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Act 1

The massive fleet seen by the Supercomputer Steiner at the end of Lonesome Road descends upon the Kingdom of God. Consisting of Imperial stormtroopers, Chitauri, and Ultron robots, the fleet is revealed to belong to a mutated, cybernetic, towering biomecha referring to itself as Walt Disney. God, aka Nick Reyes, leads the defense alongside Archangel Michael, but Disney reveals his ace in the hole: one of the six legendary Supply Drops found in the COD Universe. Disney opens it and is randomly given a Copyright Claim, which he immediately uses to destroy the Killer Angels, since the idea behind their creation came from the book by Michael Shaara. With the Kingdom now defenseless, both Reyes and Michael are severely wounded. Michael uses the last of his power to open a wormhole for Reyes. Disney kills Michael for this, and grabs the Blue Supply Drop from God's Scepter. Disney opens it, only to be disappointed by receiving Nigerian Gloves. Disney disperses his lieutenants to the various Call of Duty universes to find the other Supply Drops.

Reyes travels through space and time, eventually crash landing in the world of Black Ops 3: The Finale. There, since the defeat of Virgil and Cordis Die, the world has seen a utopia unknown by the other universes. Gareth Henderson oversees the newest joint NATO-SDC project: the Miracle Machine, which Henderson hopes will make everyone's dreams come true, creating a true utopia.

Meanwhile, Daniel Mason and Jacob Hendricks are deployed by Supreme Allied Commander Derek Bosworth and SDC Premier Guan Ye to investigate an otherwordly crash site found in Indonesia. Their squadron arrives and they are ambushed by Chitauri. After the Seals dispatch them, they discover the heavily wounded Reyes, who fearfully tells them Disney is coming. Reyes realizes he is in a different universe than the one he came from and asks to see the highest authority on the planet.

The Seals take Reyes to Bosworth and Ye, and Reyes explains that Disney is a multidimensional conqueror, seeking to find the ancient Supply Drops scattered in the several universes in the Call of Duty world, hoping that one will eventually give him what he desires most: the Universal Deed, which would give him control over the Call of Duty universes. When Reyes asks if they have found any of the Supply Drops in this universe, Bosworth states that the Green Supply Drop is being used as a power source for the Miracle Machine.

Communications begin arriving from Zurich; a portal has opened above the city. The Seals, now including Reyes, quickly travel there and discover Chitauri are attacking and trying to capture the incomplete Miracle Machine and the Green Supply Drop inside. The Seals defend the Machine, and while transporting it out of the city, they receive a mysterious radio signal, directing them to the Moravialag Gulag.

The Seals, now including Henderson, arrive, and traverse the rubble of the Gulag, fending off their Chitauri pursuers. The signal directs them to face a wall; once they do, a portal is created. Supercomputer Steiner appears on the other side and tells them to escape into his universe, since his is in the most technologically advanced of all the universes. When more Chitauri pour through the ruins, the Seals agree, and after leaving a transmission for Bosworth, flee into the Crisis on Infinite Call of Duties universe.

Meanwhile, in Modern Warfare 3: The Finale, Soap-8 and Price-8 are in the midst of retrieving the DSM within the Shadow Company headquarters in Pakistan when their assault is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Stormtroopers under the command of Captain Plasma of Tarth. Price-TF realizes Plasma is after the DSM as well. Following tradition of her uselessness and limited screen-time, Soap-TF easily kills her and retrieves a mysterious device from her wrist. The two retrieve the DSM and escape as Shadow Company activates the bunker's self-destruct sequence. Pursued by Stormtroopers, Soap-8 realizes the device is some sort of transdimensional teleporter. Price-8 sacrifices himself to delay the Stormtroopers as Soap-8 teleports away with the DSM.

Soap-8 lands in Universe 7, Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare series. He arrives on the outskirts of the Shadow Company headquarters in Pakistan, which, in this universe, was never cleared out by TF141 Disavowed and is thus crawling with Shadow Company troopers. Soap-8 battles through them and escapes via a zodiac. On a prayer, Soap-8 radios Nikolai's signal for help; it goes through, and a surprised Nikolai-7 answers, believing Soap was killed in Prague. Soap-8 tells him it's a long story and requests a retrieval.

In Moravialag, Steiner explains that in this universe, the attack on Moravialag never happened, so the gulag is still in okay condition. It also means Daniel and the rest of the Seals never existed in this universe. Steiner attempts to run some tests on the other-dimensioners, but Reyes remembers a warning about trusting Steiner and realizes Steiner is attempting to betray them to take the Miracle Machine for himself.

Reyes breaks free of Steiner's trap and frees the Seals. Hendricks destroys Steiner's drone body, but Steiner escapes via the cloud into the gulag's operation systems. He unleashes traps and drone guards on the Seals, but the Seal team escapes, with Daniel activating the gulag's self-destruct mechanism which nearly killed him back in his own world. The gulag is destroyed, though Steiner escapes by uploading his consciousness into another drone, which flees into the night. The explosion attracts the attention of the Solar Council, which sends Sergeant "Kam" Kamarov Jr. to collect them.

The Seals are brought to the leaders of the Solar Council: President Frank Woods of the United States, President Jaegar Amsel of Germany, President-Sergeant Kamarov of Russia, and Premier of China Mr. Ping. Upon seeing Woods, Daniel asks if he knew his grandfather or father; Woods says no, he never fought with a Mason from this timeline, though he does know an Alex Mason that serves as President of the United States in a different timeline.

Reyes explains the situation to his old friends. Amsel believes Disney can be defeated conventionally, but he fears the battle will be lost if Disney gains control of the Supply Drops, since surely one will eventually give him what he wants. The Supply Drops must be destroyed, Amsel says, and tries to do so with his hammer; the hammer smashes upon impact with the Miracle Machine. President-Sergeant Kamarov asks if they could open the Supply Drop and use whatever they gain as a weapon; Woods warns that by opening one, they might become corrupted and try to open them all. Mr. Ping states that the Supply Drops can only be destroyed from whence they came, forged in the fires of Mount Doom.

The Solar Council merges the Seals and the Frozen Ops into a new team, which they dub the Fellowship of CoD, and tasks them with traveling the universes, finding the remaining Supply Drops, and then destroying them. Woods takes them to the Stargate, and activates a portal to Alex Mason-2's universe, which is the second-most powerful of the known universes. He wishes Daniel the best as the Fellowship departs. The Council then merges BLOPSFOUR and the remnants of the Big Red One into a new team, sent to find the Supply Drop in this universe. Gareth Henderson remains with the Council to continue his work on the Miracle Machine.

In Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare Universe, Soap-8 and Nikolai-7 travel to the Loyalist headquarters in Turkmenistan, where a tearful Price-7 asks Soap-8 if it's really him. Soap-8 explains he came from a different dimension; he lost his Price just as Price-8 lost his Soap. Soap-8 explains he was attacked by an alien force while retrieving the DSM from Shadow Company HQ. Price-7 asks why Soap-8 was there, since in this universe, Price-7 and Soap-7 were hunting Makarov across Europe. The two get into an argument as Soap-8 complains Price-7's recollection of the events of Modern Warfare 3 up to that point were convoluted and confusing. How could Russia attack Paris? Price-8 fears Soap-7 might just be a hallucination, punishing him for his sins, and a fight nearly breaks out, but then Commander Cody and Clone Troopers attack the safehouse.

Yuri, who Soap-8 states is this universe's version of Grigory, protects their escape as the four flee in Nikolai-7's helicopter. Soap-8 is astonished when Price-7 reveals he never really had a plan to prove TF141's innocence; Soap-8 believes the DSM should be the same across the universes and follows through with his own universe's plan to take it to the media.

The four give the DSM to reporter John Stiles-7, the grandson of World War II veteran Drew Stiles-7, in Atlanta. Stiles-7 sifts through the documents on the DSM, and begins writing a story covering Shepherd's betrayal and cover-up. Suddenly, the computer overheats and explodes, killing Stiles-7. The DSM is somehow left completely intact, and Soap-8 believes that whatever power source within the DSM must be what the aliens are after.

The four suddenly see a portal open above Atlanta. Republican Battle Cruisers emerge and Clone Troopers launch an invasion of the city. Soap-8 witnesses their general, Anakin Skywalker, emerge from the ship as well, leading his forces to capture the DSM. The four immediately meet up with a hastily assembled home defense force, led by none other than Sergeant Foley-7, Corporal Dunn-7, and Private James Ramirez-7, who were rotated off the front lines following their victory at Washington DC. The Rangers lead the way as battle erupts.

After destroying several clone positions, the clones are turned back. The group hitch a ride on a helicopter heading straight for the cruiser itself. Though many are destroyed by Republican gunships, their helicopter lands and the group make it onto the ship. They fight their way to the control room and kill the pilots, sending the cruiser in a path straight for the ground. Skywalker appears and Foley-7 is killed while Soap-8's hand is cut off. The Rangers vow vengeance as Anakin teleports away when the ship nears the ground. Fortunately, the group is rescued by a commandeered Republican gunship with Colonel Marshall-7 on board. The gunship flies off as a large part of Atlanta is destroyed by the crashing cruiser.

Marshall-7 is initially shocked to meet TF141 disavowed, but Dunn-7 and Ramirez-7 vouch for them. Unsure, Marshall-7 agrees to take a look at the DSM Soap-8 gives him. The gunship heads to the Pentagon to use the supercomputer there to delve deep into the DSM.

BLOPSFOUR, consisting of Rook, Roach (once again brought out of retirement), Soap, Frost, Sandman, Grinch, Truck, and Reyes, suspect that this universe's Supply Drop was the power source behind the Voyager Production Facilities, which, at the end of Infinite Warfare, were buried beneath the surface of Pluto. The team arrives on Sat1 City on Mars, where they are greeted by the remaining members of SCAR, who have a reunion with Reyes. Imperial Star Destroyers are teleported behind Phobos and launch an assault, with Salter deducing they meant to cut off Earth from the rest of the Solar System. 

The ambush destroys the remaining Solar Council cruisers on Mars, and Disney's plans succeed as a blockade is established. SCAR takes BLOPSFOUR to the city's hangar base, where the Jackal awaits, along with a response force of AC130s and PBY Catalinas hastily organized by Tito and Captain Dowblap Mosley. The team escort the Jackal through the blockade, and the ships begin the trip toward Pluto.

Soap-8 and company are escorted by Colonel Marshall-7 to the labs of the Pentagon, where the DSM is uploaded to a supercomputer. Two scientists are brought in to oversee the DSM, West and Zampella. The two explain that were assigned to research dimensional anomalies caused by energy sources outside of their own dimension. Upon looking through the DSM, they discover the Yellow Supply Drop inside. The two take the DSM to their creation: a rudimentary Stargate, which they were trying to power through the energy sources outside their dimension, but now they have a power source within their own.

Marshall-7 then withdraws his pistol, revealing he knew all along the two were Ultranationalist spies. West and Zampella calmly explain they are private contractors, and that contractors often negotiate with other potential clients, which in this case includes the Ultranationalists. While Soap-8 questions why Marshall-7 would bring the DSM to them if he knew they were traitors (Marshall means well but he's not the smartest), West and Zampella steal the DSM and power up the Stargate, revealing they intend to wholly escape not just from this universe, but from the Call of Duty quantum dimension itself.

Titans, pilots, and grunts from Titanfall emerge from the Stargate and a firefight begins. West and Zampella escape through the Stargate, while Soap-8 manages to remove the DSM. The Stargate malfunctions and he, Price-7, and Yuri are sucked through the wormhole.

The three awaken sometime later. As a faint tune plays on a radio, Price-7 realizes they are in some sort of Bus Depot. A low moaning sound heard across the depot is interrupted by a bus horn.

Act 2

Disney launches conventional invasions of the CoD universes, starting with Universe 1, the Crisis universe. Disney sends the X-Men to capture Elias Walker at his retirement home in Las Vegas; Elias and his two sons, David "Hesh" and Logan, escape the X-Men, and emerge from their penthouse to discover a massive portal opening above the city; a massive Doris Bowler Hat from Meet the Robinsons emerges, while the Planes begin kamikaze attacks on the city. Elias and family escape Vegas and head to the United States Military Command in Nebraska. 

President Alex Mason-2 emerges in a vault, deep beneath the Pentagon of Universe-2, the Shadow Universe. As transmissions come in, screams and cries that there's an alien invasion, Mason-2 grabs his last resort, the universe's ultimate weapon: the ACR with Red Dot Sight and Heartbeat Sensor. Mason-2 heads back to the elevator, where is joined by his Secret Service of Woods-2, Weaver-2, and Brooks-2. The four arrive on the surface and clear the way out of the Pentagon, which has come under attack from Ultron clones. Arriving on the streets of Washington DC, Mason-2 sees the city has come under attack from a giant mecha, the FX Sports mascot. Using a combination of Predator missiles and tow cables, Mason-2 subdues the mecha, and Washington DC has been cleared of invaders, though Overlord-2 informs him there are still invaders all over I-95. Mason-2 scrambles the Shadow Army, sends his scientists to examine the Mecha, and then answers a transmission from United States Military Command-2; Mason-2 is surprised to see what looks like the younger version of himself. 

Soap-8, Price-7, and Yuri defeat the few pilots that traveled with them, then are surprised to be attacked by what appear to be zombies. Soap-8 tries to activate his own teleporter, but that has shorted out. They follow the sound of the bus horn and arrive at the bus. With no other options, they get on board and are whisked across what was formerly a scenic town in Washington. After a few stops, the bus arrives in Town and the three see a group of survivors surrounded by zombies. The three rescue them from death, and the four introduce themselves as Samuel, Marlton, Misty, and Russman. They explain that there was some sort of missile exchange on Earth a few years back that unleashed a demon that now haunts the Earth with his zombies. Though Samuel protests, the other members of the Green Run Group explain they are following the instructions of the electrical consciousness of a German scientist to defeat the demon.

Price-7 claims that they come from somewhere much more realistic, with Soap-8 adding that he comes from some place even more realistic. The Green Run Group say that must sound boring. Nevertheless, TF141 Disavowed agrees to aid the Green Run Group in rebuilding the pylon for Maxis, since Soap-8 hopes the electricity could power his teleporter. The pylon is re-activated, but it isn't enough to power the teleporter.

In the Crisis universe, Logan and his family arrive at a barricade set up around Las Vegas by the United States military. President Woods is there to oversee the defenses. Logan sends in Hunter Killers and Swarms to combat the Bowler Hats and then kills Cyclops, who was trying to destroy the defenses using his heat vision. A laser strike from Luna, the artificial moon, destroys the massive Bowler Hat, which destroys most of Las Vegas during its subsequent crash. Overlord informs Woods that more Bowler Hats have appeared over several cities on the West Coast, Mr. Ping informs him that Imperial star destroyers are headed for Luna, and Henderson informs him that all the interdimensional activity is causing the timelines to merge. Woods curses, grabs his LSAT, and informs the reformed Ghosts that they are heading with him for Los Angeles. 

The universes merging should definitely be a concern. In Universe 5, Corporal Nathan Bell of the Canadian 3rd Infantry is on the outskirts of Paris, battling a retreating Nazi army, when all of a sudden rifts open in a now red sky, the ground quakes, and a whole different battle appears outside of Paris, the battle of Universe 6, between the French Syndicalists who now hold parts of Paris, and the German Heer, who were attacking the city. A whole mass of confusion occurs as a four way battle erupts. Bell secures the Canadian lines from the attackers, and recieves a communication from within Paris, from Drew Stiles of the World War II universe.

Red Daniels and his platoon have teleported to within Paris and immediately come under attack from the Syndicalists, believing them to be American infiltrators, along with the Nazis already there. A Heer artillery barrage on the city aids their escape, and Stiles desperately radios for help. A Canadian infantry division offers their aid if the 1st Division can make it to their lines. Battling through Syndicalists, Nazis, and later Integralists, the Americans are sheltered by the Canadians. 

They try to make sense of the situation, and deduce that from what must've been an act of God, some battle from some different world merged into theirs. A French resistance cell working with the Canadians offer to make contact with the French Syndicalists, who have declared a temporary ceasefire with the Canadians; after fighting through Nazis, Antoine Loiseau-5 and Timothy Leopold-5 arrive in the Syndicalist camp. They are brought to Syndicalist Captain Marcel-6. When the two explain they are loyal to Charles de Gaulle and the Allies, Marcel-6 proclaims that, no matter where they are from, they are traitors to the Syndicalist cause. Loiseau-5 and Leopold-5 are thrown into the brig, where they meet Camille "Rosseau" Denis-9, Pierre LaRoche-9, and amazingly, a different version of Marcel, from Universe 9; they were all freedom fighters operating in Paris when the battles merged, and were captured for their loyalty to de Gaulle. 

Presuming that the mission has gone awry, the Canadians and Americans launch an offensive against the Syndicalists, while the Nazis, under Heinrich, take the opportunity to withdraw from Paris. The captured French Resistance fighters escape jail and cause havoc behind Syndicalist lines, enabling the Canadian-American offense to take the city. The Integralist assault outside the city halts for a moment as both sides rest for the night.

Radio transmissions come in, explaining that all across the world, similar battles have broken out, especially in Russia, where the fight between the Communists and the Fascists now has a whole new angle.

Mason-2 and his Secret Service arrive at United States Military Command-2 in Nebraska, and is amazed to meet someone claiming to be his grandson. Mason-2 tells Daniel that he never had a family, since in this universe, he and his squadmates were cryogenically frozen during the Cold War to serve the country in the future. Daniel realizes this means David doesn't exist in this timeline either, which disappoints him, since he hoped there would be a timeline where his father and grandfather actually had a good relationship for most of their lifetimes. 

Mason-2 explains he's run tests, and that he hasn't found any great sources of power like the Supply Drops in his universe. After the Seals inform Mason-2 of Disney's plan, Mason-2 realizes Disney must be after his Ultimate Weapon, since these weapons might be the only ones capable of stopping him. As if to confirm his opinion, more Ultron clones attack USMC-2, while a mutated version of the Rescuers break into the labratories. Weaver-2 and Brooks-2 are killed by the mice, while the Seals defeat the rest of them. Mason-2 brings them to the Stargate and says in addition to the Supply Drops, they should begin searching for the Ultimate Weapons as well. He then types in the coordinates for Treyarch's Black Ops universe, and the group jump through.

Act 3

Europe, at this time

The dimensions and time continue to break down. In Europe, the Syndicalists of Universe 6 hold Britain and southern France, the Allies of Universe 5 and Universe 9 (World War II) hold Paris and northern France, Integralist Russia of Universe 6 holds Austria to the Balkans and the southern former USSR, while the Soviet Union of Universe 3 (Treyarch's World at War) and Universe 5 hold Poland and the northern former USSR. The two Stalins immediately conduct purges and declare war on each other. Moscow erupts in civil war as the two Red Armies conduct a highly confused battle against one another. Dmitri Petrenko-3 and Rodion Balashov of Universe 5 each fight for their Red Army; Reznov-3's leadership wins the battle, forcing the Soviets-5 out of the city, who regroup at Leningrad. Meanwhile, the Soviet Union of the WWII Universe, 9, are merged into the timeline and they claim Poland for themselves, ushering in the War of the Three Stalins.

On the Pacific Coast, the Disney Bowler Hat attack in the Crisis Universe merges in as well. John Mason of Universe 6, readying for deployment against Japan, suddenly finds himself under a massive alien attack in Los Angeles. John mans several AA guns, but it does little against the Bowler Hats. The Americans are forced to retreat from the West Coast, and are directed to defenses around the city where the President is amassing his forces. John is surprised to see the man calling himself president is some gruff soldier named Frank Woods.

The Fellowship arrive in Treyarch's universe right in the middle of the Vault while Old Woods, Old Mason, and David Mason were undergoing their tearful reunion. Old Woods complained they were interrupting a pretty feel good moment, but Mason-2 shrugs the old man off, explaining the situation. Mason-2, Daniel Mason, Old Alex Mason, and David Mason realize who the others are and have a little reunion of some sorts of their own. Outside, they notice the sky turning orange and rifts opening from above.

In 1978 in the same universe, Angola Mason and Angola Hudson are hunting for Angola Woods during the Angolan Brush War. After a successful rescue, an earthquake tears apart the river, and a massive rift begins to open in the ground near them. Savimbi-3 appears and rescues them in his Hind, and as the helicopter flies off, they see the rift is rapidly swallowing all of Angola. 

Old Mason and the other Masons head outside and see stange lights in the orange sky, loud thunderstorms, and a fierce earthquake. The group realizes the dimensions are breaking down at an alarming rate. On a whim, Old Mason decides to contact himself.

In what was 1978, on the Hind, Angola Mason receives a transmission. Answering it, the voice on the other end sounds oddly familiar. It directs him to head to Windhoek in Namibia right away. When Angola Mason questions who is giving the order, the voice simply replies, "Us."

Heinrich and his SS unit continue their retreat from northern France, which has come under the control of the Belgians. Metz and his subordinates defeat the scattered and disorganized Allied forces in the Belgium and the Netherlands, and as they retreat they release the dams and pikes, killing thousands. They head to Griffin Castle, Hitler's secret base in the Austrian mountains, for Hitler has called a Reichsmoot.

Having successfully rescued Samantha from her prison in The Crazy Place Pocket Dimension, the four Origins characters prepare to travel through dimensions to restore her original world. As normal, the timeline splits when Treyarch's Origins characters travel to Der Reise in 1945, while Black Ops 3: The Finale's Origins-2 characters travel to 2025. However, the dimensional chaos causes them to both meet in the middle and arrive in the merged timeline that has engulfed most of Europe already.

The two groups immediately engage in a standoff with one another, trying to figure out how two versions were created. They are interrupted by a massive battle between the Nazis, Soviets-9, and zombies. The eight join the fray, and while the zombies are and killed Nazis defeated, Soviet forces under Major Zubov-9 capture the Origins crew. Maxis-2 informs Origins-2 that three holes to Agartha have been opened and need to be mended, otherwise Earth will be destroyed. The crew decides to save their counterparts and then continue on their quest.

Meanwhile, the Ultimis had been trapped on the Moon, hunted by Richtofen's zombies. The various Moons of the dimensions begin to merge, disrupting the battle when the Gateway of Universe 10 and the Fourth Reich Black Sun Base appear outside Griffin Station. After retrieving weaponry from the Black Sun Base, they team up with SATO forces led by Salter-10 to take on the zombies. Luna then merges in, and its orbital path sends it into a collision course with the Moon. Mr. Ping broadcasts a message for anyone on the Moon, informing them they can flee aboard Luna or they will die. SATO and the Ultimis flee aboard spaceships to Luna, where they are greeted by Mr. Ping, who tells them they must help him defeat the pursuing Republican Cruisers, otherwise they will all still die. Luna then destroys the Moon, dislodging the MPD with Richtofen inside of it.

In deep space, BLOPSFOUR and their stellar convoy continues onward in Universe 1 for Pluto. A transmission from Henderson informs them that space and time are growing unstable, and to expect...well, anything. Soap laughs it off, explain they've seen worse, when suddenly the entire SDF Outer Solar System fleet merges in front of them. The Settlement Defense "Definitely Not Caesar's Legion" Front, led by Caesar Edward "Definitely Not Roose Bolton" Sallow opens fire on the convoy, forcing them to flee to beind Europa while Tito and Dowblap cover their retreat. 

The Jackal lands on Europa for repairs. They discover a crashed space station in the distance, and Rook and Roach go to investigate. They find a scientist rendered unconscious from the crash. When they revive her, she introduces herself as Samantha Cross. The three suddenly come under attack from beings the scientist dubs Cryptids. The three escape the crash site and return to the repaired Jackal

As the group leaves Europa, they discover massive monuments being erected across the planet's surface. Suddenly, hundreds of Cryptids emerge flying fighter spaceplanes. Worse still, a wormhole opens and TIE fighters begin pouring out. 

Since time is merging, Old Woods deduces that Middle Woods must be out there somewhere with his knees still working. He tells the Fellowship to prevent Menendez from destroying his knees, fixing his legs and making him battle ready. Don't question it, it'll work, he says. As the Fellowship departs the Vault, a number of black limos surround the house. Emerging from the lead limo is none other than Ryan Jackson and Middle Mark McKnight, which surprises the hell out of David Mason, since he saw Jackson die a decade ago. Jackson identifies himself as the CIA Director, making Mason realize Jackson didn't come back to life, but rather this is an earlier version of him.

Jackson explains that obviously, the dimensions are merging. Worse, however, is the hole opening in Angola. Apparently, the hole is to the center of the Earth, which Kam explains contains a prison. Jackson corrects him, however, explaining that the prison merged with the dimensional portal to Agartha seen in the Ultimis timeline, and the portal overtook it. Now, what was a harmless demonic prison is now a transdimensional portal sucking the merged universe into it. 

However, there are three poles on the merging Earths that can mend this rift. One in Washington state, one in Shanghai, one at the portal itself. The Fellowship suspects that a Supply Drop is behind the portal and agree to investigate since they were already heading to Angola anyway. However, Jackson explains, time is not on their side; there is a team out there using the poles to fully open the rift to Agartha, dooming the universes. When David asks who's going to stop them, Jackson explains they have already assembled a team of their finest.

In the White House, President Marion Bosworth is discussing the situation with Secretary of Defense David Petraeus when her Secret Service agents Jones and Samuels explains there are important men here to see her. When she asks who it is, four men enter: the bloodsoaked, locked and loaded Ultimis versions of John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Robert McNamara, and Fidel Castro. "We-er, ah, ahr heyah tah hahlp."

Act 4

The members of Hunter 2-1, now led by Corporal Dunn-7, emerge from the Pentagon as well, confused as hell since they were the ones to fight the zombies and help the presidents escape when the dimensions merged. They are immediately deployed to defend the city from Disney's Leviathan of Atlantis, which greatly wrecks the city. The firepower of the Rangers eventually force it back into the ocean, though it's clear it can still fight.

In France, the Allied Council takes stock of the situation. At their disposal is the American Big Red One, the Canadian 7th Infantry, the French Resistance, and perhaps, most importantly, the American Delta Force, the French GIGN, and modern day jets and harriers. GIGN commander Sabre is named the head of the Allied Council since, being cut off from the Americas by Syndicalist Britain, he knows best about their new home turf. With an overseas invasion of England impossible, the Lowlands flooded, and the German border still well-defended, Sabre elects to head south and defeat the remaining Syndicalist strongholds in France, to reclaim the entire homeland.

While Delta Force and the GIGN charges as the vanguard, their modern weaponry and training overwhelming the nearby Integralists and Syndicalists, the Allied forces charge after them, and a ring of defensive networks in central France is taken, giving direct access to the Syndicalist capital in Nice.

While the other members of the Fellowship head to Angola, Old Mason, David Mason, Daniel Mason, and Old Woods head to Panama to rescue the Middle Woods from Menendez. They arrive just in the nick of time, with Old Mason killing Noriega and interrupting Middle Woods' near killing of Middle Mason. The group then ambushes Menedez in his little safehouse, rescuing Middle Hudson and Child David Mason. Middle Hudson apologizes for betraying the others; Old Mason and Middle Mason apologize to the Davids for not being the best of fathers. 

The house is suddenly broken into again, and when guns are drawn, they realize it's another version of Woods and Menendez, this time from the Concert Pocket Dimension. They apparently had the same idea, to rescue Hudson and their friends. While debating their next move, the group realizes they should grab Young Mason too, and prevent him from assassinating JFK. Old Mason looks solemn while Middle Mason protests, claiming he never did, only for the Woods to laugh at that. Middle Hudson asks where Old Hudson is; when everyone appears reluctant, he realizes he was supposed to die that night in Panama. Hudson then takes Child David to safety at his house to leave him in the care of his wife, Jenny. Naming themselves the Black Ops, the Masons and Woods head off to find Young Mason.

President Woods, out west, explains the situation to the Universe 6 soldiers, and explains that no matter where they are or who's in charge, they always need men like us, to do what others cannot. This brings up a cheer as Woods directs the men to unleash forest fires in California, slowing the Disney advance. While John Mason defeats several advance Disney camps and begins lighting trees on fire, Woods sends the Ghosts to secure passage to the northwest. They clear out cryptid hives, freeing the airspace for none other than JFK and His Super Pals.

Nixon and Fidel protest the name, but JFK, the self-proclaimed leader, won't have it. The group arrive in Green Run, where they find SDC and CIA agents fighting one another and the zombies. "This, ah, is you-ah president, gahd-dammit! Stop fighting!" Kennedy orders, and the SDC and CIA agents recognize orders and stop. While the special ops teams clean out the rest of Green Run, Kennedy and His Super Pals defeat the Almagro, destroy Soap-8's work, and knock down the pylon, ushering in a rush of complaints from Maxis. Meanwhile, a hungry Nixon, when nobody is looking, decides to eat a little of a corpse; he hears the voice of Ultimis Richtofen.

In Shanghai, Ultimis Richtofen taunts the Green Run Group and company about the destruction of the pylon, while Maxis urges them onwards anyway, more desperately. Shanghai is a battle between the zombies, SDC, and Imperial Japanese forces, clearly out of time, but no less deadly. Battling through all three groups, the team arrives at the pylon, only to be greeted by an escort drone piloted by Guan Ye, who, after his timeline had merged, had been alerted of the plot by Marion Bosworth. 

Ye tells them the rift must be closed, otherwise all life will be destroyed, only be to answered by Maxis, who explains that by mending the rift, Richtofen will be free to use Earth as his plaything. Ye states he's fought madder men than Richtofen before. Maxis sighs then uses his electrical powers to short out Ye's drone, sending it crashing to the ground. 

Price-7 confronts Maxis, asking if Earth will be destroyed if the rift is opened; Maxis dodges the question, causing Soap-8 to realize Maxis was the one to short out his transdimensional teleporter in the first place. The Group destroys the pylon, deciding they'll take their chances with Richtofen over sure destruction with Maxis. Maxis curses them as fools as they head to Shanghai's ground level to rescue Ye, who survived the crash but was heavily wounded.

In deep space, Rook and Roach, since they've seen their fair share of science fiction horror movies, suspect that Samantha Cross is somehow working with the Cryptids. A captured Cryptid, hostile to the other crew mates within its cage, acts calm when it reaches Samantha, confirming the crew's suspicions. Cross's eyes turn red and she suddenly attacks the group. Fleeing through the interior hallways of the Jackal, Rook realizes Cross is some sort of homing beacon for the attacking Cryptid space fighters, who deploy Cryptids to hijack the ship.

Reyes flies the ship into the middle of the battle between the SDF and Disney starships, pursued by the Cryptids. They come close to the SDF flagship, the Vulpes Inculta, and Reyes realizes that Caesar is using a tractor beam in an attempt to capture them. Reyes allows the Jackal to be captured by the beam, and it is pulled into the hangar of the flagship. Rook and company break free of the ship, which is destroyed by the Cryptids and the now monstrous entity that was Samantha Cross. As all hell reigns loose on the flagship, the BLOPSFOUR heads to the command center to hijack it.

Speaking of Hell, the dimension of the damned has been in anarchy since the death of the Leader in Lonesome Road. The barriers of Alcatraz pocket dimension break down, and the mobsters Salvatore DeLuca, Billy Handsome, Finn O'Leary, and Albert "the Weasel" Arlington awaken in a much more hellish version of Alcatraz. The four go through the escape plan and flee to the Golden State Bridge, which turns out to be a mirage of the River Styx. The plane crashes into a field of damned souls; awakening once more, the four are greeted by Vladimir Makarov, welcoming them to Hell. 

In Warsaw, the Primis are interrogated by the Soviets-9. Primis Nikolai is questioned thoroughly; he explains he initially fought with the Tsar and that he now fights with a German, but their mission transcends national or ethnic boundaries. The Soviets-9 have none of that and sentence the Primis to death. The Primis-2 ambush the firing squad and rescue the Primis, killing Major Zubov-9 in the process.

The two Richtofens converse, and a plan of action is established: Ultimis Richtofen still controls the zombies through the MPD, which has crash landed somewhere on Earth after the destruction of the Moon. The Primis-2 will hunt him down and free him from the MPD. A greater threat still exists, however, the Shadowman, the man behind Ultimis Richtofen who has corrupted him. The Shadowman resides in the Aether, protected by his massive Apothicon army. To defeat him, the Primis will retrieve the Summoning Key, one of the oldest devices in the dimensions, which currently resides in the Americana Pocket Dimension. 

On the way back from Green Run, JFK and his Super Pals come under attack from Cryptid spaceplanes, resulting in a crash landing in Colorado. Surrounded by zombies and Cryptids, the four flee into a cavern, which they soon realize is connected to the vast underground tunnels of the Cryptids. JFK decides to be a hero and leads the four deeper in to find and destroy the source of the Cryptids. Quietly following them is Young Mason, in a numbers craze and hot on the trail of JFK. Loudly following him are the Black Ops, who annihiliate all resistance as they reach the cavern entrance, just missing Young Mason. The Black Ops follow him inside.

At the Reichsmoot in Griffin Castle, Adolf Hitler converses with his top generals and aides to discuss the plans for the rest of the war. Heinrich and Metz arrive, though its clear they possess ulterior motives. Metz had gained the allegiance of the SS guards in the war room, while Heinrich carries a hand cannon with him. They arrive in the war room. Hitler nods at Heinrich. Heinrich nods back and fires the hand cannon. He's taking no chances; the cannon is devastating, completely decapitating Hitler and destroying his head in an explosion of gore.

Metz calmy nods at the SS guards. He then pulls out his own pistol and shoots Heinrich. The SS guards shoot the rest of the staff inside the war room. A coup well done, Metz goes to plan for his next move when a colonel named Huber bursts into the room. Metz thinks he's coming to stop the coup, but the guard informs him that zombies have been spotted as Der Eisendrache merges into Griffin Castle.

Metz assembles his guards and battles his way through the zombies as he arrives in the research facility below the castle. He is amazed to discover that the Group 935 research facility from Der Eisendrache has merged in and replaced the original facility. Outside, SS soldiers continue the fight with the zombies when suddenly the ground shakes. A hole opens in the ground and Metz emerges through it, flying a dragon. The dragon easily destroys the remaining zombies. Metz then tells Huber to ready the missile arsenal while he leads the march on Berlin to claim the title of Fuhrer for himself. 

Act 5

Disney continues his assault on the West Coast, finally making it through the forest fires, zombies, and Cryptids. President Woods has turned Las Vegas into his stronghold in the area, directing soldiers from the Lucky 38 Casino. Scientists aboard the USS Barack Obama from the Primis-2 timeline give him an important invention: modified Earth Reclamation Devices that prevent Disney from teleporting directly into Las Vegas, and soon other areas in the United States.

Bowler Hats, Planes, Victory Through Air Power fighters provide air support to the Confederate battle droids on the ground, waging war with Woods' arsenal of various Pacific and Marine units and some modern units. The deployment of the ERDs force the Disney forces to advance along Highway I15. Woods sends in John Mason-6 and other older units to delay the Disney advance while the Ghosts are deployed to sabotage bridges and tunnels along the way. Mason-6 evacuates as the lines are blown, delaying Disney once again.

Makarov takes the mobsters on a tour of Hell, which he has done his best to organize into a Union of Soviet Socialist Hellish Republics since the death of Satan. Using rapid industrialization and his best Stalinist tactics, Makarov has been forming the ranks of Hell into an army that could conquer the world. And once a portal opens up, that's exactly what they're going to do. But first, he has a mission for them.

Smaller portals can allow small teams to go through, which is how the good old demon hauntings happen in the dimensions. Makarov takes the team to meet a new friend of his: Admiral Salen "Definitely Not Jon Snow" Kotch, killed and sentenced to Hell for his war crimes while leading the SDF fleets. Makarov tasks Kotch with training the mobsters for a space mission, since it's easier to train killers to be astronauts than it is to train astronauts to be killers.

In Universe 10, the Ghosts dimension, Baker and Mosely conduct the routine supply run when they are suddenly fired upon and killed by Kotch and the mobsters, teleported through a small portal to Federation lands where they subsequently hijacked the supply shuttle. The mobsters kill the other astronauts onboard while Kotch hijacks the control panel. With ODIN secured, Kotch and the mobsters wait patiently for the dimensions to merge once again, which would bring the space station into the merged universe.

The Americana Pocket Dimension contain isolated worlds that represent various depictions of America during its history. As revealed in The American Dream easter egg in Black Ops 3: The Finale, the 4 Americans youths - Joey Reeves from the 1930s, Johnny Vance from the 1950s, David Carver from the 1960s, and Michael Smith from the 1970s - are representations of Americans refusing to move on from the past, corrupted by Nostalgia, the horrid disease. In the middle of their findings, the old western town of Buried suddenly crashes into the center of the map as the Pocket Dimension collapses. The four escape Greentown and rescue Leroy from his cage. The two merged maps then fly towards the largest of the isolated worlds - 1940s Morg City.

In Morg City, magician Nero Blackstone, femme fatale Jessica Rose, crooked cop Jack "Motherfucking" Vincent, and boxer Floyd Campbell suffer for their sins, sent to the dimension by the Shadowman. The Shadowman tells them he is their only salvation, but in reality he is using them to collect the Summoning Key for himself. Their plots are interrupted when Greentown and Buried merge into Morg City. The Morg Crew decide to flee with the Summoning Key, rather than listen to the Shadowman.

The Morg Crew arrives in Greentown, where they are instantly overcome by Nostalgia. They realize the harm they have caused and attempt to return to Morg City to aid the Shadowman. The Youth Movement realizes they have been corrupted by Nostalgia. The only way to leave Greentown is to move on from the Nostalgia and realize that continuing to live in the past comes at the cost of your future. The Morg Crew is too overwhelmed with guilt to move on, resulting in the Youth Movement seizing the Summoning Key and fleeing from Greentown via the steamboat. 

Unbeknownst to them, since they are representations of ideas, leaving Greentown means the end of their existence, scattered to the cosmos. However, the merging of dimensions prevents their deletion from existence, and the four end up in another mockup of stereotypical American life, though the smoke and mirrors is much clearer: Nuketown, Nevada.   

BLOPSFOUR fights their way through attacking cryptids to the control center of the Vulpes Incanta. There, Caesar calmly awaits them. When they enter, he locks the doors behind them so he safely monologue. Caesar explains that in his own timeline, he once played a video game called Fallout: New Vegas. And in that game, there was a man who found old books about an ancient place named Rome. He rebuilt his lawless society by uniting 86 tribes into massive Legion, with himself as its caesar. Looking around at the lawless frontier of space, Caesar explains he used the video game as a basis to found his own empire and unite the solar system into the SDF. 

Like the New Vegas Caesar planned to turned New Vegas into its Rome, Caesar declares he wishes to turn Mars into his Rome. However, Caesar knows there is some massive war involving Disney and whatnot, so he offers BLOPSFOUR a deal; Caesar will let them head to Pluto, even cover their escape from the Disney fleet, as long as they kill Samantha Cross and then allow him to take Mars. 

BLOPSFOUR discusses, and Rook ultimately says they agree. Caesar frees them and the team hunts down Cross, who is rampaging across the flagship. Rook finally kills her by jettisoning her into space. With their beacon gone, the Cryptids are defeated. The team then departs for Pluto, watching as the Vulpes Incanta destroys several Imperial star cruisers. 

Reyes asks if Rook was serious when he said he would allow Caesar to take Rome. Rook says of course he wasn't, and once they grab the Supply Drop they will return to Mars and stop him. Soap then questions why Caesar likely knows they'll betray him, so why did he let them go? Rook shrugs and says he must have something up his sleeve.

The Allied Council assaults the last remaining French Syndicalist stronghold at the city of Nice. The city itself is under assault from the Italian integralists, resulting in a three way battle. After beating back the Italians, who have surrounded the city, Bell-5 and his cohorts enter the city and fight their way to the Union of Unions House. After several streets of block-to-block fighting, they enter the House and kill the remaining Syndicalists. 

With all of France now secured, communications are given to Sabre. A syndicalist Spanish army is crossing the border mountains, so Sabre dispatches several units. An Italian soldier then arrives under a white flag. Identifying himself as Sergeant Dominic Decoco, he offers a truce between the Allies and Italians while they try to secure their own peninsula. Sabre agrees and Decoco returns to his lines. A final communication arrives, this time from Emperor Wilhelm III, who has fled with the Heer to his island fortress of Gotland. He exmplains something terrible has happened in Berlin.

Metz, his dragons, and his loyal German units march toward Berlin, where a scientist named Peter Straub has declared himself the Fuhrer at the head of an undead army. Based on intelligence, Metz moves through the Black Forest to find a research station. He finally finds it and does battle with the Accord guards stationed there. The facility secured, Metz is taken to the captured leading scientist, a badly beaten man named Albert Einstein. Metz immediately executes him and then looks through Einstein's journal. Discovering the Geospheres, the Hypnotic Devices, the Jaegars...Metz tells his men to ready the devices. 

JFK and His Super Pals head further down the Cryptid tunnels, which have merged with the Fourth Reich facilities and tunnels. After defeating several squadrons of Cryptids, the four arrive at an overlook. Below, they see a massive, massive Cryptid Citadel, filled with millions of Cryptids...but below that is an even larger, swirling orange and white hole. The hole to Agartha, the void of nothingness. 

A bullet nearly takes JFK's head off. He turns and sees Young Mason cursing at somehow missing. The shot then attracts the Cryptids, hundreds of whom converge on their position. The Black Ops fight through the Cryptids trying to reach them, but are too late; JFK and His Super Pals and Young Mason are dragged off into the darkness. The Black Ops see the Citadel and portal and can only whistle. 

The Soviets-3 do battle with the Integralists to their south, a brutal war as the Russians are torn apart by their own brothers choosing the wrong ideology. With most of their army located within Russia, the Soviets-3 are at an advantage. The Integralists are unable to respond, most of their army in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, as the Soviets-3 drive southward and taken Kiev, the temporary Integralist capital. The Integralist leader, Markhov-6, is executed by Stalin-3 personally. Markhov-6's successor, Nikolai Badanov-6, declares his new capital at Belgrade and vows to continue the fight.

Disney has advanced up I15 and now threatens Vegas itself. The Ghosts, now tasked at internal security, discover a previously hidden breach in the ERDs. Investigating, they discover the Incredibles have snuck inside, each one heading to take out an ERD. The Ghosts manage to kill Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Violet, but Dash manages to just barely outrun Logan's killing bullet and destroy an ERD before dying. Lacking a fourth, the dome around the city disappears, and Disney forces immediately launch an offensive.

Woods appears on the front lines with his LSAT, and despite efforts of the Ghosts and several killstreaks, Disney appears to have won when a dimension merges. The Shadow Army of Universe 2 arrives under the command of Butcher Seven, aka Butcher Pete, and successfully deals a decisive blow to Disney, forcing their armies back. Woods then sends the Ghosts out when he receives word a powerful device was found in the Nevada testing site.

In Nuketown, the Youth Movement comes under attack from zombies. An electronic voice calls out to them, telling them that he is offering a way to escape and a chance for adventure. Having only known of Greentown and zombies for their short lives, the youths agree to follow the voice and flee Nuketown. The Morg Crew, attempting to atone for their sins still, arrive at Nuketown under the direction of the Shadowman. When the youths are no longer there, the Shadowman directs them to track them down. The area suddenly comes under the assault of the Ghosts and the Shadow Army unit Disciple Peter, who locks the area down and kills the zombies. 

Elias asks if they have a powerful weapon in their possession: the Morg Crew responds no, but they are looking for it. Despite some untrustworthiness, the two agree to team up and track down the youths, who, based on Jack Vincent's detective skills, are heading to an old abandoned casino in the Sierra Nevada.

Metz, now the head of an army of dragons, Jaegars, WCDs, Geospheres, Hypnotic Devices, and his SS units, teleports directly into Berlin, taking Straub by surprise. While Metz's forces clear out the zombies, Metz and Straub duel, Metz atop his dragon, Straub atop his creations and armed with the Sword of Barbarossa. Despite some wounds, Metz kills Straub. Metz grabs the Sword and suddenly feels an energy flow through him. The spirit of Nerthus appears and tells him that she owns the pommel of the sword now that Straub has died. She offers Metz great power in exchange for a sacrifice.

Metz has a small laugh, then kills the goddess with her own sword, proclaiming the world only has room for one god, himself. Nerthus dies and unleashes an energy wave. Armed with the sword, all of Straub's zombies come under Metz's control. The majority of the Wehrmacht declares their loyalty to Metz; anyone else is instantly made loyal by the installation of a Hypnotic Dominator above the Reichstag. With Berlin aflame behind him, Metz points his sword east, for a renewed war with the Untermensch. 

Far off, in the unaffected Red World seen in Lonesome Road, CyberStalin's death led to a vaccuum in power. The squabbles of the Soviet leadership for ultimate control led to a devastating nuclear war that destroyed most of the world. In a village in California, Red David Mason leads a daring solo mission to steal a powerful artifact from a holy village. He steals it and comes under attack from the villagers, forcing him to flee in his ride. A Mad Max style chase begins, only complicated when Lightning McQueen and several other Cars arrive, for the artifact is actually the Orange Supply Drop. Red David destroys the Cars and outruns the villagers.

Returning home, Red David discovers his home village has come under attack from a dragon, bled into the universe from the Primis-2 timeline. The entire village has been slaughtered, save for his father, Red Alex Mason, who has been heavily wounded. Red David slays the beast and Red Alex watches in amazement as he absorbs the dragon's soul. Red Alex declares that Red David is the mythical Dragonborn, the slayer of dragon's souls, his absorption power coming from a radioactive mutation. Red Alex tells Red David to overthrow King Dragovitch the Red and restore the Kingdom.

Arriving in Vegasgrad, Red David storms the Luckygrad 38 Casino to confront the King, who has mercilessly abused his kingdom. Red David arrives in the throne room, where he finds the dead body of his sister Dot, killed by her husband Dragovitch when he learned Red David was coming. Red David discovers King Dragovitch trying to flee across rooftops. Grabbing an Intervention, Red David shoots him and the bullet is followed in a long tracking shot. Dragovich's head explodes as the bullet connects.

Red David smiles, but suddenly the sky turns a distinctly different shade of red as dimensions merge. Red David suddenly finds himself surrounded by the heavily armed Butcher team. Butcher Pete tells his men to stand down, as he recognizes the Mason looks. Butcher Pete brings Red David to President Woods, who was investigating the dead body of King Dragovitch. Woods recognizes the Mason looks as well. Deciding he can trust the men, Red David reveals the Orange Supply Drop. 

Act 6

JFK and His Super Pals are imprisoned in a cage and guarded by a Cryptid. Young Mason is in a cage across from them. When JFK asks him why he tried to kill his president, Young Mason tries to explain the numbers, but then sighs and says he doesn't really know. 

Ultimis Richtofen then speaks to Nixon, telling him that if Nixon dies, he can respawn him outside the cages. Nixon doesn't want to go along with the plan, but when Richtofen threatens to kill his dog Checkers, Nixon relents. Nixon gets JFK to shank him. Nixon then respawns outside the cage, where he is brutally murdered by the guard. A second respawn works and Nixon kills the Cryptid and takes his keys. He unlocks the cage door, freeing the politicians. JFK tells him to unlock Young Mason's door; he's an American lad, like you or me, and deserves a second chance to serve his president. Nixon unlocks the door and Young Mason eyes JFK for a moment before thanking him. 

The Black Ops battle the Cryptids, tracking the captured prisoners. They are distracted when down below in the Citadel, they see a mass of Crpytids emerging into a large square, around a tall obelisk. A voice comes from the obelisk, commanding them to begin the machine. Daniel Mason uses a tonal device to see if the voice is recognizable, since it sounds human; it matches the recordings of a Ludvig Maxis, a German scientist that left audio logs at a Nazi research base in 1945.

JFK and His Super Pals, after killing a few Cryptid squads, hide when they see a large mass of Cryptids go by. Sneaking to the top of a height, they look below and see a massive machine extending from the Citadel to the ceiling of the cavern. "Begin the Upturnoverdrive! Do it!" Maxis commands. The machine then begins pounding on the ceiling.

BLOPSFOUR arrives on Pluto and retrieves the Purple Supply Drop from below Pluto's surface. When they attempt to return to their ships, the dwarf planet comes under attack from Disney forces. Rook suspects Caesar has betrayed them as more and more Disney ships encircle the planet. Stormtroopers are landed and the Jackal is destroyed. Rook gives Tito the Purple Supply Drop and tells him to leave them behind; reluctantly, Tito does so, only for his AC-130 to be caught by the tractor beam of a new arrival; the Disney flagship itself, the Supremacy. Recognizing they won't be able to escape, BLOPSFOUR lays down their arms and are captured.

The Youth Movement arrives at the old world relic, the Sierra Madre Casino. They are immediately stunned with electricity and knocked out. When they come to, they are greeted by a hologram of a German scientist calling himself Maxis. Maxis explains he's placed security collars on them; if they play stupid, play dumb, or make the mistake of saying no, the collar will go off and take their neck with it. Begrudgingly, the four carry out Maxis's plan of initiating the Sierra Madre Grand Opening sequence, each one arriving at a different place in the village outside the casino, dodging zombies and mutants and mutant zombies and the deadly cloud of Nova 6 and Manticore that covers the area. They successfully initiate the sequence and open the Casino. Once inside, they are surprised to find a bunker door to a larger facility below the casino.

Moscow is under firm control of the Soviets-3. Cut off from supplies, the American invasion from Modern Warfare 3: The Finale, despite their superior weaponry, is eventually surrounded and defeated. The majority of the prisoners are brought to Vorkuta Gulag, while Hunter 2-1 is brought for interrogation beneath the Kremlin. Beria-3 comes in to interrogate Ramirez-8, but he is interrupted when Stalin-3 tells him to step outside. Beria-3 does so and is immediately shot. Stalin-3 and the new head of the NKVD arrive inside the interrogation room: Makarov-8. Makarov-8 advises his torture technician, Anatoly-8, to make the Americans suffer, before he and Stalin-3 leave the room.

Anatoly-8 beats Foley-8 and Dunn-8, but before he can reach Ramirez he is ambushed and killed. The Americans' liberators reveal themselves to be FBS Police Commissioner Reznov, Captain Petrenko, and Lieutenant Chernov. They and the rest of the FBS were driven underground when the Red Army-3 took control of the capital. They free the Americans and escort them through the tunnels below Moscow, revealing they plan to escape via the Zakhaev International Airport.

They arrive at the airport, where Nikolai radios in and informs them he will be arriving with reinforcements shortly. The FBS and company then come under attack from Red Army forces under Dragovitch-3. The FBS holds them off, and Dragovitch-3 momentarily halts his men in order to advise the FBS to surrender. They refuse, and Commissioner Reznov sees his World at War counterpart readying the next assault. Commissioner Reznov reveals himself to his counterpart as Victor Reznov III, the grandson of the original Reznov, and explains how his grandfather did the right thing yet was betrayed because "Stalin had little need for heroes." Reznov-3 refuses to listen to him and orders the attack.

Nikolai arrives and delays the Red Army-3 long enough for the FBS and the Rangers to board VTOLs. They escape, easily outrunning Soviet-3 planes. When Dunn-7 asks where they are going, Commissioner Reznov explains its somewhere safe. The VTOLs later land at the Bangkok Mansion.

On board Luna, Mr. Ping explains that China - and by extension, the Second Pylon - is in danger from zombies, the Imperial Japanese Army, and Imperial Japanese Army zombies. He plans to protect the Pylon with Luna, but to do so, he needs to destroy the two Republic Cruisers patrolling Chinese space. When the Primis inform him that Richtofen is in control of the zombies, Mr. Ping says he has men on the ground searching for them. 

SATO-10 attacks one cruiser while the Ultimis assault the other. They force their way in through a ventilation shaft and hijack a gunship, destroying other ships in their bays, eventually igniting fuel drums. Commander Cody arrives at the scene and after an intense battle, the Ultimis kill him by hitting him with the gunship, impaling him on a dislodged pole. When SATO-10 informs them they are being overwhelmed on the other ship, the Primis fight their way to the command center of their cruiser. Through pure luck, the set the cruiser on a collision course with the other one. The collision happens faster than ancipated, and the fight between clone troopers and SATO-10 spills over onto both gunships. The Ultimis kill Captain Rex by setting him on fire, and force Anakin Skywalker back when Nikolai attacks him with pocket sand from Shangri-La. The two teams escape the cruisers, which are destroyed.

Returning to Luna, Mr. Ping sets the space station on course for Chinese space. He explains there are men down below that can help them with their quest.

Private Chris Miller-3 of the Marine Raiders are stationed in Okinawa, nervously awaiting orders ever since the sky turned red, when they suddenly come under attack from a renewed offensive by the IJA, who land on the beaches in a surprise attack. As the Marines fight the Japanese, Zeroes and battleships arrive, surprising the Americans, who thought Japan was more or less beaten to the ground. The Marines are eventually forced off the beaches, and rally at a series of bunkers as Japanese soldiers continue their attacks. The Marines rally when Douglas MacArthur-3 arrives on the scene. MacArthur-3 receives a surprise transmission on his radio, telling the Marines to stand back. 

A massive laser strike annihiliates the Japanese as Luna appears in the sky. The Japanese are forced to retreat off the island as the Marines cheer what must be an act of God. The voice on the radio tells them it's not God, but rather, just another man. A shuttle flies down from Luna to the surface; out of it comes Primis Tank, Nikolai, and Takeo. The Marines are initially surprised to see Takeo, but Tank tells them to trust him. Tank converses with MacArthur-3, and explains that Chinese forces will help him defeat Japan all the way to the Emperor's Palace.

The FBS and Rangers arrive at Bangkok Mansion, which has come under a renewed attack from the IJA and their collaborationist Royal Thai Army. Using modern weaponry and the party mansion's own security system, they rescue Ted Bock and Jerry the Red, who were too stoned to fight when the IJA attacked. After dispersing the attack, an Escort Drone lands, piloted by Han Sheng, called off out of retirement to aid in the conflict. Sheng was contacted by Mr. Ping after he couldn't contact Guan Ye, who has gone off the grid somewhere. Mr. Ping has asked Sheng to find the FBS and Rangers and get them to capture and interrogate an IJA captain in the area, to figure out how the Japanese war effort has rebounded.

The groups storm a mountain overlooking the mansion where the IJA has made their base. A strategic laser strike from Luna destroys the mountain top, and the wounded IJA captain is captured. He refuses to talk, and when no one really wants to torture a dying a man, Ted gives him sake and a joint. The relaxed captain identifies himself as Takeo of Universe 9. Takeo explains when the dimensional mergings occurred, there was mass panic and chaos in the downtrodden Japanese islands, all of which were near defeat by the Allies. Then, heroes arrived from another universe, proclaiming they were the emperor in that one. They struck down the Hirohitos and unified the multiple Japanese armies. Takeo states the leader of Japan is now a robot named Baymax, and his military junta known as the Big Hero 6.

The Morg Crew, the Ghosts, and Disciple unit arrives at the Sierra Madre. Elias and Disciple Peter recognize the casino as a surface cover for a secret military facility underground. They discover whoever entered the facility locked the doors behind them. They are suddenly surrounded by the Primis, who demand to know if they possess the Summoning Key. When Elias explains they don't, Primis Richtofen orders his companions to stand down. Primis Richtofen offers to help the teams head inside the facility, but in exchange the Primis will get the Summoning Key. Elias initially refuses since they are after the Key as well, but Richtofen says it's not really an offer, he's taking the Key no matter what. The Primis blow the door open using Element 115 explosives, and their argument continues inside.

Elias relents when he realizes that the same Broken Arrow symbols found at Nuketown are now found in the facility; he's realized some other facility is now here. The Broken Arrow facility itself, along with its vast nuclear arsenal, are now at the mercy of Maxis and the Summoning Key. When the situation is fully explained, the teams immediately battle the local zombie populations, hoping to find the Key before its holder uses it to access the nuclear arsenal. They head further into the facility.

The Black Ops finally turn the corner and run into JFK and Super Pals...and Young Mason, who is surprised to see all these versions of himself. The Masons immediately get in between JFK and Young Mason, but the President tells them its alright, Young Mason is a good young man. Old Mason reveals the fact that he once killed JFK, unable to resist his brainwashing, and the guilt he feels from that and his own father is why he had trouble with raising his own son. Young Mason tells him to cool it with the exposition, and Old Mason laughs, remembering himself to be just that stubborn. Middle Mason and Daniel Mason take a moment to think on what Old Mason has revealed.

The lot decide on a plan of action; they decide to redirect the smashing power of the Upturnoverdrive to destroy the stalactite that holds the Citadel above the portal to Agartha. While several Masons destroy the side connections, Old Mason, Middle Mason, and Young Mason head toward the Upturnoverdrive, which is already smashing the surface. They reflect on their lives and while Old Mason and Middle Mason recognize they've made mistakes, Young Mason refuses to. While the Super Pals provide covering fire, the three Masons work through the labyrynth of buildings to reach the Upturnoverdrive. They begin to position it towards the stalactite when Cryptid spaceplane reinforcements arrive. The Masons retreat into cover, while JFK radios the Presidents for help.

Meanwhile, the teams pursue the Summoning Key further into the Broken Arrow facility. They arrive in the launch room, where they realize a bunch of kids are armed with the oldest device in the universes. The kids use the Summoning Key to unlock the nuclear launch device. Primis Richtofen initially yells at them, but Elias takes over and tries to treat them like what they are; scared, confused kids. The Youth Movement is confused, since, they've literally only existed for about a week, they don't know who to trust, as they see Maxis as a father figure. When the Primis hear that name, Primis Richtofen demands to see him. Maxis is heard over the electrical devices of the launch room. 

Primis Richtofen demands to know if he is the father of Samantha Maxis. Maxis confirms that he is, and will destroy Earth if that's what it takes to be reunited with her. Primis Richtofen explains that he rescued her, and she's safe in his dimension. Maxis goes quiet for a moment, then states it's too late. He uses his electric powers to move the lever to launch the missiles. 

The various national leaders note the nuclear missile launch, heading for three sites: the three poles. Maxis intends to forcefully open the three rifts and destroy the Earth. The Upturnoverdrive was to open a hole in Washington state where the missiles could fly in and fully open the rift. Marines and Shadow Army units are sent to encircle the cave openings while the Black Ops and the Super Pals fight inside. In the Citadel, Maxis abandons the Upturnoverdrive and emits a sonic noise, frenzying the Cryptids, who fly their spaceplanes directly into the ground above, opening holes. Old Mason, Middle Mason, and Young Mason use the Upturnoverdrive to destroy the stalactice, and the Citadel begins to descend into the portal. For all that's wrong with Masons, they at least are willing to sacrifice themselves.

But there won't be any sacrifices today. Swarms and other killstreaks begin appearing above the Citadel, battling the spaceplanes. Old Woods himself arrives, his knees fixed thanks to the magic of time travel. Piloting a Chinook helicopter at the head of a fleet of Shadow Army Little Birds, Old Woods rescues the three Masons while the Little Birds rescue the others. They fly back to the surface as the Citadel and the remaining Cryptids fall into the portal and are obliterated. 

Mr. Ping uses Luna to block the missiles from hitting the Chinese pole. From a safe distance, the forces in Washington state can only watch as the helicopters escape the hole just before a nuclear missile barrage strikes the hole, causing a massive rift in the Earth.

John Mason-6 doesn't quite understand what the hell's going on, so all he can is watch as the fires engulf the area in front of him. The helicopters begin landing in front of the Marines, who are on rear guard duty. Figures emerge from the Chinook, and perhaps only the person more surprised than John Mason is the man he faces; a man that incredibly similar to him stares at him and asks "Dad?"

In Windhoek, the other members of the Fellowship, linking up with Angola Mason, Angola Woods, and Savimbi watch from a helicopter as nuclear missiles hit the already massive rift. The gash only grows wider, and suddenly the swirling rift begins moving north.

Scientists aboard the USS Barack Obama radio the presidents. Both the rifts in Washington and Angola have been opened beyond repair. Fortunately, the Chinese rift is currently stable, but should that one open as well, they will begin pulling the universes into the void...meaning the end of all of Call of Duty creation. 

Act 7

With the world in chaos, nobody notices when ODIN merges into the timeline and portals from Hell begin appearing. The Middle East still remains a desolate wasteland since its destruction during Lonesome Road, with only a Solar Council mandate forming any sort of authority in the region. It's here that Makarov begins his invasion. Atop Cerberus, Makarov leads the Infernal Demons, Knightmares, and other hellish creatures that form his army. The mobsters using ODIN to destroy the heavy tanks and artillery of the mandate, then they themselves teleport down while Kotch remains to keep control of ODIN. 

On the ground, the mobsters are sent by Makarov to find a weapon left here by the previous battle. Traversing the underground tunnels and defeating the remaining Council resistance, the four find the weapon: Death's Scythe, the old weapon of Satan and once used by the Fourth Horseman himselfself. 

They deliver the weapon to Makarov, who rewards them with the Mark. Makarov then uses the scythe's power to destroy all life in the region; this time, Makarov really intends on being the King of Ashes. 

Guan Ye guides Soap-8, Price-7, and the Green Run Group towards Mount Gongga, where he can hopefully make contact with his government. Infernal Demons and Knightmares teleport in to claim Gongga's remaining Nova 6 stockpiles. The groups do battle, and Soap-8 locks down the Nova 6 and then reactives the facility's radio transmitter. A ship arrives later, carrying none other than Nikolai, who escorts them to Luna.

The Fellowship of Cod is imprisoned aboard the Supremacy, guarded by Finn and Rey. In prison, they meet other Disney prisoners; Stan Lee (RIP), Jim Henson, George Lucas, Revan, and James Gunn, who speaks and acts in a manner similar to Cartman. The first three explain that they were the leaders of their universes; Disney offered them riches in exchange for ownership of their universes; blinded by greed, they agreed, only to be betrayed, their universes turned into soulless slaves, their sole existence now to produce for Disney. 

Dowblap reveals a miniature M1 Abrams souvenir in the lining of his flight jacket, bought from the Museum in California, which he converted to a remote control vehicle. While the guards aren't looking, he pilots the Abrams through the cell's vents. Unfortunately, Disney is pretty smart and has deployed the Toys to guard the vents. The Abrams kills dozens of army men, blows Jessie's head off, then impales Woody on a ventilation fan. The Abrams tank then shoots Buzz through a vent into the room below, where he activates the release button on the cells. Lucas holds off Finn and Rey while the others proceed onwards. 

The Soviet Union-9, occupying Poland, is given a fate very similar Poland once faced as well. Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union-3 have agreed to an alliance, to split Eastern Europe amongst themselves. Metz's powerful army batters its way through Poland, reaching Warsaw before the Soviets-3 can. Inferiors are rounded up and shot; anyone else is enslaved via Hypnotic Dominator. Huber arrives and informs Metz of urgent news; good news, they've successfully conquered Switzerland, capturing an American commander as well as the massive stockpile of Nova 6 gas and other creations, courtesy of Coalescence Corporation headquarters.

But there's something...something more Huber, explains. A theory. Metz tells him he's listening. Huber begins to ramble, but makes his point clear: there are three rifts in the world, which, if all opened, would suck all of the dimensions into them. But one still remains dormant; if they were to somehow control that rift, use Geospheres to teleport it...they could teleport it anywhere, right on the doorsteps of their enemies, threatening to open it if they don't obey. 

Metz asks if it means the end of creation, why would he himself open it, if it meant the end of him, too? Huber explains that it's the same as nuclear war: how can anyone risk nuclear war, knowing it means the end of themselves as well? But they do it anyway, because it's all a game of who blinks first. And Metz knows he wouldn't blink first. 

And one more thing. If they can teleport the rifts, they could perhaps send them to different quantum dimensions as well. Not the Call of Duty dimension, but the Disney quantum dimension, the Bethesda, the Rockstar...and if the rifts can only absorb the quantum dimension it resides in, then that means no risk for Metz' own. 

As Poles are lined up and shot behind him, Metz offers a rare smile, and tells Huber to get to work. 

In the Broken Arrow facility, the teams regroup to ponder their next move. The kids apologize, but Elias tells them words aren't good enough; they need to act to truly gain redemption. He then welcomes them to the Ghosts. Primis Richtofen explains that's all fine and dandy, but the world is rapidly growing unstable. Elias says that Maxis needs to be stopped before Disney, since Disney merely plans to conquer the world while Maxis plans to destroy it.

Primis Dempsey says Samantha spoke fondly of Maxis, and wonders how he could've been so corrupted. Primis Richtofen realizes it must be because of the Shadowman, and explains they're going to need the Kronorium for this. The Kronorium is an ancient tome of information currently hidden below the Treyarch, the starship now turned into a Museum in Santa Monica, California. Richtofen tells the Ghosts, Morg Crew, and Disciple team to retrieve the tome. As for the Primis, Richtofen wishes to speak to Samantha back at The House.

The three teams arrive in Disney-occupied Santa Monica, which has become a police state as the citizenry are forced to work in Disney jobs, watch Disney movies, use Disney toilet paper. They split up, with the Ghosts, now including the Youth Movement, raiding a supply depot to grab Disney Mouse Ears and Coonskin Hats to disguse themselves. They blend into the streets of Santa Monica, but discover the Treyarch has been placed off limits.

Disciple Three and the team cause a diversion by attacking a broadcast tower, enabling the Ghosts and Morg Crew to sneak inside the Treyarch. The Morg Crew heads to the bridge, where they disable the ship's security, enabling the Ghosts to enter the lower levels. The Morg Crew then uses the ship's weapons to destroy several incoming Disney ships and fighters. 

Following the exact coordinates given to him by Primis Richtofen, Elias drills down in an exact spot, opening up a cavern. There, they discover strange tentacled beasts, the Apothicons that Primis Richtofen warned them about, already mining and looking for the book. The Ghosts defeat them and find a pedestal, with the book on top of it. Elias has seen enough movies to know you should't look at something like this, so he takes the book, without opening it, and leads the team out of the cavern. 

Disciple Peter radios in, explaining more Disney reinforcements are arriving. The Ghosts climb back into the Treyarch, repair the opening, and order the Morg Crew to fly the Treyarch out of there. The Morg Crew questions if they even know how to pilot it, but Jackie Fucking Vincent explains he's Jackie Fucking Vincent and proceeds to fire the Treyarch's engines. 

The Disciple Team battles their way out of the radar and hijacks Stormtrooper speeders, then makes their way across Santa Monica, pursued by more Disney forces. The Ghosts man the guns and protect the Treyarch as it ascends. The Disciple team flies their speeders up a hill, flying through the air and landing in one of the Treyarch's hangars. The Treyarch blasts off, with Elias directing them to head to Las Vegas.

On board the Supremacy, BLOPSFOUR and friends go guns loud as they storm their way toward the command center. They arrive at the Throne Room, where Disney sits in on ornate throne. The group confronts him; Disney asks them to name a time when they are truly happy. The group members look at one another, then Roach says well, it's when he's hunting elk in Alaska with his friends.

Disney asks why, then, is he not hunting elk right now? Roach says that's obvious, it's because he just invaded his dimension. Disney shakes his head and says no, that's not why. He rises from his throne; the systems of his world keep him from his happy place. Inadequate government systems cause conflict, necessitating an army; inadequate economic systems cause inequality, necessitating a job; inadequate social systems cause cultural wars, necessitating a fake public appearance, unable to fully enjoy your true self.

All Disney wants is to make his worlds the happiest places in the multiverse. And that can only be attained by making him the sole ruler, since only he knows what's best for everyone.

Revan steps up, asking if Star Wars is truly happy. Disney sighs and admits that's on him, but don't worry, he's already back to the drawing board, and Solo was kind of good, right? Stan Lee then steps up, asking if Marvel is truly happy. Disney says yes, they are rich now, and their tales are known throughout the universe. Stan Lee asks what it costed to get there, and Disney sighs, admitting Phase Two wasn't that great and then even apologizes for Thor: The Dark World. 

Rook asks if Disney truly knows what's best, and Disney says, at least eventually, because with him as sole leader, he can constantly retry until he finds happiness for everyone. Roach then tells him the people should be trusted to find their own happiness, and work within their own systems to improve things, rather than rely on totalitarianism. Disney asks if he's a democratic socialist, reminding him that Bernie killed Rosa.

Disney grows tired of the conversation, telling him that if billions must die for trillions to live in eternal happiness, so be it. Disney sends in his elite guard to handle the group; Revan duels Kylo Ren while the rest of the group defends themself from Thanos, armed with the Infinity Gauntlet. As Stormtroopers pour into the room, the group receives a transmission from a heavily wounded George Lucas, who explains he found a teleporter they can escape from. 

Revan kills Kylo and chops off Thanos's hand, enabling Rook to steal the Gauntlet, which he uses to blow a hole through the Throne Room, leading them to the teleporter. Pursued by Commander Weasley Hux, BLOPSFOUR arrives at the teleporter, where Lucas holds Dr. Doofensmirtz hostage. Doofensmirtz powers up the teleporter, his Other-Dimension-Inator, then asks if he can come with them, since the punishment for failure and the punishment for treason is both death.

Rook says someone needs to stay behind the activate the teleporter, but Revan says he'll do it. Doofensmirtz will be useful in designing teleporters to other universes, which they will surely need. And the former dimensional leaders should return to their homes, and rally the people for the final fight. The group nods, and thank Revan as he activates the teleporter, and BLOPSFOUR returns home.

Thanos captures Revan with Kylo's lightsaber; Disney orders him to execute Revan. Thanos hesitates, then decapitates him. Thanos sighs, and says that wasn't right. Disney tells him he knows what it's like to lose an arm, and promises to build him a better one, equipped with an even better Gauntlet. 

The Primis-2 have tracked the MPD, dislodged from the destroyed Moon, to its landing site outside of Lake Victoria. The team battles their way through zombies, arriving the crash site, finding the MPD in the center of a crater. Using the blood ritual, the Primis-2 open the MPD, but are surprised to see the body of a little girl.

They free the little girl from the MPD, and without a host, the zombies slowly shamble around, no threat to anyone. When they give her medical attention, she suddenly awakens, and begins speaking with Richtofen's voice. The Primis-2 look at one another and Primis-2 Tank asks Primis-2 Richtofen if he's as crazy as his Ultimis counterpart. 

Richtofen, in Samantha's body, suddenly grabs Tank and tells him to listen closely; the Call of Duty quantum universe is in grave danger. Ultimis Richtofen appears remorseful, and explains how, due to his own cruelty and ambition, he betrayed Maxis and his daughter, resulting in Samantha accidentally gaining control of the zombies. He then concocted a grand scheme to switch souls with Samantha, placing his soul inside her body, giving him control of the zombies.

His conflict with Maxis continued for years, but then one day, he suddenly found himself having visions of burning cities and crumbling dimensions. The visions continued, until he found himself in an astral plane alongside Maxis. The two were greeted by a well-dressed gentleman, who promised them eternity in exchange for their service. He showed them a glimpse of infinity, and when Richtofen gazed into all of space-time, he had a profound realization that the way he lived his life was wrong, and he needed to make amends.

Maxis, apparently, had the opposite reaction. The gentleman told Maxis he and his daughter would forever be safe if he vowed to work for him. Maxis agreed. The gentleman then turned to Richtofen, and Richtofen realized he was the voice inside his head all along. Richtofen refused to work, and instead promised that he would find a way to restore Earth and its freedoms. 

The gentleman simply laughed, explaining that there was nothing Richtofen could do; his universe is doomed, the gentleman was just looking to see if Richtofen would be doomed alongside with it. And apparently, he would be. The two lock eyes, and Richtofen realize that this man, the Shadowman, was not from this world at all. Perhaps not even from Call of Duty itself. 

The astral plane disappeared, and Richtofen found himself back in MPD. But he sensed something had changed. The various timelines of Call of Duty had begun merging, apparently the work of the Shadowman. The rifts were mere rifts, but now they threatened to destroy all of Call of Duty. And worst of all, Richtofen was trapped; he had few ways of communicating the true threat the universe faces, and needed to be freed. And fortunuately, he has been. 

When he gazed into infinity, Richtofen noticed several other universes, containing worlds that would be useful to defeat the Shadowman. But first, they'll need the Summoning Key. Primis-2 Richtofen explains it was taken to the House; Richtofen's eyes widen in fear, exclaiming it's not safe.

The Primis, meanwhile, teleport to the House, Dr. Monty's perfect world sitting in a bubble in the middle of the Void. At least, it was perfect. The first thing the Primis notice is Dr. Monty's corpse in a heap on the dirt road leading to the House. On the steps sits the Shadowman, calmly waiting. 

Primis Richtofen asks how Monty was killed; the Shadowman shrugs and explains Dr. Monty was the most powerful being when it comes to his own universe, but the Shadowman comes from a place beyond that. Primis Dempsey asks where Primis Maxis and Samantha are being held; the Shadowman snaps his fingers, and through a window, the Primis see a television turn on with Primis Maxis and Samantha held inside of it.

The Shadowman suddenly stands and explains the Primis have something he needs: the Summoning Key. Primis Richtofen says they would never surrender it, and the Shadowman sighs, explaining that's to be expected of them. He sends several Apothicon squads at the Primis, but the Primis dispatch waves of them. The Shadowman sighs once more; he should've just done the thing himself. He snaps, and time is frozen. Primis Richtofen watches as the Shadowman approaches him before blacking out.

When he comes to, Primis Richtofen finds himself on a blue slab floating in a black void, the void of the Subconscious, where the hidden consciousness goes, as seen in Springtime for Hitler. Primis Richtofen realizes the Shadowman is attempting to access the weaker, insecure part of his personality, the one that always feared his inconsequentialness in a vast multiverse. Primis Richtofen attempts to break free of the void, but the Shadowman arrives.

The Shadowman congratulates Primis Richtofen for being the first to not instantly break down when the Shadowman accesses their mind. Primis Richtofen's friends aren't so lucky though, and their corpses now join Dr. Monty's on the dirt road. Primis Richtofen asks what exactly the Shadowman wants; he simply says he wants everything to be nothing.

The two then duel across the void, with Primis Richtofen, even after getting some good blows in, realizing he's overpowered. Knowing killing yourself in the Subconscious kills yourself at the surface level, Primis Richtofen elects to turn his gun on himself. Mortally wounded, his main personality returns to the surface, temporarily free from the Shadowman. He drains the last of his life essence to power the Summoning Key to free Samantha from the Shadowman's prison. He gives her the Summoning Key before collapsing.

Samantha flees into the teleporter, escaping right as the Shadowman destroys it. She arrives at Groom Lake, Nevada, where she is found by a Solar Council unit. 

Back at the House, the Shadowman meets the dying Primis Richtofen, who has managed to sit himself against the pillar next to the stairs, the Shadowman sitting next to him. The Shadowman asks what Primis Richtofen hoped to accomplished; he explains the Summoning Key remains in human hands, and that's all the hope and power they need. Primis Richtofen explains he once thought himself to be the only truly important figure in the multiverse, but now he's realized there's more to life than just serving himself. The lives of trillions are more important than the life of just one Richtofen. 

The Shadowman nods. He explains he, too, has undergone a great number of realizations that's turned him into the man he is today. Primis Richtofen looks at the rising sun once last time before closing his eyes.

Act 8

A grand meeting is held by the Solar Council, so the new knowledge can be sifted through and a plan can be made. Luna arrives with Mr. Ping, Guan Ye, Han Sheng, Soap-8, Price-7, Yuri, Ultimis Tank, Ultimis Nikolai, Ultimis Takeo, MacArthur-3, Nikolai, Joker, Crosby, Jerry the Red, Ted Bock, and the Green Run Group. The Primis-2 teleport in with Richtofen, who immediately seeks out Samantha, who, outside of the House, is losing her temporary corpeality. Department of Research and Development Verlaine Keller arrives, explaining that even Nazis can redeem themselves, though Richtofen's redemption will be a lot harder than Keller's. Keller creates a temporary drone body for Samamtha until they can figure out how to return Samantha to her original body. Richtofen then apologizes to the Green Run Group for putting them through hell, and they say it'll take a lot more than an apology. 

President Marion Bosworth arrives with her bodguards Samuel and Jones and her Secretary of Defense David Patreus; with her is CIA Director Ryan Jackson and Mark McKnight. The members of Musicians Hideout - Kurt Cobain, Tupac, and Elvis - arrive as well. Secretary of Defense Vip Raptor, FBI Director Victor Denley, and Overlord arrive from the East Coast, joined by Corporal James Ramirez. 

The Fellowship of Cod, with its leaders of Jason Hendricks and Kam, arriving with Angola Mason, Angola Woods, Angola Hudson, and Savimbi. Young Mason, Middle Mason, Old Mason, David Mason, Daniel Mason, Alex Mason-2, Middle Woods, Old Woods, Concert Woods, Concert Menendez, and John Mason of the Black Ops arrive. John Mason is silently dealing with the fact he not only has a son, but can now see all versions of his son. He isn't sure as to why Young Mason, whom he feels he has the most connection with as father and son, seems uncomfortable around him. Following behind them are John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro, and Robert McNamara of the Super Pals.

BLOPSFOUR teleports into the middle of the meeting, with Rook, Roach, Soap, Tito, Dowblap Mosely, Frost, and Dr. Doofensmirtz landing in a heap. Scientists from the USS Barack Obama arrive as well to report their findings.  

The Ghosts, consisting of Elias, David, Logan, and new members Joey Reeves, Johnny Vance, David Carver, and Michael Smith, land the Treyarch near the meeting, with Jackie Vincent giving off a celebrating yell. Jessica Rose rolls her eyes, Nero Blackstone cracks a joke, while Floyd Campbell is just happy to be alive. Disciple Peter greets President Woods when the doors open; joining Woods, Butcher Pete, Red David, and Marshall, who decided to break out the old ACR when he learned the universe was in danger. Marshall went on a quick recruiting tour through the United States, and brought in some fresh new regiments, led by Emmet Daniels-6 and his son, Paul Thomas Daniels-6. 

The meeting is called into order by Chancellor Jaegar Amsel of Germany and President-Sergeant Kamarov of Russia. On the big table in the middle of the meeting hall, Soap-8 places down the Yellow Supply Drop; Red David places down the Orange Supply Drop; Rook places down the Purple Supply Drop; Gareth Henderson wheels in the Miracle Machine, which houses the Green Supply Drop. With the earlier final use of the Green and Blue Supply Drops, these are all that remains. 

Mr. Ping confirms that these now can be brought to Mount Doom and destroyed. When Kamarov asks how exactly they will travel to Mount Doom, which is located in the Bethesda quantum dimension, Dr. Doofensmirtz explains that he knows how to create a device that can transport people there. 

Richtofen speaks up, explaining that the rifts can't be healed by destroying the Supply Drops; they were created in his own timeline, and have now been enhanced by the Shadowman, an enemy just as dangerous as Disney, if not more. Old Woods begins laughing at the sight of Richtofen speaking from the body of a little girl, but quiets down when he sees the sight of drone Samantha. He whispers to Old Mason that this is actually pretty fucked up; Old Mason nods. 

President Woods asks who exactly this Shadowman is; Samantha explains he is not from Call of Duty, and he is here to erase reality. The increased scope of the rifts were his doing. Amsel asks how do they mend the rifts; Richtofen explains that he has thought of a solution, though it may be a long shot. He asks if anyone in here has played Elder Scrolls Online; Overlord raises his hand.

Richtofen asks him about Molag Bal; Overlord explains that he used Dark Anchors in an attempt to Planemeld his realm of Coldharbor with Tamriel. Richtofen explains that if they were somehow able to access Coldharbour and control the Dark Anchors, they could Planemeld a dimension to Mount Doom. That dimension would be destroyed in the fires of Doom, but, Mount Doom is the one place that can absorb the rifts. As long as one remains closed, they could teleport the rifts into a different dimension, then Planemeld that dimension, destroying the rifts.

Henderson, Keller, and the scientists explain they have actually been working on enhancing the Geospheres to make them capable of teleporting the rifts, but they fear the teleportation will not remain permanent enough for a Planemeld to be successful. Rook asks about accessing Coldharbor; Elias reveals the Kronorium, and asks if it will help. Primis-2 Richtofen asks to see it; he immediately opens, and explains to Elias that there's no danger in reading it, unlike other eldritch tomes. Richtofen discovers that it possible to gain the powers of a god using an ancient weapon known as the Staff of Armadyl, hidden in a far-off dimension known as Runescape. 

As for the dimension to get melded, Richtofen explains he saw a dead Call of Duty world known as Roman Wars; when the others look at him incredulously, Richtofen explains it's a real place, but development on it stopped shortly after a small little world was created. But it will be enough to house the rifts. 

The last piece of the puzzle lies in the Sword of Barbarossa; the weapon is so powerful is keep the rifts teleported. The only issue with that is it lies in the hand of a murderous, rampaging Metz, standing at the front of a Nazi army that, once fully ready, will become one of the strongest armies Call of Duty has known. 

It will be a long shot, but the plan has been formed: defeat Metz and claim the Sword of Barbarossa, use Geospheres to teleport the three rifts onto Roman Wars with the Sword, claim the Staff of Armadyl and head to the Bethesda quantum dimension to take control of Coldharbor to use the Dark Anchors, take control of Mount Doom, then planemeld Doom to Roman Wars to destroy the rifts. 

The assignments are given; the Fellowship and the Super Pals, joined by Red David will establish a base of operations in Bethesda; BLOPSFOUR will claim the Staff of Armadyl and then teleport to Bethesda; the Black Ops and Shadow Army will defeat Disney on the West Coast and secure the Washington rift; Mac-Arthur-3 and the SDC will defeat Disney's puppet of Japan and secure the Chinese rift; the Ghosts, Green Run Group, and Disciple unit will secure the Angola rift; Nick Reyes, the Musicians, Ultimis, and Primis-2 will delay the armies of Hell until the other enemies have been defeated; Ramirez and Marshall will lead the war to regain control of the North Atlantic from Disney and aid the Allied Council all the way to Berlin.

Richtofen warns the group that with no one in the MPD, the zombies will eventually fall back under the control of the Shadowman, enabling him to more directly interfere with their plans. Richtofen did his best to hold the zombies back, but now they'll truly be out for blood. 

The meeting is adjourned, and everyone has their last night before the battle scenes. Richtofen stays up all night in the lab, devising a device to give Samantha her body back. Jerry the Red and Ted Bock asks the Youth Movement if they've tried reefer before; they are shooed off by Elias, who treats them like his sons, and David and Logan, who treat them as their brothers. 

Jerry and Ted end up giving their joints to Concert Woods and Old Woods, who remember old times with the rest of their pals. Angola Hudson asks where Old Hudson is; the rest of the group look at one another, and Angola Hudson also realizes he didn't make it out alive. Paul Thomas Daniels writes a letter to his brother Red, who was too young to fight. 

Doofensmirtz introduces himself to Henderson, Keller, and the scientists. Jackie Vincent attempts to see some Jessica Rose sideboob, but she tells him that will never happen, much to the amusement of Nero and Lloyd. Butcher Pete and Disciple Peter play five-finger-filet. Marion Bosworth asks Gaun Ye and Han Sheng on how her son turns out; they explain he is a good man, but he is currently captured by the Nazis. Marion sighs and is consoled by Patreus, Samuel, and Jones. 

President Woods, Overlord, and Marshall catch up with the Musicians, who explain a new mixtape is on the way. Tito and Mosely debate with Nikolai, Joker, and Crosby on which one of them is faster now. A drunken Kamarov arm wrestles a drunken Amsel, ending with both of them falling out of their chairs. 

Soap-8 and Price-7 share some lager, or a glass of water like you drink. Price-7 says it's been good to fight together once again, and Soap-8 nods. 

Daniel Mason and his Jason Hendricks argues with David Mason and Mike Harper, who argues with Middle Mason and Middle Woods, on who the best duo was. All three of them saved the world, so it's pretty close argument. Old Mason comes by and looks at Middle Mason, David, and Daniel, saying that wouldn't that be a nice Christmas card. Daniel asks where Young Mason is; Old Mason explains he's trying to work things out with his father. 

Young Mason explains to John that in his timeline, John cut off contact with Young Mason when Mason didn't show up to his mother's final hours, or her funeral. John asks why he didn't; Young Mason struggles, then admits that despite all the fighting he's done and people he's killed, he couldn't stand the sight of seeing his mother dying or buried. If he didn't see it, maybe he could ignore it and pretend it didn't exist, just like those numbers.

John tells Young Mason that he should've went to see his mother, but more importantly, should've just told his father why. John admits he could see himself being a hardass like that, but he was hurting too, and had they both revealed how much they were hurting, maybe things could've been a little different. Young Mason says maybe, then looks at the stars. 

The next morning comes. With the aid of SRAD, Doofensmirtz has redeveloped the body-switching blanket of Gravity Falls, allowing Samantha her body back, while Richtofen is transported into a lifelike drone. The majority of SRAD's work has been to upgrading the Stargates, hopefully enabling travel to other quantum dimensions.

First up, BLOPSFOUR. Soap gives a thumbs up and Rook nods as they peer into the swirling vortex of the upgraded Stargate. Keller tells them they're good to go, and wishes them good luck. Soap takes a breath and steps in, followed by Rook, Roach, Frost, and the rest. 

Moments later, Rook opens his eyes, finding himself outside of a castle. After some crackling, Woods comes in over the radio, asking if they come in. Rook says affirmative, and BLOPSFOUR take stock of their situation. A man comes over, explaining his name is Hans. He says they don't look like the average adventurer that arrives here. Soap asks where are they; Hans explains they've arrived in the castle square of Lumbridge. Overlord comes through in the radio, asking if they're in Old School or Runescape 3. Hans says Runescape 3, and Overlord is heard muttering Jesus Christ.

Following Overlord's orders, Roach asks what age is the world currently in, and Hans explains its the fifth year of the new Sixth Age. The World Guardian, the greatest adventurer in the world, vanquished his worst foe using the Staff of Armadyl. He then left the Staff in the hands of the monastic order known as the Edicts of Guthix before departing for the Eastern Lands. 

Soap asks to see these Edicts because they are in need of the Staff; Hans says they may see them, but it will be unlikely to part with the staff. Wishing to cause the least amount of violence possible, BLOPSFOUR heads with Hans to the Edicts' headquarters, the Player Owned House that belongs to the World Guardian.

Hans leads the group through the portal, only to arrive in a hellish, flaming landscape. Demons and knights are attacking the home, massacring its inhabitants. Hans asks if the men are swordsman, mages, or archers; Rook simply says they are soldiers before revealing his ACR. The automatic weaponry initially overwhelms the attackers, but the battle becomes more even as the enemies adapt.

Hans locates the Staff of Amardyl in the trophy room on the third floor, but two of the attackers have already reached it. Hans identifies the two men as Surok Magis and Mishkal'un Dorn, the two leaders of the nefarious criminal organization known as the Dagon'hai. 

Surok claims the Staff of Armadyl, feeling the power flow through him. He says he won't waste the Staff's power on something as trivial as combat. He teleports away, leaving Dorn to deal with the group. BLOPSFOUR battles Dorn, who is joined by waves of demons and knights. After noticing Dorn easily counterattacking all of their formations, Rook deduces he must have the ability to read minds and see the future.

The group scrambles to come up with a way to defeat such an opponent. Hans realizes they must think overwhelming thoughts to disguse their intentions; each men gives it their best shot, but it is Frost's thoughts that send Dorn recoiling, enabling Rook to mortally wound him. Dorn asks Frost what in the name of Zamarok were those thoughts; Frost shrugs and explains he just thought of his initiation night at his University of Georgia fraternity. 

BLOPSFOUR interrogates the dying Dorn; the mage realizes the group isn't from Runescape, and that they seek the Staff of Armadyl to save their world. The Dagon'hai seek the Staff for similar reasons, explaining that the world has lost sight of its heirarchy. They seek to restore order and organization to the world, not one ripped apart by dueling gods. 

Dorn refuses to talk; Soap threatens him with torture, but Dorn laughs, asking what kind of torture can someone from a world without magic produce. BLOPSFOUR subsequently waterboards Dorn, and he cracks. He reveals that the Dagon'hai are working with a renegade faction of the Black Knights, and Surok is taking the Staff to the Black Knights Fortress. Dorn then dies of his wounds.

BLOPSFOUR informs the Solar Council of the situation. Hans asks if their world is truly in danger, which the group confirms. Hans explains he will continue to help them, for he once infiltrated the Black Knights Fortress himself.

Red David awakens in a cart; he and the Fellowship and Super Pals had teleported into the Bethesda quantum dimension. A Stormcloak soldier named Ralof rhetorically asks Red David that he was trying to cross the border, right? And walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as him, and that thief over there. You know the rest.

The carts carrying the dozens of prisoners arrive in Helgen. Hadvar informs General Tullius about the advanced weaponry they captured; at this, John F. Kennedy takes charge and tries to negotiate with Tullius, explaining they're here just to find and kill Molag Bal. Tullius is confused and the soldiers laugh about killing a Daedric prince; Kam explains they're not from this world and recounts some of their previous adventures. 

On cue, Alduin shows up, but joining him is hundreds of soldiers from Caesar's Legion. Alduin orders the Imperials and Stormcloaks and Thalmor to kill the otherworlders with him; Todd Howard wills it. Kam shoots down Alduin using a Patriot surface to air missile, and Kennedy informs the inhabitants of Helgen they have the unique opportunity to remake their world as if they were gods. Ulfric and Tullis look at each other and decide they're in; when Elenwen protests, Jacob Hendricks simply executes her with his M1911.

The Super Pals organize the defense of Helgen while the soldiers carry out their commands. Caesar's Legion is defeated and forced back. Tullius asks Kennedy to elaborate on remaking the world; Kennedy, in his charismastic Boston accent, explains they will place men on equal footing with gods. The banner of the Liberation of Man is raised, and the host gathers strength as they advance up the White River.

In the hills overlooking Riverwood, Kam looks through his binoculars and discovers Caesar's Legion has built a Stargate of their own, and have turned the village into a fortified fort, where they are joined by the futuristic Nazis of Wolfenstein and the Thalmor. 

A dimensional portal suddenly opens near the host, and out comes the Punisher. Held at gunpoint, the Punisher explains that he's defected from the Disney side in outrage over his Netflix show getting cancelled and not picked up by either Hulu or Disney+. The Punisher leads a group of defectors consisting of other disgruntled Disney characters, such as Zack and Cody, and including a bunch piloting Li'l Gideon mechas. 

Meridia herself arrives, explaining that, as the Daedric Prince of living energy, she has heard of their quest to destroy Molag Bal and wishes to help. She blesses Red David, giving him the ability to Shout. Red David leads the attack, shouting down the front walls to Riverwood and leading the charge into the village. 

A fierce battle erupts, interrupted by the arrival of a Liberty Prime, who devastates the host. While the Gideons provide distractions, and given a Mandalorian jetpack by the Punisher, Kam fires a Patriot missile directly into the back of the neck of the Liberty Prime, destroying it. Howard's forces destroy the Stargate and flee northward into the even-more fortified Whiterun. 

In the middle of the night, Red David is suddenly captured by Zack and Cody, but they are caught by a paranoid Nixon patrolling the camp. The twins explain that Disney and Todd Howard will offer them a handsome reward for the capture of someone blessed by a god; the guards attempt to apprehend them, but the twins reveal they have been given enhacements by Disney, transforming into giant biomechas resembling Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck. They break out of the camp and head toward Whiterun, pursued by the host.

Cody is taken out by a Patriot surface to air missile, forcing Zach to stop and pick up his returned-to-normal brother. Caesar's Legion troops arrive and protect Zach as he continues on. Using Mandalorian backpacks, Kam leads the Fellowship in attacking Zach, firing a Stinger missile directly into his armpit, enabling Red David to escape.

However, hundreds of Legion troops keep coming, and the host finds themselves outgunned, especially as mecha Zach recovers and advances on their position. In desparation, and realizing his desire to avenge his sister's death by protecting others, Red David Shouts at the world. The Caesar's Legion troops suddenly lay down their arms and surrender while Zach flees with Cody back to Whiterun.

The troops explain to the host that, through Red David's Shout, they recognized that he was Playable Character, always a legendary figure in the Bethesda worlds, a character with the rare power to write their own fate. And now, seeing the host has dozens of Playable Characters...they have the opportunity to overthrow Todd Howard and become masters of their own destinies. However, it won't be easy; the playable character of Fallout 76, Country Roads, remains allied to Howard, and is in charge of the defense of Whiterun, where he maintains a mental grip over his soldiers, preventing them from defection. Disney has also allied himself with Howard and is contributing to the defenses of the city. Inside the city is an advanced Stargate, which, if captured, should allow the host to arrive in Coldharbour.

The sun rises on Whiterun. Zach and Cody stand on the outer walls, and hope the payment they'll receive from Disney in the event of victory will be enough to pay back their mother for all she's done, and to pay Mr. Moseby's bail money for a DUI. Country Roads informs them that the host has been spotted on the horizon. Zach places his fist on Cody's back and wishes him luck; Cody turns and does the same.


Act 1

  1. Torn Asunder (Reyes) - Defend the Kingdom of God.
  2. Back in Black (Daniel Mason) - Investigate the crash site.
  3. Return to Moravialag (Daniel Mason) - Escape to the gulag.
  4. The Gold Eagle-8 (Soap-8) - Infiltrate Shadow Company HQ to retrieve the DSM.
  5. The Gold Eagle-7 (Soap-8) - Infiltrate then escape Shadow Company HQ.
  6. Fellowship of the CoD (Reyes) - Receive the mission.
  7. Reunited (Soap-8) - Reunite with a Price.
  8. Atlanta (Soap-8) - Prove your innocence in Atlanta.
  9. Pre-emptive Strike (Rook) - Defend Mars from Disney.
  10. There's the Blockade (Tito) - Escape the Disney Martian blockade.
  11. Respawn (Soap-8) - Unlock the DSM.

Act 2

  1. Sin City (Logan) - Escape Las Vegas.
  2. Respect My Authority (Mason-2) - Defend the capital.
  3. Green Run (Soap-8) - Activate the First Pylon.
  4. Las Vegas Defense (Logan) - Reclaim Las Vegas.
  5. Paris-5 (Bell-5) - Survive the merging.
  6. Liberation-5 (Daniels-9) - Survive the merging.
  7. Reclamation-5 (Loiseau-5) - Make contact with the Syndicalists.
  8. We'll Always Have Paris (Bell-5, Loiseau-5, Daniels-9) - Take Paris for the Allies.
  9. Alex and Daniel (Daniel Mason) - Recruit Mason-2.

Act 3

  1. Dazed and Confused (Petrenko-3, Balashov-5) - Take Moscow.
  2. Battle of Los Angeles (John Mason-6) - Survive the merging.
  3. Pyrrhic Victory-3 (Daniel Mason, Middle Mason) - Recruit more Masons.
  4. Market and Garden (Metz) - Flood the Lowlands on your retreat.
  5. The Giant (Primis-2) - Arrive in Der Riese.
  6. Moon (Ultimis) - Survive the merging...IN SPACE.
  7. Completely Original (Tito) - Escape the SDF assault.
  8. Europa (Rook) - Investigate the crashed space station.
  9. The Finest (David Mason) - Assess the situation.

Act 4

  1. Leviathan (Ramirez-7) - Defend the capital except it's different this time.
  2. The Allied Council (Bell-5) - Open the way to the remaining French Syndicalist stronghold.
  3. Suffer With Me-3 (Daniel Mason) - Stop Menendez in Panama.
  4. Town (Ultimis JFK) - Deactivate the First Pylon.
  5. Die Rise (Soap-8) - Activate the Second Pylon.
  6. I Hear You Knocking (Rook/Reyes) - Escape Cross and then trick the SDF.
  7. Mob of the Dead Remastered (Mobsters) - Escape Alcatraz.
  8. Warsaw Pact (Primis-2) - Rescue the Primis.
  9. Point of Contact (JFK/Daniel Mason) - Enter the Cryptid cavern.
  10. Blood and Iron (Metz) - Kill Hitler.

Act 5

  1. Resurrection (Logan/John Mason-6) - Defend Highway I15.
  2. Ghost Stories (Mobsters) - Hijack ODIN.
  3. The American Dream (Youth Movement) - Overcome Nostalgia.
  4. Shadows of Evil (Morg Crew) - Flee Morg City to Greentown. 
  5. Render Unto Caesar (Rook) - Negotiate with Caesar.
  6. Counter-Revolution (Bell-5) - Take Nice and defeat the French Syndicalists.
  7. Black Forest (Metz) - Secure the facility.
  8. Nightfall (JFK/Daniel Mason) - Reach the Citadel.
  9. Second Russian Civil War (Petrenko-3) - Take Kiev and deal a blow to the Integralists.
  10. The Long 15 (Logan) - Defend Las Vegas.
  11. Nuketown Zombies (Youth Movement/Morg Crew/Logan) - Arrive in Nuketown.
  12. Heart of the Reich (Metz) - Claim the throne.
  13. Fury Road (Red David) - Steal the Orange Supply Drop.
  14. Dust to Dust (Red David) - Kill King Dragovitch.

Act 6

  1. Mayday (Daniel/JFK) - Head through the catacombs overlooking the Citadel.
  2. The Purple Supply Drop (Rook/Tito) - Retrieve the Purple Supply Drop from below Pluto.
  3. Dead Money (Youth Movement) - Open the Sierra Madre Casino.
  4. The Heart of Zakhaev (Ramirez-8) - Escape Moscow with the FBS.
  5. Hidden Enemy (Primis) - Destroy the Republic Cruisers.
  6. Typhoon of Steel (Miller-3) - Defend Okinawa.
  7. Return to Project X (Ramirez-8) - Capture the IJA Captain.
  8. Broken Arrow (Morg Crew/Logan) - Head inside the facility below the Sierra Madre.
  9. Awakening (Young Mason) - Disable the Upturnoverdrive.
  10. Return to Sender (Morg Crew/Logan) - Stop the missile launch.
  11. Exodus (Young Mason) - The missiles have launched.

Act 7

  1. All Hell Breaks Loose (Mobsters) - Begin the invasion.
  2. Return to Gongga (Soap-8) - Activate the radio transmitter.
  3. You Belong to Disney (Dowblap) - Escape the brig.
  4. A Pact Repeated (Metz) - Split Poland with the Soviets-3.
  5. The Ancient Texts (Logan/Morg Crew/Disciple Three) - Retrieve the Kronorium.
  6. The Happiest Place in the Multiverse (Rook) - Escape the Supremacy.
  7. The Culmination of the Grand Scheme (Primis-2) - Free Richtofen from the MPD.
  8. Paradise (Primis Richtofen) - Travel to the House. 

Act 8

  1. Las Vegas (Everyone) - Plan for the final campaign.
  2. Home Sweet Home (Rook) - Retrieve the Staff of Armadyl from the Player Owned House.
  3. Unbound (Red David) - Hey you, you're finally awake?
  4. Cancelled (Red David/Kam) - Capture Riverwood.
  5. Warrior (Red David/Kam) - Rescue Red David.
  6. Hero (Red David/Kam) - Capture Whiterun and the Stargate.


Universe 1 (Crisis)






Commissioner Viktor Reznov

Captain Dmitri Petrenko

Lieutenant Chernov

Fellowship of Call of Duty

Sergeant "Kam" Kamarov, Jr.

Winslow Accord


Frank Woods - The 47th President of the United States. Woods is part of the Solar Council, though when things go haywire he quickly oversees the frontline of the defense. He is present at the West Coast when Disney begins his invasion, personally overseeing the defense with his trusty LSAT. The elite Ghost squadron is at his disposal, along with Marine and Army units of the World War II and Second Great War Universes. He makes his headquarters within the Lucky 38 Casino in Las Vegas.

Tito Dowblap Mosely


Another elite forces team for the Winslow Accord.

Elias Walker

Logan Walker

David Walker


Mr. Ping

Universe 2 (Shadow)

Black Ops

Alex Mason-2

Frank Woods-2

Weaver-2 - Member of the Secret Service who is killed by the Rescuers while defending the Shadow Universe Stargate.

Brooks-2 - Member of the Secret Service who is killed by the Rescuers while defending the Shadow Universe Stargate.

Shadow Army

Butcher "Pete" Seven

Disciple "Peter" Three

Universe 3 (Treyarch)


Old Mason

Middle Mason

Middle Mason-2 - Aka Panama Mason. Middle Mason-2 is saved from being shot by Middle Woods-2 and joins the Freemasons. Less aggressive than Young Mason and less wise than Old Mason, Middle Mason-2 reflects on his failures with his father and with his son. He is initially unwilling to admit he killed JFK, but initially accepts his guilt in that and his relationships and resolves to fix them.

Young Mason

Old Woods

Middle Woods

Middle Woods-2

Young Woods

Marine Raiders

Chris Miller-3



John Mason-3

Douglas MacArthur-3

Soviet Union-3

Dmitri Petrenko-3

Viktor Reznov-3


Joseph Stalin-3

Dragovitch-3 - The leader of the Red Army-3.

Beria-3 - Stalin's former head of the NKVD until his execution in favor of his replacement, Makarov-8.

Universe 4 (Black Ops 3: The Finale)


Daniel Mason

The Fellowship

Jacob Hendricks

Strategic Defense Coalition

Guan Ye - The Premier of the Strategic Defense Coalition. He learns of the threat Maxis poses to the world and intervenes when Soap-8 attempts to destroy the Second Pylon. Ye is severely wounded by Maxis in retaliation, but Soap-8 and company rescue him. 

Han Sheng

Universe 5 (Call of Duty: Relentless)

Universe 6 (Crisis: Second Great War)

Integralist Russia

Russian fascists who are a fourth faction in the War of the Three Stalins, the only side not led by the titular General Secretary. They are originally based out of Kiev, but following it's capture by the Soviets-3, they retreat further into the Balkans.

Markhov-6 - The leader of Integralist Russia. When Kiev is captured, he is personally executed by Stalin-3.

Universe 7 (Modern Warfare Trilogy)

Allied Council

Sabre - The leader of GIGN who, after the timelines merge, becomes the leaders of the Allied Council in France.

Universe 8 (Modern Warfare 3: The Finale)


Vladimir Makarov-8 - Vladimor Makarov-8 is preparing for Protocol Echo when the dimensional mergings occur. He is captured by Red Army-3 soldiers, but they release him when he offers to show them how to use modern technology. Stalin-3 is impressed and makes him the new head of the NKVD. Using captured modern weaponry, Makarov is slowly rebuilding the Ultranationalist cause within the Soviet Union-3, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. 

Universe 9 (World War II)

Those Wacky Nazis


Adolf Hitler




Based out of conquered Poland with their capital at Warsaw during the War of the Three Stalins. Major Zubov-9 - Ground commander of the Red Army of Universe 9. During the Battle of Der Riese, he captures the Primis and brings them back to Warsaw for interrogation. The Primis-2 rescue the Primis and Zubov is killed in the fighting. Later on, the Soviets-9 are defeated when Nazi Germany and the Soviets-3 agree to split the region, with Warsaw captured by the Nazis.

Universe 10 (Ghosts/Infinite Warfare)

Settlement Defense Front

Caesar Edward "Definitely Not Roose Bolton" Sallow

The Legate Known as Lanius 

Universe 11 (Ultimis)


Edward Richtofen

Ludvig Maxis - One of the main antagonists. Maxis, at the direction of the Shadowman, is attempting to destroy Earth in order to open the portal to Agartha, where he believes his daughter is imprisoned.

Samantha Maxis - Contrary to her father's beliefs, Samantha was transported to a completely alternate dimension, the Crazy Place Pocket Dimension, where she was rescued at the end of Origins. After her rescue, she resides in the Primis timeline.

Tank Dempsey

Nikolai Belinski

Takeo Masaki

Group 935


JFK and His Super Pals

John F. Kennedy

Richard Nixon

Robert McNamara

Fidel Castro

Universe 12 (Primis)

Universe 13 (Primis-2)

Universe 14 (Cryptids)

Samantha Cross - A former scientist who ultimately succumbs to Cryptid corruption and becomes their ally. Her crashed spacecraft is discovered by BLOPSFOUR on Europa, though they quickly deduce she acts as a homing beacon for her Cryptid allies. After BLOPSFOUR docks inside the Vulpes Inculta, she mutates into a monster and goes on a rampage. In exchange for protection from Disney, BLOPSFOUR saves the flagship by jettisoning her into space, killing her.

Universe 15 (WWII Zombies)

Peter Straub - Following the merging of timelines and the death of Hitler, Straub declares himself the new Fuhrer of Germany in Berlin at the head of a zombie army. When Metz ambushes Straub by directly teleporting his army into Berlin, Straub is killed in a duel and Metz claims his Sword of Barbarossa.

Universe 16 (Zombies in Spaceland)

Universe 17 (Red World)


Nick Reyes

Archangel Michael


Union of Soviet Socialist Hellish Republics

Makarov profile.jpg

Vladimir MakarovAfter his death at the end of Crisis on Infinite Call of Duties, Makarov was damned to Hell for his crimes. When the leadership of Hell lies sundered, Makarov took it upon himself to conquer Hell, eventually capturing it and organizing it into the USSHR. He plots to invade Earth with Hell's armies, made possible by the dimensional mergings.

Admiral Salen "Definitely Not Jon Snow" Kotch - After his death at the end of Infinite Warfare, Kotch was damned to Hell due to his role in several planetary war crimes. He befriends Makarov in Hell, and the two plot to hijack the ODIN missile array to aid in the USSHR's invasion of Earth.

The Aether



Samantha Maxis

Pocket Dimensions



Joey Reeves

Johnny Vance

David Carver

Michael Smith 


The pocket dimension seen at the end of Black Ops 2 when Woods and Menendez play with Avenged Sevenfold.

Concert Woods

Concert Menedez


Live Action



Star Wars

Anakin Skywalker - Deployed by Disney to lead the assault on Atlanta to capture the Yellow Supply Drop. He fails, though he does kill Foley-7 and cuts off Soap-8's right hand. He is in charge of the two Disney Republican cruisers blockading Chinese airspace. The Ultimis destroy the ships and wound him using Shangri-La pocket sand.

Commander Cody - Deployed by Disney with his Clone Troopers to capture the Yellow Supply Drop at the Turkmenistan Loyalist safehouse, though the Loyalists successfully flee with it. He also takes part in the Battle of Atlanta. Later, he is stationed aboard one of the two Disney Republican cruisers blockading the airspace over China. He is killed when the Ultimis ram him with a hijacked gunship and impale him on a pole.

Captain Rex - He leads Clone Troopers on the ground during the Battle of Atlanta. Later, he is stationed aboard one of the two Disney Republican cruisers blockading Chinese airspace. He is killed when the Ultimis cause the two ships to crash into each other and then set him on fire.

George Lucas - The former leader of Star Wars who, after selling his world to Disney, was imprisoned and forced to watch as Disney honestly did a horrible job with the sequel trilogy. He joins BLOPSFOUR on their prison breakout, staying behind to hold off Finn and Rey. He kills them both, though heavily wounded in the process. BLOPSFOUR successfully evacuates him with the Other-Dimension-Inator.

Revan - The main representative of the Old Republic, imprisoned by Disney after he bought Star Wars. He kills Kylo Ren and chops off Thanos's hand during the prison breakout aboard the Supremacy, though he stays behind to operate the Other-Dimension-Inator, allowing BLOPSFOUR to escape with the Infinity Gauntlet. He is captured afterwards and executed by a reluctant Thanos.


The X-Men - Deployed by Disney to kill Elias Walker and his family in the opening Battle of Las Vegas. Cyclops is killed by Logan when he tried to destroy Las Vegas's defense system.


The Incredibles - Deployed by Disney in the Second Battle of Las Vegas to destroy the Earth Reclamation Devices protecting the city. They are all killed, but Dash manages to breach the security system before his death, opening the city to attack by Disney.

Cars - Lightning McQueen and several Cars are deployed by Disney to capture the Orange Supply Drop from Red David in the post-apocalyptic Red World. They are all destroyed in a Mad-Max style chase across the desert.

Toys - Used by Disney to guard the ventilation shafts aboard the Supremacy. A miniature M1 Abrams piloted by Dowblap Mosley successfully destroys all the Green Army Men, decapitates Jessie, impales Woody on a fan, then shoots Buzz through a window and onto the unlock jail door button in a control room.


The Rescuers - A mutated, evil form of the mice sent by Disney to the Shadow Universe to secure the Stargate. Though they kill several members of the Secret Service, they are defeated by President Alex Mason-2 and the Fellowship of Cod.

Leviathan - The monster from the film Atlantis. Deployed by Disney to assault Washington DC after the timelines are merged, though it is forced back into the sea.


FX Sports Mascot - A mecha deployed by Disney during the opening assault on Washington DC during the invasion of the Shadow Universe. Big Hero 6 - Disney deploys them to become the new ruling junta of the nearly defeated Empire of Japan. They rejuvanate the war effort and nearly threaten to reverse their losses in the Pacific when the SDC reinforces the Marines.


Supply Drops

Blue - Used in God's Scepter. Disney defeated Reyes and took the Blue Supply Drop for himself. When he opened it, he only received Nigerian Gloves.

Green - Used in the Black Ops 3: The Finale universe as a power source for the Miracle Machine. Gareth Henderson, the Supply Drop, and the Machine are later placed under the protection of the Solar Council.

Orange - In a tomb in a post-apocalyptic village in Red World. Red David steals it and after the dimensional shift, reveals it to President Woods and the Solar Council.

Purple - Buried beneath Pluto at the end of Infinite Warfare. It is retrieved by BLOPSFOUR, but they are captured by Disney forces. BLOPSFOUR successfully retrieves it during their escape.

Red - Used by Disney in the opening attack on Heaven. It gives him a Copyright Claim which he uses to destroy the Killer Angels.

Yellow - Currently held by Soap-8.

Ultimate Weapons

Universe 2 - ACR with Red Dot Sight and Heartbeat Sensor - Held by Alex Mason-2. He still uses it in battle.


The Pylons are towers appearing over rifts in the Earth. Depowering them for Richtofen heals the rift, while powering them for Maxis opens the rift.

Washington Rift - The rift in Washington state was originally opened by Soap-8 and the Green Run Group who, following the orders of Maxis (though not knowing his true evil intent), power the pylon for Maxis. Later on, JFK and his Super Pals depower the pylon to heal the rift. Later on, Maxis tricks the Youth Movement into using the Summoning Key to launch the Sierra Madre nuclear arsenal, forcefully opening the rift for good.

Shanghai Rift - The Green Run Group and TF141 Disavowed learn the truth about the pylons from SDC Premier Guan Ye. Though Maxis severely wounds Ye, the teams depower the pylon to heal the rift. Luna destroys the incoming nuclear arsenal, sparing the rift and keeping it as the only one not permanently opened. Angola Rift - Opens while Angola Mason and Angola Hudson rescue Angola Woods. Savimbi rescues them in time from the opening rift. It is opened for good when Maxis launches the arsenal of nuclear missiles at it.


Death's Scythe - Used by the general himself during Armageddon.

Kronorium - The ancient tome of wisdom. It was hidden below the Treyarch beneath Santa Monica until its retrieval by the Solar Council.

Summoning Key - The oldest device in the universe, it is used to store souls and unlock any lock. The dimensional anomalies cause it to appear in the Americana Pocket Dimension, where it is taken by the Youth Movement. Maxis tricks the kids into using the Summoning Key into unlocking the nuclear missile arsenal at the Broken Arrow launch facility.


The DLC in Infinity Crisis are more like expansion packs. They feature additions such as new campaigns, weapons, maps, scorestreaks, and camouflages.

Jingle All the Way

As per tradition, a Christmas party is held to celebrate the end of another crisis.

Royale With Cheese

Joining the latest trend, the Flying Taxi Corporation releases a Battle Royale game.

For a Few Codpoints More

Bounty hunters track down a dangerous target in the new lands opened by the rapid developent of quantum dimension teleportation. 

The Catcher in the Rhine

An explosion at a research facility in the Rhine causes the collapse of the French and German governments. While the Solar Council sends soldiers to restore order, Jaegar Amsel wages a one-man war to find the truth.

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

The final DLC. The last battle against the Syndicate begins, with all of space-time on the line.