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The PP-2000 is a submachine gun in Warzone: Iron Wolf. It returns this time as a primary weapon from Modern Warfare 2.

Warzone: Iron Wolf

"The PP-2000 is an ideal fast-assault weapon, its healthy 44-round magazine means that frequent reloads are rare, however quick. Stay on the move and keep hostiles within the sights to ensure an unmatched successful mobile hitting class."
―In-game description

The PP-2000 appears in campaign, multiplayer and zombies. It has the 44-round magazine instead of its previous 20 to buff it up more to a submachine gun.


The PP-2000 is somewhat of a common weapon used by Typhoon early on in the 2033 timeline. The player will be able to use it in; The Line, Walking Through Caracas and 121 Stories.


The PP-2000 is unlocked at level 27. The larger magazine allows it to function more as a primary than its machine pistol version from Warzone. Aiming the weapon is a bit indifferent due to the weapon's small sight compared to the visible back and folded stock onscreen. This makes an optical attachment a highly desired, with Reflex and EOTech Holographic being popular choices.

Recoil is predictable, slowly and steadily climbing up to the right side, so burst firing at even a medium range will do wonders. When equipped with FMJ rounds, it surpasses the standard wall penetration of the assault rifle, thus it is the only weapon in the class to do so.

The weapon's large ammo capacity surpasses all other SMGs except for the P90 and PP-19 so reloads won't be as frequent as the others.

Weapon Attachments

  • Reflex Sight
  • Silencer
  • Laser Sight
  • Extended Clip
  • Grip
  • Select Fire
  • EOTech Holographic
  • Scanner Scope
  • Quickdraw Grip
  • Collapsed Stock
  • Over-gassed Action
  • FMJ Rounds


The PP-2000 can be purchased out of the Mystery Box for 950 points. the 44-round magazine makes it a coveted weapon. While not having the best ammo of the SMGs available, (surpassed by the P90) it does well as both a primary weapon and a backup. It draws noticeably faster in zombies mode. By round ten, it will take more shots to kill even single zombies, making the ammunition conservation a priority. It has a clip of 44 rounds and 308 reserve ammo.

When it is Pack-a-Punched, it becomes the Bimillennial Pocket Pistol and is equipped with a random sight and a Grip. Now it is more powerful with a larger clip and increased damage. While it performs well upgraded as a primary, like all SMGs, it functions even better as a backup. Contains 65 rounds with 455 reserve ammo.

Retaliation: Fires of Combat

The PP-2000 is a sub-machine gun featured in Retaliation: Fires of Combat. It is available for the Medic class of any faction, and is unlocked at Rank 50. It has a built-in vertical foregrip and thus has superior accuracy whilst standing or crouching compared to other SMGs without vertical grips.


  • KOBRA (1x Red Dot Sight)
  • PK-AS (2x Holographic Sight)
  • Flash Light
  • Laser Sight
  • PBS-4 Suppressor
  • Compensator
  • Flash Hider