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Incase if you haven't heard: We have agreed on changing the wiki layout (again) to a permanent design, rather than changing it based on the next CoD game. We have also discussed how we're going to achieve this; we will have a number of potential backgrounds, which you will vote on and which ever gets the most votes wins (and I will change the color scheme according to the picture).

All pictures should be directed to either Gloryman3 or me, since we are admins and can actually edit the blog to implement the candidates. You should provide the picture's original location (in link-format) so we can be able to use it on the wiki's CSS page.

As for me, I personally don't care what the picture is as long as the majority of users like it.


AnonymousONIAgent's suggestions:

Gloryman3's suggestions:

Bumblebeeprime09's suggestions:

  • A Battlefield 3 picture


Moving On!

Well, the editing box (towards the bottom) is a bit hard to read, so if you want that changed, we can always just utilize a different background. But if we are to keep this background, I need help on what color to use for links!!!!!