Jonathan "Rambo" Roberts
180px-Pilot prototype 02
Nickname(s) Bravo 2-4, Rambo
Rank Major
Affiliations USMC Avaition
Status Alive; Active
Birth 6/18/90
Death N/A
Weapon M4A1w/grenade launcher and AR-15 style carry handle/iron sights, Colt M1911.45 with double stacked magazines, M134 Minigun, M60 Machine Gun, Ballistic knife he found in Afghanistan


Major Roberts was born In New York City. His father was a Helicopter pilot in the Vietnam war. Roberts attended public school in the city, excelling at Math and Science. When the time came, his father encouraged him to go to the Annapolis Naval Academy. He applied and was accepted. He graduated in 2011. Shortly after graduation, his father was killed and his mother was badly injured in a car accident in New York City. He rushed back to the city and attended his father's funeral. The day after, He applied to be in Marine Corps Aviation, like his father.

Military CarrerEdit

Roberts went to boot Camp, then Flight School, where he became a pilot of a UH-60 Blackhawk. He was deployed to Iraq in 2012. He flew four missions over Iraq, and by 2014, was promoted to Major. He and his crew were selected for a mission in Afghanistan.


Due to the Marine Corps' doctrine "Every Marine is a Rifleman," Roberts was issued standard weapons. His arsenal Includes: