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Mob Hitman29 Mob Hitman29 13 March 2014

Viva la Quinta Brigada

The story will be set in 1936 Andalusia, following a squad of the 15th International Brigade

  • Frankie Desmond-Kilkenny
  • Eoin O'Leary-Sligo
  • Paddy Smith-Dublin
  • Seán McDaid-Leitrim
  • Jim Sullivan-Donegal
  • Pauric "Fitzy" Fitznorman-Cork
  • Pól O'Neil-Tyrone
  • Gerry McCall-Derry
  • Shea Murphy-Dublin
  • Barry Gallagher-Derry
  • Vincent "Vinnie" Grant-Louth
  • Iosá McMonagle-Kerry
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Mob Hitman29 Mob Hitman29 29 September 2013


The Bank/Banka is a story of something I'd really like to see as a film. It's basically a Bosnian War interpretation of Kelly's Heroes. Same concept, AWOL soldiers and a bank full of gold but with a few twists.

Some of the characters are mentioned below

  • Vuk Kostić as Lt/Pvt. Vidić: De Facto platoon leader
  • Sergej Trifunović as Boro:  De Jure platoon leader
  • Milan Marić as Stoner: A helicopter pilot who seemingly shouldn't be one
  • Nikola Kojo as Bata: A mobster and paramilitary man from Belgrade
  • Nikola Đuričko as Šumandijanac: Stoner's co-pilot
  • Giorgos Kapoutzidis as Ioannidis: A Greek man who somehow ended up in the VRS, he can't even speak Serbian.
  • Bojan Dimitrijević as Cpl. Grobarvić: A Croatian Serb Partizan Belgrade fanatic and a veteran of Vukov…

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Mob Hitman29 Mob Hitman29 7 August 2013

Του Κόκκινο Βιτρώ Σημαίες (Of Red Stained Flags) Details

Setting: Thessaloniki and Macedonia WW2 Plot: About the tri-occupation of Greece

Characters: (Note some characters are not yet metioned and some of these might take a bigger role than some of the mentioned)

  • Ioannidis Family-A family of clock makers from Thessaloniki
    • Pavlos-The 35 year old shop maker turned resistance member father of Panos, Nikoleta and Sara
    • Anna-Pavlos' wife
    • Panos-Pavlos and Anna's son who was killed before the story takes place
    • Nikoleta-The oldest daughter and middle child, married to Iason, pregnant at the beginning of the story and stepmother of Maria
    • Sara-The youngest of the Ioannidis family along with her cousin and father she's a member of the underground but is the middle of the two in terms of vocalilty
    • Elias-Pavlos' neph…
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Mob Hitman29 Mob Hitman29 2 July 2013

Just wondering if this is the right wiki

Wondering if this is the right wiki to post a story I'm thinking of. The story is set during the 1876 during the Great Sioux war. The film will be a fictionalised account with a few settlers fighting on the side of the Natives including a New Yorker who went westward in search of wealth, an Irish born ex-Confederate officer and his half Sioux son, a former French army officer, an ex-slave and a Georgian man who served as a grenadier in the CS Army and seeks revenge on the Union Army. This was influenced by a simulation I created on the Gem Editor using the ACW mod for Men of War.

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Mob Hitman29 Mob Hitman29 30 June 2013

Battle of Kolubara Characters and Details

The story will be set in 1914 during the Austo-Hungarian invasion of Serbia. The story will feature both sides of the battle where about half of each armies were lost. The story will have a revisionist war movie feel to it.

  • Alec Guinness as Živojin Mišić
  • Bata Živojinović as Cpt. Milanović
  • Leon Niemczyk as Field Commandant Rutkowski
  • Ljubiša Samardžić as Sgt. Victor Kovač
  • Milena Dravić as Marija
  • Pavle Vuisić as the quarter master

  • Wolf Albach-Retty as General Becker
  • Boris Dvornik as Sgt. Babić
  • Peter Alexander as Cpt. Wiess
  • Hannjo Hasse as Col. Sullivan
  • Lojze Rozman as Cpt. Victor Broz
  • Luděk Munzar as Cpl. Pešek
  • Dezső Garas as Lt. Erős
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