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Introduction by Robert McNeill

In the Los Angeles Convention centre, the presentations are held. Presentator of the night enters the stage.

Robert McNeill: Goodday

He waves to the applauding crowd.

Robert McNeill: Good to see so much people coming to watch the latest innovations of gaming. And even this year, we can deliver so much interresting games to the people home. 

On screen appears the logo of E3.

Robert McNeill: Off course, such event like this need other people to talk about their ideas, their games. Also this year, lots of designers and writers of multiple franchises and studios are here today, to present their new technologies in the world of entertainment. But not only games are going to be talked about today, we've also got a new gaming console on the market, in a few months.

Picture appears of the MPHES. The crowd applauds.

Robert McNeill: Beautiful isn't it. I mean... not only that particular thing, but all the leaps forward. And that's why I'm going to announce the next game. Come on stage, man!

Robert McNeill assigns a new man onto the stage, while he leaves the stage.


Meltdown Presentation by Mikhail Dzheyms

Mikhail Dzheyms walks on stage as the crowd applauds.

Mikhail: Thank you everyone, and especially you, Robert, for allowing us to come this year. My name is Mikhail Dzheyms, lead director at Prime Studios. We are a fairly new firm, so you may not have heard of us before. We recently entered the world of video game production, with the help of our publishing company, DESI, whose heads have been very generous to us. So, for our main presentation.

The logo for Meltdown appears on screen, followed by the game tagline, 'What will keep us alive?'.

Mikhail: Inspired by past survival games, such as the widely popular games The Last of Us and the DayZ Standalone, we at Prime Studios decided to create our own. One of the first decisions was whether to include zombies, as the aforementioned games did. In the end, we decided not to implement them, simply because we felt we could make a more interesting and original setting by removing these creatures, who have been portrayed in countless media works. After that, we decided to work on the setting of the map, as well as writing the story. Here, we will show some cinematic shots of the game.

The lights in the convntion center dim as the screen turns white. The screen then fades to a a shot of a deserted town from the water level. A few more shots from the air are shown, and then the screen cuts to an oservatory high up on a mountain, showing the landscape below. In the distance, the town and the ocean can be seen, as well as a river and a large lake inland. The screen then cuts to a suburb from eye level, and then inside an abandoned house, presumed to be one within said suburb. The shot cuts to one of a small river in a forest, with an inflatable boat docked on the bank and a wrecked canoe just atop the bank. A highway overpass can be seen in the distance, as well as the mountain. The screen then cuts to a large field, with a radiation warning sign in the middle of it. A derelict Nuclear Power Plant can be seen in the distance. The screen then slowly fades to black, before being replaced with the Meltdown logo. The lights on stage brighten again.

Mikhail: These shots were made to capture both the immense scale and the extreme detail of the world we created in Meltdown using the Ultimate Experience Engine, which, by the way, our friends at IDI did a splendid job on. Now, I know what you're thinking. 'Mister Dzheyms, we know about the scale and detail, but we want to see some gameplay!' Fortunately for those of you out there, my good cousin and great co-worker Colleen has volunteered to play through one of the missions for you. Without further ado, here is the long-awaited gameplay.

The lights on stage dim as the audience claps, and the screen is replaced with gameplay from Meltdown.

The mission starts with Mayra Panos and Chase Evans on a large catamaran, owned by the Poseidon's Guardsmen Clan, looking towards the land. Other boats, some of them armed, can be seen in the foreground. The leader of the clan, Nedar Soleno, approaches them from behind. The player assumes control of Mayra.

Nedar Soleno: Mayra, Chase. Your service for the guardsmen begins today.

Mayra Panos: We're listening.

Nedar points to a map of the region.

Nedar: Our clan is primarily focused on sea power. None of the other clans' can match the Guardmen's navy. We rule the ocean. However, we are limited in our land-based capabilities. Your mission is to seize a group of gun trucks from the Rogues. You will land ashore here. The gun trucks are- here, they should be lightly defended. Kill the Rogues guarding them, and then drive them to here, where a barge will be waiting to take the trucks.

Chase Evans: Alright, but how are we getting there?

Nedar: Personal Watercraft. We have two below. Come, I will show you to them.

Nedar leads the player to the jetskis.

Nedar: Remember how gracious we have been to you. Do not fail us.

The player enter's the jetski and begins to head for shore. The screen then fades to another part of the mission, to save time. After the fade, it shows the player and her companion walking along an unpaved road in a forest.

Mayra: We should be nearing the designated zone.

Chase: Oh crap, hide!

The player runs and hides behind a nearby bush. Seconds later, a Humvee and Tigr roll past the player, followed by two Toyota Tundra gun trucks and another Humvee and Tigr. The convoy rolls to a stop and the crews of the trucks get out.

Mayra: (Whispering) Shit. Those are the guntrucks. So much for the guardsmen's intel. Fucking Nedar.

Chase: (Whispering) What are we going to do?

Mayra: (Whispering) Take them out quietly.

The player equips a Mini-14. The player then uses binding and an empty bottle to craft a makeshift silencer. Using the new silenced weapon, the player kills two of the Humvee gunners. The player then watches as Chase sneaks behind the rear Tigr, and Chase grabs a Rogue and stabs him. Chase then grabs another one and holds him still while the player kills him. The player then eliminates a third Rogue before they are spotted. The player eliminates a few more Rogues before being spotted. The player switches the Mini-14 out for a Kbk Tantal and eliminates the rest of the enemies.

Mayra: Quickly now, hitch the Humvees up to the GAZs.

Chase: And the Toyotas...?

Mayra: I'll handle that.

The player places an 80mm Mortar IED in each Toyota. The player then hitches a Humvee to one of the Tigrs, before getting in the Tigr and driving to the designated spot.

Chase: Hot damn! I can't believe we pulled that off!

Mayra: Believe it, Chase! We just wiped them out goood! (Laughs)

The camera fades to the players reaching the barge, and the players meet up with Bryan Haydel.

Bryan Haydel: Well, shee-it. We asked for gun trucks. And we get this? I guess we were good boys this year.

Mayra: You asked, we delivered.

Bryan: Well, that's one hell of a job. I guess that's one way to kick off our-

A convoy of minivans arrive, unloading Rogue gunmen, who start shooting at the player, Chase, and Bryan.

Bryan: Holy hell, gunfire! You two, defend the trucks!

The player equips the Tantal and returns fire. While behind cover, the player finds a rag and petrol.

Bryan: One humvee is on board! There's ammo on the barge if you need it!

The player uses the rag and petrol to craft a Molotov Cocktail, which the player then throws at the oncoming enemies.

Chase: Nice thinking, Mayra!

The player continues to shoot at the enemies. Bryan dashes to Mayra's cover and talks to her.

Bryan: Mayra! Both Humvees are on board; we'll load one of the Tigrs and let you use the other to get back to the jetskis.

Another van arrives, unloading Rogues with grenade and rocket launchers.

Bryan: Shit! Rocketeers! Get on those guys!

The player puts the Tantal away and pulls out an SR9 with a Ghillie cover and a 3-9x scope. The player proceeds to snipe the rocketeers.

Chase: Yeah, snipe those sons of guns!

The player fires at one rocketeer and misses twice in a row.

Mikhail: (Sarcasctically) I want to take this time to point out Colleen's amazing skills with the sniper rifle.

The audience laughs.

Mikhail: I'm just messing with you, Colleen, haha. Anyway, back to the gameplay.

Bryan: The Tigr is loaded, we're out of here!

Bryan enters the barge as it pulls out into the water. The player runs and gets in the Humvee's gunner seat, shooting some more Rogues in the process. The player's companion drives the Humvee towards the designated point. After a short drive, the player arrives at the Jetskis and is met by the barge.

Bryan: Okay, load the last Tigr.

The player drives the Tigr onto the boat. The player then gets off the boat. Two Rogue Tundra guntrucks then arrive, opening fire on the barge.

Bryan: Damn it! Those gun trucks are going to sink the barge!

Chase: Stay cool, Bryan. Mayra's got this.

The player pulls out a cell phone and uses it as a detonator for the 80mm Mortar IEDs. The player triggers the IEDs, blowing up both gun trucks.

Bryan: Impressive. Hopefully, that's the last of them. Well, we're headed back to the fleet. Get the jetskis and follow us.

The player boards a jetski and follows the barge out to sea. The screen fades to black as the mission ends.

The lights on stage brighten. The audience claps again.

Mikhail: Thank you, Colleen. As you could see, the AI in Meltdown are top-notch. Each of the different gunmen you face, both friendly and enemy, have different personalities. Some are more reckless, preferring to charge the player, while others are cautious, taking cover when bullets go their way. This is just one of the multiple variables that can be found within a single AI, of which there are hundreds in the level at any given time. We also have put extensive thought and work into the crafting system, which is unrivaled by any other game of Meltdown's style. As you could see, players are able to circumvent normal attachment barriers with binding, allowing them to attach, say, a Western Red Dot sight with a Tantal rifle. These can even be used to turn, as you saw in the gameplay, an empty plastic bottle into a suppressor. There are many more options that can be explored when you play the game yourself. Well, this is about it for our main E3 presentation, but there is more. Coming up later, three of the voice actors for this game will come up on stage and answer all of your questions! Currently, they are being interviewed by E3 staff backstage, and the full interview will be posted on our website, so be sure to check that out soon. Thank you very much, all of you, and have a great day!

Mikhail exits the stage as the audience claps. Robert re-enters the stage to introduce the next speaker and his presentation.

Call of Duty: Dawn of War[]

To be added.


to be added.

5-7 Development[]

5-7 Development-Downfall Reveal

Robert walks back on stage.

Robert: Okay everybody up next we have something different. Born from two start off developers who brought you Call of Duty: Dawn of War, I invite on stage Jason and David Burnes!

The crowd applaud as Robert walks off stage and Jason and David take his place.

Jason: Hello everyone, my name is Jason Reid.

David: And I’m David Burnes.

Jason: Today, we’re here to talk to you about are new company, 5-7 Development. We decided to start up this company after encountering problems when developing Dawn of War. The main problem was that all of our ideas could not be implemented when we were only employees.

David: And today we’re going to be teasing the company’s first game, Downfall.

The cover for Downfall appears on the large screen.

David: Downfall is set 400 years into the future. It is a survival horror game that will set the player in the place of a member of the United States Marine Corps Interstellar Command (USMCIC). Without revealing too much of the plot, the player will be fighting for his life on the future planet Earth, which was abandoned those 400 years ago and inhabited by Alien races; The Stalkers, or Ryndoely, a cannibal, barbaric race that rips apart their enemies. The Stalkers are mercenaries, and were hired by the Reapers to defend the planet. The Reapers, or Xologlynex, are an intelligent, advanced race. Their army is small in personnel, but large in unmanned vehicles and advanced weaponry. Their most elite fighting force is the Artha, a Special Forces unit that operate secretly and in the cover of night.

Concept Art of the two races appears on screen.

Jason: The player will be able to use multiple different weapons, vehicles, abilities in this game. There will endless possibilities. The player will also be able to create allies with NPCs, and take on tasks to gain XP. They will also be able to customize their character to their linking.

Concept Art of a soldier appears on the screen.

Jason: This game will redefine standards set by many other survival horror games, DayZ, Fallout, they are great games but not as open as this one will be. Our company may be small, but we have high expectations for this project. Up now is the reveal trailer...

The lights turn off and Jason and David walk off the stage.

Return to earth


(The song above begins to play)

The screen is black. The logo for 5-7 Development appears on screen. It is suddenly splattered with blood and fades away. A tsunami is seen tearing about a coastal village. Then to an earthquake in Shanghai which leads to the Shanghai World Financial Center falling. It skips to the view of Earth from space. Fires are seen burning brightly, illuminating the planet.

Unknown: "The planet was destroyed...we had to leave, we had to find a new home".

A spacecraft is seen flying past. It shows the view inside. Many civilians are inside, watching as their home planet is destroyed. A soldier is seen sitting against a wall in an unknown building. The words 400 years later appears on screen.

Soldier: "And now we’re going back..."

The screen fades black and the Activision logo appears on screen. It then fades away to the words ‘From the developers that brought you Call of Duty: Dawn of War’. The screen skips then to soldiers on earth crossing a desert silently. The moon shines brightly over them, despite it is daytime.

Soldier: But what we didn't know... Something else got there first.

A mass of Alien species attack the soldiers, ripping their limbs off and stabbing them with serrated knives. The soldiers fall to the ground in slow-motion and the Aliens roar in victory. Two wounded soldiers are seen crawling away silently. A tilt-rotor vehicle appears overhead. From it drops another Alien. His body shape is very similar to a humans and his body is clad in armor. The tallest of the soldiers turn around on his back and takes out his pistol.

Soldier: We thought we were returning to our homeland...but we were returning to our hell...

The tagline “No one can hear you scream” appears on screen, followed by the game’s title, Downfall. Static is heard and a male screaming in pain, the song cuts off before the screen goes black.


Battlegrounds Presentation by IDI Staff Members

As Jason and David leave the stage, the logo for Infinite Development Incorporated is shown on stage as Robert walks back on stage. Soft, slow music is playing in the background to create suspense.

Robert McNeill: It's time for another developer to take the stage. Ladies and gentleman, let's welcome up the staff of Infinite Development Incorporated!

Robert walks off stage as IDI staff members walk on stage.

Ethan Sumner: Helloooooooooo everybody!

The crowd responds with cheering and applause.

Ethan Sumner: I am Ethan Sumner, Lead Developer, CEO, and founder of Infinite Development Incorporated. Today, I am here with some of my friends and staff members.

Annika Smith: Hello, I am Annika Smith, head of the Art Department and one of the Lead Character Designer at IDI.

Colin Arscott: Good evening everyone! I am Colin Arscott, Producer, Writer, and Co-Founder at Infinite Development Incorporated.

Byung-Seok Kim: Hey everybody! I'm Byung-Seok Kim and I am another Lead Character Designer at IDI and a member of the Zombies Team.

Anthony Gurunian: Hello, I am Anthony Gurunian...

William McKee: I am William McKee...

Danielle Sun: And I am Danielle Sun...

Both: And we are Composers and Musicians here at IDI.

Parker Griep: Hello E3! I am Parker Griep and I am a Developer and Director here at Infinite Development Inc.

Julia Healy: Hey! Is everyone having a good time!? I am Julia Healy, Lead Graphics Designer and Animator at IDI.

Jame Sun: Good day E3. I am James Sun, Head of Photography and Cameraman at IDI!

Kaitlin Hoffer: Hello E3 2014! I am Kaitlin Hoffer, a developer and Lead Scenery Designer at Infinite Development Inc.

The staff members line up and bow. The crowd cheers and Ethan takes center stage.

Ethan Sumner: Boy, do we have a show for you today. To start off, we are going to begin with our first game as a company. Being published by Activision and set for a release on September 19th, 2014, ladies and gentleman I give you Battlegrounds!

The logo for Battlegrounds is shown on screen and the crowd applause.

Colin Arscott: More than three years of work has gone into the making of this game, starting with the engine itself, the Ultimate Experience Engine.

The logo for the Ultimate Experience Engine is shown.

Annika Smith: By creating and utilizing this new game engine, we were able to create the most realistic real-time war game ever made. Today, we are going to show you an extended trailer for Battlegrounds. Enjoy!

The room dims and the staff of IDI walk off stage.

A New Conflict

The screen is black with the names of the developer, publisher, and game engine appearing on screen. After the game engine is shown, the screen fades in to the scene of a large battle in a forest.

Narrator: It doesn't matter how long you've trained.

The screen shows American soldiers fighting against Chinese and North Korean soldiers.

Narrator: Or how long you've known about war.

As the battle progresses, soldiers on both sides are seen losing limbs, crying out of pain, and dying. Explosions start to go off everywhere, throwing dirt into the air.

Narrator: Because in the end, nothing can prepare you for what you're going to see.

The screen fades in to show a British soldier helping a wounded German soldier away from a battle in a city.

Narrator: In war, thousands of men, women, and children are killed. Serving or not serving.

The screen fades in to show a French soldier picking up a dead child and crying over it. The screen fades again to show an American soldier looking down at the burnt corpses of Chinese and North Korean soldiers. The screen flashes, showing scenes of said soldiers thrashing around, trying to put themselves out and screaming in pain.

Narrator: Warfare changes you and you never come out the same person again.

The screen shows a Spanish soldier hiding in a trench crying and covering his head with his hands. The screen switches to a Ukranian soldier barfing after seeing dead American, French, Polish, Turkish, and other Ukranian soldiers.

Narrator: When there's death, destruction ensues in its wake, leaving its mark implanted forever on Earth.

Shells from unknown artillery are seen landing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia, hitting buildings, causing some to fall and damaging others. Then, the guns of the USS New Jersey are shown firing. The camera follows the shells as they hit a Chinese village.

Narrator: But in war, there is a sense of new life that can come out of it.

The screen shows a female Russian solider hugging an American soldier. The screen then shows the silhouettes of a couple holding hands as they look at the sunset.

Narrator: The only thing that can stop the death and destruction.

The screen then shows the main protagonist of the game, Lieutenant Williams, running throwing a cloud of dust caused by an explosion and towards the camera. Following behind him is a multi-national team consisting of all of the allied nations in the game. The team consists of foot soldiers and ground vehicles.

Narrator: Is winning the war.

The screen then shows Williams taking cover in a trench, occasionally standing up to fire his weapon. Part of his team arrives in the trench while the tanks provide fire from a distance.

Williams: Echo 1-1, we need air support!

Echo 1-1: Roger that Warhawk, pinpointing your position and engaging hostiles.

Artillery strikes begin to hit the area just behind Williams and his group. One of the tanks is hit by a piece of artillery, which destroys its track.

Tank Commander: Williams, we've lost a track, we can't move.

The camera goes back to Williams and his soldiers.

Williams: Just sit tight! Our air support should be here shortly.

The screen shows Chinese soldiers advancing towards Williams' team's position. Just then, missiles hit the ground around the soldiers, killing a large portion of the Chinese force. The Chinese force continues to advance with tanks beginning to drive over a ridge.

Williams: This is it! All teams go!

Williams and his soldiers fire at the oncoming assault. The camera transitions to the air as Ally fighters engage Separatist fighters. Back on the ground, helicopters make strafing runs against the Chinese force. The camera then shows shells hitting Chinese tanks and soldiers. The camera zooms in to show Ally artillery and battleships assisting Williams' force.

Narrator: It's war like you've never seen it before.

Williams' force is seen charging towards the enemy force, engaging in hand to hand combat. The screen cuts to black and the logo for Battlegrounds is shown along with information including the release date and rating.

The staff of IDI walk back on stage as the crowd cheers.

Ethan Sumner: I hope you all enjoyed the extended trailer for Battlegrounds. However, you all probably want to see some gameplay right? Today, another one of our developers and my cousin, Francesco, who was willing to come after some encouragement (sarcastically while looking at Francesco, who is in the control booth), and he will be playing one of the missions from Battlegrounds.

Parker Griep: With the immense power and scale of the Ultimate Experience Engine, we are able to create, not just a map or a large area, but the entire world with changing, vibrant environments and quality sounds.

Kaitlin Hoffer: In-game, you take the role of Lieutenant Williams, who's appearance, gender, and first name are decided by the player. During the course of World War III, Lieutenant Williams becomes the commander of the newly formed "International Task Force," a special operations group that contains personnel from all ally nations that participated in World War III.

Julia Healy: Now, it is time to present to you a first look at the gameplay for Battlegrounds. We hope you enjoy it!

The staff walk off stage and the lights dim.

The mission starts with Lieutenant Williams in the passenger seat of a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk as it begins to land at the South Korean portion of the DMZ. Lieutenant Williams looks around as the helicopter lands. Other helicopters with US and South Korean troops are also landing. The helicopter finally reaches the grounds and the player is able to exit. Williams walks around for a bit and walks off the helipad. Waiting there is a South Korean soldier.

Lieutenant Gyeong: Welcome to the DMZ, Lieutenant Williams. I am Lieutenant Gyeong and I will be your superior while you are stationed here. Follow me.

Lieutenant Gyeong starts walking and Williams follows.

Lieutenant Williams: Yes, sir. Just a question, why is it that I am greeted and no one else that came in is?

Lieutenant Gyeong: Everyone that just came have been here before. Either they were redeployed somewhere else or were given leave. We know this because every soldier that was ever stationed here is listed on a roster.

Lieutenant Williams: Sounds fair enough.

A South Korean soldier runs up to the two Lieutenants and faces Lieutenant Gyeong.

South Korean Soldier: Sir, you're needed up at the observation post.

Lieutenant Gyeong nods and looks back at Willaims.

Lieutenant Gyeong: Looks like I'm needed up at the observation post. Feel free to look around the base, but meet me up at the observation post asap.

Lieutenant Williams: Yes, sir.

Williams begins looking around the base, entering a couple of buildings, listening to random conversations. Eventually, he comes up to a locker and opens it. A message box explains about the importance and usage of lockers in-game. Williams exits out of the locker and wanders around again. Williams then encounters a random American soldier.

Lieutenant Williams: Good evening soldier.

American Soldier: Good evening, Lieutenant. You just arrived here didn't you?

Lieutenant Williams: Yes, I did.

A conversation box opens, allowing the player to chose questions to ask or phrases to say. The choice, "Have you been here long?" is chosen.

Lieutenant Williams: How long have you been stationed here?

American Soldier: About three months, however, I am told that I will be here for another six then I'm being redeployed.

Another conversation box appears with responses to say. The response, "Won't be long," is chosen.

Lieutenant Williams: You'll get out of here soon enough.

American Soldier: I sure hope so, there's nothing to do here and I miss my wife back at home.

The conversation wheel appears again, but with the same options as the first one. The option that was chosen is blacked out, showing that it has been used. The choice, "I'm needed elsewhere," is chosen.

Lieutenant Williams: I better go. I am needed at the observation post.

American Soldier: I'm not going to stop you. Nice seeing you, sir.

Williams walks over to the observation post and walks up the stairs.

Lieutenant Williams: Lieutenant Gyeong?

Lieutenant Gyeong: Right here Williams.

Williams walks next to Lieutenant Gyeong and looks out of the observation post. Lieutenant Gyeong is seen using a pair of binoculars.

Lieutenant Gyeong: Something doesn't seem right. I don't see any North Korean guards on any of their outposts.

Lieutenant Williams: What are they doing then? They wouldn't just all walk away from their posts for no reason.

Lieutenant Gyeong: That's what I'm afraid of. We have no idea what they're -

Lieutenant Gyeong is cut off as a series of explosions land in the strip of land between North and South Korea. Just then North Korean tanks and soldiers begin crossing the DMZ. Lieutenant Gyeong grabs a radio and speaks into it.

Lieutenant Gyeong: Sound the alarm! The KPA's crossing the DMZ!

Lieutenant Williams: I'll go get soldiers out of their beds.

Lieutenant Gyeong: No, go and get a rifle from the armory and defend the DMZ.

Williams runs down the observation post stairs and makes his way to the armory, avoiding artillery shells as they hit the ground. As Williams runs, dirt tossed up in the air makes travelling to the armory difficult. Williams finally reaches the armory and grabs a Daewoo K2 assault rifle and obtains ammunition for it. He then grabs a Daewoo K5 pistol and puts it in his holster. As Williams runs back to the observation post, American and South Korean soldiers are seen wounded on the ground while building are on fire of destroyed. Williams finally returns to the observation post.

Lieutenant Gyeong: The tanks stopped advancing because of the minefield, but their soldiers are still pushing.

Williams begins engaging the KPA foot soldiers.

Lieutenant Williams: Those tanks are waiting for something to clear the mines the artillery missed.

As Williams continues firing, the KPA soldiers begin to pull back towards the North Korean border. As they reach the other side, a series of explosions go off in the DMZ.

Lieutenant Gyeong: They took out the last of the mines. Those tanks have a clear path straight to us now!

Lieutenant Williams: We're not going to be able to hold this area. We have to evacuate now before those tanks advance.

Lieutenant Gyeong: But my orders are -

Lieutenant Williams: Your orders are void now. We have to get everyone out of here now before it is too late. Understood?

Lieutenant Gyeong: Yes, Lieutenant Williams. I'll follow your lead now.

Williams and Gyeong exit the observation post and begin going around the base, ordering soldiers to evacuate. As the soldiers begin making their way to intact vehicles, the ground begins to rumble. Williams turns towards the DMZ and watches as the tanks begin to advance. Williams sees something he didn't see before.

Lieutenant Williams: Gyeong! That's not just the KPA attacking us! The PLA is with them!

Lieutenant Gyeong: No wonder why they were able to attack so quickly!

An explosion goes off behind Williams, knocking him over. Lieutenant Gyeong rushes over to help him up.

Lieutenant Gyeong: We need to hold off those tanks or else no one's getting out of here!

Williams spots an unused AH-1S Cobra and a slightly damaged K1A1 main battle tank.

Lieutenant Williams: I can stall them by using either the tank or the helicopter!

Lieutenant Gyeong: Are you sure about this?!

Lieutenant Williams: No, but we have no choice!

Lieutenant Gyeong sighs, nods, then rushes to carry a wounded soldier over to a troop transport. Williams runs over to the AH-1S Cobra and takes the pilot's seat. The Cobra takes off and Williams begins making strafing runs on the enemy force, destroying multiple tanks and killing KPA and PLA soldiers. After a minute of fighting, Lieutenant Gyeong calls over the radio.

Lieutenant Gyeong: Williams! We've finished evacuating the base, it's time to go!

Lieutenant Williams: Copy that, I'm heading back to pick you up now.

Williams flies the helicopter back over to the base and Lieutenant Gyeong takes the co-pilots spot.

Lieutenant Williams: It's time to get out of here.

Williams flies the helicopter away from the DMZ. The screen fades to black as the mission ends and Battlegrounds' logo is shown.

The staff of IDI walks back out on stage as the crowd applause.

Ethan Sumner: As you can see, we took full advantage of the UEE to create the most realistic gameplay possible. You may have noticed that no icons appeared when picking weapons or interacting with other characters.

Annika Smith: Also, the HUD does not contain any ammo counters, health meters, or crosshairs.

William McKee: Another thing you may have noticed is how the player's character reacts after getting hit by a bullet or shrapnel. This is all to make combat more realistic.

Byung-Seok Kim: In order to keep the game running smoothly, we had to separate the campaign and multiplayer into six sections. Each section is one year in-game and adds on more to the story of the game.

Danielle Sun: Each section is classified as a "Year DLC," which means that every month or so, a new year will be added to the game so that the player can continue playing the game.

Anthony Gurunian: A new feature that is unique to Battlegrounds is called the World Map.

A screenshot of the World Map is shown on screen.

Anthony Gurunian: The World Map allows players to chose a mission or battle to enter while also showing gains or losses in territory.

James Sun: Well, that's all the time we have for Battlegrounds. We'll be back with some behind-the-scenes info on our upcoming projects. See you all soon!

The staff of IDI exit the stage as the audience clap. Robert walks on to introduce the next presentation.

Infinite Development Inc. Future Ideas[]

Infinite Development Incorporated's Future Ideas

Robert McNeill: Now, it's time for a behind the scenes look at what IDI has in store for us in the future. Enjoy.

Robert walks off stage and the lights dim.

The screen fades in to show Ethan sitting in a chair.

Ethan Sumner: Hello, I'm Ethan Sumner, CEO of Infinite Development Inc.

The screen now shows scenes of IDI employees working on games.

Ethan Sumner: IDI's policy is to make quality games without any time restrictions being placed on us. This was evident when we made Battlegrounds, which took four years to complete. Right now, however, we are developing three new games and are planning another four.

RLR Teaser.png

Promotional art for Real Life Raiders is shown.

Ethan Sumner: The first game we're working on is Real Life Raiders.

Scenes depicting concept art and development of Real Life Raiders is shown.

Ethan Sumner: Real Life Raiders is an open-world, sandbox game where you can control everything that is happening. In Real Life Raiders, you are able to create elaborate bases and weapons, team up with of fight other players, and complete tasks that can give you more dominance in a certain area.

Scenes showing beta testing are shown.

Ethan Sumner: There are three types of modes available for the player; Raid, Dominance, and Takeover.

Concept art for the Raid game mode is shown.

Ethan Sumner: Raid acts as a campaign for RLR. Raid pits players against bots where they must complete a series of tasks before advancing. Raid teaches players the basic controls and mechanics for the game while also giving the player bonuses and advantages in the other game modes.

Concept art for the Dominance and Takeover game mode is shown.

Ethan Sumner: Dominance and Takeover bring multiplayer in to the game. Dominance pits the player against other players for control of a certain area. The player has the ability to team up with others and create fortifications to defend their territory from, while also launching assaults against enemy bases. Whoever has the most control in the area wins the match.

Now, Takeover takes a different direction. Takeover is more about strategy than brute force. In Takeover, players start with the same amount land at the start with a huge area of unclaimed land in between. Unlike Dominance, players cannot ally with each other, thus making gameplay more difficult. The player has limited resources to create the strongest base possible and then must use what he has to control as much land as possible. Whoever controls the most land or causes the other players to surrender wins.

The screen cuts back to show Ethan sitting in a chair.

Combat Veterans Teaser 2.png

Promotional art for Combat Veterans is shown.

Ethan Sumner: Combat Veterans is another war based game that follows a group of soldiers through some of the darkest days in the Vietnam War. Battle on the ground or in the air while you follow a gripping story with the Vietnam War as its backdrop. Powered by the Ultimate Experience Engine, Combat Veterans will be something you won't forget.

Judgement Teaser.png

Promotional art for Judgement is shown.

Ethan Sumner: Powered once again by the Ultimate Experience Engine, Judgement brings IDI into the realm of our nation's police forces. You control Detective Mark Crossman of the New York Police Department as you attempt to solve a stream of murders that seem to perfect to have been done by any ordinary murderer.

IDI Films.png

The screen then shows the logo for IDI Films.

Ethan Sumner: I am also proud to announce that we are in the process of making a thirteen part mini-series based off of Battlegrounds, called The Battlefield. It will follow the game's characters through the same plot line that the game had, with some more elements added in. We are also making a film based off of 5-7 Development's upcoming game, Downfall.

The screen shows Ethan sitting.

Well, that's all I can reveal today, I hope to see you all soon.

The screen cuts to black.

The lights come back on and the crowd claps. Robert walks back on stage to introduce the next presentation.


MPHES Presentation by Ethan Sumner

Robert McNeill: Up next is the long awaited presentation for the Multi-Purpose Home Entertainment System, better known as the MPHES. Let's welcome Ethan back on stage!

Ethan walks on to the stage and shakes Robert's hand. Robert walks off stage.

Ethan Sumner: Hello again everyone! Today we are unveiling a new entry into the console race. The MPHES.

A picture of the console appears on screen as an example of one rises up from the stage.

Ethan Sumner: Beauty ain't it? But you're all probably like, "We know how it looks, but what does it do and how does it compare to other consoles?" Well, let's get started.

The console automatically turns on and a holographic screen opens up from the console. The console's main menu appears on the screen.

Ethan Sumner: Pretty impressive right? As you can see, we've taken console technology to the next level. From now on, you won't even need a television screen to play games, because it will be made available to you immediately. However, for those who wish to continue to use a standard television screen, the MPHES sports two HDMI ports. However, there is one thing that you won't be able to do with an average TV screen.

Ethan walks over to the console and begins manipulating the screen, shifting apps and settings, choosing themes, etc. He finally increases the size of the screen and has it encircle the audience. The audience claps.

Ethan Sumner: How many of you are still going to use a TV?

The audience laughs. One person raises his hand.

Ethan Sumner: Well good luck with that. Anyways, another feature I would like to point out is how you turn on or turn off the system. There are three ways to activate the console: voice, sound such as clapping, or the most difficult way, pushing the power button.

The audience laugh as Ethan moves over to a table where a controller has been placed. He picks up the controller and moves back in front of the crowd.

Ethan Sumner: Now, of course, a console's not complete without a controller. So I present to you the Command 1 Controller. Like the MPHES, it too has the ability to use its own holographic screen that can be used in-game or in unison with the main menu. Other than that, it's just like a standard controller so nothing else really needs to be said about it.

Ethan puts down the controller and stands in front of the console.

Ethan Sumner: Now, prepare to be amazed.

Ethan, once again, increases the size of the screen and completely customizes the look of the menu. He then selects Battlegrounds as the game to play. As the starting titles play, the sounds fill the room, bringing quality surround sound to the room. The game finishes starting up and Ethan shrinks the size of the screen down again. The audience clap and cheer.

Ethan Sumner: Pretty amazing huh?

The audience continue to clap.

Ethan Sumner: The reason why I was able to do what I just did was through what we call the "Sensor System." Although it may not seem the most exciting name, but, the name doesn't mean everything.

The console goes back into the stage and the logo for the console comes up on the stage screen.

Ethan Sumner: The MPHES is the only console that has a resolution of 1320p, giving you the most realistic experience to date. We also made an agreement with Sony to have the MPHES be backwards compatible with PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 games. The MPHES is going on the market for a price of only $299 and you gain immediate access to IDI Online and our premier Innovation game service.

The audience claps.

Ethan Sumner: Thank you E3 2014, I'll see you all at the Awards ceremony!

Ethan exits the stage and Robert comes back on.

Interview with Ethan Sumner[]

Lee Hawkins' Interview with Ethan Sumner

After the staff of IDI leaves the stage, Robert walks back on the stage.

Robert McNeill: Right now, we have a special behind-the-scenes interview with Infinite Development Inc. CEO and lead producer of Battlegrounds, Ethan Sumner. Sit back and enjoy some behind-the-scenes information in store in this interview.

Robert walks off the stage as the lights in the room dim.

The screen fades in to show Ethan Sumner standing next to Lee Hawkins backstage.

Lee Hawkins: Alright Robert, I'm here with the lead producer of Battlegrounds, one of the most anticipated games of 2014. How are you doing, Mister Sumner.

Ethan Sumner: I am fine. Thank you for having me.

Lee Hawkins: So about Battlegrounds, we have seen the trailer for the game, amazing scenes by the way. Was the trailer in-game footage or was it shot only for the trailer?

Ethan Sumner: The whole trailer was shot in-game. Everything seen and heard, other than the narrator, can be found in-game. You just have to keep you eyes open for it.

Lee Hawkins: Amazing, I mean look at the graphics. Speaking of the graphics, how was it to work on the Ultimate Experience Engine.

Ethan Sumner: When we started off, it was extremely frustrating. Building an engine from scratch isn't easy, especially one that is meant to rival reality. I'm sure you remember the Project Nexus Engine right? That was what the UEE eventually became, but more advanced. In the end, everything came together and everyone shared a very joyous moment.

Lee Hawkins: I remember hearing about the Project Nexus Engine. I had no idea it became the UEE. Moving on, does the Ultimate Experience Engine need to be improved?

Ethan Sumner: Of course, the Ultimate Experience Engine, like any game engine, is always open for improvement. In fact, Battlegrounds only uses the Mk.I engine, while a future game of ours, Final Fronts uses the Mk.II, and our friends at Prime Studios are using the Mk.III engine for Meltdown. Although the changes we made might seem small, they actually greatly enhance a game's performance.

Lee Hawkins: You're open for cooperation with other studios who want to use the engine?

Ethan Sumner: Yup, it's a part of IDI's vision to create a more cooperative environment with other companies. Mikhail, CEO of Prime Studios, has been a good friend of mine for years, so I was willing to let him use the UEE when he asked for usage of it. Another company, NINE100 Studios, has already made a variation of the UEE, the Ignition Engine.

Lee Hawkins: I hear the you are also in a rivalry. How's it like being in a competition with DECA's Wartech engine?

Ethan Sumner: Personally, I love the Wartech engine. After playing Warzone for the first time and seeing how advanced the engine was, I couldn't get enough of it. DECA's got themselves an amazing engine and I won't be surprised if it's a tie between the UEE and the Wartech engine for the "Best Engine" award.

Lee Hawkins: Interesting, you seem to have a healthy yet friendly competition with DECA then. Let's start talking about Battlegrounds, specifically the single-player. Who did you work with to write the story?

Ethan Sumner: To write the plot of the game, I practically worked with the whole company. Then again, when IDI started we were only thirteen people who loved games. Now we're over one hundred strong with employees.

Lee Hawkins: IDI revealed that the campaign for Battlegrounds would be separated into six different sections. One section for each year in-game. I'm afraid that the story is not going to have a deep plot line. Is it going to feature a deep and intense story or is it going to focus on the realism of war? I don't think those two items can be put together.

Ethan Sumner: You'd be very surprised. We have made a deep plot line with major interactions between characters while keeping the realism of warfare. In order to accomplish this, we interviewed multiple active duty soldiers or veterans from countries around the world. They told stories of how it felt being on the battlefield and how emotions and stress can interfere with a soldier's way of thinking. One example is seeing a friend being killed or injured and the witness' reaction. With these interviews, we were then able to create a dynamic plot full of interactive characters with World War III as the back drop.

Lee Hawkins: That's something I look forward to seeing. But now, the thing I play most of the time is multiplayer. What can you say about it?

Ethan Sumner: Well, the team and I see multiplayer as another campaign, where you create a character to fight or support other characters. The player will go through the same process they did to create their character at the start of Battlegrounds, but instead of being sent through tutorials, the player has the choice to enter battles immediately. Whenever the player is not in battle, he or she has the ability to interact with other players in a similar way they would in the campaign.

Lee Hawkins: Was there any inspiration from which you drew this idea from?

Ethan Sumner: The inspiration for this idea came from the fact that most other games that include multiplayer only cared about leveling up, obtaining new unlocks, and fighting. We wanted to create a more dynamic and unique type of multiplayer that was unlike anything seen in the gaming world.

Lee Hawkins: Aha, I see. What can a player do as an example?

Ethan Sumner: I wish I had the game with me so I could show you, but I guess I'll have to explain. To start off, the player will have access to the World Map a unique feature found in Battlegrounds. he World Map allows players to chose which area of combat to enter as well as show the progression of the territorial gains and losses by each side.

Lee Hawkins: But that's worldwide then. What if one side keeps losing and can never counter attack?

Ethan Sumner: I knew that would come up eventually. Because of that, we decided to just let the war play out due to the fact that, as far as the campaign's concerned, it never actually happened. If one side wins or loses, the World Map will automatically reset. The reason behind this is so that players can learn from mistakes they made the first time they played. Thus promoting teamwork and cooperation which creates more intense combat. It may be complicated, but after seeing results from the open betas, it works.

Lee Hawkins: You say that one side can win or lose. Do you mean that a player keeps playing for the same country for the entire "war"? Also, do certain factions have exclusive equipment available?

Ethan Sumner: Sort of. When the player makes their character, the player can choose which side they'll be on and what country they'll fight for. With in each side and nation, there are special vehicles and weapons that are only available to that nation or side. Once the war concludes, the player can chose to keep the same character or make a new one and try a different side or nation.

Lee Hawkins: But, assuming that the US has the most players, then it's most likely that the US will have the most players fighting for it in-game.

Ethan Sumner: And we have something to counter that. We know that players will tend to chose their home country over all the others, so we came up with the Personnel Limit System. What this does is, when a nation reaches a certain number of players, it gets locked out and no one else is allowed to join, making other players chose a different nation. Like everything else, this will reset once the World Map resets.

Lee Hawkins: Great. Now, let's move on to bonus material. Are there any bonus modes in Battlegrounds?

Ethan Sumner: In fact there is. We decided to include a Zombies mode in Battlegrounds.

Lee Hawkins: Zombies? Interesting. What can you tell us about it?

Ethan Sumner: Well, we have two modes for Zombies, "Survival" and "Campaign." For Survival, we talked to Treyarch for usage of their story arch, but allowing us to change it. Eventually, Treyarch gave us permission to use their Zombies storyline and change it up as we please. Because we went with the Call of Duty Zombies story arch, the gameplay will remain similar to the original game mode, but with certain enhancements made with the Ultimate Experience Engine. The campaign, however, follows in Battlegrounds' normal campaign, combining realism with a diverse, immersive plot line. Unfortunately, I can't go too much in to detail with this as I wasn't the lead on this project.

Lee Hawkins: Who was the lead on the Zombies portion then?

Ethan Sumner: The lead for Zombies was Byung-Seok Kim, who is also one of the composers for Battlegrounds.

Lee Hawkins: Awesome. Now, moving on to the game's soundtrack, how is it coming along?

Ethan Sumner: The soundtrack for the game is almost complete. The music heard in both the trailer and the gameplay sneak peel are pieces from the original soundtrack. As of now, we have five composers working on it: Byung-Seok Kim, William McKee, Jack Wall, Hanz Zimmer, and myself. We also have a number of musicians playing the soundtrack. The soundtrack itself won't be released to the public until the game is released, sorry.

Lee Hawkins: Okay. Well, I think you've leaked us a ton of information and it's time to get back to the presentations. Thank you and good luck back during the awards portion of E3 2014.

Ethan Sumner: Anytime, it was a pleasure and we hope we did our best today.

The screen fades to black.

Robert walks back on stage.

Robert McNeill: Thank you for the wonderful interview Lee. Now let's continue on with the presentations.

Retaliation: Fires of Combat[]

Retaliation: Fires of Combat Presentation by Mikhail Dzheyms

Robert: Our next presentation sees the return of Prime Studios CEO, Mikhail Dzheyms, as he tells us about another game they've made that has been in the making for quite a while.

Mikhail Dzheyms walks on stage as the audience applauds. Mikhail walks up to Robert, waving at the audience on his way. He then shakes Robert's hand, before Robert walks offstage.

Mikhail: Hello everybody. It's great to be on stage again.

The Retaliation: Fires of Combat logo appears on screen.

Mikhail: Today's presentation is about Retaliation: Fires of Combat, for those of you who can't read the screen.

A few people in the audience laugh.

Mikhail: Now, Fires of Combat has been in the works for a few years. It is a multiplayer-only game inspired by games such as Battlefield and MAG, set in World War III, where the United States, Russia, and allies have gone to war against China, Iran, and their allies. In the game there are eight factions to choose from, each with unique weapons and vehicles.

As Mikhail is talking, the screen shows aerial panoramas of a few of the maps in-game.

Mikhail: The maps take place in many locations across the globe, from Honolulu to Shanghai, and from Sydney to Tunguska. Each map is between two and five square kilometers in area- well, except for one of them. There are a wide variety of gamemodes, many of them I am sure you are familiar with in previous games, such as Dogfight, Conquest, and a Team Deathmatch-based mode, as well as two new gamemodes we have come up with: HVI and Convoy. To summarize it, we have put together this neat little trailer for you.

The lights dim and the screen plays the trailer. The trailer begins with showing an American soldier driving an EFV, with CW McCall's 'Convoy' playing in the background. The song is clear at first, then gets scratchy and fuzzy as it fades away, being replaced by audio of the battle surrounding the EFV. The camera zooms out, showing an armored column heading down a street in Cairo. The camera zooms out further, showing approaching Iranian and Chinese tanks and aircraft. The camera continues to zoom out, showing the entire battlefield. The screen then cuts to a few cinematic shots taken during a game of Convoy, showing gameplay from the view of a Humvee gunner protecting the convoy, an SPAAG gunner in the convoy, an Iranian Army sniper, and a Chinese Helicopter pilot attacking the convoy. The trailer ends with the Chinese helicopter strafing the convoy, destroying the remaining vehicles, before the screen is replaced with the Retaliation logo, and the lights on stage brighten.

Mikhail: There, you saw three of the factions fighting around the convoy. This trailer also demonstrates the scale of the combat seen in Fires of Combat. That concludes our presentation for today. Thank you all, and have a great afternoon!

Mikhail waves at the audience and walks offstage as the audience applauds. Robert walks on stage and introduces the next speaker.


Afterlife presentation by Alec Verdoorn

Robert McNeill: Let's move up with the new zombies game. Here is Alec Verdoorn with his new creation.

Crowd applauds as Alec Verdoorn walks onto the stage.

Alec Verdoorn: Hello everyone. I'm Alec Verdoorn and lead developer of many games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Doomsday. Today, I'm going to present one of my latest productions, including the one I'm going to reveal now. The new project of me and the boys at DECA, is called Afterlife.

The guy on the cover appears on the screen.

Alec Verdoorn: Afterlife takes place in the near future and 10 years after that. With near future, I mean that today is preferred above tomorrow. A young survivor named Aiden Harris and his brother are together for years, living a life as normal as possible in a world full of infected and rogues. When they are torn apart by faith, Aiden starts his journey to find him. But his goal changes, just like his instincts.

The screen turns black.

Alec Verdoorn: You're going to witness how a man's instinct can chance... Let's watch it.

The lights dim and the screen starts to play.

Aiden Harris: What am I doing?

A man on is standing on the edge of a collapsed house looking to a ravaged city. He wields no weapon and his clothes are for the most part clean.

Aiden Harris: What have I become?

The man's appearance changes in a split second to one with a machete and a pistol and his clothes are covered in blood. He looks at the same street in the same position. The man's appearance changes back to the normal and vice versa. This happens a few times. Screen turns black.

Aiden Harris: It's been ten years after the spread of a virus that changed history.

The view changes to sunrise in a city. It views a few streets and parks, left and abandoned.

Aiden Harris: People start changing in animals.

On screen appear people fighting each other. The man from the beginning jumps between both fires and kill some people. The view changes back.

Aiden Harris: This isn't life anymore, their are no rules, no morals...

Now appears the same without the weapon running while the pursuers shoot at him.

Aiden Harris: This is the afterlife.

The view changes to a man attacking a woman with a whittle. It changes to a camp under siege. It goes on to a man carrying another man away. Then the screen goes black, slowly revealing a zombie.

Unknown: (Whispering) This is hell!

On screen appears herds of zombies attacking on man. He kills loads of them with the machete and the pistol ver quick and smoothly, using combination moves. Slowly the zombies gain the upper hand and the man keeps firing. From a view from above you seee him slowly getting surrounded.

Aiden Harris: There is nobody left.

On screen appears Aiden Harris talking to someone in a normal voice.

Aiden Harris: It's just us and those fucking zombies...

On the screen appears the cover of Afterlife and the release date.

Narrator: Pre-order now and get the Dark Winter-DLC free.

Danger Close: Art of War[]

To be added.

Call of Duty: Black Widow[]

Call of Duty: Black Widow Presentation by George Alder

(The above music plays up to 0:12 as George Alder walks on stage.)

George Alder: Hello everyone, and many thanks for the warm welcome. My name is George Alder, and I am the founder of, and lead developer at, NINE100 Studios. As you all know, with Activision, my studio has been working on a next-generation Call of Duty game, Black Widow. We have already released the first teaser trailer, but today, we are proud to reveal the next trailer for the game, Saharan Stalk. I hope you enjoy it.

(George walks off of the stage.)

Saharan Stalk


(The above music begins. Sand blows away to reveal the logos of NINE100 Studios and Activision. The following scenes show Vicar, Scone, Manuel and Matador walking towards a village during a desert sandstorm in the Western Sahara.)

Vicar: Make sure your visors are down lads, this sand will fuck your eyes up.

Manuel: Qué? (Spanish: What?)

Vicar: *sigh* Mantenga esa visera abajo, imbécil. (Spanish: Keep that visor down, moron.)

Manuel: Ah, sí señor. (Spanish: Ah, yes sir.)

Matador: I have to apologise about him.

Scone: No need, he's the one I can't understand.

Vicar: Well, luckily for you, Matador and I both speak Spanish. Anyway, it looks like this vilage is up ahead. Stay frosty. Manuel, mantener un mirador. (Spanish: Manuel, keep a lookout.)

(At 0:40, the camera pans out to show a large amount of the desert, and then zooms in on the village.)

Vicar: Our sources tell us that Al-Tagheer have been using this village as a centre for weapons trafficking, led by a guy called Aatif El-Asmar. We track these weapons and bring him down, Al-Tagheer will get weaker. Matador, update Manuel, we're going in.

(At 0:56 the camera zooms past the four and stops at at a door marked with the Arabic script السير نحو المستقبل. The screen then pans to black at 1:00 and the music fades out.)

Vicar: Seize him.

(The music starts again at the point 1:17, and the logo for Call of Duty: Black Widow launches on to the screen. The music and the screen fades out at 1:24.)

(George walks back onto the stage.)

George: As I said, I do hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at the campaign of Black Widow. In the coming months, we will hope to show you more trailers and more footage from the game. We are also going to be showing a live, 24-player multiplayer demo at Gamescom in August which we are very excited about, and we will also be showing a couple of tech demos that truly show the power of the Ignition Engine. However, I will now be transferring to my colleague and friend Daniel Nooring, who is going to give you a taste of the brand new zombies experience that we have been working on for this game.

(George Alder walks off of the stage as Daniel Nooring walks on.)

Daniel Nooring: Right, hello everyone. As George said, I'm here to reveal the first Zombies map in the storyline that we are dubbing 'Dying Breed'. This map acts as a sort of prologue to the full story, which we discuss at a later date. The four characters were all part of the Metropolitan Police Service in London, before the shit hit the fan. With the underworld breaking through, these guys are forced to give everything they have got to fend off the hordes. Let's take a quick look at a teaser for this map.

(Daniel walks off of the stage.)

From the Underworld

(The above music begins as the camera pans across four ID cards, revealing the names of the characters, Benjamin Barnes, Aiden Cole, Gareth Pritchard and Joel Riggs. At 0:21, the scenes show the group equipping guns, loading them and stocking extra ammunition. At 0:46, the group move together and lift their guns. At 0:52, the camera pans to show zombies approching them, and the group open fire on them. The following scenes show the characters shooting at the zombies and also attacking them with knives. At 1:12, the camera pans out to show the Earth, albeit with a red tint. The name of the map, Emerge, launches onto the screen. The screen fades to black after than, and the music continues.)

(Daniel walks back on with the trailer music. It then cuts out when he gets back on the stage.)

Daniel: Auld Lang Syne there, not technically English, but certainly British! Anyway, I would like to thank you for listening and watching out Black Widow presentation. You can expect to see the game in stores Quarter-4 2014, and we'll hope to give you a definitive release date at Gamescom. Next, I would like to bring out James Winter, who will be revealing our brand new IP. Thank you all for your time, and I hope this presentation perked up your interest! See you at Gamescom guys!

(Daniel walks off the stage, as James Winter walks on.)


Broken Presentation by James Winter

(James Winter walks onto the stage as his name appears on the screen.)

James Winter: People talk about the apocalypse like they want it to come, like they feel that it would be easy to live through. Somehow, the idea of a zombie apocalypse is a novelty, people just casually chat about it like they would be complete badasses in that situation. The truth is, nobody would be prepared for when one does strike, and this is what we are conveying in our new intellectual property Broken.

Broken Teaser.png

(Promotional art for Broken appears on the screen.)

James: Drawing inspiration from incredible games such as The Last of Us and Telltale's The Walking Dead, we have crafted an accurate representation of what we feel a true epidemic would be like. People will form allegiences, and people will become enemies. There will be no true good people around, and everybody will be willing to do what they need to do. It is them, or you. We are proud, and excited, to show you the reveal trailer for Broken, that we are calling Paradise Lost. Thank you, and enjoy.

Paradise Lost


(The above music begins. The log of NINE100 Studios appears on the screen. The screen shows the Cerebermis parasite under a microscope, followed by a bird's eye view of the city of Archerson. The screen pans to Brodie writing.)

Brodie: Day 5656, November 9th, 2028. That piece of crap Waylon tried to bargain with us again, but after the shit he pulled three weeks ago, we ain't gonna even consider working with that asshole. When we lose people, for that, you've gotta be pretty fucking stupid to try and be the benelovent guy.

(The words Day 5656 appear on the screen, which then changes to Day 5634.)

Brodie: Day 5634, October 18th, 2028. We finally calmed down after last years incident to trade with Waylon's group again. Managed to get enough food to last us a good couple-a months. Hopefully we were right in giving them some of our ammunition.

('The words Day 5634 appear on the screen, which then changes to Day 5127.)

Brodie: Day 5127, August 29th, 2027. That fucking guy again, he tried to storm our place using the stuff we fucking gave him. No more allying, we are doing what we need to do now, we aren't going to be messing with any more pricks like him.

('The words Day 5127 appear on the screen, which then changes to Day 3634.)

Brodie: Day 3634, April 28th, 2023. We had to decide what was right for all of us today. When Bryan found her slipping supplies, fuck. If our decision was right, I don't know. I just hope this doesn't blow back up in our faces.

(The words Day 3634 appear on the screen, which then changes to Day 1.)

Brodie: Day 1, May 17th, 2013. Survival of the fittest.

(At 1:27, the scene fades to black, and the logo for Broken appears. The music and screen then fade out.)

(James walks back onto the stage, smiling at the response.)

James: Thank you for that incredible reception. The story of Broken wil switch between 12 perspectives, including this guy you've just seen, Brodie. These guys are struggling in the city of Archerson, Texas, and have done so for 15 years. However, they aren't the only people struggling, and you'll find yourself in a decade long battle for resources and life. What we'd like to show you now is a live demo of a section of the game, demonstrated and played by my good friend Adam York.

(Adam walks on stage as James leaves. The scene starts from Chloe's perspective as her eyes open, revealing a fire spreading through the building. As she comes to her sense, she finds herself without any weapons, other than a knife.)

Chloe: Where... oh my god. Uh, shit, where's my gun. Fuck, it's gone. All I have is a knife.

Adam York: As you can see, the Ignition Engine really captures the intensity of this situation.

(A piece of flaming wood falls from the ceiling, just missing Chloe.)

Chloe: Crap, I've gotta get out of this place.

(Chloe stands up. The demo shows her running down a corridor as pieces of it fall and collapse. Eventually, she reaches a flaming wall.)

Chloe: God damnit. Um, I should find a window, see how high I am.

(Chloe turns into a room and finds a numerous smashed windows. She looks out of them, finding that she is fairly high up.)

Chloe: Oh my god, I'm gonna have to go through there.

(Chloe spots a spool of rope hung up on the wall.)

Chloe: I should use that, it'll give me a bit of stability.

(The demo shows Chloe running over to the rope and grabbing it, before tying it to herself.)

Adam: The first-person perspective really helps you feel what Chloe is feeling in this situation.)

(The demo shows Chloe attaching the other end of the rope to a wall hook.)

Chloe: I'm insane.

(Chloe climbs through the window and onto a ledge, before lowering herself down, slowly to each ledge below it. After a while, near the ground, the rope stops, leaving Chloe unable to lower further.)

Chloe: I'm not too high, I could probably take that fall. Where's that knife?

(Chloe grabs her knife.)

Chloe: Yep, I'm totally insane.

(Chloe starts hacking at the rope, as the fire continues to spread through the building. The rope breaks, leaving Chloe to fall, as the screen cuts to black.)

Adam: Thank you everyone for watching this demo for Broken. We do hope you enjoyed this demo, and we are very excited to share with you more information about this game in the future. Next, I would like to bring George Alder back on to the stage, to discuss some of NINE100 Studios' future developments.

(Adam walks off of the stage as George walks back on.)

NINE100 Studios Reveals[]

NINE100 Studios Reveals by George Alder

George Alder: I do hope you enjoyed this first look at Broken, but now we want to talk about a few other developments that the studio are currently working on. We aren't at the stage where we are going to be showing trailers, but we are able to reveal them to you today.

Thunderbreak Teaser 2.png

(Promotional art for Thunderbreak appears on the screen.)

George: Thunderbreak is an open world action RPG set in Cynestesia, one of the many realms in the world of Septasgus. The protagonist of the game will be Aeon Dunwulf, and we will be providing an array of customisation options to really make the character part of you. Fueled by the Scar Engine, this is a role-playing game to watch.

Consummate Anarchy Teaser.png

(Promotional art for Riot Control: Consummate Anarchy appears on the screen.)

George: When we think about fighting against an opposing force, we always think of warfare. Heck, we just revealed a new warfare game earlier. Little attention is paid to units like riot control and SWAT teams, who protect us just as much. Riot Control: Consummate Anarchy will focus on the struggles of riot squad, as the fight against anarchists, domestic terrorists and others tho threaten the safety of the populus.

Vitiation Teaser.png

(Promotional art for Vitiation appears on the screen.)

George: Another game brought to life with the Scar Engine is Vitiation, which looks at a man-made mutation of the phoridae apocephalus borealis. This mutation caused the entire world to be under threat by flying infectants, and, as you can see from this promotional art, can only be held back by fire. If they lay their larvae, more will spawn, and with more infectants, more hosts will be created. This is a vicious circle that is near impossible to break out of, and our protagonist, Megan Calhoun, will be forced to keep herself alive.

(The promotional art is removed from the screen.)

George: As you can see, we have many exciting developments lined up, all of which we cannot wait to talk about in more detail. You've at through what we had to see, and we do all appreciate your response. I'd like to ask Robert back onto the stage, who will introduce the next part. Thank you all, and enjoy the rest of the show!


Imagination presentation by Jerry Wifflewaffle

Robert McNeill walks back up on stage as George Alder exits.

Robert McNeill: Thank you, George. Those reveals were certainly impressive! Now let us turn our attention to Jerry Wifflewaffle, who will be representing EternalBlaze Industries as he will be presenting their all new console, the Imagination. Let's welcome him to the stage!

The audience claps as Jerry Wifflewaffle makes his way to the center of the stage. As this is going on, a picture of the Imagination appears on the screen, while a console and a helmet a brought out for later use.

Jerry Wifflewaffle: Thank you, Robert, you are too kind. Hello everyone, my name is Jerry Wifflewaffle and as Robert said, I will be presenting one of EB Industries' newest creations, the Imagination, a next generation console. Now it may not look like much on the outside, and believe me, some of us at the company thought it was a next gen Wii at first [some laughter], but after we demonstrate some of the things users will be able to do might just change your minds. I would like to introduce one of my co-workers, Donald Hall, who took part in creating this amazing machine and who will be demonstrating some of its abilities today.

Applause comes from the crowd as Donald Hall walks on stage. He waves and gets everything together, turning on the console and putting on the helmet. The screen behind Wifflewaffle immediately displays Hall's helmet vision as the lights dim. Hall can be seen in the Imagination Home.

Jerry Wifflewaffle: I will start off with the basics. The Imagination's controller is that helmet you saw Mr. Hall put on. It simulates a world around you and senses your movements. Games for the Imagination are played out physically, rather than with a controller. Not only does that make gaming fun and entertaining, it also promotes a healthier way to game, as players will be active most of the time they play.

What you see here is Mr. Hall's helmet vision, or whatever he sees. All helmets are fitted with special Go Pro cameras for recording videos and gameplay and a special EB Industries microphone for AI/Player interaction as well as console commands.

As of now, Mr. Hall is at the Imagination Home, or just Home. This is like "home base" of the Imagination where the player has access to all their purchased games, apps, videos, music, and more. It was designed similarly to a computer desktop and the player can create or rearrange shortcuts to multiple things. However, using the built in microphone, they can just say what they want, as long as it is audible, and the Imagination should take them there.

Hall demonstrates what Wifflewaffle said by moving some placeholder apps around and eventually saying, 'Play Soothsayer by Buckethead,' to get the Imagination to play the song. The crowd applauds and cheers.

Jerry Wifflewaffle: Now, we've also absorbed the idea of not having to use disc games anymore. We've developed a marketplace in the Imagination that will store everything players will want to buy, whether it be backgrounds for Home, games, DLC packs, anything. All games will be available for purchase on the Marketplace. Original games made by EB Industries start at $40.

Hall touches the Marketplace option and scrolls down to the 'Games' section, hovering over Modern Warfare: After Effect, which costs $39.99. After exiting the games section, he goes to the 'Home Backgrounds' section and scrolls over a few that were designed as concept backgrounds.

Jerry Wifflewaffle: Some of you may be thinking, how many people will each console be able to have on at the same time. The answer is ten. The Imagination is capable of having ten players play on the same console at the same time. However, each player has their own screen and it will be as if they weren't playing on the same console. Also, space isn't something players will have to worry about, as they will be doing the actions in place most often. However, it is still advised to play in a generally open area just to be safe, right?

The audience applauds.

Anyways, the console is set to be released later this year on the market for about $150, although that price will most definitely be lowered later on. There will be no extra fee for playing online as well. Thank you for your time, everyone. Have a great time at E3 2014 and good luck to everyone else!

More applause erupts as Wifflewaffle leaves the stage, Hall takes the equipment, and Robert McNeill returns to the stage.

Interview with George Alder[]

To be added.

Watch Code[]

Watch Code presentation by Alec Verdoorn

Robert McNeill: Thank you George, for that wonderful interview. Next up is maybe the most surprising and unexpected entry to this years E3. Developed by DECA and Infinity Ward, let's welcome Alec Verdoorn of Watch Code.

Alec Verdoorn enters the stage. The screen is black and some phrases, using the same font as te font on the cover, appear and disappear on screen. The phrases are: I'm watching you, Safe what remains, One of us, this is the price you pay, I'll do whatever is necessary, The key of everything.

Robert McNeill: Stage is all yours.

Alec Verdoorn and Robert McNeill shake hands and say something unhearable to each other. Alec taps the shoulder of Robert and Robert leaves the stage. The crowd applauds

Alec Verdoorn: Thank you all.

He waves to the crowd.

Alec Verdoorn: What I got for you today, is a new project to show to you. Normally, games, and especially the story, is all about imagination and interpetation. Not anymore. Next-generation gives us new oppertunities in singleplayer. Multiplayer kept evolving, every year, there were new possibilities, making almost any game an MMO.

On screen appears a table of the number of players who play online. In the background, the phrases continue.

Alec Verdoorn: The number of online players to this date, is immense. But it was always a face-off between them in multiplayer matches and infamous series like the Ghost Recon-series tried to make a campaign where teamwork was the only way to win, but it wasn't the breakthrough on cooperation mode. But I and all other members of Infonity Ward and DECA have found the intense cooperation-singleplayer experience. Nothing is about imagination, it's all about becoming the character. Ladies and gentleman, I'm presenting you: Watch Code.

The cover art of Watch Code appears on screen. Beneath it appears the tagline: I'm watching you. The appearance of the cover art is dynamic, as the character on the cover pulls out the gun and aims, freezing the screen. The crowd applauds very loud, making Alec Verdoorn smile.

Alec Verdoorn: Yeah... Pretty pocture isn't it? Watch Code takes place in a world after a computer breakdown. The government lost control in the country and there's chaos in some parts. But, life has to go on. So everybody tries to come around, they'll do everything to stay alive and out of danger. But off course, no one can live in such country. So couldn't Chris Shepherd.

Picture of Chris Shepherd appears.

Alec Verdoorn: In Watch Code, the player will become Chris Shepherd. And this guy, is a special guy. Lights out!

The lights dim and go out and Alec Verdoorn walka to the right side. The screen turns black. Suddenly a screen of a mobile appears with the text: Dead or Alive.


The screen zooms out. Chris Shepherd is walking through a street full of walking civilians, going the other way. Chris bumps into another man, tapping him. The screen turns around and the back of the man is shown, with a tracker placed by Chris. The words: Postive ID: Joseph Deluca, appear in digital around the face of him looking back.

Chris Shepherd: (Voice over) I turned the tables. You can't escape now.

He walks further against the stream of people with his hands in his pockets and looking down.

Chris Shepherd: (Voice over) You're not anonymous, I know what you are.

A man on a roof who looks down to Chris is shown. He grabs his phone. The view changes to Chris who pushes a button on his phone. The man on the roof talks to the phone, but pulls it back like he sees that it doesn't work.

Chris Shepherd: (Voice over) You let other people do the dirty work for you.

Chris looks up right into the camera. He walks into a street which is covered by rubbish and some flares are lighting.

Chris Shepherd: (Voice over) You took advantage of the day America felt.

He walks into an alley. He walks straight to the entrance which is defended by a guard. He tries to stop him and reaches for his headphone. Chris pushes another button on his phone. The guard talks to his headphone, but it doesn't work.

Chris Shepherd: (Voice over) But I'm going to make you regret that decision.

He walks straight to the guard, who pulls out a gun. Chris pushes the gun aside and punches the guard on the ground. He pulls out a knife and the guard raises his hands in the air, but Chris stabs him. The screen goes black.

Chris Shepherd: T-Bone, you got a visual on Deluca?

The view changes to a view from the back of Chris, showing the right side of his face with a phone against his ear. He walks into a building. The view changes to a view shot from a drone and focusing on a walking Joseph Deluca.

T-Bone: Positive ID, he is on his way.

The view changes back to Chris Shepherd, who stands in a room with 2 dead man, executed by him. He walks to a door and enables the code, using a hacking device attached to it.

Chris Shepherd: Good...

The door opens and Chris fires his gun to the people in it. The room has a big screen on the right, containing foto's of people with beneath them "Sold" or "Sale". There's a large table in the middle of the room and 4 people behind it and 3 in front of it. Chris kills the 2 in front of him and grabs the third and uses him as a human shield. The 4 behind the table fire back. The alarm is triggered. Chris fires and kills 2 of the man and slides to next cover. He cooks a grenade and tosses him to the last man, killing him. Smoke and fire all over the room and they trigger the sprinklers. One man tries to escape, but Chris grabs him in his throat.

Chris Shepherd: Where is she?

The man is pushed against the screen. He looks angry.

Unknown man: Motherfucker!

Some noises of people coming their way towards the room are heard. Chris looks another time to the man and shoots him in his balls.

Chris Shepherd: (Voice over) You all will pay for what remains.

The trailer changes into gameplay of the game. Chris reloads his gun and slowly walks towards the door. The HUD appears.

Chris Shepherd: T-Bone, girls on the move. I say Deluca is our last known intel on her before she leaves the city.

He walks to the door and takes cover behind the wall, slowly peaking around the corner. He sees four man coming his way.

T-Bone: Should not be a problem. He's not going anywhere.

Chris Shepherd: Direct him to me. I'm out gunned to travel across this city.

T-Bone: Roger that, he'll be there in 5 minutes.

Chris Shepherd: Many thanks.

Chris walks the other way. He takes cover behind a pair of boxes. The group of man split up. Two walk Chris' way.

Enemy: Shit, where is he?

Chris pops up from his side and stabs one of the two, the other grabs his rifle, but Chris shoots him first. He twistes the knife and pulls it out of the body.

Another enemy: Oh god, are they dead?!

Chris walks to the room where he executed all guys. He peaks around the corner and looks into the room. 2 soldiers are looking to the corpses.

Other enemy: Off course they're dead, this man is a maniac.

Chris walks silently away. He climbs on the roof and walks towards the edge and kneels down, looking down.

Chris Shepherd: There he is.

The HUD highlights Joseph Deluca. Suddenly, the message: Vocal online, appears.

Chris Shepherd: Jason, I need a drone to watch Deluca. I'm at lincoln street.

Chris marks the road sign saying Lincoln street. He allignes a rope to the edge.

Jason: Roger that, overwatch inbound.

Chris rappels down. An mini-map with the view on Deluca appears. Chris follows him. He tries to walk as normal as possible, but suddenly Joseph starts to sprint.

Chris Shepherd: Shit, he saw me. He's running.

Chris grabs a Mk.17 SR from his backbag and folds it open. He loads and cocks it. Civilians start screaming.

Chris Shepherd: T-Bone, he is Oscar Mike. Any suspension inbound en route?

T-Bone: Heavy resistence in the building at the canal.

Chris Shepherd: Copy all.

Chris slides to a car. A sniper shot is heard and Joseph runs into a building. Chris pops up and fires at the windows of the building.

Chris Shepherd: Jason, where is that sniper shooting from?

Some enemy soldiers run out the building and take cover behind the cars. In the top right, you see a drone flying.

Jason: Got a heat-vision scan of the building. Converting data to your holo-map. Standby...

Chris activates the holo-map. He changes the view of it into a 3D map of the building. Dots of soldiers appear in the building.

Chris Shepherd: Got 'em.

Chris pops up again and fires at all locations of the snipers in the building.

Jason: Movement on the ground.

Chris Shepherd: On to it.

Chris slides to the next cover. He throws a grenade over the car and after it explodes, he slides over the car, shooting 2 guys. He disarms a guy close to him and stabs him. He grabs him and uses him as an human shield while shooting 3 other enemies with a pistol.

Jason: Clear. Joseph is in the building.

Chris Shepherd: Are there enemies inside?

Chris walks to the entrance and into a room.

Jason: Loads of 'em, you need to come up with an idea.

Chris grabs his phone. A menu of possibilities appears and the crosshairs aim for the light. He selects "Shut Down" and the lights go out. He puts on night-vision googles. He walks around the corner and subdues a guard.

Chris Shepherd: Sshhht, stay quiet.

He drops him on the ground and moves on. Two man are standing around the corner.

Guard: Stay close to me, I bed that motherfucker is around.

Chris walks towards the group of 2. He pulls out a knife and stabs on of the man.

Guard: What the fu-...

Chris throws the knife in the face of the other. He pulls the knife out of the corpse. He walks on the stairs to the 4<supth floor. He avoids a group of 3 man.

Convoy guard: What was that?!

Another guard: You hear ghosts, there was nothing. Keep looking.

Chris successfully reaches a door. He stands in front of it.

Chris Shepherd: Jason, what's inside this room?

Jason: Give me sec... Got it.

5 enemies light up from the room in blue. A 6th is glowing red.

Jason: Red one is Deluca. Don't kill him.

Chris grabs a flame cutter and burns the hinges of the door.

Chris Shepherd: Got it.

Chris kicks in the door. He fires his pistol and executes all 5 hostiles from the right to left.

Joseph Deluca: Fuck!

Deluca jumps out of the window into a trash can. Chris follows him and also lands in the trash can. He sees Joseph leaving the alley.

Chris Shepherd: Jason, I can't lose him. Let the drone watch him.

Jason: Wilco.

The camera view from the drone appears in the top left of the HUD. Chris runs out of the alley. They run on the main road.

Jason: I'm going to disable the traffic lights. You can catch him up now.

Chris Shepherd: Roger that.

In the distance, the traffic lights can be seen to trip. Joseph stops running and looks at the crashing cars in front of him. He looks around and sees that Chris is coming nearby him.

Joseph Deluca: Keep away, I don't know anything!

He runs into an alley way. Chris follows him into it and shoots him in the shoulder with his gun. The gameplay stops and a cutscene is shown.

Chris Shepherd: Joseph Deluca isn't it?

Chris walks towards Joseph who's laying on the ground with his hand to his shoulder. He looks up to Chris.

Joseph Deluca: What do you want?!

Chris kneels down next to him.

Chris Shepherd: Where's the girl?

Joseph Deluca: What girl? I don't know which girl you are tal-...

Chris pulls the gun in Joseph's bullet wound.

Chris Shepherd: To who did you sell her?

Joseph keeps quiet. Chris pushes the gun deeper in the wound making Joseph scream.

Joseph Deluca: Aaaah fuck!

Chris Shepherd: You remember now?

Joseph shakes his head up and down.

Joseph Deluca: I don't know who he is exactly but h-...

Chris Shepherd: (Whispers) oh god.

Chris fires a bullet in the ground, next to Joseph.

Chris Shepherd: Last warning...

Joseph Deluca: Okay okay okay, easy... easy... I can contact him, giving a message, but I don't know his name.

Chris sighs and looks to the right.

Chris Shepherd: Okay then. You are going to deliver a message for me...

He grabs a piece of paper from his vest and a pen and starts writing on it. Joseph sits up a bit.

Joseph Deluca: Yeah sure, I'll do it man...

Chris gives the piece of paper to him.

Joseph Deluca: (Whispers while reading aloud) You're next?

Chris stands up and aims his gun to him.

Joseph Deluca: wait noo-..!

Chris fires the gun. The screen goes black.


The lights go on again. The screen shows the cover and the phrases again. Alec Verdoorn walks back to the middle of the stage. The crowd applaud.

Alec Verdoorn: Thank you. Not only have we shown the trailer of the game, but also the first gameplay minutes with some of the newest innovations in teh singleplayer mode. Maybe you noticed some of them, but i'm sure you missed some of them, because they look like they belong to the game itself. Ladies and Gentleman, I present you Mike Hawk and Jason Froome.

Mike Hawk and Jason Froome enter the stage.

Alec Verdoorn: These 2 people have played Watch Code for you. Yes, these 2 people. Mike played via the PS4 controller while Jason played via the new companion app.

On screen appears the logo of the companion app alongside a tablet of Apple and Samsung.

Alec Verdoorn: The companion app is for people who can't play on their console, but want to play with their friends in a mobile area. The Wartech 3.0 engine powers both Apple and Samsung tablets, creating amazing footage on the tablet itself.

Footage of the gameplay of Jason is shown on screen.

Alec Verdoorn: Jason, what did you think of the companion app?

Jason Froome: Well, I thought that this is a revolution for tablet gaming. In the past, most of the time, games were laggy and had bad graphics compared to the consoles. Wartech 3.0 definitely made the tablet feel like a console.

Alec Verdoorn: We all experienced the companion app as something amazing. It's unique to date and unique to engines, as Wartech is the only engine to date to feature this. We made the next step in our competition with the Ultimate Experience Engine and changed our goal to gameplay, instead of the realism of games. Off course Wartech delivers great graphics, but our innovation is focused on the new gameplay.

On screen appears a picture of an headset.

Alec Verdoorn: But not only the gameplay with friends has changed, the player can also become Chris Shepherd by using the voice morphing mechanism. When you speak into the headset to friends, you sound like Chris. These are some nice and unique details which make the game interesting. Mike, did you like the voice-over you had as Chris?

Mike Hawk: Definitely. Those features make you feel like the character. That drags you into the story and gameplay. Also the role-playing of Chris was pretty interesting.

Alec Verdoorn: And did you feel that the plot was linear or free?

Mike Hawk: I think it was free, considering that I could have done something different to enter the house, maybe alarming all the guards. And when Jason shut down all the traffic lights, you saw the AI analyzing it before making a decision. That way, if Jason didn't do that, he was able to walk further and it may ended somewhere else.

Alec Verdoorn: Thank you Jason and Mike for this commentary on our new project. Jason Froome and Mike Hawk!

The crowd applauds and Jason and Mike leave the stage.

Alec Verdoorn: I hope you have enjoyed our reveal of Watch Code, which will be on market next year.

The people applauds and the lights dim. The screen goes black and only the full theme beneath this plays. Alec Verdoorn stays where he is.


Call of Duty: Iron Wolf[]

Iron Wolf arctic plot teaser

After the theme finished, the lights focus on Alec Verdoorn.

Alec Verdoorn: Your name is Calvin Silex. You were hunted by the strongest force in the world, but you changed the role. The prey became the predator.

This short introduction follows by Alec Verdoorn leaving the stage. The stage changes into a cold-white setting.

On screen appears footage of a blizzard.


Plays from 0.00 to 0.30

On screen appears first person view of Saint. He stands on an ice layer, watching a helicopter crash on the ice. The ice breaks into pieces and one piece capsizes. Saint tries to climb on it, but he glides into the cold water. Making the screen goes black.


The view changes to spectator mode. You look from the deep to the hole in the ice. You see four soldiers, drowning in the cold water between pieces of the crashed helicopter. A telephone conversation starts playing.

Wolfhound: Yeah?

Captain: It's me, Predator successfully retreated all intel.

Cardinal: (In the background) Take the shot!

Wolfhound: (Waits) And?

Captain: Looks like our intel on Parker was solid.

Prophet: (In the background) Parker got a fucking doomsday weapon!

Wolfhound: That confirms our report from the HVT that China would act loyal to him.

Seraph: (In the background) A wolf has to bite off his own leg to survive...

Captain: (Waits) So one of the soldiers is KIA for something we already knew?

Deuce: (In the background) If you don't do it, we all die!

Wolfhound: (Sighs) You know the contingency, Captain. Hold yourself to the orders...

Captain: Affirmative. Predator will take him out at any cost.

Screen goes black.

Saint: (In the background) I'm coming for you.

A scene of the reveal trailer starts playing. The scene is double-quick and it flashes from scene to scene very quickly. After the scene, the tagline: "Fear the predator" is shown and after that the cover. Screen goes black and the lights go on. Stage is clear.

Call of Duty: The Great War[]

Call of Duty: The Great War Presentation by Hunter McTrollerson

As McTrollerson walks up to the stage he is applauded by the crowd.

McTrollerson: Hello everybody and thank you for being here. I'm Hunter McTrollerson from Dark Productions. Our group isn't new, it was made back in 2003, but we kept this project and our development group a secret. This game has been in development since 2005. So we try to perfect this game. It is set before, during and after World War I in the European Theater. Today, I'll show you a mission of the game. You'll Ezio Alighieri,a Corporal in the Italian Army. He is a sniper, he is tasked to snipe the officers of Austro-Hungarian army during the battle of Isonzo while destroying a base in top of the Kras mountains. I hope you enjoy.

The logo of Call of Duty: The Great War appears with the tag line The world is your battleground. Then the screen fades as the crowd sees two men climbing a mountain, then the screen zooms in to one of them (Alighieri).

Ezio Alighieri: So when are we going to stop climbing?

Dante Moretti: A couple of more meters then we'll snipe.

Alighieri: Bene (Good)

As they climb more, the closer they get to their destination. They stopped climbing and got up.

Moretti: Ezio, kill that guard with your ice axe.

Alighieri approaches his enemy then kills him with his ice axe. He then brings up his Scoped Carcano rifle and prepares to snipe.

Moretti: Today we have an important mission, we need to destroy an Austro-Hungarian base. It suplies their army with rifles, vehicles and much more but first we'll snipe some officers to help our Allies advance. Maybe even soldiers with some flamethrowers.

Alighieri: How much officers?

Moretti: Maybe about eight.

As Alighieri looks around he sees a soldier with a flamethrower next to four officers. He then holds his breath and aims carefully and then shoots the gas tank. This burns the soldier and the four officers to death.

Moretti: Good shot, you messed up those bastards real good.

Alighieri then sees an officer next to a canister. He shoots the canister which blows up and kills the officer and other soldiers around the canister. He then sees 3 officers talking to each other, he aims to headshot two of the officers with a single bullet. The third officer tries to run but Alighieri shoots him in the leg and then shoots him in the throat.

Alighieri: Done, lets get to the base now.

Moretti: Sure amico (friend)

As they head to the base they hide in the snow. They silently kill guards. Along the way they find canister full of oil.

Alighieri: Lets brings all the canisters to where they have the weapons and vehicles. We will then pour an oil canister around the base. Then we'll put C-4 in one of the places.

Moretti: Sounds good.

Alighieri: I'll defend you while you put the canisters, oil and C-4 around. Then we'll Rendez-vous at the vehicles compound.

As Moretti puts the canisters in the weapons and vehicles compound, Alighieri snipes enemies close by. Moretti then gets an oil canister and pours it around the base. He then puts C-4 in a part of the base. They then Rendez-vous in the vehicles compound.

Alighieri: So we'll drive out of here then?

Moretti: Yeah sure.

Then, Austro-Hungarians get inside the vehicles compound, then they surround the two.

Moretti: Fuck!

Austro-Hungarian soldier: Looks like we have new prisoners.

Moretti: Alighieri do it!

Austro-Hungarian soldier: Shut up you piece of sh-

Alighieri pulls the trigger, the Austro-Hungarians are distracted, then Alighieri grabs his Glisenti Model 1910 and shoots down 6 of the Austro-Hungarian soldiers, he then takes one of the soldier's Mondragón (Which has a bayonet and scope). He then stabs a soldier with his bayonet. H ehten guns down more soldiers until Alighieri and Moretti get in a armored vehicle and drive away.

Moretti: Drive faster or they'll have our ass!

A soldier then tries to shoot Alighieri but Alighieri puts his head to dodge it. Sadly, when he looked up, the vehicle was going to crash. As it crashed, Moretti got out and helped Alighieri out. They then ran away from the guards.

Alighieri: We are heading to a dead end! What should we do!?

Moretti: Just jump!

Alighieri: Are you crazy!

Moretti: Just do it!

As they made it to the dead end they dive off the cliff heading towards a body of water.

The screen then fades black.

McTrollerson: That's only half of that level, but this what we can only show this. You'll get to play this part of that mission in the booths not far from here. Hope you have a nice time in E3.

As McTrollerson leaves the crowd applaudes.


Main article: [Tonka]
Rescue Meowth Demo Presentation by Chris Roberts and Stephen Bernard Streater

Chris Roberts and Stephen Bernard Streater walk up on stage as the audience applause.

Chris Roberts: Hi everyone. It's a real pleassure to be presenting our next generation of third-person modern warfare and vehicle warfare. Cause when the going gets tough, Tonka tough gets moving.

Stephen Bernard Streater: That's right cause to our all new development team at Digital Anvil Eidos, we'd like to present our first ever third-person shooter/vehiclar combat game: Tonka. Tonka will bring gamers into the next generation of warfare.

Chris Roberts: Here is our very first gameplay demo as me, Streater, and eight of our other employees at Digital Anvil Eidos are gonna play in the game's 10 player co-op as Tonka Joe, Tex, Axle, Fins, and other Tonka squadmates head to Kijara Nijumbana to rescue Tonka operative Meowth from an evil Animal Cruelty faclity.

The demo starts as Tonka Joe, Tex, Axle, Fins, and other Tonka members walk out of a portal.

Tex: What a junkyard. We're gonna find a squadmate here?

Bratt (on comms): We have confirmed reports that the abused animals have been rescued and are being transported to base.

Tonka Joe: Sounds good enough for me. Come on let's find Meowth.

A hampster runs up to the squad.

Deep voiced hampster: You are the ones, yes?

Tex: You got some info we need to know.

Deep voiced hampster: Out raiders are everywhere. Meowth was captured deep with the forest. His actions saved us wise.

Tex: Hmm. Looks like we gotta save him now. He better be alive.

(on comms): He will be. Oh and Axle. Recent reports show hostile truck support in the area. be sure to protect your human teammates.

Axle: Yes sir

E3 2014 Awards Ceremony[]

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