When Jack Edwards was 11 he ran away from home and survived by stealing and shoplifting. By the age of 15 he was hitchhiking and ended up in a British Army camp. He fought in Vietnam for 6 years. Later that year he was offered to join Task Force 142 but turned them down. He was then offered to join Delta-D-12, he accepted...

Sgt. EdwardsEdit

Sgt. Edwards first worked for Delta-D-12 Until John Smith died. He was immediately promoted to the leader of Delta-D-12. He is still the current leader and has an assassination price on his head for £1,000,000,000. He is one of the best fighters the world has ever known!


Sgt. Edwards is currently the leader of Delta-D-12. He is the most respected member of the team. (Their motto is: Never look down on someone unless you're going to help them up or blow their brains out!).

General InfoEdit

  • Always remember, you show one tiny bit of violence against him he will blow your brains out (same with betrayal).
  • There is only one person in the world he trusts and that is Gearge Clement.


  • 6, 7 ft tall
  • No tattoos
  • Hair is a Manchester Mullet
  • Always carries 2 Frags,
  • Two Semtex
  • As many P90 Mags as he can carry,
  • 3 Flashes,
  • 2 Stuns,
  • 3 Throwing Knives.
  • Bag in case he picks up anything.
  • Medi-Kit in bag.
  • CAT Boots.

Skin Color

  • White with slight tan.

Guns he usesEdit


AK-47 (If he picks it up from enemy)

USP .45