Call of Duty Fan Fiction Wiki

Hey everybody, I'm starting a new fanfic loosely based on CoD; The premise is that the Russian invasion of the U.S. was at least a partial success, and the Russians have managed to push past American defenses on the Eastern seaboard. This has allowed them to occupy cities like D.C. and New York (The two main settings for the story.) If you want to sign up, post the following information in the comments. Thanks :D (P.S. Any fanfics I'm currently involved in I'll continue to edit.)

  • Name: Sam Weston
  • Age: 28
  • Weapons: M110 SASS w/ Thermal/Night vision scope, Full-auto Glock 22
  • Role(s): Sniper/Tech expert
  • General description of your character's gear/appearance: Black & gray urban camo jacket/clothing, tactical vest