MOH 2010 5
Cpl. Elloway standing over Maj. Herring's body
Nickname(s) Beta Eagle
Rank Captain
Affiliations Squad Beta, British Army, 39th Division
Status Alive
Birth 09/09/95
Death N/A
Weapon M16A1, M1911/Flaslight

Cpt. Elloway is the leader of Squad Beta. His signature weapons are a modified M16A1 and a Colt 1911 with an intergrated Flashlight.

Pre-Squad Beta

Early Life

Elloway attended University in Wales, with hopes to become a doctor, however recent Terrorist attacks in America and England prompted him to join the Army. In Boot Camp he met MacGregor and the two became "Brothers in Arms". After a Mission to Egypt, he and MacGregor were reassigned to the 39th Division where they were immediately sent on a raid in Afghanistan.

Squad Beta

In Squad Beta, Elloway is the Primary Protagonist and is a Corporal in the "Prolouge" and a Captain in the main story.


In the Prolouge, Elloway is the 39th Division's second in-command. His life is saved by Maj. Herring as he pushed Elloway's head out of the way of a 50. cal bullet. Inside the bunker, Elloway used his M203 to destroy the ceiling and send debris to cripple a few Russians. After the assault on the bunker the SUV that Elloway is riding in gets attacked with a RPG-7 and Maj. Herring is killed in the resulting crash. Elloway and MacGregor are then safely evacuated by a Pave-Low.

Act I

Elloway and MacGregor were tasked to find the Insurgent's Base. While scouting the area he and MacGregor were ambushed by a group of Insurgents. Both soldiers tossed smoke grenades and killed the hindered hostiles. Minutes later, MacGregor reminded what Makarov had done 2 years ago. With the heavily guarded base a few clicks north of them.