Mission 0Edit

"Seven days only?" said newly recruited Coolcoolman9."Yep" said his former Captain Mcdontle."Well isn't that kinda short?" "Hell yeah,For a kid like you I wouldn't put you in for only Seven days.,But you need this training for Mission 0" "Ok" "Now here's my M4A1" "Now shoot the targets!"

Much later after trainingEdit

"Im done with you now" "Since you dont have much training im pairing you up with your brother" "Now heres your helmet and goggles now get to work!" Coolcoolman9 walk toward the plane that would carry him to the mission area.He would never see Mcdontle again."Hey" said a man in a Guillie suit "new here aint'cha?" "Yep"replied Coolcoolman9."This is my first mission"Guillie suit:"Hey it'll be OK alright"

In the planeEdit

"Ok so im with you in this mission Ok"said Charukboy3000 "Heres the battle plan"We are going to preform a simple search and rescue ok,we go in grab Tanker and get the hell out of there"Coolcoolman9:"OK"But what happens if......."Charukboy:"Shut up!"Nothings gonna go wrong,OK!"Coolcoolman9:"But wait who's Tanker" Charukboy:"what you havent

heard of Lieutenant John Tanker?" Charukboy:"It all started back in 1993 when he was in charge of a small squad like ours behind enemy lines"He was sent in to find as much intel as he could so the army could launch their attack"2 days later he was captured and put in a russian facility as prisoner,stayed there ever since"Coolcoolman:"But why do we need him?"Charukboy"He has some valuable information we need"Any more questions?"Good"We will be approaching the drop zone soon wait for the green light"

In Moscow,RussiaEdit

Coolcoolman9:"Are you sure this is the right place?" Charukboy:"Yeah"It is.Ok now you know what to do so go!"Coolcoolman9 ran past 2 guards in front of him barely getting noticed Charukboy followed they came to a crossroad Charukboy:"I will go left and you go right ok,ok" Coolcoolman9 ran right and saw a doorway Coolcoolman9:"Holy S@!#"

This is it!"The door leading to John!" Just then he heard Charukboy scream:"Awww @!#!"He had two choices let John die or Let Charuk die and he chose to save Charukboy

He ran back down the street and there Charukboy was lying with 6 bullets into his leg Charukboy3000 said:"Get me outta here!"Coolcoolman picked up Charukboy and ran his a$$'

off. Coolcoolman:"What about John!" Charukboy3000:"He was a a$$hole anyway,just run somewhere!"They then escaped into a alley Coolcoolman set Charukboy down and ran to a old woman and asked for help and she agreed.'

[edit]In the house(The End)Edit

Charukboy:"Thanks" Woman:"Your Welcome" "We wont stay for long anyway so well be leaving now check outside once and awile.They Left.