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This article only covers the Multiplayer and Special Operations portions. This article is also under active construction and has no relation with the Call of Duty: Retribution created by Chilled10.

Call of Duty: Retribution
Developer(s) Nakamura Interactive
Frost Games (Multiplayer)
Tachibana Games (Special Operations)
Publisher(s) Morningwood Arts
Director(s) Anakin Nakamura (Design)
Jesse Loon (Narrative)
Engine Semblance 6.0
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Campaign
Special Operations
Platform(s) Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Steam client
Media Call of Duty: Retribution - The Return
Season Four: Retribution
"Three years ago, we encountered an enemy that we thought we easily defeated. We thought the might of the Eclipse Military was impenetrable; we thought we were all powerful. But we were wrong."
―Reveal Trailer

Call of Duty: Retribution is an FPS action Call of Duty video game developed by Nakamura Interactive, Frost Games and Tachibana Games, and published by Morningwood Arts for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Steam client. Call of Duty: Retribution was developed using Semblance 6.0. Anakin Nakamura serves as the game's design director while Eclipse Universe creator Jesse Loon serves as the narrative director, overseeing the narrative within all the game's modes, and collaborating with Anakin on post-launch story content.

The game is the final entry in the Rose Squad Trilogy, a spin-off from the Eclipse Warfare series. The game was developed as the sequel to Call of Duty: Age of Extinction, the second entry in the Trilogy. It is also the final time that players will be able to play as Rose Squad. The game will take place during the Second Korman Conflict between the Korma Empire and Eclipse Empire in the Original Rose Squad Timeline.

Like Call of Duty: Age of Extinction, the game's setting was introduced by Call of Duty: Retribution - Return, a promotional mini-movie created by Nakamura Interactive, and Season Four: Retribution in Call of Duty: Extinction.


Developed by Frost Games, Call of Duty: Retribution features a Multiplayer mode for those also wanting a PvP experience instead of the PvE Extinction mode. This time around, Frost Games had made improvements to the Multiplayer experience, hoping to retain classic and create new gameplay to keep it fresh.

This comes in the introduction of Class gameplay; Frost Games has introduced four Classes for players to choose from and each focus on a different play-style. Armour Suits are also new to the Multiplayer experience, which increases survivability. These suits can also be customized with Power Upgrades, which replaces Perks. Equipment make a return in the form of Modules, but are now tied to the Armour Suits and some are limited to a specific Class.

The list of each Faction that are featured in Multiplayer.

  • Eclipse Military
    • Eclipse Army
    • Eclipse Orbital Defense Corps
    • Eclipse Planetary Guard
  • Nakamura Federation Armed Forces
    • Federal Army
  • Korma Empire
    • Korman War Armies
    • Korman War Fleet
  • Insurrectionists/Rebels
    • Mexican Insurrectionists
    • American Resistance
    • Martian Insurrectionists
  • Eclipse Research Laboratories
    • Atlas Division
    • Sentinel Division


Main article: Call of Duty: Retribution Multiplayer/Ranking

In Call of Duty: Retribution, the ranking system is similar to previous Call of Duty installments, particularly the Modern Warfare trilogy. There are a total 15 Prestige ranks and 60 Ranks that players can obtain.


Frost Games developed and designed Call of Duty: Retribution Multiplayer; with their development of Multiplayer, they introduced Class gameplay with four Classes for players to choose from, each with two unique Abilities and a single Passive Trait tailored towards different play styles. Unlike Classes from Call of Duty: Age of Extinction, these Classes cannot be leveled up or Prestiged.

  • Assault Troopers excel in all-out assault roles as their Abilities are able to break enemy defenses and take control of choke points.
  • Heavy Troopers excel in taking more punishment from enemies and heavy weapons deployment as their Abilities are to secure choke points and keep objectives locked down.
  • Combat Medics excel in supporting their allies as well as keeping them alive longer in combat as their Abilities are meant to perform these tasks.
  • Field Officers excel in leading friendlies into combat as well as providing them with buffs and protection as their Abilities are meant to provide these buffs.
Name Class Abilities Passive Trait
Assault Trooper

The Assault Trooper can equip a standard issue RXa-18 Plasma Launcher to cause destruction and wreak havok on the enemy team. Has five Rods per use.

Focused Fire allows Assault Troopers to stabilize their weapons and fire them without any penalties to accuracy. Active for 5 seconds. Each kill grants an additional 0.5 seconds.

Class Abilities regenerate faster when killing enemies.
Heavy Trooper

Heavy Troopers can equip their standard issue X4a Miniguns and devastate the enemy team, dealing high damage to close range targets. Enters cooldown once all 200 AP/FMJ Rounds are fired.

Heavy Troopers can deploy a mobile cover on a selected location in order to fortify their position. Most useful around Objectives. Has 100% Durability.

Heavy Tank
When surrounded by enemies, you gain more Armour and Protection.
Combat Medic

Combat Medics can distribute experimental drug agents to allow allies to withstand more damage from enemy attacks. Active for 10 seconds or until death.

Combat Medics can distribute enhanced instinct drug agents to allies, allowing them to gain more awareness of their surroundings. Highlights enemies and active for 10 seconds.

Combat Surgeon
Health regeneration is increased for you and nearby allies.
Field Officer

Field Officers can command allies and grant them Protection and Buffs to their health and weapons. For each ally granted, the more powerful and potent the effects are.

Field Officers can deploy an NK-3 Mark II Sentry turret that targets infantry. Best used for defending Objectives and choke-points. Active until destroyed or another NK-3 is placed.

Field Commander
The more allies you grant Protection and Buffs to, the recharge rate of your Class Abilities are decreased.

Armour Suits

Armour Suits are advanced technology developed by Nakamura Industries for the Eclipse Military's army and special operations forces, and provide more protection against enemy fire and increase survivability in combat; these Armour Suits can also be modified with Power Upgrades which further enhance these Armour Suits.

Each Class has their own specific Armour Suit that relates to that Class and its role in combat. Assault Trooper suits are more light than the suits worn by Heavy Troopers which have more armour plating; this is due to their different combat roles and play-styles. Combat Medic suits are a mix between Assault Troopers and Heavy Troopers' suits, having protective plating but not limiting their mobility in combat. Field Officers wear extremely light Armour Suits which are slightly more lighter than Assault Troopers; to allow mobility and effective command.

Power Upgrades

Power Upgrades replace the traditional Perk system from previous installments. These Power Upgrades will increase the efficiency of the Armour Suits; be it overall Efficiency, fast Mobility or impressive Strength, these Upgrades become more powerful as they are leveled up.

As mentioned, Power Upgrades can be leveled up to Rank 10; each Rank increases that Power Upgrade's effects to beyond its normal capacity and/or power. These Upgrades, depending on the category, will increase a Suit's protective plating or its weight for agile players.

Power Upgrades
Name Description
Super-Charge Super-charging an Armour Suit grants significant boosts to all weapons, grenades, Modules and killstreaks. This Power Upgrade is passive on all Armour Suits and can only be activated every 30 kills.
Name Description
Enhanced Servos Your Armour Suit is outfitted with improved servos, allowing weapon swapping and reloading to be more faster than normal.
Enhanced Sensors Your Suit's helmet is equipped with advanced command modules and systems, allowing your mini-map to have a more wider radius.
Advanced Arm Joints Your Armour Suit's arm joints have been upgraded with more advanced joints, allowing you to throw grenades further.
Advanced Systems This Armour Suit's helmet and tactical command modules have been fitted with an advanced systems control chip, allowing killstreaks to last longer and to become more powerful and potent.
Name Description
Reduced-Plating This Armour Suit's armour plating have been lightly stripped, allowing for easier and faster movement but limiting combat survivability.
Reinforced Joints This Armour Suit's leg joints have been reinforced and fitted with lighter materials, allowing its user to sprint faster.
Speedriod-Injector An injection system has been fitted into this Armour Suit and injects its user with an agent, allowing indefinite sprint and faster mantling.
Adaptive Servos Adaptive servos have been installed into this Armour Suit for easier movement while carrying heavy weapons and important objectives.
Name Description
Med-System A medical injection unit has been installed into this Armour Suit, allowing for increased health regeneration.
Flak-Plating Additional flak plating has been fitted onto this Armour Suit's protective Increased protection against explosives.
Damage-Injector An injection unit has been installed to allow this Suit's user to deal increased damage every 4th kill they made.
Kevlar Plating This Suit has been fitted with extra Plating, decreasing the amount of damage taken from bullets and plasma weaponry.




  • Skirmish

Taking inspiration from a community-developed PC mod Skirmish, Frost Games took the gametype mod and modified it into an official gametype for the Multiplayer of Call of Duty: Retribution. Like the original, its mainly focused on large-scale combat.

  • Cat & Mice

Reintroduced from Call of Duty: Federation War, Cat & Mice returns in Call of Duty: Retribution as a party gametype for players with large groups. Cat & Mice disables Armour Suits, Power Upgrades and Classes.

Other game modes include:

*Included in Hardcore Playlist as well.


An AW indicates a map part of the Legacy Map Pack. An SK indicates a Skirmish only map.

  • Ruins - An abandoned rural town within Old Mexico, U.S.C. Long ranged sight lines and small narrow alleyways is both great for snipers and shot-gunners of every play-style. Eclipse Army vs. Mexican Insurrectionists.
  • Redwood - Fight within the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park north of San Francisco, California in open areas and around campsites, offering combat of all ranges. Are those tree houses? Eclipse Army vs. American Resistance.
  • Martian - A medium-sized Nakamura Industries munitions factory on the outer edges of Mars that accommodates a variety of play styles. Eclipse Army vs. Martian Insurrectionists.
  • Defense - A small section of an immense Eclipse Navy space station in orbit of Banton IV, under siege by the Korma Empire. The action is funneled down a long, central corridor with side-paths offering an element of strategy. Eclipse Orbital Defense Corps vs. Korman War Fleet.
  • Frozen - Fight within the Ravenclaw Blacksite, a multi-lane Eclipse Research Laboratories facility atop the icy tundra of Jupiter's moon Europa. Eclipse Army vs. Korman War Armies.
  • Shipyard - Amidst a battle between Eclipse Empire and Korman Empire, clash within an Eclipse Navy shipyard in orbit of Mars, offering both spacious sightlines and tight combat. Eclipse Orbital Defense Corps vs. Korman War Fleet.
  • Shade - Clash in an isolated town located on the desert world Agmus, offering intense close quarter combat with tight alleyways and limited open combat. Eclipse Army vs. Korman War Armies.
  • Installation - Fight within an Eclipse Research Laboratories facility in Korea. Intense close-quarter combat as tight enclosed hallways offer intense firefights with the enemy. Eclipse Army vs. Nakamurian Federation Army.
  • Starship - Get one thing straight, the Supreme Dagger is one of the fastest ships in the Korman War Fleet. Intense close-quarter combat offer shotgunners a great playing field. Eclipse Orbital Defense Corps vs. Korman War Fleet.
  • Terminal - Neon City is one of many cyberpunk-like cities on Kaai with its luxurious night lights. Fight in both open and enclosed areas within an airport, offering long range and close quarter combat. Eclipse Planetary Guard vs. Korman War Armies.
  • Midnight - Within the central district of Neon City is a Korman command post. Fight in open areas that offer long sight lanes with a little close quarter action in alleyways. Eclipse Army vs. Korman War Armies.
  • Stranded - Although the Kormans left these secluded structures, memories of their occupation still remain. Battle against opponents in wide-open engagements and vehicular combat. Eclipse Army vs. Korman War Armies.
  • Research Facility 6SK - The Korma Empire has targeted Research Facility 6, a facility owned by Eclipse Research Laboratories.
  • FractureAW - An arctic excavation site cradled on the shelf of a glacier. Flood lights, wind turbines, and solar panels separate large combat areas to offer several options from mid to long range engagements. Atlas Division vs. Sentinel Division.
  • Bio LabAW - An Eclipse Research Laboratories facility located somewhere in northern Alaska used as a testing site. Atlas Division vs. Sentinel Division.
  • HorizonAW - Train within a secret Eclipse Research Laboratories facility somewhere in Iceland in enclosed hallways and open work spaces, great for Domination matches. Atlas Division vs. Sentinel Division.

Special Operations

Developed by Tachibana Games, the Special Operations mode introduces players to a new Titan-X fireteam called "Ghost Squad", led by Senior Commander Jenkins Gerald Newton. Tachibana Games had improved upon the original Special Ops mode by introducing new gameplay mechanics as well as creating a new mode called "Assault Missions" which is a new co-op experience that plays similarly to Campaign missions.

Assault Missions

At launch, there will be five Assault Missions available for players to experience, each taking place after another one. Each new Content Update will contain either two or three new Assault Missions that revolve around that Content's story and theme.

Mission Description Location

Legacy Modes

Call of Duty: Retribution also features two Legacy Modes from past Call of Duty games, those being Survival Mode and Special Ops Chaos. These two modes, unlike Assault Missions, do not have dedicated maps and instead make use of Multiplayer maps.

  • Ruins - Survive waves of Mexican Insurrectionists in an old rural town in Old Mexico.
  • Redwood - Survive waves of American Resistance fighters in the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.
  • Martian - Survive waves of Martian Insurrectionists in a Nakamura Industries munitions factory.
  • Defense - Survive waves of Korman War Fleet forces on board an Eclipse Naval Space Station.
  • Frozen - Survive waves of Korman War Armies within the Ravenclaw Blacksite on Europa.
  • Shade - Survive waves of Korman War Armies in an isolated town on the desert world Agmus.
  • Installation - Survive waves of Nakamurian Federation Army in an Research Facility in Korea.
  • Terminal - Survive waves of Korman War Armies in the airport of Neon City.
  • Midnight - Survive waves of Korman War Armies and defend the Command Post in Neon City.
  • Stranded - Survive waves of Korman War Armies in secluded structures in the middle of nowhere.