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Stream of Consciousness

Sequel to DC:AoW, opens with mercenaries storming a private tropical retreat in a remote Pacific island. Infamous Scottish mercenary Brian Gordon Hume leads a band of Colombian mercenaries through the jungle, amongst whom is player-controlled Gabriel Navarro, former Colombian special forces soldier currently under contract by a client he does not even known (but the pay is really good). They storm the house to find their target, Canadian engineer and ballistics expert Basil Napier.

Basil Napier had made a name for himself after a long and successful career working as an aerospace engineer for numerous ordinance manufacturers, eventually starting his own firm and providing weaponry to countries that were under strict embargoes due to human rights abuses and the like, for example: he provided long-range artillery to both apartheid-era South Africa and communist Cuba, both while they were at war with each other!!!

His last big project was with the People's Liberation Army, participating in a 10-year program with the intention of modernizing the PLA.