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The Holographic Sight is an Optical Attachment featured in Call of Duty: Online.

Call of Duty: Online

The Holographic Sight is unlocked by getting 60 Kills while aming down the Red Dot Sight and is available for primary weapons only. The sight provides a 1.35x zoom but has a longer aim time which acts as an intermediary between the Red Dot Sight and the ACOG scope. The model, although much more detailed, featuring labels and the manufacturer's logo is the same as the Holographic Sight from Modern Warfare: 2. The higher zoom makes the Sight a better choice for mid to long range engagements, but the Red Dot Sight is better for closer ranges.


  • The name "EOTech" is embedded on the Holographic.
  • The Holographic sight features the same reticle as the Holographic sight from Modern Warfare: 2.