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The Brugger & Thomet MP9 or shortened to the MP9, is a machine pistol featured in Warzone: Iron Wolf.

Warzone: Iron Wolf

"The MP9 is a versatile, smaller submachine gun that provides good maneuverability and a solid output. The weapons excellent performance at close and medium range allow it to compliment any primary weapon when it runs dry."
―In-game description

The MP9 can be found in campaign, multiplayer and zombie modes.


An MP9 fitted with a silencer is one of Charlie "Spike" Thompson's two weapons in Sagitarrio. Two enemies in the same mission can be seen carrying MP9s with Grips. This is the only mission the machine pistol is available.


Level 34 is when the player can unlock the MP9 for use. Compared to the other machine pistols, it has the largest magazine size, the longest range and the lowest recoil. Damage is tied with the TDI Kard for being the lowest, but the MP9 does not have a drastic dropoff at a distance, making it the best option to equip a Silencer. Shotgun classes are usually the best to pair the MP9 with, as they can tackle enemies that are out of reach by the shotgun.

The Grip is particularly handy due to it being able to be handled much like a UMP.45 with a faster fire rate, as it will nullify the recoil to that of the SMG. Having an Extended Clip also provides plenty of ammunition, especially in a sniping role where you can tackle multiple enemies in a hurry without having to reload.

Weapon Attachments

  • Reflex Sight
  • Silencer
  • Laser Sight
  • Extended Clip
  • Grip
  • EOTech Holographic
  • Quickdraw Grip
  • FMJ Rounds


The MP9 appears in Zombies maps Fatherland, where it is purchaseable off of the wall for 1100 points. It is an off-wall weapon in The Legacy and is also added to the Mystery Box for 950 points. It serves well as an automatic weapon to fend off Zombies that attack in earlier waves. In later rounds, ammo tends to be an issue and reloads can be frequent. It is popular as an early weapon to obtain due to its good damage and quick reload. The magazine has 32 rounds and the reserve ammunition is 192.

It can be Pack-A-Punched into the Edelweiss Slayer where it gains an increase of damage and ammo. It will gain a foregrip and a reflex sight with a random reticule. It is considered a handy backup weapon, but is not advised as a primary due to its lower ammo capacity. It has 48 rounds per magazine and 268 reserve.