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Paradox (Engine)



Project: Paradox

Stable release

v3.3.3 / December 4, 2014

Key designer(s)

Mark Andersen

Marcus Cruz

Operating system(s)

Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 3
Wii U
Xbox 360
PlayStation 4
Xbox One


Game engine

Paradox Engine is an proprietary custom engine created by Reconsoft's special team Project: Paradox.  It debuted during the first behind the scene video of Paradox video game development. It become the main engine that powered every Paradox series installment ever since.


Paradox Engine is developed by Ohio-born game developer Mark Andersen and Mexican programmer Marcus Cruz. Originally, this engine were titled as "IW Advantz" , as the developer were only modifying the old IW 4.0 to support complex rendering and cell shading. On july 4, 2014, Andersen and Cruz announced that they working on completely new engine hybriding the Unreal Engine 3 and IW 4.0 and then dubbed it as Paradox Engine.

The Engine is finally finished in December 4, 2014 and it was called Paradox 1.5. the Paradox 1.5 was used to powered the first Reconsoft game; Paradox. The engine support both Realistic-Polished and Cel Shade graphic.


The Features of Paradox Engine were basicly same as the IW 4.0 with some of these extra below:

  • Advanced character and world physics
  • Open-World support
  • Easy sandbox mode for beginner
  • Advance Cel Shading
  • Multi-core support
  • Sandbox development layer
  • Offline rendering
  • Resource compiler
  • Natural lighting and dynamic soft shadows
  • Irradiance Volume
  • Deferred lighting
  • Motion Blur
  • Real time dynamic global illumination
  • Eye adaptation & high dynamic range(HDR) lighting
  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
  • Color grading
  • Blend Layer
  • "Super Advance" Sterescopic 3D
  • Cross-Platform Multiplayer Support
  • Online/Network Connection Optimizer


1. Paradox 1.0 (under alias: IW Advantz)

the prototype of the known complete engine (the Paradox 1.5). nothing much else known  with this version.

2. Paradox 1.5

Paradox 1.5 was the first and complete version that used in Paradox video game. The Engine also used in other game created by Reconsoft such as Dino STALKER and Empire of Earth.

List of Games that using Paradox Engine

1. Paradox 1.0

  • N/A

2. Paradox 1.5

  • Paradox (2015) - Action-Roleplaying First Person Shooter
  • Dino STALKER (2016) - Action-Roleplaying Survival First Person Shooter
  • Empire of Earth (2016) - Real Time Strategy


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