Ericson, Joseph
Nickname(s) N/A
Rank Lieutenant
Affiliations USMC Avaition
Status Alive; Active
Birth 3/29/92
Death N/A
Weapon MP5N w/forgrip and flashlight, .357 revolver

Lieutenant Joseph Ericson Is a Marine Aviator, serving under the command of Major Jonathan "Rambo" Roberts on the Blackhawk, Bravo 2-4.


Not much is really known about his life before the military. All that is known about his life is that he was raised by his grandparents when his parents were killed on 9/11. After that day, he vowed that he would join the armed forces to avenge his parents. His grandfather, a Korea veteran, was at his Anapolis Naval Academy graduation in 2013. As a graduation gift, Ericson was given his grandfather's revolver.

Military CareerEdit

After graduation, he was deployed to Iraq and was assigned to the newly promoted Major Roberts chopper. Upon meeting the Major, he was asked why he joined the Marines, like all of the other Marines under his command. Ericson ansewered the question with "Some terrorist asswipes blew up my parents and 3,000 other people 12 years ago, and now I'm here, Sir." The answer is regarded by Major Roberts as the best answer he's gotten. They flew Roberts' fourth mission over Iraq, and, following they're success, were selected for a mission over Afghanistan.


Ericson was issued a standard weapon. He has customized it to his liking over time. He carries: