Rank Private
Affiliations United States Army
Status K.I.A.
Death 2008
Weapon M1917 Enfield

Private John was an American soldier who fought during the Sino-American War. Little is know about John's life, though on the evening of June 5, 2008 John took off in a C-130 of the pathfinder teams for the main group. He parachuted in the outskirts of Suzhou, China with a radio beacon. Presumably to set it up with Sgt. Miller to signal the landing drop zone, however he died most likely due to suffocation when he landed in a tree. At the time of this death he held the rank of Private. He could've been killed by the four Chinese soldiers in the bunker or by anti-aircraft guns, though this is unlikely as both Miller and John parachuted into China at the same time and nor both gunshots or anti-aircraft fire was heard.


  • He has a randomly generated face and uniform. Although he always as his radio beacon, reserve parachute and his main parachute with him.
  • He is the first allied soldier seen dead in Call of Duty: Sino-War