Jason was born on June 14, 1995. He was born in a wealthy family in San Diego. He grew up and went to school at the most prestige schools in San Diego. During high school, there was an accident related with several gangs and Jason was in the middle of it. When the gangs tried to beat up Jason for being an obstacle in their way, Jason disarmed them of their guns and incapacitated them with it. From then on, he decided he wanted to join the USMC. He later served the USMC for one year until he was recruited into the S.A.S.


Jason was an operative for several years and became one of the best soldiers and was in the squad, Echo Recon. Jason by that time was a stealth specialist and worked with Eric johnson behind enemy lines in Russia. He favored many weapons which included a silenced ACR, a silenced M21 EBR, and a silenced M1911.