "Too soon." he whispered. The only thing left for him to do was follow suit and make a stand with his comrades.Delta 4-7 22:51, April 15, 2010 (UTC)Delta 4-7

23[43] Edit

The firefight was getting tense, the Americans had the Russians pinned down and the Russians had the Americans pinned down. "We are going to be fucked unless they get here fast!" screamed Nikolai. "Unless who gets here?" replied a nervous private. "Two Mi35's are inbound and are going to provide us with gunship support and evac for the wounded, but I don't fucking see any gunship support, so just keep shooting!".Delta 4-7 00:10, April 16, 2010 (UTC)Delta 4-7

24[44] Edit

Gaffan saw the Russians charge out, and cursing, knifed three Russians and threw an accurate knife, placing the throwing knife just between a Russo's eyes. Rollersox 23:17, April 16, 2010 (UTC)

25[45] Edit

"All right Rangers, lock and load." said Colonel Mansing, standing infront of what remained of the Pentagon

" Lewis, what the fuck is going on" sain Kenzington

" Listen" said Sgt. Lewis

" I'm not that good with speeches, and I don't plan to get better" said Mansing " All I know is that the russians are going to pay for what they did. We will take D.C., we will push back the Russians, we go across the fields of Europe and Siberia, we will take Moscow, and we will make those fucking Ruski son of a bitches kiss are asses; am I right Rangers"

" Sir ,yes, sir"

" We we first take the White House and then we will then take the Russian HQ at Capitial Hill"

" Now," said Colonel Mansing " Let's go take back the Homefront soldiers; CHARGE!!! "

Abrams tanks, Bradleys, and Soldiers charged over the Bridges that led over the Potomac.

PFC. Miller could hear the Apache helicopters coming to support the troops.

And he knew he was not going to die in this hell.


Act 4[46] Edit

26[47] Edit

Even though two gunships had come to support Nikolai and what remained of the platoon fighting the Americans, it just wasn't enough: one had been shot down by a mobile SAM battery and the other had decided to retreat.

A voice crackled over the radio, it was command: "To all remaining units in the Washington D.C. area, satellite intel shows a large American retaliation force crossing the Potomac river. Enemy armor, infantry, and gunships are inbound, we are currently sending ground attack aircraft to repel, please stand by."

"Will they get here in time?" asked the same nervous private.

"It doesn't matter. They will have either overrun us or have more SAMs set up by the time they arrive, but we are still staying and fighting for Russia." replied Nikolai.Delta 4-7 19:40, April 17, 2010 (UTC)Delta 4-7

27[48] Edit

Russian Artillery shells were hitting the Mall hard. "We're going to need air support right now" said Colonel Mansing taking cover behind the Wreckage of a M1A2 Abrams. " Colonel, be advised ,the U.S. Army is not a Charity." said General John "Thor". "I have five other Colonels asking me for airsupport right now, and airsupport is not infinite, is that understood." " Understood General" said Colonel Mansing. Meanwhile Sgt. Lewis, Kenzington, and Miller were trying to sucure Whiskey Hotel. Miller could see the ruins of the Mall's museums. They stood up like rundowned tombstones popping up from the ground. " Miller, you see those russians behind that concrete barriers" said Sgt. Lewis " I need you to flank them from side, now go". Miller crawled over to a ruined Secret Service's SUV, just to the side of the Barrier. He could see one of them had an RPK, one with a AK, and one with a TAR-21. He pulled out one of his grenades, and threw it at the Russians. They were dead in 3 seconds. "Alright, bring that tank up that tank now" said Sgt. Lewis. An Abrams came up to the White House's fence and broke through the fence. "Alright soldiers, take back the White House. Men charged up to the White house. Russian light machine gun fire opened up at the charging soldiers. The Battle was almost over.


28[49] Edit

"White House taken" said Sgt. Lewis looking out from the White House's rotunda " We didn't meet any real resistance, just a couple soldiers, seems that the rest of them retreated to Capitial Hill" "Well now that your done with your little tea party" said Colonel " Get your asses over here ASAP, we need all the soldiers we can get to capture The Hill" " Roger that, we're Oscar Mike" said Sgt. Lewis. "Alright people, we got one more objective"


29[50] Edit

With the loudest explosion Sgt. Gaffan had ever heard, a bomb exploded directly above D.C. "Shit, man! That sounds like a--" Then, suddenly, flaming debris rained down from the sky, and three of the soldiers in Gaffan's group were crushed. "Dammit." Gaffan ran into a building, ignoring diagonally-falling pieces of crap. Rollersox 23:19, April 17, 2010 (UTC)

30[51] Edit

PFC. Miller, Kenzington, Sgt. Lewis , and the rest of the soldiers were almost to "The Hill" when they heard an explosion. Kenzington looked up, with a horrific expression on his face. "EMP, GET TO COVER NOW" Sgt. Lewis and Miller ducked under the Abrams tank as debris fell from the sky, and Kenzington shortly ducked under the tank."This IS the worst day ever" said Miller to himself.


31[52] Edit

Gaffan was knocked over, and something hard smashed into his back. Grunting, he fell unconscious.[53]Rollersox--Chat 23:59, April 17, 2010 (UTC)

32[54] Edit

Complete chaos was spreading throughout both sides of the battle for D.C. The support aircraft sent by Russian command slammed in to the bridge spanning the Potomac, causing much of the convoy's rear to plummet into the river. Nikolai was nearly blinded by the missile's massive detonation; explosions and cries of sheer terror were all he could hear after his ears stopped ringing. He then ran for the inside of a burned out helicopter for cover, dodging falling debris along the way. With his body still shaking from the adrenaline rush, he yelled out into the smoke: "Sasha!" "Dmitri!" "Anyone!" He needed to find them, and fast.Delta 4-7 06:00, April 18, 2010 (UTC)Delta 4-7

33[55] Edit

"(Nikolai? Nikolai, is that you?)" Dmitri crawled his way to Nikoali, and Nikoali quickly retorted with "(No, I'm an American, of course I'm Nikoali!)" "(Well, let's see if we can't find Sasha and Alexi, they have to be here somewhere.)" Dmitri coughed from the amount of smoke and called out Sasha and Alexi's names. Cpl. Wilding 12:32, April 18, 2010 (UTC)

34[56] Edit

" I really wished I hadn't joined the army" said PFC. Miller as he coughed from all of the debris that was around them. " Get over it Private" said Sgt. Lewis " That means everyone to people, saddle up, we're still taking "The Hill" The men started to run as soon as Sgt. Lewis finished his sentance.


35[57] Edit

"Okay, this is fucking shit, man," Gaffan groaned to himself, rubbing his bruised and battered head.

Gaffan heard "Sasha!" and "Alexi!" in the smoke by Russians and sprinted toward the damned Russkies. [58]Rollersox--Chat 17:51, April 18, 2010 (UTC)

36[59] Edit

"Damnit!" Nikolai screamed following a coughing fit. "Dmitri, if your still with me, you need to put a gas mask on. The smoke isn't clearing." Nikolai then put his mask on, but Dmitri's response was muffled due to the thick lining of the mask. Although the one thing he did hear was the unmistakable sound of a gun cocking behind him.Delta 4-7 18:59, April 18, 2010 (UTC)Delta 4-7

37[60] Edit

As soon as the got close to the "The Hill", Sgt. Lewis's soldiers were immediately fired upon by RPG fire. " RPG's, get down" said Sgt. Lewis as he took cover behind a wrecked tank. " Kenzington, we need to take back the Rotunda; that where the Russians have there HQ." said Sgt. Lewis as he blind-fired over the tank. " Alright, Miller, come with me" said Kenzington. Miller and Kenzington ran as fast as they could from the gunfire. A makeshift bunker started to fire on the soldiers. Miller and Kenzington ducked on opposite side of the bunker. Kenzington used his hands to tell Miller not to move, took out his grenade, and thew it inside the view hole. They heard the screams as the Russians burned to death from the lighting of the ammo inside the bunker. The rest of the soldiers moved up from their previous positions. " Thank God, I have these guys" said Sgt. Lewis to himself.


38[61] Edit

"You know, Russkie, I'm lucky I know some Russian." Gaffan muttered to himself, then socked "Dmitri" hard in the face, then aimed his gun at the other Russian. And cocked the SCAR-H rifle. "Don't move."[62]Rollersox--Chat 23:06, April 18, 2010 (UTC)

39[63] Edit

Nikolai reatced to the American behind him quickly enough that he was able to take his ballistic knife and fire the blade at his head, it grazed his ear, hardly a fatal wound, but it gave him enough tme to draw his Makarov "Yeah, I speak your language too. Now, drop it." It was now a standoff.Delta 4-7 00:05, April 19, 2010 (UTC)Delta 4-7

Act 5[64] Edit

40[65] Edit

Although Dmitri was fine. he heard Nikolai speaking English, and yelled at Gaffan, "(Who are you?! Don't play games with me, American. You're probably the swine who killed my friend Viktor, and Sasha and Alexi too!)" Dmitri ducked down (thankfully the smoke concealed him slightly) and took out his combat knife, then charged at Gaffan yelling "Za rodinu!" (For the motherland) Cpl. Wilding 00:08, April 19, 2010 (UTC)

41[66] Edit

"Swine?" growled Gaffan in Russian, tugging his H&K MP7 submachine gun from his shoulder holster.

Then he released a burst of SMG fire instinctively, involuntarily, toward the man screaming wildly in Russian. "Oh, no, no, Russkie." Gaffan, dodging, fired another burst, and smiled at the other Russian. "Let's fi--" Something hard smashed into his head. He barely had time to turn around and realize that the other Russian had a heavy piece of asphalt in his hand. Then he fell unconscious, but not before the throwing knife left his hand.

42[67] Edit

The American's kinfe was nearly ready to kill Dmitri, but now it lay on the ground next to him. "Why didn't you kill him!" was Dmitri's immediate response. "Because he's the only chance we have of winning this fight, once we find Sasha, Alexi, and the others, he's going to telll us where his friends are." "Fine but I'm not carrying him" Dmitri retorted.Delta 4-7 02:01, April 19, 2010 (UTC)Delta 4-7

43[68] Edit

Gaffan awoke and saw the two Russians. He immediately raised a middle finger at them, but one of them slapped him. "Fuck you," he muttered in French, hoping the Russians didn't understand French.

He attempted moving his limbs--they were tied up. He was in some sort of Greyhound bus, which was rolling down the desolated street toward the Capitol Hill. [69]Rollersox--Chat 02:43, April 19, 2010 (UTC)

44[70] Edit

"(Uncultured swine.)" Dmitri stepped back a bit on the bus after slapping their new captive. Alexi had been found cowering in the bus earlier, but Sasha was nowhere to be found. "(Alexi, do you remember if Sasha was near you when the snoke hit?)" Alexi played a bit with his Makarov pistol and said "(No idea where he went. He's probably dead in the hands of the Americans by now. First Viktor, now Sahsa. Dmitri, who's next?)" Dmitri simply took his Dragunov up and said "(You say anything like that again I'll break your legs.)" "(And I thought the Spetsnaz were tough. So who's our friend?)" Alexi motioned over to Gaffan. "(Somebody who can help us. Let's see if he knows anything now.)" Dmitri sat Gaffan up on a bus seat, and faced him directly before saying "(Did you or anyone you know kill a man who looked like this?)" Dmitri held up a squad photo of the four in a helicopter, pointing a finger to Sasha's face. Cpl. Wilding 18:19, April 19, 2010 (UTC)

45[71] Edit

"Oh, yeah, I've seen him. Wasn't he your grandpa or something? 'Cause he sure looked like that before I shot him. Damn, dude, it was hilarious! He was all like: 'Let me live' in that bloody--" Another Russian, Alexi, he had heard, gritted his teeth. Gaffan simply laughed. "Don't like that, do you? Tsk-tsk-tsk." Alexi put the muzzle of his Makarov to Gaffan's head. Gaffan laughed.[72]Rollersox--Chat 02:40, April 20, 2010 (UTC)

46[73] Edit

"(сволочь. Alexi, put your Makarov away.)" Alexi grudgingly did so and he took over the wheel. Dmitri knelt down to Gaffan and said quietly, "(I hope you have enjoyed your life. When we are done in Washington, we will kill every last one of you uncultured American swine.)" Cpl. Wilding 14:57, April 20, 2010 (UTC)

47[74] Edit

"Of course I fucking enjoyed my life, asshole!" Gaffan spat in Dmitri's face. "Oh I just love 'uncultured swine' like myself! Besides, if I'm swine, then go 'f' yourself."[75]Rollersox--Chat 00:20, April 21, 2010 (UTC)

48[76] Edit

Dmitir drew his knife, held it an inch away from Gaffan's throat, then said "(Svoloch. Once we arrive at base, you will have signed your death warrant. If you weren't so valuable I'd kill you, just for killing Sasha. Let's see how your comrades deal with losing one of their friends.)" Dmitri spits back and sheaths his knife. After a short drive, the group arrive at the main Russian headqaurters, hastily set up due to the counterattack on Washington. "(Sir, we have captured an enemy. We believe he holds valuable information about the American counterattack.)" Cpl. Wilding 02:17, April 23, 2010 (UTC)

49[77] Edit

Gaffan spit in Dmitri's face again.

"Oops." Gaffan broke out laughing. Then he began laughing maniacally and hysterically. Foam dribbled down his mouth and he cackled with crazed laughter. The Russians stared at him hesitantly, but he just began rolling with the laughter. [78]Rollersox--Chat 02:31, April 23, 2010 (UTC)

50[79] Edit

The metal doors kicked open. A man of high rank strutted into the room holstering an M240 on his shoulder like his training rifle. He was layed back and calm even though the world around him was falling into total chaos. "Lieutenant DeTone, its good to see you again." Captin Rez said, "Its not to often we actually allow you to do things like this." "Well sir after that incident in Afghanistan, Im suprised they kept me in the Rangers let alone promote me to Lieutenant." Detone became side-tracked stareing at the map of the currently invaded US. "So where my unit being dropped sir?" Detone asked. "You dont seem too worried." Captain Rez replied. "Probably because i could care less if i live or die, as long as i know my kids are gonna be safe." The Lieutenant turned and walked to his platoon Sergeant. "Wilkins wake up and go tell the other guys we are leaving for Washington." mattman2008x 2:30 April 23, 2010

51[80] Edit

He boarded the already running helicopter along with this squad. "Ok listen and listen good guys: The Russians havent hit this area yet and pray they dont cause most of us aint comein back." DeTone stated in a grim voice, "Well screw you to sir." Private Palo replied. The men laughed at one another until they could hear the other helicopters in the back ground. "Looks this is really it man." Private Palo said. "Yea, no more back yard BBQ back in California for while." DeTone replied. "Hey, says in the brocher that Washington is the most lively place in the US. Well it is now anyway." Corporal Turner laughed. "Might as well joke for awhile, half of you bastards will be dead in a few days anyway." Wilkins said, head tilited down. "Your a very grim person, Sarge you know that?" Palo replied. The men proceded to talk about their pasts and other life stories as the helo roared over the desert. They knew destiny was calling, but they would be late to answer.mattman2008x 2:35 April 24, 2010

52[81] Edit

Nikolai had had enough of the American, he swung the butt of his RPK into his stomach. "That shut him up." "Now American, listen. You have no idea how good you have it, or how how much worse we can make it. Tell us the plans for your counterattack, and maybe we won't leave your body to rot like a dead pig." All Nikolai got in return was a blank stare and a smirk. Nikolai hit him again in the ribs, cracking at least one. "You think that doing this disgusts me, disturbs me? I have spent years in the Spetsnaz, I could watch you die in a thousand horrendous ways and not even flinch!" The same smirk answered him. "Somebody get the officers out here, he won't be laughing so much anymore."Delta 4-7 16:54, April 24, 2010 (UTC)Delta 4-7

53[82] Edit

It had been a few hours, the team had stopped for refuels several times and joined the massive infantry chopper unit Wasper 6-3. They men finally saw the crest of the war torn capital, they stared in aww at what destruction was still here. "Multiple Russian footmobles advanceing on the house downthere!" Private Palo yelled. "Good, some target practice." DeTone replied. The chopper spun up the miniguns and let loose the rain on the approaching Russians. Not one stood. "See, piece of cake." DeTone muttered smartaleck like. The chopper continued to move up the streets until the crew saw a mass of American infantry lieing in wait. They knew they found the right place to be. [[User:mattman2008x]mattman2008x]]18:36 April 24,2010

54[83] Edit

The choppers dropped off what must have been 100 men to the battlefields below a point called "The Hill" DeTone turned to the boys: "Ok listen, where supportig these guys in the counterattack to retake Washington, now most of us will not be going home, some of us will get lucky and get hurt bad enough to get sent home, and very few of us will actually make it out alive. I only stress one rule: you are no good to me dead. Understand, hooah?" The men raised their weapons and replied with a tremendus hooah. "Ok lets saddle up and get it done. [[User:mattman2008x]mattman2008x]]18:56 April 24,2010

55[84] Edit

DeTone took Wilkins and Palo to look around the battalion of soldiers to find an officer or NCO. "You Sergent.uhh..Lewis, I need a sitrep." DeTone said. "You guys must be the backup we got word of." Lewis replied, "We've almost got a counterattack set up down here, The Russian HQs over the ridgeline a few clicks away, and were missing one of our Sergeants." "Missing a Sergeant?" DeTone questioned. "Yes, Sergeant Scott Gaffen, he went missing the other day during our first attack on "The Hill." Lewis explained, "Its very likly they took him to that HQ, This hill is considered smalltalk compared to that HQ." DeTone turned to his team, "Boys check your weapons and ammo and get back on the chopper." DeTone turned again to Lewis, "Im gonna get your man back, even if I dont make it back myself.[[User:mattman2008x]mattman2008x]]19:02 April 24,2010

56[85] Edit

Gaffan socked the Russian in the face, grabbed his old-fashioned hunting knife, cut his ropes, grabbed the Russian's AK-47 assault rifle and sprinted out from the headquarters, wearing the dead Russian's clothes.

He ran and ran, the bruises and cuts on his face stung by the force of the wind, but he didn't care. Then a firm hand grabbed him. "Vladimir."

"Yes?" he asked in perfect, fluent Russian.

"Why are you running?"

Gaffan punched the Russian sergeant and kept on escaping.[86]Rollersox--Chat 17:19, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

57[87] Edit

"Soldier, get that Barrett .50 cal. up here, pronto" said Sgt. Lewis to a Ranger sniper. "Sir ,yes, sir" said the Sniper.

Meanwhile, Miller and a platoon of soldiers were moving toward "The Hill"

Lewis pulled out his binoculars and looked at the enemy positions.

" Enemy sniper, rotunda, left edge." said Sgt. Lewis, giving the sniper the command.

With the sound of the trigger, a bullet flied out of the muzzle.

The Russian sniper's head exploded from the shot, and he fell over the edge.

"Good shot" said Lewis " Now, enemy MG position, left entrance."

The sniper took another shot.

The bullet went through the Russian's chest, Lewis could see that the other Russian soldiers were worried.

"Alright." said Sgt. Lewis " Second Platoon, move up."


58[88] Edit

The Americans were decimating Russian defences at "The Hill", sniper fire had already eliminated the turrets and sniper teams in and around the mall. Divsions around Nikolai's group of a thousand-or-so soldiers defending the steps of the Capital were retreating. Nikolai had to get reinforcements, or the battle would be lost. He broke from cover to get the radio off a dead soldier. "18th Armored Division, come in, I repeat, comrades of the 18th Armored Divison plese respond." Nikolai yelled into the radio. "Da, this is 18th Armored commander Andrei Surokov. Who is this?" "Master Sargeant Nikolai Hewa, GRU Spetsnaz. Requesting a fire mission, coordinates: 38 53'24 degrees north, 77 01'25 degrees west. You're the only armored divsion in the area and we need to hold the Capital." Nikolai prayed that the artillery bombardment would be enough to stop the American counterattack.Delta 4-7 23:01, April 25, 2010 (UTC)Delta 4-7

59[89] Edit

Gaffan fired his AK-47 at the defending Russians. Wild cries of complex Russian left the Russians' lips, but they were gunned down by his rifle--not saying he liked it, but he had to admit, the Russians had made quite a reliable weapon. Grabbing all the mags he could, he quickly knifed the last Russian in sight, then saw a cowardly Russian under cover, clutching a radio and talking. "You're the only armored division in the area and we need to hold the Capital."

Gaffan grinned, aimed through his AK-47's iron sights, and fired.[90]Rollersox--Chat 23:07, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

60[91] Edit

The radio in Nikolai's hand was suddenly blown apart, he then turned around to see the American trying to reload his rifle. "Fucking Mudak!" Nikolai cried out. He immediatly gave chase to the American, who was running towards an IFV on the mall, all while shooting and screaming: "You are too late, your comrades will die in a hail of artillery just like you!" Just as the American reached the mall "Boom! Boom! Boom!" was heard coming from the Jefferson Memorial.Delta 4-7 23:30, April 25, 2010 (UTC)Delta 4-7

61[92] Edit

Gaffan cursed as the ground shook beneath his combat boots. He tossed a Semtex sticky plastic explosive, and pulled out a remote detonator. The Semtex latched onto the ground just in front of the Russian, and he tripped. Gaffan pushed the green "All-A-Go" button on his remote.[93]Rollersox--Chat 23:53, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

62[94] Edit

"ENEMY ARTILLARY INCOMING ON OUR POSITION!" Palo yelled after looking up at the large barrage of rockets heading in the direction of the landed choppers and infantry. DeTone turned to look at the sky. "Son of a bitch...." DeTone said. The rockets hit the ground busting up rocks and tearing men to pieces. DeTone and Palo ran as fast as they could towards cover, rockets were pounding at the men. DeTone jumped for the downed building grabbing Palo as he went. The two stayed under the rubble until the rockets stopped. mattman2008x24:00 April 26, 2010

63[95] Edit

"You ok?" DeTone asked. "Yea im fine.....wait wheres Wilkins?" Palo replied. DeTone dashed onto the field where the bodies of dead rangers lay scattered. DeTone heard the crys of Russians and reached around for his M240. He mowed down to of them trying to stab a living ranger. DeTone helped him up then handed him an M4. "Here son go kick some ass if you still got the strength." The ranger stood up and looked at him "Hooah sir." he ran off towards Sgt. Lewis's surviving battalion. DeTone wandered through the wreckage only to find the dead Wilkins laying in half along the sidewalk. "Dammit Daniel..why did it have to be you." DeTone muttered sadly. He reached for his dogtags and returned to his battalion. "Were not going to that base boys, get ready where helping these men take back "The Hill"." mattman2008x24:21 April 26, 2010

64[96] Edit

"(Hunt them down one by one! Don't let any of the uncultured American ebaka escape!)" Dmitri and what was left of his squad, along with the hundred or so Red Army and Spetsnaz forces, began charging towards the Americans. It was obvious that it would be a long and bloody fight for Washington. Already after the initial artillery barrage snipers like Dmitri were firing upon the confused and dazed Americans. Cpl. Wilding 23:08, April 26, 2010 (UTC)

65[97] Edit

Miller was shellshocked. The Russian artillery had hit the soldiers hard. But Miller new that the U.S. was winning this fight. " Move up, Miller." said Sgt. Lewis with a grin on his face " Let's show these Ivans whose the boss here" "Sir, yes, sir" said the also grinning Miller. Miller could already see the steps of the Capital. Bullets flew everywhere as the russians tried one last desperate defense. He thought that he was going to die. Suddenly, he heard the sound of jets. F-16's flew by and dropped there payloads. Direct hit on the Russian line. " This payload was delievered from New York, to the fucking Ruski's on our soil." said the pilot jokingly. "Alright men," said Sgt. Lewis " TAKE BACK THAT HILL!!!" With a thousand screams, the soldiers charged toward "The Hill".


66[98] Edit

Nikolai awoke from a half concious stupor to find himself under a collapsed pillar, probably from the American's semtex, he thought. After pushing the rubble off of him, he found Dmitri sniping American soldiers from behind a downed tree. The brief meeting was interrupted by the roar of American jets coming in. "Get down!" Nikolai screamed before missiles killed at least 20 men in front of him and Dmitri.Delta 4-7 01:07, April 27, 2010 (UTC)Delta 4-7

67[99] Edit

"Get down on the floor" said Miller aiming his SCAR at a half-dazed Russian. " Fuck you, you imperialist pig" said the Russian to Miller. " Soldiers" said Sgt. Lewis to two soldiers" ,take this man behind our lines, make sure he get's sent to POW camp." " No, you'll never take me alive" said the Russian. But by then the soldiers had a lock on the Russian and were dragging him away from the battle. " OK, let's go take that HQ" said Sgt. Lewis. But, for a strange reason, Miller felt sorry for the soldier. Miller saw a dead man that was next to him, it looked like his friend. But, War is War, and nothing is going to change that.


68[100] Edit

Bullets ripped through Gaffan's body, and he turned to see a crazed Russian firing a MG. Soaked in his own blood, Gaffan cursed and managed to snap off a few shots. Then he fell. [101]Rollersox--Chat 02:20, April 27, 2010 (UTC)

69[102] Edit

Dmitri fought with his captors, or at least, tried to, as he was too tired from Gaffan and fighting to be able to mount a resistance. To make it worse, once the artillery fell, he got himself drunk off of vodka. In his druken slurs, he half yelled, half mumbled at his captors, "I'm gonna kill ya and I'm gonna kill ya then I'm gonna kill you again cuz you'll be dead...haha." switching between Russian and English.

Alexi looked around for Nikolai, ultimately failing. "(Nikolai! Nikolai, where the hell are you?! The Americans have Dmitri!)" Cpl. Wilding 20:25, April 28, 2010 (UTC)

70[103] Edit


AN-124 transport aircraft: approx. 4800 feet above Washington D.C. 17:51:26 PM

This was where the fighter escort peeled off from the main invasion force. This was where Nikolai got nervous. A red light flashed on, and Nikolai was barely able to get up before a missile knocked out one of the engines. Nikolai bailed out and pulled his chute, not sure of what to do now that he was unable to reach his objective, the White House, with the rest of his Spetsnaz team. He found himself in an American yard once he hit the ground, witnessing a comrade unlucky enough to land on a rooftop get shot by a minigun from a convoy of American Humvees. "Command, this is Nikolai Hewa, Spetsnaz GRU. My transport plane was shot down, I need a rally point." "Copy that Nikolai, we have orders from the commissar, you are to meet up with a 3rd army squad approimately 1km from your position and assist them. Out." "Understood." Nikolai was behind enemy lines now.Delta 4-7 23:22, April 28, 2010 (UTC)Delta 4-7

71[104] Edit

Gaffan stood up wearily, eyes blinking slowly. His SCAR lay a few feet away from him, and the blood that had once been dribbling from his chest was now sealed. But no medic was in sight. He could feel the clean, neatly-placed stitches. Looked around. Saw a note. Go north. Immediately. So, naturally, he obliged, and went on north, feet trodding across asphalt pavements.[105]Rollersox--Chat 02:06, April 29, 2010 (UTC)

72 (the end)[106] Edit

Dmitri woke up with a huge hangover and a bright light in his face. Two Americans, probably officers came into the room and held Dmitri's face up.

"Tell us everything you know about Russian plans." Cpl. Wilding 14:37, April 29, 2010 (UTC)

Please, this roleplay is over. Please check ouy War on the Homefront 2[107] Edit