Corey is a Captain in Task Force 141 and is the current leader of the Task Force


Corey was born in the U.S.A and joined the army after the events Call of Duty 4 When the Task Force was formed they chose him and Logan Smith along with others to join. There was an attack on his base and him and Logan were the only survivors of his unit. When They regrouped Logan had found some survivors they formed a team and destroyed the Shadow Compony. His team was sent to Las Vegas and are now on a misson there.


Over the events Hunted he formed a team this is the list of them in the order they showed up in the story

Logan Smith

Victor Xavier

Alex Rider

Allen Edwards

John "longshot"

Sam David

Tina David

Three of seven of them died over the events of Hunted

mental healthEdit

The loss of his unit and mostly of Allen and Alex took a heavy toll on him as he is experiencing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder