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"You Will Fall For This Bullshit Again"
―Official Game Tagline

Call of Duty: MLG Warfare or Call of Duty: Critically Average Super-Hyped Cliched Overused Warfare (COD: CASHCOW) as in the development stage, is the eighteenth installment of the Call of Duty and it's the last one to be made before they decide to stay milking out Destiny 3: Electric Bungaloo. It's set to release on November 9, 2020 for Playbox420 U and PC.

The game itself is still the same shit with little additions and improvements and more underage kids screaming and yelling racial slurs during online play.


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The CoD FF Wiki's main affiliate, the Call of Duty Wiki has anything and everything on the famous first-person shooter video game. Most, if not all, canon information on the series is covered on that site. Azuris and Callofduty4, also editors of the Call of Duty Wiki, created the CoD FF wiki.

The Nazi Zombies Plus Wiki is another affiliate of the CoD FF Wiki. It covers the canon side of the Zombies storyline created by Treyarch, but also allows users to create Fanon storylines, characters, weapons, and more. Some users on the wiki also edit on the Nazi Zombies Plus wiki.


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