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The text in italics is the original version of Armistice before the rewrite. Take with a NUGGET of salt.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Armistice is a story that takes place in the Modern Warfare Reboot timeline, where a squad of four Operators, Auburn Mills, Amadi Shaffer, "Volker" and Rogue fight their way out of Verdansk, escaping the gas, and make contact with the member of Task Force 141, Simon "Ghost" Riley, reigniting an old rivalry between Rogue and Ghost.

I need help with how the team gets out of Verdansk without taking the helicopter that your Operator gets on when you win in CoD Warzone(the MW add-on), because that's how Ghost escaped, and they don't run into each other that soon, but please don't write after that without my permission. Thank you.

Gunfire echoed through the Gulag as Rogue, a nearly 6 foot tall man in his early 30’s (wearing a gas mask that covered his lower face and nose) sat in his cell, before eventually getting up and walking towards the bars above the showers, as two contestants, one being Auburn Mills, a british man wearing a full face gas mask, and the other being a CTSFO operator, were thrown into the makeshift arena and each given an M19. The buzzer echoed through the Gulag and Mills ran down the right side of the showers, looking around for his opponent. The CTSFO soldier looked around the corner of the wall on the opposite side of the showers, and Mills aimed his M19 at him and shot him in the head. The opponent fell to the floor, dead, and the Gulag guards entered the showers and dragged Mills out, taking the M19 from him. Three guards entered the cell block as guards drug the body of Mills’ opponent out of the showers, while the main guard in the cell block selected a Pararescue Operator, who was grabbed by a guard and dragged away, while the main guard selected Rogue to fight him, and the guard grabbed him and dragged him away.

Rogue was thrown onto the bloody, stone floor of the waiting area, as Rogue faintly heard shotguns go off. The entrance opened, as Volker, an American man wearing typical Marine gear, was dragged out and the weapon he was using, an Origin 12, was taken from him. A guard grabbed a .357 Magnum and Rogue was picked up and thrown into the showers, followed by the Magnum. Rogue picked it up and the buzzer signalled the fight to start. Rogue rushed down the middle of the showers and ran around a half-circular wall before sliding across the floor into the gap between the other half-circular wall and the bathroom walls. Rogue saw the Pararescue Operator next to the left sink and shot him in the knee, causing him to fall and drop his Magnum. Rogue got up and approached his downed enemy, who was frantically reaching for his gun. Rogue threw away his Magnum, and grabbed his opponent by the throat and grabbed the sides of his head before violently twisting, snapping his neck.

Rogue glided down onto the runway of the Arklov Peak Military Base, grabbing his X16, and he sprinted across the runway towards the hangar to take cover, but he heard a vehicle driving towards him from behind, and he stopped, waiting for his inevitable end, but the vehicle screeched to a stop behind him.

“Get in. We must hurry!” Shaffer, a Nigerian member of the Jackals told Rogue from the driver’s seat of a Tac Rover containing him, Volker and Mills.

Rogue turned around and rushed towards the back-left seat of the Tac Rover, being given a Silenced AK-47. Rogue joined Volker in the back row and Shaffer turned the Rover around and drove down the runway before turning and driving on the grass.

“It was pretty damn smart to have a rendezvous point. Good idea, Rogue.” Volker said.

“Shit! The gas circle is getting too compact! We can’t get out!” Mills told the rest of the Group.

Shaffer, Mills and Volker began to argue about what they should do, while Rogue simply remained silent, planning, calculating, as the rest of his team slowly took notice. The group grew quiet, waiting for their strategist to come up with a plan.

“I have an idea.” Rogue said. “Verdansk is known for its large number of bunkers. There are at least 20, one of which has to be nearby. All we have to do is get inside of one and wait out the storm.”

“We really don’t have any other choice.” Volker responded.

Shaffer hit the gas on the Tac Rover and the vehicle sped off. After a long time of searching, a bunker was found, and Mills leapt out of the Rover and approached a keypad near the door.

“Bad news, mates. We need a code to get in.” Mills announced.

“You’re the technology expert. Hack it!” Volker said, getting out of the vehicle with the rest of the squad.

“I don’t have enough time!” Mills told Volker.

“Just try! Guess the password! Something! Anything!” Volker shouted.

Mills typed in random passwords as the gas grew closer, but the door opened when Mills typed in 0101.

“What did you do?” Shaffer asked.

“No time! Get in!” Mills shouted, sprinting into the bunker.

The rest of the squad sprinted inside and Mills began to close the doors. The doors shut and Mills collapsed against the wall.

“Smells like something died in here.” Volker moaned, covering his nose.

“Someone did die in here.” Rogue told Volker, rolling over a body with his foot.

The body was human, not an animal, with jagged gashes on his body, as if they were bitten to death.

“I hope we can get out of here soon, because I do not want to find out what killed him.” Shaffer said.

Hours passed, and eventually Mills opened the door, finding no toxic air, just the squad’s Tac Rover waiting for them. The squad happily got in, ready to leave, and glad that they no longer heard echoing screams.

Rogue sat against a tree, the fire in the middle of the small clearing crackled while the rest of Rogue’s team lay fast asleep around it in makeshift sleeping bags constructed from leaves. A spider crawled along Rogue’s arm, causing him to look at it with a hateful stare. The spider began to climb up the trunk of the tree, calming Rogue. Rogue clutched the body of the AK-47 leaned against the tree next to him, and Rogue listened, and he thought he heard footsteps, but he brushed the thought aside, thinking he was simply hearing things. The footsteps grew louder, and louder, and louder still, until Rogue couldn’t take it anymore. He picked up the AK-47 and stood up, looking behind the tree and around the camp, but returning to behind the tree, where the sound was coming from. Rogue stepped back near the right edge of the fire and softly kicked Volker, the closest one, waking him.

“Wake the others. We’ve been discovered.” Rogue whispered.

Volker began to wake up the rest of the team while Rogue grabbed a flashlight, clicked the button on one of the ends and pointed it in the direction of the footsteps. Rogue dropped the flashlight, and began to twitch, enraged. The flashlight illuminated two figures, one holding a custom sniper rifle, but both wore masks, and held a hand in front of their faces, blocking out the light. Rogue began to breathe deeply, trying to calm himself down, as the figures drew closer, Rogue’s finger became dangerously close to the trigger, inches away from spraying lead. The two figures entered the camp, one raising their weapon once they realized that there was a threat. One of the men, wearing a skull mask, pushed down the sniper rifle, for he recognised Rogue.

“As pleasant as always. Hello, Rurik.” Simon Riley said, acknowledging Rogue’s threatening demeanor. “Put the gun down.”

“Fuck. Off.” Rogue hissed.

“Put the gun down, Rogue!” Mills told Rogue.

Rogue reluctantly lowered his weapon, glaring at Ghost.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Rogue snarled.

“That’s classified.” Ghost said.

“As informative as ever, Simon.” Rogue remarked.

“Gather your equipment, we’re leaving.” Ghost instructed.

Rogue’s team began to gather their equipment, but Rogue stayed where he was.

“Why the fuck should we listen to you?” Rogue hissed.

“Because I can get you out of Verdansk. Now get packing. We leave in 5 minutes.” Ghost told Rogue, who grumbled and began to pack his equipment.

Mills put on his gas mask and hood, covering his blonde hair, and grabbed his MP5 and X16 before standing up. The rest of the group grabbed their equipment and followed Ghost out of the clearing after extinguishing the fire. After a few minutes of walking, they arrived at an empty road, where Ghost’s companion lit a flare, waving it around above his head. A Blackhawk helicopter flew near them and a rappel was thrown down. Ghost and his companion ascended the rappel, followed by Rogue, Volker, Mills, and finally, Shaffer.


Chapter 1: The Mask

The Gulag smelled of piss and blood as shouting echoed through the showers, followed by gunshots. Rogue, a nearly six foot tall man with a skull mask on his head, glanced out of his cell as a buzzer echoed through the showers.

I’m next. He thought, and sure enough, a guard entered his cell and grabbed him, dragging him outside and into the bowels of the complex.

The guard lost his grip on Rogue, dropping him on the cold stone floor, scratching his headset and bruising his left arm. The guard picked him back up and continued to drag him through the bowels of the Gulag. The guard entered the Gulag’s armory, dropping Rogue and standing before a wall of weapons.

Two ACRs, two M4s, two AK-47s, two M13s, two Scar 17s, two Tavors, two MP5s, two AUGs, two P90s, two UMPs, two M17s, two .357s, two M1911s and one Riot Shield. Rogue observed as the guard selected the magnums.

The guard tossed one of the magnums to another guard, who caught it and continued to the showers. Rogue’s guard holstered the magnum and grabbed him, continuing to bring him to the showers. As Rogue was dragged through the cell blocks, he observed the prisoners.

One Kastovian war criminal, three rioters, and… Rogue’s thoughts were interrupted by a door opening and the concrete floor of the showers colliding with his face.

The .357 magnum skidded across the floor and stopped next to Rogue. He grabbed it and got to his feet as a buzzer echoed through the showers. Rogue strafed down the right side of the showers, hoping to get the jump on his opponent. Sure enough, he found a Russian Mil-Sim soldier holding a revolver recoiling from being hit in the face by a rock thrown by one of the spectators. Rogue took his opportunity and pulled the trigger of his magnum. The weapon clicked.

“The hell?” Rogue said, hiding behind a pillar. He pushed the chamber out, finding the weapon unloaded. He knew who was responsible for this. A flashbang bounced next to him, but Rogue instinctively kicked it back the way it came. The bang burst in between Rogue and his opponent, but Rogue rushed forward all the same. He collided with his opponent, dropping his revolver and falling to the ground as he began to regain his vision.

Rogue got up in a crouch and turned to face the Russian behind him. In between the two was a revolver, which they both glanced at and locked eyes. Rogue looked behind himself and saw a revolver behind him. Rogue dove backwards, grabbing the revolver as his opponent grabbed the revolver in front of him. Rogue got back up and aimed his .357 at his opponent, who was doing the same to him. The Russian pulled the trigger.

The weapon clicked. The Russian tried again, but it clicked again. He tried again and it clicked once more. Rogue fired his opponent’s magnum, watching as the bullet entered his opponent’s balaclava, through his nose and into his skull. Rogue watched as his opponent’s body fell to the ground, the impact causing his headset to fall off of his head. The guard’s entered the showers and dragged Rogue away.

The guard dragged Rogue back through the bowels of the complex, and Rogue finally got a glimpse of the final prisoner. A mask was the first thing he saw. A mask with a skull sewn on it. The prisoner had cloth wrapped around his neck and draped over his back. Before Rogue could observe more about the prisoner, he was dragged back into the armory, but dragged out without delay. When he was dragged out of the armory and up the stairs, he looked back at the cell to find the prisoner gone.


Rogue was kicked out of the helicopter over the Arklov Peak Military Base with three other prisoners. He glanced over at Volker, an American with a helmet, goggles and binoculars hanging from his neck. Rogue activated his radio and contacted his team.

“Shaffer, this is Rogue. Volker and I have been redeployed over Arklov Peak. Proceed to rendezvous point AP-2.” Rogue instructed.

“Affirmative.” Shaffer responded over the radio.

“ETA 3 minutes. Make sure you have a secure LZ(ed).” A British man told them over the radio.

“Aub, you fuckin’ worry too much.” Volker said after activating his comm, chuckling.

“Deploy parachutes!” Rogue told Volker.

Rogue and Volker opened their parachutes and glided towards the forest of pine trees to the left of the hangars labeled ‘21’ and ‘22’. Rogue and Volker glided into the inner regions of the forest, the pines on the trees tearing at their chutes. Rogue pulled his arms out of the straps of his parachute and landed safely in the snow. He unholstered his G21 and looked around, not seeing Volker. He raised his pistol while continuing to look around.

“Volker?” Rogue quietly shouted.

“Up here, dumbass!” Volker’s voice replied, causing Rogue to lower his pistol and look up to find Volker’s parachute stuck in a tree.

“Is it comfortable up there?” Rogue joked, holstering his weapon and approaching Volker’s tree.

“Get me the fuck down!” Volker shouted.

“Quiet, someone could hear you!” Rogue whispered, handing Volker his Karambit.

Volker cut himself out of his parachute and dropped down, landing on the snow, breaking his fall. Then the waiting began. Two minutes felt like an eternity for the two, because of the adrenaline pumping through their veins or simply pure boredom was unknown to them, but after two minutes they heard a vehicle driving outside and screeching to a halt outside the forest before the twelve notes of Ride of the Valkyries blared from the vehicle.

Volker and Rogue rushed toward the blaring noise and exited the forest to find themselves in front of a black SUV being driven by a Nigerian man with short black hair, a black bandanna on his forehead and a light grey combat vest. The driver rolled down the driver’s side window and hung his arm out the window, looking at the two soldiers outside.

“Need a ride?” Shaffer asked.

“Hell yeah.” Volker replied, opening the back-left door and getting inside the SUV.

Rogue followed Volker and climbed inside the back of the SUV, pushing Volker to the right. Rogue closed the door of the SUV and lightly punched the vehicle’s ceiling twice. Shaffer began to drive away from the base as Mills, a British man wearing a bucket hat, a black combat vest, and clothing with a woodland camouflage pattern, handed Rogue an AK-47 with Skeleton Stock and Muzzle Brake attachments from the front-right seat of the SUV. Rogue took it and Mills grabbed a VLK sniper rifle and gave it to Volker, who was sitting behind him.

“Lock and load, bitches!” Volker said after taking the sniper and pulled back the bolt.

Rogue cocked his AK while wondering why Volker had to put a swear word or expletive in nearly every sentence, beginning to look back at the forest, but his thoughts were interrupted by what he saw. The mask. It was staring at the SUV from the forest. The mask was following them.

Chapter 2: The Task Force

The left side of the SUV was peppered with bullets, popping a tire and causing a desperate attempt at fighting back from the crew inside. The left windows shattered and the engine began to belch smoke.

“Oh, bollocks!” Mills shouted out of frustration. “Rogue, what have you got?”

“Fire rate is 820 RPM. From the velocity and impact of the rounds, they’re probably 7.92 Mauser rounds. The weapon is most likely an MG34.” Rogue deduced while the fire stopped.

Volker pushed Rogue aside and looked down his binoculars in the direction of the source of the gunfire to find the attacker dead.

“What the hell? He's dead.” Volker said.

“What?” Shaffer asked.


The gas was closing in quickly. The eye was too small already, and there were barely any survivors left. Rogue, Volker, Shaffer and Mills crawled to the top of the hill and Volker looked through his binoculars at the fire station to find a lone soldier at the top of the outlook.

“Oh shit, that’s Mara.” Volker told his team.

“Who?” Shaffer asked.

“Mara, a CIA asset since the age of 15. She conducted clandestine operations for the CIA until she was invited into the WARCOM division of the Coalition in 2017. She has US Special Forces training as well, so, in summary, she could easily kill us.” Rogue told Shaffer. “Volker, do you see any vantage points or defense positions?”

“Well, there’s some kind of bunker in the hills to the left of the fire station, but it’s closed, so that’s a bust.” Volker told Rogue. “Wait, someone just opened it. They’re wearing some kind of mask.”

“Give me that!” Rogue said, snatching the binoculars from Volker and looking through them.

The mask. The skull stared at Rogue, as if it knew he was watching. Rogue observed white lines painted down the left and right sides of the skull, intersecting with the eyeholes, as if the skull was crying. On the left side of the man’s chest was a radio and Rogue watched as the man activated the radio, with his gaze still focused toward Rogue.

“Hello, old friend.” The man said, his voice raspy and suspiciously familiar to Rogue.

“Follow him.” Rogue told his team.

Rogue got to his feet in a crouch and cocked his Vector. Shaffer checked his Bizon as he and Mills stood up. Volker looked through his binoculars as he got to his feet, and pocketed them, satisfied that no one was nearby the bunker. The group sprinted down the hill, trying not to attract attention to themselves. They failed.

Krueger emerged from a bush holding an MP5 covered in ghillie wrap. He opened fire on Mills, Shaffer, Volker and Rogue, but they were too agile. Rogue glanced at Krueger, attempting to get an advantage, and he found one. Krueger wasn’t aiming at them. Rogue threw a knife at Krueger, grazing the net covering his face and sending him reeling.

Rogue signalled toward the bunker with his hand, and he and his team rushed inside.

“Mara, is the package on the way?” The raspy voice that talked to Rogue echoed through the bunker as Rogue’s team sneaked down the entrance hallway.

“The package is inbound. Be ready.” Mara’s voice replied over the radio as Shaffer, Mills, Rogue and Volker descended down a small, metal staircase and turned to the left and continued down the hall.

“Thank you, Mara. I’ll meet you at the rendezvous.” The man told Mara over the radio as Shaffer reached the entrance to the main area of the bunker, looking around the corner to see the man in the mask holding a customized G21, flicking the 5miliwatt laser underneath the white, long barrel on and off.

He pulled back the slide and let the magazine fall into his left palm, catching it and setting it on the table behind him. He set down the white and grey pistol and picked up a black and grey ACR with a 16.6” SOCOM barrel, muzzle brake, 1miliwatt laser, an ACOG scope and a Singuard Arms Sniper Pro stock. He cocked it and set it down, turning around and observing his loadout. Rogue rounded the corner and drew his Karambit, going in for the kill.

Rogue trotted towards the man in a crouch and lunged toward him, only for the man to grab his arm, causing him to drop the knife. Rogue’s team rounded the corner, entering the room with their weapons raised. Rogue fell to the ground and grabbed his Vector, aiming it at the man, preparing to shoot, only for his arm to be grabbed and the Vector to be redirected towards the ceiling, spraying bullets into the concrete surface until it ran out of ammo seconds later. Rogue dropped the weapon, causing the man in the mask to let go of his arm. He fell to the ground and drew an M17, aiming it at the man’s face, only for the weapon to be kicked aside quickly.

Rogue rushed the man, swinging his fists in fury, only for the man to grab his arm with his left and wrap his right around his neck, holding Rogue in a headlock. The man snaked his left arm under Rogue’s arm and grabbed his head, overpowering him, but Rogue continued to thrash.

“Rurik, order your men to stand down!” The man told Rogue, and everything finally came together, like puzzle pieces.

The voice, the movement, the man calling him “old friend”. Rogue’s movement slowed to a stop, and Simon loosened his grip on Rogue as the rest of his team’s stances changed.

“Stand down!” Rogue ordered, causing Volker, Mills and Shaffer to lower their weapons. “So, is the air thin up there?”

Simon chuckled, letting Rogue go. Simon crouched down and picked up Rogue’s Karambit, handing it to him. Rogue took it and sheathed it.

“What are you doing here?” Rogue asked.

“I need fighters that I can trust. Unfortunately for us both, I can trust you.” Simon told Rogue. “Get prepped, we need to exfil before the gas gets too close.”

Simon loaded his Glock 21 and let the slide snap back into place as Rogue picked up his Vector and loaded a new mag. Simon holstered his pistol and grabbed his ACR, revealing five gas masks on the table. Rogue holstered his M17 as Simon handed out gas masks to each member of Rogue’s team. Shaffer, Mills and Volker slipped the gas masks over their faces as Ghost gave Rogue a gas mask and slipped the final one over his mask. Ghost signalled for the team to leave, and they did as Rogue put on his gas mask. The five sprinted down the hallway and up the steps to find chlorine gas seeping into the bunker.

Ghost sprinted through the cloud of gas as gunfire echoed from the fire station near the bunker. Rogue and his team followed Ghost into the station through the garage to find Krueger on the floor, bleeding out. Ghost kneeled down in front of Krueger, applying pressure to the wound on his chest as gunfire echoed through the station from above, followed by the breaking of glass. Mara fell onto the concrete outside of the station, grabbing her Tar-21. Mills aimed his MP7 at her, but lowered it quickly. They had no quarrel.

“How many?” Ghost asked Mara.

“Three.” Krueger said weakly as the whirring of a helicopter got louder and louder.

“There’s our ride.” Volker said.

Shaffer kicked Krueger’s M1911 over to him, as he checked his heartbeat sensor, seeing three dots in the room adjacent to the garage. He looked into the room and unholstered his Desert Eagle, shooting a hostile in the head as they peaked out from the top of the stairs. Krueger grabbed his M1911 and waited for another hostile to appear, but he was dragged into the right corner of the garage by Ghost so that the room was out of sight. He swore in German as Ghost, Mara, Rogue, Volker, Mills and Shaffer waited. Two hostels entered the garage, the one on the left holding an M249 SAW and the one on the right holding a Model 1895. Rogue threw a knife into the left hostile’s forehead as Mara shot the other with her Tar-21. They both fell to the floor, dead as gas flooded into the garage from the door, so Ghost and Mara grabbed Krueger by the arms and legs and carried him towards the Blackhawk helicopter that touched down outside of the station. Rogue, Shaffer, Volker and Mills sprinted towards the helo and jumped inside as Ghost and Mara Krueger down in the bay. Rogue pulled Ghost inside and Mara followed. As the helicopter ascended into the air, Volker and Mills pulled the bay doors closed, sealing the team inside the helicopter.

“Welcome to the 141.” Ghost said to Rogue, Mills, Shaffer and Volker as a speed reloader for a revolver fell from Krueger’s pocket and rolled across the floor.

Chapter 3: The Factory

“There’s nothing here!” Volker shouted, kicking a loose chunk of concrete.

“Exactly. There were hundreds of gas canisters unaccounted for after this factory was destroyed. I don’t believe in random, and I believe that AQ stole those canisters and used them in Verdansk.” Ghost told Volker.

Ghost and his team of Volker, Rogue and Mills searched the remains of a once hulking gas factory. Ghost moved a piece of rubble to the side, finding charred flesh underneath. He moved the surrounding rubble to find that it was a human leg, the rest of the body missing. Ghost shuddered, burying it in rubble, not wanting to see it again.

“Well, maybe you do believe in random, you just don’t want to accept that not every little detail might not mean something.” Volker said to Ghost.

Rogue sighed, resting his hand on the part of the mask covering his forehead. Mills’ black hood was blown back by a sudden gust of wind, revealing the gas mask covering his face.

“Simon.” Captain Price’s voice buzzed through Ghost’s radio. “There’s an oil platform in the desert near that is still being operated by Barkov’s men. Take-”

“On it, sir.” Ghost said into the radio.

Ghost rushed towards the Tactical Rover parked near the remains of the factory and entered the vehicle before driving off. The rest of his team watched as the vehicle drove further away, expecting Ghost to come back for them, but he never did.

“Well, son of a bitch.” Volker said.


Shaffer and Krueger emerged from the bushes as Al-Qatala scouts passed by them. They looked at each other and nodded. Shaffer emerged from the bush, rustling his ghillie suit, and snuck up behind one of the scouts. He grabbed his machete and stood up. He tripped the scout and located his neck before swinging it down. Krueger lunged from the bushes, tackling the other scout to the ground before driving his knife into his victim’s neck. The scout tried to let out a scream, but was choking on his own blood, which only let out a soft gurgle before his body went limp.

Krueger pulled his knife out of the scout’s neck and dragged the body into the bushes, as did Shaffer. They put away their weapons and continued towards the Gora Dam. Shaffer and Krueger walked in a crouch across the ice covered river to a small island and went from one island to the next until they ran out of islands. They sprinted to the west and went prone when they reached land as a guard approached. He saw them move and rushed over to investigate as Shaffer drew his M1911 and began to screw a suppressor on the end of the barrel. The guard shouted in Arabic and aimed his AK-47 at them as Shaffer finished screwing on the silencer. The guard nudged Krueger’s arctic ghillie suit with his gun, but Krueger did nothing. Shaffer slowly aimed his pistol at the guard’s head and finally took the shot.


Ghost began to climb up the fence surrounding the oil platform. He reached the top and leaped down. He landed next to two crates as a guard approached, not aware that he was there. Ghost hid behind the crates as the guard grew closer.

“Simon?” Price’s voice said through his head.

“Price.” Ghost replied.

“Can you talk?”

“I can listen.”


The guard’s body hit the ground, followed by their AK-47. Shaffer and Krueger got up in a crouch and moved towards the road. When they reached the road, they followed it towards the dam. They stood up and sprinted up the road, towards the dam’s command center. They finally reached the command center and opened the door to go inside. They walked inside and directed themselves to the control room. They ran over and hid next to the door, watching as two AQ soldiers attempted to use the controls. Shaffer and Krueger entered the room and shot the two soldiers, rushing over to catch their bodies. They caught them and gently set them down near the console.

“How do we disable it?” Krueger asked.

Shaffer grabbed a frag grenade from one of the dead AQ soldiers.

“With this.” He told Krueger.

Shaffer pulled the pin of the grenade and dropped it on the floor before he and Krueger dove through the entrance to the control room. The grenade exploded, causing guards to rush to the control room from upstairs. Shaffer and Krueger exited through the door they used to get inside and ran behind the building. They ran up the fire escape and made their way to the roof to find a Little Bird helicopter waiting for them. Krueger got in the pilot’s seat and Shaffer sat in the back as they proceeded to flee the scene.


Rogue looked at his watch, finding that Ghost had been gone for two hours. He looked around, watching Mills fiddle with his MP5, leaning against the rubble. Volker sat adjacent to another pile of rubble, looking through the scope on his R11 RSASS.

“Guys?” Volker said. “I think he’s coming back.”

Ghost drove the Tac Rover across the bridge and snaked the vehicle up the hill. When he reached the top, he parked the vehicle and the occupants exited. There were four of them. One had a prosthetic left leg, which caught the eyes of Rogue, Mills and Volker. He held a custom sniper rifle, made from a VLK sniper rifle. He eyed Rogue, Volker and Mills.

“These are the soldiers you told me about?” The man said, scoffing. “I’m not impressed.”

“Alex, also known as Echo 3-1 was a former member of Delta Force that was recruited into the CIA’s Special Activities Division in 2013, living several different identities to achieve, “sensitive” objectives for six years, along with assisting the Urzikstan Liberation Force accomplish multiple objectives such as assaulting a Russian airbase, killing Omar Sulaman, also known as the Wolf, before defying orders and “dying” in order to destroy the very gas factory that we are currently searching. Known contacts include, but are not limited to: Kate Laswell, Colonel Norris, Sergeant Kyle Garrick, also known as Gaz, Captain John Price and Commander Farah Karim.” Rogue said. “You are Alex, correct?”

“I can see why you chose him.” Alex told Ghost, who nodded. “Who are they?”

“Rurik Harvey, commonly known as Rogue, is a strategist with an eidetic memory, Auburn Mills is a close quarters combat specialist, and Volker is a sniper. Rurik is the one in the skull mask, Mills is the one with the gas mask, and Volker is the one… without a mask.” Ghost told Alex.

“Well, this task force is coming together very nicely.” Alex told Ghost. “Does it have a name?”

“1-4-1.” Ghost said.

Chapter 4: Fractured

Ghost’s phone illuminated the dark inside of the tent as it buzzed, having gotten a text message. Ghost opened his eyes and reached for the phone. He picked it up and held it in front of his face, his eyes adjusting to the light. On the screen was a text message from Price with an image attached, showing the inside of the BCH4 broadcast center by the reception desk in the main room. Attached to the message were the words, ‘Give this to your team. They’ll need it.’. Ghost turned off his phone and attempted to sleep.


Volker opened his eyes and found himself sitting against a wall of rubble. He looked to his left to see Alex taking watch, like the camp’s guardian angel. He looked at his digital watch, which ignited with bright light, temporarily blinding him. His eyes adjusted to the light, and Volker saw that it was 2:08 AM. He slept through most of his shift. Alex looked back at Volker, seeing that he was awake, but chose to leave him alone.

“So, why did you come back?” Volker asked Alex.

“What?” Alex responded, turning to face Volker.

“Why did you come back, knowing that if the CIA found you were alive, you would be court martialed, or worse?” Volker asked.

There was a moment of silence as Alex pondered the question. Volker didn’t know why, but he decided that Alex either didn’t know or was simply choosing one of many reasons why.

“I can’t just sit in the shadows and let people die.” Alex finally answered.

“That’s very inspiring. I have one more question. Why is that leg there?” Volker asked, pointing to the rubble. “It can’t have just fallen off.”

“It had to be amputated, so I planted it in the rubble so that when anybody would come looking for a body, they would find it.”

Silence enveloped the area, but was interrupted by a muffled buzzing from inside the right-most tent.


“Last night, I received intel from Captain Price that may assist us in hunting down Victor Zakhaev. The Captain supplied us with four images, one of the inside of the BCH4 Television Station, one of the pool near the Verdansk Airport, one of the top of the Verdansk Train Station, and one of the Arklov Peak Military Base. We will split into four teams, each searching their respective areas. A member of Price’s team will meet us in each area, but Operators from Coalition and Allegiance will also be deployed into Verdansk.” Ghost told his teams over the radio as their Little Bird helicopters flew them into Verdansk.

“Who can we trust?” Mills asked over the radio.

“Price’s team is composed of Sergeant Gary Sanderson, more commonly known as Roach, Sergeant Kyle Garrick, also known as Gaz, a former Urzikstani scout known as Iskra, and finally, Captain Price.” Ghost told the different teams. “Mara, Charly and Mills will land on top of the train station and rendezvous with Iskra, Krueger, Shaffer and Talon will land in Storage Town and link up with Gaz, and Alex, along with Volker, will meet up with Roach in Arklov Peak. Rogue and I will rendezvous with Price at the broadcast center. Understood?”

“Affirmative.” Mara said over the comm.

“Aye!” Alex said over the radio.

“Understood.” Krueger said.

“One-One Team, prepare to jump… Now!” Ghost instructed.

Mara, Charly and Mills jumped out from their helicopters, free falling towards the top of the train station. Ghost watched as their parachutes opened and they briskly glided towards the building.

“Stalker Team… jump now.” Ghost told Krueger and his team, who obeyed and jumped down towards the cluster of storage units.

Shaffer opened his parachute too early, slowing his descent to a crawl, giving him time to watch Talon and Krueger open their chutes almost in unison. Shaffer sighed and continued his descent.

“Sniper Team Two, you may jump when you’re ready.” Ghost told Alex and Volker as their helicopter grew too far away while Ghost’s helicopter drew near the TV Station. “You ready, Rurik?”

“Never more!” Rogue replied, cocking his M249 SAW.

“Jump!” Ghost shouted.

Rogue and Ghost jumped out of the helicopter and dove downwards, towards the TV Station. When Rogue drew close to the roof’s altitude, he opened his parachute and glided towards the front windows of the building, smashing through the highest middle window. He pulled his arms out of the parachute’s straps and let his momentum take him to the second floor. He fell over the railing, grabbing it and pulling himself back over it. He turned around and watched Ghost touch down on the road outside, cock his CM16, and rush inside the building. He stopped at the reception and looked up at Rogue.

“You check the second floor while I check the first!” Ghost told Rogue, who nodded and rushed into the next room.

Ghost grabbed a tablet from his belt and pulled up the image Price sent him, realizing that he wasn’t in the right room. He ran down the left side of the room and found a set of double doors. He kicked the doors open and found himself in the server room. He ran to the right, through a door, and found himself in the main room. Ghost walked through the cubicle farm, looking for a reception desk, which he found at the other side of the room. He began to walk towards it when the double doors adjacent to the desk were opened by a Russian FSB agent.

Ghost hid behind a cubicle as the agent searched the desk, searching papers until he found the one that he was looking for. He grabbed the radio on the upper-left side of his chest and sent out a signal.

“Kamarov, I found the papers you needed.” The FSB Agent said.

“Good work, I knew I could count on you, Petrenko. Tell me what is on it.” Kamarov ordered over the radio.

“It is document from worker at this broadcast center broadcasting an evacuatio-” The Agent started, but was interrupted when a radio message echoed through the room.

“Simon, I’m entering the LZ(ed) now, what are you’re-” Price said over Ghost’s radio, but the signal was cut off when Ghost pressed the broadcast button to silence it.

Ghost’s left hand remained on the broadcast button as he set down his CM16 and drew a shiny, black M1911 with a dark grey grip, a Stalker barrel, a 5miliwatt laser, a G.I. mini reflex optic and a heavy duty trigger as the FSB agent drew towards the sounds, his ASh-12.7 aimed at the cubicle. Ghost aimed his M1911 around the corner and fired a round at the FSB Agent. The bullet grazed his arm, causing him to drop his gun, and giving Ghost an advantage. He rounded the corner and swung his right arm, hitting his enemy in the side of the face with the grip of his pistol, causing the tiny flippers charm to swing around sporadically. The FSB Agent fell to the ground, stunned. He temporarily lost his vision as he heard a weapon being holstered, and when he regained his vision, the first thing he saw was a hand offering to help him up. He took it and was pulled to his feet by Ghost, who handed him his ASh.

“Don’t make either of us regret this.” Ghost said, causing Petrenko to look over his shoulder to see Price and Rogue aiming their weapons at him. “What’s your name, soldier?”

“Vasili Petrenko, sir.” Petrenko answered, fearing for his life.

“Have you received any funds from sources in Urzikstan?” Price questioned.

“No, sir.” Vasili said truthfully. “I would never accept money from anywhere except job or family.”

“Do you have any family in Urzikstan?” Rogue asked.


“How do we know he’s telling the truth?” Rogue asked Price.

“I would never lie when held at gunpoint, unless it was government secret or I was told to lie.” Vasili said.

“What’s so important about this piece of paper?” Ghost asked, holding up the paper Vasili had taken.

“We believe it might help uncover truth about airport attack.” Vasili told Ghost.

“Petrenko! Respond!” Kamarov said over the radio.

“You better take that.” Rogue said. “Make it sound convincing.”

“Kamarov, this is Petrenko. Friendlies confused me for hostile.” Petrenko said.

“Alright. What was on the papers?”

“It was evacuation order.”

“Good job, Petrenko. Return to base.” Kamarov ordered.

There was silence for a few moments as Rogue and Price lowered their weapons before Petrenko rushed towards the exit. He ran past Price and Rogue and through the double doors adjacent to the reception desk. He rushed through the open doors as Ghost picked up his CM16.


Rogue flew the Little Bird helicopter towards the Verdansk Airport, and from the right side of the helicopter, Ghost looked off into the distance and saw a crashed plane before he looked over his shoulder at the left side of the helicopter, at Price.

“Simon, search the North side of the airport. Start with the destroyed plane and make your way through the airport. I will search the South side, and we’re to make our way through the airport until we rendezvous at the middle. Search anything related to communication, computers, telephones, mobiles, everything.” Price instructed. “Jump now.”

Ghost leapt off of the helicopter and maneuvered towards the destroyed plane connected to the airport and opened his parachute when he drew near. He touched down near the plane, tucking his chute back into the pack before closing it and rushing towards the plane. He drew his CM16 and rushed inside the plane, looking for a computer or phone. Finding nothing, he moved into the passenger area, finding nothing again. He moved into the meeting area, nothing still. The plane was empty.

Ghost exited the plane and entered the airport terminal, finally seeing a computer. He rushed over to the monitor, letting his weapon fall to his chest, still secure because it was slung over his shoulder. He moved around the mouse, waking the computer and revealing a flight map with an alert message reading: ‘NVSFT233/P: Unable to contact ATC Tower. Need pushback auth. No response on phones. Will send someone to ATC tower.’ Ghost plugged a flash drive into the computer and took a screenshot of the screen before transferring the screenshot to the drive.

“Price, I found something.” Ghost said over the radio. “Our next location is the ATC tower just outside of the airport.”

“Good work, Simon. Tell Rogue to pick us up and bring us to the tower.” Price told Ghost.

The download completed and Ghost pulled the drive from the computer and put it in his pocket. Ghost reached for his radio, but gunshots echoed from the roof, snatching Ghost’s attention.

“I’ve been engaged by a Russian FGF Operator! He must have been paid off by Al-Qatala!” Price told his team over the radio.

A US Pararescue Operator entered the terminal from the plane, the grey of the walls complimenting his clothes’ muted colors and black sunglasses. He fired at Ghost with an SG552. Ghost dove over the desk where the computer was located, knocking it to the floor as Ghost used the desk for cover. Ghost grabbed his CM16 and returned fire. One of the bullets grazed the Operator’s arm, causing him to let go of his weapon and giving Ghost an opening for an attack. He let go of his CM16 and grabbed a baton commonly used by police and SAS Operators. Ghost rushed around the desk and behind the Marine, crouching down and wrapping his arms around his legs and pulling him off of his feet. Ghost swung the baton at the Operator’s head, applying enough force to kill his foe. Ghost put away his baton and grabbed his radio.

“Rogue, what is your status? Rogue, do you copy? Rurik! Answer me! Do you copy?!” Ghost asked, but every question was met with silence.


“-Do you copy?!” Ghost’s voice asked over the radio as Rogue opened his eyes.

Rogue watched as a CTSFO Operator with mostly black clothing, save for a grey mask, and a JTF2 Operator with completely beige clothing looted his body. Rogue unnoticeably glanced at the Bowie Knife sheathed on his left hip and a custom Desert Eagle on the ground to his right. Rogue’s left hand was close to the knife’s grip, so he slowly grabbed it before quickly unsheathing it and thrusting it into the CTSFO Operator’s chest in between the ‘O’ and ‘L’ in Police. Rogue dove to his right and grabbed his pistol, aiming it at the JTF2 Operator and shooting him in the head.

“Order in the court.” Rogue said, holstering the Gavel Desert Eagle, pulling his Bowie Knife out of his first victim’s corpse, sheathing it, and grabbing his radio. “Simon, I’m fine. I just had to clean up.”

“Clean up?” Ghost asked.

“Yes. Did you find anything?”

“The ATC Tower went offline before the attack. Search it for intel while I assist Price.”

“On it.”

Rogue entered the Little Bird helicopter behind him and flew North, towards the ATC Tower. Rogue heard a beeping, notifying him that a missile was targeting him. He fired the flares, causing the beeping to stop for a few seconds, only to start again.

“Oh fuck this!” Rogue said, breaking the side door to the cockpit of the helicopter before jumping out, causing the Little Bird to fall to the ground, exploding on the building surrounding the ATC Tower.

Rogue opened his parachute and glided towards one of the tower’s windows, gliding through the broken frame, ripping his parachute and causing him to pull his arms from the straps to let it fall to the ground. Rogue landed on the floor of the broadcast room of the ATC Tower, grabbing his M249 SAW, screwing a Monolithic Suppressor on the muzzle, flipping down the sights and sliding on a Solozero NVG Enhanced optic. He mounted it on the edge of the window, looking back at the airport, looking for his attacker. Finding no one, he turned his attention back to investigating. He searched the monitors until he found a yellow slip of paper with red highlights. He picked it up and read it, but the main thing he took from it was the word ‘Arklov’.

Chapter 5: Hunting the Enemy

Shaffer opened his parachute too early, slowing his descent to a crawl, giving him time to watch Talon and Krueger open their chutes almost in unison. Shaffer sighed and continued his descent. The wind ruffled his ghillie suit as he drew closer to the town-like cluster of storage units. He finally reached the ground, in the column of storage units adjacent to the pool. He grabbed his Colt 9mm SMG and sprinted towards the pool building. Krueger and Talon entered the pool from the right as Shaffer continued to sprint towards the building. He finally reached the building, running inside as Krueger and Talon were searching the pool area of the first floor. Talon turned to look at Shaffer as he walked around the edge of the pool from the lowest point in the pool.

“Shaffer, search the second floor.” Krueger ordered from the lowest diving board, which was met with a thumbs-up from Shaffer.

Shaffer rushed through the door between the doors to the bathrooms and up the stairs. He arrived at a large balcony inside of the building overlooking the lobby that was completely empty. He rushed around the railing surrounding the stairs and towards the door on the far-back-left side of the stairs. He rushed through the door, finding himself on a balcony overlooking the pool. He looked to his left and saw a broken storage drawer set with a piece of paper on top. Shaffer approached the drawer and grabbed the paper, beginning to read aloud.

“Zakhaev is behind this. Need to know how.” Shaffer read, acquiring Krueger and Talon’s attention. “SIGINT relayed from ARM-4 military wing-West Airport tarmac.”

Enemy fire sprayed from Storage Town, from two Operators, one holding an MG36 and the other holding an AW-50. Krueger returned fire with his Stoner 96, but the hostels ducked behind cover. Talon climbed out from the pool and mounted his Ump45 on the broken window embedded in the walls of the pool building before returning fire as well. An Afro-British man parachuted down behind their attackers. He drew a  police Hit Stick and swung it into one of the hostile’s heads, knocking him to the ground. The other Operator turned towards the man, only to be shot with an M17. The man holstered the pistol and calmly walked towards the pool building.

“Lieutenant Garrick, ready to assist.” Gaz said, causing Stalker Team to lower their weapons.

“Glad to have you here, Gaz.” Shaffer said, hooking a rope to the railing of the balcony where he was located before sliding down to the outskirts of the pool. “We found this, it might help us find something.”

“Something is surely better than nothing.” Gaz said, taking Shaffer’s paper as Krueger and Talon proceeded to watch. “Get prepped, we’re headed to the Airport.”

Gaz grabbed the Vector slung over his shoulder and pocketed the paper Shaffer gave to him as a hostile Operator grabbed his MG36 and stood up, aiming it at Gaz, only for a gloved hand to grab them by their head and pull them out of Shaffer’s sight. All he saw was a black glove and a green sleeve. Krueger climbed down the diving board’s ladder and approached Gaz, who turned around and cocked his weapon. Gaz, followed by Talon, Shaffer and Krueger, rushed out of the pool building, finding a blue SUV waiting for them. Talon entered the driver’s seat, Gaz entered the passenger’s seat, and Krueger, along with Shaffer, entered the back seats. Talon drove the SUV towards the airport and Shaffer looked back at Storage Town, watching a shadowy figure mount an ATV and begin to follow them. Shaffer looked away, telling himself it was just his imagination as the SUV drew closer and closer to the Verdansk Airport’s maintenance area.

“Where should we start?” Talon asked, entering the tarmac.

“Comms. If there’s anything here, it’ll be there.” Gaz told Talon, who drove across the tarmac runway and towards a broken segment of the East wall. The vehicle screeched to a stop and the occupants exited, travelling through the scuffed wall and towards a duo of large storage containers. Krueger and Talon entered the one on the left, so Shaffer and Gaz entered the right one. Shaffer looked around the room as Gaz approached a computer on a desk on the left as Shaffer mounted his Colt SMG on the doorway and looked outside. Gaz woke the computer and found an image of a bunker and a caption reading, ‘SIGINT team tracked comm interference near this location’. Gaz took a screenshot and plugged a flash drive into the computer, transferring the file into the drive. Shaffer looked back at Gaz, beginning to approach him.

“Find anything?” Shaffer asked, the question met with Gaz removing the drive and holding it up.

Gaz plugged the drive into his tablet, transferring the screenshot to his device before sending it to his team members. Shaffer grabbed his tablet and examined the picture, soon switching to a map of Verdansk, trying to locate the bunker.

“The bunker is near the edge of Verdansk, to the West of the Zhokov Boneyard.” Shaffer told Gaz. “We will need a helicopter if we are to get there soon.”

“That’s right. Lucky for us, there’s a helicopter on the other side of the fire station.” Gaz told Shaffer, exiting the container.

Something wasn’t right. Shaffer knew that, but the feeling was much stronger now, and the C4 planted on the stairs was the reason why. Shaffer grabbed Gaz and pulled him back inside the storage container, diving to the ground as the explosive let out an audible beep before combusting, spewing smoke into the storage container and blowing around its surroundings. The computer on the desk was blown off, causing it to shatter when it impacted on the floor. As the smoke began to dissipate, Shaffer wondered if Krueger and Talon survived. He grabbed the M14 EBR slung over his shoulder, screwed on a Monolithic Suppressor and approached the container’s door. He mounted his weapon on the right side of the frame, looking down the 4.0x Flip Hybrid sight at the container to the right. Seeing no traces of an explosion, Shaffer let out a sigh of relief, but grimaced when a pair of SKSF Operators rounded the corner of the destroyed wall and approached the clean storage container. One of them had dark grey clothes and a dark grey helmet above their bright orange sunglasses and a beige combat vest and the other had jungle green clothes, a black combat vest and the same balaclava, sunglasses, helmet and goggles mounted on the helmet as his partner. The one with the darker clothes had an MP7 SMG and the one with the jungle green clothes wielded a Fostech Origin 12 shotgun. Shaffer swore under his breath as the SKSF Operators prepared to enter the storage container, but they weren’t prepared for what was going to happen next. Shaffer aimed his M14 EBR at the head of the SKSF Operator with the muted colors and fired, sending his body sprawling onto the ground and causing his partner to turn his attention towards Shaffer. The Operator fired his Origin 12, causing Shaffer to duck into the cover of the storage container. The hostile walked forward, trying to get closer, only to get gunned down by Talon, who emerged from the container that he was assigned to, reloading his Ump. Gaz exited his container as a Little Bird helicopter flew overhead with Rogue, Ghost and Price inside.

“Good hunting, Captain.” Gaz said.


Shaffer was the first one out of the Little Bird, sprinting towards the bunker labeled ‘3’, not wanting to be ambushed again. He entered the right-most door, looking to his right and finding a ladder down. He climbed down the ladder as Gaz, Talon and Krueger entered the room. Shaffer slided down the ladder, turning around and searching the room for a computer. Finding one, he rushed over to it and woke it, finding himself at the lock screen. He needed a 4-digit PIN number. Gaz, Talon and Krueger reached the bottom of the ladder and entered the hallway, finding nothing but a sealed door to one of Verdansk's bunkers and Shaffer attempting to hack into a computer. Shaffer typed in ‘1971’, the birth year of the computer’s potential owner, Victor Zakhaev. The computer opened, showing nothing but a generic wallpaper and no apps, windows or files, except one. It was marked ‘meeting’, so Shaffer opened it and found an image of the alley next to the BCH4 Tavorsk District studio.

“Drive.” Shaffer said, holding out his hand.

Gaz pulled his flash drive out of his pocket and placed it in Shaffer’s hand. Shaffer plugged the drive into the computer and copied the file onto it before pulling it out of the computer and plugging it into his tablet. He copied the image onto his tablet and sent the image to the rest of his team before pulling it and returning it to Gaz. Shaffer rushed back to the ladder, climbing back up and rushing back to the helicopter, followed by the rest of his team. Talon entered the pilot’s seat and lifted the helicopter off of the ground, flying it towards Tavorsk District. The flight there was uneventful, but Shaffer knew that a puppet master was trying to lure them into a false sense of security. They, he knew that they were a threat.

The helicopter neared the studio, but Shaffer was tired of waiting, so he simply leapt out of the helicopter and opened his parachute. He glided down to the street, noticing two black panel vans, one parked in the alley, one parked in front of the BCH4 studio. Shaffer touched down on the pavement, removing his parachute and beginning to inspect the area as Talon lowered the helicopter to the ground. The helicopter landed as Shaffer kicked open the door to a garage next to the TV studio. Shaffer entered the garage and looked around, seeing a bulletin board covered in sticky notes and moving towards it to inspect it as Krueger and Gaz entered the garage, Talon waiting in the helicopter.

“Slow down, Shaffer.” Krueger told Shaffer, only to be met with a glare.

“If we slow down, we run the risk of getting ambushed again!” Shaffer told Krueger, only for Gaz to approach him and put his left hand on Shaffer’s right shoulder.

“You can’t rush these things.” Gaz told Shaffer, slowly examining the bulletin board. “If you rush through them, you might miss something like this.”

Gaz pulled a sticky note off of the board reading, ‘Train- 19:30 express’. Gaz motioned to return to the helicopter, which all three of them did. Shaffer, Gaz and Krueger entered the Little Bird and Talon lifted the vehicle off of the ground once more.

“Where too, Lieutenant?” Talon asked.

“The Train Station.” Gaz told Talon, who nodded in reply.


Talon landed the helicopter on a set of train tracks, not worried about any trains arriving because they were all inactive. He, Krueger, Shaffer and Gaz exited the vehicle, rushing into the ticket hall, looking for a timetable. Shaffer turned around and looked up, finding one above the entrance. He searched the table, looking 19:30, finding it quickly and reading the point of purpose, which was the word ‘Express’ in Russian.

“I have found something.” Shaffer told Stalker team, pointing at the timetable.

“Good job, Shaffer.” Talon said.

“It doesn’t say where it’s going. It only says express.” Gaz said. “This was just a fucking waste of time.”

A train horn echoed through the hall, causing confusion amongst Stalker team, but they quickly brushed the confusion aside and rushed out of the building to see a train, now active, ram into their helicopter, causing it to explode. Gaz motioned for the team to get on one of the train’s flatbed cars as it rolled away from the station, beginning to accelerate.

“Captain Price, this is Lieutenant Garrick. A train is moving, I repeat: a train is moving!”

Chapter 6: Hidden Cargo

Mills, Charly and Mara landed at the peak of the Verdansk Train Station, beginning to search the small area. Mills cocked his AA-12 and removed the mag from the shotgun, looking at the shell at the top before returning it back into the weapon. He let it fall to his chest as he drew his MP5 with a Subsonic Integral Suppressor, Tactical Foregrip and Classic Straight-line Stock. He flicked off the safety and pressed on an air-bubble in the Rip n’ Tear camo wrap on the gun.

“So what are we looking for?” Mills asked Mara as he put away his MP5.

“Anything that could be important.” Mara answered vaguely. “It could be a drive, a slip of paper, or even a phone.”

“Found it!” Charly shouted, grabbing a piece of paper reading, ‘1930 derailed in Urzikstan. Cargo missing. Check ports of entry -Start at cranes.’

Mills chuckled and leaned back against the edge of the small wall, knocking over an object. He looked over his shoulder and grabbed the object before it rolled over the edge and found that it was a black rook. A chess piece. Mills began to wonder who planted the piece of paper that Charly found and how this rook fit in as he turned it over, finding that it had an engraving, 1400. Mills thought of what it meant, it couldn’t be a random four-digit number. Mara glanced over at Mills and spotted the rook he was holding.

“What’s that?” Mara asked Mills.

“It’s a rook. Engraved with the number 1400.” Mills said, setting down the piece. “That’s all that I know. I don’t know what it means, but I know that it isn’t random. Someone put it here, and we might learn more about its meaning at the next location.”

Velikan lowered the spotter scope and stepped out of sight, grabbing the tablet from his belt and looking at three pictures, each with different defining features. One had a mask with a skull painted on it, one wore a bucket hat and smoked a cigar, and the final one had a custom sniper rifle and a prosthetic leg. None of them were here. This group was of no use to him. He hammered a small stake into the roof where he was standing and connected a rappel to it before sliding down.

Mills watched as a Tactical Rover drove away from the station but the shadow of a figure moved above them, inching closer. Iskra touched down on the roof, tucking her parachute back into the backpack. She returned her backpack to her back and sized up the group.

“Mara, it’s good to see you.” Iskra said, approaching her. “Who are they?”

“Echo One-One, reporting for duty!” Mills piped up.

“Charlie One-One, ready for action!” Charly told Iskra.

“Did you find the intel?” Iskra asked Mara.

“Affirmative, our next objective is the cranes in the Verdansk Port.” Mara told Iskra.

Mills grabbed the rook next to him and pocketed it, he thought it might be important. Charly hammered a small stake into the southside of the building’s peak before connecting a rappel to it and hooking up. Charly hopped across the side of the building until she reached the bottom, unhooking and waiting for the next person to rappel down. Mills went next, then Iskra and finally, Mara. Mills entered the driver’s seat of a Tactical Rover and waited for the rest of his team to enter.


Mara picked up a bundle of Kastovian money with a tag attached reading: ‘NE GARDAR crate storage, 6 Across/ 586 Deep, keep clear’. Mara knew that location. It was an ambush.

“Found something!” Mara shouted to the rest of her team.

Iskra rushed over and took the bundle of bills and removed the tag, pocketing the money. Iskra nodded her head to the side, motioning for them to move. Mills rushed across the balcony surrounding the crane control room, followed by Charly, Mara and Iskra. Mills heard voices around the corner, so he stopped dead and held out his arm to make his team stop.

“-That’s how it works, whoever gets the kill gets the bigger reward.” An American Pararescue Operator with orange sunglasses told a Balkan Special ATU Operator.

“Why are we helping them, after what they pulled here?” The Balkan Operator asked.

“I just want the money.” The Pararescue Operator told his partner as Iskra drew a pair of scissors from her combat vest.

The Pararescue Operator rounded the corner and spotted the four, letting out a gasp before Iskra thrusted the scissors into the soldier’s neck, pulling them out and kicking the corrupt Operator over the scaffolding’s railing. Mills rounded the corner and aimed his AA-12 at the Balkan Special ATU soldier, who quickly dropped his AK-12.

“I just took the money to help support my family!” The Serbian told him.

Mills lowered his shotgun, and turned towards Iskra, who removed the bundle of money from her pocket and handed it to Mills, who gave the money to the soldier, took it carefully.

“For special forces, you sure did break fast.” Mills said.

“I would die for my family, but not until I can pay off my daughter’s hospital bills.” The man said. “Thank you. I will not forget this.”

The Operator pocketed the money and picked up his AK-12, rushing back the way that he came.

“That was for you, Shaffer.” Mills said under his breath.


Mills looked down at the photo of the storage container, reading the words written on it again. It read: ‘Inspection 12/18/19 0900’, and Mills thought of the Rook. What if 1400 was a time? Mills pocketed the photo and continued to look around the large, rectangular room at the north side of the Vacant building. He leaned against a parked forklift and looked at the open garage door on the Northeast side of the room, bored out of his mind.

“I found the next location.” Iskra said over the comms.

“Thank god.” Mills said, stepping away from the forklift and walking into the storage room. 

Mills saw Iskra at the small desk in the additional room at the North side of storage reading a document before pocketing it and drawing her custom Famas with a recoil Compensator, FR 15.6” Commando barrel, APX5 Holographic Sight, Commando Foregrip and Rubberized Grip Tape, along with mini explosive rounds. She checked the magazine of the orange and tan weapon before reloading it and vaulting over the table and through the window, followed by Mills. Mills and Iskra rendezvoused with Charly and Mara outside of the storage room and the team entered the Little Bird helicopter parked near the building. Charly occupied the cockpit and lifted the helo off of the ground and flew the vehicle to the Northwest(primarily North). The helicopter flew over the Stadium and towards a WHP camp just North of the building. Mills, Iskra and Mara jumped from the helicopter, falling towards the camp, opening their parachutes and landing on top of the middle-most building. Mills dropped his chute and climbed down the ladder, finding himself between two doors. He entered the door to his left and saw a cabinet that had fallen over with a flash drive next to it. He approached the cabinet and picked up the drive, plugging it into his tablet and downloading a report made by Mara. What Mills learned wasn’t very surprising, but answered many of his questions. Coalition and Allegiance weren’t fighting each other, they were fighting Al-Qatala all along.

Hey, I am sorry that this chapter wasn’t very long and not as good as Chapters 4 and 5. I really didn’t have much to say about Hunting the Enemy or Iskra and Mara. Thorne was supposed to appear in this chapter, but I didn’t know how to put him in without it being tacked on and fan service-y. I am truly sorry. I’ll try more in the next chapter.

Chapter 7: New Perspectives

Alex and Volker jumped from the Little Bird and opened their parachutes, gliding towards Arklov Peak’s Killhouse. Volker’s shaggy brown hair rustled in the wind, some of it getting threateningly close to his eyes, which were protected by sunglasses. Alex looked at Volker, his black balaclava and green lensed goggles hiding his smug facial expression. The two touched down, Alex landing with much more force than Volker.

“Ow, fuck!” Alex yelled, his prosthetic leg getting pushed into his stump.

Alex recovered from the nonlethal injury, grabbing his custom sniper rifle and approaching the walls, grabbing his tablet to look at the image Ghost sent him. He finally found the area and climbed onto the wall, finding a piece of paper reading: ‘ARM-4 team had intel from UAV reconning the airport attack. We need to find it. Start at the military base’.

“Volker, I found it.” Alex said, holding up the paper.

“That was easy.” Volker said, holding his M21 over his shoulder. “What now?”

“We have to search the area for anything involving a UAV.” Alex told Volker. “We should start at the control tower.”

Roze watched Alex and Volker approach the Arklov Peak control tower and begin to ascend the stairs. She rummaged through her duffel bag and pulled out a C4 charge, inspecting it to see if it worked. She would need it later. Satisfied, she returned it to the duffel and removed the mag from her APC9, checking the ammo. She returned the clip to the SMG and pressed the broadcast button on the radio mounted on her combat vest.

“Sir, with all due respect, I don’t see what the cyborg has to offer for the company. There are much more promising candidates, so why him?” Roze asked.

“That man is more than just a candidate. He is the man that freed Urzikstan from Roman Barkov. That is Alex. A former CIA Special Activities Division Operator that specializes in Counter-Insurgency, Special Reconnaissance, Counterterrorism, Information Warfare and Anti-Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. He’s perfect for the company. End of discussion.” Roze’s Commanding Officer told her over the radio.

“Yes sir.”

Alex glanced outside of the control room to see a squad of Mil-Sim Operators approaching the control tower as Volker picked up a paper. Alex approached Volker, patted him on the shoulder and nodded his head to the side, causing him to look through the window at the approaching fireteam. He grabbed his M21 and looked through the scope, taking aim. One of the Operators looked up at Volker and raised his Israeli Galil.

“I found them!” The American shouted, beginning to fire at him, only to be shot in the head.

Alex shot another soldier with his custom sniper rifle before pulling back to bolt, preparing to take another shot. A new Operator glided into the area with a parachute, grabbing a custom ACR with a unique woodland camouflage, a Monolithic Suppressor, a Tac Laser, an Operator Foregrip, an Integral Hybrid optic and an FSS Close Quarters Stock. He glided into the leftmost Operator and kicked them in the face before landing, pulling his victim to his feet and using him as a shield as he began to gun down the Operator’s partner. He let his ACR fall to his chest and drew his M17 and shot his human shield in the right side of the head.

The Operator holstered his pistol and looked up at the control tower, knowing that Alex and Volker were there.

“You do know that that wasn’t the rendezvous point, right?” Roach asked, the cloth surrounding his lower face moving as he talked.

“We just wanted a head start!” Volker replied, holding up the document that he found.

“Echo 3-1, reporting for duty.” Alex said, introducing himself.

“ARM 6-2, ready for action.” Volker said.

“Good, now let’s move.” Roach ordered.


Alex and Roach fired their Assault Rifles at the hostiles while Volker maneuvered the Little Bird helicopter through the air attempting to dodge the incoming fire. The helicopter began to beep, and Volker knew that they were being targeted by a rocket launcher. A rocket was fired from the launcher, but it was launched straight up, and Volker knew that they were being targeted by a Javelin.

“Take out that fucking missile!” Volker shouted from the cockpit, causing Alex to switch to his custom sniper rifle and aim straight up.

The Javelin missile began to descend and Alex took aim before firing a round into the missile, causing it to explode in midair. Alex returned his attention to the hostels while pulling back his rifle’s bolt and taking aim once more as one of the hostiles reloading their Javelin launcher. They finished loading and Alex took aim, accounting for the wind speed and distance before firing a bullet, which flew towards the wielder of the Javelin, only to blow to the side and enter the launcher, hitting the missile and causing it to explode.

“I heard that those are expensive!” Volker said.

“Well, I guess that I just bought it!” Alex replied, smirking and pulling back the bolt of his sniper rifle.

Volker continued to fly the helicopter towards the Verdansk Airport as another Little Bird helicopter flew towards the main terminal. Roach watched as an SUV drove away from the Eastern maintenance tarmac, which was their destination. Volker flew the helicopter in closer and closer before they eventually arrived. Alex, Roach and Volker exited the vehicle and surveyed the area.

“Intel about the UAV should be in the storage containers, so that’s where we should start.” Roach told Alex and Volker.

“Well no shit, Sherlock!” Volker said, loading his M21 and cocking it.

Alex, Volker and Roach rushed through the broken wall to the East and rushed inside of the right storage container, which had its stairs blown to pieces and the outside of the door charred. Volker climbed inside first and rushed to the desk on the left side of the container. He found a manifest binder on the desk, and a manifest related to the UAV. He ripped the page out of the binder and read the sticky note attached to the page. He found the next location, Zhokov Boneyard.

“Zhokov Boneyard. That’s our next objective.” Volker told the rest of his team. “Zhokov Scrapyard to be specific.”

“Alright, let’s get moving!” Alex said, rushing back to the helicopter, followed by Roach and Volker, who hopped out of the storage container first.

Alex entered the cockpit as Volker and Roach entered the passenger area before the helicopter was lifted off of the ground. Alex flew the helicopter South, towards Zhokov Boneyard. Volker observed the area, noticing an ATV with an American female wearing a helmet and green clothes loosely following the helicopter. Thinking nothing of it, he adjusted his parachute as the helicopter neared Zhokov Boneyard.

“Get ready to jump!” Alex told his team, but Volker only responded by grabbing his binoculars and looking through them, surveying the area.

“I can see the UAV in the hangar to the South of the scrapyard.” Volker told Roach, pocketing his binoculars.

“Jump now!” Alex instructed.

Roach and Volker dove out of the helicopter, opening their parachutes and gliding towards the South hangar while Alex caused the helicopter to hover in place. They glided down diagonally, getting dangerously close to the Zhokov Scrapyard, Roach’s legs hit the Southernmost building’s roof edge, knocking him down onto the roof as Volker continued towards the hangar. He touched down just outside of the hangar and, after dropping his parachute, rushed inside. He stopped in the presence of the UAV, glancing to his right and finding a desk with a computer mounted on it. Volker rushed over to the laptop and woke it, finding an email from an M. Davidson to the corrupted image specialists at Tavosrk District city hall. He took a picture of the screen with his tablet and sent the image to Alex.

“Go to city hall, find the restored image. We’ll hold out until you’re back.” Volker told Alex and watched as his Little Bird flew to the East.


Alex landed the Little Bird on the street to the North of city hall, exiting the vehicle and drawing his M4A1 as he rushed inside of the building. He rushed through the hallways to his left and returned to his original direction. He vaulted over a counter, rushing towards a computer on the desk across from the counter. He started to wake the computer, but he looked over his shoulder and saw a Russian Mil-Sim Operator holding an AK-47 with a custom skeleton stock attachment, the stock taped together so that it took a shape similar to a classic AKS-74u buttstock, a taped up barrel and mag, and a Muzzle Brake attachment. Alex took cover behind the counter, switching his M4A1 to single fire mode. He mounted his weapon on the counter and unloaded two rounds into the Russian, one in the chest and one in the head. Alex removed himself from cover and stepped away from the counter when another Russian Mil-Sim Operator wearing Kevlar stepped around the corner. He fired an SKS, but he wasn’t aiming at Alex. He was aiming at his M4A1. Alex spun around after the bullet struck, dropping his scuffed weapon and observing the distance between him and the armored Operator. Knowing that he was too close, he removed Hadir’s Sniper Rifle from his body and placed it on the ground as the Kevlar Russian dropped his SKS, ready for a fight. Alex drew a knife and rushed towards the Operator. Alex grabbed a flashbang from his belt and pulled the pin, looking away and holding it in front of the Kevlar Operator’s face. The bang triggered, blinding Alex’s opponent and deafening both of them, but Alex slit his opponent’s throat without delay. The soldier fell to the ground as Alex sheathed his knife and grabbed the AK-47 off of the floor, his ears still ringing. He cocked the weapon and rushed back to the awakened computer, finding the restored image from the UAV. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Chapter 8: Anonymous

Velikan watched as Price snuck up behind the Russian FGF Operator and shot him in the back of the head with an M17. Price put a cigar in his mouth and lit it, blowing out smoke. Rogue drove a Tactical Rover around the corner behind the parking building, stopping next to Price and Ghost, who emerged from cover. Rogue told his team to enter the vehicle, which Velikan knew when he nodded his head to the side opposite of Price and Ghost. The two entered the vehicle and Rogue drove it away. Velikan grabbed his tablet and messaged his CO.

“‘Is the next clue planted?’” Velikan wrote, waiting for a response, which came soon after.

“‘Yes. They have all been planted, waiting for discovery.’” His Commanding Officer replied in text.

Velikan put away his tablet and pulled the motorcycle laying on its side next to him onto its wheels, mounting it. Velikan drove the motorcycle after Bravo team’s Tac Rover, wanting to keep an eye on them from the shadows.


Rogue parked the Tac Rover near the crashed plane, the occupants exiting the vehicle to inspect it. Ghost entered the plane’s fuselage as Price and Rogue’s tablets vibrated. They grabbed them and each found a message from an anonymous source reading, ‘1400 hours EST at Verdansk Stadium. Don’t be late’. Price and Rogue glanced at each other’s tablets, finding the same message on the other’s device.

“Hey, I can’t search this plane alone!” Ghost said, walking out of the fuselage. “Is what I would’ve said if this was at all hidden.”

Ghost held up a paper reading in big red ink, ‘Search Arklov AFB’. Rogue checked his Fitbit, and the time read 1:54 Eastern Standard Time. It was then that he realized that they had spent fifteen minutes at the Verdansk Airport. He grabbed his tablet and found an image attached, an image of a ridge overlooking the stadium. Bravo team returned to the Tac Rover and Rogue occupied the driver’s seat. He drove the vehicle South, through the woods and over a ledge. The vehicle landed near a group of storage units and Rogue continued down the gravel road.

“Where are we going?” Ghost asked Rogue as he continued down the road.

“I received a message from an anonymous source telling me to be at Verdansk Stadium at 1400 hours Eastern Standard Time, and it’s 1:54.” Rogue told Ghost. “Price, I think we might need backup.”

“All teams, this is Price. Mobilize near the Verdansk Stadium, we may have a lead.” Price said into his radio.


Shaffer gazed at the picture inside of his daughter’s locket, looking at his family. Him, his wife, Sasha, and his daughter, Melissa. He was going to avenge them. Light shone on the flatbed car and Shaffer closed the locket, pocketing it. He glanced at Gaz to his left and Krueger, along with Talon, to his right.

“All teams, this is Price. Mobilize near the Verdansk Stadium, we may have a lead.” Price’s voice said over the comm.

“Understood.” Gaz said into his radio, Stalker team standing up and looking East, towards the Stadium.

Krueger, Talon, Shaffer and Gaz leapt off of the train, combat rolling onto the ground and rushing towards a nearby Little Bird helicopter. Talon entered the cockpit while Shaffer, Krueger and Gaz entered the passenger area. Talon lifted the helo off of the ground and flew it to the East. They saw another Little Bird helicopter rise from outside of the Tavorsk District city hall as they flew near it, and Shaffer saw Alex inside. A rocket flew from the ground surrounding the Stadium, locked onto Alex’s helicopter.


Charly landed the Little Bird in the heart of the WHC camp as Mills, Mara and Iskra exited the middlemost building. They slowly and calmly approached the helicopter, Charly watching them the whole time.

“All teams, this is Price. Mobilize near the Verdansk Stadium, we may have a lead.” Price’s voice said over the comm.

Mills turned around slowly, looking at the Stadium to the South. He watched four Little Bird helicopters approach the building, two from the East, two from the South. Mills watched as a rocket soared through the air, hitting a helicopter, the flaming husk falling to the ground. Mills rushed back to the helicopter, Charly lifting it off of the ground once he was inside. Charly flew the helicopter towards the Stadium and what Mills saw on the roof was unbelievable. The roof was lined with C4, more being placed. It was rigged to blow.


Alex stared at the computer’s screen, not believing what he was seeing. His tablet vibrated, and Alex grabbed it to find that he had a message from an anonymous person reading, ‘1400 hours EST at Verdansk Stadium. Don’t be late’. Alex put away his tablet and continued to ponder what was on the computer screen. The hostiles in the Airport during the attack were friendlies. He looked at the bottom right corner of the screen and found that it was 1:54 Eastern Standard Time, so he slung Hadir’s Sniper Rifle around his shoulder and grabbed the AK-47 that he scavenged. He grabbed the radio on his chest and pressed the broadcast button.

“Roach, Volker, I’m coming to pick you up, maintain your positions.” Alex told them.

“No need, Volker and I have commandeered the Blackhawk on the Scrapyard helipad. Just make your way to the Stadium and rendezvous with Price.” Roach told Alex, confusing him. “Price told me to mobilize my team near the Stadium over the radio, and I guess that you get a head start.”

Alex chuckled and let go of his radio, rushing out of city hall and back to his helicopter. He entered the cockpit and lifted the vehicle off of the ground. He found himself nearby another Little Bird helicopter occupied by Stalker team, and the two helicopters flew towards the Stadium together. Alex heard a beeping from his helicopter and discovered that he was getting targeted by a missile. Alex tried to pop the flares, but they sputtered, jammed. Alex kicked open the cockpit with his right leg and leapt out of the helicopter as a rocket flew towards it. Alex grabbed Hadir’s Sniper Rifle and aimed down the scope, finding the hostile who fired the rocket, firing at him and killing him. Alex opened his parachute, gliding down to the concrete surrounding the Stadium, wincing when he hit the ground.


Rogue checked his Fitbit, watching the time turn to 1:59. One minute left. Rogue twiddled his thumbs, eyes locked on the Stadium as two helicopters flew away from the buildings, to the North and the West, while two helicopters to the South continued towards the building. Rogue, Ghost and Price all stood on the ridge near an extinguished campfire. Price fiddled with his Israeli Galil, removing the mag and checking the rounds inside before returning it to his weapon, pulling back the cocking mechanism.

“So, what’s going to happen?” Ghost asked Rogue.

“I don’t know, I guess we’ll fi-” Rogue started, but was interrupted by his Fitbit beginning to buzz.

All of Bravo team’s members turned their attention towards the Stadium, silence enveloping them. The buildup was driving Rogue crazy, causing him to think. Was this all for nothing? Was this some big joke? Was nothing ever going to- Rogue thought, but his thoughts were interrupted by the occurrence of something unbelievable.

The Stadium’s roof exploded.

Chapter 9: Shadows

Viktor clutched Ira, his daughter, tight as he and the other refugees heard helicopters outside of the Stadium. Viktor comforted his daughter as she continued to cry, terrified. Angelina, Viktor’s wife, held their infant son, Andrei, in her arms as he wailed, trying to comfort him. The sounds of the helicopters grew louder and louder as they became closer and closer. Viktor knew that the worst was coming, and, sure enough, an explosion blew open the roof of the field, spewing smoke and dust into the room.


Price forced the main doors of the Stadium open with his Halligan Bar, making an entrance for Bravo, Stalker and One-One teams to enter. Ghost entered first, his CM16 at the ready, and found himself in the lobby of the Stadium, finding two dozen refugees gathered in a cluster. Ghost pointed his weapon at them as the rest of the three teams entered the building. The refugees screamed, causing Ghost to lower his weapon and look around, finding a pool of blood seeping from the middle of the cluster.

“Sir!” Ghost shouted, causing Price to rush over, discovering the blood.

Price rushed towards the crowd, causing them to disperse, revealing Viktor with two bullet wounds in his chest and his daughter and wife trying to save him.

“Step aside.” Price ordered, Angelina and Ira complying and Price beginning to apply pressure to the wound. “Kyle! Grab a first aid kit and help me stop the bleeding! Simon, Iskra, take your teams and search the Stadium. Shaffer, Talon, you accompany Ghost and Rogue while Krueger, Gaz and I protect the refugees.”

Ghost led Rogue, Talon and Shaffer into the field area of the Stadium, along with Iskra, Charly, Mara and Mills while Gaz returned with the first aid kit. He opened it and grabbed a pack of antiseptic wipes, proceeding to sterilize the wound. After it was sterilized, he grabbed a roll of ACE wrap and proceeded to wrap it around the wound. Once it was wrapped tightly around Viktor’s chest, Gaz grabbed a roll of adhesive tape and taped the wrap to Viktor’s clothing. With the wounds in Viktor’s left kidney dressed, Price stood up and approached Viktor’s wife.

“What happened here?” Price asked as Angelina held her son in her arms, uneasy.


Ghost kicked open the double doors on the Stadium’s executive level, Rogue, Shaffer and Talon entering the room. The room had multiple bulletin boards and a table with an Israeli Galil placed on it. Rogue grabbed his phone and took pictures of the boards. A computer lay on the table, closed, and Ghost opened it and found that it belonged to Victor Zakhaev. The open window was an inactive countdown timer for fifteen minutes. Rogue looked up and saw an active security camera observing the room, and Rogue now knew that something wasn’t right.

“Rogue!” Someone shouted from the doorway, causing Rogue to spin around and aim his M249 SAW at them. “You’re early!”

The man had a large goatee, a broad stature and was accompanied by Roze and Velikan, and it was clear who the man was. Marcus “Lerch” Ortega. Lerch wielded an AN-94, Velikan a Stoner 96 with a belt of rounds extending into a backpack.

“What are you doing here, Ortega?” Rogue asked, standing as tall as he could, trying to intimidate Lerch, but only making himself look like an idiot.

“So you’re not here for a job.” Lerch said, his expression forming into a frown. “Shame. But, you can’t win ‘em all.”

Shaffer, Talon and Ghost all raised their weapons at Shadow Company, and Shadow Company did the same. An AK-47 with a Muzzle Brake attachment pressed against the back of Lerch’s head, causing his fellow soldiers to spin around and aim their weapons at the wielder of the Assault Rifle.

“Don’t. Move.” Alex said, pressing his Lerch’s head forward with the AK-47’s muzzle.

“It’s a pleasure, Alex.” Lerch said, dropping his AN-94. “You here to accept that job?”

“When hell freezes over!” Alex said, wrapping his free arm around Lerch’s neck and using him as a shield as he entered the room, joining Ghost, Rogue, Talon and Shaffer. “Order your subordinates to surrender, now.”

“Stand down.” Lurch ordered, causing Roze and Velikan to lower their weapons and Alex to release him.

“Before everyone raises their weapons, I would like to say something.” Talon said, getting in between Task Force 141 and Shadow Company. “We may not have common views, skills or morals, but we do have a common enemy. Al-Qatala and Victor Zakhaev. Fighting each other is just wasted energy. So I say that we call a truce. For Armistice.”

“You’re just saying that because you’re Canadian!” Roze said, raising her APC9, only for Lerch to push it down.

“No, he’s right. We came here to find Zakhaev, and he’s not here. This was a waste of time.” Lerch said, picking up his AN-94 and beginning to exit the room.

“Wait! We found his computer.” Ghost said, grabbing the computer and opening it, showing it to Lerch.

“It’s counting down.” Roze said, causing Ghost to turn it around and find the timer ticking down.

14:31. 14:30. 14:29. Ghost set down the computer and motioned for his team to follow him out of the Execs room, which they did, Shaffer grabbing the custom Israeli Galil. Shadow Company followed the 141 out of the room and down the hallway, trying to catch up. When they did, Rogue slowed to a stop and rushed back to the Executives room and grabbed the computer. He entered an app on the computer called ‘Find My Device’. He entered ‘Connected Devices’ and found the location of another computer in the southern edge of the Tavosrk Park. He knew what was there. He knew what was coming.

Rogue rushed back to his team, holding his M249 SAW. He followed them back to the lobby, Viktor aiming his Desert Eagle at Lerch as the small children began to cry at the sight of Shadow Company. Rogue didn’t care. He dropped his M249 and rushed through the doors and towards a Little Bird helicopter landed outside of the Stadium and commandeered it as Ghost followed him out.

“Where are you going?” Ghost shouted.

“Bunker 10. I’m gonna abort the nuke.” Rogue answered.

“Nuke?!” Ghost said, realizing that Rogue was going alone. “You don’t have to do it alone!”

“Get everyone evacuated.” End of discussion.” Rogue said, lifting the helicopter into the air as Volker and Roach arrived at the Stadium with their Blackhawk helicopter.

Rogue flew the helicopter over the Stadium and to the South-South-West, towards the Park. He flew over the damaged roof of the Stadium, watching as it slowly began to crumble. He flew past the building and over Tavorsk District. He wondered how fast everyone was being evacuated, but he cast the thought aside, he shouldn’t get distracted. He passed the city and neared the park. He knew that Victor Zakhaev was in Bunker 10, and he was ready for a fight.

Chapter 10: Nuclear

Volker looked into the passenger area of the Blackhawk helicopter as civilians entered, visibly terrified. Viktor entered, his Desert Eagle holstered and his daughter being carried in his arms as he proceeded to comfort her. Viktor’s wife, Angelina burped their infant son as the civilians were finished being loaded. Task Force 141(minus Rogue) and Shadow Company entered the helicopter and pulled the bay doors shut.

“Who’re those ba-” Volker started, realizing that he was in the presence of children.

“Don’t try and censor yourself Volker, this is too dire of a situation.” Alex told Volker, who nodded in response.

“They are Shadow Company. They came here looking for Victor Zakhaev.” Ghost told Volker as he and Roach lifted the helicopter off of the ground.

“Where to?” Roach asked.

“South, out of Verdansk. Double time.” Price told the pilots of the helicopter.

“We’ll make it triple, sir.” Volker replied, directing the helo to the South.

Volker accelerated the helicopter, causing it to quickly fly South, towards Tavorsk Park. The helicopter accelerated more, quickly passing over Tavorsk District and nearing the park.

“Hey, slow down, you’re going too-” Roach began to tell Volker, only to be interrupted by the nose of the helicopter beginning to pitch up as the aircraft began to shudder.

The helicopter began to fall, the momentum keeping it moving. Volker and Roach glanced at each other, Volker in a guilty grimace, before looking back to the passenger area.

“We’re goin’ down!” Volker shouted, causing the passengers strapped into the seats to brace for impact.


Rogue leapt through the closing door of Bunker 10, combat rolling when he impacted with the cold, stone floor of the bunker. Rogue drew the Gavel, his custom Desert Eagle, and continued into the bunker as the doors shut behind him, enveloping him in darkness, his only source of light being the flickering lights in the ceiling. He walked forward, pistol drawn as he descended down the steps, finding himself in a messy computer room, empty. He observed the room, finding closed elevator doors at the end of the room and not much else. He grumbled and walked forward, looking to his left and finding a hallway leading to another computer room with Victor Zakhaev himself inside.

“Yes, Raul. I will get your next supply in by the end of the week. Yes, the usual.” Zakhaev said, talking to someone over the phone.

Rogue hid behind a corner in the hallway, checking his Fitbit’s timer, finding that there were only three minutes left. Rogue mounted the Gavel on the corner, aiming the weapon at Zakhaev, but finding a window next to a large cold-war era computer console, showing a ballistic missile, most likely containing a nuclear warhead. Zakhaev looked behind him, causing Rogue to hide behind cover. He heard footsteps inching closer and the sound of a Desert Eagle being unholstered.

“Come out, Price. Let us settle this like men.” Zakhaev called out, thinking that Rogue is John Price.

“Yeah.” Rogue said, emerging from cover and aiming his Desert Eagle at Victor Zakhaev’s head. “Like men.”


Mills began to sweat as the helicopter fell closer to the ground, drawing closer to the cliffside of Verdansk. Mills strapped himself in a seat, next to Charly and Shaffer, who was holding his daughter’s locket, accepting his fate.

“Here I come, Melissa. Daddy is coming.” Shaffer said under his breath, clutching the locket against his chest.

“WE GOT IT!” Volker shouted, the helicopter straightening, mere feet from the ground as Volker tried to ascend. “SHIT!”

The helicopter impacted with the ground, Volker and Roach diving into the passenger area as the helicopter dug deep into the dirt, rattling the people inside and spraying small chunks of dirt across the outside of the vehicle. Mills curled up in a position similar to the fetal position, trying to protect his head. The crashing vehicle slowed to a stop, Ghost, Price, Mills, Lerch and Volker standing up and approaching the bay doors. Ghost and Price tried to pull open the bay doors, but they weren’t strong enough.

“Velikan!” Lerch said, motioning towards the door and Velikan unstrapping and approaching the door, beginning to help Ghost and Price pull them open.

The trio pulled open the door as Roach stood up and the passengers unstrapped, approaching the outside. Task Force 141 and Shadow Company exited first, followed by the civilians, and Ghost walked around the helicopter and watched as the war memorial, which was very nearby the crash site, opened, revealing that it was hiding a missile silo underneath. Ghost grabbed his radio and pressed the broadcast button on the device.

“Rurik, if you’re going to do something, do it now!” Ghost said, waiting for the missile to emerge from the silo.


Rogue’s hand rested on the abort button, pressing it down. The launch had been aborted. Rogue fell to the ground, grabbing his lower chest, blood gushing onto his hand from the wound in his chest. Zakhaev rushed through the door to the right of the console, into the Metro tunnels, making his escape. Rogue crawled towards the hallway, but ran out of strength halfway across the room. He heard the ding from an elevator in the first room of the bunker, the one across the hall. Rogue coughed into his mask three times as a shadowy figure entered the hallway and rushed towards him. He held an M16, which he set down when he neared Rogue. As the figure knelt before Rogue, his vision was enveloped by darkness.


Shaffer watched as Roze planted the last charge on Bunker 10’s door, rushing into cover.

“Shaffer, secure the civilians.” Price told Shaffer, who rushed back up the stairs and left the outer bunker.

Ghost, Price, Gaz, Alex, Lerch and Velikan got behind cover as Roze took cover at the top of the stairs, holding the detonator, ready to blow the charges.

“Roze, guard the outside of the bunker while we clear the hole.” Lerch ordered, met with a nod from Roze. “Spark it!”

Roze pulled the trigger of the M57 Firing Device, and the charges on the door exploded, blowing Bunker 10 wide open.

I’m sorry that this chapter wasn’t that great and not very long AND ended on a cliffhanger. But this is the end until Black Ops: Cold War. Technically, this is the end of Armistice, but it isn’t the end of the story. And before NO ONE asks, the helicopter crashed because of Retreating Blade Stall, which can be caused by high airspeed. Now, for the Epilogue.


“Three hostiles heading your way, Nik.” Farah told Nikolai over the radio.

“Then, keep them out.” Nikolai ordered.

Three Al-Qatala soldiers trotted through the tunnels, flashlights on their weapons. Farah drew a knife and prepared to throw it. She whistled at one of the soldiers, attracting his attention to herself, and threw the knife into the soldier’s forehead. She approached one of the Metro cars and entered it as an AQ soldier also entered the car. Farah shot the soldier with her AK-47 and hid as the last soldier entered the car, inspecting the body. Farah reentered the car and lit a molotov cocktail, throwing it at the soldier’s feet and burning him alive.

“Enemies down. You’re clear.” Farah told Nikolai.

“Almost done, Farah. Here we go.” Nikolai responded, and, seconds later, the lights turned on.

Farah passed through the adjacent train car and approached Nikolai, who exited the control room of the Metro.

“Nice work.” Farah told Nikolai, holding her AK-47 and an enemy’s AS VAL.

“Same To you. Give the Captain my regards.” Nikolai asked of Farah, stopping in front of her.

“Stay. Help us go after Zakhaev.”

“I’d rather kill him.”

“Good. You’ll need this.” Farah said, throwing Nikolai the AS VAL.

“Back in the fight.” Nikolai said, cocking the AS VAL as he and Farah entered the Metro train.

“Actual, I’m with Nikolai. We’re on.” Farah said as the Metro train’s doors closed and the train left the station.

“Roger that.” Price’s voice said over the radio. “Bravo Six to Griggs. Stand by to move.”

“Copy. Say the word, Captain.” Griggs’ voice responded.

The story continues...

The stories of the dead are not yet over...