"Luck, Drake doesn't need luck he always wins theres no stopping him."

SAS soldier referring to Drake.

Jack (Drake) Dunn is a Captain in the SAS and the leader of Task Force 145. His real name is Jack But his friends call him Drake. He is a born leader, exellent marksman, parachute expert and is a good athlethe so he can get where hes going fast and quick. He has litterly dedicated his life to the service.


Drake favors the ACR Grenade Lancher and Red Dot Sight, the CheyTac Intervention w/ or w/o suppresser, and a Golden Desert Eagle. He also has c4.

He has been kwon to pick up enmey weapons. One time while his squad was behind enemy lines he picked up a Desert Eagle (Golden) and cleard a whole house with on mag. He still keeps the Deagle.

Age and Life

Belive it or not Drake just had his 30th birhday. He saw his first action at 14 in the Gulf War. He lied about his age so he could get away from his life.He has two kids a boy named Luke aged 7 and a girl Annalee aged 4months. The last time he saw Luke he was 4 and he hasen't seen Annalee yet.

Drakes Stats



Weight: 227

Nationality:British American

Afflictions before Task Force 145:SAS

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color:Green

Blood Type: O+

Tattoos Dragon: On upper back, SAS emblem on forearm

Armor: look in picture below


Shadow Company 3


Myweapon (2)


Drakes ACR