Harry Thomas-Jefferson
Appears in Call of Duty: Zero Tolerance
Rank Representative of the White Supremacist Party
Affiliations White Supremacist Party of Australia
White Knights
Australian Army (2001-2016)
Status KIA
Birth August 2nd, 1983
Death March 24th, 2031
Weapon Glock 35

Harry Thomas-Jefferson VC, GC, is the representative of the White Supremacist Party of Australia, and Xenophobic Extremist.

Biography Edit

Harry was born into a Xenophobic family, and was taught at an early age to despise anyone that isn't Australian born or White. He was often abused by his siblings, and mother after instigating a relationship with an Indigenous Australian student, and was forced out of his home by Child Services with his siblings after his father murdered his girlfriend, and his mother's constant abuse. His father was sentences to life in prison, and his mother was sent to an Asylum after her Xenophobia made her a threat to herself and society. In 2001; Harry observed two plane crashes that completely changed his via, and caused him to transition into a complete Xenophobe.

Military Service Edit

Harry joined the Australian Army in 2001, and was deployed into Afghanistan during the War in Afghanistan. During a Skirmish with Hostile forces in Afghanistan; Harry was awarded the Victoria Cross for saving his entire squad, along with the George Cross, and a Cross of Valour. In 2009; he was promoted to Sergeant, and was redeployed to Afghanistan as an Engineer instead of a combatant due to a shortage of Engineers; a role he didn't like. During his operations; he met French soldier Lucas Walker, and immediately disliked him. However Lucas Walker told him that they have two things in common they are White Warriors, and went to dismantle Anti-Discrimination. He became the first Foreigner for Harry to accept, and they formed a pact to one day change the world to their ideals. In 2016; Harry resigned from the Military, and ascended through Australian Government and gained influence amongst many people. He established the White Supremacist Party, but masked the name as the Freedom of Speech Movement.

Political Service Edit

Harry become the President of the so-called Freedom of Speech Movement, and they spearheaded a referendum called the Federal Republic of Australia Act, and with Harry's influences; he managed to gain Independence for Australia, and changed the Australian Flag to have flag to represent their new Independence; thus making himself a popular politician among citizens whilst hiding his Xenophobic Ideology. The Australian Government started a referendum to abolish the Anti-Discrimination Act, but the referendum received 60% nos compared to the 40% yeses, but after Harry spearheaded the second, it was won, and result in Australia existing with Anti-Discrimination Legislation.

After Alan Thatcher was voted in to become the 32nd and final Prime Minister of Australia; Harry became outraged, and refused to support him. Alan Thatcher managed to restore the Anti-Discrimination Act, and tried to abolish the White Supremacist Party of Australia, but Harry refused to go quietly, and threatened war.