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Ssgt. MacGregor
Nickname(s) Beta Dodo
Rank Staff Sargeant
Affiliations Squad Beta, 39th Division
Status Alive
Birth 15/07/86
Weapon FN SCAR-H, M500

Ssgt. MacGregor is Squad Beta's Heavy weapon specialist. He is noticable for wearing Mercenary armour and wielding a SCAR-H and a M500

Early LifeEdit

Pre-Squad BetaEdit

MacGregor was obssessed with guns as a teenager he mostly spent hi spare tim locked in his room playing games like Doom, Quake etc. At the age of 18 he joined the British Army, in Boot Camp he became a "Brother in Arms" with a young man named Elloway.

After a mission in Egypt, he and Elloway were promoted to the 39th Division where they were sent on a raid in Afghanistan.

Squad BetaEdit

In the "Prologue" MacGregor is the 39th Division's Private First Class, in the main story he is the Staff Sargeant.


PFC. MacGregor is the 39th Division's Heavy weapon Specialist. He destroyed the Bunker's reinforcements with an AT4, he participated in the Assault on the bunker. He survived the SUV crash and was safely evacuated by a Pave-Low.

Squad BetaEdit

Act IEdit

Elloway and MacGregor were tasked to find the Insurgent's Base. While scouting the area he and Elloway were ambushed by a group of Insurgents. Both soldiers tossed smoke grenades and killed the hindered hostiles. Minutes later, MacGregor pondered on what Makarov had done 2 years ago. Then they both advanced towards heavily guarded base.