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This fanfiction contains strong language! If you view it and get into trouble it's not my fault! I warned you! :D

The US government has collapsed and the people have gathered into clans and are fighting each other for food and supplies. Many of their views on the US consists of fascism, while some clans make deals US remnant soldiers and some joined the US army. Much of the US territory is dangerous, due to clan warfare, as a result, the remains of the US government are at sea, being hunted relentlessly by the Russian Navy.

Characters Returning:

  • Vector: Continuing to lead Silver Team, he will have some damage, physically.
  • Butch: Remains as second in command, although Vector will not be present at some point, where Butch is appointed squad leader.
  • Alpha: Stays with Silver Team, serving as their sniper.
  • Wildcard: Stays with Silver Team, he will run into a familiar face during the story.
  • Dare: Remains with Silver Team as heavy weapons specialist.
  • Rain: Has been presumed dead onboard Mir II.
  • Kerensky: Has went back to Russia posing as a spy.
  • Leonid and Alex: Have been presumed dead along with Rain
  • Joel and Jarod Jackson: Presumed MIA onboard Mir II.
  • Green: Leads Charlie Team.
  • Petterson: Still remains in LANCER, on the verge of leaving.
  • Weasel: Still with Charlie Team
  • Shadow: MIA
  • Phoenix: Still with Charlie Team
  • Predator: Remains with Charlie Team, training to be a pilot as well as a gunner.
  • Kinkallen: Returns as a B-2 pilot
  • Hornet Team: Revenant, Longsword, Prowler and Spartan will be serving as defensive soldiers.
  • Alexys Kinney: Remains as an Apache Pilot.

Prologue: Imprisoned

Unnamed Russian Gulag

Somewhere near Northwestern Russia

July 17, 2018

Dare shook his head, it was nearly imposssible to even budge. For the fifth time in the last two minutes, he tried the door, it was still locked tight. The warden had served them food and let them excercise but it was back into the cells. The door opened and a Russian Field Marshall walked in, he beckoned to Dare and led the rest of the squad out. They ordered them into a large room and began beating them. Dare endured the blows, but finally sucumbed to them and was knocked out.

Vector's lack of excercise meant he was having more difficulty. The Russians finally stripped them of his armor and destroyed them, Alpha looked as if he would rather try to break out with a toothpick rather than part with it. He looked terrible, with bruises all over his face and blood dripping from his nose. They were so morally broken, that nobody spoke.

Even Wildcard.

The guard brought him in, he didn't even resist, he just moved along. Nobody had ever seen him look so defeated, he was in many ways the strongest of them. The guard twisted Marcus' face upwards and beat it down with a Desert Eagle.

A normal man would have cried out in pain, but Wildcard simply grunted and spat out a tooth. The guard towered over him and was about to strike another blow when a shot was heard. He crumpled to the ground and Vector stood in the doorway with a Makarov PM. Footsteps were heard and Shadow Company soldiers rushed in. Dare guessed they freed Vector and were here to rescue them.

"We don't have much time." One said, he handed Dare an RPK. "Can you walk?"

Dare nodded. The soldier and his sergeant helped up Wildcard and they began to exit the Gulag. A Pave Low was waiting, they boarded and Wildcard was set down on a medical bed. Vector counted all his teammates who would later be examined for mental issues being so long in the prison.

The ride back was not long, all of them were happy to see the sky and the outside world, which hadn't existed to them in months. Butch looked to be enjoying himself. The helicopter landed on an aircraft carrier in a fleet of nearly 130 ships.

"What's going on?" Alpha asked.

"Glad you perked up LANCER." Randolph said grinning like a kid. He folded his arms and greeted the LANCERs. "How was the gulag? Host treat you nice?"

"Definitely." Dare joked, everyone laughed.

Randolph led them to his quarters. Vector stopped to see Hornet Team and Charlie Team on patrol boats. He waved, it was so long before he last saw his family of soldiers. He walked into Randolph who was at his desk.

"Since February, I have had no contact with the Mir II or the team sent up to stop it. Russians kept pouring in and the US surrendered at DC, Richmond, New York, Baltimore. The Russian flag flew over all those cities by the end of March. We tried making a last stand, but they launched a nuclear ICBM into the US killing millions and destroying supplies. The economy collapsed and now the American people don't accept our government. The Russians are patrolling the landscape killing all Americans they can find. The remaining people are fighting each other for rescources. It is impossible to regroup Americans as many believe we left them for dead. Now this small fleet of 100 something ships, is all that's left of the United States."

They all stood in silence. Even Wildcard had managed to get up and listen to the general's tale. Randolph stood, letting the story soak in. "I don't believe it." Butch finally said, "I just don't."

"I will form a plan. But you guys need some rest and a psych exam before you are redeployed." Randolph replied.

"Sir." Vector stated, "But me and my team are fully capable of..."

"Don't give me that bullshit." Randolph said placing his firm hand on the young colonel's shoulder. "I know when someone's had enough. Look at Wildcard for example." Everyone turned to Wildcard, who still had his mask on, but anyone could see he was injured. "He looks as if he's been to hell and back."

Vector nodded, looking at his team. "As you wish General. C'mon guys, let's get some R&R."

Part 1: The new USA

Chapter 1

USS George Bush

Off the Coast of Florida

12:13 July 18, 2018

Vector opened his eyes, at first he thought he was taken back to the gulag. He licked his lips and stepped off the bed. When he opened the door to outside, he thought he might have never seen.

In the distance, there were other Navy ships accompanied by speedboats and some other civilian vessels. It was just as the General told him, this fleet of 100-200 ships is all that is left of the US Government. Even the President was aboard the USS Richard Nixon, a Ford-class aircraft carrier, commissioned earlier in 2018 as the one of two vessel of its kind. Vector walked over to the barracks where everyone else still was asleep. Vector walked into the showers and was met by a warm spray of water. He exhaled and washed himself before getting back into uniform. He was about to leave for the mess hall when Randolph came running.

"Colonel." the general seemed out of breath. "I just remembered. Your team has backup LANCER suits in the lower level. Why don't you join me for lunch?"

Vector agreed and they walked down the hallways. Everything seemed normal, techs and marines walked the hallways and they entered the mess hall which was filled with civilians as well as soldiers and personnel. They sat down at a table with soup. Vector didn't enjoy the particular flavor, but it was better than anything he was ever given in the gulag.

The rest of Silver arrived and grabbed some food, sitting down next to their leader. Butch was in a particularly fine mood, Vector guessed that a little rest for him could go a long way. Alpha was chattier than ever, it annoyed Wildcard who seemed to be fully recovered. He had a few large bruises on his arms. Dare spoke little and he was in a serious mood today, that was odd as Vector looked to him as the comic relief of Silver.

"What's your plan to get the American clans to join us to repel the russians?" Butch asked

Randolph swallowed a mouthful of soup, "Not sure, many of them are quite oppressed. I tried, medical supplies, food, yet not many took up my offer." He turned to see one of his Colonels behind him, "Report. Colonel."

"The civvies mauled a guy that tried to come aboard the carrier."

"Let me check it out." Randolph said walking out of the mess hall with Dare and Vector following. A group of civilians as well as a few Army soldiers stood in a circle. "Move please." Randolph calmly said. Nobody did, so Vector took control. "MOVE NOW!" the civilians immediately moved aside. "Damn." Randolph whispered to Dare. "I need a commanding voice like him."

"Let me through!" Vector barked, which the civilians parted to let him through. A man lay on the deck. His clothes were soaked with blood and Vector could see a broked ribcage and he was badly beaten. The civilians slowly left and Vector kneeled down to grab the man. He said "And I'm beaten for freedom? Shit. You fascists never change."

Randolph didn't change. "What's your name. I can't call you asshole or the assholes would respond."

"You don't need to know my name."

"Okay asshole. What do you want."

"Get some damned food."

Vector stepped forward "Either way. Come in or stay out. But it's our rules if you're in."

Dare stepped forward "You're not wearing a tuxedo, we're a little formal here." He put his hand on the man and led him to his raft. Randolph watched as Dare handed him a ration bar. "Colonel. Check on the rest of Silver. We may need to get them up to speed momentarily."

"Yes General." the colonel replied hurrying off.

Chapter 2

USS Richard Nixon

Off the coast of Florida

6:40 pm July 18, 2018

Silver team found it quite easy to cross from ship to ship. They could take a small boat anchored to the larger vessels, a helicopter on the deck or could simply jump over. Most navy ships were in close proximity to each other so jumping for the LANCERs was no trouble.

"I don't get it. What exactly are we going to another carrier for?" Alpha mused, "The President wants to see us." Dare replied, jumping from the deck. They walked into the bridge where two Shadow Company guards stood, staring straight ahead. Their F2000s were polished and armed. Randolph always did a through job when inspecting the elite platoon.

Vector stepped forward and the two soldiers turned to face him. One of them pressed the button, the door opened allowing the LANCERs inside. Two secret service agents with P90s stood by the president, who had his back turned to them, staring out at the fleet.

"You wanted to see me sir?" Vector asked, stepping forward. President Arthur Deleston stood up.

"Yes. I just found from a Predator that Las Vegas and all of California have not been affected by the economic collapse. We plan to set up the new US government there. It will take a while before the fleet can make it. Panama Canal's under repairs, so we will go around South America. Meanwhile, I want your team along with Charlie to scout the places and blow any Russian or civilian that gives you hell."

"Yes Mr. President." Vector motioned to the team to walk out. They boarded a C-130 which took off flying out of range of any SAMs the American parties would have aquired.

Las Vegas, Nevada

9:18 pm July 19, 2010

The C-130 descended and touched down at Las Vegas International Airport. Vector dismissed Silver and turned to Charlie. "Green." he began, "If anyone gives you lip, shoot em." Green nodded and the C-130 rolled down the runway before disappearing in the clouds.

"Airports deserted." Dare observed, responded by a "No shit." from Butch. Driving into the city made the team believe that the United States had never gone to war. People were driving cars and the strip seemed for forget the warzone on the other side of the US. Wildcard even got out of his shell and began speaking softly, pointing out the famous hotels. They approached a military checkpoint at the end of the strip where the guard informed them the insecurity of leaving the city.

They were driving through suburbs when Wildcard got up and asked Vector to stop. He got out and walked up to a house that looked prestigous and wealthy, but was abandoned. A large courtyard sprawled in front and the hedge towered over their heads.

"Wildcard. What's with getting out?" Butch asked.

"It's. It' house." Wildcard replied. He opened the front door, stepping inside. "I'll catch up." he said. "Go on."

"Sure Lieutenant." Vector said while driving off.

Marcus stepped inside the house where he lived ten years ago. It had been exactly how he last saw it when he ran away the night his parents were killed. Walking up the stairs seemed like an effort from the flood of memories. He kept himself in check and walked into his bedroom.

It was still as when he left it, save for thick dust that covered the drawers and bed. Marcus found the picture and brushed dust off, it was the picture of him and Gabrielle who was his childhood friend and high school sweetheart. He remembered where she lived, across the street. In the past, he had rescued her in a hotel from a terrorist group and had a chance to reveal his identity. He eventually decided to go over to her house and tell her who he was, if she still lived there. Walking to the garage, he opened the door revealing the Honda motorcycle he got on his sixteenth birthday. It still worked when he turned the key and the engine coughed and revved. He rode over to her house and walked up to the front door, slinging his AUG on his back.

He paused at her front step pondering in his head. What if she answered with a ring around her finger? Had she moved on during the time they last saw each other? Whatever he thought, No turning back. He reached out and knocked on the door. It took a minute until she opened the door. Marcus bided his strength to keep himself from breaking down, his heart beat faster than an assault rifle.

A young woman, in her early twenties stood in the door, she wore a lovely dress, but had tired eyes, as if she just woke up. "Marcus?" He could tell she was quite afraid. "Is it really you?" She reached out to touch his shoulder. He stood a half foot over her.

Wildcard removed his mask. Gabrielle's face turned from confusion to fear and then to sadness. She walked forward and embraced him, tears running down her face. "Relax." he reassured her. "I'm not dead."

He heard yelling in the house and turned to see another man standing in the doorway. "Who's this?" he asked.

Gabrielle became defensive. "A friend. Don't you mind? I haven't seen him in years!"

The man threw his arms up in irritation. "C'mon. Now? I thought we were gonna watch a movie!" Marcus stared at him before putting his goggles on and walking back to the motorcycle. He got on the seat when Gabrielle came running. He turned to her as he started the engine. "It seems you moved on. Who's he?"

"It's not as it seems! What happened to you?"

Marcus put on his goggles. "I never said I wouldn't come back and see you. Relax, Gabrielle. I will be back tomorrow." He backed up and drove back to base with her watching in disappointment. He strangely regretted going over initially and he pictured her with her new boyfriend as the gates to the base opened. At this point, he couldn't care less.

"Well how was it?" Alpha asked when Wildcard entered the barracks of the Las Vegas base. "Don't want to talk about it." he replied, leaving his head down. Vector stood in front of him as he took out his knife to sharpen it. "Give him some breathing room. Anyway, we're going to the mess hall to eat. Wanna join us?"

Wildcard shook his head.

Chapter 3

Near Las Vegas, Nevada

9:18 am July 20, 2010

Butch fired his M16A4 killing the final officer in the failed attack. The officer clutched his wound and dropped to the ground. Silver braced for a second assault, but nobody approached.

"Don't see anyone." Kinney reported over the COM. She hovered over the desert.

"Awesome." Vector replied, "Set back down and refuel." Cherry-23 flew back to the helipad. Silver walked back to their new Pave Low which had a customized paint job and bore the emblem of LANCER Silver Team, a Silver sword with a pair of chrome Desert Eagles lying against it. There was nothing to do today, so the team simply played cards, mush to their anger when Dare won again. Alpha went to the cockpit to check the controls reporting all systems green.

"Hey, anyone seen my Javelin Rockets?" Dare asked straddling his Javelin on his lap. Butch grabbed them from the ammo box and handed them to Dare who put them in his pouches and one into the tube. "Man, I hope we see some more action today."

"Charlie Team reported in, they have ensured the cooperation of the Americans there, so at least we're making a stand." Butch replied, who was also checking his rifle. "I'll ask Vector to see if he can establish contact with the Mir II again."

Later that day

"Vector did you try getting connection with the team at Mir II." Butch asked hurrying towards Vector who was walking down a flight of stairs.

Vector shook his head, "Nope. I believe that they are dead. It's been months since we even saw the station at night." He opened a door and stepped inside to talk with Randolph on the COM. Butch didn't back down, he out on his COM and broadcasted a signal. He got no answer, what if they were actually dead? Butch put his faith in Rain and company. He ate and returned to the Pave Low. Everyone was quiet at night and sleeping in the Pave Low was quite easy.

Chapter 3

MGM Hotel

Las Vegas, Nevada

8:27 pm July 22, 2018

"One, I'm seeing heat sigs on the lobby, they're probably the Russians." Alpha reported, scoping in onboard the BlackHawk. "Roger that. We're moving in." Vector replied.

They were called to the MGM hotel to deal with a Russian attack party that somehow got through. Some civilians were brutally killed, while Silver managed to save a few, onboard their Pave Low, which Dare flew circling the prestigous hotel. Vector took Butch and Wildcard to the second floor and ordered them to split up. Vector took the Eastern Side, Butch took the lobby and Wildcard took the casino. He gestured and his two squadmates crouched and crept to their objectives

Vector heard talking in Russian, crouching down he put his speakers to Russian and eavesdropped on them.

"Man, getting into the city was a breeze, does the field marshall have the locator?"

"Don't know." the other replied. "But we gotta get our asses out of here before the city is blown to pieces!"

"Is a bomber doing the work?"

"Nope. They're planning to test the Mir II's nukes out."

"That'll be fun. If the American's don't surrender then we drop more." they both laughed and one's cell phone began to ring. Vector signaled Butch who gave him the communication hacking app into his armor. Their new suits have gotten many upgrades as well as allowing electronic apps such as the comm hack to be moved from one operative from another. He inserted the app into his TACPAD and listened to the phone call.


"Nobody's here remember we killed them all."

"Yes. We report that there are still people in the penthouse, please do the honors of slaughtering them all."

"You got it. Out." They walked down the hallway. Vector made sure they were away and sent the app back to Butch. "Butch. Those guys are going up with a few others to massacre people on the penthouse. Those civvies have no idea what the hell is going on and it is a bad rep if we fail. Get to the control room and stall the elevators."

"Rodger that." Butch replied. He snuck past an oblivious sentry and approached the elevator operating room. Stacking up beside the door, he tugges the handle. Locked. "Damn it." he muttered. "If only Wildcard was here." Improvising he pulled his G18s, firing and shredding the handle. Walking inside, he heard something bang against a panel. An officer yelled, wielding a Raffica. Three rounds bounced off his chest plate and he meleed the Russian who fell to the floor. Butch jumped over him and pulled his neck until a snap was heard. He heard more sounds, but not Russian. More like crying.

Ron pushed open a storage room and saw a little girl about six years old hiding in the corner with terror filled eyes. He knelt down, dropping his weapon and reached to her. She bit his finger and he flinched. "Kid. What are you doing here?" he asked.

The girl didn't reply, she stayed in her corner. She was covered in bruises, her clothes were torn and she looked like she was starving. Butch took out his ration bar and placed it on the ground. She didn't move until he backed away. He decided one child was not worth hundreds of adults. Walking over to the panel he managed to stall the elevator. On camera, he saw Vector operate an elevator of his own. If they were fast enough, they could evac all the civilians before the gunmen arrived.

Wildcard stepped down the stairs AUG ready, the casino was empty, save for a few crooks that were armed with M9s and other pistols, firing at the slot machines, making hundreds of dollars fly out. He resisted the urge to alert them, but then decided to use it to his advantage. Butch told him that there were a dozen Russians on the floor above. There were about ten crooks in the casino, he decided to give it a shot. Climbing upstairs, he noticed an officer walking towards him. Swapping his AUG for his trusty MGL, he fired a round, purposefully missing. The grenade detonated sending glass and debris into the air. The officer yelled and fired an AKM. Wildcard tossed a flashbang around the corner and bolted. He ran into the casino where the gunman opened fire. He ducked and stunned them, sliding behind a desk to watch the two groups duke it out. At first, the Spetsnaz had the upper hand with automatic weapons and an officer calling in reinforcements. One crook managed to kill a Russian and used his P90 to kill three more. Wildcard did have to admire their fast reflexes despite considering them total assholes.

Finally the robbers were eliminated and the officer remained. Easy pickings. Wildcard grabbed him from behind and tossed his knife into the air, twisting the unfortunate officer's face at the flying blade before it landed in his eye. Blood splattered on Marcus' visor. He wiped his face and knife clean of Russian blood before proceding.

Main floor of the MGM hotel

9:39 pm July 22, 2018

Field Marshall Rodin stood before 116 hostages. He paced with his arms behind his back, marveling at the amount of fear there was in the captive's eyes. He had gathered 14 USP pistols and other Western weapons from Task force 141 operatives whom he personally executed. His bodyguard, a russian Ultra Colonel followed him, placing his boot on one prisoner's back when he tried to look up. He pulled over the Ultra Colonel to watch the prisoners. Rodin walked down the stairs where the elaborate Marshall watched several lions, the exclusive exibit in MGM hotel, attempting to claw and bite its way through titanium cages.

"Are the cats ready?" Rodin asked the Officer in charge

"Yes. Marshall, I have starved them like you ordered."

"Good. Release them so that resistance cannot be mounted before all the Americans in this hotel are killed."

The officer opened the cages releasing hungry lions into the suites. "Goodbye Americans." Rodin sneered.

Chapter 4

MGM Hotel

10:25 pm July 22, 2018

Growling echoed throughout the hallways and Wildcard turned to see a pack of lions snarling and approached him. He reached for his knife and pointed it at the large cats. The lions didn't back down. One lunged, Marcus sidestepped, backing toawrds the exit. More growling announced the presence of a dozen lions who arrived from another door.

He couldn't risk killing one of the predators. His hands hovered over a stun grenade. Priming it, he slammed it into a machine and bolted once the deafening sound rang in his ears. Marcus kept running until he was sure no lion would able to get to him. He signaled Butch to seal off the casino. Doors popped into place stranding the lions inside.

"Rendezvous at the second floor." Vector reported. Wildcard headed there and met up with Butch. Vector ran over a minute later. They crouched in a corner.

"Alright. The number of hostages has been reduced by one-eighth. That damn Marshall is executing them."

Butch checked his COM. "Yep. Shit, there goes another one."

They were discussing a plan when Butch jerked and fell to the ground. Vector and Wildcard looked up to see several Spetsnaz Officers with AK-74Us. They stood aside as a Spetsnaz Ultra Colonel approached. Wildcard drew his knife, but Vector put his hand over. The Ultra Colonel growled and hit Wildcard with his AK-74U. Marcus crumpled to the floor, knocked out. Vector was given shackles and the Spetsnaz hauled the three LANCERs to the lobby.

Vector was pushed into a room filled with the remaining hostages. They looked at him with frightened eyes. The Field Marshall threw the incapacitated Wildcard and Butch on the floor. He left, leaving his Ultra behind to watch over the prisoners. Vector searched his head for ideas, but couldn't find anything. Meanwhile, the civilians laid Wildcard down and managed to revive him. Butch got up a few minutes later.

The glass above broke followed by a series of flashbangs. Vector saw a figure plunge from a BlackHawk to grab the Ultra by the neck and twist. He recognized the figure, Weasel, from Charlie Team. More Russians ran up aiming their weapons when they jerked and fell to the floor. Petterson and Predator arrived with smoking guns. "Retreat!" A russian said out loud on the top floor before a series of bangs were heard. Everyone looked at the upper floor to see Green emptying his AA-12 Extended Mags clip into an entire squad of Spetsnaz. Wildcard saw the Rodin run off and gave chase.

Rodin knocked down some glass which Wildcard vaulted over and gained ground. He turned to corner Rodin on the edge of the hotel with a ten story drop.

"You've got nowhere to run." Wildcard stated walking menacingly forward holding his knife.

Chapter 5

MGM Hotel

8:18 am July 23, 2018

"Damn it! I hate being in a hotel." Phoenix complained, standing guard of the liberated hostages.

Predator shook his head. "Last time I remember. You needed a vacation."

Upstairs in the elevator control room

Butch knelt down at the panels. He began typing commands, the elevator's didn't respond. "It's completely fried! I can't even open the doors."

Vector leaned over to get a better look. "When's the fastest possible time it can come back online."

"Two days, earliest."

Vector sighed and turned to Dare. "Find out what the kid knows."

Dare nodded, walking over to the little girl. He knelt down, speaking in French softly.

"What's your name? I'm Damian."

"Stephanie." the girl replied

"Know this man?" Dare pointed to a body lying near the boxes.

"Dad." Stephanie hung her head down.

"I'm sorry."

"No you're not!" she suddenly got angry "You let my dad go asleep and he's not waking up."

Damian got up walking back to Vector. Wildcard looked at Alpha.

"Big guy forgets who he is sometimes." He sneered

Dare leaned towards him, making Wildcard lean back, "Kid just lost her father." He turned to Vector. "She needs a full psycologic exam."

"She's not the only one." Wildcard said, angering Dare who stepped forward. Vector cut in, "Drop it. Both of you. Get her to the Pave Low with the rest of the civvies, the body stays here."

Dare thanked him, passing Wildcard and bumping him on the shoulder. Wildcard leered at him from behind his bright red goggles, but said nothing.

Butch tapped a lit button. "Yes! Signal!" the rest of the team hurried over. The elevators moved and Charlie Team helped the civilians. As they were reunited and the hotel was finally reopened. Vector smiled, pulling out his COM.

"Report Colonel." Randolph ordered.

"Hostages have been saved. Las Vegas is secure for now."

"Excellent. You've got new orders." Vector told him to hold on when Weasel approached.

"We're done here. Going back to LA, it's still a little unstable." Vector nodded and Weasel hurried off.

"Anyway." Randolph resumed. "The Area 51 base appears abandoned. Some of the personnel recently told me that some equipment was left behind. You're to get there, report what was left behind and bring it to the nearest base. Besides, you've done enough already this week. Get some rest, but leave by the end of the week."

Three hours later at Wildcard's neighborhood

It had been a day since he last was in his home and when he saw Gabrielle when her boyfriend was gone. He found out the reason she moved on, besides from the hostage crisis was because she also didn't know that he was still alive. He ensured the house was safe and went to Gabrielle's. Knocking on the door, she answered. Marcus looked past to see if her boyfriend was still there. Gabrielle shook her head, Wildcard could tell she was depressed. Marcus reached over and gently pulled back some of her hair. He saw a nasty bruise on her cheek. It was a dead giveaway, "Where is he?"


Roland had scored another goal at the basketball court, he had no regrets of leaving Gabrielle, she deserved it. He heard a motorcycle drone and turned to the street. Two people were riding it. One was the guy that he saw the other night at her doorstep. "Who's this?" he asked his friends. The group of eight laughed. "Some punk probably. Relax man, we got your back."

He saw Gabrielle still sitting on the motorcycle when the other man got off. A large suit of armor covered him and a pair of fearsome bright red goggles covered his eyes. The name Wildcard was shown on his breastplate. "You mind if I play?" Wildcard asked in a rather dark tone.

Roland and his friends laughed. "Yeah. What do you want?"

Wildcard stood perfectly still. "Your ass. Maybe you were lucky to escape alive. But I wouldn't treat my childhood friend like you did."

Roland's friends stepped forward making fists. Roland smirked, looking back at his gang. "Well you keep the bitch. I'm done with her." He swung a hook which Wildcard dodged. His friends immediately joined in the brawl. Wildcard kept dodging, yet using simple moves. He was badly outnumbered and these men were determined to kill him. He grabbed one man's arm and twisted until it popped. Using him as a mace, he swung it knocking out both guys.

Flipping out his combat knife, he threw it into a third guy's head and ducked just in time to avoid another man's swing. The man punched his friend in the face. Wildcard swept his legs out, bringing his boot over the man's groin, breaking his target's pelvis. Finally he grabbed Roland by the neck. Roland struggled as Wildcard slashed the knife across his chest. He stabbed twice and finally slammed the man into the ground. Breathing heavily, he brushed off the blood on his shoulder, he walked up to Roland, removing the knife from Roland's arm. He grunted and lay still. Wildcard got back up, walking back to his motorcycle. "Now you know what I do with my life." Gabrielle remained speechless, but it was clear that he had won her back.

Chapter 6

Area 51

4:49 pm July 26, 2018

"Current location, 12 kilos away from Area 51. Surface temperature is 115 degrees." Percival, the Pave Low's artificial intelligence reported.

Butch sat at the controls. "Damn. It has to be in July to be this hot." Percival was a new upgrade to the computers, Butch was also becoming the intelligence expert of Silver Team, he had done some hacking when he was a kid. Percival could download files in an instant and easily bypass security systems. His main purpose, however, was to keep Silver Team together. "This is Desert Express, lock and load, we're arriving!"

Back in the cabin, Vector, Alpha and Wildcard sat staring out at the shimmering ground. They heard a grunt and turned to see Dare hauling a pair of massive boxes. He pulled them onto the seats, using his knife to rip through the sheathing.

"What's that Dare?" Alpha asked, curious.

Dare pulled open the box to reveal an M249B in Black finish. "We got new guns. Here, you guys got stuff too. Red Tiger finishes."

Vector pulled out a Red Tiger ACR, Alpha examined his M14 EBR and Wildcard loaded his AUG A5 with a high capacity mag. Butch set the Pave Low down on the asphalt, the ramp dropped allowing the team to spread out. Vector gave a signal. Butch nodded and the Pave Low lifted off circling the facility.

"Spread out." Vector ordered. "Everyone cover one hangar." The others nodded and rushed off in different directions.

The teams checked the hangars finding mostly scrap metal and unfinished bizarre aircraft. All members reported clear until they rallied up at the final hangar.

"Here goes nothing." Vector joked, leaning to the side and turning the handle. The lights were out and the team spread out. Wildcard found the power switch and flipped it on. The generator creaked, the lights flickered, steadying to reveal four prototype Raven fighters.

"Looks like the cargo Randolph was after." Alpha reported.

Even in the dimly lit hangar the Ravens looked ominous. Vector ordered them to secure the aircraft.

Randolph contacted them, "Report Colonel. Have you found anything?"

"We found some prototype Ravens. Prepare transports to haul them back."

"You got it son. By the way, we managed to establish contact with the team on Mir II.' But we need your assistance on other matters."

Part 2: Operation: Razor's Edge

Chapter 7

West of the Sierra Nevada Desert 70 miles southwest of Area 51

1:17 pm July 27, 2018

Percical began his transmission. "It appears that the recent activity by the Ultranationalist Russia has been going on unsupervised. Large amounts of their forces are advancing on Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Carson City. As part of the US protocol, we are countering on every front."

"Well hello. Lieutenant." Vector greeted the new Silver Six. "Colonel Sir." Six replied saluting.

"Not gonna lie to you." Butch said stepping off the Pave Low's ramp. "You're stepping into a position the rest of the team would rather leave empty."

"I'll do my best sir." Six responded, lowering his arm.

"Showoff." Alpha whispered to Wildcard, both laughed.

"Shut up." Butch said, reading a datapad. "We got hostile armor inbound."

One Hour Later

30 miles northeast of San Diego

Over the shimmering desert rode dozens of Humvees, backed up by Cobra attack helicopters. Ahead lay a large tower used to transport Russian vehicles and personnel from their naval forces. According to Butch, the tower was the primary target. Six sat in the gunner seat of one Humvee with Butch at the wheel. Gunfire was heard as a multitude of Mi-24 Hinds began assaulting the ground force. Six ducked his head as a destroyed Humvee flew over, crashing. One Hind fired a missile, nearly tipping the Humvee, Butch turned to the bridge where the Hind pursued. "Six, knock out the Hind!" Six turned to fire, but the helicopter moved out of his view, seconds later, Six saw several rockets impact the bridge, destroying three Humvees. "Hang on!" Butch yelled as the Humvee tumbled over the abyss. The vehicle crashed on the other side of the bridge, Six grunted, popping open a door and crawling out. He turned to see another Humvee leaping across the gorge, it hit the cliff and fell down with the screaming soldiers.

"Six! You okay? I could use help."

"On my way." Six replied

Six grabbed his G36C, hurrying over. He aimed where two Russian Machine Guns were positioned. Butch advanced and Six spotted a Spetsnaz Ultra Colonel, he fired a stream of rounds which dropped the Colonel after shredding through armor. Butch finished the last soldier with his G18s. "Six! Call in some AC-130 rounds on those guns!"

He armed his laser pointer, seconds later, Thomas Kramer replied. "We have visual. Lighting em up!"

Death from above rained down, obliterating the two turrets. They kept moving until Butch ordered to halt. He peered around the corner. "Clear." They saw a vehicle in the hangar, it was a Humvee with a missile pod. "Wait!" Butch halted, "Let's change vehicles!"

Six strapped himself in the gunner seat. He peered out of the turret to see a flaming Humvee flying towards him. He ducked just in time to avoid the vehicle, it crashed and exploded behind them. A Ka-50 hovered overhead firing its cannon at the Humvee, rounds splintered the armor. Butch floored the gas, while Six loaded the turret, nearly losing his missiles. He locked on the helicopter and fired. The helicopter banked to avoid the missile, but it was too late. The explosive detonated above the rotor and it exploded.

Randolph came on the COM. "There are additional Triple A's in the area. Find and eliminate them all. Air support is down and you will have to do without it until the Triple A's are done."

They continued on wiping out three more emplacements allowing Kramer's AC-130 to begin raining havoc once more. Once all hostiles were eliminated, they had nearly traveled to the Pacific in range of the US fleet. Six saw a large tower over what was San Diego. Butch drove to the tower, which stood nearly a thousand feet tall. Russian Helicopters flew in and out, from the sea to the top where massive guns sat apon. The LANCER's couldn't get within range without being pulverized.

Butch dismounted, surveying the area. He had gotten word that a US Heavy frigate was standing by to destroy the tower but needed a lock first. He found one possible route and sent it to Six's HUD. "I'll hold these bitches off." he ordered Six while loading his G18s. "Get inside and plant that beacon."

Six crept along the path Butch highlighted for him. Despite having a futuristic look and seemingly impossible security. All Six had to do was sit behind a shadow and move when the guards wern't looking. He entered the base and easily neutralized the sentry. "Six." Butch cut in on his COM. "Take out the commander of the spire. Without him, the tower guard leadership will simply fall apart." Six gave a thumbs up on the HUD, creeping along the hallway, he heard talking. Crouching behind a crate, he saw a pair of Spetsnaz Minors pass by. He slipped out, making sure they were gone before ascending to the top.

The control room looked completely different. A digitallike ambience hung in the air. There were panels everywhere, Spetsnaz Minors and Officers had their backs to him. He saw a Spetsnaz with larger, elaborate armor also turned away. He removed a Semtex Grenade and hovered his finger over the button. A Russian yell was heard behind him and the crew turned. Six elbowed the Minor behind him and tossed the activated Semtex at the Spetsnaz Brigadier General. The gold soldier pointed a machete at Six while the Offficers and Minors unslung their weapons. Six dove behind the wall seconds before the grenade detonated. He grabbed an RPG and blindly fired, an explosion rocked the tower and yelps of cursing in Russian were heard.

Six rushed inside the room easily killing the remaining Spetsnaz. The Brigadier General was blasted to death by the RPG. He unstrapped the beacon and planted it on the floor, pushing a pair of buttons, he rushed to the edge of the platform where a BlackHawk arrived with Butch. Six jumped onboard, noting Vector sitting next to Butch. "Command. This is Silver One. Beacon placed, have a nice day."

The COM crackled. "We hear you. Frigate USS-1578 inbound, Heavy Rounds are authorized."

"Heavy Rounds?" Butch asked, a little alarmed

Vector smiled, "Yep. One way to get their attention! Hang on to your helmets!"

Six looked out the window to see the USS Cerberus moving towards the massive tower. A blinding flash was quickly countered by their goggles adjusting. Six saw an explosion about midway up, the tower shook and collapsed. There was a loud booming sound as the three watched in horror. The Cerberus was hit by a massive shell and began crumbling.

"USS Cerebus, do you copy over?"

Vector got on the COM. "Cerberus is dust! We need to get out of here now!" The BlackHawk accelerated away from a massive shadow. Six realized that he was looking at the Russian supercarrier with a massive gun glowing red, slowly fading away.

Chapter 8

Aboard Light Destroyer USS Peleliu

9:38 pm July 28, 2018

The LANCERs sat in the barracks, awaiting the next order that could possibly send them into the jaws of death. None feared it, in fact, they were all prepared if it came at that exact moment. Vector had gone to the bridge to recieve new orders. There were 35 LANCERs, save Diamond Team, Rain and the Jackson Brothers who were still MIA, were in the barracks and they polished weapons, played cards, Dare sparred with Wildcard, although Marcus had to drastically slow himself down to give him a chance. The doors hissed open and Vector walked in, helmet in hand.

"Attention! Colonel on deck!" Butch shouted and all the LANCERs stopped whatever they were doing and immediately saluted. "At ease." Vector said, a hint of a smile on his face. The LANCERs relaxed and some sat down to listen to whatever their leader had to say.

"As many of you know. Silver's encounter with this new Russian supercarrier was rather...costly. This new toy of theirs destroyed a heavy frigate in one shot. It then preceded to annihilate the three frigates we sent to investigate its disappearance. The USS Argo, Tonkin and Colwell were lost with all hands."

A murmur swept over the supersoldiers.

"It then disappeared without a trace of its whereabouts. This is a significant threat to our fleet and the remnants. Therefore, the President has been evacuated to a second fleet stationed near Japan. This task will have to be dealt with later. There are more important issues I came to discuss with you. The local Insurrection has recently been ambushing our diplomatic patrols. Our efforts to harvest their cooperation have all led to disastrous and costly failures. LANCERs, I'm sending a team to set them straight. We will introduce the meaning of fear to them." He tapped on his TACPAD and an image of a man came on a screen projector.

"Their leader. General Leland, is calling for more anti-US attacks, and his troops are more than motivated. Charlie Team, your mission is to infiltrate his stronghold and capture Leland alive. All we know is that he resides in this general area, other than that. The rest, you will have to find out on your own. LANCERs Dismissed."


Vector had briefed Charlie Team on the mission for Leland's capture. Green had eagerly accepted the mission and led his team to the briefing room.

Petterson examined his weapons, he was easily one of their best. However, his morale was the lowest from fighting too long, Green had barely convinved him to stay with the program.

Weasel, the team's silent killer, had trained for months away from the team. His skills were honed and far past an olympic martial artist. Green was very glad to have him come along.

Predator carried the heavy weapons. Since most of the action would happen inside, his uses would be limited.

Phoenix was still remembering Shadow and his disappearance. Since then, he had become the quietest member of the group.

The armory was a large table surrounded by racks of weapons, explosives, knives, ammunitions of twenty different calibers and even thermal sensors that could be attatched to their weapons. Charlie grabbed their equipment and changed into the LANCER suit MK VB variant. This suit was still up to date and was for the more marine and maritime operations. It performed just as well as the standard variant, but could withstand pressure underwater from nearly 500 feet down.

"Don't we have a plan?" Predator asked, while pulling his goggles over his head. He strapped them on and they glowed an eerie green. "I'm sure Leland would have security as a maximum."

Green shrugged. "Our first job is to accompany a US army patrol to hopefully bait some of these pirates. When we ambush the ambushers, the patrol will take the captives back for interrogation."

"We do have one advantage." Petterson said, handing Green back his TACPAD. "The pirates only went loud in bold assaults, they have never been infiltrated before."


"Foxtrot One-Six here. We got visual on tangos surrounding us. We're pretending we don't notice."

"Copy that." Green replied. He slid a chip into his TACPAD and activated the communications hacking app.

"There's five of them." one of the pirates said over the radio.

"Yep. Easy pickings." another commented.

Petterson crept along the rubble, making sure he was out of sight. He grabbed one and stabbed him with his knife. The pirate yelped. The Army patrol was on full alert. "They're here! Open fire!" FMJ rounds ripped through the thin metal of the cars piercing the pirate's unprotected bodies. Within thirty seconds, the pirates were all killed or captured. The Army troops herded them in a circle. Green saw one take off in the corner of his eye, he made a slashing gesture to Weasel. He nodded and drew his Ballistic Knife.

Weasel saw the pirate run down the street. He pressed the button and the pirate dropped without a sound. The Army troops extracted with the pirates while Charlie Team scouted the shore. Green saw a freighter in the distance. "Put on the fins, we're boarding that ship."

They had easily slipped past the lone guard in the cargo bay. Green found the manifest and read it. Most crates had staple items like bacon, frozen orange juice and flour. There was French Brandy in a crate next to it with an address that matched the target's. Inside the crate were Swiss chocolates and fast chilled Kansas City Strip steaks.

"Luxury shit." Weasel muttered. "Let's tag it so it can lead us right to Leland."

Green agreed, taking out a small marker the size of his fingernail and placed it on the inside of the crate. It began beeping twice and then stopped. There was a jolt in the ship and movement stopped. Green suspected that the ship had arrived. He signaled the squad to take cover. The doors opened and men in cargo uniforms wheeled out the crates.

The team climbed out of the freighter. They changed into cargo uniforms and walked in the open. Every instinct told them to open fire, the crewmen all could scramble the mission. Charlie remained calm, striding among the strangers.

They entered a door titled "Public Showers" and slipped into their VB suits. Petterson checked the TACPAD, it was headed away and they saw a truck with two armed men in the back heading away from the docks. As they strode down the streets, a few people gave them strange looks. Max motioned to spread out, he pointed to a gate where the truck went through. Two guards stood on either side of the front door holding P90s.

The team's acknoledgement lights winked to comply. Petterson sped up, walking in front. Predator fell behind, Weasel and Phoenix cut to the left. They regrouped at the front where Weasel marched to the door. He was smiling, but Green knew his smile wasn't the friendly kind. He opened the door but was stopped by the guard and asked to show an identification.

Weasel reached into his pocket, lighting fast, drew his knife to slash across the throat, dragging the dead man inside. The second guard turned, Green sprang forward, grabbed the man's cross necklace and strangled him.

"We're in." Green told Command.

Finding Leland was simple, Green had already tapped into his thermal signature and the team dispatched his bodyguards. "Stop!" Leland yelled, brandishing his pistol. "You think you have me? Drop your guns!"

Green turned to Predator making a slashing gesture. Predator opened fire above Leland who ducked. Green vaulted over the piece of cover grabbing Leland in a headlock. He twisted the hand with the pistol, breaking the man's thumb. Covering his mouth, Charlie withdrew, stealing a Huey helicopter to make their escape.

Chapter 9

USS Richard Nixon

12:00 pm August 1, 2018

Captain Michaelson sat in the back of the Huey as it coasted over the US fleet. The enemy supercarrier had vaporized 2 fleets of US ships. His shuttle touched down on the platform where all the fighters have ceased patrols.

Lieutenant Bruno Salazar awaited him on the elevator. "Welcome aboard.Captain Michaelson."

"Good to see you Lieutenant." Salazar offered him a tour of his new vessel, Michaelson had nothing else to do, so he complied. Salazar punched for A deck.

"At first, I was a little worried we may not be functional in time before the fleet is rendezvous next at the San Francisco Bay. There's not a whole lot of empty space. Also there's a new armor plating. She can take a huge beating sir."

Michaelson lit a cigarette. "Let's try not to test that if we have to. Where are the LANCERs?"

"They were here before even I was aboard."

"Take me to them."

"Aye sir." Salazar punched for C deck. The elevator descended and stopped. It opened to reveal thirty five LANCERs. Every single one wore their LANCER armor. All of their motions were fluid, graceful and precise, but completely unnatural. They stacked crates, checked guns and a pair of them performed hand to hand combat. They were both so fast, Michaelson could barely follow their motions.

"Captain on deck!" one of them shouted. They all turned and saluted in unison. One stepped up.

"Colonel Vector reporting for duty." he paused, looking unconfortable in his armor.

"At ease. If you need anything. I'll be on the bridge.""Sir!" Vector continued saluting until the Captain had closed the doors behind him.

Salazar waited for the Captain to relax and the door to shut before he spoke. "Sir. The LANCERs. People look up to them. Even fellow soldiers, they are precise. But are they even human?"

"They're human." Michaelson nodded. He stepped onto the bridge observing the fleet. His junior Lieutenants stood at their posts, awaiting his next order.

"Ops are online and updated." Lieutenant Ryu said. He was of Japanese American ancestry and Michaelson's most trusted officer. In addition, he is the only officer on the bridge who had experienced frontline warfare. Always serious. Michaelson appreciated it. Salazar manned second in command.

Lieutenant Dagger manned the weapons console. Although the smallest officer, he had ice water for blood and a fierce personality. Michaelson had always enjoyed his rage channeled into the salvos from the Nixon.

"Sir!" his navigation officer Lieutenant Parte reported. "We have contacts! Estimated 10 Russian vessels."

Michaelson felt a bead of sweat trickle down his neck. "Bring them on screen." It popped up to reveal three destroyers, four cruisers, two carriers and the massive supercarrier. "Evacuate all foot soldiers."

Vector heard the order. "You heard the captain! Dog those cards and get into battling shape soldier! We're kicking some Soviet ass!"

Chapter 10

Area 51

5:40 pm August 3, 2018

"Well. Recon is finished here." Alpha reported on the COM, leaning against one of the hangars. Six stood opposite of him, grasping a silenced M14 EBR. He unfolded the heartbeat sensor which beeped to display no unidentified contacts.

"Well. Command wants to know everything. We apparently didn't get everything on our first sweep." Butch quietly replied through the radio.

Six checked his sensor for the fifth time in the last three minutes. Still nothing. He was bored out of his mind, he removed his helmet and took a cigarette, lighting it with his lighter.

Six looked a lot younger than his actual age, although he was a newer LANCER, he was only 23 years old, yet he looked as if he was 16. He had serious eyes, a firm mouth and a stubble of beard hair. Not much to expect from a new man in an experimental supersoldier program. He walked towards the exit, resting on the wall. It shuddered, making Six jump.

Alpha whirled around leveling his Desert Eagle at the wall. It slid open to reveal a dark tunnel. Six stomped out his cigarette, donned his helmet and began transmitting a visual.

"Wow." was Dare's lone word.

"Shall we head inside?" Alpha asked. "Premission granted." Vector replied without hesitation before adding, "Use force at your own risk." Alpha complied, ordering Six at point. Six flicked his goggles and the darkness was vanished replaced by night vision accompanied by displays of thermal and infrared signatures. They walked down a hallway that seemed to take forever to end. Alpha wondered if this lead to a dead end, it would have been a huge waste of time and he wanted to take some helmets off of Spetsnaz.

Sergio took point signaling Six to get into defensive position while he scanned for threats. Weapons were stashed in remote locations, along with survival supplies including food, water, batteries, medical kits and even a deck of cards for entertainment.

They approached a large metal door, big enough to drive two tanks through side by side. It had two panels with a sea of buttons on each of them. It would likely take a nuke to even scratch the smooth surface. The panels offered another piece to the puzzle.

"Please remove any obstructions covering your optical instruments. Optical verifacation is needed."

"My ass." Alpha muttered as he removed his helmet. He walked to an imprint for faces and inserted into the slot. "Identity verified. Welcome Sergeant." Yet the door remained shut and the status still pulsing red for locked.

Six sighed, checking his heartbeat sensor. Still no contacts. On the side of the door, there was no reception. The doors were that damn thick. A hiss was heard and the LANCERs heard the metallic clacks as three massive locks were removed. The door swung open, a thick cloud of mist flowed out as the LANCERs donned their helmets again.

A lone figure stood in the doorway. It was a slender form, female. She stepped out and the LANCERs stared in surprise. She was the one who had pulled them out of their original units to be a LANCER. She was also believed to have disappeared for a while. She had watched them since they were transferred and the one who invented their seemingly invincible armor.

She was Doctor Natalie Lancer.

Chapter 11

Underneath Area 51

6:39 pm August 3, 2018

Dr. Lancer stared at the two supersoldiers who slowly lowered their weapons. "Come." she said to them, walking back through the door. Six shook his head and followed.her inside. Alpha followed hearing a rumble and he watched the door close. On his COM he heard static and Vector's voice barely coming online.

"Alpha. Your signal is beginning to get pretty fucked up. Are you in trouble?"

"Nope. You're not going to believe who we found."

Vector began guessing. "Shadow?"

"The Doctor."


"Alpha. This way." Dr. Lancer stood in a doorway with Six. They strode down a hallway of what looked like to be a labratory.

"Welcome to DUNGEON Base."

Alpha grunted. "Never heard of it."

"Top secret research facility. Used exclusively by Central Intelligence Agency and the Office of Naval Intelligence."

Six nodded in agreement. Lancer was a member of both the ONI and CIA, so she had access to all fields. A trait that could be helpful, or devastating. She palmed a lock and heavy steel doors slid open revealing a large labratory filled with metals, glasses and even a living quarters area.

"So why are you here?" Six asked

"To protect this place. I volunteered for fail safe. That's why I disappeared without consent. I make sure our enemies can't get access to this base."

Alpha stepped up. "Colonel Vector wishes to speak with you. Ma'am." He patched him through on the table. A hologram of Alpha's team was shown next to the door. "Let us in."

Lancer fumbled with a panel, finally pressing a button. Minutes later the rest of the team walked in, although they had their retinas scanned. "Family reunion." Dare snickered.

Lancer smiled, this was her primary team operating in the field. These were hers to command, at least every one of them would give their lives to protect their founder and project.

"We got problems." Percival replied through Butch's speakers. "Enemy supercarrier has retreated to a safe distance from the majority of our fleet. Intelligence suggest main Mass-Driver gun has not been working properly. Our fleet is currently holding position and defending itself from the Russian fighters."

"Nuke?" Lancer asked

Vector shook his head, "They are all out of reach or they went down with the ships they were carried upon."

Lancer leaned on her shoulder, deep in thought, "Percival." she finally said. "Scan supercarrier for any nuclear devices."

Percival winked out of Butch's suit before speaking again. "Enemy supercarrier holds one medium fusion nuke as well as two nuclear power plant."

Lancer walked through the team, they parted as she walked through. She walked up to Wildcard and began to remove his 10 inch kukri knife. There was a blur of motion as he immediately stopped her, pinning her hand to the handle of the knife, he didn't look like he was going to let go. That was usual, even though he trusted her, he wasn't going to let someone walk away with his signature combat weapon. "May I?" she asked

"It's sharp." he replied, relaxing and allowing her to take it, she tugged the knife free, it looked large in her hands and everyone could tell that it was not the lightest thing. She set it in the sand, drawing a plan.

"Objective. Destroy Russian supercarrier holding position in the Pacific."

"How are we supposed to do that?" Butch asked "Might as well knock first."

Lancer quickly answered his question without hesitation. "These are what we will knock on." Percival brought up a reactor inside the supercarrier as well as conduits running around it.

"These conduits are nuclear fuel fed. When severed, the reactor will use the remaining fuel to amass energy and it would explode in precisely 50.187 seconds of full potential. Delivery system will be you guys and the only problem is getting you there."

"This even possible." Dare whispered to Vector

"What do you think?" was his reply. Dare nodded, "Oh."

"Thank you for sharing." Lancer hefted the knife and handed it back to Wildcard who sheathed it.

Alpha surveyed the reactor hologram. "So all we need is transport and the bravest, wait, foolish volunteers to embark on this."

Dr. Lancer found a cookie and took a small bite. "I might be a little nosy, but I might suggest the Raven fighters. Officially dismissed by four administrators and now another conspiracy in Area 51. I'm sure one of you knows how to pilot it."

The team turned to Six. He did know how to pilot one, although it was a long time ago. Six nodded and leaned back. He felt like sleeping here.

Lancer seemed satisfied. "All we need now is a green light from Command."

Dare laughed. "Fat chance."

Chapter 12

USS Richard Nixon

11:00 am July 4, 2018

"I'm picking up thermal spikes from the Russian fleet." Dr. Lancer said, turning from her seat. "Looks like they want to take us out on our birthday."

"That's not going to happen." Dare said through clenched teeth. "Still can't believe the President said yes to this."

Vector quickly snapped back to his thoughts and stood up. "We should probably get the jets in the air before he changes his mind."

Alpha saluted "Aye. Six and I are ready to go." Six nodded.

Six walked out, the sun was shining. If it wern't a combat scene, he would have been relaxing. "Six." Alpha said, "Let's go, before the Russians have a chance to wreck our top guns." Six climbed inside, took a minute to reaquaint himself with the controls and put on his headset. "All jets, check in." Alpha commanded over the radio.

"Axis standing by."

"Revenant, all systems green."

"Slammer to motherbird, good to go."

"Ready on your go. Kickback checking in."

"Skittle awaiting orders."

"Tucker here. Good luck."

"Alpha to Six. let's roll." Six pressed the ignition button and the Raven accelerated off the ramp. He turned his head as the jet shook. "These cities are all we have left. Let's get to work!"

"All Ravens this is Maritime Base Bravo. Our defense turrets are under serious repairs and we require protection until we can bring them back online. We are tracking enemy Fulcrums approaching at two zero seven at one hundred thirty four knots. Green light to engage!"

Six saw approaching Fulcrum jets and his hand squeezed the trigger. Rounds ripped through the nearest jet and ignited its fuel tank sending it out in flames. "Good shot Six!" Skittle said, while taking another jet down. Six turned and destroyed three more before Base Bravo sent another message.

"Maritime Base Bravo. All Fulcrums neutralized. Wait...More jets inbound. Unidentified Sukhoi fighters moving from the west! Codenamed Fireball, heads up!"

Six saw a dozen "Fireballs" approaching quickly. He recognized the frame, it was the T-50, Russia's most feared jet, most pilots who faced it in combat during the Russo-American War were usually killed before reporting, which explained why nobody in NATO knew of its existence...until now. Six fired the main guns, the Fireball performed a barrel roll, but the rounds embedded themselves into its hull.

Six's eyes widened in surprise, those jets were tough and their pilots were not of the ordinary. Those amount of rounds would have destroyed any other fighter instantly. He saw weakened armor and locked a missile on. The safety popped and the missile accelerated towards the Sukhoi.

It banked and thrust vectored downwards, the missile lost track and plunged into the water below. Six was surprised, no fearful. This was a fighter jet capable of nearly that of the Raven, in a simple exchange of tactics, the Fireball would win.

Impossible. He needed to change the odds. He performed a barrel roll to avoid another T-50 targeting him. The T-50 fired a missile, there was no way Six could shake it.

Six had to improvise. He did a barrel roll passing the missile by a mere three inches. The T-50 barraged the jet with machine guns, Six flinched as the rounds splintered on the smooth hull. The Raven spun around, nearly on top of the Fireball. Six's hand flew to the trigger as he fired a missile point blank range into the T-50. The advanced jet turned to him and fell into the blue below, powerless. "Six! Watch your ass!" Revenant said as he fired dozens of rounds into a T-50, destroying it.

"There's two on my tail! I can't shake em!" Axis yelled in his COM. Six dove towards Axis, who was under fire from a pair of Flankers as well as a Fireball. "I can't get you Axis! I got trouble of my own!" Skittle replied.

Skittle performed a barrell roll just as one of the Flankers fired a missile. Skittle's jet enging exploded and it exploded. Skittle's vitals and tactical display faded. "Six!" Alpha's voice was barely audible over the explosions and gunfire. "We need to break a hole in the supercarrier!"

"This is Commander Kinkallen, I'm ready to drop the load."

"Roger Commander." Alpha replied. "Let us get on ground first."

The supercarrier looked like a toy in the distance, but it looked real and larger every second. Six saw RPG turrets pivot and fingers of rockets accelerated, whooshing past him. On the deck, Mi-42 Hydras sat, as their crews ran to mount their aircraft. Six strafed the deck, destroying the Hydras. An explosion was heard as the starboard engine was on fire.

"This thing's toast!" Six told Alpha, arming his ejection button.

Alpha grabbed his weapon. "Then let them have it." before pressing a button and ejecting both out of the jet. Six fellw down hitting the lower deck with a grunt. If he lost his armor, he would have been pulverized on the inside. Alpha was next to him as they got on the top deck where the Russian Navy was attempting to save their aircraft. Roars were heard as an insertion pod hit the hull, the door opened and a LANCER got out, shredding enemies with his L86 LSW. One Hydra had rotors staring to spin. The three fired at it, but the bullets pinged off its armor. Additional roars were heard as Kinkallen dropped his capsules. One slammed into the Hydra, splitting it in two. After a few minutes Six, Alpha and the other LANCERs killed the rest of the Russians off.

"Casualty report." Alpha demanded.

One of the two surviving LANCER's knelt next to a dead one. "Needle, Superman and Prophet are dead."

General Randolph came online. "LANCERs, head for the hangar. Kill any Russian that tries to leave and warn the ship's commander what we're up to!"

Six, Alpha and the two other LANCERs headed for the hangar, they easily slaughtered the crew, but it cost them their two comrades. They had finally reached the reactor room.

The reactor was a massive cylinder lined with countless cords. At the top, electricity surged through pipes and a humming was heard. Randolph had marked the conduits and Six grabbed a machete from one of the Ultra Colonels and proceded to cut the closest two.

"Defend this area." Alpha said, walking towards the door. "I'm going to keep the General from escaping when we blow this tin can." Six turned back to cutting the wires.

Alpha sprinted for the hangar where a Hydra was being prepped for the commanding General and the ship's admiral. He waited in the shadows with a handful of Semtex Grenades. The pilot had entered his seat and began starting the rotors. It gained speed. Alpha dashed over to it as the compartment opened to let the General and Admiral on. There was a shout as he jumped on the helicopter and armed all his Semtexes, he threw them inside the helicopter and jumped off. His fall was cut short as he looked over to see part of his ghillie patch caught in the door. He fumbled with his knife and started to cut it when he realized it was too late.

"Shit!" were his last words before the grenades detonated, demoloshing the monster helicopter.

"Silver Three! Come in! Come in Dammit!" Vector shouted over the radio. "Six! Silver Three's vitals just flatlined! You're in deep with no cover! Get that reactor cut and get the hell out of there!"

Six walked over to the final cord, his machete brushed the casing. "Six!" Vector yelled, "What are you waiting for?"

"I...I won't make it!"

"That's bullshit! Cut the wire now! That is an order."

"Listen." Six pleaded. "Even if I cut it. I won't make it out alive, the detonator isn't working. I have to cut it myself."

Vector didn't reply for a full five minutes. Finally he said "You know what you have to do Six. There's a difference between a life spent and a life wasted. I've had to send men to their deaths, it hurt me every time. Alpha's death was unexpected. Hopefully he took out his target. If he did, that's a life spent. Say your prayers kid, you're going to have to spend your life here."

Six understood. "I'll get it done." he told Vector before smashing the COM. He removed his helmet and said the Lord's Prayer before his shaking hand hovered over the cord. His face was a mask of grim determination as he drew his machete and sliced the cord. Nuclear fuel poured out splashing over his boots. The a bright fiery flash was seen as Six saw nothing else but blackness.

USS Richard Nixon

"Vector! Come quick!" Dare told him on the COM. Vector hurried over with Wildcard. Dare pointed out the window where the Russian supercarrier Isakov sat. The monster ship emitted a bright flash and a huge dome of light encased it with the surrounding cruisers and escort vessels. The huge bubble imploded leaving no explosion.

The Isakov and three quarters of the Russian fleet were gone. Vector looked down, ashamed to show himself in front of his squad.

"Hey." Butch said, placing an arm around his shoulder. "At least Alpha and Six went out in a bang. I'm sure they're happy that the tide has likely turned in our favor. Operation RAZOR'S EDGE is a success."

Vector nodded. "I hope so."

Part 3: The Return

Chapter 13

USS Richard Nixon

7:28 pm July 7, 2018

Vector looked at his alarm clock, two minutes before the alarm goes off. Groaning, he got out of the bunk and set the alarm back. He walked over to his desk, pushing past a pair of papers to turn on his laptop. It blinked asking him for his password. He typed it in out of habit; *******. An icon blinked indicating a new message. He opened the file and read;

To: LANCER Colonel Vector (Classified Name)

From: Spetsnaz Officer Matheus Kerensky, Specialist Jake Smitty

Subject: Shuttle bound for launch in two hours

Recieved: 0700 hours


Ultranationalists have believed that the strike team sent aboard Mir II have died of starvation. That is not the case. Alex has reported to the Ultranationalists that the team has died and require supplies and fuel to launch a new bomb of theirs. We believe it is called a CHAOS bomb. It is a missile that releases six nukes in different directions it will reach from its splitting site nearly 50 miles in atmosphere. The nukes will be guided to major cities Phoenix, Tuscon, Kansas City, Denver, Salt Lake City and Cheyenne. I estimate that 120 million lives will be lost unless prevented.

They are loading a Shuttle to head to the station for refueling and resupply. It launches two hours from when I sent you this file. The team aboard the station can hijack the shuttle and use it to return to Earth while discarding the CHAOS bomb.

I will update you once I get addtional information.



Press ENTER to continue

Vector pressed ENTER. The Computer saved it into his intel.

Two Hours Later

He got his COM and dialed Smitty's COM frequency. It ringed for a minute before Smitty answered.

"I'm in a meeting now with the Ultranationalists. The shuttle should be approaching Mir II." Smitty said, sounding a little annoyed.

"Whatever you're doing. Stop and patch me in with the team onboard."

"Link is uploaded."

Mir II

Joel Jackson floated at the window watching the approaching shuttle. "Ready?" he asked everyone.

"Yep." Alex said, stacking up next to the door.

"In position." Jarod said, a flashbang in his hand.

"As always." Leonid replied, sitting in front with his MG4.

The door opened and the entire armed personnel walked in, surprised and only to be slaughtered by well placed claymores and combined firepower.

"Good. Now get that shuttle back to Earth." Vector said over the COM. "Rain. I'll see you planetside."

Rain entered the shuttle with Joel and Jarod. "What about you?" Jarod asked the two Spetsnaz.

Leonid grasped the shuttle door. "We'll handle things here." He then shut and locked the door. A hissing sound was heard as the shuttle seperated from the station.

"I'm sending a message through the shuttle to everyone on America." Vector said

"Jarod pressed the broadcasting button as the shuttle passed over the US." Joel replied. "We're coming home." The shuttle burned and accelerated towards the US.

Vector took a deep breath. "This is to all Americans out in the US territory. The invaders of the Russian Federation are planning for a disastrous fate for the United States. Don't ask me how I know, but trust the military. We won't be able to do this alone, I beg for your help. The Russians are planning to use a CHAOS bomb, one of which is armed and ready to fire onboard their orbital station. This will cause six great cities to fall into nothing but a crispy, barren landscape. But, that is not all. If they are not stopped, the combined radiation will be hundreds of times worse than Chernobyl and within fourty-eight hours, will stop your heart cold.

For the better part of the decade, if someone or something had destroyed your place, you would simply relocate somewhere else. There is no haven this time, our place is here on this land.

Our founding fathers built a place for themselves thanks to their unwavering spirit and the strength of their determination. Now it is time to use that same determination to guard what they had died to build.

To all American clans on the US.

If you are listening and shedding each other's blood, then I ask you to place aside your differences to stand by me as one.

Let's tell the Russians what happens when they threaten our home."

The shuttle shuddered as it entered the atmosphere. Rain braced himself for impact.

Chapter 14

Crashed remains of Russian shuttle Zukhov

Somewhere in Southwestern Nevada

5:31 am July 8, 2018

Rain limped over to the lone box sitting in the middle of the desert. Despite being in the summer time, the desert was about zero. He had landed far away from the shuttle whose remains could be seen burning on the top of one of the mountains. He opened the box to find a single grenade and a Desert Eagle. He cocked the pistol and holstered it before walking over. Abruptly stopping he stared at the crashed shuttle for five minutes before walking to the distant city lights.

1 hour later

"Rain this is Silver Two. Rendezvous with the rest of Silver. Come home Sergeant." Butch told him in his radio. Rain felt very happy to be on the ground even though covered in blood from battling 20 Russians by himself. Over the course, he had aquired a TAR 21 with a Red Dot Sight and a Scoped PSG1, now both were nearly running out of ammo and his Desert Eagle was also on its last mag.

"What's the situation?" Butch asked the Ranger in charge.

"We got a triple A mounted on top. If anyone is to escape Las Vegas alive, that is going to provide covering fire."

Butch nodded, Rain saw him at the top balcony, strapping himself in. "I'll man the gun. Hold them off until evac arrives!" Rain nodded, arming the scant ammo inside his rifle. The helicopters began to approach and Rain fired.

It seemed like an eternity battling Russians. Rain had to scavenge ammo which nearly cost him his life. A Havoc had tried to fire at him only to be shot down by Butch.

"Yeah! That's for Alpha!"

"I'm sending you all to hell!"

"How does that feel?!"

A Tupolev 90 accelerated over them, centering itself over Las Vegas, it dropped a black speck and a portion of the city disappeared in fire. Rangers were screaming, Russians were cheering in victory and Rain was firing away at the distracted Spetsnaz..

Eventually, Rain had cleared all the Russians, he finally panted, suddenly wanting a drink of water and was grateful when a Ranger offered his bottle. He gulped and handed it back. "Silver to Zephyr Four, we're clear."

"On my way." Four replied.

"This is it." Butch panted, also exhausted. "Get the Rangers out of here. And get your ass out of this city...I got your back."

A V-22 Osprey arrived and the Rangers began to board when the pilot spotted a Hydra approaching the pad.

"Silver Two! I need covering fire on that Hydra or we're going to be sleeping in the desert tonight."

"Aye, Sergeant! I'll give you a window."

The Triple A fired on the Hydra. It easily dodged, hovering over the Osprey and over the gun. Rain heard a yell as Butch fired a shotgun, catching a Spetsnaz Juggernaut off guard. It fell to the ground and Butch put his Model 1887 to the mask and fired point blank, killing it. He grabbed a Stinger missile and fired at the helicopter. It also dodged and Rain saw Butch under fire, taking hits and spewing blood before the Osprey accelerated away.

Butch was barely conscious when a Spetsnaz Juggernaut drew its wicked looking machete. Butch saw the Osprey fly away, the Hydra too distracted with pursuing. Butch smiled and the Juggernaut impaled him in the stomach. His last strength faded and he collapsed on the pad.

Approaching the Modified B-52 Flying Camel

7:28 pm July 9, 2018

Rain was the lone passenger on the Osprey as the Flying Camel came into view over Oklahoma. The bay was open and miles upon miles of scorched earth was seen with raging fires and corpses of animals, civilians, Spetsnaz and US troops.

What was a lush farmland weeks ago, now hell remained.

Rain rose, slinging his M14 EBR ACOG on his back as the Osprey entered the back of the B-52. He stepped off as he saw Vector approaching, Wildcard, Alpha and Dare nowhere to be seen. The sight of his commanding officer brought satisfaction to him and he relaxed a bit. Vector clapped a hand on his shoulder as the two walked away from the bomber's closing ramp.

"It's good to have you back. Alpha and Butch are KIA. Let's make em proud." Vector said, motioning towards the resting quarters. Rain found his bed, unlocked his armor and lay down. His exhaustion had tested his limits far beyond what he had expected the maximum limit. His eyes closed within minutes.

Chapter 15

Ruins of Washington DC

12:18 pm July 14, 2018

"We are getting reports of US gangs responding to your call. Some have currently banded together to form militia groups and drove out the invading Russians." Percival said on the COM.

"Good." Vector replied. "Let's hope they are as easygoing as they were when their ancestors arrived here."

Silver Team entered the Pentagon following the navpoint on their HUDs. They had been dispatched by Randolph to retrieve a document of the uttermost importance. Dare and Wildcard were still a little odds, but Rain felt the tension ease from when he last saw them and now. The navpoint wasn't far away and they entered a room where there were large block computers and large databases. Dead civilians and Army soldiers littered the floor along with guns, ammo and even ration packs.

"Hmm. Looks as if they were cornered." Dare inquired.

"Or they were rather commited to the place." Vector countered.

Wildcard walked to the edge where it was a dead end. "My vote's on cornered! There's nothing here!"

"Are you sure we are at the correct place?" Dare asked Percival.

"Yes. We are exactly in the room where Randolph has directed us." Percival replied calmly.

As if he could understand, Randolph had contacted Vector. Rain paused at his words while still watching the door.

"I am barely getting your signal, what is your status?"

Wildcard spoke with anger roaring in his voice. "Our status is that we are sent into a city well deserted with the only people are Russians looking to kill anyone else off! Plus we are here to find something that is likely won't even exist!"

Rain half expected Randolph to immediately demote Wildcard for his insubordiation. The general simply was calm while Vector had scolded Wildcard like a mother and her kid at a candy store.

"Wildcard! That's nonsense!"

Wildcard nodded in defeat. "My apologies general."

"Don't worry about it Lieutenant." Randolph easily shrugged off the insult. "Anyway. The objective point was to get you in a suitable position to find the objective. I'm marking a new navpoint. Randolph out."

"Well it pointing a kilo and three quarters east at forty feet underground." Dare snapped.

Wildcard stiffened, "I forgot my drill and shovel. Colonel."

"We should have a revised route somewhere." Dare tapped the buttons on a console. Rain sighed and he leaned against the wall. There was a hum and Rain nearly fell over when the entrance slid open.

Vector looked over, "Our revised route."

He signaled Dare to take point and once Dare mentioned clear. Vector, followed by Rain entered the door. Wildcard was last, looking back as the door closed behind them.

Chapter 16

Underneath the Pentagon

12:36 pm July 14, 2018

Silver walked through the catacombs of what was apparently a secret underground storage facility. They had nearly been walking for 10 minutes by storage blocks and racks of reserve weapons.

"Damn." Dare said. "You can supply a whole army with all this shit here."

"Probably for protection next time someone decides to drink and crash a plane into the pentagon." Wildcard sneered. Vector shot him a glare and he stopped laughing to himself. Vector's radio crackled, Percival automatically changed the frequency.

"My apologies for not contacting you quickly and the drastic security measures."

"Who is this."

"President Deleston here. I need you guys at this location ASAP." He marked a beacon, "Be advised. It's the quickest way here, but there are Spetsnaz patrols."

"Of course the President gives us the route with the patrols." Wildcard muttered.

"I heard that Lieutenant." Deleston said.

"Good." He shot back. "Cause I was looking forward to some action."

"Sure you were." Dare teased. Wildcard said nothing, arming his AUG A5.

Sure enough there were Spetsnaz patrolling. Silver melted into the shadows as Rain crouched behind a forklift and unsheathed his knife. The door opened and four Spetsnaz officers stood in the doorway. Flashlights lit up the room.

"Good." Vector whispered. "That should play hell with their night vision. Rain, take them out."

The four Russians filed out in a delta formation, approaching Dare's spot. To his left, Vector made a pummeling motion to Wildcard who nodded and dropped his weapon. Vector threaded a silencer on his ACR.

The clatter of the AUG A5 caused the officers to turn, presenting their unguarded backs to Rain. He exploded from his hiding spot, jamming his blade into the officer's neck. His foot lashed out, catching a second one's head.

The other two turned, AKMs at the ready.

There was a cough from Vector's silenced ACR that made the third officer flinch and fall to the ground. The last officer, a muscular russian suddenly fell down as Wildcard pinned him underneath his boot as he took out his kukri knife and stabbed him through his helmet. There was a crunching sound as the knife went through the skull and was pulled out. Marcus shook off the knife which was covered in blood and bits of bone. Rain felt nautious, he wasn't that brutal towards anyone.

They moved on, engaging three more patrols until they nearly reached the navpoint. Vector had taken a Dragunov and walked upstairs to provide overwatch.

The room was massive with rails, storage boxes even an Abrams Tank.

"I got contacts. Not officers. Ultra Colonels." Vector said, not looking up from his scope.

Rain hated Ultra Colonels. A single one had wrestled him before he joined Silver and it nearly won if it hadn't been for the intervention of a grenade. They wern't as bad as Juggernauts, but the behemoth soldiers typically came one to two at a time.

"Hey. I found some napalm barrels." Dare said, crouching behind red shaded barrels. Wildcard hefted one which he grunted and Dare slid a grenade underneath, lining it with a trip wire. They were coming up with a plan.

As if he could read their minds, Vector pulled in on the radio. Rain looked and saw that he didn't even move an inch. "What's that you're rigging?"

Dare smiled. "A little slice of ragnarok for sampling only."

Rain figured the trap out. The barrels of napalm would be tripped by grenades. When they went off, they made a hell of a barbeque of anything in its path. Vector was the distraction. He fired wounding one and angering the others.

"Incoming guys. Looks like we really pissed them off!"

The Ultras growled orders and the half dozen figures halted near the trip wire. One took a step, pulling it and the grenades free. An explosion of fire tore through the room. The bodies were hurled into a nearby fountain as the flames consumed crates and part of the tank nearby. The LANCERs approached weapons pointed at the water.

No survivors surfaced.

There was only a few more meters to the navpoint and the team entered a pair of thick doors. The room held cases and as the team passed, Rain saw that documents of the ancient US were stored here. The ones he saw in Philadelphia were simply props. Security was always an issue on documents even.

"Glad you guys could make it." President Deleston approached, flanked by two Secret Service agents. "News of my disappearance has been extremed."

Vector nodded. "What are we here for? I thought Randolph was commanding us."

"He will be briefed. You belong to me now."

"Great." Dare muttered.

Wildcard took the oppurtunity to shoot another insult. "Cheer up big guy. Maybe you can be the head to the Secret Service." Dare gave him a glare, but said nothing.

The four of them towered over the President, making even his bodyguards nervous. Even an agent that's highly trained to shoot and protect, a LANCER was easily capable of overpowering nearly anything.

"Anyway. Your objective is to get this." Deleston retrieved a capsule containing the Constitution. The real document. "I have chosen one of you to carry this back to the Nixon. Where when the war ends, we will make the treaty there while portraying the Constitution."

"Who would that be?" Dare asked.

Deleston grabbed the capsule and walked past Dare. Vector stood aside and it was as if he was choosing Wildcard. Wildcard stepped back as the President approached Rain.

"I have made my choice." Deleston said, holding out the capsule.

Chapter 17

Author note: The LANCER Project NATO's Downfall is nearing its close. It was a pleasure of entertaining all of you staring at this message. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did writing it! Now back to story!

Andrews AFB

11:29 am July 16, 2018

On point, Rain surveyed the twin Pave Lows sitting on the ground. He noted a lone sniper on one of the towers. Aiming his weapon, a muffled cough was heard as the sniper dropped. Scanning his radar, there were no more snipers. He held a fist and uncurled two fingers.

Dare came first, then Wildcard and finally Vector with the president. They stopped at the two helicopters. Vector turned to the president with his two Secret Service operators.

"President. I am commiting Silver Five to escort you to safety."

The president looked shocked and immediately retaliated, "I don't require a supersoldier to protect me."

"That may be." Vector replied, not wanting to bicker. "But unfortunately, if your ship gets shot, trust Silver Five. Dare, make sure the president is untouched."

Dare saluted, "I won't let you down colonel....Good luck."

Vector saluted back, "You too."

Wildcard looked at Dare before clasping hands in a camraderie way, "Best of luck big man. I hope to see you on the other side."

Dare laughed, something Rain noticed he never did to Wildcard in a friendly way. "Take care." Then he was gone.

The LANCERs watched the Pave Low take off and Vector was already inside his while Wildcard and Rain slowly backed into the hangar bay, alert for threats. Satisfied, Vector started the engines and the two climbed onboard.

Vector was advised on his route to be wary of a nearby Russian fleet hastening to the president's carrier.

Wildcard sat on the ramp, holding a button in his hand. He tapped it and the Air Force Base was engulfed in fire and the buildings collapsed leaving a plume of flames and dust.

1 hour later

Near Chesapeake Bay

A thud hit the bulkhead and Rain was flung to the other side of the chopper. They had never saw the ambush coming. While fleets of Blackjack bombers were bombing out the coast, trying to root out the ragtag militia groups, they avoided it, trying to take a smoother way to the evac zone, when they walked into the real trap. A pair of Havoc helicopters pursued the giant helicopter.

Rounds splintered in the cabin as Rain moved to check on Vector. The helicopter shook again as Rain saw Wildcard lean against the side with his grenade launcher. There was a thump and he fired, hitting perfectly. One of the Havocs spun around with a flaming tail, its wingman tried to break off, but it hit the second helicopter and they both exploded. The Pave Low's smoking engine coughed, indicating its descent.

Vector had bumped his head on the window which was smeared with blood that covered his face.

"Gotta get you off sergeant! This bird is toast!"

Rain nodded, patting the capsule in his armor. Vector looked down the cabin.

"Marcus! Go with Rain! I'll do what I can to be a decoy!"

Wildcard pounded his shoulder pauldron. "It's been an honor sir!"

Rain went to the ramp where they gripped the bulkhead and the Pave Low edged close to the ground. They jumped out, but still rolled down the hill overlooking Chesapeake Bay. The Pave Low accelerated away as a pair of T-50 fighters took off after it, barraging it with gunfire.

"Still with us Colonel?" Wildcard yelled on his COM.

"Just get to the bay." Vector replied, "Get the document to the carrier." He highlighted a navpoint on the HUD, indicating the carrier at sea.

They approached a cliff where Rain slid down and quickly took out the sentry with his knife.

"Very nice." Wildcard laughed.

Chapter 18

Author's note: I have had a massive writer's block recently. Not because I had no ideas, but simply I have a very busy schedule. I'm a swimmer and the season is appraching. I'll try to finish this as soon as possible. Once again, thank you for enjoying my story. RAWR.

Chesapeake Bay

1:01 pm July 17, 2018

The two LANCERs surveyed the area, some Spetsnaz were patrolling and a BMP-2 was blocking the path to the docks. In the bay, there was distant explosions and smoke with a red haze that looked like a blazing sky. Rain was told to get the package to the Nixon, yet Wildcard still held command. He signaled Rain and they slowly crept forward, listening to their conversations.

"This one's mine." Wildcard crept forward putting his hand over the mouth and dragging the struggling soldier back before breaking his neck. Rain flicked a grenade toward the other three soldiers. There was a panic filled cry before a thud was heard, followed by bodies dropping to the floor.

On the pier was a jet ski, along with a large cache of Stinger missile launchers.

"Transport and FIMs!" Wildcard exclaimed.

Rain nodded, mounting the driver's seat. Wildcard found a suitable handle which he gripped. The motor roared to life and they sped away from the dock leaving a white tail of foam. It wasn't long before they found Ka-50s pursuing them. They entered the ocean where a Russian destroyer and a US light frigate were exchanging fire. Wildcard ignored it, "Do not engage! Gun it!"

Rain complied, avoiding a missile.

There was havoc everywhere. Russian and American jets firing at each other and even larger ships duking it out. Wildcard was firing his Stinger as fast as he could, not the easiest thing to do on a rapidly moving jet ski. A missile screeched overhead and detonated, flipping the boat. Rain and Wildcard held on for dear life until it came upright and he sped through the maze of ships. They approached a Russian frigate which promptly opened fire.

"Gun it Rain! I know what I'm doing!" Wildcard shouted with a frag grenade on his back. Rain saw a grenade fly over and it detonated sending the jet ski flying over. Wildcard took out his multishot grenade launcher and Rain heard six thumps followed by six explosions before they hit the water again. Wildcard laughed when the ship's fuel reserve caught from the explosion and a large hole was in the hull.

"That's a watery grave."

Rain smiled, but it quickly disappeared when the vehicle's fuel gauge read empty. Since the Nixon was in sight, it would have to take another aircraft to get there. They managed to leap to shore and continued, seeing towns with smoldering remains. Rain knew that the end of the war would not solve the problem.


Rain turned to see another Hydra helicopter. Its cannon turned and zeroed on them. It was about to fire when rounds stitched the rotor. They looked up to see Vector's Pave Low circling the Hydra.

"Go!" Vector shouted, firing the Pave Low's minigun. The rounds splintered off the rotor, showering sparks.

"Colonel!" Wildcard objected with disbelief. "You don't have enough firepower!"

"That's fine." Vector replied, "Just get the hell out of here!"

Marcus paused before nodding. "Solid copy. Hit em hard skipper!"

The Hydra fired a missile and hit the Pave Low's tail rotor, it spun around out of control. Smoke flowed from the vents.

"This is Vector. Over and out." He ended his speech with a small whisper. "I'm coming for you."

The large helicopter spun, towards the Hydra. It attempted to dodge the wreck, but it was too late. The 20 ton giant slammed into it and a massive ball of fire enveloped.

Wildcard started forward, "Evac to the east...let's go."

Rain nodded and they headed a kilo, fending off Spetsnaz until a Huey arrived. They clambered on watching the battlefield as it sped away. The Nixon zoomed into view as Rain saw Kerensky in his Officer uniform with a datapad in his hand. His friendly eyes betrayed that he had grim news.

"Bad news. The station autolaunched the CHAOS bomb." He said, in a haunted voice.

Wildcard looked a little shocked, but retained his confidence. "Is there a way to stop it."

"No..." Kerensky said, defeated. He looked as if he was searching his mind when his eyes lit up. "Actually there is. But it will cost someone's life." He explained the plan to the LANCERs.

"It's risky." Wildcard concluded. He stepped to the modified F-15SE, "I'll do it. One life lost is better than millions."

He was about to climb in the cockpit when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning he saw Rain who gently pulled him down. The two men stared at each other, eyes hidden by bright lenses. Finally Wildcard clapped Rain on his shoulder.

"Good luck to"

Rain nodded and climbed into the cockpit, taking a deep breath.

Chapter 19

USS Richard Nixon

3:50 pm July 17, 2018

The F-15 Silent Eagle was an upgraded F-15 with countermeasures to missiles and nuclear fallout. This one had been designed to stop the orbital CHAOS bomb in its tracks while the earth's ozone layer would shield the earth from the nuclear radiation that would poison nearly the entire nation. The idea was that the Silent Eagle would intercept and absorb the impact of the CHAOS bomb, at the cost of the operator's life.

"Twenty minutes until CHAOS detonates." Michaelson said, looking over at Rain. "You better get going. It's been a pleasure being your captain."

Rain nodded, sealing the door and the engines boosted as he watched the carrier grow smaller and smaller. He saw a fiery streak in the sky, rapidly approaching, but still very far away. Flashes of his memory swam in his mind from his childhood to where he got his nickname. The heat suddenly dropped to freezing as the Silent Eagle began exiting the atmosphere. The flaming projectile continued to enlarge as well as the silhouette of Mir II on the horizon.

Something else appeared with even more figures. Rain thought it was his family, but he squinted and saw Tyler "Phoenix" Anderson from Charlie Team. He smiled behind his mask at Rain. The LANCER merely shook his head. Was it a hallucination?

There were dozens of figures with Phoenix. Vector, Butch, Wildcard, Alpha and even Shadow. The first known missing LANCER revealed to the public. They all moved towards him.

The holographic LANCERs nodded to him. The LANCER's "Mission Accomplished" signal.

Rain wouldn't let them down, this was his final objective and he felt at peace.

The flaming ball hurtled even closer as Rain armed all his weapons. Rain held his breath...his final one.

The Silent Eagle slammed into the CHAOS bomb detonating charges along the casing as well as armed missiles, the jet vaporized on impact. It rolled into a ball of fire, sending fragments of shells and warhead tips down in the atmosphere. The debris of everything burned in the friction, shortly dying out. Not a piece of the CHAOS bomb had even touched the surface of the earth.


Russo-American War Museum

November 11, 2021

The building was crowded with people, day and night. The museum of America’s struggle, or the Russo-American War museum was speedily built to be opened on Veteran's Day. One particular mother had to usher her daughter and son inside, ignoring their protests.

“Mommy, I don’t want to go see this!” the boy cried, he swung and flailed, but his mother put her arm firmly around, preventing him from struggling. They entered and the kids’ reaction slowly turned from disgust to awe as they saw a multitude of things ranging from weapons, vehicles, soldier uniforms, ordinance and even diaries of several soldiers. They continued until they arrived at a seemingly endless wall. It looked scribbled with white. As they approached closer, their eyes opened in awe as the white were actually names, engraved in the marble. A title read, “Soldiers KIA or MIA”

The mother found her husband’s name on the stone and ran her finger along the carving. A glimpse of emotion ran across her face, but she brushed it away. The next exhibit included aircraft that were used in the war. In the center of the Russian aircraft, towering over the others was one of the last Mi-42 Hydras. The four wings were sprawled out and the missiles looked threatening. There was no doubt that this helicopter was a definite killing machine.

They walked into the final exhibit where it had dark lighting and very gloomy, yet hopeful feeling. Sad themed music was playing in the background and a sign was displayed, requiring silence for those who entered. The kids nodded to their mother when she told them about the quiet part. They walked in and a plaque read above them: “Monument to Silver Team”

The two kids could only look in awe as they saw a statue with five figures in different colors, some blue, others dark red, all of them with a plaque in front:

“When all hope of democracy was lost Silver Team stood united in its defense Powered by faith, loyalty and courage They ennobled us all and will never be forgotten”

On the far left there was the biggest figure, he held an M249 with a massive magazine. The boy read the plaque underneath the statue.

LANCER Gunnery Sergeant Damian “Dare” Sikex Silver Five

“We honor him as the battling spirit of Silver Team.”

The boy paused at the massive gun, hardly believing to know that this man was Silver’s best soldier at interacting with civilians. If he was going to join the military, he wanted to carry a big gun like “Dare”.

He paused at the second figure which wore a patch of grasslike webbing on his shoulders and helmet. He also had an M14 rifle with a scope and a Desert Eagle at his hip.

LANCER Sergeant Sergio “Alpha I” (Last Name Unknown) Silver Three

“We honor him as the watchful eye of Silver”

The boy admitted that unlike the larger figure, this one was more patient, willing to hide for days to give the single critical shot that could turn the tide of a battle. It looked like a difficult, but satisfying type of soldier.

In the center stood the most defined soldier, his rifle was not drawn and was slung on his shoulder. A shotgun was present on his back. The boy examined closer and saw an emblem of a Colonel. He looked at the plaque:

LANCER Colonel Travis “Vector” Magnum Silver One

“We honor him as the steadfast commander of Silver.”

A leader soldier fit the man well, the statue was pointing to nothingness with the concealed eyes behind a pair of sunglasses were focused like a laser. The boy knew he was not born with the trait. Experience was the most weathering thing a leader can have.

The figure to the right looked extremely scary. Even though it was a statue, the girl was recoiling at the bright red goggles and the multitude of grenade shells on his chest armor. In one hand he held a cylindrical weapon that was no doubt a grenade launcher. In his outer hand, there was a hooked knife that looked as if it was big as her brother, not to mention weighing as much. The two looked at the plaque:

LANCER Lieutenant Marcus “Wildcard” Xavier Silver Four

“We honor him as the brute force of Silver”

Everything looked deadly about him, the weapon, the 40mm grenade bandolier and most striking, the knife. It looked as if he was really going to rip whatever apart that stood between him. There was no doubt that his opponents shook with fear when they saw the two bright lenses approaching, swinging a deadly looking knife.

The figure to the right of “Wildcard” did not look as intimidating, but he still looked as if a formidable opponent. In his hands were a pair of identical pistols with oversized magazines, a battle rifle was strapped to his back. On his thigh was a small kit that had various syringes and bottles of colored fluid. His armor had a bright red cross on his soldier, symbolizing a medic. The boy read the plaque:

LANCER Captain Ron “Butch” Haulner Silver Four

“We honor him as the bold strategist of Silver”

Butch’s devious posture, suggested that he was a strategist as well as a medic. The boy enjoyed the thought of two different roles into one soldier. Versatility was always welcome in the military. His mother approached, beckoning them to go the boy paused, looking at the statues and left with his sister and mother.

As they began to head towards the exit, his sister gasped and pointed towards a final statue that was shone in golden light. Unlike the other five, this one had simple camouflaged armor and held a staple M14 with a knife in his sheath. A plaque read underneath:

The unknown LANCER Silver Six

While the five were all honored for their spirit, vigilance, leadership, force and brilliance Silver Six was the loner He and his team fought the unknown to change the course of an entire war His shots cut through scores of enemies To inspire hope into an entire nation For this

“We honor him as the swift arrow of Silver”

If this soldier was so significant to the war, why wasn’t he elaborately armored? Instead of the specialty armor that all the other five wore, his armor was a simple suit with the basic mask.

"Mommy. Is there any of the LANCERs still alive?"

The mother turned to him, "Only Dare and Wildcard are still alive."

"What happened to them?"

She looked a bit tired and sleepy, but her eyes remained open as they began to exit the museum.

"Dare now resides in Honolulu where he is a senior instructor on heavy weapons. Wildcard lives in Maui with a wife and two kids aged 1 and 4 months."

They saw Dr. Lancer giving a speech about Silver Team, she must have been speaking for nearly hours because she coughed a lot, drinking from a bottle of water.

"All was gone, except your resolve...with that...we may rebuild stronger than ever."

End of Story!