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John "BravoAlphaSix" Mishnick

Small Bio: John"The Infidel" Mishnick is a Delta Force Operator and an ex- U.S. Army Ranger. He was born in 1990 and is 28 (2018). He has advanced training in First aid and Hand to Hand combat. He has a Bachelor degree in Science (As need for Delta Force training) and has 6 years of combat on his arms.

Russian-Georgian Border 1520 HOURSEdit

Alright Ghost, you and your soldiers move in and we'll come around back. Well cover your escape, and back out of the Georgian border.". "Roger that, uhh Mishnick. Let's do this." 'As the TF141 teams aproach the safehouse of a Russian ultranationalist Vladmir Makorov, 2ndLT.Mishnick and a TF141 fire team head around the rear of the safe house to support the assault. Soon enough, gunfire is heard in the distance. As the battle rages, nothing is headed towards the fire team's way. As the fire team stays silent, two Little Birds land behind the safehouse. "Alright guys pick your target and shoot, I don't want any attention towards us." While the fire team rips up any ultranationalist aproaching the back door of the safehouse, the assault team heads toward the extraction point. "Misnick this is Ghost, We have the DM and are heading for the exfil, start running!". As 2nd LT. Mishnick hears the message, he sees a group of soldiers aproaching their position. Then, the mystery soldiers start spreading out and egaging their position. The whole fire team is ripped up except for 2nd LT.Mishnick and a British guy whos tag said Rider. "Rider, follow me!" The two men run for their lives as bullets rip the ground near their feet. At what seemed to be a reasonable distance, Rider stops with Mishnick folowing. "Mishnick, we gotta get these guys off us... I'll take the right and you take the left,OK?" "Uhh, I think thats a bad idea". As Rider looks back behind him, Two HumVees head toward their position at rapid speeds. Suddenly, BravoAlphaSix feels a sharp pain in his shoulder, before he knew it everything went black.

Site Hotel BravoEdit

"Bravo, we have possible intruders on the north exit...uh go check it out. Oxide out". As John Mishnick got up from a nap he and a groups of Shadow Company soldiers dart through their quarters to the north exit. When they reach the exit, they find two dead soldiers. "This is BravoAlphaSix, We have a problem...We found two soldiers KIA both are stab wounds, Over". "All units be advised this is Gold Eagle. The site has been compromised. I am executing directive one-one-six bravo. If you're still inside, your service will be honored. Shepherd out". The group quickly runs back inside the compound, gathering extra ammuntion and other supplies before a familiar sound echos through the massive cave. "Thats an Heli, It most be our pickup!" Suddenly, The group is fired at wiping almost half of them out. On instinct BravoAlpha throws smoke grenades and grabs a fellow soldiers to the helicopter.

Site Hotel Bravo Part two, First person view from here on.Edit

I flinched as rounds hit one of the ballistic windows on helicopter. I didn't care about the gunfire from outside, but the heavily wounded soldier next to me. His blood was all over the floor, and his eyes were bloodshot. The helicopter medic was treating him ,but I don't think that helped. "You all right, Bro?"..."Yeah, no hits." I replied as I shifted my view from my fallen comrade to the crew chief checking his pistol. His tag read Perry, but he looked like a Thomas. I asked him if he has a family and he replied "Yeah, Got a wife and 2 kids back home". From then on I knew I had to protect him somehow. We went smooth flying untill the pilots started talking and kept looking out looking at the heli's 10 'o clock. So I did the same thing and I was amazed to see one of our Pave Lows crashed near a river. I told the pilot to drop me off and he said he'll circle back around in 10 minutes to pick me back up. When I landed I ran straight for the Pave Low and saw a dead Shadow Comapny soldier, he was a pilot though. Then I walked to a body on the ground. It was General Shepard. The bastard that gave me a chance to live if I joined his Company for a while. I was smiling before I noticed his magnum on the ground, I picked it up and kept it as a souvenir, It had 2 load rounds too. I scaned the area and saw a two long imprints in the sand. Hell, They evacuated by heli. When the helicopter came back around, the medic threw the poor soldier's body off and we lifted off.

Site Hotel Bravo Part 3Edit

"Hey, I found that guy....You alright guy? I woke up to see 2 guys in staring down at me. It was Perry and the helicopter medic. I asked what had happened and the medic told me this "Someone fucked our helicopter". I leaned to my right and saw our UH-60 Black Hawk engulfed in flame and smoke. I got up with a strain in my back and sat up against a tree, reaching for my canteen. I took a good gulp, stood up and went to the Heli. I saw the pilots dead, still in their seats...Their bodies lifeless. We moved out into a bushy area near our crash site. We waited near the end of the bush for about 2 hours, then we saw a convoy. Humvess, Strykers, and an Abrahams tanks. We moved out and they picked us up. They were U.S. Army Rangers, and they took us back to Fire Base Phoenix. Then Perry and I were sent back to the States while the Medic "help out" for a while.

Operation Cold Thunder, RussiaEdit

I held my ACR tightly when I ran into a dead body. It was a Man with the same outfit I wore 4 months ago. He was in Shadow Company, Poor guy must of been shot up and the frozen from the cold Russian winter. I was on a solo op to recon a possible supply route for the Russian Spetsnaz. There were reports they were spotted in Afghanistan, firing artillery towards a NATO base. I just hope this won't get ugly. I didn't dare to check the guy because 4 months is enough time to set a "booby" trap. So I continued on through the woods. I find my designated recon area and made my little outpost, no one should spot me unless they were 5 feet in front of it. I waited 2 days for anything, but I got nothing. But during one night, There was a rustle in the bushes near me. I didn't want to ,but I checked...I saw a outfit I remembered. It was a TF141 soldier... He was huddling his M4, his helmet looked worned. I tapped his helmet and he looked up. It was Rider...

Operation Cold Thunder Part 2Edit

I took his hand and helped him over the bush. I was amazed how he was still alive. I took him over to my recon post and we started talking. " What the hell happened Rider?" I asked. He was silent for a minute. "Long story short, You got shot, I kept running, I went hiding. There". I looked at the road and back at him. He looked like an ass. His jacket was all torn, His boot looked unwearable, and his M4 was half frozen. I told him a fake story about my real op there, Can't trust anyone can I. I got back to my recon mission and saw nothing. "Hey, You got some food? I've hadn't had a bite since...maybe 4 days ago.". I gave him an MRE from my pack, He didn't devour it though, He was slow and steady...Like what soldiers should be. That night a Hind passed by, I got out my laptop and put "Possible patrols" onto my documents. Rider slept like a mouse, waking up when the wind brushed the leaves. The next day I got my money. I saw a armed convoy, 4 trucks, 2 APCs, and 2 jeeps. They were a good 20 clicks away so I had time. I contacted HQ and they said something that made me spit my coffee out. "Attack the convoy, Do not let them leave." I told Rider and he just groaned and picked up his M4, I got my pack assemble my anti-tanks weapons. We both packed up and head towards the fields near the road. There was no cover ,but it concealed us, only thing we needed. We set up our own 2 spots and waited. We both knew the plan. Take out the lead and rear APCs and demolish them from side to side ending at the middle. About 30 mikes passed, Finally we heard the metal clicking sound and engines moaning in the distance. I got my ATM launcher and readied it. When the convoy got into view, We opened up. Rider and I shot our rockets at the same time, quickly dropping them for or Assault Rifle. I got my ACR and opened up tearing up the jeeps and trucks. In about 1 minutes we wiped them out and we ran back towards the area we came from , but the Russians had another plan. The Hind we saw yesterday came back, Machine guns roaring.

Operation Cold Thunder Part 3 Edit

The hind came in fast with its cannon, It completely missed us ,but we didn't take our chances. We ran about 100 yards untill the hind had enough distance to come back. This time it fired its rocket pads. I got some shrapnel in my lefy arm , but that didn't do anything. We got into the thick of the woods. The hind fired randomly, hitting the ground near us or completely off target. When we got to a ditch, I aimed and fired at the cockpit, I got the gunner...His blood was all over the windows, but the Pilot still fired. This time Rider got into a steady aim and fired at the pilot, killing him. Quickly he moved his aim and emptied half his clip into the engine. We covered or vitals and waited for the crash. I opened my eye and saw the Hind heading straight for us. I grabbed Rider and ran, He catched on quickly. We got on the other side of the hill, sliding down half the time when we heard the crash. A mushroom cloud appearded above the crash. We gave each other a pat on the back and ran towards the Kazakhstan border. We got a good distance when a Little Bird swooped out, picked us up and returned the way it came from. Damn, I love technology.

Operation Sweeping EagleEdit

Well I got my team today. I now command Alex Rider, The same guy I knew for months, Gunnery SGT. J. Jackson, Our long range expert, SGT. B. Shockton, Our Machine Gunner, and SGT. C. Johnson, Our Rifleman. We had our first operation, It was to scan and patrol the Tora Bora Mountains. It was supposed to be clear years ago ,but There have been too many sighting of activity. We started packing up onto our Humvee. It was heavily modified with M60E4 LMGs on the front and back left passenger seats. Our turret was a armored pod-thingy, We had up and down windows so we can shoot out, and tires that can still run when deflated.We had Johnson driving, Shockton on the turret, Rider on the bottom left passenger seat and Johnson on the right, I was riding shotgun. We headed out, We were silent untill Johnson asked "Why do we have to drive, Can we land with a Heli?" " We don't want the guys to piss their pants and stink up he interoagtion room.", I replied. Everybody laughed, but that was short lasted. An RPG ripped through the hot air and landed near our humvee. "RETURN FIRE! FIND THOSE FLASHES AND SHOOT BACK! I yelled as Shockton started ripping up the hill where the trail came from. "DON'T TALK,JUST SHOOT!" I yelled as I started firing the M60 at a group of three clay houses where muzzle flash erupted from. Johnson reversed the Humvee so Jackson can take aim, Bang, Bang, Jackson got a kill as I looked over my shoulder to see blood splatter against the clay walls. Rider started ripping up the windows, almost breaking the fragile walls. We kept firing untill we couldn't see the huts. I radioed HQ and told them we were taking another route. HQ replied, "Continue on, BravoAlpha.". Johnson looked at the GPS and took a 5 mile road to a long curve going about 10 away from the place we were ambushed. I looked at everybody and they were still alert, Johnson, Jackson, and Rider all nodded at me while I tapped on Shockton's leg. He put his hand down and gave me a thumbs up.

Operation Sweeping Eagle Part 2Edit

My team and I got to our first recon area and...found nothing. A few cartidges here and there ,but they were 5.56x45 rounds. Daylight was fading so we got back to our Humvee and unloaded our gear. We had those...large civilian crackers, cheese substitute, and meat substitue. We didn't eat long though...It tasted like crap. We got into out Humvee and moved it to a small are where it was very concealed. So we got our sleeping kits and settled around there. Most of us slept outside while Jackson slept in the back of the Humvee and Johnson slept on the hood. We fell asleep fast with the silent night. A few goats and cows groaning, but it was silent. I slowly drifted off. I soon woke up to a load sound, something falling. I leaned to my left and saw Johnson on the ground. He got up, scratched his back, and got back on. I laughed and said "Nice one, Johnson"...He shrugged back. I soon woke up with the dark morning light in my face, I got up and checked my watch. 7 AM. I got everybody up and we loaded up. We all had some boiled water and some leftover crackers. I had a wierd feeling so I took the my M60 off its mount on the Humvee and took it along. Rider started at me, Thought, and brought his too. We started hiking towards our second recon area. We were at the top of a mountain, setting up a small post for recon. I stared through my binos for a while untill, in an area a aerial machine can't see, a small opening with a few heavly armed guards. I told the other and we kept our eye on it. I radioed HQ and they gave us a go, "When ready, Destroy target BravoAlpha". So we looked for anything unusual. First, the guards weren't smokers, Second, There was a shift of 3 groups of guards, Third, every hour a man came out and gave them water or gum. So we kept that in mind. When the daylight went, We got our NVGs and headed towards the position. We had a almost unbreakable plan... Shockton, Rider, And I will come in with our LMGs while Johnson cover us with his M4CQBR. Jackson stayed at our post covering all of us. We had the advantage of technology and surprise. Shock and Awe, baby. We started moving, not making a single sound. We stopped when we got close enought to the cave and spread out. I signaled everyone and we started the attack. Jackson quickly took out the guards while we rushed in. I started firing, Followed by Shockton, Then Rider. We emptied our belts and Rider and I backed out while Johnson came in, By then Shockton had a fresh Mag. They fired and fired, reloaded and reloaded. They fired about 390 rounds each. They signaled Rider and I to come back, I dropped my M60 by Jackson and strapped my ACR off my back. I pulled the charging handle back and went in. I held my MWG grip tightly. I threw a flare and the 4 of us saw a sight. A bloody, lots of pink flesh, and your inside organs, sight. There was 33 soldiers in there, Armed to the teeth with G36Cs, M249 LMGs, Automatic Assualt-12s, AK-47s, You name it. I picked a clean AA-12 out of it's nice hard plastic and foam case and gave it to Johnson. "You can shoot and drive now" I joked. He smiled and strapped it to his back. We took photos and videos. All the evindence crap. We all patted each other and headed back to the Humvee and then back to base. What a frickin day.

Operation Light The MatchEdit

I woke up back up inside a cozy UH-60 Black Hawk. I was lying down on the back row. A guy code name "Lurker" sat in front of me. I could only see his eyes closed...He was sleeping. I got up and check my gear. A Interceptor Body armour vest, A usual Delta Force helmet, That looks like a skateboard helmet ,but still badass, My trusty black finish ACR that has a suppressor and a 553 Holographic sight, My good 'ol M1911, and 3 flash grenades. I got everything on and sat down again. I took out my mirror and looked at myself. I was wearing a custom black BDU, It's made of nylon cotton fabric or something. My armour vest was black too. My bavalanca was nice and fit. I saw my black eyes...It wasn't shiny at all. I put on my Helmet and just sat there. I slowly closed my eyes..."ETA 5 minutes!" I opened my eyes and saw the "Lurker" guy. He was getting up and putting on his armour suit. He picked up his MG3, something I have never seen. He attached a suppressor and a 553 Holographic sight. "So Lurker, Where the hell do you work for?" I asked. "Spec Ops, Tight security stuff.". "Like Delta Force?" I replied, I knew he didn't know I was Delta Force, We're not supposed to have any patches. "No, It's...some project." He said wierdly. "Oh, Okay". We punched our knuckles together and got to the door. I looked over my shoulder and saw the pilot look at his watch. "GO GO GO!" He yelled as we hollered our asses out. We ran until we got to a good position for any resistance. "Alright Lurker, We have 2 hours to reach our target, A freelance mercanary camp's fuel depot and while we're at it some intel, and we have about 3 hours to get our asses back. You ready?" I explained. "Hell yeah." He said confidently. We moved up until a small road, hidden by the jungle's too damn tall trees. There was a crack in the trees where a little bit of the moon light came through. I took of my NVGs and looked at my GPS. We were about 1 mile from the base. "One click, Lurker, One click.". He nodded and we moved across the road. We quickly turn around after we crossed the road to look for anything. Then, out of the corner of my NVGs I saw white light. I tapped Lurker and pointed at small patrol. We both got into a prone position, under the dense hip-height vegetation. The patrol passed, We got back up and headed our way. We reached the base's left wall. "Ok, Bravo you got the C4?" He said as a search light passed over us. "Hell yeah baby, 20 pounds." I whispered. He tapped my helmet and we made our way around the base to a duct behind the Fuel Depot. "I got you covered, Go now." I said as Lurker finished unscrewing it open. He nodded and slide through like a snake. I scanned the area around and quickly slid through. I got inside and put the hatch back loosely, for an easy escape. I turned around again and saw Lurker against a wall. He peered his head and quickly back. He looked at me. "Most of the base is sleeping, Just watch those towers." Lurker said as he pulled out his pistol, strapping his MG3 on his back. He slowly walked out into the open. I pulled the charging handle of my ACR and followed him. I soon got in front and headed towards the main building, strangely close to the Fuel Depot. I opened the door quietly as Lurker followed. We got to the "Head's Office" and took all the files from a cabinet marked "Operations". We slowly headed out of the office when a randome soldier came toward us. He got in a distance of atleast ten feet and saw us. I quickly got him in the neck and pulled him outside. We carried him back to the small confined area we started from. We left his body there, Then we head back out and planted all 20 pounds in various nucks and crannies. We slid back through the duct. We double-times it to the area we were dropped off. We waited nearly an hour untill a Little Bird came. I tapped Lurker's back and he moved to the helicopter. He got on and tapped the heli. I quickly move to the Bird and got on. Suddenly, I spotted silhouettes in the tree line. They opened fire. I yelled at the pilots as Lurker started shooting back. We quickly lifted off, still firing our guns untill a rough 500 yards. Damn, That was close.

Operation Catch The TigerEdit

My team and I were working on our Humvee. "So what the hell happened to Rider?" Jackson asked. "He went back to his Op, He'll be back. Don't worry." I replied. Jackson shrugged and went back to cleaning his seat. Shockton got under the Humvee to check some pipes. "So are we one man down? Or are we gonna have a FNG." He said. "Uhh...Jacksons Bro is our FNG." I said still cleaning my M60E4. Jackson stood up. "Justin!?" He yelled. "Yeah, Our team medic. He'll be right woth you Jackson." I said. I looked up and saw him doing like a anime "Yes!". We finished up and started packing up for our op. "So Guys, We will be linking up with another Delta team. They're all Snipers . We are going to find and military arrest a terrorist by the alias of "Tiger." I explained. "Sounds like a Dumb ass to me." Johnson mumbled to himself. I smiled and continued on. "We will be going in, while Team Two covers us. It will be in broad daylight, So we're more exposed, But the damn bastards sleep in the day, Awake at night. Look here at the map. X marks the doors, O marks where the guys inside regulary are. Got It?" "Yes, Sir" They all said. We hustled up and started off. We reached the outskirts if the villa. "Team Two, You there?" I said on the comm. "Friendlies, at your 2 'o clock." They replied. I looked to my right and saw 2 snipers come out of the tree line. "The names Lt. Cross, He Pvt. Wapner". I looked at them both, Wierd looking tree people...Na. We planned our routes and they gave us patrol routes for the guards. We finished and started our own ways, They rushed back to the tree line while we continued up the road on foot. We got near the house, We settled behind the a wall. I looked over the wall...Nothing. I nodded at my team and they nodded back. Shockton was with me, While Jackson and Johnson stayed right behind us. We agreed and Shockton and I climbed the wall. Suddenly a RPG ripped through the air. Oh no...I was blasted away from the explosion. Shockton got pushed back into the wall. Everything was dizzy...I stumbled up and ran to Shockton. Johnson and Jackson were already coverung us over the wall. I looked back and saw muzzle flashes every where from the windows. The dirt around me was jumping up like crazy. I grabbed Shockton and pushed him over the wall where Johnson catched him. I turned back and started firing. I cover the top windows, left and right. "MISHNICK!!!!" Jackson yelled. I jumped and caught his hand, helping me back over the wall. I sat down and catched my breath, Hearing the first distinc sound of an M200 round rip through the air. I brought up my radio." This is BravoAlphaSix, We are compromised, Repeat we are compromised! They were waiting for us, Requesting an air strike over!" I said. "This is OverLord, Get your team Oscar Mike out of the area, We have a J-Missiles launched and heading towards your postion.""Everyone Oscar Mike! Get back to the Humvee! Team Two, Get your asses out of here!" I yelled as stood up. We got back to the Humvee and settled in, I tapped on Johnson and he stomped on the pedal. We roared down the dirt road pursued by 4 techincals. "Shockton! On our six!" Jackson yelled as he got his M14 ready. Johnson gave me his AA-12 He strapped in the large space between the board and his seat. He threw a two Drum mags at my lap while I got my M1911 ready. Shockton started firing his M249 LMG hitting the first two technicals. I grabbed my grenade and called Jackson's name. I tossed him the grenaded and he poked his head out the window. He fired his M1911 and threw the cooking grenade. I got my mounted M60E4 and out it on the floor. I poked my head out and emptied the AA-12's drum, Hitting the combatants on the bay of the truck. Johnson peeked his M4CQBR out the window and emptied the mag. I grabbed it and reloaded it for him. Then finally saw the 6 missile make their mark. Smoke and flames rising high in the air. I looked at the Driver's mirror and saw a Technical's engine engulf in flames, falling backwards crashing into one the other techinicals. I tossed the M4CQBR back and reloaded the AA-12. I emptied the drum, Not making my hits,But definately discouraging some of the machine gun rounds firing at us. I out the AA-12 back and grabbed the M60. I put it back on its mount and turned it back. I put my hand around the grip, It felt weird since Im a right hand shooter, But hey what the the hell. I sqeezed the trigger for a brief moment and continued on, Firing small, but deadly bursts, I turned my head around and saw Jackson, Reloading his SCAR-H. Casings falling down from Shockton's turret. I continued firing again, Hitting the driver of the third techinical, Stopping abrubtly and flipping over. The last Technical had a surprise. A armored soldier stood up and aimed an RPG at us, at the worst time. Shockton's LMG had jammed, Jackson had to switch to his M1911 and my M60E4 was over heating. I looked at Johnson and he nodded, But at what. He turned the Humvee 90 degrees and quickly got out of the way. The Technical tried to turn, But crashed into a stone wall. We stopped and got out. "FREEZE" Shockton and Johnson yelled. We held our guns tightly at the vehicle. A man with a light kevlor vest came out. He signaled that everyone else was dead. I motioned for Johnson to check. I grabbed the man by his collar and brought him near the road. I threw him down and taunted him. "You bastards made the worsst mistake of your miserable lives." He pissed his pants. I grabbed my M1911 and executed him. Blood got all over the place. Even inside my damn Colt. I came back and sat down, leaning against the Humvee. What the hell did I just do. I turned as Johnson clipped the whole interior of the car. He gave me a thumbs up after that. We got back on out Humvee and drove on. Two quads race near us. I looked at the bikes and saw our sniper team. Cross giving me a thumbs up. We returned to base. Talk about the Op, We did not. We settled back into out tent and slept.

Justin JacksonEdit

I was heading towards the airport, Where I WAS going to be transfered to a Delta team in Afghanistan. My brother was in that team. I wanted to go so bad. I had advanced medical training back in the states. Thought it can get me a Medal of Honor someday, But I really signed up for that for myself. I didn't want to die. We were in a small but high profile convoy. 3 Humvees and 2 Strykers. We were happily driving along until something blew up near the lead stryker. "JACKSON!!!" Someone yelled. I rushed out of my Humvee and ran to the front, Bullets land near my feet. I saw a man ripped up by shrapnel. The Lieutenant left and started barking into the radio. I started to treat the man, Withing seconds my hand were covered in blood. I tried to bandage him, But his organs were out...chilling on the hot, dirty, Iraqi road. I did everything I can, But his blood, organs, everything was just coming out. I checked his body again and saw that he was almost cut in half. Damn it...I will never forget those sonofabitches.

Casey KennedyEdit

"Eight years ago, I was calmy walking my Siberian Husky, Martha like I always do. We turned to 6th and Main when gunfire erupted from the the local law firm. I grabbed Martha and took cover around the corner. A police cruiser came by, I quickly told the officer and put Martha in the back. The officer crept along the side towards the law firm. He was quickly killed by a hail of machine gun fire. I barked into the cruiser's radio. A few minutes later, Half the Police force seemed to come...They were all killed. The shooters were armed to the teeth, Rockets buzzed everywhere. I took Marth and ran...I felled down with a bad pain in my right leg...A bastard had shot me. He picked me up and dragged me. But I heard two shots...The bastard shot Martha. I started crying, My neck hurting from the man's grip. I thought everything had ended when a...Man jumped down from a roof. He was somewhat...Military looking. He got the surprise and broke the bastard's neck. He helped me over to the corner, Suddenly pushing me as gunfire hit him. He got back up and returned fire..The rounds that hit him...Just dropped off. He gave me a Colt M1911...I recognized it from my dad's 1911. The man finished his clip and reloaded. Walking towards the firm. I peered the corner and saw him enter the office. It blew up...I started crying. Until a hand gently touched my arm...It was that man. He was covered in dust, But he wasn't hurt. He helped me up and carried me to the Cruiser. He went back and got Martha...Her eyes still open. I saw a patch on his vest which I investigated later. It was a patch from the U.S. Delta Force. I got my Bachelor's degree in Science and joined the army. I was soon transfered to Delta Force, Which was Six years after the incident. I later found out the man's name... (Thanks to my...Friend for the POV)

Operation Point GuardEdit

"O.K. Boys, We got a Op leading the 75th Ranger Regiment and then leading them out. We raiding an enemy underground base...The ones they use for recon and ambushes. We'll have an FNG, SSGT. Kennedy. Jackson, Your brother Jackson...Can't make it. I guess his plane delayed" I explained."We will spearhead the assualt, Clearing up any patrols and, or guards. We will have medium/standard equipment ,But more ammunition for the Rangers. Got It?" "Yes Sir!" The boys said with the high of Kennedy. We loaded up and got onto some Quads. We had four, Kennedy with me since she had our radio.I grabbed an M240 before we head out. We started our engines and raced through the fields."This is 2-5, BravoAlphaSix clear the way. Our Ranger boys will do the rest!" A confident Ranger said in the com. We reached the tree line and headed on foot. We got at least 300 meters from the "base". We crept along hugging any cover we can find. I was point. I got to a good visual position...There was no activity. I signaled for everyone to get down on their bellies. We crawled for a distance. I got back up and looked. I signaled for everyone to get up and find some cover. I walked along...Everyone following me. Suddenly machine fire cracked through the silent forest and ripped up everything around us. "RETURN FIRE, RETURN FIRE, KENNEDY GET OVER HERE!" I screamed. I turned around and saw Kennedy crawling very carefully, Not even disturbed by the gunfire. Shockton opened up with his M249 while Jackson picked targets. But I couldn't see Johnson. Kennedy reach me and tossed my the a comm device. She started firing her M4 like is was nothing. "This is BravoAlphaSix, We are compromise, Where the hell are you guys?" I said. "Oh you'll see." The same Ranger replied. I looked back and saw 3 Humvees dodging the trees, Coming towards us. I turned around and opened up the 240 I brought. I concentraed my fire on a group of bunkers. I turned back just in time to see the Humvees stop, And some Rangers stumbled out, Hitting the soft grass as soon as they left the safety of their Humvees, They returned fir in short bursts and crawled towards us. We had the advantage of Firepower now. I ordered the Rangers to get ready, I was going to charge closer. "3,2,1, SUPPRESIVE FIRE!" I yelled as I stood up and ran towards the neares bunker. I got hit 4 times in the chest, But that did nothing than speeding me up. I slid towards one of the bunkers. I looked up ans saw an AK-74 pointed at me. I rolled and the shooter missed his blind-fire burst. I grabbed two M67s and threw them in, Decimating everyone inside. I then blind fired my 240 into the bunker, Bullets bouncing off the renforced concrete. I looked back and saw Johnson scrambling towards me. He jumped into the bunker and signaled me to come in.

Operation Point Guard Part 2Edit

I entered the bunker. At least 8 people were in here when I threw the grenades. Most of them were dismembered, At least having lost 2 limbs. I signaled for the rest of my team to come. Heavy gunfire erupted from the Rangers, I saw that a few had taken out spare machine guns and rockets. "This is 2-5, We have destroyed or at least stopped most of the bunkers, We sweep in from the other side, Out!" A Ranger said. I gave him a thumbs up and looked back, Disgusted by the intestines all over the ammo crates. I saw as Shockton walked confidently, Firing his 249 as he approached me. Jackson quickly followed, Not hesitating to shoot. Kennedy rushed out of the tree line. I heard a flash, then red splash along with smoke. Shit, She was hit in the leg. I rushed out and slid to here, Firing my 1911 at a bunker. I grabbed her vest and pulled her onto my back. Johnson scrambled out followed by Shockton who huddled the corner, Firing at the same bunker. Johnson took off Kennedy's radio while I got up and started for the bunker. I just looked at the bunker, Staring as is if it was a pile of First aid.

Chris Johnson's POVEdit

Mishnick steadly made his way to the bunker with Kennedy on his back. I fired my M4CQBR and ran toward Mishnick. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Then a reflection. I jumped and got the bullet, No even Wearing me down. I got back up and fired back. A body soon fell afterwards. I got back to the bunker. Mishnick had laid Casey down and started treating her leg. He tapped my helmet with his bloody hand. I turned back and he tossed my his gloves, the tips covered dirt and blood. Damn...

Bob Shockton's POVEdit

I continued spraying my M249 LMG at the bunker. I barely noticed ,but a picture of the infamous Mohammed "The Red Hawk" Asad. I leaned out and spray the ugly bastard's face, Ripping the eyes off. I leaned back out and the bunker flashed, Bullets hitting my vest. I fell down and got right back up and returned fire. I got my nickel-plated M1911 and ran for it, Chris providing cover-fire. "Are you fucking crazy!" He yelled over the 10+ yards I had ran. I looked up and threw two grenades, Landing in the bunker...But when it exploded, It was big.

"Shit, Shit,Shit,"I said. "Kennedy, Your leg feel ok? No sharp pain?". "No..." She anwsered. I finished bandaging her leg and left her alone. I peered around the corner, just fast enough to see Shockton throw a few grenades...But the blast was huge. I saw a metal rod fly up into the air, coming down near Shockton. "SHOCKTON! GET OUT OF THE WAY!" I screamed. I got close enough to push him away...The rod landed and bounced off, Impaling the bunker I was at. We both got up. "Holy crap, Man." He said with his breath. "Any Causalties!?" I yelled back at Johnson. He looked in the bunker. "No! No causualties sir!" He responded. We looked back up and saw the Rangers looking down on us. "You OK?" Some Ranger said. "Yeah! What the hell happened!?" Shockton questioned. "I guess we should of called you before we planted our C4..." Another Ranger replied. "Damn you guys, It's standard protocol. Just forget it!" I replied. We made our way back to the tree line. "Mission accomplished?" Jackson said. "Hell yeah." Casey replied. The Rangers backed out with their Humvees, We walked back to our quads.

Operation Get the Hell out of there!Edit

I woke up in a cell...A dirty, moldy, smelly, Cell. I looked in every direction, No damn exit except for the bars on my right. But that was a door...Shit. "Open da doors" I heard. The bar door opened and two small guys with Ak-74s approached me. They dragged me out and put me in a interogation room. With lots of "toys". "What were you doing here? WHAT!" THe bearded man screamed at me. "Do you think you'll get anything from me? I wasn't even wearing my custom equipment. All you'll get is standard crap and wasting your time." I replied cofidently. HE punched me...Big mistake. "We have your female. We can get something from her." He said. I looked to my right and there was Kennedy. Strapped to a chair like a fricking dog. "You touch her, I kill all of you. I send your bodies to your families too" I replied. A guard grabbed her by the arm...Second Mistake...Big Mistake. The same guy grabbed her hip, Third big mistake. I got my hands out and put them on my lap. The Man tried to get me with his pistol. Fourth Mistake. I quickly dodged and twisted his arm, Discouraged his grip from his pistol, Breaking his finger. And I topped that off with dirty, bloody, knife to the eye. I ran and crashed through the window, Kicking the perverted bastard down, I emptied half the magazine and untied Casey. "Shut up and move." I whispered. We got back out the way I crashed in and checked the all cells and rooms on that floor. Bastards got a lucky catch...But they just lost it. When we regrouped I was armoured up, An AK-47 in my grip. I was surprised when I saw Kennedy. Damn she was sexy. She her vest and BDUs. A pistol strapped to her hip, With her trusty M4."What?" She questioned. "Nothing." I replied. We started up a flight of stairs, Checking every corner. We got near the top. Two guards were coming down. They saw us. I grabbed one guard and threw him over, Breaking his neck. I shot him 3 times, You got to make sure. I turned around to see the other guard's AK fly and hit the wall. Kennedy round house kicked him 3 times. Damn... I grabbed the guy and did the same thing, Drop him. Another 3 rounds, Another dead guard. We got up the stairs and entered a hallway. Guards on both sides. I pushed Casey down on the floor...The guards shot each other. Stupid assholes. We got outside and ran for it. We shot at anything that shot at us. We reached a heavy bush. Vegetation everywhere. We just ran North, Towards friendly border. We reached a river. High rapids. Damn it, Desperate situations, call for desperate measures. I grabbed Casey and threw here the whole 10 feet. She sticked the landing. "Thanks, What about you, Sir?" She said. "Lets see." I replied. I ran back about 10 yards and sprinted, Jumping thr river...Barely. My boots were soaked. "Nice try" She said. We headed off. We thought we were OK, Untill a bastard machines came. Damn, Hinds...

Operation Get the Hell out of there Part 2Edit

3 Hinds searched the vegetation with searchlights. "Casey, I have an idea" I whispered two her. I crawled away and got up. "I Surrender god damnit!" I yelled. The search lights fixed on me. One Hind came down and 2 soldiers came at me. They "dragged" me along and we got on the heli. I quickly grabbed my pistol and shot the 2 guards, and the pilots. Through the seats. I then reached over the heavy machine gun mounted on the door. I moved the hunk along and aimed at Hind #2. I fired a burst, The rounds hit the pilots, I fired a second burst, This time blowing it out of the sky. I dismounted the gun and brought it to the other side. I aimed at Heli #3. I got off at 4 bursts. Hitting the side and decimationg the crew, But it was still up. I aimed again, This time I was too late. A missile quickly made it to the Hind I was in. It hit pretty close and the Heli flipped. I was squished between two rotors. I looked around for Kennedy, No sight. The Heli made its way around, Spot light on me. They opened up with their LMGs and missed...I grabbed an AK-74 and fired it at the rocket pods. BOOM! The Hind squished between the 4 massive explosion of rocket pods. I stayed there for a while. I tried to sqeeze my way out, but I got nothing. Footsteps...I raised the AK and got someone in my sights. A female. Damn, Casey. "Not so good, huh?" She said. She lift one rotor and I quickly somewhat jumped out. I stood up and got the rotor so she can back out. I let go and let gravity do its work. The funny thing...A Humvee was waiting for us. We were 2 miles from the border. "Hey, You alright?!" A familiar voice yelled. I got close to the Humvee and noticed a good 'ol face. It was Rider.

"Sonofabitch, He's back." I said with a grin. This time, He looked clean and not like crap back in Russia. "What the hell happened to you?" I asked. "Hey, Got back to the states, Got a new unit, And yeah...Re-location crap." He replied. We got into the Humvee. It was stripped down for faster movement, But really? "So you going back to Delta?"I said. "We got Casey here and...No one else. Jackson's brother can't make it. Damn terrorists.". He laughed. We made it across the border, Welcomed by well equiped marines. We drove back to HQ, We mumbled along, Casey...Not taking any part of it. "We got an Op securing a city tommorow, Get you ass to sleep!" Rider said as we stumbled off the Humvee. "I need chow. You wanna come with me?" I anwsered back. He rubbed his hand over his belly. Same 'ol Rider.

Operation Secure the GoldEdit

The convoy started moving. John Mishnick opened his canteen and took a sip. "You guys ready?" The pilot yelled over the "thud" of the rotors. I was the only Delta guy in the Heli. The rest were snipers and Marines. "We're going in as support, We'll have 3 other Black Hawks with us and and an Osprey way above for recon!" The pilot explained. We stopped hovering and started moving, We quickly catched up. The convoy was a small bulk of a Armoured Divison. 4 Strikers, 2 Bradleys, And 4 Humvees, Another 2 for the Delta. We flew low and slow, We had to stay with the convoy. We were close enough that I gave Johnson, My squad's CQB expert and driver a thumbs up. He called the rest of my team in the Humvee and they all gave me a thumbs up. Friendly bastards. We got into view of the city. It was a large city, Full of poverty and some rich guys like back in Mogadisu. Damn, I was three when that happened. We were really there to see if "The Red Hawk" Or Mohammed Asad was there...And to see if there really was a black market commerence in the area. There was 2 Black Hawks on either side of the convoy, Left or right. I was left so we spanned left of the city, While climbing up to a point where we can see the convoy. 2 Miles... The pilot slowly drifted the Heli left, The marines were ready to fire back. Bad thing was that we didn't have a M134 minigun or something like that. We just had .50 BMG on the sides. We slowly climbed up, Drifting away from the convoy. We were above the city, The people scurried around like ants. We followed the Convoy in. "This is the lead Bradley, Split the convoy, We are heading towards the market, The other half come around to the target area!" A thick and deep voice said. We followed the second part of the convoy, Sadly, My squad was in the first. "Alright boys, Get ready, Reports of skinnies on the balconys." The pilot said. I was crouching behind the left door, Over looking the convoy. I tapped the gunner's shoulder. "Tangos, That balcony, Next to the red building!" I yelled. The gunner quickly fired at the tangos. The catridges fell onto the Black Hawk's floor and bounced off...Hopefully not hitting anyone. "Nice hit!" I complimented. "Keep your eyes out...Shit! Tango, RPG, Next to that market! The gunner couldn't spot, So I pushed him aside and took the .50's grip. I fired hitting the skinny, his arm came off and punk mush was everywhere. "Sorry, We could of taken that!" I explained. He nodded and got back on the BMG. I Barely thought of the rest of the guys, I turned back and patted one of the snipers. He looked back at me and grinned. "This is Oxide, Disciple watch out for RPGs, We just had an encounter." The pilot said. We came in low and circled the target area. The convoy stopped and a Delta aquad rushed into the building. Followed by a 2 squads of Rangers and Marines. "Watch those building, These are skinnies not bulky robots!" I explained. "Remember the Battle of Mogadishu, Two Black Hawks went down.". A few marines gave me thumbs up while a sniper gave a nod. About a minute later, The Delta squad came out along with the Rangers and Marines. "This is Avatar One, We cleared the building while the Rangers and Marines secured a perimeter, No one escaped, But no damn target" A late 20s, early 30s Delta Force soldier said, He was pissed. The convoy headed out, As we followed. Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, An RPG rose from the flat and dirty buildings and impact right on Disciple's Tail. "This is Disciple, We are going down, Repeat we are going down! Tail is hit, No control!" Disciple's pilot yelled. Shortlt after the Helicopter crashed, Hitting one building and collapsing another."Get the Heli moving! Reach the Crash site!" I yelled. "This is BravoAlphaSix, Our Heli is going for the crash site!". We flew low and fast, Reaching the crash site in a blink of an eye. The marines readied there weapons, The snipers strapped in and got prone on the Heli's floor. The sound of an RPG, Ripped through the air. "Where the hell is it!" A sniper yelled. KABOOM! The RPG hit the belly of the Black Hawk, Tumbling me out, I was knocked out cold.

Operation Secure the Gold Part 2Edit

I opened my eyes, Blue sky in my face, Troubled by a thick and black smoke trail. I got up and looked for the smoke. South-East. I started running, Jumping over debris and junk, Shooting when shot at. I quickly rushed down the two blocks and turned right. A skinny stood, AKM in his grip. He raised his rifle to shoot, I quickly backed out and huddled the corner. I took out my M1911 and jumped the space. I shot him in the neck, Landing on the other side. Bastard was too slow. I got back up and went down the alley way. I ran and made it to the crash site. The Black Hawk was in good shape, But tail gone. I rushed to the Black Hawk for any survivors. The pilots were dead, Most of the crew killed, Just two guys. One badly burnt. I tried to grab one ,But tripped over a cartridege. Rounds hit one of the guys, killing him. I rushed and grabbed the burnt one and dragged him back to the ally way. I took a right, Not going the way I did. A weak, old, brick wall stood in my way. I kicked it and a little came down. I knew this was my first hold point. By then, All the commlinks were filled with "Get to the crash" or "any survivors?". I realized my mic was broken, My headphones still intact. Damn, I could here ,but I can't reply. I moved some wood boxes and settled the burnt guy. I got into a prone position and waited. I heard mad screaming and mumbling. Damn group was coming. They quickly passed but a few came towards me. I fired my M203, Decimating the four. I got up and kicked the wall, Collapsing and showing a street. The group that passed came back, I quickly killed them with another launch from the M203. I heard what seemed like a half the town...I put the guy over my shoulder and ran, towards the street. A heavily armoured quad came down the street. A Marine was driving it. "Stop, Take the guy, He needs it more than I do." I quickly said. I opened the back and put the guy in. I quickly closed it and ran towards the second crash site's smoke. I turned a left and then a right, Just zig zaging so I won't be shot at. I rushed a right, Stopping in front of a large mob. They were holding the dead guys, Dragging them with ropes. Fuckers! "Stop! Or I will fire on you!" I screamed. They didn't stop, They threw rocks and sticks at me, I qucikly dodged a bottle. I grabbed te M240 strapped on my back and pulled the chraging handle. I squeezed the trigger for a brief moment. I killed 4 tangos, Quickly squeezing off another burst. I targeted the Skinnies holdig the crew. They all ran back, I didn't finish any one off. I strapped the 240 back, and held my ACR tightly, Walking towards the marines and snipers. Shit! The bodies looked like shit. The sniper that smiled at me was torn up, Half his hair was ripped out. The gunner I was next to had cuts and bruises all over him. I took out my first aid pack (Which almost filled up my Custom Oakley back pack.) and took out the 6 body bags. I bagged each soldier, Writing their names on the top. I then moved it in a small courtyard, Which looked...ghostly. I hid the bodies all together and put a satellite beacon right next to them. I hope we come back. I heard that damn sound again. The yelling and roaring of the damn skinnies. Still the commlinks were full of the same stuff, But something stood out. I sat down and listened carefully. "All survivors, Make it to Yaman Street, Repeat All survivors, Make it to Yaman street. I checked my Global Positioning System. I was 20 blocks away, Godamnit. I Wrote the name of the street, "Ali Road", on the inside of my helmet and ran. I was pretty light, Only the M240 had a strain. I ran about 5 blocks untill a mob appeared. This time they had guns. I abrutly stopped and ran back, Bullets landing left and right. I heard the same light sound of a Little Bird. I had to make it to the roof tops.

Operation Secure the Gold Part 3Edit

I madly jumped onto a dumpster and climbed up onto a balcony. I got on the rail and leaped, Getting a good grip on the roof. I then pulled myself up, The mob clearly below me. I rushed down the rooftops, Hoping and jumping. A Little Bird, The same one I had heard, hovered out from behind a hotel and rushed to my position. I Motioned for the pilot to hover, Not land. I jumped onto the rail and grabbed the seat, I reached for the latch, hooking myself in. I then grabbed my Helicopter Aircrew Breathing Device or HABD and put it on. I steadied my arm, lifted my knee and got a good aim. Part of the mob were climbing up, The other bashing out of the stairs. I saw the orange tint of an RPG-7. I focused my 553 Holographic sight and squeezed a shot off. The round hit Mob guy #1, passing through him and hitting RPG guy #1. Damn, Getting my ACR to a 7.62x51 was good. I hope they get it for everyone else, It cuts like butter. The pilot got the HGS right and we lifted off. "Thanks, You guys saved my ass!" I yelled. "It's ok, We do it for a living!" He replied. "Well so do I!". We laughed over it and reached "The secondary fire" zone. The pilots eased down, While I still had my safety off. I took heavy breaths through the HABD, Getting my blood pressure to normal. We were smooth riding untill a stray bullets hit the Heli. The pilot was hit. He got pushed back, He hit the chair and bounced back. His blood was all over the screens, The GPD was now blury with red. "Land the chopper on that hotel, It's high enough and I'll fix him there!" I yelled. The pilot steered the Little Bird and landed roughly onto the roof of a hotel. 30-40 floors? I unhooked my self and took out my First-Aid kit. I ripped his jacket open, Then another undershirt. He had been hit in the upper-chest, Definately not a serious one. It looked to go upper-right of his sternum, Passing through the gap in the ribs. I cleaned the wound and took the pliers, Along with a "Medical Metal Detector". I scanned the area of his shot, Good he wasn't hit in any vitals, And the bullet was a 5.56x45. It wasn't so deep, About inch. I gribbed my pliers and slowly took out the flattened round. I then put it in a bag, While taking out some Vaseline and rolls of gauze. I patched him up quickly, Putting him into the back of the Little Bird. I dropped his canteen next to him. "He alright?" The pilot eagerly said. "Yeah, Not a a serious one, He just needs rest." I replied. I picket up the co-pilot's commlink. "This is BravoAlphaSix, We need an evac, Our Little Bird is damaged, Hotel in Secondary-fire zone. Uhh, Scratch that, Very tall hotel in Secondary-fire zone." I said hoping fro a response. "This is Super Six Four, We got you." A pilot replied. A Osprey Helicopter descended from high above. The doors leveled down. "Come on, Let's go!" The crew chief yelled. We grabbed the co-pilot and entered the helicopter. We layed him down. "The Op is finished! Black market destroyed ,But no target!" The crew chief said. I nodded and sat down. I closed my eyes...No damn target.

The New 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment DeltaEdit

2019...The new year for us. The U.S. military and the goverment have been talking for a while...We're going to be one of the most secret Black-Op forces in the world. We'll get everything before the Infantry, The Navy, the Air-Force, Everything damnit. The president said we can't even support our own guys...My brothers. I still went along. I was happy to be part of it. The goverment "officialy" announced the 1st SFOD-D's disbandment. Unofficialy, We were still here, Out in the world. But everything was going to change. Most of the Operators were chopped off, Sent to the SEALs and other Special Forces. Only a few remained. About 20 is what the General said. My team is still intact, They said Casey might be a problem. But there's one problem. We will be on the dangerous and most...Craziest ops ever created. Im gonna love eating NPs for 3 months. Damn.

Operation Get the HamEdit

I started out from the bush. My cloaking device made me invincible. Jackson and Casey were on a Op in Asia. Johnson was in Africa. Rider was in Afghanistan, And I was in Dear, Russia. I held my "New" ACR. It fit like it was made for me. It was changed to a bullpup design, It was really shorter too. I looked through my X-Ray cam. Three tangos moving around in a shed, Another 2 patrolling. I put a mag into my ACR, Didn't even have to pull the charging handle, it was "auto". I made my way, Constantly taking cover as if I didn't have my CS. I huddled the building's wall, Moving to the corner. I peered out, The two tangos sat down for a smoke. I squeezed my trigger, Killing both. The gunfire was silent as a pin drop. No one would of heard it. Their bodies quickly were engulfed by the Russia Winter, Snow was falling and constant wind in the area, I entered the shed. Killing everyone there. It wasn't Spetsnaz nor Terrorists. They were some PMC. Shit.

We only hire fresh veterans, Comrade. We many a day. One of our new ones is an officer from the west." An American accent said. I turned on my thermal. 4 guys, All armed, Only 2 heavily. I slowly creeped out into the open. I got my ID on the men. Two were ex-U.S. army personal, The other two. An American officer from the Marines and a Russian. Alias...The Red Hawk. I walked my way towards them. I put my ACR on auto. I shot the at the bodyguards, Getting quick and clean neck shots, Then sending another to the officer's eye. I then rushed and tackled the Asad, Knocking the cold out of him. "This is BravoAlphaSix, HVI is secured, Repeat HVI is secured. I need an evac for the HVI, Second objective not completed." I said. I shot an anesthetic round into his neck, Making sure he was going to be singing a "Throw a rock at a baby, Hiding in a tree top" in his head. A Prototype Multi-purpose Little Bird swooped down. Loaded him into the back, Another 1st SFOD-D soldier strapped him, His MR-B rifle ready to blast the fucker's face if needed. I got made sure my exoskeleton was tight and ready. I started running The exoskeleten supported the equipment I had. I dodged the trees, Jumped over bushes, I was running for the destroyed "port" city. "Run Forest, Run!" was all I thought. I made my way, Sliding onto the beach and starting from there, Lot's of fricking snipers in my X-ray cam. Hope this CS doesn't get hit. I slowly crept along the beachline, Scanning every building, Every little fricking shack. A sniper was huddled against a beach rock, He was fixing his scope. I raised my ACR. I squeezed the triggger, Sending an steel 7.62 round into his brain. He fell. Pink mush and blood stained on the sand, Breaking the beatiful view. I crept along, Taking cover under walkways, rocks, and most of all, Rubble. I made it to a 4 story building, The paint was old, Windows were broken. Damn Bastards, Over one million people used to live in this city, Now its a haven for terrorists...or in this case, Mercanaries. I got up to the third floor, Shaken by the sound of 2 Helicopters. I turned my CS on. I walked towards the windows, Then huddling a wall. A Black Hawk in black and grey finish and a Black Pave low. The pave low was lowering something, A huge crate. I lied down and aimed for the pilot. Bingo, I sent a round piercing the glass, Ripping the pilots face. "Where'd the shot come from!" A voice yelled. I aimed for the Black Hawk, This time sending two into the pilot. The Black Hawk lost control and smashed into the Pave Low. Then the Helis headed towards me. I embraced myself and jumped out the window, Landing on my feet, The two Helis broadside the building, leaving a large crater in the building. "GO,GO,GO" The mercs eagerly ran towards the building. They passed me, I raised my rifle and shot a long stream of steel. They all fell down, No movement, No sound. "This is Golden 34, An American Convoy is headed your way, Do not make contact. You are Black Ops. Support the Convoy, Do you understand my last?". "Roger, I'll set up." I replied.

Cpl. Morgan, U.S. Army RangersEdit

Are convoy moved up the street, Creepy Russian city freaks me out. I was in the lead Humvee, acting as Gunner. Had two .50s like an AA gun. I had my MISH helmet, Sleeves rolled up, Sunglasses. I don't think any of us expected resistance. I spotted a group 'a dead guys. "Woah, Woah, Woah, Stop the Car. I lifted myself out, SCAR-H loacked and loaded. I brought Pvt. Freeman along. He was a newbie, Still scared from being that far from the states. I checked the bodies. The long stretch of Humvees, APCs, And tanks waited behind us. "Woah man, These guys were killed percisely, By an pro. Maybe it was some naz guy" I told him. "I du-dunno man, I-I don't know man, Fr-From these wounds, I th-think it was a NATO round, 5.45x39 does this damage...I-it has to be 7.62 area, But def-definatley not x39." He replied. "Since when were you a combat veteran?" I asked. "I-I was a medic back in the states, I dr-dropped when I saw my first wounded patient.". "Damn," I replied "Captain Marks, Dead guys, Keep moving." I said as I walked back. I saw a reflection on the corner of my eye. "Sn-" I didn't finished before a round had precisley sliced through the window, Hitting the combatant. "GO GO GO" I yelled. We got back in out Humvee, The whole damn convoy was alert. "Watch those windows!". Voices started saying. I heard the sound of Abraham tanks swiveling the barrels around to see through their thermal cams, They barking of officers, The panic of the new guys. "This is 2-1, I thought you guys said this area was clear! Do you fricking understand my last!", Captain Marks yelled into the raid. "We got a 200 hundred lives at risk in this convoy and you pencil-pushers can't get a thing right, You wanna walk up to their widows while we're being slaughtered by maniacs!". I turned the .50s to my left, Two APCs approached us. "Captain Marks! APCs, to our 10 'o clock!" I yelled. "Get an Abrahams up now!" He barked. One tank moved up, "War Pig" was it's name. It squeezed out from the convoy, Taking a left to avoid out Humvee. It moved up at least 20 yards. "This is War Pig, We're firing an HE round in 10 seconds, Get Ready!" A soft voice said. BANG! The HE round went like a hundred yards in like a second. It hit the first APC, Shrapnel and the shockwave getting the second. "This is Overlord, Keep moving, You will be supported." The old man said. "By what!? Luck!?," The captain replied. "Fuck it, Keep moving, These bastards are probably watching TV and eating donuts right now!" We started moving, War Pig leading us.

Cpl.Morgan U.S. Army Rangers Part 2Edit

"Move up! Watch those windows!" Marks said. Our convoy moved up, Stopping near an intersection. "MOVEMENT IN THE TREE LINE!" A voice yelled. I pulled the charging handles back and opened up with the .50s. Trees fell, Bushes were decimated, The dirt was kicking, The damn birds were flying. We stopped, A couple of indiviuals came out, Hands up. Marks ran out, His SCAR-L held by one hand, His M9 in the other. "Get your asses over here!" He yelled. A Ranger named Vasquez came with me. "Now what the hell are mercanaries doing in an deserted city!?," He questioned. "HUH? ANSWER ME!". He yelled in the merc's chubby face. The mercs kept silent. He holstered his SCAR-L to a strap, M9 pointed at the merc's face. "You have 10 seconds, Maggot." He said softly...No reply. "Well ya big stinkin pot crap!" He pull the trigger, The 9mm round penetrating the man's skull, Coming out the other. His brain was probably swollen so bad, He died from that. Captain Marks pointed the gun at the others. "Any explanation for why you're here?" He said, This time calmed down. "No...We will never tell you...' One mumbled. I lifted my peice up and fired into the bastard's foot. "Ahh, You cowards!" He yelled. I kicked him crotch, He was on his knees. "You tell our commander why your'e here, Now." I threatened. "Heh, spineless pigs." He said over the pain. "Fine, Captain?". He nodded, I fired another into the man's face, This time the 7.62x51 round went through the Frontal bone and out the Occipital bone in the back. One last merc remained. "Now, You gonna talk?" Marks said, We waited, No reply. Vasquez lifted his piece, An SCAR-L, And fired, This time going through the Zygomatic bone, Out the Mandible, Breaking his jaw. I stumbled back to the Convoy, I had just shot a man...Cold Blooded. i shaked that feeling off and got back on my .50s. "This Sea Bird 9-8, Forces spotted on thermal, Coming in to attack, Take cover, Understand my last?" A random pilot said. "Roger, We'll pull back the convoy!" Marks replied. "Back it up! Will it be danger close?" Marks commanded. "Uhh, Definate no." The pilot replied. Two Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt IIs flew threw the sky,"Fox 3, Fox3, 2 missiles headed for the baddies." Another pilot said. They flew fast, Launching their 4 total missiles, Streaking back for another run. "Uhh, Good shot, Good shot, Coming around for a strafing run, Let's see what our new GAU-8/As can do. They flew low, Their cannons roaring, Depleted Uranium rounds striking the enemy. "Uhh, Little to no resistance down there, We're bugging off." The Thunderbolts flew away, The convoy starting back up, War Pigs commander was out, Manning the new M134 on the top. We passed the tree line, Seeing the shock and awe of what the Thunderbolts did.

Operation Save the DogEdit

I was sitting on a rooftop, Just finished looking at a few thunderbolts do some damage. "This is Bravo 6-9, I am part of the Hazardous Materials Team, We have pciked up a facility in that city...BravoAlphaSix, It's an active...Nuclear and Uranium Missile Facility. Your going to have to destroy the lab, No missiles MUST be launched." A young voice said over the comm links. "You see it?", "Yes, I see it. Shut up and let me do my job." I stood up and stretch my legs. I got my exo-skeleton ready. I made a fast sprint, jumping off and landing on another building, Repeat, Repeat, Untill I got to the Silo. The fricking bays were opening. They had found out about the convoy. I rushed into the facility, The CS making my movement invncible. I passed guards, Dodged scientists, And they didn't have a clue. I made it to the launch room. A large room, Filled with computers, TVs, and a BIG screen facing all the equipment. I hugged the wall and found the codes...Right next to the emergencie abort system. The gorund shaked, The scientists stayed calm, The missiles were launching, I punched the codes, Just in time...Or was I. I looked at the screen, The scientist headed my way. I hid behind some boxes, They mumbled and played with the buttons. One yelled. "MUDAK!" Asshole in Russian? They ran, I was surprised. I checked the screen. Shit. The missiles were falling back, Not de-activiating the warhead. They landed and crashed. Damn it, I'll never see my team.

Pentagon,Washington D.C.Edit

"We just lost BravoAlphaSix,Sir...He de-activated the missiles...But they were old. It didn't de-activate the warheads, They flew back." "DAMNIT!" The general yelled, "He had a good team...Our cover story ready?" "Yes, Sir."

"This is Red-Nine, Team BravoAlphaSix, You there?" The sorry general said into the mic. "Yes, Sir?" The team replied. "Your team leader...H-" The general didn't finish. "No,No,No,No,NO!" Jackson yelled. "What happened...Sir?" Casey questioned. "He was aborting a missile launch...The missiles came back." The genera replied. "Shit" Shockton said. Rider and Johnson remained silent. "Im sorry." The general sobbed. "Cut the crap, Come on guys, Let's get back to out Ops." Rider said. "We all remember him, But it's not the time. Rider continued. "It's not the time."

The End.