Nickname(s) Rookie
Rank Private
Affiliations Squad Beta
Status Captured
Weapon Cheytac M2000, Glock 19, Glock 17
Pvt. Fielding is Squad Beta's Rookie. He is under Lt. Danny's mentorship and is training to be a skilled marksman.
PVT. Fieldman

Pvt. Fieldman

He uses a Cheytac M2000, a Glock 19 and on some occasions a Glock 17.

Pre-Squad Beta

Early Life

As a youth, Fielding was insecure and was constantly bullied and pressured into things by schoolmates and his family. Fielding ran away from home at 16 and joined the army. At 18 he was sent into his first battle, where he was critically injured. At 19 he was moved into Squad Beta.

Squad Beta

Act I

In Peru, Lt. Danny and Pvt. Fielding went a different route than the rest of Squad Beta. They encountered a convoy of Russians and dispatched them quickly with Glock 17s. As Danny and Fielding approached the base, a Russian trod on Fielding's hand, which lead to their capture.