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Type Subsidiary of Reconsoft
Founded 2013
Key people Keita Tanonaka

Mark Andersen

Industry Video Games/Animation
Products Video Games


Project Paradox (stylized as Project: PARADOX) is an core team and subsidiaries of Reconsoft that in charge on Paradox series. founded sometimes in late 2013, it consisted of employees from many video games/anime company; mainly from Treyarch, Infinity Ward (developers who known for Call of Duty series) and Project ACES (internal developer team from Bandai Namco who known for Ace Combat series).


The team began to work it's first project in early 2014, by creating the video game adaptation of Paradox Novella. Adi Rahman pointed by Keita Tanonaka and Mark Andersen (whose three of them were the lead developer of the team) as the supervisor of the plot and in-universe's lore. Tanonaka himself also become the lead character and concept art designer for the series. Although the enitre team were involved during the development, Treyarch were credited as the main developer and Reconsoft were credited as additional developer due mostly the development were mostly handled by Treyarch's employees.

The team also developing it's own custom engine based on Infinity Ward's IW Engine. The Engine was dubbed as Paradox Engine, named after the game they developed.


  • Paradox Tokyo - Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan (Main Game Developer and Japanese Dub provider)
  • Paradox Los Angeles - Los Angeles, California (Main Game Developer and English Dub provider. Co-Worked with Funimation)
  • ParAnime - Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan (Anime Studio)


Video Games

Main series:

  • Paradox (2015 - PS3, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Spin Off:


  • Paradox (Manga adaptation of the original Paradox Novella)
  • Paradox - The Animation Series (Anime, Fall 2015)


  • Paradox (original Novella, 2013)
  • Extinction (sequel, TBA)


  • Paradox Engine (a Propertiary custom engine that based on infinity ward's IW engine which support cell shading)