Eric Thake, later classified as ODIN-097, or Codename: CASTLE, was a 33-year-old hyperlethal "supersoldier." ODIN-097 (097 being his ODIN Project serial number) was a smart, skilled, sharp, brutal, and lethal top-secret classified soldier. His parents were informed he had died when he turned into a candidate for the STEALTH Program, the ZEUS Project, the ODIN Project, the LEO Project, the BANE Project, and the HYPER Project.

The soldier mysteriously "disappeared" while on a special-forces operation, to disable a supposedly "disabled" Russian anti-satellite space station, armed with more than half a dozen anti-satellite lasers, which could be used to target any targets on the ground of the Earth.

Before all everything happened, he had a child. The mother died after the child's birth, caused by a rare type of cancer. Eric left the baby, whom he named "Logan Thake," to a friend's care. Logan, a year after Eric's mysterious disappearance, hit the 7-year age line.