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UnduhTakuh UnduhTakuh 15 January 2014

Source and Visual

Friends. I can publish an upcoming crossover game, but I can't change easily. Because there were source and visual editors. But now, there's only source editor left. Please, can you reactive visual editor?

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UnduhTakuh UnduhTakuh 29 September 2013

Call of Duty: Time and Fate

During the nuke;

1-)If Pelayo is saved in the air, Jackson and his team arrives at center of Tehran. And Jackson disarms nuke.

2-)If Pelayo is shot in tail rotor, Selena and her team arrive at same place. And Selena disarms nuke with different method.

3-)If Pelayo is shot down and Selena's team is fallen back, the nuke explodes and kills 31, 470 Marines, Rangers, Seals including Jackson and his team

You think, which ending of this episode is the best thing?

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