The SU-27 is an air superiority fighter and is the main armament of the Russian Air Force along the MiG-29. Development of this aircraft began in 1977 after observing the American McDonnell Douglas F-15, the aircraft entered service in 1984 and has been exported to numerous countries worldwide including China and India.

Sukhoi SU-27
220px-Su-27 Red 36


Air Superiority and Multirole fighter

Used by

Russian Fighter Wing 129


Gsh-39,RS-3 Heatseeker, Air to Ground Missile

Special Defence

Some Stealth and EMP protection aspects


  • Su-27 Flanker: Original single-seat air superiority fighter.
  • Su-27S Flanker-B: Su-27 with AL-31F powerplant.
  • Su-27UB: Twin seat trainer, includes export variant Su-27UBK.
  • Su-27P Flanker-B: Su-27 with removed Ground-attack weapons, assigned to Air Defence units.
  • Su-27SK: Export single-seater.
  • Su-30: Series of twin-seat multirole fighters, the M series includes newer avionics and equipment, the MK series dedicated for export to India, China and Malaysia, which are I, K and M respectively.
  • J-11: License built Chinese variant.
  • Su-34 Fullback: Heavily modified Ground-attack and bomber variant.
  • Su-35: Modern 4++ generation fighter, featuring supermanœverability, used as a multirole fighter.