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Explanation: I have no idea where I'm going with this. Keep that in mind.

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For army, it can only be the army of a nation that's on the map. If it isn't on the map, IT'S NOT IMPORTANT. Russia is the only nation exempt from this, and as such your character can be in the Russian Red Army or Spetsnaz if you really want it.

If you need ideas for names, there's a random name generator here. It has most, if not all of the nations represented here.

Quick guide to nations and armies: Democratic-friendly nations:

  • Alvonia (Alvonian Wehrmacht, Schwarzes Korps[Special Forces])
  • Germany (German Bundeswehr, GSG 9[Special Forces])
  • Great Britain (British Army, SAS)
  • Spain (Spanish Army, Mando de Operaciones Especiales[Special Forces])
  • Avorez (Avorez Army)
  • USA (U.S. Army, Green Berets)
  • Canada (Canadian Army, CANSOFCOM[Special Forces])

Democratic allied nations:

  • Alvonia-Germany
  • Spain-Great Britain
  • USA-Canada

Communist-friendly nations:

  • Russia (Russian Red Army, Spetsnaz)
  • All Russian puppets labeled on the map
  • Communist Canada (Canadian Red Army, Canadian Spetsnaz)
  • Portugal (Portuguese Army, Brotherhood of Portugal [Extremist government supported group])

Communist allied nations:

  • Russia-puppets
  • Russia-Communist Canada
  • Russia-Portugal

Neutral nations (those without a leaning to communism or democracy)

  • Ireland (Irish Republican Army)
  • Sarnungian Republic (leaning away from democratic nations because of Alvonian Africa)
  • Mexico (Mexican Army)
  • American Confederation (American Army, MACC-SOG(Military Assistance Command-Communism-Special Operations Group))
  • Confederate States of America (Confederate Army)
  • United Kingdom of Italy and Switzerland (Swiss-Italian Army)
  • Great Lakes State (Great Lakes Army)
  • France (French Army)