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"We aren't some piece-of-shit task force, we're the Task Force 627, and we'll kick your ass."
— Captain Aaron Michaels

The Task Force 627 is a special military unit consisting of some of the worlds greates warriors. Their military tactics and power rival those of the Task Force 141. The task force's base of operations was thought to be located in Germany, but recent file found by local residents villagers leads many to believe that it is located somehwere in Russia.


Niihau, Hawaii

After word of terrorism near the island of Niihau, Hawaii, two of the Task Force 627 operatives moved out to hault the issue. Private Johnathon Thurman and Captain Aaron Michaels rished to the scene only to find a deserted island painted red from the blood of civilions. The two-man team moved up to a small hut containing maps that lead to a nuclear missile base in central Russia. After the operative found the base