The Western front includes:

  1. The secret war (Spies, Sabotage, etc.)
  2. Italy (Invasion of Europe through Italy)
  3. The Liberation of Europe (Normandy and After)



  • Hans Rosenburger (CAPace1)
  • Otto Rosenburger (CAPace1)
  • Buck Rain (Pillsbury810)
  • Steve Rogers (Pillsbury810)


  • Thomas O'Ryan (Anonymous)


  • Helmuth Herrmann (CAPace1)


The Battle of the Bulge: Part 1Edit

"The snow falls as that in my native Baravia" thought Captian Helmuth Herrman as he examined his new Panzer V Tiger Tank. His unit was to be the tip of the spear that would strike during the Von Rundstedt Offensive. He looked at his crew. "These are not soldiers, these are boys" he thought, "Oh well, time to introduce myself to them. He walked over through the snow covered ground. He stop by where his new crew was.

He waited for a minute, then yelled "Achtune!" At once all the new recruits snaped to attention. Herrman started to say "Gutan Tag. My name is Helmuth Herrman, but to you I will either be Captian or sir. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir!" they replied in unison.

"Good, as you were." He looked around. At least these boys where trained, mabey they would be worthy to be part of the Panzer Corps some day. He went to his room. Captian Herrman looked at dwellings. Simple and Spartan, as always. He sat down to write to his wife back in Bamberg.

Part 2: BastogneEdit

"Hey Otto, get over here now Private" said the srgeant

Private First Class Otto Rosenburger rushed to follow the orders of the squad leader. The well built paratrooper got to the sergeant in only a matter of seconds.Trained to fight behind enemy lines, Otto naturally was able to run quickly. Once he there, he said "Private First Class Rosenburger, reporting Sergeant!"

"Good," the sergeant replied, "I got news for you." He directed Otto to a chair "Take a seat." He began "Your father is in the concentration camps, correct?"

"Yes Sergeant"

"Well, the officers told me they may know which one he is at, and that the whole division is gonna be task with secur-" But at that, came a sudden yell "The Germans have counterattcked!

Part 3: Blood and IronEdit

"Soldiers of the Riech," The radio crackled, "This is to be a glorious victory for the Fatherland! Remember to not falter in your courage, and to show no mercy to any enemy soldier! Now forward! For the Rie-...

Captian Herrman turned his tank's radio to the new setting. He had enough of the propaganda. Just let soldiers do their job, and let the politicians do theirs.