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It is 2012, the North Korean military has declared war on the US and has threatened to resume the war on the 38th Parallel, as the crisis keeps growing, special operations combatants Jack Trent and Ryan Henson are sent deep into North Korean occupied territory to avoid a war.


  • Jack "Firebird" Trent: American born Delta Force member, born in Chicago, Illinois, son of a Vietnam War major. Main character and protagonist of the story.
  • Ryan "Moose" Henson: Canadian JTF2 operative, born in Moncton, New Brunswick, as a child he used to spend most of his time in nature, skill that made him a great Covert Operative. One of the main characters and protagonist.
  • Jason Huntington: Lieutenant General, as an experienced war veteran he has known a lot about special ops due to him once serving in SOG, born in Juneau, Alaska. Leader of the main Allied operation force in North Korea.
  • Lionel: Phoenix 1 leader, colonel in Delta, has a good reputation of being an excellent leader.
  • Ned Finch: Super Stallion pilot, known for his reputation as a hippie and a stoner, usually carries Phoenix team to their missions.
  • Jorge Torrado: Mexican American, member in Phoenix team, engineer, he is well known for his skills in engineering and explosives.
  • Becky Pearson: Radiowoman of Phoenix team, she tends to be short tempered, but she is usually quiet and appreciated in the team.
  • Liam Hockeyfield: Ace pilot in the US Navy aviation, callsign Zulu 2-9, he is an expert in aeronautics and is also a skilled pilot in a variety of USAF combat aircraft.
  • Dimitri Orlov: Former GRU operative, once an important person for USSR-DPRK operations, defected after being scammed by North Korean government. Key person in the story, contributing in most of the events Firebird and Moose do either directly or indirectly.
  • Ann Wong: CIA spy, kidnapped and held hostage in North Korea, liberated during the beginning of the conflict.
  • Haneul Kwan: North Korean sniper, secondary antagonist, claimed to have scored 476 kills, which 220 were credited as headshots.
  • Wook Ki: Admiral of the Fleet, responsible for the cruise missile strike in Edwards AFB, main antagonist of the story.


Act 1: The Beginning of a New Era

Chapter 1

Ready for Combat

1856 hrs, February 21st, 2012

Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Sergeant Jack Trent was cleaning his M4A1, he went to take a quick look at the barracks to check if General Jason had already contacted the Canadian operative. "General Jason, are there any news about the Canadian?" Sergeant Jack asked. "Yes, I just got a message from Dwyer Hill Training Center, they say a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III with the Canadian is en route to Seymour Johnson AFB". "Well, they must have been trapped in the snow, right?" said Trent jokingfuly, but Jason didn't smile, in fact, he seemed angry at the joke.

The hours passed, it was 9:03 PM, the Canadian was already there in Fort Bragg, getting familiarized with the 1st SFOD-D. "Seems like you have a wide array of hardware, when is our first mission?" Asked the Canadian. "After we meet with the general" said Jack, "But aside from life as Spec Ops, what's your name?" "Ryan Henson, I'm from Moncton, New Brunswick". "I'm Jack Trent, I was born in Chicago in 1982, I was planning to work at car dealership, but I was recruited to the Marines, shortly after that I got transferred here".

The C-17 flew over Kadena AFB, in about 15 minutes the aircraft will land on the runway, important personnel are inside the transport plane, among them Sgt. Jack "Firebird" Trent and Sgt. Ryan "Moose" Henson. Radio chatter was heard from the cockpit. "Kadena AFB, this is Condor 1 Actual, we're ready for landing and are awaiting orders, precious cargo is aboard, over" said the pilot. "Roger Condor 1 Actual, this is Kadena AFB, you're clear for landing, all personnel in the base is awaiting you, over". "Roger Kadena AFB, decreasing speed... landing gear out...". The massive aircraft landed and fire tenders, forklifts & other vehicles were ready for any situation, minutes passed and the first hatch opened, it was the rear cargo hatch and an Abrams tank came out, then the second hatch was opened and cargo pallets were pulled out by heavy forklifts, those pallets contained guns and ammo. The passenger door was opened an all passengers came out neatly lined up, each passenger broke the line once in the base and headed for different directions, the ones who were soldiers headed into a conference room where a neatly dressed general awaited them, her patch read "Tyson". "Good evening gentlemen, as you can see the situation is not easy, the JGSDF intercepted a KPN corvette anchored on their harbour, the ship was secured but we need to be alert and prevent an invasion in Japan and the Philippines, USPACOM recently received information from our agent 'Razor' regarding heavy DPRK military presence in the Yellow Sea and the situation is currently developing, your task right now is to head to this suspicious submarine close to Okinawa and secure it at all costs". "Yes ma'am" answered the group of soldiers, which headed to an armory where they received their gear, Firebird got an ACR with a grenade launcher and an Aimpoint red dot sight plus an Mk.23 with a SureFire and silencer, Moose's weapon was a C8A1 carbine with an ELCAN C79 optical scope and a SIG P225 with a silencer and a flashlight.

Chapter 2: Night Raid

Firebird and Moose were ready for combat and they were already in a Super Stallion, the pilot, who was known as Ned Finch ordered Trent to take the mounted M3 .50 caliber machine gun. "Hey bro, take the .50 cal thingy". Trent took the M3 machine gun, while Moose headed to co-pilot the CH-53, as ordered by the commander, Lionel. As hours passed and they entered North Korean territory, a P-8 Poseidon ASW aircraft signalled the CH-53 about a KPAN corvette equipped with SAMs. "Phoenix 1-3, this is Neptune 5-5, we have spotted an enemy frigate and personnel on the deck, it seems they aren't aware of the threat", said the Poseidon commander. "Rog' Neptune, we'll stay frosty, out", replied Lionel, just after Lionel said this Trent had fired his gun against an enemy Zu-23, luckily no one noticed but the crew members of the CH-53E. Shortly after the pilot advised them about the submarine in visual range. "Alright, it will be 15 seconds, I'm lowering her down". As the CH-53E descended the soldiers inside it were already deploying the ropes, when the ropes were down and the Sea Stallion descended Trent and Henson, along with other soldiers were deployed and made their way to the submarine. "2 zippies, 30 metres ahead from us, Ryan, slot the guy on the left, I'll take the one on the right" said Jack, who fired his ACR, successfully killing the enemy, Ryan shot his C8A1 which killed his target, "Keep moving, double time" said Trent, the Poseidon that previously alerted Jack's team about the corvette warned them that the submarine was submerging "Phoenix 1-3, the target is submerging, be advised". "Thank you Neptune 5-5, we're moving out". As Phoenix 1-3 made their way to the sub, the crew members of the submarine were already boarding the vessel, once Phoenix 1-3 reached the submarine Ryan stated: "Delta III class sub, built by the Soviets, ballistic missile submarine" "Well that changes everything, if it's a ballistic missile submarine let's take it" replied Jack, Phoenix 1-3 stealthily advanced to the sub where they secretly killed the crew members who were still outside, then made it inside, where they were weapons free, one of Phoenix team's members was Jorge Torrado, a Mexican-American from Hidalgo, Mexico; he carried an M4A1 and an M1014 shotgun. "Jorge, use your shotgun on these bastards", Jorge loaded his shotgun with 00 buckshot shells and made a path to the bridge, Ryan kept himself behind Jorge, but while halfway through the sub, a KPA soldier clubbed Ryan, Ryan fell to the ground but he got himself up and then kicked him, he pulled out a crowbar and hit him in the back of the head, killing him. "Hey, Torrado, Trent, I see the bridge, eh?" The three of them breached the door of the bridge and made the captain of the vessel a prisoner, ordering him to give the abort codes, the captain reluctantly gave the codes that stop the missiles from being launched.

Chapter 3: Grab n' Run

"General Huntington, please give us a glimpse of the situation" asked the secretary of defense Leon Panetta, the situation between North Korea and USA was kept private from the public, they couldn't allow a crisis of this magnitude be revealed to public. "Certainly Sir, we see increased missile activity in the Northeast Coast of North Korea, we're not sure if they are trying to strike, currently the situation is developing, recently a man know as Dimitry sent us some vital intel of the missile launch site" replied Huntington. "Can we trust this man, General, he's a Russian, we know things between us and the Russians aren't doing as well as expected" replied Mr. Panetta. "Well the man was betrayed by his own government, in 1979 he was sentenced to the Chita Labour Camp because he allowed a US vessel to disembark in Kaliningrad, this vessel was thought to be carrying illegal substances, the Soviet police investigated the vessel and discovered 3.000 pounds of crack, he was sent to the gulag for cooperation with criminals, he was to be executed in 1992 but because of the collapse of the Soviet Union the Russian government decided to send him out of prison, ever since he's been living in the Russo-Korean border, dangerously close to the enemy". "Alright General Huntington, we need this man alive, send in an extraction team for him, we need this man alive at all costs".

Phoenix 1-3 is sent to Dimitry's safehouse in the North Korean border, the USAF sent in an AC-5 Wraith. "Phoenix 1-3, this is Malevolent 8-7, standing and 12,000 feet from sea level", stated the AC-5 pilot. "Roger that 8-7, we're popping a flare on your first objective" replied Henson, Henson used his underslung AG36 to fire a flare, then, Malevolent 8-7 fired a 155mm on the enemy J'uch'epo howitzers, "Thanks for the support 8-7, we're moving out, watch out for IR strokes, that's us, out" said Henson, Henson and Trent spotted an enemy armored UAZ-469, Trent, who was carrying a Javelin, took aim for it and shot it. Phoenix 1-3 kept moving. Suddenly KPA soldiers popped out and fired taser rounds against Phoenix 1-3 "Shit, Plunkett is down, it's an Ambush!" yelled Trent as he raised his ACR and fired it against the KPA soldiers, Henson used his C8A1 to lighten up the situation, suddenly a whistling sound stunned both US and DPRK troops and then a 40mm shell hits the ground and lightens up the situation, it was Malevolent 8-7 that fired the 40mm to support Phoenix 1-3. Phoenix 1-3 continues with the mission but tanks start pounding Phoenix 1-3, Malevolent 8-7, desperate to keep Phoenix 1-3 alive tries to communicate with troops on the ground, getting no response, same with Phoenix 1-3. "I see enemy P-40 radar systems, they're jamming our communications!" yelled out Torrado. It took no time to find a way out of the tank ambush and find a way to the P-40. Henson placed a charge beneath the stationary vehicle, then exploding it which immediatly destroyed the radar, they established communication with Malevolent 8-7 which then fired a 155mm and 10 40mm against the tanks. "We spotted Orlov's compound 3 km from your position". "Great, Malevolent 8-7, we'll be taking the parked SUVs in the garage, 30 metres to our left, don't shoot us" replied Jack, Phoenix 1-3 boarded the 2002 GMC Yukon XLs with mounted M134 Miniguns and left to Orlov's compound. "Jack, you got any ideas?" asked Henson. "Yes, we're going to disguise ourselves as KPA, when they let us into the safehouse, we kill everyone inside and take Orlov" said Trent. "Sounds like a plan, Torrado, man that Minigun" replied Henson. Torrado took control of the Minigun and double checked it. When Phoenix 1-3 arrived to the KPA security checkpoint, Henson pulled out his C8 and fired it at the North Korean guards, Torrado took aim to the enemies in the window and took them down, the team got of the Yukon XL and breached into the house while, inside the house they found light resistance which was dealt with right away, when they found Orlov they took him out and called in Ned to take them back to USS Essex.

Chapter 4: Tank Hunter

May 1st, 2012

Phoenix 1-3 sent to eliminate KPA base in Tajikistan

"Gentlemen, it seems Orlov has provided a large piece of information, we've located a clandestine military base in Tajikistan under possesion of the KPA" stated Huntington, holding a tablet in USS Essex's bridge with Phoenix 1-3. "We're sending you out to Tajikistan with a Stryker and some air support, go to the lower decks to see what other toys await you, dismissed" said General Huntington. Jack, Ryan, Lionel and Torrado went to the lower decks to see a supply crate with a SOFLAM, CheyTac and Timberwolf rifles, AA-12 shotguns and two FGM-172 SRAWs, they were already discussing who was taking what, in the end, Jack took a SRAW and a CheyTac, while Ryan took a Timberwolf and a SRAW, Lionel was conformed with his M416 SOPMOD and his suppressed M1911, Torrado took an AA-12 and kept his M4A1.

The MV-22B, callsign Xerxes 9-6 flew above the deck of USS Essex, Its mighty rotors pushed the water away forming a big circle around it, inside the Osprey was Phoenix 1-3, in a few hours they will be in a clandestine military base in Tajikistan, neutralizing enemy armour in it. The hours passed, the Osprey was already in Tajikistan. "Alright, guys gear up and get ready for your landing" yelled the pilot. The MV-22B lowered down a few meters and opened its rear hatch, Phoenix 1-3 roped down and cut the ropes to release the M1128 Stryker MGS, the Stryker team got in the vehicle and started rolling it while Phoenix 1-3 followed. "Three man patrol dead ahead, Ryan, get them down" ordered Lionel. "Gunned down sir, let's get moving". As the team got moving they spotted a BTR-60 which was brought down by the Stryker. "Great job, Grizzly, let's keep moving before they find out" said Ryan, reacting to the destruction of the BTR, the team kept moving until being ambushed by enemy combatants. "Aww fuck, they know we're here, they're bringing up all their infantry, Lionel, stay back here while we get into position" said Trent, both Trent and Henson got into an elevated spot where they sniped the enemies they could see, until a 76mm hits their cover and sends them flying. "Jack, Ryan, you still there, Jaack, Ryaan, waake uup!" yelled Torrado, Ryan then woke up and cursed. "Shit, I fell over the SRAW". "Ryan, great to hear from you, we've taken care of the enemies, you're good to go" said Torrado over the comm. "Is Jack still there?" asked Torrado in a worried tone. "Yes, he's still here and moving, what did we miss?" "Nothin', just how the SU-76's turret blew up to the sky after being shot by the Stryker, regroup". Both soldiers returned to Torrado's and planned an attack against the base. "Listen up, we're destroying the KPA's military infrastructure in the base, but there's a lot of enemies in the area, we'll blow up the bridge connecting both sides of the base, keep in mind there's troops on the bridge" said Lionel. "Jack, you'll be the one calling in the guns" "Rog'" replied Jack, Jack used the SOFLAM to call in a Navy strike. "Zulu 2-9, this is Phoenix 1-3, requesting air support on the following coordinates" called Jack, and then two F/A-18E jets roared and fired AGM-65 missiles to the bridge, the bridge collapsed with T-55 tanks exploding as they fell dowm the bridge, which immediatly set off the alarms at the base. "Shit, we got a company sized unit converging in our position, including a Chonmaho tank and multiple BMPs" yelled Torrado. Ryan saw the first BMP deploying troops, so Ryan aimed his SRAW to the BMP, he waited for it to lock-on and then fired, making the BMP explode and sending troops to the sky, the BMP's turret flew at least 10 meters before falling down on another BMP, which set off a chain reaction of explosion that eliminated the four BMPs. "Yeah, that's me, the world's largest distributor of BMP parts" cheered Moose. But then, an enemy sniper engaged them and killed one of the members. "Son of a bitch, enemy sniper" exclaimed Jack, as he steadily aimed his sniper rifle against the sniper, but then, the shot of a Chonmaho made him flinch, giving a chance to the enemy sniper to escape. "I got him, I got him on my scope, I even saw his face" complained Jack, but then he saw the real threat. "Damn it, enemy tank" the tank fired and slightly damaged the Stryker. "Dang!". The Stryker aimed down its 105mm and fired a shell to the enemy tank. "Tank down, hooray!" cheered the whole team as they saw the tank burst into flames. "Let's keep moving, the Navy says they've seen a runway and multiple hangars, we'll have to confirm this" said Lionel as he checked his M416. "Zulu 2-9, this is Phoenix 1-3, can you confirm that there's a runway and hangars North of our position?" asked Becky Pearson, the radiowoman. "Phoenix 1-3, we are currently checking that out... Uhhh, yes there is an airfield North of your position, we cannot begin gun run until we confirm there's a real threat in there" replied Zulu 2-9 pilot. "Team, it seems we have to confirm if there's a real threat in there" said Lionel. Phoenix 1-3 got up and made their way to the airfield, where they saw multiple MiG-25s and even more MiG-21s, and few MiG-17s, A-5 attack aircraft and even a Harbin H-5 bomber. "Ain't this goddamn Science & Technology Museum in Chicago?" said Trent sarcastically. "We have confirmed that there's a real threat here" called Becky to Zulu 2-9, Jack pulled out the SOFLAM. "Stand back" ordered Jack as he was ready to call the fireworks by air mail. "Zulu 2-9, we have the coordinates, requesting AGM-88 HARMs on the following coordinates". "This is 2-9 at 12 miles now bearing 2708 angels 3, stand by for HARM" said the F/A-18 pilot as two Super Hornets roared and fired AGM-88 missiles against the enemy aircraft. "Holy shit, I should have joined the air force, look at that goddamn fireworks show, what the fuck, hooray" cheered the team as they saw half a MiG-17 bursting into flames being launched into the sky and turning into a star as it went further from the athmosphere. "Baseplate, this is Phoenix 1-3, we have eliminated the base with extreme prejudice, we're ready for dustoff" said Becky to General Jason. "Great job sis, we're getting closer to your position, man" said pilot Ned as his MH-53 could be heard from far away. "Ned????" Asked Becky in confusion. "Where's General Huntington?". "He's right beside me". The helicopter landed and Huntington greeted the team. "You did a great job there, but we have an even bigger task for you now. An overseas CIA asset has been captured and held hostage in Southeast Asia, we're sending you to extract her".

Chapter 5: Savior

May 3rd, 2012

Phoenix Team sent to extract Solo Red

Ned's MH-53, callsign Solo 9 X-Ray overflew the state of Kachin, Myanmar, intel says CIA asset Solo Red is in the Thick jungle of Northern Myanmar. "We're getting closer to the LZ, man, get ready for landing, man" said Ned. . "Jack, any idea why is the KPA here and why is Solo Red here?" asked Moose. "Initially the DPRK was planning to invade Southeast Asia, but was condemned by the UN, in April 29th the USAF ran RQ-170 drones over the region and spotted KPA movement right here" replied Firebird. "We're here" said Torrado. The soldiers got off the helicopter and wandered through the jungle. "I see some soldiers" Lionel gripped his HK416 and put three shots on the soldiers, Torrado held his M4A1 tightly and fired his weapon against the enemy soldiers. "Great job, everything cleared, let's keep moving" as the team kept moving a 122mm hit the ground and sent Phoenix team to the ground. "Fuck, D-30 howitzer" the team sprant through the jungle until finding a safe spot far away from the howitzer's range. "Now what?" complained Becky. "Now we fend off the angry DPRK soldiers" said Torrado sarcastically. "Enemies moving in" Jack used his ACR against the enemy troops, he shot one, two, three, four soldiers. Ryan used his C8A1, he took a long shot against a machine gunner with an RPD, but then the sniper that confronted them last time in Tajikistan attacked them. "Fuck, it's him again" exclaimed Becky as she fired her M249 at the sniper, but it was of no use, the sniper escaped and the gunfight came to a halt as the last KPA soldier fell. "Let's get going". Ryan pulled out his binoculars and tried to spot the enemy howitzer. "I see it, about two kilometers away from us". "Solo Red is a kilometer away to the East, let's leave the howitzer, after all, I don't think they will relocate anyway" replied Jack. "Keep moving". Back in the KPA camp, the sniper informed his superior about failing to neutralize Phoenix team. "What do you have Haneul?" asked his field commander, an old admiral. "Nothing, Admiral Ki, we failed to kill the Americans" replied the Sniper, Haneul. "We'll have to relocate, get the trucks ready, we're packing the howitzer" replied Admiral Ki.

Back with Phoenix team. "We're getting closer, I see a gate with Korean script and Burmese script, plus the official stamp of the KPA" said Lionel. "Let's break in, call in some air support" replied Jack. Becky called an AH-64D Longbow Apache to assist, callsign Huron 6-4, the AH-64D used its Hydra rockets at an enemy P'okpung-ho and a Hellfire missile at a Mi-24 Hind. "Everything's lightened up, you're free of any major threats" said Huron 6-4 pilot. Phoenix team fought for about fifteen minutes until reaching an underground bunker. The only thing they could see was security footage from another bunker not far away from there. "Tell us Ann, were you ever contacted by this man, Jason Huntington?" asked the interrogator. "I told you, I haven't!" replied Ann. "Shit, it's the sniper, it's him, he's going to kill her!" exclaimed Jack. "I'm in bunker A324, East of the main compound" said Ann. "Is that thing recording?" asked Haneul, before turning to the camera and shooting it with his pistol. "Fuck, is that Solo Red?" asked Ryan. "Yes, it is, now let's get going" replied Lionel. Phoenix team got aboard a WWII-era Jeep with a mounted M1919. "Becky, ride shotgun, Ryan, you're driving, Torrado and Jack, back seat, I take the machine gun" ordered Lionel. The team raced through the thick bush while being attacked by KPA engineers armed with RPGs and carbines, they barely dodged an AT mine and nearly hit by a truck. "We're here, bunker A324, Torrado, use your '870". Phoenix 1-3 breached in and only found two enemies about to kill Ann Wong, Torrado pressed the trigger of his M870 and killed one enemy while Lionel shot the other one in the head, immediatly killing him. "Ann, you're with us". "Solo 9 X-Ray, this is Phoenix 1-3, we have confirmed Ann Wong is Solo Red, I repeat Ann Wong is Solo Red, we're ready for dustoff" told Becky to Ned Finch, but then a 122mm made the bunker collapse. "Negative, negative, primary LZ is too hot, we're retreating to secondary exfil point Rivet Zero" yelled Becky. Phoenix 1-3 sprant through the thick rainforest and reached secondary exfil point Rivet Zero, not far away from the new howitzer's location. Then, Huron 6-4 and Solo 9 X-Ray arrived to the scene where Huron 6-4 fired its Hellfire missile at the D-30 howitzer, and then an Mi-24P took off and fired its UV-32 rockets but the helicopter was destroyed by Huron 6-4's Hydra 70 rockets. The helicopters then took off with Phoenix team and Ann Wong.

Act 2: Entangled in Trouble

Chapter 1: Hijacker

May 9th, 2012

Phoenix Team and ace pilot Liam Hockeyfield sent to steal experimental jet

"It's great to see you again, your mission in Myanmar has again proved your skills as soldiers. Ann Wong told us that this Admiral Wook Ki is planning something big, we don't know what is it, but our spy Dimitry Orlov told us that Admiral Wook Ki has requested all state factories to build a prototype stealth jet capable of supersonic speeds, multirole capabilities and improved avionics, they say this project is finished and there's only one sample of the aircraft, in Wonsan, North Korea, just do this mission and you'll be back for Mother's Day" said General Huntington. The team is sent in to Wonsan with ace pilot Liam Hockeyfield. "Liam, why do you sound so familiar?" asked Ryan. "I was with you in Tajikistan, codename Zulu 2-9" replied Liam. "Ohhhh, so that's why". The helicopter landed in Wonsan without being spotted by enemy radars or something. "Hey, man, time to get off, I'll be back with you in a minute man" said Ned before Phoenix 1-3 got off the MH-53. "Liam, you know how to use a weapon?" asked Jack. "Of course, I had to take some courses of survival before being in the Navy Aviation, which included small arms training" replied Liam. Phoenix 1-3 made its way to the aircraft, but were stopped by enemies this time. "Shit, it's a dozen enemies, fend them off" yelled out Jack. "Liam, stay back" ordered Ryan. The team was engaged in a short fight and kept moving towards their objective, but then a Hind started attacking them. "Fuck, get this helicopter down, Torrado, use your SMAW" Jack said. "On it" Torrado pulled out his SMAW and waited for the Hind to stabilize and then fired, the Hind was diminished into small pieces, as the team kept moving they could hear MiG-29s in the sky. "If that's an enemy airplane, we're screwed" Ryan said. "C'mon, there's gotta be a way out, follow me" ordered Jack, Phoenix team followed and reached the KPA barracks where they were engaged in a long gunfight. "Enemies closing in" yelled Liam, Liam used his MP5KSD. Torrado and Becky stood back with Liam and gave covering fire to Jack and Ryan as they shot enemies with their ACR and C8 respectively, it wasn't until a BMP-2 deployed enemy combatants in the area and supported the KPA soldiers. "Lemme use the SMAW, cover me, Becky" Torrado ran through the bullets whistling from both sides and dived into cover, there he aimed the SMAW and fired it at the BMP's weak point, the back, the BMP exploded and brought an end to the gunfight. "Great job, Torrado!" yelled everyone in ecstasy. "I think I see the stealth aircraft" said Liam. "Really? Does the one in the picture match?" asked Ryan. "Yes, and so does the description, delta wing, black, Double boom tail and two jet engines, jackpot". The team got closer to the jet to confirm it is real. "It's the real thing, landing gear is a rip-off of the F-18's landing gear, equipped with AA-10 Alamo missiles, AA-12 Adder missiles, AA-2 Atoll, AS-17 Krypton missiles, multiple guided/unguided bombs and a GSh-30 autocannon, let's get in to see what else" said Liam. Once inside the airplane they saw a spacious cockpit with 5 seats, one pilot, one copilot, and 3 extra seats with apparently no use. "What are these for?" wondered Jack. "Probably limited transport abilities, Ki wanted these to be able to carry troops into the battlefield while also being able to fight, this aircraft is near perfect" replied Liam. "A scaled down AC-130 gunship" said Jack. "A flying LAV-25" said Jack. "Must be too good to be true, let's take it out for a spin" said Liam. "We need gasoline" said Torrado. "Ah, yes of course, Moose, go get a tanker, Torrado, with him". As both soldiers went to get the gas truck, a MiG-25 flew by. "Shit, Torrado, get in the truck now" both soldiers got in the truck and drove to the hangar. "Get this thing full now" the aircraft was refuelled and they were ready to take off. "Engines functioning, weapons systems online, we're ready for takeoff". The airplane took off and flew far away from the city of Wonsan, but multiple MiG-25 interceptors tried to stop Phoenix team. "We got multiple MiG-25s around us" yelled Becky. Liam fired one of the two AA-2 Atoll missiles and hit one of the MiGs, but then they got locked-on by an enemy MiG, the MiG fired... "This shit doesn't have any countermeasures, Fuck" cursed Liam as the incoming missile was getting closer, the missile hit the left engine, Liam was forced to descend a few meters. "Fuck". Liam saw more enemy MiGs, but this time they were MiG-23s. "MiG-23, these ones are easier, they're slower" he said, Liam fired one of the AA-12 missiles which hit a MiG-23. After long hours of air combat, three F-15C and two F-16 helped the troubled hijacked aircraft out of trouble. "Zulu 2-9, this is Whiskey 2 Victor, get yourselves back to base" ordered one of the F-16 pilots. Liam landed the airplane in the closest aircraft carrier, USS Lincoln and waited to get picked up by Ned.

Chapter 2: Executive Order 281

May 11th, 2012

Phoenix Team sent to interrupt the launch of North Korea's first satellite

Deep inside the Himalayas the DPRK has set up its very own rocket launch site with permission of China. "We'll be splitting up, Torrado, Becky, you'll take the West wing, Ryan and I will take the South wing, we'll have to make it in time before the rocket launches without us" Jack said. Both teams got in position and got themselves ready for combat, Ryan was carrying a G36KE with a Reflex sight and a Benelli M4 shotgun, Jack took an M4A1 SOPMOD and an M14 USMC DMR, Torrado used a FAMAS F1 suppressed and a Mossberg 590A1, Becky carried an M240E4 and her sidearm, the TMP. "We'll provide sniper support from our position while you make your way to the command room" said Trent to Becky and Torrado over the comm. Jack aimed down his USMC DMR as Team Two made their way to the comm room. "Stand by, two enemies" said Jack, Jack fired the DMR and killed both soldiers. "You're good to go". Torrado and Becky reached the comm room. "We're in the comm room" said Becky. "Great, Moose, follow me to the comms" Firebird and Moose go meet with Team Two and they breach in the comm room. "Flashbang out!" Jack threw a flashbang and the stunned enemies were killed, Phoenix 1-3 kept making their way to the top floor, a bunch of soldiers were expecting them, luckily for Phoenix team the enemies were short on ammunition and had to surrender. Phoenix team reached the communication consoles and wrecked them, stopping all communication between the launch site and the exterior. "Communication is offline, we're good to go". The team left the comm room and approached the rocket, but were ambushed by enemies. "Dammit, ambush!" The team fought for a long time just in front of the rocket, Jack used his underslung M203 and the grenade launcher helped light off the situation, but more enemies kept coming, Ryan fired his G36KE until he heard the countdown, just 45 seconds before launch, despite the heavy fighting happening in the launch pad, the DPRK high command didn't seem to mind by the fact that the Americans could destroy or damage the rocket in any second. As a sign of relief for Phoenix team, an MQ-9 Reaper shot a missile and eliminated the enemies surrounding the rocket, but the countdown was nearing an end, it was when Becky took control of the UAV and shot a Hellfire missile at the rocket, the rocket bursted into flames and much to the teams' satisfaction, it didn't get a chance to take off. "Ned, we're ready for dustoff". Ned landed his helicopter and Phoenix team got on board, unfortunately, Becky was shot in the clavicle and fell to the ground, shortly after, KPA soldiers started to overrun the helicopter. "Pearson!!!" yelled Jack as she tried to crawl to the helicopter, but sadly they had to take off to avoid capture or death. "We have to get her" said Jorge Torrado, desperate to get her. "We can't it's too late" replied Jack. "Yes we can get her, I see her, she's still alive" Torrado lost his temper. "She is still alive and she is opposing resistance to the enemy captors!" "We have to get her" Finally Lionel contacted Becky. "Becky? Sgt. Pearson! Are you still there, if you're there, run to your left, we'll meet you there" said Lionel, Beckynreplied. "I'm trying, the enemies are gone, I have my pistol with me, I'm going to make my way to the LZ" Becky ran for her life, Jorge took control of the helicopter's Minigun to cover Becky as she made her way to the chopper. "Jump for it!" Becky jumped and fell in the chopper, finally she was safe and sound.

Chapter 3: Security

May 19th, 2012, 0304 hours

Unknown terrorist threat in Chicago, Illinois

SWAT vans surrounded the Wrigley's building, among the SWAT teams was Phoenix 1-3. "Jack Trent? This is Lt. Walter Martin, we're sending Team One to secure the Aon building, your team will secure John Hancock building, finally, Team Three will take the Sears Tower, we will have snipers in Trump Tower, expect civvies in the buildings so beware, there may also be terrorists in those buildings" Jack then turned and saw a fully armed SWAT sniper. "He's Ethan Burke, he'll be overlooking the buildings from Trump Tower" Jack, Ryan, Jorge and Becky were Team Two, they'll be at John Hancock building. "I'm in position" said Ethan as he readied his Barrett M98 Bravo. "Team One is in position at Aon building" said Lt. Martin. "Team Three is nearing the 74th floor, no sign of enemies" said Team Three leader. "Team Two nearing John Hancock building" said Jack. Jack's team then reached the Big John, inside the building there were numerous enemies, Jack was using an M4A1, Ryan was carrying a C8, Torrado and Becky were also carrying M4A1s, the enemies fell one by one, after clearing the lobby Jack unmasked one of the corpses, confused, he said. "The terrorists are Asian" the first thing that came to mind was the tight relations between the US and North Korea, he then proceeded to examine the uniform and spotted the KPA Ground Force insignia. "They're probably North Korean, we haven't confirmed it yet, but they seem to be from North Korea" said Jack. "We have come across a few enemies, they're speaking Korean, we haven't reached the 83rd floor but we are coming across more enemies" replied Walter. Meanwhile, Jack and his team were nearing the 10th floor, still no civilians in sight, until reaching the 11th floor, they found hostages being held by the enemy terrorists. "Stand back, they haven't seen us, we're gonna flank them through these cubicles, they won't spot us like that" said Jack, Jack's team flanked the enemy terrorists and fired at them, all of them died. "We need to secure these hostages, we'll secure them in the elevator" ordered Jack. "Is the elevator big enough?" asked Ryan. "Obviously you've never seen how capable these elevators are, I've seen them crammed with over 30 people in summertime, we have just over 9 hostages, there's enough room" replied Jack. After securing the hostages in the elevator, the team kept moving towards the 100th floor, once in the 100th floor they hears the ticking sound a bomb would make, they saw the timer which read: "0:59:10" they had only 59 minutes to defuse the bomb. "Team One, Team Three, this is Team Two, we located the bomb, we're working on defusing it, what about you?" asked Jack. "Team Two, this is Team One, we haven't reached the top floor because we have come across multiple hostages, but we're just two stories below the top floor" replied Walter. "Team Three?" "Nothing so far, we're not at the top floor yet, this building's empty". Jack and his team took the elevator to the lobby. "Building's secure, all hostages secure" said Jack. "We're currently defusing the bomb, we're almost there" said Lt. Walter. "Team Three?" "We're still not even at the top floor, but there's no enemies, what the fu... SHIIT!" Team Three went silent. "Team Three!" Team Two reached the lobby and saw an MD500 helicopter land. "Take these hostages away" ordered Trent to the MD500 pilots. Jack's team ran all Michigan Avenue until reaching Aon Center. Team One was already waiting outside of Aon Center. "What happened?" "We don't know, they went silent, what about the bomb, let's go get it" then Ethan shot one of the SWAT soldiers. "I'm sorry gentlemen, but this is actually Haneul Kwan, I guess we have met before, Haven't we Jack?" said Ethan in his radio. "Shit, we must kill that bastard, he's been trying to kill me since the mission in Tajikistan" said Jack. "No! We must get the bomb at Sears Tower first" replied Walter. "But he's a mole, he's a spy, he and his superior are planning an invasion in U.S.A." said Jack, Walter lost his temper. "Listen, would you rather be responsible for the death of hundreds of civilians and the destruction of one of the most iconic emblems of the US? Or kill a high profile North Korean soldier?". Finally, they agreed to reach Sears Tower, they got in a Hummer to reach the bomb in time. Once they reached Sears Tower they took the elevator and got to the top floor where they saw the remainder of KPA terrorists speeding up the timer. "Go loud" ordered Walter, all KPA terrorists went down like a bucket of slime. "Dunne, get the bomb" ordered Walter. "On it sir" Dunne defused the bomb. "Hah, great relief" everyone sat down and relaxed for a few minutes before hearing some coughing and grunting, it was Team Three commander. "Dave, Dave. He's still alive, call in the Medevac chopper" Walter was happy that Dave was alive. "What about Haneul?" asked Jack. "Everything at its time, Jack, now we need to get these men alive" said Walter. The Medevac helicopter arrived, Dave was taken to the hospital and he survived. "Phoenix team, we're going to kill that bastard right now" The team got in the Hummer and got to Trump tower where they found Haneul still there, sitting. "Stand back, I'm going to get the bastard" Jack grabbed Haneul and kicked him in the chest, Haneul responded by punching him in the face, Jack punched Haneul in the stomach and then punched him in the face, but Haneul pushed him to the window, about to get killed, Jack pushes him off the window and he falls into Chicago river.

SWAT Teams ready to breach the Sears Tower

Chapter 4: The Retaliation

May 21st, 2012 0859 hours

US Troops deployed in North Korea

"Gentlemen, as you already know, Admiral Ki was the one orchestrating the attack in Chicago, we were lucky everyone came out alive" said General Huntington. "Phoenix team, you'll be working with the USMC, you'll meet with Cpt. Erick Walton". Phoenix team got out of the MH-53 and met with Cpt. Walton. "Good to see you guys, the KPA is holding tight pretty much everything to the West, but we have to get that territory to advance, we need your assistance" Phoenix team and the marines head to the West where there is a large concentration of enemies, Firebird was carrying an ACR with an underbarrel shotgun, Moose was carrying a C8A1 with a Reflex sight, Jack fired his whole magazine at the enemiy combatants and so did Ryan with his C8A1, more KPA soldiers kept coming, it wasn't until an AH-1Z Viper, callsign Kestrel 9-4 came to assistance. "Marines, this is Kestrel 9-4, stand back for air support" The AH-1Z Viper fired its Gatling cannon which eliminated enemy presence with extreme prejudice, none of the enemies survived the strike. "Marines, you're good to go" said Kestrel 9-4 pilot before leaving back to base. "Marines, keep going" the Marine team kept heading West and encountered heavy resistance in an abandoned building, supposedly used for propaganda purposes. "We have met heavy resistance just outside of the building façade, Kestrel 9-4, we need you to engage" "Roger that, marines, we're engaging building" Kestrel 9-4 fired its Hydra rockets at the enemy NSV machine gun nests, the structure collapsed and the marine team could keep moving. "We're seeing multiple enemies in the streets, concentrate fire" Cpt. Walton fired his M16A4, but he took three shots to the abdomen, Walton fell down. "Waltooon!" yelled one of his soldiers. "We need a medic, Jerry, get your ass over here" it was Jerry Owens, who had previously fought in the Middle East, he had been an engineer back then, but now he was a medic. "We need one unit of blood, patch him up!" said Owens as he tried to keep him alive. "Call a MEDEVAC helicopter" Becky had already called the Medevac chopper, an UH-1Y Venom. "The chopper's here, help me get him up" said Owens, Owens and Torrado put Cpt. Walton in the chopper. "He's in, take him back" said Torrado, the UH-1Y took off and arrived safely to base. "We have to keep fighting!" Becky was holding her M60E4 tightly as she fired it at the incoming enemies, suddenly they heard the roaring of US strike fighters in combat against enemy MiG-23s, they saw an F-15E Strike Eagle flying low, then called by the radio. "Phoenix team, this is Ferro 6-7, we're ready to take orders from you" said the F-15E pilot. "Ferro 6-7, this is Phoenix team, we need GBU-28s in the buildings" said Jack. "Roger that 1-3, this is 6-7, ready for bomb drop, dropping GBU-28 bomb at your coordinates" the F-15E flew by and dropped a "Deep Throat" bomb at the buildings, the buildings collapsed and the enemies withdrew. "We're clear, stand by for orders, regroup at the smoke" Phoenix 1-3 stood by the Red Smoke to signal their position, then a CH-46 came with more soldiers and a tank transporter deployed an Abrams, there were multiple LAV-25s with them and there were four Abrams tanks in total, they had an M109A6, MLRS, M777 Howitzer and VADS with them, there were even AH-1Zs and Harriers with them. "We are sure to hit something now". The marines and Phoenix team moved down the streets with light opposition, a P'okpung-ho tank engaged them but it was destroyed by the long range artillery, the team kept moving and encountered a large group of soldiers armed with AKs and Dragunovs, even a BTR, the BTR was destroyed by Torrado, who used his SMAW against it, but as for the infantry, the Harriers began their strafing runs on them, the snipers were brought down by the MLRS's rockets. The marines reached their final objective, a hotel they dubbed the Hell's Hiding Hotel, or HHH for short. "Shit, we just arrived to the HHH, brace yourselves" the hotel was practically impenetrable, infantry on the inside, armed with AKs, TOZ-194s, RPDs, PPSh-41s and even a few NSV heavy machine guns, AT-4 Spigot missiles and plentiful RPGs, in the outside, mortars were plentiful, alongside with Mi-24 gunships surrounding it and Flak on the roof. "We need the Harriers to perform a strafe run on the roof, we need the area clear". Phoenix team made a run for it. "Let the Abrams and LAVs cover our asses". Phoenix team was inside, they flanked the enemies inside and they killed them all with their grenades. "All cleared" Phoenix team moved deeper into the building and had to face a platoon sized unit armed with AKs and PPSHs. "Use your shotguns" Torrado used his M870 against the enemies and Henson used his M1014, Trent used his underbarrel shotgun against the enemies. "They're retreating, make a run for it!" As the enemies withdrew US Marines started to overrun the building, Phoenix 1-3 reached the "Crow's Nest", where the large concentration of AT weapons and sniper rifles made the undesired spot for any US soldier on the ground. "I got movement, enemies with SKS rifles and RPGs" Phoenix team engaged and eliminated the RPG troops. "Let's keep moving" Phoenix team had arrived to the ideal sniper spot, open, with enough cover around it and plentiful resources, they had Dragunovs, TOZ-194 shotguns and AT-4 Spigot missiles, even a Chinese made AMR-2 12mm rifle. "Open fire" Phoenix team killed all enemies in there and US Marines had just arrived to support Phoenix team. "We need to get the enemy AAA's down right above us, but we need to assist US Forces on the ground, set the Barrett here, deploy enough Javelins for the engineers and set up Claymores around the perimeter". As the US teams set up defenses in the HHH, US Marines had already began attacking the Anti-Tank troopers attempting to kill the US Tank forces. "Ryan, hold tight with that Barrett, Torrado, Becky, you'll get your hands on the Javelin" the counter-strike went just as planned, the KPA started to retreat from the city and more US teams came to assistance. "We're almost there, guys, pack up, we're heading to the rooftop" The Marines retreated to the rooftop where they eliminated the SAM systems and the ZPUs. "Man, these cheap SA-2 missiles don't stand a chance against modern avionics, and the ZPU's, don't even mention it" exclaimed one of the soldiers. "Phoenix 1-3, this is Archangel, we're beginning our bombing raid in 3 minutes" it was one of the B-52 pilots, they were going to destroy the HHH, the team decided to call Finch. "Solo 9 X-Ray, we need immediate extraction, SAM sites eliminated, you're good to go" but Finch replied negatively. "I'm sorry man, I'm not gonna be with you until like... 5 minutes" that was bad, Archangel was going to bomb in two minutes, it wasn't until they decided to rappel down the building. "Alright, gentlemen, we'll rappel down the building and meet up with the armoured division" the marines rappeled and met up with the armored division, then they saw the B-52H bomb the building. "Mission complete, now we wait".

Chapter 5: Ultimatum

May 24th, 2012

Admiral Ki planning an attack in Mainland USA

"Our most hated enemies, have dared to strike our country, destroyed our unity, our dignity and our honour as Korean citizens... These people have dared to attack us, if they don't leave our homeland they will suffer..."

"Gentlemen, Admiral Ki was enraged by our attack in Korean soil, now he seems to be planning something, Orlov and Wong told us he has an armory in Mt. Baekdu, he still doesn't know we're striking so take advantage of that" General Jason Huntington said. Phoenix team was getting ready for their mission in Mt. Baekdu, then Lionel came to call the team to report to the chopper, the team got in the helicopter and took off to Baekdu mountain. "Listen up, these bastards have set up early warning radars around the armory, but we can easily destroy the power lines around them". The helicopter landed safely and undetected close to Baekdu mountain. "Let's get moving" the team walked to the power line. "Jack, put a charge" Jack got closer to the power line and put a satchel charge in the power line, Jack got to a safe distance and detonated the charge. "Good job Jack, let's keep moving" Phoenix team made their way to the weapons cache but was caught by North Korean sentries, their dogs started barking at Phoenix team and the soldiers attacked Phoenix 1-3. "Return fire!" the US team concentrated fire at them, the alarm started ringing, then a UH-1Y Venom came fully armed and picked up the US Team. "Welcome aboard Pegasus 2-2" said the pilot, the Americans stormed the armory. When they stormed the compound they tried to communicate with Huntington. "General, we have secured the armory, General?" no response. Then they heard Ned's voice. "Sorry man, but the US camp has been bombed by an EMP or some shit, I'm safe and sound here, General's right beside me, we have more survivors with us, uuhh, Jerry Owens, Cpt. Walton and a bunch of other guys, man, they're safe though man". This stressed the team up, they didn't know what was happening next. Phoenix team reached the armory "Becky, Torrado, Lionel, head back to the Huey" and saw multiple Juchepo and Koksan howitzers, weapon racks and explosive munitions. "So this is what Ki was planning" Jack said, but then, KPA soldiers breached the installation with gas masks and riot guns, they fired their weapons with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and took Ryan and Jack to a P.O.W. camp.

Meanwhile, Admiral Wook Ki is aboard the Soho class frigate, planning to retaliate after the battle held in a city used merely for propaganda in North Korean territory. "If those American scum don't leave, we'll be forced to use the force". Admiral Ki was sitting in the bridge. "Is that missile ready?" asked Ki. "Yes Admiral, we're awaiting orders" replied the seaman. "Put the missile in Edwards AFB, it will probably be enough to force the Americans out" said the Admiral as he chuckled in an evil way, the ship's crew was pointing the missile, they were working on firing the missile. "Fire the missile" said Admiral Ki, the missile was in the air now, it flew towards U.S. soil, it was going to impact on Edwards AFB.

Act 3: The Finale

Chapter 1: Jailbreak

May 25th, 2012

Jack and Ryan are escaping the prison camp

Both Jack and Ryan have been taken prisoners by the KPA, and they have planned their escape. "Jack, you know the drill" said Ryan, the two of them were pulled out of the bamboo cage sinking in mud, Jack and Ryan were knee deep in mud, worms, snails, insects and other bugs were all around the mud, when the two of them were pulled out of their cage they had bugs all over their bodies, they were forced to be butt-naked as a sign of humiliation, they were being sentenced to death by the KPA, they were going to be clubbed by their captors. "When you say Jack" said Ryan. "Now" they both stood up and knocked their captors down, they stole their clubs and got out of the room. "I mean, I'm fine with the weapons and the fact that we're being chased by the whole Korean People's Army, but the fact that we have to escape butt-naked, not a big fan of it" said Ryan sarcastically. "Not the best time to joke, Ryan" replied Jack, both commandoes followed their escape plan and clubbed the first two soldiers, they successfully recovered their clothing and resumed their fighting. "We're out of the prison camp, great, wait for me right here" said Ryan, Ryan went to the woods and collected two pieces of flexible wood, he used a pair of rubber bands he had to make a bow, he then made three pairs of arrows. "There you go Jack, your very own bow and arrow" Ryan gave Jack a bow and arrow and he kept the other one. "Jesus, thanks Ryan, where did tou learn this?" Jack asked. "I was on a trip in Northern Ontario, I had to build my own arrow to keep myself alive". Jack and Ryan kept following their escape plan and encountered a small North Korean fireteam. "Engage" Ryan shot one of the enemies with an arrow and the enemy fell to the ground, Jack shot the other enemy in the knee and he fell to the ground. "He used to capture soldiers, until he took an arrow to the knee" laughed Jack. "'Thought you said no jokes, Jack" the two-man team took their weapons. "What is this? M16 used by Communists?" Ryan was confused when he saw the rifle. "No, it is a Chinese copy, the Norinco CQ, the KPA bought a batch of rifles almost a decade ago" Jack said. Jack and Ryan kept running away from the North Korean search parties following them. "I think I hear something Jack" it was radio chatter, they found their radios. "Attention all US forces overseas, Edwards AFB has just been struck by a cruise missile yesterday, the number of casualties is unknown and currently increasing" "The US camp in Kijong-dong has lost all communication and electronics due to an EMP, most of the West 38th parallel is also affected by the EMP". The two man team was worried. "Ryan, did you hear that?" Jack asked. "Yes, Edwards AFB was bombed" Ryan answered. "We have to get out of here now, probably they're searching for us" Firebird and Moose ran through the woods and found a truck with a mounted missile. "Jack, look" Ryan exclaimed as he glared to the vehicles "It's a truck, Ryan, let's use it" Jack was already planning to hijack the truck. "It's a Soviet-era ZIL-135 with a FROG-7 missile, let's use it before they do" Ryan was also thinking the same, the two man team assaulted the truck and hopped in the vehicle, they drove for hours before stumbling upon the remainder of Phoenix team and extra soldiers who were sent to get them. "Phoenix" Jack and Ryan were happy to find the remainder of the team, but suddenly they were ambushed and scattered around. "Ambush, run!" Jack and Ryan headed one way and Phoenix team headed the other way. "We lost 'em, I hear the chopper!" Jack was about to run to it when Ryan stopped him. "Wait... Tripwire" Ryan deactivated it. "Wow Ryan, that was lucky, thanks a lot" Jack was amazed. "My spidey senses were tingling". "Thanks a lot Ryan". "You see I wasn't raised in the city you little pesky city rat, unlike you Jack" Ryan said sarcastically. "Fine, at least I went to school you hockey loving Canuck" Jack replied. "Shut up ugly American". When the team reached the MH-53 they saw the General and Ned in the cockpit, everyone was aboard and took off as the KPA was chasing them.

Chapter 2: Last Chance

May 29th, 2012

Phoenix team is sent to stop the launch of ICBM in US West Coast and Midwest

"Alright team, it's quite simple, either we stop this missile, or the world as we know it won't be" Lionel said. The team was aboard a C-130 with more teams. "All teams, prepare for HALO, altitude is 9000 ft., wait for the green light" the light turned from red to green. "Alright, go!" Phoenix team jumped out of the plane and parachuted into enemy territory, when they reached the ground Jack opened a capsule with his weapons, an ACR w/ ACOG and M203 and an M110 SASS suppressed w/ Heartbeat sensor, Ryan opened his capsule and pulled out his C8A1 w/ ELCAN C79 & an underbarrel gas squirter and a Timberwolf C14 suppressed w/ Heartbeat sensor. "Let's go" the two of them had separated from the rest of the team by accident, and were deep behind enemy territory, it didn't take long to get found by Phoenix 1-3, Lionel had found them and the team was complete once again. "We have word that there are sniper teams crawling all around, beware" Phoenix team made their way silently to the launch site but they stumbled upon a tripwire and a lot of snipers came out of spider holes. "It's an ambush! Try to fend them off" Torrado held his M4A1 tightly as he fired at the North Korean troops, suddenly they saw a Hind gunship firing atnthem. "Shit, would you bastards take that fucking chopper down!" Becky yelled. "I'm on it sweetheart" Torrado said as he went to the rooftop and prepared his grenade launcher, a Milkor MGL, he aimed at the cockpit and fired, the cockpit exploded and the helicopter plunged into a guardhouse. It didn't take long for US troops to realize that a helicopter had just plummeted into a KPA guardhouse, they communicated with Phoenix team to see if everything was fine. "Phoenix 1-3, this is Charlie Team, is everything Okay?" asked Charlie team commander Trayvin Peters. "We're all good, we just came across some bad guys, as usual we won. What's the status of the ICBM?" Trent replied. "It won't take more than three hours for launch, so let's hurry up!" replied Trayvin. Phoenix team kept moving but were distracted by something else. "Shhh, do you hear that?" said Ryan. "Is this another whale joke Ryan?" replied Torrado. "No, he's right, sounds like an engine" Becky said. "SHIT, IT's A TANK!!" the team ran to cover, the mighty P'okpung-ho tank fired a shell against a structure which collapsed over Lionel. "Lionel!" Jack ran to get him out of the rubble. "I'm good, behind you!" another shell hit the structure and collapsed over both Jack and Lionel, the two of them were trapped, it didn't take much for Charlie team to come to the rescue, Trayvin was carrying a Javelin and fired it at the P'okpung-ho, the tank exploded and its turret was launched into space as it disappeared as a star at a distance, then Trayvin and one of his soldiers helped remove the debris over Jack and Lionel. "May God have mercy for them" said Trayvin as he moved the debris, when all the debris were moved they saw Lionel and Jack pretty much alive. "We're good, let's get going" Both of them stood up and took their weapons and got moving to the launch site, it was there where they met with the snipers who will be covering in their mission inside the launch site when they saw a missile launch. "Bald Eagle, this is Phoenix 1-3, we have a missile in the air" Jack yelled at his radio. "Phoenix 1-3, this is Bald Eagle, we're seeing the images from our satellites, we're sending a drone to your position for close air support, you'll gain control over the UAV when you hack the consoles, they're not far away from you" Bald Eagle replied. "Becky, you're the tech expert, go hack those damn consoles" "I'm on it sir" Becky ran to the nearest console, where a KPA soldier with an SKS and a guard uniform awaited, she fired her M60E4 and the man fell. "Okay, time to hack the console" Becky entered the given codes: "1KN0WTH3D4L4IL4M4" and a 'tick' sound gave clearance to Becky to get control of the UAV, Becky then moved to the second console, she saw another soldier with the same gear as the last one but this time she faced more opposition, the soldier hit her with the butt of his rifle and punched her in the face, but then, Becky pulled out her tactical knife and stabbed him in the neck. "Get off me, son of a bitch" she stood up and entered the other given code: "1FTH3D0G53X15T7H3Y4R34L13N5" on the console, then she gained more access to the UAV, she ran to the left and saw the last console, another soldier with an SKS, backpack and guard uniform, this one was a little sloppy, he was an easy target, Becky shot him and entered the other code: "H0W81G15L3BR0NJ4M35" Becky ran back to the team's position. "Alright we have the UAV under our control" said Becky. "Great, let's get in the base".

Chapter 3: Heat

May 29th, 2012 Phoenix team reached the launch facility and awaits to get the abort codes

"We're inside the facility and have encountered heavy resistance!" Jack fired his ACR. "Becky, use the UAV" Becky pulled out a small electronic device with a screen and controlled the UAV, she fired an AGM-114 Hellfire missile which directly hit the enemy troops defending the base. "That's about ten kills, good shot, Rebecca". The team kept moving towards the control room, but were ambushed by snipers. "Get them down" the snipers were plentiful, one of the snipers attempted to shoot down Ryan but Ryan was quick enough to use his C14 before the enemy ever got a chance to use his M76, it was then when Becky fired an AGM-114 from the MQ-9 Reaper, the enemies immediatly died. "Good kills, now let's get going" the team reached the launch site and stumbled upon three MT-LBs with Internal Security Forces. "Leave it to me" Ryan prepared his gas squirter, he put a small tear gas can and sprayed it at the enemies, the enemies fell as they had contact with the lethal gas, some of them were equipped with riot shields and gas masks so they were immune at the gas, but Jack used his grenade launcher and fired it at the enemies, the enemies were the last to die. "What about the APCs?" asked one of the soldiers. "Just do this!" Jack put a Satchel charge underneath one APC and detonated it under it. "Why not this?" Torrado used his thermite charges tomcreate a large explosion that severely damaged both APCs at the same time, it was then when all enemy presence was gone and there was not much to do, but suddenly they heard AA fire, the sound of hit could be heard miles away. "The Reaper!", they all ran to the AA guns and spotted 9K330 Tor missile systems, M1992 SPAAGs and enemy infantry with SA-7 Grail MANPADs. "Warhammer, this is Phoenix team, requesting rocket barrage at the following coordinates: map grid 90° Y axis, 45° X axis, over" "Roger that Phoenix 1-3, this is Warhammer, we have your coordinates, fire at three, two, one" the HIMARS fired its rockets, the rockets were falling and impacted with the AA guns, the guns exploded and the surviving infantry scattered to get their rifles, all of them were SVT-40s, but then more rockets fell and the infantry didn't stand a chance. "Great, that was the best fireworks display ever, hooray!" everyone cheered in ecstasy. "C'mon let's head back to the launch site" Phoenix team, Charlie team, Harmful team and Fearless team went back to the launchsite where Bald Eagle gave them the launch codes. "Marines, we're sending you the launch codes". "Great Bald Eagle, we're entering the control room".

Chapter 4: The Countdown

May 29th, 2012

Phoenix team has reached the control room

"Phoenix team's in the air vents" Jack crawled through the air vents. "Roger, we're in the showers right beneath you" Charlie team commander Peters was carrying his MP5SD steadily as he aimed down the sights and fired at the KPA soldiers guarding the showers. "Enemies armed with close quarter weapons, fire at will!" the KPA soldiers didn't stand a chance against Charlie team, then Phoenix team jumped out of the vents. "Charlie team, we're here, let's meet up with Harmful and Fearless teams" Both teams made their way to the control room, but infantry came up and attacked them. "Enemies coming in with grenade launchers" one of the enemies raised his W87 grenade launcher and started firing. "Torrado, follow Ryan and find a flanking route" Jack said. Ryan and Jorge took one of the corridors and then shot their weapons at the enemies. "All cleared, let's go" they kept making their way to the control room and saw shadows by the next room. "Movement" The team raised their weapons and heard a voice. "Don't shoot, it's Fearless team and Harmful team" the two platoons were together and regrouped with Phoenix and Charlie teams. "The control's center is barely few meters away from here, move it double time" the four platoons kept moving to the control room but they were ambushed by heavily armed enemies. "Enemies, they have RPD's and RPK's, I think I see an RPG!" the enemies set their weapons and concentrated fire on the US platoons. "Throw some grenades out there" Becky was preparing a grenade and threw it, the grenade exploded but the effect was minimal. "Fuck! No effect" then it was when they heard the countdown. "That's the countdown, let's get this guys off our asses, suppressive fire!" then the North Koreans started retreating. "Now let's go" the now larger Delta team ran to the control room. "The countdown's coming to an end, let's run" they ran and left the remaining North Korean soldiers outside of the security bunker Delta used as cover, the launch of a second ICBM occured, this one was carrying missiles inside destined to the US East Coast and Gulf Coast, the blast was so powerful it burnt the KPA soldiers left behind. "Woah! What a blast" Jack still couldn't believe it. "Jorge, plant a charge on the wall, the control room's just beside us" Lionel said. "Roger that" Jorge put a breaching charge on the wall and prepared his shotgun, Trayvin and Ryan were weapons ready, the wall exploded, the KPA soldiers inside the control room had a chance to fire, but it was in vain, they were dead before they knew it, one of the Delta soldiers saw Wook Ki running out of the control room. "We have to get him, he's running away!" Ryan was about to run, but he was stopped by Jack. "No! We stop the missiles and then reach him, Bald Eagle, we're entering the abort codes" Jack and Ryan each took a console and entered the codes. "Delta, this is Bald Eagle, most of the missiles are now falling, we have some minor effects but most of it is falling on the ocean" everyone cheered in ecstasy. "Take that Ki!" yelled one of the soldiers. "We're once again successful, eh?" cried Ryan. "Delta, this is Excalibur, we just saw Ki aboarding his personal jet, he's headed to Mongolia apparently" Excalibur was the commander of their artillery and air support. "Roger Excalibur, we're exiting the facility right now" Delta team ran out of the facility and reached the vehicles they left for them, ITV Growlers and a Navistar 7000 gun truck. "Phoenix team, we're on the gun truck, Lionel, Ryan, you're driving, Jack, ride shotgun, the rest take the back" Jack said. "Charlie team, get on one of the Growlers" Trayvin sat in the driving seat of the vehicle. "Alright we're ready" the convoy blasted out of the garage and headed to their next objective.

Chapter 5: Endgame

May 30th, 2012

After the assault on the control room, Phoenix team pursues Ki in the Mongolian Altay mountains

After a high speed chase, Ki managed to escape in his personal limo, but the US still doesn't give up their chance to get Admiral Wook. "All Delta teams on the ground, this is Bald Eagle, enemy presence, substancial" Bald Eagle was General Huntington. "I believe it's hot, but room temperature? Bitch please, a beer would be ice cold" Torrado complained. "A good ol' Heineken, or a glass of water, but not tequila" replied Jack. "I don't care, I just want to get back to Canada" Ryan said. "Sure, but let's stop first at Atlanta" Becky replied. It was then when a UAZ bumped their Growler. "Shit. We're being chased" Torrado raised his M4A1 and fired it steadily, Lionel was on top with the .50 cal. "Don't stop, let's keep moving, Trayvin, get them off" Trayvin's Humvee bumped the UAZ and the UAZ lost control and fell down a cliff. "Good job Trayvin!" it was then when Excalibur called them. "Phoenix team, this is Excalibur, the Navy and Air Force agreed to send some of their aircraft" an F/A-18E Super Hornet and an F-16V Viper roared the skies. "Phoenix team, this is Zulu 2-9, we're awaiting orders from you" Liam Hockeyfield was piloting the F-18. "Liam, we need you to hit those ZIL trucks behind us" Jack turned around and fired a tracer dart. "Roger that, Phoenix team, locking on AGMs" an F-16V and Liam's F-18 flew by and each fired an AGM-88 HARM at the ZIL truck. "Thanks for the assistance, Zulu, out" the Growler kept speeding away from the convoy behind them. "Phoenix team, this is Excalibur, we have located our friend Phobo" Phobo was Ki's codename. "Roger Excalibur, can you attack?" Ryan asked as he sped down the abandoned freeway. "Negative, he's be entering a populated area with civilians, we can't engage". Excalibur still had its drone over him. "Keep going, keep going, we're losing them" Phoenix's Growler nearly got hit by a speeding ZiL truck. "Fuck! Learn how to drive you dork!" the truck was full of KPA machine gunners and an RPG. "RPG, put him down!" Lionel fired the Browning and the RPG gunner fell off the truck. "Good shot, Lionel" The Zulu 2-9 came back again "Phoenix team, we're ready for new orders" Hockeyfield flew low with the F-16V. "Put some rounds on the guys behind us" Trayvin raced through the freeway and kept up with Phoenix team. "Roger that, putting 20mm rounds on those guys" the aircraft flew by and fired their autocannons at the enemies with a deafening noise, the vehicles behind crashed and were left behind. After this incident they managed to locate Phobo. "We need some gas!" Ryan and Trayvin stopped at Excalibur's position. "We need some fuel" they filled up their fuel and returned to the high speed chase. It was then when Phobo's limousine was visible to Phoenix and Charlie teams, but then a Hind attacked them. "Shit! Hind!" the two vehicles raced down the freeway and a couple of civilian vehicles crashed, it was later revealed that no civilian died. "Someone put a Javelin missile on it" One of Charlie team's members pulled out a Javelin fired, the missile didn't hit the Hind and spinned in circles. "Fuck" that was the last that was heard from Phoenix and Charlie teams before their vehicles crashed and nearly fell of a bridge. "Shit, we're stalled" Phoenix team managed to jump out safely, but due to the Humvee's design Trayvin's team was trapped in. "Is everyone alright?" Trayvin woke up and got out. "Let's get those guys out" said Jack. Trayvin tried to wake up his men. "Priest, Sexton, Lee? Are you there?" Priest then woke up and grunted. "Ugh, man, that could have been a better landing" Priest got out. "Priest, thank God you're alive, help me get these guys back" Trayvin and Phoenix team got in the Humvee and pulled out Sexton and Lee out. "Lie them here, let them rest" it was then when the Hind disembarked troops. "No, no, no, no, no" Torrado got a SMAW out and shot the Hind, all troops died, but then, waves and waves of trucks came in and posed a serious challenge for the US teams. "Excalibur, request 155mm on the enemies in the IR beacon" Becky threw a beacon to the enemy trucks. "Roger that, Phoenix, bringing in the artillery" M109A6 howitzers fired and hit the trucks, the trucks exploded and the enemies were killed. "Good job Excalibur" Then the unexpect happened, a sniper shot Lionel in the abdomen. "Noooooo!!!!" Lionel crawled to Jack, Jack dragged him behind an exploded truck. "Lionel, stay with me c'mon" Ryan rushed through the battlefield with a medic kit. "Clear!" Ryan put the pallets on Lionel's chest. "Clear!" "Clear!" Henson triedd four times more. "Remember, I will still remain wirh you" Lionel passed out. "Oh no no no no no" Both of his most trusted men watched as he died. "Rest in Peace, Lionel..." then a Grad rocket hit the team's position and sent Jack to the sky, he fell down to the tarmac. Then Ki and two guards appeared and started killing survivors. "You never win" Lionel muttered, he had regained consciousness, he sled his M1911 to Jack, Jack grabbed it shot Ki's first guard, then the second one, Ki turned around to shoot Lionel, quickly, Jack shot Ki in the head, he immediatly died. Then Ned landed his helicopter with a squad of medics and nurses, Ned ran to assist the team, in the end, Jack wakes up and asks. "Is it over?" Ned just replies. "Yea man, it was us who ended it, Ryan wakes up and tells Jack. "Remember about returning to Canada?". "Yes" Jack replies. "Well, consider it our celebration".


June 4th, 2012

Phoenix team choses to transfer from Delta Force to USMC Force Recon to retire earlier

Back in Fort Bragg, Jack remembers meeting Ryan back in February. "Remember here where we met?" Ryan simply replied. "Yes" he then asked him. "When are we going to Canada?". "When the time's right, Henson, when the time's right" Jack replied. "There's something I have to tell you" Jack sounded a bit hesitant. "Are they packing Crispy M&M's again?" Henson wanted to know the answer. "No, I'm resigning from Delta, they promised to shorten my career if I transfer to the USMC 1st Force Recon" Jack said. "Oh.... Is this the end of Phoenix team?" Ryan asked. "No, you'll be the leader, Ryan" Ryan hesitated. "No, I don't think they can be leaded by a Canadian soldier". Jack didn't talk, he sighted and signed his resignation, then Henson came running to talk to Jack. "Good news Jack, I spoke to General Huntington, he says all Phoenix team can be transferred with you!" "That's great Ryan, call all the team" Phoenix team came and signed their resignation. "So, what do you think we should do?" Jack asked. "As I said, go to Canada" Ryan suggested. "Ok, let's go!" everyone cheered. "Great, I know stories about a caribou that talks up in Edmonton, I also have a cottage up in the Rockies, back where I lived, in New Brunswick, there's an old sailor with a yellow ship" the team takes a vacation up North and celebrates their victory, until they are called back to duty.