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Here today I will be recruiting people to a futureristic fanfic roleplay. The roleplay takes place in the year 2058

The world is pretty much a hell hole. A large group none as the stock holders union is a large well paying corperation that hires mercenaries as guards and private soldiers. The worlds resources have also started to plumet. The space age is sorta there but the world is not advanced enough to move to a new planet and to make it worse instead of us discovering aliens first they have. The good thing is that one alien species wants to destroy the other species,The bad news is that the other species has began infiltrating the planets surface. The world is at its end although there is hope. The result of WW3 had created a new island a medium sized continent. The land has not been touched by war or civilization and is the only safe place in htis time of war. So who will claim it.


  • No godplaying
  • No being a god
  • No nukes yet
  • No pre 2000 era weapons
  • If your human unless you have a reason no alien weapons


Stockholders union

Protoss(Honestly I cant come up with alien names if youc an come up with some please tell me)

Zerg(Same as above) Non Useable

Earth Defence Force

The Russian Peoples army

The United nations

Other stuff

Your character should be like







And please come up with alien names please

Also this will progress into a post apoc roleplay most likely this also follows the nova 6 story line and the modern warefare story line.