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Hi, My Name Is AgentUnpredictable909 (Not My Real Name Of Course)

"Mission Accomplished!. I have become a User in this wiki."


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I'm A Gamer And A Student, I'M MALE, I Live On Planet Earth, Milky Way.

Just create Call of Duty: Ghosts II

I'm so sad now, the hard disk in my pc is broken (unrepairable bad sector) and i can't play games until my graduation exam... TT_TT

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June 15, 199x


14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 (Pick One or Guess it)




US Army Rangers


Remington R5
AAC Honey Badger
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Desert Eagle


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My Jokes

  • Yo mama is so fat, now is 2013 when she turn around it's 2015!
  • Yo mama is so fat, she needs 10 truck of soap to clean her butt!
  • Yo mama is so fat, her belt size is the size of EQUATOR!
  • Yo mama is so fat, she needs a map to find her butt!

Information about Me

I'm AgentUnpredictable909, but you can call me Agent , 909, or anything you prefer but just don't called me, um... no, you can called me anything you prefer. And yeah, i visit this wiki a lot.

Okay, I'm 14 and a half year old, i speak two languages, Indonesia and English, and i interested to learn German language. 

I'm a PC gamer. I like consoles, i do. But i prefer to play PC. When i was young, i play games with a Playstation 2. And i'm sucks when playing third person shooter games. So i moved to PC, and i'm pretty good at Third Person Shooter games. I like Call of Duty (a lot), especially Ghosts and MW3.

One thing for sure, i like to make my own Call of Duty (the story especially). Once i make my own Saints Row IV, and it's not too good (that time i was a newbie Fan Fiction writer).

I've been a fanfic writer for almost two years. And i will write fanfics and playing games until i graduated from collage and when i got a job, i'll stop (well maybe i'll play games sometimes, when i bored. Shooting peoples in CoD multiplayer can cheer me up).

To Do List

  • Reach at least 1K edits - COMPLETED
  • Finished the Call of Duty: Zero Trilogy - COMPLETED
  • Finished the Call of Duty: Dark War Trilogy - COMPLETED
  • Being a User in here for 1 Year - COMPLETED
  • See my Fanfics become Top Pages - COMPLETED
  • See my Fanfics become Featured Articles - WORKING ON IT
  • Finished the Call of Duty: Ghosts Trilogy - CANCELLED