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The new fanon series I will be doing will be called When Duty Calls and will have bots from the game. They will have actual character.


The main characters are... The team the characters are on are the seals. The 6 seals are friends.

Vonderhear - Leader

Demers - Seals

Kohler - Seals

Donlan - Seals

Crowe - Seals

Nouriani - Seals

Manto - Seals


The characters are above. But these are descriptions on the characters.

Vonderhear - Leader - He is a good leader. He always wants to win and encourages his team (seals) to do their best. He is always on time for wars and battles.

Demers - Seals - Demers is the guy who makes everyone laugh. If everyone is stressed from the wars he helps them by letting out some jokes. But he is still strong.

Kohler - Seals - Kohler is very interested in facts about most anything. He likes to share information and can figure out many things because he is very smart. He can sometimes find out the enemy team's strategy.

Donlan - Seals - Donlan is very hard working. He likes to get things done and usually likes to have fun with it too. But the main aspect of him is working back home in the south.

Crowe - Seals - Crowe is very quick and secretive. He is the fastest in the group and the most entergetic and hyper.

Nouriani - Seals - Nouriani is very skillful. He picks up new talents pretty quickly. His main talent by far is his confidence and he thinks good thoughts. He also is good at making every else confident and proud.

Manto - Seals - Manto is fearless and brave. He never backs down from a challenge. Unless it is harmful to friends or family.

Words For The Characters (one word to describe them)

Vondearhear - Leader - From Yemen

Demers - Optimistic - From Hijacked

Kohler - Knowledge - From Slums

Donlan - Productive - From Magma

Crowe - Entergetic - From Plaza

Nouriani - Talent - From Express

Manto - Brave - From Nuketown