Nickname(s) Beta Maple
Rank Lieutenant
Affiliations Squad Beta
Status Deceased
Weapon Cheytac M2000, Glock 17M
Lt. Danny was Squad Beta's right-hand man and veteran marksman. He was Pvt. Fielding's mentor
Lt. Danny

Lt. Danny


Pre-Squad BetaEdit

Known LifeEdit

Very little is known about Danny, he was an assassin long before the Russo-American war. Every trace of Danny was erased. After a failed attempt to kill Bullski, Danny was captured by the U.S Government and was forced to serve in the Rangers, despite being Canadian. After many successful assassinations Danny was moved to Squad Beta, under Cpt. Elloway's leadership.

Squad BetaEdit

Act IEdit

In Peru, Lt. Danny and Pvt. Fielding went a different route than the rest of Squad Beta. They encountered a convoy of Russians and dispatched them quickly with Glock 17s. Later on, Danny and Fielding were caught by the Russians while trying to sneak into the base. He was brutally beaten by a Russian and was executed by a squad of Russians.