"From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of tripoli. We fight our country's battles, in the air, on land, and sea.
— Lt. Vasquez
Lieutenant Oscar James Vasquez was the leader of Bravo Team Alpha, the 30,000 marines that were sent to Saudi Arabia, and later, Iraq. He was in charge of Sergeant Paul Jackson's 1st Force Reconnaissance platoon during the American-Middle Eastern war missions in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. He is easily recognized by his large stature, deep voice and plain helmet, featuring several tally signs and the number 28.

He seemingly has years of experience in battlefield reconnaissance-tactics and direct action capability. He is a skilled Marine, as seen in his numerous engagements. He leads the entire squad on most if not all missions. He carries more equipment than the other Marines and is noticeably bulkier. He took orders directly from General Shepherd.

During the pursuit of Khaled Al-Asad following the execution of President Yasir Al-Fulani, Lt. Vasquez and every U.S. Marine fighting in Iraq were killed when Al-Asad detonated a nuclear bomb in the center of his palace.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Oscar Vasquez grew up in Oceanside, California. At age 14, he joined his high school's MCROTC program, due to an interest in keeping his country safe and secure. He eventually graduated out and joined a college ROTC program, achieving an officer rank before joining the actual USMC.

He fought in Iraq during the early to mid 2000's, quickly becoming one of the corps' most valuable teammates. His determination, honor, and dignified nature made him a natural on the field of battle.