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Alpha Ranger Alpha Ranger 27 April 2015


When Duty Calls, made and written by Alpha Ranger, will air on April 30, 2015.


Flight Zero: Alpha Ranger (creator): "I was going to do flight zero on May 5th. But it is my friend's birthday and too busy of a day. I will release 2 episodes on one day because of the delay."

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Alpha Ranger Alpha Ranger 23 April 2015

New Series: When Duty Calls

The new fanon series I will be doing will be called When Duty Calls and will have bots from the game. They will have actual character.

The main characters are... The team the characters are on are the seals. The 6 seals are friends.

Vonderhear - Leader

Demers - Seals

Kohler - Seals

Donlan - Seals

Crowe - Seals

Nouriani - Seals

Manto - Seals

The characters are above. But these are descriptions on the characters.

Vonderhear - Leader - He is a good leader. He always wants to win and encourages his team (seals) to do their best. He is always on time for wars and battles.

Demers - Seals - Demers is the guy who makes everyone laugh. If everyone is stressed from the wars he helps them by letting out some jokes. But he is still strong.

Kohler - Seals - Kohler i…

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