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The TDI Kard is a machine pistol featured in Warzone: Iron Wolf.

Warzone: Iron Wolf

The TDI Kard appears in all three gamemodes.


The TDI Kard is only found in one level, Memories, as the starting sidearm.


"Quick to pull out and dispatch a surprise attacker, the TDI Kard is a handy sidearm acting as a combination of the machine pistol fire rate and the punch of a high caliber handgun. Pop it out and peg your target."
―In-game description

This is the final machine pistol unlocked at level 41. It is a unique weapon to equip as a secondary due to its hybrid characteristics. Handling is much faster than the other machine pistols, although it does sacrifice damage and a quick fire rate in turn. Reloading is frequent and it is rare to be able to take on multiple enemies in one magazine.

This weapon fits the niche of a sidearm for a marksman to quickly switch and take care a single close range attacker, however it does fill out many other roles and is a close-range backup.

The TDI Kard has two attachments unique to its class, both of them availible only to the handguns.

Weapon Attachments

  • Reflex Sight
  • Silencer
  • Laser Sight
  • Extended Clip
  • Grip
  • FMJ Rounds
  • Dual Wield
  • Tactical Knife


It is possible to obtain the TDI Kard in Zombies from the Mystery Box for 950 points. It performs a lot like the KAP-40, having a good killing power, but a fast rate of fire and a low ammo pool which is troublesome even in earlier rounds. Ammo is 15 rounds with 105 reserve.

Pack-a-Punch turns it into the Kristmas KARD and it gains a Reflex Sight and increased damage. Ammo is 15 rounds with 165 reserve.