Elite International task force Task Force 141 has been dispatched by Lt. General Shepherd to the last 2 safe places for Vladimir Makarov, international terrorist responsible for many genocides and terroirst assaults, and even the war between Russia and the United States in the year 2016.

Captain John Price, Captain John "Soap" MacTavish, "Rook" and others were sent to a suspected arms deal in an aircraft boneyard in Afghanistan, while Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley, Sergeant Gary "Roach" Sanderson, "Ozone", "Scarecrow" and 4 others were sent to a safehouse in the Ural mountains on the Georgian-Russian border, with sniper support from "Archer" and "Toad."

Roach, Ghost, Ozone and Scarecrow were the only ones to make it to the safehouse. Makarov was nowhere to be found, but plenty of intel was there. As the intel was being downloaded on a DSM, the strike team defended the safehouse, being supported by the sniper team. When the DSM was fully downloaded, Ozone and Scarecrow were killed, while Ghost and Roach ran to the LZ where Shepherd's men would evcuate them.

Roach and Ghost got to the LZ, where Shepherd was waiting. However, Shepherd betrayed them, killing Roach and then Ghost. His men burned the bodies while their comms received a message from Price, telling them they were under attack by Shepherd's men at the boneyard, but it was too late.

The fates of Archer and Toad were unknown.

Until now.