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August 2, 1964

Hon Nieu island, Gulf of Tonkin

"GRENADE!!!!" yelled George Wilson, as he ducked for cover behind a rock. The grenade exploded, sending 2 SOG operatives flying the air. It had only been a few minutes, and Wilson's team was getting their asses kicked. Wilson held his CAR-15 hard, and fired over the rock in a short burst. The NVA were screaming out both orders and death shrieks.

"U.S.S. Maddox, this is George Wilson, we need suppresive fire on Hon Nieu now!!!!" yelled Wilson over his radio. The Captain responded, "Sorry, no can do, we've got three Torpedo Boats on our tails, and we're focusing fire on them." Wilson threw his radio on the ground, and yelled "Christ!". He took a peek around the rock, and could see the huge munitions dump, with gunfire flashs coming out of it.

Wilson hit his back with the rock, trying to think of what to do. All he could come up with idea wise was him getting shot, but he had to take the chance. Wilson said a quick prayer, and bolted out from behind cover. Dirt flew up from behind him as the NVA tried to shoot at him. Wilson ducked for cover behind a concrete wall, and then exhaled.

He had only gotten about 10 feet. New plan, thought Wilson, as he searched his mind for a better idea. Another SOG member came crashing behind the wall, looking around nervously. Wilson looked down at the soldiers weapon, and saw a M79 grenade launcher in his hands. "Let me see that grenade launcher, soldier". The SOG operator obiediently handed over the M79.

Wilson took a deep breath, and leaned outside of cover. He then took aim at one of the NVA soldiers, and fired a grenade. The explosion took out 3 NVA soldiers, tearing them to pieces. He handed the M79 back, and said "Thanks." The SOG operator was amazed by Wilson's great shot. "Ok, we're going to move up to that truck up there......." Bullets tore through the SOG operator, which interupted Wilson. "DIE, G.I.!!!" yelled the NVA soldier, taking aim for the shot.

Wilson quickly took out his combat knife, and threw it at the soldier. It went right between his eyes, and the soldier collapsed to the ground. Wilson walked over to the dead soldier, and took out his knife from the head. "That's what you get for messing with me," said Wilson. He then saw where the NVA soldier had come from, a secret path in the jungle, and started running toward it.

The gunfire was relentless on the other side of the treeline, so Wilson had to walk slowly. He didn't want to die here. When Wilson reached the otherside of the secret path, he found himself behind the muntions dump. Wilson smiled, it was time to kick some NVA ass. He saw three NVA soldiers running for the back door, and sprayed them with bullets. They all flopped to the ground like fishes.

He ran to the backdoor, which was made out of wood. He shot the hinges with his CAR-15, and kicked in the door. Two NVA radio operators were stunned by Wilson's entrance, but the only thing they saw after that was darkness. Wilson kept moving along the hallways, aiming his rifle in case an unlucky NVA soldier ran out. He checked rooms as he passed by, but all were empty.

Wilson reached the stairs, and started to walk up them. Each step made him feel closer to the gunfire. Wilson reached the stop of the stairs, and quickly silenced a NVA soldier. He went over to the soldier, and checked him for ammo.He found some 7.62 clips, but his CAR-15 couldn't take that kind of round. He went away from the body, and preceded to the MG post. He got to the door nearest to the MG post, and looked around it.

There was a NVA soldier firing a mounted RPK, with another spotting targets and feeding ammo. He needed to take these motherfuckers out fast, so he picked out one of his gernades, pulled the pin, and gently rolled it toward the NVA gunners. He quickly took cover behind the wall, and felt the tiny vibration of the gernade's explosion. He then left the cover behind the wall, and was back in the sunlight.

Wilson stepped in blood as he shot the remaining NVA soldiers on the balcony. There were only five of them to mop up, so it wasn't really hard. He then waved at the SOG members to signal the all clear, and they began to move up. Wilson heard someone on his radio say, "This is the U.S.S. Ticonderoga, have you secured Hon Nieu?" Wilson replied, "Affirmative, we are about to set up the C4 charges, can you come pick us up?"

"Roger that," said the radio operator ", we'll send in a Huey to get you out of there." Roger flicked off the radio, and sat on a crate. He looked at the beach they had landed on, and thought about how the 30 mins had turned to what felt like 2 hours on this island. The SOG team leader had just arrived on the Balcony, and was avoiding the mutalated NVA gunner's. "Hot damn, I haven't seen this type of work like this since Korea" said the SOG team leader, chuckling.

Wilson laughed ", why do you think they sent me here?"

Undisclosed Limo in Washington D.C., 10:00 P.M., 1965

Wilson sat looking outside as the monuments passed by. The CIA Director sat in front of him, smoking a cigarette. "I've been reading your reports Wilson," said the operative ", especially at Tonkin. All of them are excellent."

"Thank you, sir," said Wilson, now directly looking at the director. "So what am I doing here, sir?" asked Wilson. The director chuckled, "Well now, don't you get down to buisness?" The Director pulled out a folder, and handed it to Wilson. Wilson opened up the file, and it showed a picture of a Russian Scientist. "Yuri Lutrova. One of the biggest Russian Scientists; and he's defecting."

Wilson didn't even need anymore information ",where do I find him?" The Director smiled, "Let's just say he's behind a certain 'curtain',"

Chapter 1: Behind the Iron Curtain

March 1st, 1965, 9:45 A.M.

West Gemany

Wilson stepped out of the cargo jet, fully awake from his sleep. The sun was bright, and there was a brisk chill. F-4 Phantom's were taking off and landing on the runway, since Bonn Airforce Base was always active. A jeep pulled in front of him, and the soldier said "Come with me, I'll take you to the barracks, where you'll meet the team members."

Landon sat reading a report as a man entered the barracks, he took a sip of his whiskey spiked coffee and got up "You must be the SOG guy, Agent Jack Landon, CIA. Nice to meet you." He shook the man's hand and said in his gruff voice.

March 3rd, 1965, 1200 hours

Jacinto AFB, South Vietnam

Will Howlett watched all the men from the 67th Reapers walk into the hangar. He waited for Nick Anderson to come into sight. Howlett peered through his shades and recognised the face he saw. Howlett stood up and walked over to Anderson while grinning ear to ear.

"Hey, Anderson! You look like hammered shit!" Will said while shaking Andersons hand. "How was 'Nam? We got deployed last week at Mah Tue city. We took a beating though." Will coldly reported. His grin faded quickly.

"Well, the POW camp was destroyed before we got there. I still have no idea what happened." Nick replied. Will was disturbed by the news, there were reports of the VC bombarding their own POW camps so that the prisnors would not be rescued. Crazy basterds Will thought

"Well, lets talk about Rhen Tah. 28th Tigers, led by Lieutenant Chris Saturn, were captured and are being held there. Now only 12 men were captured and Saturn and his other men will accompany us. The 91st Snakes provided this intel." Will handed Nick a folder, inside was info on the POWs, the leader of the NVA Company at the area and on guard routines. "The 52nd Hummingbirds will provide air support, the 74th Silverbacks will escort us there and the 40th Pheonixes will take out any hostiles on our way back." Will continued.

"Well" Nick said, "let's roll".

March 3rd, 1965, 2000 hours.

West Berlin, near the Berlin Wall.

Wilson watched the Soviet wall guards as they moved the searchlight. Jack Landon was kneeling near him, also watching the guards. "I still can't believe that your both CIA and SOG, how the hell did you get that?" wispered Landon. "Shhhhhh," wispered Wilson. Wilson saw the searchlight turn the other direction, and saw that the guards were just talking.

He quickly grabbed a long case they had with them, and opened it. Inside was a disassembled Crossbow, complete with a lon zipline. Quickly, Wilson began to assemble the crossbow together. It took him less than a minute to complete it. He then said to Landon, "Once I shoot this, we've got to get over. The guys behind us will reel in the zipline, so we won't attract attention."

Landon nodded, and began to get his stuff ready. When Landon was done, Wilson aimed the crossbow. He felt for the trigger, and pulled back on it. The Zipline began to fly, toward it's target of another building. Wilson felt the crossbow jolt a little forward; the zipline hit it's target.

Wilson attached the wire to the holder, and attached himself to the zipline. He flew down from the roof, and over the Berlin Wall.

"Good, our mole left us some uniforms," said Wilson, pulling out a Soviet Army unifrom. Landon had also recieved a uniform, and they both began to change quickly. When they were finished putting on their clothes, they headed outside. "Damn Wilson, I don't like being out here, especially with our own guns. They'll spot us in a minute." "Not if you just keep quiet and let me do the talking," said Wilson ", come on, let's move."

They silently ran through the streets of East Berlin, only slowing down when they were close to Soldiers or checkpoints. "Are we almost near the target," asked Landon while running. Wilson talked without looking back, "Yep. It's really close by. He's hiding in an apartment complex right now, and he's already got his car waiting." It took them a couple more blocks before they got to the complex, and both Wilson and Landon were greated with an unpleasant suprise.

"Shit," said Landon ",the Ruski's found him." There were three trucks in front of the rectangular apartment, with four guards posted in front. Near the roof, a small glimmer of light was shown from a window. "Look's like we're going to have to find another way," said Wilson.

"Don't worry, I learned this when I went to sabotage a Berlin KGB meeting once, there's always a basement passage, always. They built 'em during WWII. We should move to the next building, and from there we can waltz right in from below ground." His new colleague Wilson nodded, and they strolled over to the next apartment building, grabbing 2 AK-47's along the way.

When they got inside of the nextdoor apartment, they immediatly started heading for the basement. When they got down to the basement, Wilson spotted a tiny door. "Well I'll be damned, you were right," exclaimed Wilson" Landon smiled, and said "Told you". Wilson headed for the small steel door, and started to pull it open. They both squeezed through the small corridor, and eventually found themselves in the other apartment's basement.

"I'm taking point," said Wilson, holstering the AK-47 over the hidden CAR-15. Wilson and Landon began to walk upstairs, and Wilson opened the door. They started to head for the stairs that lead upward, when Wilson saw a soviet officer in front of him. The officer said in russian, "Comrades, what are you doing in this hallway? We're supposed to be guarding the entrance."

Wilson thought of something quickly, and then said in perfect russian "Sir, we were tasked with checking each one of the rooms, to make sure there are no civilians in the area." Wilson hoped that what he said convinced the Officer; as the Officer looked up and down at Wilson. "Alright," said the Officer ", but make sure you don't kill civilians. The commander will be on my ass if it's on my report," said the Officer.

"Oh, don't worry," said Wilson; smiling ", we won't."

It took Wilson and Landon almost 5 minutes to get up to the tenth floor, where Yuri Lutrova was hiding. They silently began to close in on Yuri's apartment, 1301. "Wilson," said Landon ", I think I hear something." Wilson stopped moving for a second, and adjusted his hearing.

"They're torturing him," said Wilson, throwing down his AK, and taking out his Silenced CAR-15. "Landon, I hope you have something silenced, because we've got to get in there without attracting attention."

Landon checked his equipment, "Nothing." he then saw two decorative, midieval axes on the wall above him, Smiling, he said, "Guess I'll just have to improvise." Wilson smiled. "Okay" Landon said,"Three, two, one." as the two rammed the door open Wilson pumped an easy 10 rounds into one of the guards, and Landon swung his axe into the other's neck, causing his corpse to ram into a closet door, and knock the hinges right off. As he approached the beaten defector he said, "Mr. Lutrova, we're here on behalf of the US government, I'm Agent Jack Landon, CIA SAD, and this is my good friend Mr. George Wilson, MACV."

"And CIA," said Wilson, untieing Lutrova. "Thank you," said the Lutrova ", I thought I was going to die here" "Well, the fun's not over yet, Mr. Lotrova," said Landon. "Wha wha what do you mean?" said Lutrova, nervously. "Landon, tie the ropes to the pole over there, that should get us to the car," said Wilson ", Mr. Lutrova, I'm going to need you to tie this rope to yourself; and Landon, sabotage the gas to this room, I want this place to look like an accident."

Lutrova still did not understand what was going on, but tied the rope to himself anyway. "I attached some C4, Wilson," said Landon, closing the sink doors. Wilson took Lutrova over to the window, and tied the rope to him. "Wait a second, what is going on here!!!!" yelled Lutrova. "Are you attached, Landon?" said Wilson. Landon nodded, tugging on his rope.

"Try not to scream, Mr. Lutrova," said Wilson, before jumping out of the window backwards. Knowing that he would try to scream, Wilson put his hand over Lutrova's mouth as they rappeled down. It was perfectly dark out, so it shadowed there movements. The 9th floor, then the 6th floor, and finally the 3rd floor passed as they rappeled down. Only when they were near the 2nd floor that Wilson said, "Hit it." Landon hit the trigger, and the tenth floor exploded brilliantly. Alarms started to go off, and the voices of yelling Russians were heard. By then, Wilson, Landon, and Lutrova were already getting in the car." Your both crazy, do you know that?" said Lutrova.

"No, Mr Lutrova," said Landon, smiling, "we're just ecentric." With that saying, Wilson turned on the car, and they headed toward a secret compound were agents would help them back into West Berlin.

"You know something Wilson? You're a damn fine soldier, I don't usually like working with rookies, but you know what you're doing." Landon lit a cigar and smiled. "Genlemen, please," said Lutrova "we must hurry; I fear that the army might already be following us." Wilson turned his head his head, and said to Lutrova "Don't worry, we're trained proffesionals...."

"Holy Shit," yelled Landon ", road block!!!" Wilson turned forward, and saw a group of Russian's firing at them. Wilson had forgot about how to be incognito. The car hit the concrete roadblock headon, launching it in the air. It crashed to the ground, and Wilson was dazed.

Landon shot out the cracked windshield of the car as he tried to squwirm out of the damaged vehicle, he grabbed Wilson and said, "Wilson, hey Wilson you alright! Come on get up!" Wilson replied, "I'm good, just a few scratches." "OK, take this and put some fire on those Ruski's." Landon gave Wilson his rifle back, and began to pry the car door from it's hinges, as soon as it was loose he said, "Lotruva, you have to come with me, it's not safe here!" "I can tell that!" he said in reply. Landon grabbed the car door, crouched, and slowly began to move from the car in the street to an alley, where at least they would have cover. Wilson quicklly followed.

When they reached the alley, Landon dropped the cardoor. "Wilson, come on, we need to lose these guys." said Landon. They all began to run through the alley, when the Russians arrived at the entrance. "Shit," said Landon ", new plan!!!" Landon grabbed onto Lutrova, and smashed through a window. Wilson followed him in, and saw a scared family at a lunch stable. "Entschuldigung," said Wilson, before following Landon out through the door.

They began to run through the first floor hallway, with the russians on their tails. "Shit Landon," said Wilson ", how the fuck are we going to get out of this mess?" "We're going to run across the border, that's the plan," said Landon. Wilson was shocked ", are you insane?"

""Keep running then!" Landon yelled, "Out that window!" he then rammed his way through the window, with Wilson and Lotruva not far behind. He landed in a dumpster outside, "Hey, what the hell, why is there a Russian tape recorder marked 'classified' lying in a dumpster? Oh well, more secrets for me." "Oh shut up!" Lotruva yelled. He then heard at least a dozen Russians coming at them not only from the hall, but from the street as well. They were surrounded, "Hey what's that?" Wilson said as he heard Russian swearing and tires screeching. Just then a fire truck ran a Russian car off the road, and the driver yelled at them to get in, it was their mole and his other resistance fighters.

"Thank you, Jesus!!!" shouted Wilson, laying in the back seat. "I'll take you all to the tunnel, so that you can get back into West Berlin. All you have to promise me is that you will send us an extra case of Cigarretes."

"Mister," sighed Landon ", I'll send you a thousand cases if you step on it."

When Landon and Wilson had just gotten out of the tunnel, they were meet by a CIA agent. "Hello, gentlemen," said the agent. Landon and Wilson both looked at each other, knowing where this was going. "What's the assignment," said Landon, obviously disappointed."

The agent smiled ", we halted this operation, since we need you guys there." The agent handed Wilson a yellow folder, and Wilson opened it and started reading it, along with Landon. "We need you to 67th Reapers as they assualt a POW camp, since the NVA as been strangely destroying their own POW camps."

Chapter 3: Jungle Fever

March 4th, 1965, 0900 hours.

Jacinto AFB, Vietnam, South Vietnam

George Wilson stared outside of the Huey, with Landon listening to music beside him. The place was more active than ever, since the restart of the war in 64'. Huey's were flying in formation beside the heli, while F-4 Phantoms were taking off and landing.

"Alright, last stop, Jacinto!!!" yelled the pilot. He must be smoking acid, thought Wilson, 'cause he's joking around a little too much. When the helicopter landed, Wilson opened the door, and both Wilson and Landon got out of the chopper.

"So, any theories as to why the NVA wants to destroy it's own camps.?" Wilson asked, "Could be to hide war crimes, but they usually don't care about that kind of shit, it's nothing to them. What I fear is that they're doing it to hide collaboration with the Soviets and their...projects." Landon said as he walked.

"Probably, but let's no make assumptions yet...." said Wilson. "Well," said Landon ", why the hell did we need that Russian scientist then?" Wilson thought about it, and said , " I don't really know, but I have a feeling we're going to find out soon enough. Now, let's head to the CO's office, he'll give us a briefing there."

They began to walk over to the CO's office, which lied next to a communications station.

Wilson and Landon walked into the CO's tent, the were greeted by a middle aged colonel who appeared to be part of SOG. "Ah, Agent Landon, Agent Wilson. Glad you're here, I suppose you want the recon photos?" he said, "Absolutely." Landon replied, and the colonel walked over to a projector, "Well, from a U2 sweep we can spot 2 POW camps in our area, each have been either burnt down or blown up in the last week." Landon continued, "And we have to look for evidence of..." "Anything." The colonel interrupted him, "But due to AA guns throughout the jungle you'll have to do a stealth insertion, water based."

"So your saying that we're going in before anyone else is going?" asked Wilson. "Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying," said the Colonel.

Wilson crept along the jungle through knee deep water, his gun at the ready, but suddenly he entered a much larger swamp, and was engulfed by the water, his struggling quickly alerted a Viet Cong sentry on the cliff above him, "Mỹ! Die bạn mảnh nước ngoài của!" He shouted, firing at wilson from the cliff, Wilson thinking, "Damnit, when is Landon gonna get here!", just then a shot rang out, and the VC fell into the swamp below him. Landon had shot him in the head, with his pistol.

"Thanks for the quick save, Landon" said Wilson, swimming his way to the shore. "No problem," said Landon, pulling him out of the water ", now let's go take out those AA guns." They slowly began to move through the jungle, heading for their targets. Wilson grabbed onto trees as he moved, to prevent himself from falling. Each step was quiet like a mouse.

"So, we plant this C4," said Landon ", and detonate after we gather some info?" "Yes, and then the army battalions can handle the rest," said Wilson.

Nick smiled. He looked eagerly at the comm, and put it in his pocket. He turned around in the port of the Chinook, and looked at Finch, his CO.

"Now I don't do field ops much,", Finch said,

"But I never miss a skydive, and your my second in command. I'll see you and Howlett on the ground. Good luck, Alpha.", Finch said, sitting down.

Nick pulled on his chute.

"See you groundside, sir."

Then he pulled his balaclava over his mouth, to avoid anything unpleasant being thrown up from 'Nam, and started running towards the open bay, screaming as he jumped. As he took the form he was trained to take, he silenced himself, focusing on landing in the lake. He felt the wind whistling around his face, and he heard it too, picturing a small figure in the air. Himself.

He was about to hit the chute drop, but he had to wait as far as he could to avoid being spotted. He also had to not crush himself on impact.

He waited until he was well under the horizon of a mountain in the distance, and popped his chute, being reeled back, quickly. Freefalling was fun. Chuting was fun. It was the transition that sucked. He pulled upwards, smashing into the lake.

Underwater, he couldn't see crap, and from what he had tasted on impact, he was swimming in liquid dogshit.

He looked down, and pulled off his chute, quickly swimming up to the surface. Here he was.... Alone. In enemy territory. But where the hell was Will?

Landon and Wilson came to a point in the brush where they could get a clear view of the AA guns, "Okay, it looks like two ZPU's with a couple of shoulder fired SAM's, and a good deal of ammo. 8 personnel, small arms, wait here. I'l be back." Landon stealthily made his way around the clearing, and behind a hut, from there he came to a spot just out of view of the guards, but still within earshot, he placed a clip's worth of bullets in a pile and pulled the pin on a phosphorus grenade with a specially designed 2 minute fuse. It would stick out like a sore thumb in the night. As he got back to Wilson he said, "I have a distraction set up, get some charges on those guns and crates, I'll look around in the hut for anything valuable." Just then the phosphorus grenade went off, set off the bullets, and gave the illusion of an attack, the guards rushed out of the clearing and into the jungle to investigate.

Wilson quickly ran over to the guns and crates, and began placing C4 on them. He snickered, he knew this would show those commie bastards.

Landon creeped inside the straw-and-bamboo hut at the edge of the clearing, he switched on his flashlight to see in the dark room, it was clear, but far from empty. There were at least a dozen folders and notepads strewn about the room, all in Russian. He quickly gathered them and went back to Wilson.

Wilson was hiding behind a rock, watching for any sudden movements. At any moment, Charlie could come right behind him, and slit his throat.

Wilson felt an hand touch is shoulder, and he quickly grabbed it. He threw the man onto the ground, and put his knife near his throat. It was Landon. "Jesus Landon," said Wilson ", you almost got skinned."

"You're telling me." Landon said, "And you almost got your balls blown off." He saw Wilson look down at Landon's gun, pointed at his crotch. The two chuckled and stood up, waiting for the VC to return. Wilson said, "Hey, get your head down, they're back. Ok, 3...2...1..."

The VC walked past, chatting with each other as they went along. Wilson felt a nudge from Landon, "Wilson, we need to blow those AA's, or else the battalions can't come to rescue the POW's." Wilson smiled, and flicked open a detonator. He pressed the glowing red button, and a large explosion rocked the earth.

"This is Colonel Meade, we have heard the signal; so you better find some good cover, 'cause we're a coming!!"

Rockets and gunfire began to tear the jungle apart, the army was there in full force, "Come on, let's get out of here." Landon yelled, he then took off with Wilson into the trees, after running for a brief period of time a soldier emerged from a spider hole in the ground, Landon quickly shot him, causing his body to fall back in to the dimly lit hole, "Get inside that tunnel!" Landon yelled as explosions continued to rock the area, he jumped in and was shocked by the contents of the bunker.

"What the fuck is this?," asked Wilson.

Wilson and Landon were left staring at a mammoth steel door with Russian writing on it, which seperated the dirt tunnel from the inner bunker. Landon then looked down at the dead soldier, and saw that he was not Viet Cong or NVA, but a Spetsnaz sargeant. "Shit, guess this explains those documents." "Documents?" Wilson asked, "Shack was littered with them. I brought them with me." Landon replied. "Do ya have any C4 left?"

"Here," said Wilson, throwing Landon a bag ", I've got about three more in there. Do you think it's enough?"

"This should do it." Landon said. He took the C4 and molded it around the 4 inch thick door hinges, making sure he could get the most bang for his buck. He climbed up out of the hole and pressed the detonator, sending dirt and dust up out of the tunnel, he then crawled back in to investigate.

"Jesus H. Christ....." said Wilson, walking in through the blown door. The room was medium sized, and "small"
missiles layed againist the walls. In the middile of the room were tables, which had chemicals and even more papers. "Landon, check this out," said Wilson.

"Should've known, CIA's usually all over this shit." but they weren't this time, this was something new, devious. "What do we have here?" Landon said, "Maps...blueprints...of what!? EMP bomb, US Capitol, Power grid. Dear God. Wilson we are in some deep shit." He began grabbing things, stuffing them in his ammo pouches and backpack, "Grab what you can carry, we have to sneak this stuff back to base." As he checked the area he found another doorway, which led to a very appaling sight. A few men sat, chained to the wall in a small, unlit room, all of them were SOG, "Soldier are you alright?" Wilson asked, two were unconsious, but one responded, "We're alive, but listen, the other POW camps are distractions, the Russians want to..." "We know, son." Landon told him.

Wilson stood there, shocked by the half dead corpses. Suddenly, he felt a arm tighten around his neck. A pistol was pushed into his head. "I will ask that none of you move, or else your friend's brains will be splatter againist the wall."

Landon sighed, he put up his hands and dropped his CAR-15, he turned to see a masked Russian with a KGB patch on his shoulder, he told Landon, "I see you still have gun, put it on the ground too." Landon slowly reached for his pistol, but at the last second went for the lucky shot, and disarmed the Russian with a single bullet. Wilson then quickly turned and tackled him.

"It looks like the odds have turned againist you, Ruski," said Wilson ", now tell me, where in the hell would you get something like an EMP?" The Russian spit into the Wilson's face, which angered him greatly. "Wrong answer." Wilson preceded to punch the Russian hard in the face. Each it brought blood spewing out. "Where. the. hell. did. you. get. this!!!!!!!!!" yelled Wilson.

"Germans!!" yelled the Russian. Wilson was puzzled, "What about the Germans?" The russian first spat out blood and a tooth, and then spoke ",when the fascists were working on their nuclear program in the 1940's, they discovered that the some tests acctually shut down their watches and equipment. When we arrived in 1945, they were already trying to weaponize it. We took their work, and them, back with us."

"So you were at this lab in person?" asked Wilson. "Da," said the Russian ", they hid like scared mice when we entered the complex." Wilson asked another question ", then what the fuck are you trying to do to us!?!?" Just before the russian could speak another word, a bullet penetrated his head. Wilson looked up, and saw another KGB agent run away. "God dammit!!" yelled Wilson, hitting the ground.

Landon was finished untieing the SOG operatives ", Wilson, we have to leave!!!" Through his disappointment, Wilson said "Not before rescuing those other POW's."

"I thought you said the army would handle them!" Landon replied. "Well, judging by this EMP weapon here," said Wilson, pointing behind him ", I'm guessing that there is a lot more secrets up the enemy's sleeve. Now, unless you have have the correct intel, I'll change my mind"

"Whatever." Landon grabbed one of the unconcious prisoners along with the papers and film scattered about the bunker, he then began to exit the bunker with Wilson, and the other POWs, the attack had quieted down, and they could now be outside without fear of friendly fire. They began running to the helicopter lights back at the clearing.

Wilson watched the burned ground as they flew by in the Huey. The Army had laid all they had againist the VC, and burned a chunk of the forest with it. "I still don't know why the hell we're doing this," said Landon. Wilson turned toward him ", think of those soldiers down there, and what kind of shit they had to go through. I think it's pretty necessary that we....."

"HOLY SHIT!!!!" yelled the pilot ", INCOMING!!!" A missile struck the tail of the huey, sending it into a death spin. Wilson grabbed ahold to something, and clinged onto it. The huey crashed into the ground, sending Wilson into darkness.

Chapter 4: Imprisonment

Gulag 14, Siberian Coast, CCCP

March 6th, 1965

Wilson stood up on a stone, tied to a rope from the ceiling. Around him, a group of russian interrogators were talking. He was still bleeding from the last hits he took, since they had hit him with a metal bar. He could understand them, and heard them talking about what to do next.

"We did almost everything to him, the car battery, the water boarding; and he still will not talk," said one interrogator. "Don't worry, I think I have an idea," said another. Wilson heard footsteps come toward him, and the interrogator came out of the dark. The interrogator came up toward him, and grabbed the hair in the back of Wilson's head.

"You will tell us everything we want to know, american," said the Russian, showing his teeth like an ape. "Try it," said Wilson ", I have all day." The Russian screamed something, and preceded to pound in Wilson's face. It was painfull, sure, but Wilson had worse. Then he heard another voice speak "Stop." The interrogator immediatly stopped, turned around, and saluted.

"Yes sir!!" said the interrogater in russian. Wilson could see that the speaker was smoking, since the cigarette's light burned brightly. The speaker came out of the darkness, and Wilson could see a fairly large, black haired russian standing in front of him.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I am Victor Fedorov, General Victor Fedorov. I worked on what you were trying to destroy in Vietnam." Victor paced back in forth in front of Wilson while looking at him. "So, I would like to know what you have learned about my project," said Victor.

"I ain't telling you shit, Ruski," growled Wilson, spitting at him. Vicor took the cigarrete out of his mouth, and then pushed the end into Wilson's face. Wilson screamed in pain as the butte went into his cheek. Then Victor dropped his cigarette. He said to one of the interrogators ", take him to the rest of the Prisoners, he will speak of nothing."

Wilson was thrown into an indoor prisoner's area. Wilson got up from the dirt, and looked around at all the Russians. They glared at him, since he was the only american here. "Wilson!," yelled Landon. Well, the second american here, thought Wilson.

Landon, his clothes tattered and covered in dirt and blood, slowly approached Wilson. "Holy shit am I glad to see you!" he said, the other prisoners looking on with an indifferent scowl. "What the fuck did they do to you?" he asked Wilson.

"What any Russian would do," said Wilson, snickering ", torture me." Wilson looked around the huge room for anyplace that they could escape from. He then walked over to Landon, and said ", you got a plan for getting out of here, 'cause this room is tight."

"Well," Landon said, "We're well inside the arctic circle, so walking isn't an option. But, hehehe, this place is a arms production plant! With some planning, I don't think breaking out would be too hard, but we need transport. And that's where I'm stumped."

Just then, Wilson saw a Hind formation fly past the window. "I think I might have an idea, Landon," said Wilson.

2112 hours, March 6th, 1965

Wilson sat in his cell, waiting for the guard to pass by him. He suddenly heard footsteps coming toward him, and hid againist the wall. The Russian guard came past his cell, and thought he saw no one in it. He got near the cell, and Wilson grabbed him.

Wilson rammed his head into the bars, and the guard collapsed into the ground. Wilson quickly grabbed the keys, and opened the door. Step one, done. He quickly grabbed the guard's AK, and began to run for Landon. He hoped that Landon knew where their guns were.

2119 hours, March 6th, 1965

Anderson cocked his neck, and placed the sniper on his sights. Two days ago, he had arrived at a Huey crash site on his recon mission, and Anderson and Finch had decided to launch a mission to rescue the operatives captured, very important.

Anderson fired the first shot from the mountain, his suppressed M21 making a small hole in the Russian on the wall. He removed his Ghillie hood, leaving the rest on, and slid down the mountain.

"I'm moving in.", he told Finch.


2221 hours, March 6th, 1965

"Come on Landon, we have to move now," said Wilson, unlocking Landon's cell. "Alright, I'm ready," said Landon ", follow me, I know where their keeping our guns. Wilson and Landon began to run through the hallway, when bullets began to come through the window.

"Duck!" Landon yelled as he and Wilson hurried through the long, dark hallway. "I'll head to the comms tower, open the cells and make sure no reinforcements come! I need you to get the armory open, it's 1 floor down, at the end of the hall! Get me something nice!" Wilson and Landon rushed off to the seperate objectives as the prisoners cheered them on.

Anderson climbed up the rough building, almost slipping once or twice, when he discovered a long abandoned room with a large hole in the outer wall, the inner door barricaded from the hallway. Anderson knew his objective, and he had to make himself known, so he pulled out Semtex, and stuck it to the door, detonating them. Alarms were raised. Anderson quickly peeled off his Ghillie suit, keeping his Balaclava on, and putting on his cap. He brought out an MP5N, and shot a guard at the door. He walked out into the hallway, and shot a soldier.

The man fell back, and collapsed on the concrete floor. Anderson smiled, when he heard a large whine behind him. His smile disappated, and he dropped unto the ground, as an RPG shot over his head, blowing a hole in the concrete wall.

Anderson got up, and turned the corner, running for an elevator. He opened the Elevator door, revealing only a shaft. He had no choice. He jumped down, grabbing the steel cable, scraping his gloves apart, as he hit the ground. He was trained to run, and only fight in last situations. He breached down through the elevator, being used as an ammo storage. He saw prisoners running at him, tackling guards.

"Anyone American!?", he asked, as many hands raised up.

"Let's go! We have to free the others!"

March 6th siberian coast

James approched the Russian prison, 6 seperate pieces of C4 were already set at the prison another 6 needed to be set, this would be a distraction and a way to break them out. He placed a knife in his left hand between his middle and ring finger as he approched an opening. James yelled the words "I need backup help" in Russian, and two guards poped out of the opening. The first gaurd got his head smashed by a punch and before the second guard coulld shoot he was stabbed in the head the knife was removed and the first guard was put down. Other guards were coming to his position, and the C4 needed to be detonated. He heard massive gunfire coming from the prison. He detonated to cause the outer frame to crumble and a large interior prison could be seen. A wall of guards just glared at James. He turned to run but was shot in the back by the guards. He pulled out a pistol but it was shot out of his hand. For James it was over.

"Hey fuckers, eat this!!!" yelled a random voice. At that instant, the guards were engulfed in flame. Some of them tried to save themselves, but it was hopeless. The all died a burning death. "Are you okay?" asked the voice to James. "Who are you?" asked James.

Two men then came walking out of the ruins, and one said "I'm George Wilson, and this is my friend Jack Landon."

Landon shot into smoke as the hundreds of other prisoners made a break for it, overpowering the guards, he lowered his shotgun when he realized he had no more ammo. "Lemme guess, mmm...SOG? Search and rescue op?" Landon said as he approached the man to shake his hand. "Jack Landon, CIA SAD. Are we taking the hinds or did you bring transport?" the man appeared to be surprised behind his mask, "You already had this planned out?"

"Well, we did," said Wilson ", untill you guys came." Landon turned back to Wilson ", now is not the time, Will." Landon turned back to the man, and asked ," Two things. One: what's your name, and Two: do you have a transport vehicle?"

"James Pearson, SAS/SOG; and we don't have a transport," said the man. "Shit," grumbled Wilson. "No time for that, we need to head for the Hind's or Mil's," said Landon. "Do you have any friends with you?" asked Landon to James . James replied ",some."

Wilson, Landon, and James were running toward the helicopter pads. The air could give Wilson hypothermia, but he was pretty warmed up now. "We need to find a Hind; or the worst case scenario, at least an Mi-8," said Landon. Wilson checked his surroundings, it was basicly hangers and such. The surrounding areas had turned into a warzone, since the prisoners were getting their revenge.

"Wilson, two trucks, coming down the runway!!" yelled Landon. Wilson looked, and indeed saw two trucks on the runway. The trucks stopped, and soldiers began to pour out of them. "Take cover!!!" yelled Wilson, running behind a UAZ-469 car. Landon slide behind also, and tapped Wilson's shoulder. "Why don't we take this baby?" said Landon, hitting the UAZ. Wilson tried to conflict with his statement, but said "Not bad of an idea."

Wilson shoot at the russians while Landon jumped into the driving seat. James got into the back, and managed to shoot three russians. Then Wilson rolled over the hood, and got into the shotgun seat. He aimed his CAR-15, and managed to knock two more Russians off before Landon hit the gas.

Two russians had to jump from being hit by the car, but Wilson and James both shot them. "Wilson," said James ", who's going to fly the bird when we get there?" Wilson turned around and said, "I've had some experience flying enemy heli's, so I think I can get us out of here."

It was only four minutes before they reached a Hind. A Russian flight crew was running tests on it, and when they caught sight of the group, they began to run for their guns. Wilson and James shot the Flight crew before they could even reach their weapons.

"Alright," said Wilson, getting out of the UAZ ", I'll head to the pilot seat. Landon; I need you in the co-pilot section. James; get into the troop hold."

"Got it, I'll handle the guns." Landon said, "Fully stocked, cannons, missiles, and oh, laser guided ones at that." Landon excitedly said as he armed the chopper's weaponry."We should start heading for the Aleutians, they're the closest US territory."


The team were in the Hind heading out of siberia when loud bangs were heard coming from the troop hold,"holy crap were hit were hit". The hind began smoking and they were forced to head into Russia. RPG rockets were fired every where and the Hind was forced to make a crash landing. The group was being forced into a millitary base just so they wouldnt get shot down. That was it James couldnt hold on anymore he was sent flying to ground sent crashing to his doom. Wilson and Landon managed to get out of the base and managed to get the ocean finaly making it out.

Will jumped out of the Huey and signalled for his team to go towards a broken down building. Will aimed down his sights to find two NVA having a smoke. He gestured for his team to fire, and suddenly, after the pounding of their automatic weapons, the two soldiers where on the ground. Will jumped off the building and landed in a shallow pond. As his team followed, Will searched for any hidden entrances to the POW camp. He spotted an entrance that resembled a cellar's. He opened the door and threw a flashbang in. Two of his teammates rushed in and shot the NVA inside. Will opened a Comm channel and contacted Anderson.

"Reaper -2, this is Trojan 1-2. Status over?____________________________________________________________________________________________

Landon and Wilson had been forced to crash land the stolen hind in a remote Russian outpost in Siberia, and fight their way out, they had lost James, and now were cut off from any potential US rescuers. "Wilson? You still with me?" Landon asked after almost an hour of wallking through the still frozen tundra. "I'm still here, Landon, but I don't know, I just don't know what to do." He said in a tired voice. They were at the coast now, where Siberia ended and the north pole began. The two collapsed on the ice, and Landon was just as hopelessly stumped as Wilson. He looked down at his feet to see a splotch of red in the snow, for a minute he thought he was bleeding, but then he took a closer look and noticed he was looking at a nazi flag embedded in the snow, little did he know on the other side of the snow mound he would encounter a place that was even more of a psychological hell on earth than the gulag.

They got up looked over the mound and saw in horror something they should have never seen. It was a concentration camp filled with prisoners of war. Two nazis grabbed the them and pulled them to the camp; where they were knocked out. When they came too, they were strapped too a wall and a nazi commander was infront of them. "You two, what do you know about operation nova?"

Wilson replied,"what is operation novis or nova or what ever you call it something to do with nova 6 right". The commander showed him a report and then pulled out a shotgun. "Your time here is over ,you know too much,now you must die". He aimed the the gun at landon and was about to pull the trigger when he dropped to his knees.

His head suddenly exploded he hand been tagged with an explosive pistol round. The prisoners were escaping they took off the straps on landon and wilson and showed them the way out. But after all there efforts it was too late they were re captured by the Russians and forced into a small area.

Landon and Wilson were told to come up. "You two will be sold to the black market as mercs if you oppose you die". The russian picked up a phone as someone called him in response to the mercs for sale. "Hello I'd like to buy you mercs ,but first, I'd like to know there names" "Wilson and Landon thats what it said on there dog tags" "Perfect I'll take them meet me at the boundry between siberia and the north pole".

A man came up too the russian at the location stated he was dressed in a black trenchcoat he had a combat helmet on his head and had a gas mask covering his entire face. The russian got up and walked to the man. The man opened his trenchcoat and the russian leaned closer. The man punched the russian in the head a pulled out a saiga 20k. The russian was sprayed with shells and eventually killed. Wilson Landon come on were getting out of here. Landon looked at the man and asked him something. "Wait who are you anyway" The man responded "isnt it obvious" as a huey lander for pickup.

Wilson saw the symbol on the Huey was american, and grabbed the man. "What the fuck was in that camp...."

Camp Yukon Rehab Facility, Alaska

March 20, 1965

Wilson and Landon sat in front of the Camp's doctor, who was looking at a folder. "You were both pumped with an excessive amounts of drugs. The Russian's had captured you wandering in the snow, and took them to their nearest camp. We managed to rescue you, and when we found you guys; you tried to attack us." "But it was so real, it couldn't have been fake," said Landon.

"You'll be suprised of what you think is real when your on something," said the doctor. "Then who was the man in the Black Trenchcoat then?" asked Wilson. The doctor looked over to Wilson, and said ", sir, we found you both strapped to chairs, screaming your brains out. You could have seen a jesus on a unicorn for all you know."

"It wasn't Jesus on a fuckin' unicorn! Shit. The Germans, they're the ones who produced the tech the Soviets are using. Hell! They're still a part of it! The camp in Siberia, It was a broadcast station too!" Landon yelled "No, you don't understand, you were dreaming, the result of hallucenogenic drugs they gave you in Chukotka, they wanted to know what you had learned about their classified programs." The doctor told him. "Programs that are..." Landon began to say as two other CIA agents entered.

"I think our patients are finished here, right doctor?" said one of the agents, holding Wilson's chair. "Yes, they are ready," said the doctor. "Come with us," said an agent ", we'll tell you what you need to know."

Bullets entered the room as the man in the trenchcoat returned but this time he said something "Wilson, Landon, the CIA is trying to mess with your head ". Wilson punched the man and pulled the gun on him but the man said something "wait you know who I am" he showed him his medal inside of his trenchcoat it "james pearson".

"What the hell James,you're are alive but you fell from the huey?" said Wilson. James looked at Wilson ",when I was falling I pulled out by grappling hook and threw it at a tree. I ended up impaling myself with a ballistic knife but im still alive". James lead the two out as CIA entered the building.

" I don't understand, so were there Nazi's then?" asked Landon. "Of course not," said James ", don't be silly." Wilson grabbed James by the neck, and said to him ", what the hell is going on here? " James pushed the Wilson off of him, and said ", I don't really know either Wilson." Wilson then said ", you know, I think it's kind of suspicous that your an SAS agent, and you just shot some of our agents...."

Landon grabbed Wilson's shoulder, and said "Wilson, stop." Wilson looked back at him, and then said to James ", where are you taking us?" James smiled "back with me of course, I'll explain along the way."

Chapter 5: London Rumble

10,000 feet above the Atlantic

March 23, 1965

Wilson sat in the chair, drinking a glass of scotch. Landon sat beside him, drinking a can of beer. All the while, Wilson sat watching James the whole time, who now had a buisness suit on.

Wilson put his glass down, and asked James "When are we going to, James?" "London, of course," said James, taking a sip of water. "Why the fuck are we going to London!!!" yelled Wilson, spilling his scotch. Landon grabbed Wilson, and managed to calm him down. "You have some information we might be able to use, Wilson," said James,

"Who the hell is we," said Wilson, standing up again. "My superiors want to speak with you both about what you learnt in Vietnam and in Russia." said James. "Forget it James. I'm going to ask the pilot to turn this hunk of metal around," said Wilson, heading for the cockpit. James pulled a Walter PPK from inside of his suit, and two SAS agents stepped in front of Wilson.

"I suggest you sit down, and shut the fuck up," said James, pointing his gun toward the seat. Wilson glared at James, and then went back to his seat. "We dont want to get cocky wilson theres been way to much turbalance this trip". The plane rocked again one man came from the cockpit he was armed with a pistol,"everyone sit down and shut up" The two SAS slowly pulled guns out of ther pocket James got up and walked to the bathroom. Wilson glared at the hijacker and so did the hijacker. Wilson saw that james's gas mask he was wearing during the flight on the ground. More men came down everyone began getting restless. Glasses dropped people screamed as the two SAS agents were killed. It was the moment now James's kicked the bathroom door down. He was wearing a gihlie suit,gas mask,kevlar under the suit and he was holding a VSS Vintorez. The room was covered in blood the plane was dropping slowly most windows were shattered.

Landon wasn't sure of what to do, he looked around, seeing nothing but blood, bodies, and glass everywhere. To his right he could see the planes engine, flaming, it exploded and caused a hole to appear towards the end of the plane, he grabbed a parachute and began to stumble out of the plane, bringing Wilson with him.

"Are you fucking crazieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!" screamed Wilson, before Landon jumped out of the plane.

Landon and Wilson ended up landing in a small town just outside of London. "Wilson, Wilson. You there? Dammit wake up!" Landon stood over Wilson and screamed. Wilson quickly stood up, and said "What just happened? We bailed out of that plane but, Was that real?" "I'm asking the same questions man. Now, I don't know what the hell kind of a acid-trip dream world we may or may not be in. But I'm not about to let myself get killed, fantasy or not. Suit up, I brought some gear down with us." The two crept through the dark and desolate village wearing simple civilian clothes, baseball caps, scarves, jackets and jeans, all black. Wilson pointed to a standard 4 door SUV and told Landon, "Hey, we need transport, maybe we can hotwire that car, eh." Landon nodded, "Watch my back, I'll get it...Yeah, 40 year old Texan guy in black hotwiring a car in the middle of the night, that's inconspicuous."

The sky was lit up with flames James was trying to land the plane in a final attempt james just stuck C4 to the cockpit and destroyed the plane causing it to destroy a large portion of london.

As Wilson and Landon drove towards the city lights of London, they saw an explosion in the sky, the plane had exploded in two, and it crashed into a building complex inside of London, "Guess that's where we're headed." Landon said. Wilson flicked on the radio, to see what exactly was going on in London.

" forces have been deployed into the city of london to halt a recent attack on london. A group of heavily armed men have taken the downtown area, including her majesty's residence....." Wilson flicked off the radio, and said to Landon "This shit's real Landon, and this means were going to have to fight terrorists, possible russians, and British forces to stop one of England from becoming a Communist country. If that happens, the U.S. is going to be in deep shit with world affairs....."

Landon finished loading his Smith and Wesson, and put it down his pants. "It looks like we're going to have alot to do today," said Landon, pushing on the gas.

Landon and Wilson were still on the road, heading for the now burning London center. The roads were clogged up with abandoned cars, with people running the opposite direction. Landon thought about the past information they had learned about in Vietnam and in Berlin. There had to be some connection with what was happening here.......

Landon hit the brakes, and Wilson lunged forward in his seat. "Jesus, Landon, what the hell is wrong with you?" said Wilson. "We have to get out of the car now...." said Landon. "What the hell are you talking about?" asked Wilson. "EMP!!! The Russians are going to use a fucking EMP!!!" yelled Landon, jumping out of the car door.

Wilson managed to get his seatbelt off, and also took cover on the road. A explosion was heard, and a blue-ish light began to travel along the air. Helicopters and Jets began to crash, and the advancing British Army was stopped in their tracks after their vechiles stopped working.

It took less than a minute for London to be completly knocked out, and Wilson began to survey the damage. The lights that had been on in some buildings were now completly knocked out, and cars that had been moving out of the city were dead.

"This is bad, really, really bad" said Wilson, moving his hand through his hair.

James was running from the lawh. After he hotwired a truck he drove off with it he had just destroyed the parliment and he needed to escape. The police opened fire at building while james swerved past crashed cars and eventually crashing into a large building causing it to fall killing groups of officers. Helicopters were flying through the air SAS and SBS soldiers were moving through as the attack was being confirmed as a Russian/cuban assualt instigated by a man know as General Victor Fedorov.

Landon and Wilson were hearing mixed Russian, Spanish, and English screaming as they ran through the streets, they immediately got off the street and into an allley as mortars began to fall. They slowly crawled around the corner only to see two Russian soldiers, both Captains, firing at civilians, "We need those uniforms." Wilson said. "OKay, but we need 'em clean, if they're covered in bullets and blood we won't get very far." They moved in closer, "Grab that crowbar." Landon said. He broke one's neck with a tire iron and Wilson killed the other with a crowbar. After changing hastily into the uniforms Wilson said, "We should get moving to Buckingham Palace, if we can't deny the commies a military victory we can at least stop them from getting a symbolic one too." "Okay, just one problem." Landon said, "What if someone presses the button?"

"What kind of button?" asked Wilson. "You know, the nukes?," said Landon ", if the Russian's capture this area of the city, world war 3 is going to happen, and the russians have a couple more nukes." Wilson reloaded his CAR-15, and said "Then we've got about twenty minutes before all hell breaks loose, and the only way we can stop it if we capture that palace."

Landon reloaded his weapons, and they both began to run toward the palace. On their way, they run into an old friend. "Mac?" Wilson asked in suprise. "Yes, heard World War 3 might be starting and would like to join in." Mac say's. "Lets get going."

"How the hell did you get here Mac?" asked Wilson

"I was called here to "investigate" the problems in London. They dropped me off and told 'me to get going. And I ended up here." Mac answered.

" I need an airstrike here here and here and one at the buckingham palace the queen has been evecuated so its up for destruction make sure you hit it with a daisy cutter or a MOAB". James was shotting orders into his radio ordering the destruction of major buildings. He had done a good job at fighting off the invasion as he was sitting on top of a pile of russian soldiers. Then james heard it screaming and the sounds of bones breaking gas filled the air and he heard a familiar motto. "Damn it cant be but we nuked them but four enemy factions this might be a hard war to win". Two other factions had just arrived two trackers were sent to clean house and the brotherhood just wanted to up hold the moment. Gas began to fill the air as nova gas airstrikes bombed the area. James heard a large crackling as the daisy cutter had destroyed bucking ham palace. James was ready to leave london but right as he turned and began to ran he was pulled to the ground. "James longtime no see" James was pulled down by a tracker but he was too cocky James was holding a revolver in his right hand with explosive armor piercing rounds. A click was heard and the trackers head exploded. More airstrikes littered the air and James was getting ready for pickup.

"Am I glad you're here. CIA's been running counter ops all over the city, but one thing they've failed to do is strike a blow." Landon said, "And that means we..." Mac shot in reply, "Kill Castro, kill Federov, kill the officers, and anyone else we can get our hands on."

"I'm more considered with stopping the world from being blasted back to the stone age," said Wilson ", and I definatly know that Castro is not in this. Federov and whoever lent him these cuban's must be trying to start a war, and this is mearly a power game; and they don't care if they bring the world to shit."

Mac was impressed. "Your correct on that, Wilson, exactly correct. You didn't even need to look at my intel to figure that out...."

Chapter 6: Taking Advantage

Joe Stackhouse was sitting on a Huey on his way to Khe Sanh airfield. The base had just suffered an attack fron the Vietcong and it was a mess right now, but he wasn't staying for much, so he didn't really cared about that. The chopper touched down and he practically leaped out of his seat, and he began walking the 60 yards from the LZ to the Command tent. There was pretty much activity, everyone knew the tent wasn't going to hold too much if the attacks continued this much. He stepped into the tent and quickly caught the activity. He headed for a man with a black beret and he saluted. -Captain Joe Stackhouse reporting for duty as requested, sir-. The man turned and faced him: -I`m glad you made it here Captain, I've got a mission for you and your team...

Joe was prone in the jungle, his finger on the trigger. The darkness of the night was heavy and he could barely see what was in front of him. -Fox leader to Fox team, status, over- he muttered in the radio, and the response came instantly: -Two hostile tangos on the roof, enemy personel on the road, and a BTR vehicle near the gates-.

James was sitting in a dark room before multiple people. "James glad you could come as you can tell we have a mission for you". The man at the back of the table slid a folder across the table. "Whats this general Victor Fedorov". The man gave him a stern glare,"James I need you to kill him". James looked back at him ,"Yes commander". James head out a tunnel and entered a helicopter. After a trip he was at the generals base. After two tear gas canisters and a nova gas round James got in the base. He found the general who was prepared for an attack. The two entered a close quaters battle. James removed his gas mask showing his face. The generals eyes grew wide"they sent a " before he could finish his sentence he was skewered by a tracker knife.

"I copy Trojan 1-2, we are moving out. Over" replied Nick.

"I'm moving with Chris. See you there." Howlett reported. Howlett signaled for his two men to flank the POW camp from the right. Howlett kicked down a door and Chris rushed through watching for hostiles. Howlett saw two NVA loading a mortar shell. He fired at the two then ran to a jail facility. Chris planted Semtex on it then triggered the explosive. The two rushed in and fired at the interrogators. Chris untied the two soldiers.

"Holy shit. You guys OK? Were gonna get you out of here." Chris gasped. The soldiers where in horrible condition. "Any more soldiers?" He cotinued.

"No," The soldier answered, "The las of Able Team was killed yesterday and our squad was killed in the first week." He finished."

Howlett opened a cell door and there was a rotting body. He studdered back with nausea and shut the door. He gestured to get moving and Chris followed. They carried the POWs over their shoulders.

James started to walk out of the general's office, another job completed. He walked happily to the door, and when he opened it, his mood changed. There, in front of him, was pratically the whole base's force. A russian managed to shoot James in the leg, and he grunted in pain as he collapsed to the floor.

Five russians then came toward James, and began to take off his clothes. "Look how many guns this man has!!!" exclaimed a russian, throwing a pistol on a small pile. James was now completly naked and standing in the freezing temperatures of Russia. Fuck, it's cold, thought James.

James noticed a UAZ start to drive toward him. The UAZ stopped a few feet away from James. The back door opened, and James saw a pair of boots. When the man came from behind the door, James was shocked.

"Hello my friend," said Fedorov, alive and well. "How are you...." "Do you really think that you had very good friends. It was pretty easy to pay off those murders to sell you on my double. They lied to you, and the immediatly got a position in my new world order; as soon as it forms."

Fedorov walked over to a russian, took his AK, and hit James with the butte of the rifle. "Not so good without your weapons!!!!" yelled Fedorov, kicking James in the ribs. It took Fedorov about three minutes before he was finally cooled down, and he regained his composure. "Take my 'friend' to the baths'," said Fedorov, looking over at James ", I think you will have a chillingly good time there."

Then two Russian soldier tightly picked up James, and began to drag him toward a small group of ponds near the base, where POW's were already being dunked and drowned in the freezing cold water. "I want all my things sent to my control center at Eden, I don't want anyone knowing where I am." said Fedorov to an officer, walking toward a parked Mil-8

"Come on Landon, aim for christ's sake!!!" yelled Wilson, while he was being shot at from Buckingham Palace's windows. "Shut up Wilson." yelled Landon back, quickly firing at the windows. They had only gotten to the gate of the palace, and most of the Russian/Cuban soldiers had managed to whole themselves up in the palace, while there were other pockets in different parts of the city.

"I'm blowing this fucker down," yelled Wilson, putting a piece of C4 on the gate. He quickly ran toward the car where Landon and Mac were, and jumped behind cover, sliding over the hood. He pressed the detenator, and the gate exploded.

Two russians screamed in pain there was a second James,"you fell for my trap" an explosion almost killed the general. James was mowing down soldiers with his MG explacement in a bush. A Surkov flew into the air firing missles at the russians. The general stared at James, and calmly walked calmly to the truck . A second surkov picked up James and the flew to a nearby mountain,"That was the most fun I ever had they stripped a dead body with C4 in it."

James was back at the POW camp. "James you saved us thanks" James looked over. "You didnt see my face did you". The soldiers all looked at james "of course we did when you got shot in the head you gas mask fell off" James pulled out a revolver and shot all of them twice in the head,"my identity must be upholded".

"I'll retrieve any classified documents from the building, believe me there is shit here you do not want to know about!" Landon yelled as he charged up the stairs of the entrance to the palace, "Meet me at the roof when we're done here!"

"Ok," said Wilson, pulling out his MP5K. He quickly aimed for two russians that were on the second floor. He shot at them, and the both fell off, and hit the first floor hard. Some russians came running out from a door, screaming out orders and positions. Wilson quickly slide to cover behind the stairs, and began to shoot at the Russians. A couple fell, but they found Wilson's position.

They fired at him with their AK's, which tore through the beautiful marble. "Flank them Wilson, I keep them preoccupied!!!" yelled Mac, shooting at the russians. Wilson quickly SWAT turned around the edge of the stairs, and began to run up the stairs. He hit the wall of a column, and began to silently sneak up on the Russians.

When he got close to them, he picked a gernade, pulled the pin, and threw it at the Russians. There was a large explosion, and the Russians screamed in pain.

Will Howlett moved to a jeep with the two POWs and jumped in the shotgun seat. Chris got in the driver seat and looked at Will.

"Gun it" Will said. He then picked a radio to contact 40th Pheonixes. He fiddled with the handheld for a bit until they were clear from the base. He opened the channel.

"Raptor you are clear to engage. Repeat: Clear to engage. Over." Will said. Howlett waited for the response.

"Copy," The Artilery operator replied, "We'll fire on the base. Raptor Out."

Wilson ran over to a wooden door, and kicked it down with his foot. A small group of Cuban's and Russian's tried to grab their weapons, but he sprayed them with is silenced MP5K. He started to move silently through each room, with the only light coming from the fires outside.

Wilson almost got into the third room when a Russian soldier came from behind the wall. Wilson tried to shoot him, but the Russian pushed him to the floor. The Russian lunged at him with his knife, but Wilson caught his arm. There was a brief struggle as Wilson tried to avoid having a knife in his eye. He eventually overpowered the russian, broke his wrist, and stabbed the Russian with his own knife.

The Russian collapsed next to Wilson, and he grabbed his MP5K. He went through the door, and preceded to the other areas of the palace.

Carter Sorrens silently stood in his rented apartment watching the evening traffic and smoking a cigar. It was shabby, but he would sell it before long. Slung on his back was a SPAS 12 in his time in the Secret Service. After an incident failing to protect Kennedy, another agent framed him temporarily for the kill. Until Oswald was found to be the guilty, he was still framed for plotting. So he simply resigned and became a mercenary, working for whomever paid him the most. Usually nobody got in his way and if they did, they would easily be eliminated by Carter's quick hand to hand combat. Plus he could draw a pistol faster than normal, people said that he was dangerous which was true.

If they paid him, he would track them to the far corners of the earth to hunt them down. If his target offered a better reward, he had no problem turning on his original client. So as a result, his original client paid him the price he charged...not cheap. His phone rang and he picked it up. The words spoken in the speakers sounded vaguely familiar.

"I have need of your service."

Since Carter was not part of any US armed services, he was free to go up against anyone.

"I'm listening. Identify yourself first."

"Fidel Castro speaking. I need profiles of particular soldiers in the field. I'm willing to pay whatever you charge."

Landon ran through the hallways of the palace, now back in his normal black clothes, attempting to find the room he was seeking, "Storage, no. Bathroom, no. Security! Ha!" He kicked open the door and grabbed a Cuban hostage, causing the second to stab his comrade in the chest. He then threw the pair to the ground and shot them both. Using the extensive knowledge of classified data he possesed, he was able to hack the security system, gaining access to the classified files of MI-6 through a primitive remote system, he then eliminated every last bit of information and physically disabled all system access by finally destroying the cables behind the drywall and flooding the mainframe with fire-sprinklers. He left the security room and was greeted by machine gun fire from a BMP outside the building, the bullets had shot 2nd floor windows apart, and Landon took a chance; he jumped out the window and landed on the BMP , he proceded to shoot the gunner with his pistol and, seeing as the vehicle was otherwise unoccupied, hopped in the driver's seat and backed the BMP into the walls of the palace killing the remaining Russians that were accompanying the BMP. He was greeted by Wilson, shocked at the hole in the wall.

"Glad to have some air, huh Wilson, you look as white as snow." said Landon, laughing his ass off. "Shut up, Landon," said Wilson, with a smirk on his face. "So, did you get anything?" asked Wilson. "Just some classified MI-6 data," said Landon, trying to show off ", what did you do?"

"Oh nothing," said Wilson ", I just saved the Queen of England, nothing much." Landon's jaw dropped, and Wilson smiled as he hit the gas on the BMP. "This is George Wilson, we have secured London, I repeat, we have secured london."

Chapter 7: The Hunt

On a plane toward the U.S.

President Johnson sat in front of Wilson and Landon, smiling. "Great job, men. The Russians and the Cubans have kept in the dark about the loss of England, and they've turned on their great hero Fedorov. Now is the time to strike. The Prime Minister's already made an excuse about some Irish Men attacking the city, and that the power knock out was caused by an Electrical Storm."

"It's honor to be with you, Mr. President, and thank you." said Landon, shaking the President's hand. "Now," interupted Robert McNamara ", let's get down to buisness."

The Slums of the Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo) , 1000 hours

April 1st, 1965

Landon and Wilson were in a Chevrolet C-10, watching people going in and out of a medium sized bar. Wilson had shades on, and was looking outside of the driver's seat, trying to find the target.

"See anything yet," asked Landon. While still looking outside, Wilson shook his head. Nothing but armed rebels going into that bar, nothing much. Wilson clicked on his radio, and said "Be advised, there are alot of armed and unarmed people here, so you guys better leave the infiltration to us."

"Ok, we'll lay low for a while." responded the Green Beret leader. Wilson flicked the radio off, and layed his head back in the chair. It was going to take hours for the Russian to get here, so he thought it would be best to rest a little. Then Mac showed up. "Mac? Where did you come from?" said Wilson, suprised. "The SAS rescued me as soon as you guys busted through the wall with that BMP." Mac replied. "What are you two waiting for?" "A Russian." Landon told Mac.

It was getting late in the afternoon, and Wilson, Landon, and Mac began to lose their patience with the Russian's arrival, Landon looked out the window, watching for any sort of activity, "You two, wait here, I need to talk to this guy." "What? Look man, we can't just go and..." Wilson replied, "I know what I'm doing, see that guy, in the green shirt?" Landon asked, "Yeah" "Well he's a, shall we say, troublemaker around here. SAD keeps tabs on these kinds of people." He told Wilson. By "troublemaker" Landon meant "communist sympathizer", not exactly the kind of person the CIA wanted in such an unstable country. "Well, well, well." Landon got out of the truck, "If it isn't our old friend Jean." Landon walked to the alley near side of the bar, "Jack! How are you? I haven't seen you since..." Landon cut him short, "Listen Jean, you know the deal, we let you get away with the occaisional robbery, maybe some extortion, in exchange for no political bullshit." Landon forced him up against the wall with his elbow, "Now, where is the Russian?" Jean began to sweat as the Green Beret captain came on the radio, "You two might want to come to the airport, we got some activity."

Jacinto AFB, South Vietnam

It was five days since Will returned from Rhen Tah POW camp. 12 men from the 28th, 40 from the 74th. Only 2 men survived. He couldn't believe it. Will sat on his bed cleaning his CAR-15. Will was already getting ready for his next mission. Lt. Chris Saturn was moved to the 15th Vultures, he was also promoted. Everyone else was moved to the 74th Silverbacks. The 28th Tigers, once in the top three most powerful divisions of the MAC,V-ARC, now dissolved.

Rumor had it that this next mission was based on info that a Vietnamese kid reported to a squad of American soldiers. They said his name was Son Pham. We are desperate if were taking info from a kid. Will thought. He stood up and holstered his M1911A1 then put his CAR-15 on his back. Will then proceeded to the B-52 that he would be jumping out of.

Howlett stepped onboard, surprised to find his CO, Col. Trevor Smith, on it. Will sat down next to him.

"Our mission is at an NVA outpost. They supposedly have multiple tanks, jeeps, you get the idea. This B-52 will bomb the hell out of the jungle as a diversion, followed by you and your men jumping right onto the oupost. Good luck Howlett." Smith calmly ordered. He got and walked out of the B-52 as the doors closed and gave a salute. Will gave a salute back then locked his gun.

Over Vietnam

"Look out below, droppin' hell!" Enthusiastically yelled the pilot. The B-52 shook like crazy. Will poked his head up to look out the window. He witnessed the flurry of fire and napalm hit the lush jungle canopy. In a matter of seconds the area had turned black with orange spot of fire all over.

Suddenly a giant explosion ripped through the back of the aircraft. Will struggled to hold on to the bench he was sitting on as he was being pulled out of the B-52. Will couldn't hold on, his grip slipped and he let go. He was sucked out of the flaming plane and wa sent tumbling towards the grounds. He looked back up as the plane lost altitude, however more men jumped out and activated their parachutes. Will followed their actions and the chute flared up.

Howlett began to look at the outpost. The exterrior was lined with AA guns, AT emplacments and MG positions. Will turned his parachute into the outpost so he would not have to face the MGs. The AA guns still fired and flak was flying everywhere. Red hot pieces of metal, no bigger than an apple, ripped by him. Although Will was never hit, one of his men's chute was shot and a giant hole was created in the middle of it. He began flying uncontrollably to the ground.

Will and his men touched down inside the outpost. He unhooked his parachute apparatus and pulled out his CAR-15. He aimed at four NVA troopers who were loking right at him. Will fired and a barrage of bullets neutralized the targets. Will saw an entrance to the exterrior. He ran to it and planted SemTex on all the emplacments(which came to a total of six). Will cleared the area and triggered the SemTex. The outer walls lit up with yellowish-orange fire and cracked with an amazing BOOM!. Will was knocked off his feet and landed on his side. His team came over to him as he scrambled to stand up.

"Neptune, its set. sould we go?" They said. Will told them to trigger the explosive. They all jumped in a jeep and were followed by Roman as well as Spartan teams. The explosion had a shuddering effect, and as Will looked back he found it almost blinding.

"I hope you haven't fired on anyone, Captain," said Wilson, looking at the people walk by . "Negative, we're as far as we can be from the target. He's coming outside of the building, and he's just gone into a limo"

"I'm sick of cleaning up your messes. There will be no more Russians." Landon scowled at Jean. He then got back in the truck with Wilson. "We should get going, do we engage upon contact? The plan didn't call for this."

"We follow them, see what their doing here," said Wilson ", so what did you do, Jean?"

"Uhh, Why are you here?!" Landon complained, "If you think I'm sitting in that slum bar all night you're wrong. Mister..." Jean said, "Wilson" Wilson answered, "Mr. Wilson, to answer your question, I'm a..." "He's a communist sympathizer and general criminal, we let him commit small-time shit in exchange for NOT INVITING THE RUSSIANS IN." Landon said in an irritated voice, "Then why not just shut him up?" Wilson asked, "Because we like fuckin' with him." Landon said as he gave Jean a shotgun, and they sped off to the airport.

The group was almost to the airport when they saw the Russian's limo exit on to the road, the kept a safe distance as they followed him, hopefully unnoticed. As they continued down the road the limo stopped at a local police checkpoint, "Get down, stay quiet." Landon said as they waited for the limo to move on, He watched one of the police officers say something to the driver, and through the dim light of the setting sun and a few street lamps, Jean saw the driver pull a gun and open fire at the police, he cocked his gun in response, as the limo sped away, one of the surviving officers pulled an RPG, and shot at the limo, flipping it over, but not destroying it. The cop then died of his wounds. As the group exited their truck and investigated the wreckage, Wilson and Mac both pointed out that there were no survivors, but Landon found a paper, "Вы приглашены на ежегодный гала сотрудники КГБ, Кремль, Москва, 2 апреля 1965"

"What's this say, Wilson?" asked Landon, handing the paper to Wilson. Wilson read it, and handed it back to Landon. "It means that you better have a tux."

April 2nd, Moscow

8 P.M.

Landon, Wilson, and Mac, along with several other CIA and intelligence personnel slowly drove through the streets of Moscow in an unmarked van. Only the first three were disguised as the KGB agents they killed in the Congo a few days earlier (fortunately for the trio, they each bore a slight resemblance to the Russians) The CIA was sending numerous other agents to collect information from Russia's secret bases, and the plan for Landon, Wilson and Mac, in their full KGB disguises, was to find out what Moscow knew of the Russian plan to attack the US, by infiltrating the heart of darkness. They stepped out on to the streets after a thumbs-up from a radio operator sitting in the van.

"Jesus H. Christ Wilson, I do not like this," said Landon, eyeing any Russian that walked by. "Don't worry," said Wilson ", just let me do the talking, and we'll be fine. I know ten different languages after all."

"Touché, I can pass for Russian but not with a southern accent. After a while I'll slip out the back door and do some snooping aound town, Mac? How about you?" Landon said as he walked through the front door and over to the bar.

"What were you doing?" asked the russian interrogator. Austin Dennis did not reply. The russian slapped him, then asked another question. "Who do you work for?" Austin continued the silent treatment. He recieved several jabs to the jaw. "What does it matter?" he repied. "One of us is going to die soon." The russian thought for a moment. "If he does not give in the information, we will leave him alone in here. Navsegda." Austin gulped. If he did not give up his identity and business soon, he would be stuck in the damned chair he was tied to. Forever. He waited until the Russians left, then thouht of a plan. After careful thinking, Austin smirked. He would hit them when they least expected it. I'm gonna get you good, he thought.


"Nice doing buisness with you comrade"James got up and opened a large garage door."6 migs 8 surkovs 9 hinds 3 daisy cutters 2 moabs and 1 emp Dimitri you are a great friend I hope to see you on our side during the war" James contacted a SAS base south of Russia. "Hello delta 2-1 I have the supplies we just need the orders and the invasion will begin" James was near a storage area in moscow he had went there to meet his friend dimitri and too purchase goods. James left the warehouse sure he was American but he spoke fluent russian allowing him to blend in perfectly. He noticed a speech going on and he saw the general that led the invasion of england. He turned arounded and prepared to run but he was spotted. Russian soldiers after him while James ran towards a bar. They shot at him he jumped and dove then smashed a window and jumping through the window entering the bar. He grabbed a bar tendor put a gun up too his head and yelled russian curses at the soldiers chasing him. As he saw the soldiers come in he shot each one of them. He spotted something strange KGB agents at a bar. He shot the wall and told them to leave as James left the bar.

"All troops, all troops, we have a spy on the run! Divert attention to him! Toropitʹsya!" a Russian said over a loudspeaker. Austin watched the whole scene from the chair he was still tied up in. He watched as the guards talked with an officer. Now is the time, he decided. Jacob started to untie himself. He struggled, but only momentarily. He freed his feet from the legs of the chair, then snuck to the doorway. He listened, then one of the guards jogged away with the officer. Perfect, he thought. He knocked on the doorway to get the guard's attention. The guard realised something was wrong. He opened the door, and Austin grabbed him from behind the doorway, and used the guard's knife to stab him. He whispered, "I'm on parole, bitch." to the guard as he died. Austin took the guard's Kiparis SMG. "Extended magazines. Nice."

Austin worked his way through the facility, careful not to be spotted. After some time, he reached the Armory. He found his MPL, but with the Suppressor missing. He didn't care. He threw a magazine in, then stepped outside. He was met by five russian soldiers. He gunned them down immediately. He went back in, and found his ASP, with the silencer still attached. Austin went to the next room, where the power switch was located. After shooting and killing two Russians, he found a flashlight. How convenient, Austin thought. He took out the knife he stole from the guard, and cut the wires, making the whole place go dark. Austin engaged the flashlight. "Payback." he said, as he shot a Spetsnaz troop standing outside the room.

"Good evening sir," said the Russian waiter ", would you like to have a taste of our wine or vodka?" Wilson waved his hand, and said in prefect Russian ", no thank you." Wilson continued walking, surveying each of the party goers, to see if Fedorov was here. But he wasn't in the ballroom , it was only filled with other agents.

He saw some stairs, and decided to walk up them. If Fedorov wasn't in the ballroom, he was sure as hell that he was somewhere else. "Landon," Wilson said into his small radio, attached to his collar ", you have anything?"

Landon stepped away from the bar, "Besides vodka, no, but it looks like the police are on high alert outside. I'll meet you in the ballroom and then head for the upper KGB offices once we sign in." Landon finished his drink and thanked the bartender, he followed Wilson up the stairs and into the ballroom, which was complete with crystal chandaliers, a full orchestra, and marble statues, "Damn." Wilson said. They sat down at a table adorned for dinner and were joined by Mac, who sat next to them. The music stopped and a Russsian army officer came up to the podium, "Thank you all for coming tonight", he said, "I wish that you all will enjoy the food, the music, and the company, but of course, none of this would be possible without the help of Mr. Mikhail Virashevsky, who will now deliver a speech on the continued success of our great country." Landon paused for a moment, and looked down at Wilson's uniform, it was, unfortunately, emblazend with just that name. He almost had a heart attack.

"Come on Mr. Virashevsky, don't be shy," said the Russian officer to Wilson. Oh shit, we're fucked, thought Wilson. Still, Wilson walked up onto the platform, where a microphone was already set up. "Ah, yes," said Wilson in russian ", I did fund this party." There were laughs from the audience, but not from Landon, who was sweating perfusly. "Well, um, er...." said Wilson ", there is nothing I can say about this wonderful country. It's beauty and power estonishes me. It's Military is feared throughout the world. It's economy is properous. It's people, of course, are great. I believe that nothing can stop the Soviet Union, and that communism will continue to be accepted throughout the world."

There were claps from the audience, and Wilson tried to walk off stage. "Wait Mr. Virashevsky, we have something for you," said the officer. Wilson gloomfully walked back to the officer. The officer started to speak, "I present you with the Order of Lenin medal, for your outstanding work in improving our country, we thank you."

There was more clapping, and the offcier pinned the medal to Wilson's disquise. "Thank you," said Wilson, before walking off stage.

Landon began to applaud as he breathed a sigh of relief, "You handled that like a pro, not bad." he siad, Wilson laughed. After the first course of the extensive meal being served, Landon left the room, making his way through a crowd of Soviet and East German officials. He reached the halls of the Kremlin, and began to make his way up the building via a maintenance shaft.

Carter Sorrens was also in the maintenance shaft although far away, watching the people bustle around the Kremlin. He watched as the general in an office walked out, leaving the database wide open. He eased the door open and dropped silently to the floor. Leveling his Python, he walked to a folder on the general's desk and began rifling through.

"Don't say a word." A voice said from behind him. Carter turned to see Jack Landon with a pistol held to his face. Carter's face turned from surprise to amusement.

"You were the thing I was expecting. I ask for no trouble. I'll get what I need and be gone. I don't need a helpless whelp to stand in my way." Carter said, acting like a diplomat.

"I'm not helpless!" Landon yelled, tightening his grip. He was ready to pull the trigger and clean the world of one less asshole.

"You're very clever." Carter smirked, hovering his hand to his pouch. "My lead."

In a flash, he pulled out a whip and hit Jack's hand. Landon cried out in pain dropping his pistol. Carter fired five shots. Landon recovered and dove behind a chair as Sorrens grabbed the folder and bolted for the door. Landon lashed out, grabbing his foot and bringing them down. He punched Carter in the nose and got a knee in the groin in return. Finally they were kicked apart by a pair of burly KGB who leered over, cocking Uzi's. Out of his mind, Landon looked over to Sorrens who had a plan in his head.

"Any ideas?"

"Catch." Landon almost missed his pistol which Sorrens kicked to his hand. The bigger KGB stepped on the pistol and cried out in pain as Sorrens lashed the whip, blood coming from his chest. Landon swept the man aside and fired his pistol on the KGB about to shoot Sorrens. A spray of blood came from the ear as the KGB agent toppled over. Landon aimed his pistol at Sorrens who held his hands up.

"I don't know who you are and who you are working for. You are an intervention to a CIA operation."

"I'd be happy to hear storytime." Sorrens replied in his villanous voice. "It would compromise both of us if we stay here arguing."

Sorrens and Landon grabbed the bodies, dragging them in a cardboard box. Sorrens used one of their socks to wipe as much blood from the floor and walls. When they put the room as they had entered, they got into the shaft that Landon came from. Sorrens finally spoke.

"Okay. My name is none of your concern and neither is whom I am working for. It's definitely not the CIA. You're after the Soviet attack plans?"

"Yeah." Landon crawled first, he heard Sorrens open his Python and turned around, half expecting the mercenary to shoot him right there. He was simply replacing the spent casings with live rounds before he holostered it along with his whip.

"Well my secondary objective is to assassinate the officer Virashevsky. If the CIA found out I helped you, they would be tracking me down even if I went to the moon. What are you here for exactly?"

"A while ago, in 'Nam, we learned of those very plans. My friends and I came to find out what Moscow knew about Federov's little idea. And as for Virashevsky, we killed him in the Congo yesterday."

"That's impossible, he just gave a speech..."

"A CIA double gave that speech, a damn convincing one too." Landon cut him off, "So, I'll give you a choice, you help me get those files, and kill Federov, and I'll let you go. Or, you can fight it out with me one more time and get us both killed. Whaddaya say?" Meanwhile, the SAD surveillance team in the van outside was trying to contact Landon, but with no luck.

In the main room were everyone was drinking and watching the speeches bullets were flying. James and dimitri who in russia were well known were being attacked by spestnaz. James was trying not to fight back hoping not to ruin his russian reputation while dimitri was firing Rpgs at the incoming spetsnaz. The building shaked James fell of the rail he was leaning over crusing a noble family when he hit the ground. James pulled out a pistol and shot two spetsnaz parachuting through a hole in the roof. The battle was getting intense James knew he couldnt let the spetsnaz move up or the plan would be ruined. James had his own plan he was after records that the general had on him and his team but he played along. James and Dimitri moved up a floor were there was a large hole in the wall and 5 bodies. James ran up and was face to face with an important military officer. "who are you and what are you doing here in a time like this" James thought quickly but dimitri answered"Isn't it obvious commander were trying to find the general and warn him of the attack. The commander looked shocked "didnt you know the general is leaving soon his plane is on the top of the building he is just waiting for a few more commanders and then hes leaving."

Dimitri nodded, "We better safeguard him." They rushed upstaris where the general boarded a Tu-95 Bear aircraft. James stepped on to board but was cut off by KGB agents asking for a military ID, which James lost while fighting. As he distracted the KGB, Dimitri slipped under the tail and lit a cigar, as he shook off the "ashes" he threw up a small beacon that adhered to the aircraft. He backed away and the plane sped off.

"Landon, are you there?" James whispered in the radio as they went back to the ballroom where the guests were still chattering and the Spetsnaz gone. At least temporarily.

"I'm here. I got a mercenary with me. He might be of assistance, did you kill the general or Fedorov?"

"They got away, but Dimitri managed to place a beacon. So we can find them whenever."

Landon had exited the shaft with Sorrens behind him. He tried smoothing the wrinkles on his jacket and exited the building to the van. The other men aimed at Sorrens who had a hand on his Python, not drawn, but ready.

"He's a friend. He can help us."

"We still don't trust him."

Sorrens apparently had that thrown at him before. "You are going to have to if you want to catch the general and the documents. I have a personal modified Mig-21 Fishbed jet that I used to enter Soviet airspace, it has the Soviet logo and everything except the pilot whom I killed as soon as he landed. It's at the airport nearby, if you get me there, I can shoot the plane down and the documents are all yours."

"Hey, I heard some gunfire and something about a Fishbed; I hope your not planning to leave me here Landon," said Wilson, avoiding the guards that ran by him ", I have a serious problem with abandoment." Landon replied, "Just get out here Wilson." Wilson pulled out his silenced M1911, and quickly ran out of cover. He quickly ran from behind cover, and shot some approaching guards.

He ran over to the stair case, and slide down the marble handrail. The Russians began to fire on him, but he was already down on the last step, heading for the door. "Wilson, we also have a reports of a SOG operative trying to escape from a prison in Moscow. The boss says that a team is going to rescue him, and we're inviting him into the team."

Wilson shot back at the Russian's while running, and yelled "I'm busy!!!"

Austin found the exit to the building. He was met by 2 squads of Russian Police. He took cover by the door. After pulling the pin on a flashbang, he threw it out. While the Russians were blinded and deafened, Austin ran to the next building, instead of gunning them down, which would require more ammo. He found a car, and got in. He knew how to hotwire a car, it was part of his SOG training. He was caught behind NVA lines, and after being captured, the NVA turned him over to the Chinese, who in turn handed him over to the Russians. Anyway, he started the car, and drove away. He looked at a road map that was taped to the dashboard, then took a hard right, heading for the airport. This drew the attention of a Russian Hip doing exercises over Moscow.

Austin headed for the airport, but was stopped by a Hip. He noted the missile pods and the military markings, and knew that there was going to be trouble. He started to get out, and he hid his ASP under the seat, and kept his MPL on his back. When the passengers realized who he was, Austin gunned down the men. He ran to the car, and started to drive it as fast as he could, as the Hip was in hot pursuit. "Better hurry the hell up.", he said to himself, as the side-mounted DShK MG opened up on him. Luckily for Dennis, the MG had little ammo, as it was not currently supposed to be in combat. This also meant that the rocket pods were empty.

The Russian yelled. "I'm out of ammo!!" to the pilot of the Hip. "Chyort." was the pilot's response. He picked up the radio. "This is Captain Viktor Belov, requesting backup."

Austin grinned. The Hip pulled away. However, the grin disappeared when Austin remembered how relentless the russians were. He expected more forces.

Those more forces arrived in the form of a pair of Hinds. Austin floored the pedal, and he barely escaped a barrage of missiles that the Hinds had fired. He then heard the roar of a Jet engine. He was nearing the airport. He found a tunnel, with a garage on the side. "Time to try something new." he said, as he drove right through the garage. It had a second car, luckily out of the way of the first, and the keys were on a table. Austin thought for a moment, and he noticed the door off to the side.

Austin drove the car out of the garage, to the other end of the tunnel. He checked his rearview mirror, and saw the Russian troops run into the garage. They fell for it.

Landon grabbed a bolt-action hunting rifle from the van as soon as he saw Wilson exiting the building with Mac, he shot two police through the glass doors, and one sniper on a rooftop, without missing. The pair quickly entered the van and a CIA operative shut the door, "Is the mission compromised? We need to know now." one operative said, "No, we lost them at the exit, they haven't found the van." Wilson replied. "Agent Landon, are we going to trust this guy?" The driver asked. Landon put his guns away and replied with a firm, "Yes, now step on it." The van backed out of the dark alley and began speeding to the airport.

The van slowed at the back where both civilian and military aircraft were parked, taking off and landing. It was a good place to assassinate a target, but a good place to get mired up too. Sorrens scanned the security, a sniper on the roof as well as a small army of KGB agents.

"No way in." He whispered, "Im finding a way around." He opened the door and stepped out, scanning the streets before crossing. He leveled a Dragunov sniper on his shoulder, a suppressor was screwed on the barrel. He flinched as the rifle shot a single round the dropped the rooftop sniper. Then shouldering the sniper, he gripped the sides of the fence and climbed to the top.

"Are you crazy?" Wilson exclaimed. "The barbed wire will cut you like a razor!"

Sorrens smiled back, a dangerous one. "You've obviously never been told that the Soviets never check their fences or repair them." He severed a gap large enough to squeeze in. The hangar opened and he rolled the Fishbed out.

"When I shoot that bastard down, you better collect whatever you need." He started the engines and they whined to life. Checking everything over, the jet had full fuel and complete ammunition for the twin heavy machine guns. He readied for takeoff accelerating from the airport and vanishing into the clouds.

"I need the bracon if I'm going to track him down." Sorrens told Landon.

"I got it here. It should upload onto your jet shortly." Minutes later a single red dot appeared, not too far away. Sorrens steered the Fishbed until he saw the Tupolev 95, codenamed "Bear" flying steadily alongside two other Fishbeds. He didn't wait for the other jets to react before he flew over the port escort, opening fire with his guns. Rounds tore into the Fishbed's cockpit, severing it from the aircraft, instantly killing the pilot. Before the second jet could react, the mercenary turned to spray the underside with a hundred rounds. It impacted the fuel reserve and the fighter detonated in a fireball.

The defenseless bomber could only pick up speed and it tried speeding away. Sorrens smiled, his prey was in his grasp. He fired, taking out one of the engines, that would force the Bear to crash land, leaving everything intact. If the pilots were the best of the best, they typically flew for generals and Kremlin leaders, they would safely land the plane for the CIA team to ambush.

"Sorrens to Landon, target is disabled, crashing twenty miles south of Moscow. I suggest we meet up at the wreck to collect our prize."

Austin prepared the Harpoon Gun he found. He had seen a rogue MiG-21 Fishbed destroy two other MiGs and cripple a Tu-95. He saw an Mi-8 head for the crash site. He readied the hook and fired, hitting a landing gear. He reeled in part of the line, and was now hanging on to the gun, which had him hanging from the Hip. When the Hip neared the crash site, it lost altitude. When it was low enough for Austin to let go, he did. He landed a few paces away from the wing. He walked in, and found that a few crew members survived, but were extremely wounded. One tried to draw a Makarov pistol. "If the crash doesn't kill you, I will." he said, as he shot the pistol wielder. He proceeded to shoot everyone else. He looked in the cargo hold, and found a few items. The lone overturned crate, whose contents, multiple RPKs, had scattered across the hold, was of no importance of him. But then he eyed a manila folder on the ground that was crushed under one such RPK, with a stamp on it that said, "Classified" in English and Russian. He drew his ASP. A search party might be coming, he would have to be gone by then.

Wilson, Landon, and the CIA team met up with Sorrens in front of the destroyed Tupolev bomber. "Well, here it is." Sorrens said. They went in. "What the-" Landon started, as he saw the dead bodies. "They were shot." said Wilson. "This guy looks like he was trying to fight back." he said, motioning to a body dead on it's back, a Makarov pistol next to it's right hand. "What if someone already got here?" Landon asked. "Probably Sorrens." Wilson replied. "What the- I'm right here!" Sorrens retorted. Landon went on. "What about James?" he asked. "Impossible." replied Wilson. "There is no vehicle, no parachute, nothing. And I highly doubt he walked all the way here." Sorrens spoke up again. "Maybe we should go in. It may answer this question." Wilson replied. "Alright, we're going in. I sure hope whoever made it here didn't get the files."

They dropped into the cargo hold. They looked around. RPKs littered the floor, but there was no sign of the file. Landon looked around. He saw something. "Woah, woah. Guys, I swear I saw something moving!" "Probably your mind messing with you." Wilson replied. "I swear, there is something here!" he replied, as he raised his weapon. "Alright, stand back, I am shooting the next thing tha-" he was interrupted by a click. A bullet penetrated his rifle. "What the-" he started, before being cut off. Someone grabbed him, and held a gun to his neck. "No one makes a move, or your friend dies, Ruski." the someone said in russian.

"Aww, for god's sake," said Wilson, taking out his CAR-15. He started to move forward a little, and the Russian tightened his grip on Landon. "Take another step, and another man will die for your cause," said the Russian. Wilson needed to think of something quickly, or else the Russian was going to blow his head off.

Landon began to feel something in his gut, but it took him a minute to figure out what it was, fear. Wilson, Mac, Sorrens, and the rest of the CIA team stood there tensely, "Well, that makes two of us who are dying for a good cause!" Landon thrust forward and broke free of the man's grasp, he engaged in a brutal CQC fight with him, causing much collateral damage to the interior of the plane, "Commie son of a..." Landon heard him yell, as the two continued to fight Sorrens intervened, "Landon! Stop! He's not Russian!" The man looked at Landon, "So, you're not with the KGB?" he said as the duo stopped their brawl, "Jack Landon, CIA SAD."

Chapter 8: Finale

"CIA." The man breathed, "Finally someone I might be able to trust."

The plane shuddered and groaned from the damage in Landon's fistfight. It wasn't going to hold much longer.

"Let's get off this scrap pile!" Mac yelled, as the hull snapped. Caught by surprise Landon and Sorrens were on the front of the hull as it plunged fifty feet to the forest floor. Landon was hit by a falling Makaroc which shattered the cockpit glass. Sorrens grabbed Landon and hurled them through. They hit the ground with the wind knocked out of them. Sorrens and Landon rolled in front before the hulk crashed where they had been standing a second before.

"You in one piece." Sorrens asked as he got up.

"Yep." Landon replied, grabbing his CAR 15 that was fallen nearby. "Out of curiosity, who do you work for?"

"I work alone." Sorrens replied, then added. "You ever heard the saying curiosity killed the cat? I eliminate whomever knows too much. I'll let you in on a little secret. I work for whoever pays me the most."

Will jumped off the jeep with his team, his CAR 15 slinged over his shoulder. He walked to the barracks to find Colonel Smith discussing their mission with a man in a black trench coat. The man stood up, packed up his briefcase then left. Will walked in.

"Colonel? Who was that." Will asked.

"Nobody to take note of," Smith said, "However, you are going on a mission in three months."

"Where to?"

"Russia. You'll be accompanied by the 67th."

Outside the Russian's Invasion HQ, Siberia

George Wilson layed prone in the snow, watching the base for nearly five minutes now. "It's fucking cold," said Landon ", when the hell are we going to move?" Wilson still kept focused on the base, not even flinching. "When they move, we move," replied Wilson. Landon went back to looking at the base, and wondered even if the 67th was ever going to move.

Landon sighed reluctantly, he knew he could take whoever was inside the base, but he would trust Wilson on this one. After another several minutes of lying silent in the snow, Landon spotted a snowmobile patrol. "Shit! More guards!" He pointed out, "Wilson, you still got that climbing gear?"

"Yeah, but what good will that do us?" Wilson asked.

"You'll see." Landon told him.

Landon used the snowbank as cover for him to crawl to a crevasse in the ice, he jammed a hook into what looked to be a soft spot, he then crawled back to Wilson, with the rope in hand. Landon's was an emergency plan, but he would soon have to put it in to use, as the snowmobile was headed his way, He waited until it was just over the snowbank, and then he threw the grappling hook right at it.

The Russian's screamed as the snowmobile swerved out of control. The snowmobile hit a rock and it was sent flying in the air. It made a two turns in the air, sending the russians into the ground. "Now!" yelled Landon. Landon and Wilson began to move toward the snowmobile. Wilson aimed his CAR-15 at one snowmobile's gas tank, and fired.

It lighted up like a christmas tree, almost rocking the snowmobile next to it. Wilson yelled to Landon ",let's just finish this shit so that I can go back home with my legs still attached!!" Landon nodded, and they cleared away the rest of the russian patrol.

When they were finished, Wilson pulled out his radio. The Russian's knew they were coming, since the alarms were already hollaring down at the base. "This is Wilson here. Looks like the operation is going to have to start early," he said. "Roger that," said the commander of the 67th. Almost on que, two Bell AH-1 cobra's came up from behind a small hill, and began to fly toward the Soviet base. One of them fired two missiles, striking the communication's center on the opposing hill.

Landon ran over to a snowmobile, which had sustained two bullets, and flipped it over. "Come on Wilson," yelled Landon, already kicking on the snowmobile. Wilson ran toward Landon, and got into the back seat. Time to kill Fedorov, thought Wilson.

Landon hit the gas, and they began to speed toward the base.

General Fedorov was standing, looking at the huge screen before him. The attack was going to occur when he gave the order, and he was happy about that. Even though, of course, that the american's were attacking and his government had labeled him a 'rouge general'. Now, his faithful soldiers were fighting two enemies, their own comrades and the captialist pigs.

Fedorov sighed, nothing really matter now. As soon as the EMP's went off, the Russian's would take over the United States; and Russia's people would label him a hero. Dead or Alive, Fedorov would win. "Sir," said a officer , saluting automaticly ",the american's have already taken out our communications. We will be having no reinforcements."

Fedorov took out his Makarov pistol, and put it on the table. "Tell your men to defend the command area at all cost. We must not lose this area to the americans'." The Officer saluted, and began to run back out to the combat. Fedorov sat down in his chair, and watched the timer tick away.

James hoped for the best and fired a shot he took out 2 guards and an oil storage unit. James had been on the run from the russian army after a subsequent defeat at the orders sub HQ in siberia was destroyed. James was firing his sniper at every russian he saw. He then proceeded to move in to the area where Fedorov was. He looked in his backpack and saw a wierd gun and a field manual. A few days ago the SAS was called in to check out a quarentined area in germany which was an old Die Gocke facility. He was spotted and shots rained apon him. He was hit in the chest and dodged the other shot. He looked at the manual and read it quickly. He was shot two more time and James then passed out from blood loss. A sniper took the final shot after looking at the cover of his manual.

Landon and Wilson rapidly approached the door to the base, and stacked up once they reached it. The two looked at eachother and nodded. Landon went in first, kicking down the door and dropping down for wilson to spray the room in front of them, as they searched for any sign of Federov's plan, Landon noticed a small red glow from under a desk, he picked it up, against his better judgement, and looked at it: "01: 32: 57 - 01: 32: 56 - 01: 32: 55-----", it was a timer.

Austin watched the russians through his binoculars. He had been sent to survey the Russian Missile Launch facility, which had suspicious activity ever since an SOG team knocked out Soyuz 3. He looked through and saw 2 familiar faces, messing with a timer. He smiled and kept looking. He then saw a missile which read, "Электромагнитный импульс Крылатая ракета". This translated to, "Electromagnetic Pulse Cruise missile", or "EMP Cruise Missile". Austin got out his radio and contacted Wilson and Landon quickly, then he unslung his MPL and began to infiltrate the base.

Wilson looked at the timer. "I don't know what it is for." He said. Suddenly, his radio vibrated. "Wilson and Landon. Long time, no see. This is AUstin Dennis, the SOG operative you met in the plane wreck. I have valuable intelligence." He said. Landon replied, "We're listening." Austin continued. "I am a quarter-mile outside the base, and I am here to gather intelligence for my CIA Handler. However, it seems you guys have already made it here. I ws sent anyway. I have eyes on an EMP Cruise missile, which is currently being transported to the launching structure. What des the timer read?" he said. Wilson replied, "01:30:32." Austin then said, "Good. You have an hour and a half to disable that missile. If you do not disable it, then the missile will launch, and the mission for both of us will be a failure. Get on it. I am infiltrating the base now. Good luck. Zulu Four out." Wilson then spoke into the radio. "But, Austin, what is the missile's target?" he asked. There was no reply. Landon then said, "We best get moving."

"Damn right we should," said Wilson, already taking out his CAR-15. They both began to run for a set of stairs, which lead up to the base's main observation post. Wilson and Landon were both hauling ass up the stairs, both of them hufffing and puffing as they ran. Wilson, suprisingly, was in the lead.

"" gasped Wilson, using a handrail to swing himself onto another set of stairs. There were no Russian's on the stairs, suprisingly, and Wilson thought they were okay. Wilson and Landon went through a door that lead to the observation post, and they were greeted by Fedorov. Unfortunatly, he had six heavily armed men.

"Well, how nice it is too see you both again," said Fedorov, clasping his hands together. "Fuck you," said Landon, breathing through his nose. Fedorov walked over to Landon, and bashed him on the head with both of his fists. Warm blood began to trickle from his head. "That is no way to treat a guest," said Wilson, trying and failing to crack a joke. Just then, Fedorov's fist came into contact with Wilson's chin, and he collapsed to the floor.

"With you Wilson," said Landon ", it's always a bad time." Fedorov began to shake his fists to disperse the slight pain of the punch, and began to walk toward the window's that overlooked the launchpad. The battle was still going on, but the rocket was already steaming. "In just a minute, my plan is going to go into action. As soon as this rocket detonates over Washington D.C., my agents will begin to set off their EMP devices, destroying your country's chance of fending off an attack. Even if the Soviet Army manages to kill me, the Russian people will cheer my name as we storm the United States and Europe. Either way, alive or dead, I will win."

"I've got one thing to say," said Wilson, wiping the blood off his face. Fedorov turned around, and glared at Wilson. "And that would be....?" asked Fedorov. Wilson smirked, and said "I wouldn't be so optimistic." Two Soviet MIG-17's came tearing through the sky, and dropped their payloads onto the rocket. The bombs hit the fuel tanks, and lighted the rocket up in a blaze.

Fedorov's jaw dropped as he watched his plan burn. The guard's were also suprised by the sudden attack on the rocket. Wilson, who was still laying on the ground, knew that this was the perfect chance. Wilson signaled Landon to take out the guards with his head, and Landon understood. With a flowing movement, they both grabbed their CAR-15's, and swept through the soldiers.

Wilson got done with his row, and began to shoot at Fedorov's legs. Fedorov screamed in agony as his kneecaps nearly exploded, and he fell to the ground. "Good job , Landon," said Wilson, giving his friend the thumbs up. Wilson and Landon both got up, and began to walk over to Fedorov. While Landon stopped the timer, Wilson stepped on top of Fedorov, who was trying to crawl away.

Wilson flicked on his radio, and began to speak to the leader of the 67th. "We've got Fedorov, and we're already looking for the other EMP devices in the States. Don't fire on the Ruski's, though; they're "friends" for the time being. Mission Accomplished, people."

Wilson and Landon stood in front of two burning building as a Russian Colonel began to drive towards them. When the UAZ stopped, the trucks that were behind the jeep began to pour out with troops, which began running toward Wilson and Landon. They began to raise their CAR-15's at the Russians, but the Colonel waved them down. "We're not trying to kill you," said the Colonel, smiling ", yet. You have stopped General Fedorov from starting another World War, since he failed to recognise that your country has a nuclear failsafe system."

"Damn right...." said Wilson, before Landon elbowed him. The Colonel glared at Wilson, before continuing. "My superiors have told me to escort you to the Mongolian border, where your goverment will bring you and your friends back home," said the Colonel, pointing at some soldiers from the 67th, who had their hands high.

Wilson and Landon were both smiling, since they didn't have to fight anymore people. But, Wilson had to ask one more question. "Mind if we tour your ICBM bases," said Wilson, smiling devilishly. Landon sighed. "Wilson, shut up."


Langley Falls, Virgina

July 10th, 1965

Landon and Wilson were both walking towards the Director's office. The both had suits on now, and on occasion a woman worker would give them the eyes. "I love these suits," said Wilson, smiling back at the women. "Why don't you focus on getting to the director's office first," said Landon, nudging Wilson a little.

They turned down another hallway, and walked toward a door. Wilson turned the knob, and they both entered the dimly lighted room. The Director was sitting at his desk, smoking as usual. "You wanted to see us, sir," asked Landon.

The Director sat silently for a moment, and Landon and Wilson looked at each other; trying to figure out what the Director was doing. Then, without warning, the Director threw a yellow folder down on top of the table. "I've got another mission for you two...." said the Director, lying back in his chair.

The End