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Now, I guess I'll continue the chain blog that we all know and love.... So here it goes!

Bet you didn't know....

  • That I'm an actor, and absoluty love being an actor.
  • That I'm a musician.
  • That I have a puppy.
  • That I love being an author.
  • That I've won three awards (legit ones too, like medals and stuffs) at "Speech Meets" for presenting a dramatic monologue.
  • That people say I have Justin Beiber hair....beh.
  • That I live in the middleofnowhere, IL.
  • That I once barfed after spinning around a few too many times in a "spinny chair" when I was four years old.
  • That I wear slippers around my house when I don't have to go anywhere.
  • That I have dimples....beh.
  • That I have an little sister that drives me crazy but couldn't live without.
  • That I am sometimes obsessed with being on my computer.
  • That I think that whoever invented the pathetic life of Charlie Brown is one sick bastard.
  • That I'm a nerd, not like a book smart nerd a the loving nerdy things nerd. See above ^

Soo...yeah. That's enough right?