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I am back again today with another blog post. This time, it is a progress report on Road of War.

Road of War

So far, the game has been coming along quite nicely considering the circumstances I am in. I have been working on this game practically anywhere I go, be it a party or in school. So, here's the rundown for what I have completed:

  • Missions: The "Prologue" all the way up to "Fallen Angels" is finished. I have used 29 pages of lined paper to write all the way up until there and I just keep going.
  • Countries and Continents: All thirteen countries for the series have been decided, though their information is still in the brainstorming process. Boundaries and how the continents look have also been finalized.
  • Vehicles: Vehicles are being completely redone in terms of which will be included in the game. However, no design or statistics per vehicle will change.
  • Weapons: Weapons are still in the brainstorming process. No designs or statistics have been finalized.
  • Upgrades: No work on the upgrades has been completed.
  • Characters: Most of the characters for the game have been decided on, though names are subject to change. Character profiles are in the works right now.
  • Soundtrack: I will not be putting up any actual music, though I will give the name for the soundtrack and the "length" of each track.
  • Expansions: No work on expansion packs has been completed.
  • Easter Eggs and Cut Content: No work on easter eggs or cut content has been completed.

I will finish the page on "Through the Countryside" over on the Game Ideas Wiki and bring over here as soon as possible.

That's all for today so, as always, take care on the battlefield.  DeadRaiser  Talk  Contribs  My Home Wiki   20:45,12/21/2013 


This is just regarding characters: As of now, I have a total of 155 characters for Road of War. Most are in minor roles, however, I might add more in the future to add more variety and to enhance the game's story. To answer anyone's question, no, most characters will not have detailed biographies or pages.

That's all for now. As always, take care on the battlefield.  DeadRaiser  Talk  Contribs  My Home Wiki   23:15,12/21/2013